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Literature / Re: Do I Love Her(secret Lovers) by idyung(m): 1:54pm On Jul 18, 2019
Do l love her?(secret lovers) Episode 9
Amarachi narrates
Samuel hates me so much, but l thought he loves me, l thought his attempt to kiss me just means he loves me.
God! This man here my heart beats for doesn't even have any feelings at all. I had developed feelings for him immediately l set my eyes on him, but am a girl and am not just any girl l can't tell Samuel exactly that cos it looks stupid, we quarrel, we do quarrel yea l still love him l love when he does quarrel with me, but today he really pissed me off. Immediately he took the knife from me? I left his house where are mine even going? I don't know, l know no where here cos am just coming, l didn't leave cos am afraid of him, no l actually left to know how he will react towards my disappearance, hmmm am pretty sure he wouldn't even show any concern. To be sincere l love this man, but isn't changing anything l can't tell him that, cos if l do he will just find it funny and makes jest of me, so the only way for me is to continue quarrelling with him.l will have to study him, what! Do l just say l love him?
Jesus! I love him? I asked myself as l sat to eat on a bar since he doesn't want me to eat in his house. Who is calling me l said as l my phone rings oh God! Esther l picked up immediately Me: Babe Esther: Where the hell are you(shit! Samuel had call to tell her does it mean Samuel had been looking for me?) Me: I just went out to eat Esther: To eat? Me: Yea since he doesn't want me to touch anything in the house, have you seen why l said l can't cope with him your brother is a jerk! Esther: No babe you shouldn't have given up like that you should have given him a nice slap, but l think he has regretted what he did cos he is out there looking for you up and down, so where are you?" (Samuel looking for me? As if he cares) Esther: Babe am sorry you just have to laugh it off you hear? Samuel is just stubborn please Me: Ok Esther: I will talk to him, he will call to pick you cos l gave him your number Me: Ok Esther: Please baby Me: Please tell him, he's getting on me too much Esther: Don't you have hands anymore? Me: Haha Esther: Take care he will call, he is really worried. She says and hangs up, hmmm Samuel is worried? Hmmm Samuel's narrative I had been looking for Amarachi for like 4 hours now, but couldn't see her, l called Esther to explain to her, but she got back on me raising all sort of insults on me, she knows pretty well that am the cause of her disappearance, l couldn't say anything cos she was saying the truth. She asked me to hold on that she wants to call her after about 10 minutes she sent her number to me l was about calling her when Esther calls. Me: Have you called her? Esther: Who are you asking? Me: Please answer me l really want to know where she is Esther: Oh so you even care were you not the one that throws her outside? Rubbish! I said and hanged up the call, Esther can be annoying sometimes. I called Amarachi immediately Me: Where the hell are you? (l asked immediately she picks up) Amarachi: Like you care? (can you just imagine) Me: Please tell me where you are Esther: No l don't want to see you and besides you ask me not come your side again Me: Amarachi do you know you are just harming me. If my dad notices you disappeared am really in trouble please can you just tell me where you are let me come pick you Amarachi: You Don't have to worry Samuel am ok here l will be staying here for now Me: You must be stupid where the hell are you? Amarachi: Remember we promised not to see each other again Me: Amarachi please let me know where you are first Amarachi: You are just doing as if you care today is just my first day of coming and you are treating me bad like this Me: Am sorry Amarachi: Hahaha you are sorry? Well my boyfriend here wouldn't allow me come today ( her boyfriend?) Me: Your boyfriend? Esther: Yea ( she says and hangs up) Shit! Her boyfriend? Jealousy took over me immediately l hear that so Amarachi has a boyfriend around? Why are mine even jealous. God! Do l love her? (l can't) before l knew it am calling her back, l dropped like 5 calls and she didn't pick up, l called her again and she did the same. After about 3 minutes she texts me "Samuel meet me at all stars bar if you know the place" all stars bar? What the hell is she doing there? She is there with a man right? I asked myself and left immediately. When l got there, l searched and ask questions still there was no traces of her, l continued searching just to find her sleeping helplessly shit! She is really pissed (beautiful angel) where is the man she came with? I asked myself and touched her "Amarachi!" I called, she didn't even wake up. I carried her to my car and we drove off Wen we got home, l carried her to my room since she was still sleeping, l laid her there and covered her properly. Should l wake her up? I asked myself, but if l should do, she's going to think l care for her, she is going to think l love her, but Samuel don't you love her? Who is that man that took her there? She is even drunk who could have gotten her intoxicated like this, cos am highly perceiving the odour. If she wakes up here and see herself in my room she is going to pissed, she will be mad at me oh God! Should l take her to her own room? But l want to watch her throughout the night. Samuel are you showing concern? It's Amarachi you planned to bleep. God! Before l knew it am taking her to her own room, covered her properly and make sure she's ok and left. After taking my bath, l opened, my book to study a little before going to bed, but l couldn't concentrate l was just thinking about her, l covered the book to go see her, l open her room and she still sleeping heavily, l looked at her pretty face ( such a fine girl that you are but l can't date you Amarachi my plan is to Bleep you) l walk closer to her, sat on her bed and was just looking at her. After that l left to go sleep, cos l have lectures tomorrow. Amarachi narrates Samuel had been calling Me which l didn't pick up, but later on l messaged him to come pick me up as l was waiting for him to come l dozed off just for me to wake up, l saw myself in my room, could it be that he later came to pick me yea he did. I check my time it's already 6:45am what! I will be going to school today l said and got up to go prepare for school. I put off my dress, collected my toiletries and went to the bathroom to take my bathe. As l was going l met Samuel coming out from his own room, we both stopped, he was just staring at me. Me: Why are you staring at me that way Samuel: So you can't greet Me: Good morning Samuel: Amara you need to go to the other room Me: Why you have started again Samuel: I can't help seeing you like that everyday (pointing at my-----------) Me: You must be stupid Samuel: Am stupid right? Me: Please l don't have your time l need to go to lectures and am already late Me: Excuse me( l said and left) After taking my bath, l got dressed and set to leave. Samuel isn't around l said to myself and went downstairs. When l got downstairs, l didn't see Samuel, oh maybe he had gone to school, but how come his car is still parked here. Mtcheeeew whatever why are mine even looking for him? I said and left. "aunty naso oga come dey look for you yesterday" Samuel's gateman says "aunty shey u tell am this one you don't dey go out again cos my oga even wan cry yesterday" he says again which l didn't even reply( Samuel wanted to cry?) "auntie you fine oh be my wife nah" he says and l laugh him off "don't worry l will be back" l managed to say "ok bye bye" he says and l left for lectures After doing some little clearances l