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Politics / Re: MC Oluomo Introduces Barcodes In Parks, Garages To Stop Crime, Kidnapping by iReddington: 11:04am
Even MC Oluomo is more innovative and progressive than some Eastern Governors. grin


Politics / Re: 2023: Those Asking Us To Leave Lagos Are They Originally From Lagos? Mr Macaroni by iReddington: 10:24am On Oct 05
Ode, this one has been misyarning and capping lately because of some Oloripelebes he's trying to please. Oponu akotileta.

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Agriculture / Re: Pandagric Novum Farms: Largest Maize Farm In Nigeria by iReddington: 10:15am On Oct 05
When Asiwaju was saying this, those hateful blockheads were making several jokes and memes, the retards will still come here and wail unnecessarily. Hateful dunderheads that can't think for themselves because everything na cruise.

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Crime / Re: Video Of NDLEA Officials Evacuating Seized Drugs In Ikorodu by iReddington: 7:14am On Sep 20
Damnnn niggar

Not surprised

Na lagos na

Tinubu boys

Tinubu turned lagos into Mexico and colombia of Africa
Shut up abeg, if reasonable people are commenting about the topic and crime, should a disgraceful morally depraved fraudster and thief like you also have an opinion. Dunce!

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Politics / Re: Uju Anya's Tweet Showed The World That Igbos Dont Belong In Nigeria by iReddington: 10:51am On Sep 19
So I say to my fellow Igbos this, if those who say they are your brothers, didnt care about your loss, devastation of your land and the resultant pain, what sort of brotherhood is that?
Pls shut up, what about the loss, and devastation of others, Biafrans didn't kill, occupy or maim anyone during the war na. This una attitude of always playing the victim is so nauseating and fvck any stupid brotherhood, because no one has ever regarded you as brothers; you guys are so vile and hateful and would rather wish you get your crime infested, erosion ravaged potoptopo Biafra. Pack and go abeg!


Politics / Re: APC Youths Walk For Bola Tinubu In Ibadan (Pictures, Video) by iReddington: 3:51pm On Sep 15
Lol, shey those flathêaded, yamlegged hairy beasts of the East think we are joking, make campaign start fess. We are not online noise makers, we are doers!
Tinubu's Presidency is a done deal.

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Politics / Re: "We No Dey Give Shishi But We Dey Share Soap And Oil" - Nigerians Come After LP by iReddington: 8:41am On Sep 15
all this are support from volunteer,this is the reason,no sane Nigeria who this economy as shown both Bleu and black from top to bottom from pdp,apc will carry his money to buy rice and be sharing to people
You're very daft, what an asinine response, so the ones other party members share are not from volunteers, the horde of the idiots supporting Obi are just juveniles with nothing upstairs.


Politics / