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Nairaland / General / Re: How To Make Money On Nairaland by Iamtheone09234(f): 2:20pm On Jun 05
[quote author=Recardo post=130316655]

Oh really

Is it that difficult?
I don't think is hard naa, once a topic has 100k views, since we are 3mil plus here, u just add the advert in the comment section but it will be the first. Abi?
Nairaland / General / How To Make Money On Nairaland by Iamtheone09234(f): 10:55am On Jun 05
Dear seun osewa,
How are you, I hope everything is alright. I am writing to inform you that we need to level up nairaland and start making incomes just like YouTube. I noticed the advert on this forum is not that much like that sha and you restrict ppl from posting links to advertise their goods, even still some ppl does it and they get customers, like valuable and potential customers on this forum under your nose! So here is my suggestion sha, why not start putting up advert in the most viewed topic, I heard some ppl mk money for being first to comment (ftc) is it true? LoL, so instead of the first to comment the advert will be there and of course the person that made the topic will get his share, just like YouTube shey u get. We can do better pls. And research should be made properly to avoid advertising scammers. Thank you.
My regards to everyone. Stay blessed.
Nairaland / General / Re: The Pinkpill Roundtable Discussion by Iamtheone09234(f): 9:44pm On May 25
[quote author=folake4u post=130140747]

Thank you ma folake🤗

I'm glad I reached out to you and you helped. Thank you☺️.

And y did you use the purple emojiiiii, as if that wasn't enough u na said ya rooting for meeeee😭😭😭. Ehhhh I don cry tire. It's this purple lady I admire Soo much that does it, seeing you do it now🥹. Thank you🫂🫂
Nairaland / General / Re: The Pinkpill Roundtable Discussion by Iamtheone09234(f): 7:46pm On May 25
[quote author=folake4u post=130136922]

Good evening ma
Thank you for your time I really appreciate ma.

Yes I made my research about SAT exam it's just like jamb here in Nigeria, and I checked for scholarships for it too. I saw some fully funded scholarship too and they said it's competitive blah blah blah. I saw some of $50k per year that's for Yale uni, $25k, $10k and others. But with the fully funded scholarship, I'm not suppose to have any prob right🥹?

Well like you said, I need planning, I need to set my goals right. And I checked the cost of flight 1.3mil upward lol. It is well. Thank you ma🫂💜
Nairaland / General / Re: The Pinkpill Roundtable Discussion by Iamtheone09234(f): 7:45pm On May 25
[quote author=folake4u post=130136922]

[quote author=folake4u post=130136922]

Good evening ma
Thank you for your time I really appreciate ma.

Yes I made my research about SAT exam it's just like jamb here in Nigeria, and I checked for scholarships for it too. I saw some fully funded scholarship too and they said it's competitive blah blah blah. I saw some of $50k per year that's for Yale uni, $25k, $10k and others. But with the fully funded scholarship, I'm not suppose to have any prob right🥹?

Well like you said, I need planning, I need to set my goals right. And I checked the cost of flight 1.3mil upward lol. It is well. Thank you ma🫂💜
Nairaland / General / Re: The Pinkpill Roundtable Discussion by Iamtheone09234(f): 7:28pm On May 25
Nairaland / General / Re: The Pinkpill Roundtable Discussion by Iamtheone09234(f): 11:18am On May 25

Hi sister Rebecca.

Good evening Ma'am.

You can write it here or mention me on a dead thread and I'd revert. If it's within my power, I'd send you a DM otherwise I'd respond here.

Thank you Ma'am.

Looks left and right quickly👀👀

Good morning ma
Did you see the news instablog retweeted about a gal who wrote jamb but wasn't given admission in unilag, her score was 284 first with 84 as post Utme score then again 320. Then her aunt husband made her register for SAT exam and she got 1350/1600. And now she's got a fully funded scholarship.

Not related right, I'm sorry
But the thing is I want to do desame and I don't want any of my family to know and I don't know if it will worth it. A lot of questions have been running through my mind like, if it's easy y didn't this 1 jump on it, y did that 1 not jump on it, it's discouraging me. I'm a teenager and I'm in a uni studying what I don't want. I don't know maybe I should jump on it too. I'm just asking cus you said sth about IELTS and I think it's related or so. If I pass my exam what will happen? Getting ready to fly out right? How much is flight money? I don't know what to do. Is it really cost?, the fact that they have increase sch fees to more 100percent sef, it's better I use the money to get a fully funded scholarship, where ther is no strike sef. Pls help me out. Lemme know what you think. Than you for your tym ma'am ❤️
Nairaland / General / Re: The Pinkpill Roundtable Discussion by Iamtheone09234(f): 6:56pm On May 24

I nor cast you oh. 😂😂😂

Wallahi he get feminine aura? I nor really notice am sha. I sha know say he be fine boy. Finish.

Hahaha nor be only celebrity crush. cheesy cheesy

Lol Twitter na where everything dey happen, trust me. The good, bad and ugly. grin

They hardly mind their business to be honest.

Remember that pregnant woman that was waking up to cook at 4am? People on social media have still bashed her. You can't really please Nigerians.

Hi sister folakeee
I think I love youuuuu
Good evening ma'am
My name is Rebecca and I'd love to discuss sth with you, if you don't mind.
Thank you ma
Education / Re: How To Apply For SAT Digital Exam In Nigeria-the Cost Of SAT Exam In Nigeria by Iamtheone09234(f): 6:43pm On May 24
Kindly click the link below to know about SAT Exam Centers In Nigeria, The Cost of SAT Exam In Nigeria, The SAT Exam Dates In Nigeria, The SAT Training Centers In Nigeria, SAT Exam Venues In Nigeria, How to Register for SAT Exam in Nigeria, Means of ID for the SAT Exam, What I should know about SAT Digital etc.


Whatsapp: 08180003159
Calling: 09038363577
Website: www.excellencetravels.com

I thought they are writing in December too? But u didn't add December there.

How much is the registration fee?
Religion / Re: How God Saved Me From Àkóbà And Àdàbà� by Iamtheone09234(f): 8:57pm On May 14
He even saw the transfer he(the brother) did to one girl that he knows 20k or so just like dat, without the gal doing anything. We closed that day and we still didn't hear anything from my colleague, he had ran away, my oga drove all of us home cus it was Soo late again, in the car he was asking for my colleague surname from us, nobody knew. I've always wonder how he(my colleague) survives, cus he would say he's always coming from a very farrr place and he would still be the first person to get to shop, I've always knew he was cunny and thank God I didn't associate myself with him,I didn't even have his contact, but I trusted oga brother Soo much, little wonder whenever I ask for his contact he won't give me, I remember telling him I know someone is using charm for me but it will not work and I will not talk, unknown to me that's he's the one, when I even thought it was someone else, not knowing the enemy is within. I didn't stop work bcus he(oga) might want to use it against me cus of my colleague that ran away, I saw hell through out my stay for that week. The brother moved in with him and they started coming to work together. The next week I didn't come to work at all I was at the hospital, I took Soo many injections and drips I couldn't stop crying, that's the highest number of injection I've took so far in my life. Just me my mom and dad, they really tried for me. Then on Thursday that same week I went there to get my phone, I was a shadow of myself, he didn't come to shop that day so I went again on Saturday, my dad called him that I will come and collect my phone. When I got there he started talking, ' I'm not supposed to give you the phone, cus it's you that is responsible for everything going in and out blah blah blah, as if he didn't know I was charmed, then he said if not for something, he's supposed to take all of us with his brother to the police station. I guess when they held a family meeting concerning the issue, maybe they have compensate him with his brother's property, cus when I started work the following week he has renovate the shop, he had even completed his shipping fee worth millions and was expecting the arrival. So I continued working, hoping to stop when everything has died. The day they were caught he asked my colleague to transfer all the money in his bank to his own bank which he did. Then few days later he started complaining that no customer should send money to his access bank that it's been freezed, saying my colleague laid a complaint about the transfer he did that day and the bank freezed his account just like that, without hearing from him blah blah blah. Doing all those rogbodigbo my church was holding a camp and dunsin oyekan was invited, normally I don't really attend stuff like that but because dunsin was coming I decided to go, I didn't know how I was going to do it cus I didn't go to work for 1 week and now I wanted to take another excuse, I just told him I have exam and he allowed me surprisingly, I went to the camp and when Dunsin oyekan was ministering he said some of you will vomit what is not supposed to be in you. And mind you we share and eat together in the shop, if you can't finish your food I will eat, if I buy something I will give you too, like that sha. So after his ministration I started having this stomach upset, I couldn't dance and worship properly, even to eat was trouble, so I said to myself I believe if I drink water I'd be fine, then I drank this pure water to half, immediately the upset became severe and I had to runnn to the toilet just at the entrance I started vomiting, I just kept vomiting and some people offered me water and then a woman took me to the clinic twas then I remembered what dunsin said, that some of you will vomit what you have taken that is not of you. I couldn't stop crying and I felt wholeee, like a new born. Twas as if a burden has been laid off me. I came back a totally changed person. I don't talk much after that incident but I started talking and interacting and became my normal self. Then at the beginning of the month my boss paid me, he was like he wasn't supposed to pay me blah blah blah. But I collected my money, and stayed a month again, during those month of course it wasn't easy, I was making silly mistakes and he wouldn't stop reminding me of the incident. Immediately he handed over my money for that month that same day I stopped working.
Religion / Re: How God Saved Me From Àkóbà And Àdàbà� by Iamtheone09234(f): 11:33am On May 12
Thank you Jesus. I'm sorry it took Soo long, lemme continue my story. Happy Sunday y'all

I couldn't eat that night even when my mom urged me to, The radio I was listening to helped a bit. Different things was just running through my mind. The next day was Thursday, we open by 10am, I got to the shop but he wasn't there yet, so I stayed in the shop besides ours waiting for him, there's another gal too, she's related to the boss he's her uncle. So both of us were waiting and discussing that my other colleague hasn't come and we are sure he won't come. Not long a customer and also worker around the area(he's a friend to the customer that stole the goods, they are under the same boss) came and start telling us how the boss find out. He said his boss noticed some suspicious moves about the boy and oga's brother so he informed our own boss to be careful. He said it's been going on b4 I came and he has warn his friend to desist that he also told one person that works here too so he will tell our boss but that 1 stopped working after he heard it. He said he couldn't tell our boss himself bcus twas his friend and oga brother that was involved, mk dem no go set am up, Humans are wicked. After explaining he told me not to worry that nothing will happen to me, I told him my phone is still with him and he said I will pay for the goods naa, thousands of naira. Not long my oga came with his brother, he asked for the other colleague and we said he hasn't arrived then he looked at me. We opened the shop and arranged it. Some customers came and he told them what happened reaperedly calling me a mad woman, he has gone through all our phones and he said his brother has been using charm for him sinceee that he just noticed his goods is going down and the money is not always complete that's why he put me in the store. When I started the job I was diligent everything used to be complete and If I sight an error i would immediately inform him and I always question the boys and help them in bringing the goods out, I think it made it difficult for them to carry out their goal so they charmed me too, I noticed I started sleeping anytime they comes, I don't crosscheck the goods and all. I would pile up my calculations and postpone it. His brother too was there when he was saying all this but he didn't talk. He went through the colleague phone too how they use the money to invest in crypto or so buy clothes and drinks and carry girls too. Whereas he was owing different people.
Religion / Re: How God Saved Me From Àkóbà And Àdàbà� by Iamtheone09234(f): 5:57am On Sep 04, 2023
He asked me to lock the warehouse and go wait for him at the shop then he took the boys to the securities, he came to the shop later and was asking me where I was when all this was going on, that if theymistakenly call my name I'm done for, this this and that,I couldn't think straight my heart was beating fast, and that was when "u go explain tire no evidence" was reigning, few moments later the securities brought them to the shop with some other stolen goods with their face swollen. I was wowed when I saw the goods stolen under my nose. A lot of things ran through my mind, how did they did it without me knowing? I trusted them😥.

Twas closing time, we went to the warehouse, we always meet there after closing so my boss ask me to bring out my stock card and all the waybill and stuff, he sat down and started checking the recordings and all that from the time I began work. I stood all through with empty stomach, my legs were aching. He asked the boys to rearrange the store and he didn't stop shouting that we would pay back his money while checking the records. We couldn't check everything cus night was fast approaching, the ones he checked almost 50 goods were missing.

We gathered our stuff and kept it inside to continue tmao. While moving he told his brother to give the mom the phone immediately he got home that he shouldn't even try deleting anything cus he will know. He told my colleague if he likes he should run away that he's going to find him, my colleague said he won't even dare it lol. Now this colleague, the hus he's staying twas my boss that rented it for him without collecting a dime, my boss has done a lot for him frr, remembered when my boss refer him to his friend for naming ceremony to sing on that day, he gathered twice his salary! He's a very cunning man, carries church activities on his head like, they even call him pastor cus of the way he acts, he leads prayer in the shop, he has even organized a big gathering b4 where he sang and all that sth like crusade sha, and a lot more.
When I got home I explained everything to my parents cus it unusual for me to arrive so late at home, my mom asked me where I was when all this was happening I told her I don't know, das said what I'm saying is nonsense how won't I know? Then I said I observed I was always sleeping and it was unusual when I started work, they asked maybe I told my boss I said no oooo then they said I shouldn't even try it cus it doesn't make sense sleeping while at work. Mom said thank God they didn't call my name, she said all through that day she was just praying and thanking God for victory over unseen battles then they assured me that nothing is going to happen to me cus I don't know anything about it.
Religion / Re: How God Saved Me From Àkóbà And Àdàbà� by Iamtheone09234(f): 6:18pm On Aug 12, 2023
He said he will slap me if I don't talk now, wow I think say na play oo, said I don't know that it was his brother and the colleague that supplied it that we should ask them. He ask me to bring out my stock card and when we checked 3 of the goods were missing I was already shaking, he called his brother and asked who supplied the market, his brother said it was the colleague ahhh, he asked the brother to go and call the colleague when he came they asked the same question baba said it was me ahh😭 I shouted, "me that was sitting here and you were gisting and supplying the goods u wanna carry" then he said it was the customer that carried it himself again. My boss has warned me not to allow any customer into the storehouse so I said the customer didn't enter inside that he was standing at the entrance then he said again that he passed it to him damn, that was when I knew something was fishy. Unknown to me my boss saw the customer with 2 of the goods instead of 1. He collected our phone then he held my colleague shirt and slapped him wow I moved back, he started throwing blows at him telling him to confess, then he said he should stop that he would talk, toorrr oya start talking, baba said it's 2 he gave him and he put it inside another this thing so I won't know. "My brother too was here right? My boss asked, he said yes that he also knows about it. Wow I'm in trouble. He took his phone and checked his Whatsapp he saw messages and voice note he couldn't play the voice notes cus the speaker was bad, with fear, I told him I have a earpiece he could use, he started listening to the voice notes.

He called the brother here and asked him the boy denied it, he started beating, shouting and throwing blows at him, the boy refused to talk, he asked him where his phone was, he didn't reply still, then some people came and asked what happened. He explained that his brother has been stealing his goods with his workers, that 3 of us has been stealing his goods, eiiiiii me I'm not there oooo mogbe.
Religion / How God Saved Me From Àkóbà And Àdàbà� by Iamtheone09234(f): 12:09pm On Aug 12, 2023
I'm here for Thanksgiving, already said I will share my experience here on nairaland cus I never for once expect this kind of thing to happen to me, lol I now know the meaning of Akoba Adaba olorun majé arí. Started the new month with joy, finished what I've been trying to do for months and started my online business I've been procrastinating, on the first day of the month. I'm working as a storekeeper at my place of work 9-5 my job is to record everything going in and out. On the second day of the month after settling down at work my colleague and a customer came to get some goods, then there is oga brother too working with us he usually come late, so not long he came inside and they started gossiping about girls and packing the goods they came for so I just focus on my stock book and wasn't listening to them, they were taking time so I told them I wanna wee they should be fast, not long they left, I locked the store to go wee.

While coming back I met my boss on the way, he asked me where I went, told him I went to wee then he asked "how many goods did the customer left with" I was dumbfounded cus I don't know🥲 ahhh, he asked again then I said maybe 1, we got to the store and I checked the book they brought with them(they use it to write the goods they want to carry from the store it's a waybill) so when I checked it, it was 1 that was there and I said it's 1 that is here. Then he asked again how many did I supply them. I open up and said I wasn't the one that supplied it that it was my colleague and his brother then he asked how many did they give him I said I don't know🥲.
I'm coming.

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Romance / Re: Need A Chat Mate by Iamtheone09234(f): 11:31pm On Jul 17, 2023
Well I'm not faith
But I have faith🙃
Romance / Re: Need A Chat Mate by Iamtheone09234(f): 11:48pm On Jul 16, 2023
Romance / Re: My Best Ex by Iamtheone09234(f): 9:31pm On Jul 10, 2023
you never meet am before and una deh relationship?


Long distance relationship
Career / Re: Reasons Why I Don't Tell People My Salary by Iamtheone09234(f): 9:10pm On Jul 10, 2023
For reallll
My phone got spoilt so my dad got me a new 1, took it to church the first day and dis gal saw it and asked who got it for me, she's working as a teacher and she knows I'm working too, told her it was somebody she asked how much told her 50, that's how she billed me dis morning that she wants to buy drugs I should send her money, like wtf.
Romance / Re: My Best Ex by Iamtheone09234(f): 8:50pm On Jul 10, 2023
Same here, just broke up today. Saturday mark it a year we have known each. He was spying on my chats so he stopped talking to me claiming he is busy, will have to spam him b4 he would reply. He was the best, the memories were lit even though I haven't met him b4🥲. I'm glad I knew him.
Family / Re: How Do I Handle A Stubborn Brother by Iamtheone09234(f): 2:17pm On Jun 01, 2023
Oga lock him up and beat hell out of him.

Still remember how my brothers beat me black and blue grin. I don't know the evil spirit that was in me, I was just talking back to them, I didn't insult ooo abi na, I no remember jare. The kind slap I received, Omo I was seeing star, both of them beat me ehhh, I was just shouting kill me ooo kill me, mom was around she didn't even interfere, she stayed outside until they finished beating me. Till date I respect them I don't talk back at them I will just keep quiet and be looking. Omo I chop beating no b small, Dem tell my mama mk she buy drugs for me, I no even gree eat dat nyt 😂.
Religion / Re: Reasons Why You Need To Pray Before Leaving Your House by Iamtheone09234(f): 10:00am On May 14, 2023
Prayer doesn’t and cannot avert death or bad luck.

It’s just not your time yet. Don’t think you are special.

St. Mark 14:38 Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.".

He didn't pray so he fell into temptation.
Don't worry I will share my testimony soon😊
Romance / Re: How I Escaped From Becoming A Father Prematurely by Iamtheone09234(f): 9:52pm On May 11, 2023
I have a similar story too, it happened to someone actually.
He was the assistant youth president, so he was leading a program sometimes like that and there was this lady that was looking at him strangely the whole time, the youth president notice that and asked him maybe he didn't notice the lady looking at him, the man said noooo. Later in the evening the lady called him that she was sick and she needed his presence, baba said he can't come oo, he called the president to go president said he should go na that he his busy then the lady proposed to come . When she arrived she locked the guy's door and window then naked herself, baba was shocked, then he told her to lock the door very well and windows too that someone is watching them, the lady went back to lock the door, went to the window and shouted who's there, blah blah blah, by then she has calm a lil bit, then he said God is watching them so so so and so Sha after preaching to the girl she just left cus she didn't accomplished her mission, days later the girl's parent called a meeting with this guy and other church members, they were looking for her and they said she's pregnant that it's the guy that is responsible for it cus she told the parents she's dating him. Omo, baba was shocked, thank God that he explained everything to the president if not that's how they will pin the pregnancy on him.

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TV/Movies / Re: BBNaija: Hermes Nominates Phyna, Amaka, 3 Other Housemates For Possible Eviction by Iamtheone09234(f): 11:04pm On Aug 01, 2022
Their problem.... meanwhile my is I'm looking for professional writers oo

Writers wanted
I can refer u to one
Education / Re: Please I Need Help With This Quantitative Question by Iamtheone09234(f): 2:29pm On May 08, 2022

Is this better
Education / Re: Please I Need Help With This Quantitative Question by Iamtheone09234(f): 2:28pm On May 08, 2022
I made a mistake
7÷5=1+ remaibder2=3
Education / Re: Please I Need Help With This Quantitative Question by Iamtheone09234(f): 2:04pm On May 08, 2022
1. 7÷3 =2 +remainder 1 =3
2.8÷3=2+remainder 2 =4
3. 4÷2=2 +remainder 0=2[/color][color=#000099]

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