headed for my first lecture, students had already assembled for the lecture, as l entered everybody was just looking at me, l got seated and starting pressing my phone since our lecturer is not yet here. "hi damsel" l voice calls me from behind "hi" l managed to say and he stood up to come seat where l was "am Daniel and you?" He says looking at me "am Amarachi" l said and our lecturer came in immediately "can we talk after the class?" He said "yea" l said After the class, l was about leaving when l heard a voice. "Amarachi" the voice calls and l turned to see the person what! My lecturer? "sir good afternoon sir" l greeted my voice sort of shaky "you are such a beautiful princess" he said seductively staring at me(what does that mean) "thank you sir" "can l look forward in seeing you again in a secure way you know" he says "sir you mean?" "can l just have your digit" he says "090..........." "ok take care" he says and left God! After the long talk with the man l met Daniel still waiting for me for us to talk. "princess what was he telling you" he asks "nothing serious" l said "ok where are you staying?" "of campus sellah estate" l said "sellah estate?" He asked "yea" l said "hmmm such a nice place can l have your digit" "hmmm why?" I asked "hmmm nothing much as you just came l wouldn't mind you being my friend" "would you mind?" He asks "hmmm ok 090---------" "thanks bye" "you too" l said and left As l was going back, just for me to reach the school gate, l met my longtime friend ivy, what ivy is also studying here? Wow interesting l said and called her, since she hasn't noticed me Me: Ivy? Are you kidding me? Ivy: Amarachi see this girl like seriously Me: What are you doing here? Ivy: Hmmm pretty l just got admission here and you? Me: Are you serious? Me too? Ivy: Linguistics right? Me: No English language what about you Ivy: Med surg Me: It's nice l mean babe see you, you are now hotter than before Ivy: Babe Na you hot pass see you Me: Where are you staying? Ivy: Off campus, l was actually driving back before l saw you. Ivy: What about you Me: Same dear off campus also Ivy:you are going right? Me: Yea Ivy: Ok babe let me drop you off Me: Alright thank you Ivy: So where exactly are you staying? (she asked as she was driving me back) Me: Sellah estate Ivy: Wow such a big place you are staying are you the only one staying there? Me: No am staying with a friend? Ivy: A friend? Me: Yea Ivy: Ok alright anytime am chanced l can come see you Me: Ok After the long drive with ivy she drops me off at the front of our gate and promised to visit me the next day since we both are not having lectures. Episode 10 loading.
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Literature / Re: Do I Love Her(secret Lovers) by idyung(m): 9:40pm On Jul 13, 2019
Do l love her? (secret lovers) Episode 8 I went inside immediately to call Esther cos l know she's the one behind this. How could she tell her to come here. Amarachi was not in the sitting room when l got inside gosh! Where the hell is she? I asked myself and go upstairs to look for her, luckily for me l saw her in the other room opposite to my own room. I went inside and found her arranging her stuffs " what kind of game are you playing?" I asked her "Samuel l really need to rest and besides am very hungry did you cook anything?" "how l mean you have even gotten yourself a room in my own absence, l should have been the one giving you a room not you suiting yourself like you own here" l said looking at Amarachi who seems to be more beautiful than she was before "ha like l own here? Yes l own it also" "you must be kidding me eeeh just listen this room is meant for someone you can't stay here" "and besides you haven't told me why you are here and who sent you here" l said and Amarachi's phone rings distracting our mode and she picks up "good evening dad" she says "yes dad" she says again "not really" "He's here already" what! What kind of game is this let it not be my dad oh "ok" she says giving me the phone "who is that!" I said "your dad" she answers "my dad?" I asked and collected the phone Me: Good evening dad My dad: Son how are you doing Me: Dad am ok My dad: Esther will be staying with you for now she gained admission to study English language in the same school that you are, so son you guys should stay together, take her as your sister and don't be rude to her do you hear me?" My dad says the worst l supposed to have heard Me:"yea" l My dad: "am not ok with that your answer" Me:"yes dad l will" My dad: Return the phone back and take care of yourself Me: You too dad I said and returned the phone back to Amarachi Amarachi narrate Samuel's dad: Amara feel free, cos there is also your home Me: Yes dad Samuel's dad: If he tries to hurt you don't hesitate to call me Me: Ok dad thank you Samuel's dad: You welcome take care of yourself bye (he hangs up) Samuel was tongue tied and pissed ha l can see that it shows on his face "it's your plan right?" He asks me "my plan l can't plan on that do you get it your dad was even the one begging me to come, cos l wanted not to come when l was informed" l replied "then why did you change your mind?" "cos l have no other place to stay" l replied "didn't l tell you not to show up again?" He stupidly ask "listen you can't stay in this room find another room and stay not here" he says and turn to leave "you are funny here is also my own house so l have right to stay or do whatever that pleases me" l said "don't try me little girl or else you want to see the other side of me" he said and left "you're very stupid rubbish is me and you in this house oh God have you seen why l refused coming here earlier, this Samuel is too stubborn well let me find something to eat first" l said and went to the kitchen Samuel narrates Amarachi do you think coming here can change anything? It doesn't change anything it will even make my plans easier. Amarachi for slapping me am going to bleep you and you are going to regret it, l said and smile a little. Hmmmm but how can l do that when we both are like cat and dog. Should l start being nice to her? Yea nice to her? No l can't oooh God am confused, that girl always makes me fear sometimes, whatever l will still teach her a lesson l said to myself and collected my phone Gosh! 10 missed calls from Annabel? I called her back Me: Anna l missed your calls Annabel: Yea am sorry l couldn't make it to your house Me: Hmmm is alright we will see tomorrow then Annabel: Yea hope you have eaten Me: Not really nd you? Annabel: Same Me: Try and eat nah Annabel: I will you too Annabel: I hope you're not angry for not showing up Me: Yea am not Annabel: Ok goodnight Me: Good night I hanged up After answering the call, l went to the kitchen to go look for what to eat, on getting there l met Amarachi cooking. Me: What are you doing? Amarachi: Do l need to tell you that am cooking Me: Amarachi l own this house so mind the way you talk to me Amarachi: The house is mine also( she says still busy with her cooking) Me: Why using those things without informing me Amarachi: Samuel can you just let me be am very hungry l don't have time for your quarrels shit cos of that comment she makes l move closer to her and collected the knife she was using to slice onions Amarachi: Give me back the knife Me: I want to use it cos it's mine go use yours if you have any Amarachi: Ok She says and to turn to leave the kitchen "where the hell are you going to?" I asked and she didn't even reply Like she is angry? Mtcheeew what ever "why did she leave her food on fire?" I continued with the food, after cooking l took mine and hers to the dinning room and went to her room to have a little more quarrel with her and also to tell her to come eat, but when l got inside, l was flabbergasted when l didn't see Amarachi. I searched all the whole room and l couldn't find her, l came outside and there was no trace of her. Where the hell did she go to? I asked myself "sani!" I called my gateman "Oga" he answered "did you see Amarachi?" I asked immediately he shows up "Oga you mean your sister?" "yea do you see her?" I asked "yes sir she say make l open gate for am naso l come open am" he said "did he tell you where she was going?" "oga l asked her she no talk, she dey do like pesin Wey dey vex me l think say Na u even send am out" "open the gate for me" l said and went inside the house to take my car keys and left to go look for her "where the hell is this girl, she just want to put me inside trouble God! What have l done? Where did she know? She's just starting school here and she doesn't have any friend neither does she have any other place to go. I said to myself as l was driving Shit! Where did she go to by this time of the day? Episode 9 loading Just give us your comments
Literature / Re: Do I Love Her(secret Lovers) by idyung(m): 10:41am On Jun 23, 2019
Do l love her? ( secret lovers) Episode 7 Back to past Amarachi narrates
I was going through my laptop, when Samuel's dad calls me since he offers to help me get an apartment l picked the call immediately Me: Good morning sir Samuel's dad: Good morning dear how are you this morning Me: Am fine sir and you? What about mum? Samuel's dad: We are all fine Samuel's dad: What about your parents Me: They are ok dad Samuel's dad: Ok l called because of what l promised you though, l have already informed your dad earlier on Hasn't he told you? Me: Yes dad, but he promised to have a talk with me after work Samuel's dad: Hope you are now ready for school l mean l hope everything is already set Me: Yes dad Samuel's dad: Good feel free to tell me always if you need help Me: Thank you so much dad, l really appreciate your efforts God will reward you abundantly sir Samuel's dad: You are welcome Samuel's dad: Now listen my son Samuel is actually in the same school with you, you know l have planned looking for a new place for you, but l think it's of no use since Samuel is staying there alone and his apartment is such a big place to contain you Two, so l have decided you stay with him there in school Me: Dad am sorry l can't stay with Samuel Samuel's dad: What do you mean you can't stay with him? Is it because of what happened earlier? Is he still mad at you? Just tell me l would call and talk to him right now Me: No dad isn't because of what happened l l don't just think l can cope with him Samuel's dad: Amara l just need you to stay there with him please just do it for me. Me: It's ok dad l l l will have you told him?" Samuel's dad: Isn't a problem Me: Ok dad thank you very much dad Samuel's dad: You are always welcome Samuel's dad: Please take him as your own brother, Samuel is actually stubborn that's why l want someone like you who is well trained to stay with him, stay there with him and teach him morals, l will send you the address bye for now He says and hangs up. Why? Why this Samuel again? Hmmm, l missed him, l missed his quarrels though l knew we are in the same school which am not sure he has a clue of that, but l never expected to Live in The same apartment with him, l never for once believed that. How would l be able to cope with him how "I don't ever want to see your face again" his words rang bell in my head oh my God! We have already promised to stay away from each other. Samuel? I screamed his name again ever since that day l met him l haven't been myself even when he quarrels and talks to me the way he wants I still like him that way. Gosh! Like him? Do l like him? No l can't. I have to call Esther before l knew it am calling her Me: Esther are you there? Esther: Babe hi this one you voice is somehow are you okay? Me: Am not ok Esther and l can be ok Esther: Gist me baby what happened Me: As if you haven't heard Esther: Heard about what? Me: Is that jerk that you called your brother Esther: What's it this time and mind you l have warned you to stop calling him a jerk Esther: What happened to him has he threatened you again? Me: If its just to threaten me l would have been ok Esther: Then what's it this time Me: I had been asked to Stay with him in school by your dad Esther:what! Hahahaha like seriously? Me: Isn't funny oh don't find it funny Esther: Gosh! It's really funny and interesting Me: What do you mean? Esther: You guys are meant to be together aren't you seeing it? Me: Never can we be together Esther: So? Do you reject the offer? Me: Am still thinking about it Esther: What's there to think about Me: Esther your brother isn't that easy to handle am not sure l can stay with him Esther: You will and you can and besides what's even there? You guys are not staying in the same room, you stay in yours while he stays his Esther: The house is even big enough to occupy 5 students so chill dear l know you are afraid of his kiss hahahaha Me: You are still finding it funny isn't funny at all Esther: Am very happy for you Me: You are very stupid, how is studies Esther: Fine am just coming back from lectures Me: Alright l really appreciate everything your dad had been doing for me you guys are the best Esther: You are always welcome dear Esther: You have agreed right? Me: Since l don't have any other choice Esther: Please this one been made already is really the best for you Me: Ok Esther: Treat him as your brother, teach him morals, always ask him questions to know the real him Me: What! (she hangs up) Why did she hang up? To know the real him? Could it be he was a nice guy and changed later on because of someone or something? Mtcheew whatever why are mine even thinking about him. I don't even have the face to show up in that apartment cos we plan not to see each other again talk the more of living under the same roof Samuel! Don't try any rubbish there oh cos if you do l will kill you myself "Amarachi are you in?" I heard my dad voice " yes dad come in" l replied He comes in and sat down on my bed "chief offia called~__" "he has told me already he called this morning" l said not letting my dad to finish "Amarachi are you like angry? Is that decision not ok with you?" My dad asks "dad am not sure it's ok, but l will just try and stay since there is no other place" l said "Amara why isn't ok with you do you have issues with his son?" "dad no l don't it's ok dad l will just stay" l said "that's my daughter, l had always wanted the best for you, l will always take care of you, l know l don't have much, but l will always give you the best, go there and make me proud make your mum proud also so that where ever she is, she will be proud for having a daughter like you. See you my lovely daughter l Can't even believe you are through with secondary school am going to miss you" he said "me too dad" l replied "promise to make me proud" my dad says "yea dad l promised" l assured him "that's my queen try and see your step mum before going" "ok dad" "good take care of yourself" he said and kisses me on my cheek "you too dad" "eeh you will be going tomorrow right? Since everything is already set" "yea, but dad you haven't given me the money" "l know sweetheart l will give you #20,000 now after like 3 weeks l will give you something again isn't ok like that?" "it's ok dad thank you" l said "l love you take care" he says and left The next day, after a little advices from my step mum and my dad adding a little more to it. I left for school. Samuel's dad had already sent the house address to me. So l got there around 3 pm "wow such a big house" l said when l got to his gate, l knocked like minutes and nobody comes to open the gate after knocking for sometimes somebody comes out who l think is Samuel's gateman Gateman: Eeeeh why you dey knock gate like that Na you get this house? Me:"am sorry please am looking for Samuel" Gateman: My oga? Me: Yea is he in? Gateman: U be him wife? This one you carry bag like say you wan----- Me: Am his sister can you just open this and allow me enter Gateman: Aaaah maram l no know nah enter enter enter He allows me to enter and even helped me in carrying some of my loads "maram see as you come fine like mami water" he said "really?" I replied "yes nah you too fine" "thank you" l said smiling Samuel narrates I had gone to open the door for Annabel, thinking she is the one, when l opened the door l was tongue tied to see her (fucking shit!) this jerk again? How did she locate me here? How no no no this is not Annabel nah I said rubbing my face if am not dreaming Wow but this feature in front of me is the most beautiful of them all, she is very beautiful, she wore a blue shirt with a blue jeans to match(this girl is beautiful) We both were just staring at each other at my door front, l was surprised cos she should be the the last person l should be seeing right now "are you surprised to see me here?" She asks me breaking the silence between us "Amarachi! Why have you find me come again? Why are you here and how did you locate here?" I pout "that seems like a difficult question for me to answer you hear? Please you can see am tired pls just let me in" she says meaning every single words she says "ha l don't get it, let you in in my own house? Ha you failed didn't l tell you not to come my side again?" "mind you isn't your house either is our house do you get it?" She says pissing me off "ha has my sister sent you here to disturb me?" "Amarachi get out of this place!" "are you not hearing what am saying? I said get out of here" l said and she didn't do as if l was talking to her, she was just there giving me that seductive eye (she is a queen, looks more like a model) "leave here? If there is anyone leaving here right now and this minute it should be you Samuel cos here is also my house" she said and l got pissed, move closer to give her a dirty slap, as l raise my hand up l couldn't move it again we both just looking at ourselves "Samuel why not just go on and slap me" "common go on slap me" she says and l couldn't slap her, l just move my hand down and she left me and went inside Who is she? To challenge me in my own house? How did she locate the way to my house? "sani!" I called my gateman to know how this jerk entered here "yes sir" he answers "come here" and he came "how did that girl entered here?" "sir l no know oh sir l know even wan open the gate before, Na wen she come talk say Na ur sister" "my sister?" I asked "oga l swear so she no be sister sef make l go bring am out here so she wan play play me abi" he said going inside to disturb Amarachi "eeei would you come back here" l said and he did exactly what l said "oga so----" "shut up and go back to your duty" l said and left Episode 8 loading Just give us your comments
Literature / Re: Do I Love Her(secret Lovers) by idyung(m): 10:04am On Jun 09, 2019
Do l love her ... ..Episode 6....
Amarachi had set to leave on Wednesday morning, l overheard her telling my mum she will be leaving today. Since that day we haven't talked and l had been avoiding her, because if l don't something bad might happen again so it's better l should just stay away from her. As l was in my room, going through my laptop, my phone blinks which proves to me that l got a message l collected my phone to read the message and l was surprised to see TESSA written on it, l opened it and it reads "hi mr playboy to you think you can get away with this? Do you think you can hurt and humiliate me in such a cheap way? Don't think so cos am actually coming back for you" God! Tessa is really angry. Tessa l don't mean to hurt you, that's why you should have told me earlier that you were still a virgin, oh God!. As l was thinking about what Tessa sent to me, my door bangs open shit! Why would she come in here without knocking Me: Why would you come inside my room in such an arrogant way Amarachi: And you aren't even happy that l came inside your room Me: Ha l don't get it why should l be happy see girl don't make me land on you again Amarachi: You can't do anything and mind you don't be too harsh on me or else you want me to screw it up again Screw it up? I asked myself what's she talking about? Amarachi: Hmmm l can see you are short of words Me: Can't you just admit to it that you banging inside my room like that is improper Amarachi: And you why can't you accept that you trying to kiss me is also improper Amarachi: And if you try to be rude to me She says coming closer and seductively looking at me. Me: "if l try to be rude to you what would happen?(she's must mad) Amarachi "you know what l can do" (she says still looking me one kind seductive eye) Me: Screw it up? Yes you can go ahead and screw it up why didn't you just say it to them that day? I said and was very pissed Amarachi: Hahhahah Samuel you are such a funny guy Me: What's funny here l mean you can go back and tell them She was just staring at me smiling, this Amarachi is such a beautiful girl, but she is still small for a coded guy like me, l said to myself Me: Why are you even here l thought you were leaving today Amarachi: Yea am here to have my last quarrel with you Amarachi: Can l ask you a question? Me: Go on but make it snappy you can see am busy Amarachi: You jerk you don't know how to talk to someone Me: Is that what you want to ask me? Amarachi: Does that look like a question? Me: Then go on Amarachi's phone rings immediately and she refuses to pick it Me: Pick your calls Amarachi: Is non of your business Me: Oh (l said and continue surfing my system) Amarachi: Samuel (she calls and l turned to face her) Amarachi: Why did you try to kiss me? (she finally asked) and l stood up to challenge her Me: It was a mistake and l assure you that it won't happen again Me: Listen carefully trying to kiss you doesn't mean l love you do you get it? I don't love you and l can never love you Amarachi: Ha Samuel you do make me laugh, me too l was actually here to ask you what that rubbish means you listen don't you ever try to kiss me again cos l don't love you and l can never love you, l hate you Samuel, l hate you so much Me: Leave my room Amarachi: And if l don't She says and l got angry, l moved closer to her to slap her and she held my hand, right now we both were just staring at each other. She hates me, but why did she want me to kiss her again, cos the way she's looking at me am pretty sure she wants me to kiss her Me: I don't ever want to see your face again(l quietly said still looking at her beautiful face, we both still staring at each other Amarachi: Me too l don't want to see you again, cos of you l won't come here again(her voice very low and romantic) Amarachi: Why are you staring at me like that? Me: Am not staring at you, you are the one staring at me Amarachi: I hate you, you are so annoying Me: I despise you more than you do Me: Leave me (l said and removed my hand from hers) We were still looking at each other and didn't know when Esther enters "Amarachi it's already time are you not going today again?" Esther says distracting our mood "bye" Amarachi says to me and left we both there and my sister was looking me one suspicious eye of "have you tried kissing her again?" "what happened?" She finally asked "nothing l just told her to stay away from as l have said earlier" "you still find it hard to take her as your sister?" "dad said we all should treat her well cos she's just like a sister to us" she said "mtcheeeew whatever l don't just want to see her again not in this house" "hahahahah Samuel you are still going to see her in this house and in infact you guys are going to be seeing each other" she says laughing "what's funny here and what does that mean" l angrily asked "Samuel see you next time cos l want to see your girlfriend off, aren't you coming with me?" "you must be dreaming" l said "you aren't going?" "get out from here!" I said And she laughs and left Amarachi hates me? Hmmm that gir thinks she can just go away like that hahahahah she can't am going to bleep her, l must deal with her, but Amarachi, there is one thing about her, She is actually one of those girls am always afraid of hmmm whatever for insulting me like that in my own house? She will pay for it rubbish Esther and l had gone back to our various schools. My dad telling us to remain the good children we have been, which we promised to be. I got to my own apartment which is closer to the campus, l was given a nice apartment of my own, l was the only one staying there, but sometimes my friends shared there with me. As l was busy preparing for what to eat, my phone rang and l picked it up Me: Annabel how are you? Annabel: Am fine are you back? Me: Yes dear just yesterday Annabel: Ooh so hw are you? Me: Am ok just looking for what to eat Annabel: Hmm are you cooking? Me: Yea Annabel: What are you cooking? Me: What else if not noodle Annabel: Can l come see you? Me: Hmmm yea sure? Annabel: Am coming Me: Should l be expecting? Anna:yea, just keep something for me Me: Alright ( she hangs up) Ha Annabel coming to see me wow it's interesting. She is my course mate and one of those girls who had been disturbing me ever since l came to this school, l had managed all this while to avoid her and am pretty sure she's happy right now by giving her chance to visit me. After eating, l went inside my room to rest a little and wait for Annabel to come. After like 3 hours l heard my door bell rings, l got up to go check the person shit l was very surprised and pissed to see her here again. What the hell is she doing here? Guess who it was? Episode 7 loading

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Do l love her?(secret lovers).... ..... Episode 5... .... ... Back to Tessa's house Tessa narrate "Tessa open the door" my sister shouted "Tessa are you sure you are ok please open the door" I didn't utter a single words talk the more of opening it, instead she struggles with the door and opened it. "Tessa what's it what happened?" She asks immediately she comes inside "It's nothing am fine" l said with sarcastic voice "no Tessa you can't tell me you are fine when l just saw you crying what! Blood? Tessa tell me exactly what happened" my sister says again looking very pissed immediately she saw the blood "ivy l Said am ok" l sort of yelled "Tessa what did he do to you?" She says coming closer to see it more clearly "Tessa tell me l demand to know!" "ivy it's nothing" "it's nothing? Tessa tell me exactly what this is! Tell me! This is blood it's blood Tessa! You loose your virginity to him right?" She said sort of shouting "ssssh ivy stop shouting mum might hear you" l quietly says "then tell me what happened" she says now looking at me to reply "yea ivy you were right" l quietly said "Tessa why Why did you do such a thing?" "Why did he leave in such an arrogant way he seems not to be happy" "did he force you?" She finally asks "no ivy l purposely gave it to him and besides he didn't even know l was still a virgin" l cried as l said "what! Do you love him that much?" "ivy you know l have always wanted to be defiled by the man l love, l have always wanted to be with that man l love so much___" "Tessa stop stop you haven't answered my question" she said "Ivy l love Samuel, l gave it to him cos l love him l love him ivy" "but l didn't know it would turn this way" l finally said still crying "what way" ivy asked "Ivy Samuel did not love me, he doesn't love me ivy he angrily left because l refused to tell him l was still a virgin" l said "l thought he loves me" l said again now looking at my sister who is now very angry and unsure of what to say "if that Samuel thinks he can go away with this? Haha he fails cos l actually is going to deal with him for doing this to you" ivy says "Samuel is not at fault am the one at fault" "ooh Tessa are are you like siding with him? Ha l don't get it l mean that asshole actually did this to you and you are siding with him" "Ivy it's____" "oh spare me that now listen any man that hurts my sister actually hurts me for doing this to you am going to deal with him" she said "Samuel has plan if not he wouldn't have had sex with you since he knows he doesn't love you Tessa he really knows what he did now answer me, when you told him did he apologize? He didn't he supposed to have apologised or even show a little concern about what he did, but he didn't do any of these" she angrily said and l didn't say anything l was just wondering if what she says what the truth (it's like she's right) "Tessa l will deal with him" she said again "you have to stop crying" "ivy promise me you wouldn't tell anybody not even mum" l said my voice very low "l promise" "l love you so much" l said "l love you too sweetie" "you have to chill it's not the end" she said "we have to clean this mess before mum comes in" she said Samuel narrate Since when l know my mum, she has not been pissed like this , likewise myself l haven't been slapped by her for so long, but today l was terribly slapped by her just because of that jerk (Amarachi) but why did l even react like that, l don't suppose to have confronted her in front of my mum, what if my mum asks her what happened. Damn! I have made a fool of myself gosh! If she told my Mum what happened (l tried to kiss her) that's going to add more fuel to my flame oh oh God! am already in trouble by walking out on my mum Why is today just treating me bad like this First is been slapped by Amarachi Second is bleeping Tessa not knowing that she is still a virgin Third is been slapped by my mum Fourth who knows maybe my dad might disown me, but what surprises me the most is this Amarachi who actually is she? That will even make my Mum slapped me like that if it were even possible for her she would have killed Me, well thank God she didn't. As l was thinking helplessly, someone knocks at my door "come in" l said "bro Sam are you ok?" Esther asks (she is really a sister) "Have they sent you to kill me?" I asked sort of yelling at her "Samuel l don't like the way u do behave sometimes" "if you have nothing to say just go out" l yelled "how could you be threatening Amarachi when you know you were the one at fault" (what? Has she told them?) As l was about to reply someone knocks at my door "who is there?" We asked in unison "it's me Nuella" (Nuella is my cousin she is also living with us but she was not around all this while) "bro Samuel Dad wants to see you downstairs immediately" she says and left "Dad?" I said to myself (am in trouble l don't need to be told) "bro Sam" she calls "get out" l said and left to answer my dad "this my brother sef" When l got downstairs, my mum, dad, nuella and Amarachi are already seated, they were all waiting for me to arrive so that the judgement will commence. "Good evening dad" l greeted my dad and he looks me one kind eyes "Have you greeted your mum?" He said my mum had been staring at me since looking at her she's just angry "Good:::::::" "don't l don't need your greetings" my mum said not letting me to greet her.(shit! So it's serious like this) Esther came down instantly "Samuel what happened between you and your mum today?" He asked "l was told you were trying to beat Amarachi is that true? Which your mum tries to correct you and you foolishly walk out on her" the man angrily said looking at me for replies Amarachi was very sad with the look on her face (she is very beautiful) "am sorry dad" l managed to say "sorry for yourself" my mum said "now Amarachi what happened between you two?" My dad asks (what! God help me) "dad it's nothing l______" l said answering before Amarachi "shut up is your name Amarachi?" My mum cut me shut "Amarachi what happened?" My dad asks again AMARACHI was looking at me unsure of what to say, we both were just staring at each other "Amara?" My mum screams "eeh mum it's nothing, nothing happened dad" Amarachi finally said "what do you mean by nothing?" My dad asks "why then was he trying to slap you" my dad asks again "l l just collected his stuffs without telling him" Amarachi says looking directly inside my eyes "hmmm you should you have told him and you Samuel you shouldn't have tried to slap her in front of your mum" my dad corrected "am sorry dad" l said "apologize to your mum" he said "mum" l called her First "it's ok son" she said "don't try that again remember mum loves you" she said "l won't mum" "promise?" "yea" l said and everybody laughs "son Amarachi here is just like our daughter no matter what she does l want you to also take her as your sister" he said Amarachi? ..... To be continued
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Literature / Re: Do I Love Her(secret Lovers) by idyung(m): 12:11pm On Jun 01, 2019
Do l love her? (secret lovers) . Episode 4 Esther's narrate "Amarachi so how far about school" my Dad asks Amarachi "Dad it's fine my dad and l are just arranging some things before l go" she said "Arranging some things?" My dad asked "yea dad" "like what?" My dad asks her "Dad my dad doesn't want me to live inside campus so he is still looking for a way to do that" amara replied "eeeeh that reminds me which school?" "akwa ibom state university" amy answers "wow so you are in the same school with Samuel" my mum happily said "Samuel?" Amarachi screams sort of pissed(why is she not happy) "yea Samuel is studying there as a medical student" my mum replied and Amarachi frowns her face "eeeeh Amara you don't have to worry l will see what l can do" my dad assures Amarachi "Thank you sir" "you welcome my dear" my dad says "thanks mum" she greeted my mum "you are welcome sweetheart" my mum said "eeeeh mum we will be going inside" I told them and left with Amarachi When we got inside my room "Amarachi what happened?" I asked her sort of angry "Pardon? What do you mean?" She asks pretending as if she doesn't know what am talking about "l mean what happened between you and Samuel today cos l heard you guys shouting" l asked her "ooh ask your so called jerk of a brother" she says "please stop my brother isn't a jerk" "ha he's not a jerk right? What makes you say that?" She stupidly ask "because Samuel is my brother, l know him pretty well and am pretty sure he didn't do anything!" "he didn't do anything Right? Your Samuel tries to kiss me so that's how he is eeeh he thinks am one of those girls he fools around, he fails cos am not and l can't be one" she said and was very angry "Stop!" I said "and what did you do to him?" "l slapped him" she proudly says "what! You slapped him?" (why would she slap Samuel) "why would you slapped him?" I angrily Asked "I told you he was trying to kiss me and you're asking me why l slapped him" "if he tries to kiss you and so fucking what? Were you not the one that go look for his trouble?" I pout "were you? Why did you even go to talk to him?" "l l well am sorry" she said "sorry for yourself" "God! Are you angry?" She asks "why shouldn't l be angry is my brother that you slapped" l said "you shouldn't have slapped him" l said again "am sorry just that l hate it when guys play me" "it's ok" l said "he doesn't want to see you anymore" l said and Amarachi surprises me by laughing "Cos l refused to kiss him?" She asks still laughing "yea that's what he said" l said and join him to laugh "hmmm your brother is funny" "Amarachi oh just tell him the truth do you like him" l asked sort of nosey "l don't like him" "you don't like him?" I asked her "yea l hate him" Amarachi says "cos he intended kissing you?" I asked "l don't know" "wen are you guys going" she asks "I will be going on Thursday" l replied "what about him?" "l don't know you said you hate him why then are you asking about him" l fired "oh m sorry just wanted to know" she said her voice very low now "don't know" l said "hmmm you guys are even in the same school" l said pissing her off the more "mtceeew" "hahahaha" l laughed Samuel's Pov She is crying, she is really flabbergasted, she is exhausted and pissed. This girl must be crazy how would she allow me break her virginity? Why didn't she tell me why "Why didn't you tell me?""l asked her "Samuel so you never loved me all this while so you------ "oh please stop please stop Tessa you should have told me you were still a virgin!" I pout "Samuel are u the one saying this? Look into my eyes and tell me exactly that" she says and couldn't control her tears "Tessa am sorry l don't love you" l said and l was about to leave "Samuel!" She screams and l turned back "I called you here to make you happy, to bring you back to life cos l know very well that you are burnt inside of you by Rita l gave it to you cos l love you and this is how you want to pay me back" she says her voice full of sarcasm "Tessa why didn't you accept my request all this while?" "why?" "l l wasn't interested in any shit of relationship of course l told you" she says and l didn't reply l was just looking at her unsure of what to say "does it mean you don't want me anymore?" She finally asked "Tessa l don't love you and l don't want you any longer am also not interested in any shit of relationship again" l said "am sorry " l said and left "Samuel!" She screams again I can feel the pain in her heart, God! Why would she hide it from me, why didn't she tell me that she was still a virgin? Why l thought she didn't love me that much my fucking her was just my plan to bleep any girl that comes my way, l didn't know she was still a virgin neither do l know she loves me that much mtceew whatever!. I said to myself as l was driving back home. What the hell? "so she's still here didn't l tell Esther that l don't want to see her here any more" l said to myself as l was parking my car. Amarachi, My mum and Esther were talking outside because of what has happened between Amarachi and l, l just walked past to them angrily and was foolishly stopped by my mum. "Samuel! Come here" the woman says "ooh l thought she didn't see me" l said and walked to where they are "Good evening mum" l greeted "Have you greeted her?" She says "and why were you rushing inside like that are you avoiding anyone?" . Amarachi was just staring at me seductively shit! Because of that, the little anger in me fuelled up not even minding my mum's presence "hey what the hell are you still doing here?" I said and walked to her "now listen l don't ever want to see you in this house again" "Samuel!" My mum screams and before l knew it am receiving a hot slap from my mum "have you gone mad?" She angrily says "mum you slapped me cos of this thing?" I said and was very pissed "and if you say any other thing again l l l" "mum it's ok" Esther says not letting her finish "shit!" I said and walked away "Samuel come back here!" My mum calls but l didn't turn talk the more of answering, l was really pissed cos my mum hasn't slapped me in such a way before l can't even remember the last time she slapped me, but today she does that cos of who AMARACHI Who is this Amarachi? Episode 5 loading
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Do l love her? Episode 3 "Samuel let go of me" she says I didn't listen to her, instead l move closer to kiss her Taaaa! taaaa! Taaa! She gave me a hot slap "are you stupid?" She yells at me "how dare you try to kiss me Are you insane?" She shouts again Immediately Esther comes inside while l was just there unsure of what to do "what the hell is going on here?" Esther asks looking at both of us "ask him " Amarachi says and left "What happened?" Esther asks me "Who actually is she?" I asked her "Samuel you haven't answered my question" Esther throws back "Nothing" "listen l don't ever want to see her here in this house again" l said "says who?" Esther replies "it seems you want to try me" l said got dressed immediately and left "God why is Samuel now like this he has totally changed" I left Esther to go see Tessa, when l got downstairs l met my dad, my mum and that jerk Amarachi discussing shit! What if they are talking about me trying to kiss her shit! Let it not be oh "Good afternoon mum" "Good afternoon dad" l greeted them "have you greeted our guest?" My mum asks(if l slap this woman eeeeh) "yea mum we have greeted already" Amarachi answers looking me one kind l will kill you eyes "ok so where are you going dressed like this?" My mum asks "to go see them nah" Esther answers from my back pissing me off "Did l ask you? I have warned you to minimize the way you talk to him" my mum said "Mum why always siding him?" She asks "cos he's my son" my mum answers "oooh and am not your daughter right?" Esther says If l beat this girl eeh l was just there staring at Amrachi, looking at her beautiful face. God! This girl is very beautiful. "Sweetheart don't worry am always here for you" my Dad said to Esther "hahaaha odi egwu eeeeh like father like daughter" my mum says and everybody laughs "mum, dad l will be back" l said "you haven't yet said where you are going to" Esther fires back(what is wrong with this girl) "eee that reminds me where are you going" my mum asks again "going to see a friend" l answered "male or female?" Esther asks "Esther! Ah ah" Amarachi screams "alright you can go, but come back on time oh" "yes mum" l said and left At Tessa's house "Samuel what happened you keep me waiting" Tessa asks immediately l step down from my car. Wow she was really hot and with what she wore got all her features exposed. "am sorry dear" l said and she looks me one kind eyes "shall we?" She said and led the way to the sitting room When we got to their sitting room, we met her mum and her sister ivy (wow so ivy has grown so big like this?) l asked myself "Good afternoon mum" l greeted "wow Samuel it's been a long time" she says showing me all her sparkling teeth as she laughs "yea mum l rarely come back cos of studies how are you mum" l asked "am fine what about your parents" she asked "they are fine ma" "Eeeh Theresa how did it happen you didn't even inform anyone that you two are getting along with each other" she said sort of nosey "ah mum?" "eeeeh my son you welcome" she says "hi welcome" ivy said seductively staring at me (she must be a jerk) Tessa and l went inside to spend a little time "Sit down nah" she says laughing "Oh should also beg you to sit down" she says again and l got seated "Tessa ah it's been long oh would l say l didn't even miss you" l said laughing "hahhaah Samuel you funny eeeeh dat reminds me what about Esther" "she's fine" l answered "l hope you guys are no more fighting like before" she asks "hell no we are still fighting Cos she is too stubborn" "Esther stubborn? You are the one stubborn here" she says "what would l offer you?" She says again "hmm anything" l said "but mind you am not eating oh" l said again "why?" She asks "l don't just feel like eating" "oh you decided not to eat in our house anymore" "isn't like that" l said "l ate before coming" And she left to bring something for me after about five minutes she is back. "so Samuel how have you been?" She asks after giving me a glass of orange juice "am fine" "l heard everything that happened between you and Rita" she says "please l don't want to remember any of this" "am sorry Samuel u just have to let it go" she said "Samuel!" She calls me when l didn't say anything instead l stood up to leave "Samuel!" She calls and held my hand and l turned to face her "why did you call me here?' I asked "To mock me right?" "Samuel! No l never called you to mock you" she says "then why" "Samuel l called you here to know how you are doing cos l was pretty sure you were hurt" she says with a sarcasm voice "as if you care?" I asked "l care about you Samuel" she says Before we knew it we already kissing "kiss me more" she screams and l kiss her more, the kiss was getting deeper and deeper and l stop immediately "Samuel l want you" she said undressing me (what the hell is wrong with this girl would it be plausible to fu^k her here in their house?) before l knew it am admitting to that. I undressed her also and starting kissing her as she lay on the bed naked As am kissing her, l inserted two of my fingers inside her and starting thrusting "ooooh!" She screams "how is it?" I asked her "it's lovely" she replied With that romantic voice of her l landed on top of her inserted my di^k and start the real thrusting "Samuel harder let me feel you" she screams I push harder and harder till we both come and she collapsed on my body. When we disengaged, l couldn't believe what l saw blood! Shit! Tessa was still a virgin? Why didn't she tell me. "Why didn't you tell me" l asked her crying tears already oozing out from my eyes "Samuel! I didn't tell you yea cos l believe you are the only man capable of breaking it because l want to stay with you forever,because l love you" she says smiling her voice very low "Tessa! You should have told me!" I yelled at her "Samuel why are you crying" she asks "Tessa l was just doing it out of lust l didn't love you" l said Thanks for reading Episode 4 loading

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Do l love her Episode 2 The next day was Monday, l have been laying on my bed unsure of what to do, thinking why are mine even thinking about her, l have to stop. Immediately my phone rings and l picked it up Me: "Hello who is this?" Caller: "Handsome how are you so you don't even recognize my voice again eeeeh" Me: "Wow Tessa are you kidding me? How are you" Tessa: "Am good you just forget me nah" Me: "No no isn't like that" Tessa " Then how? How are you? Are you still in Town?" Me: Yea l will be going back on Thursday what about you?" Tessa "am still in town can we just see?" Me "hmmm l l l"(she didn't let me finish) Tessa: "Samuel please don't turn me down this time please" Me: "ok should l come to your house?" Tessa: "Yea please" Me:"hmmm ok l will come" Tessa:"when should l be expecting you?" Me:"around 2" Tessa: Ok come oh l will be expecting you Me: I will Tessa:thank you and take care of yourself Me:you too(she hangs up) Shit! When l wanted you, you said l should give you time to think about it. Tessa had been my friend since childhood, we went to the same school and her father, chief Dr Anyanwu is my father's best friend. I love her back then and l have been asking her out since then, she keeps saying she is not ready for any relationship. Why is she now calling Me not even that she calls she's even asking me to come see her? Could it be she didn't hate me back then? Ha now am not ready for any relationship again my plan is to scatter any girl that comes my way l want them to feel the same pain l felt when l was hurt. That's my plan and nothing is stopping it l said to myself and went downstairs. When l got downstairs l saw my sister discussing with one other girl ah who is she? I asked myself as l came closer to them "Good morning bro Sam" Esther greeted "hi good morning" the other girl greeted I didn't even talk to them l just stare at her and got seated "bro meet my friend Amarachi" "Amarachi this my senior bro Samuel" Esther says "Hi Samuel" Amarachi says staring at me "Amarachi you are welcome" l said and left the sitting room Esther's narrative "Samuel! Where the hell are you going!" I yelled at Samuel who didn't even respond "why is he like this?" Amarachi asks "don't mind him that's how he normally acts sometimes" (l know he's still hurt) ever since she hurts him he has been behaving strangely "Hmmmm" "any problem" l asked her "not really" she answers "do you like him?" I stupidly ask "Esther!" She yells "l just ask you a question" l said "do you?" I asked again "hmmm your bro is nice,but he must be a quarrelsome type" she says (shit! My brother isn't like that) "no he isn't like that just that he is sort of stubborn" l said "hmmm hahaha l can see with that character of his you guys used to fight" she asks "no be small fight oh l do beat him sometimes" l said sort of bragging "is there any way l can just talk to him" Amarachi surprises me by saying that "Amarachi!" I yelled "so quick how could you fall for him so quick" l said "Esther please" amrachi plea again Samuel's Narrative I was just coming back from the bathroom and met this stupid girl knocking at my door rubbish! What the hell did she want "hi Sa-miel" she calls me "mind you my name is not Samiel my name is Samuel" l pout "hahaha you don't even know the real pronunciation of your name actually your name is Samuel, but the U there is pronounced as i making your name to be Samiel that's the correct pronunciation of your name" she lectures "mtcheeew whatever" l said and walk past her "wait can l come in?" She says surprising me "aaah so that you can see me unclad right? I said and was very mean "God! What kind of human being are you?" She says "Rubbish!" I said and went inside and she still follows me She came inside my room,sat down and was just staring at me "why that look?" I asked her "don't tell me you have fallen for me already" l said sort of joking "Samuel you such a jerk" she says and turn to leave and l held her back bringing her to myself "Why are you here?" I asked her my voice very low as l talk "Nothing just to check on you" she answers we both looking at each other "How would you be checking on someone you don't even know that much" l said "ok it was a mistake now let go of me" she says I didn't leave her, we both were just there looking at each other God! This girl is the most beautiful girl l had ever seen "Do l love her?" Thanks for reading Episode 3 loading
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Mtcheew..dis one go just deh unfollow person ...
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Well done
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That's very good. According to Nigeria constitution you must above 18 year's before you can consider for admission. But today you will see 15and 17 years old in university.they don't know their right even they don't know why they are in university Because they can't think deeply reason.
Think deeply bro...before you comment
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Goodday friends
Am a new guy in Nairaland
I just decided to drop this..

Do l love her?
Episode 1
Why are girls really wicked? I have loved any
woman that comes my way with all my heart, l
haven't for once hurt any of them, they are
actually the ones that keep hurting me.
Why? Is it that when someone is rich he can't
actually find a true love.
Why did she have to treat me like this? Why? so
truly l now believe there is nothing like true
love. I curse the day l met her, l curse anyone
that will tell me about love. Right now my heart
is filled with hatred, my heart is filled with
disaster and negative thoughts.
Hahahaaha am now going for revenge, am
going to hurt any girl that comes my way, am
turning myself to a playboy. A playboy? Yea l
have taken much of this l said as l was crying
and thinking about all that have happened to
me. I had been thinking and didn't even know
when someone enters my room.
"Bro Samuel! Are you sure you are ok!" My sister
"bro Samuel am talking to you" she says again
"yea sure am good" l replied
"bro don't tell me you are still thinking about
her you need to laugh it off bro please stop it"
she says
"Esther how could she do that to me, how could
she?" I said sort of yelling at her
"l know how you feel bro, but you can't continue
like this nah, just let it go after all she is not the
only girl in this world they are thousands of girls
out there who____"
"please stop just cut it" l cut her shut
"Esther just look at it Why? Why non has ended
well for me why?" I asked her
"Samuel please stop, you know maybe all of
them aren't the one you love see bro l think you
haven't found the one actually meant for you"
Esther Says making me more angry than before
"Esther if you were not my sister l would have
given you a hot slap" l said and left the room
"What have l said wrong now mtcheeew l don't
blame you rubbish"
At the dinning room
My mum and dad together with my sister (Esther)
and l are in the dinning room to take our
breakfast, everybody was just looking at me
because they all know am not happy, l haven't
been happy since that day.
"Son when are you going back to School?" My
dad asked breaking the silence
"hmmm Dad l was actually thinking of next
week" l replied
"next week? Isn't that far?" My mum asks
"yea mum l have one or two things to do mum"
l replied
"bro Sam! ____?"
"shut up!" I yell at Esther
"Samuel are you still thinking about her?" My
mum ask surprising me
"Mum!" My sister yelled at her, for her not to
remember all this to me, cause she knows how
pissed am l am towards all this
"Son next week is far what's it that you want to
do?" My dad asks
"is it that you guys don't want me to stay in my
own father's house or what?" I angrily said
"Samuel!" My mum shouts
"don't you know is your father you are talking
to" she says again
"it's ok sweetheart" my dad said to my mum
"son am so much concern about you and your
sister, l want the best for you two, l. Want you
two to make me proud that's why am doing my
best to sponsor you guys academically. With you
being a doctor and your sister a lawyer what else
are mine looking for" my dad said looking at
both of us
"do you understand son?" He asks
"yes dad" l answered
"you guys should promise me that you are going
to Make me proud" he said now laughing
"Sure yes dad " we answered in unison
"Biko let's start eating before the food gets cold"
my mum said. We prayed and starting eating
"Esther you when are you going back?" My mum
"Thursday mum"
"ok Samuel have you Changed your mind or you
are still staying?" My mum asked me sort of
"am going"
"Thursday also" l said
"eeewh because l said on Thursday" Esther says
"shut up!"
"you don't know your senior any more" l said
laughing (my first time of laughing since that
"son l will be transferring #200,000 to your
account mind you l don't want to hear dad my
pocket money has finished" My dad said
"ahhh Dad what of mine?" Esther asks
"Esther am giving you 150"
"aah daddy, you are giving me 150, while
Samuel is taking 200"
"Esther! Will you shut up! Is Samuel not your
elder brother? My mum yells
"Tell her! Naughty girl" l said
"Esther Samuel here is your elder brother" my
dad told her
Thanks for reading this episode
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Celebrities / Re: Timaya Replies Fan Begging To Clean His House For 10k by idyung(m): 6:23am On May 19, 2019
Timaya deh indirectly tell am say to find work...lol
Celebrities / Re: Stonebwoy Pulls Out Gun During Fight With Shatta Wale At VGMA20 (video) by idyung(m): 6:05am On May 19, 2019
Ahmn this one name igbo smoker joor

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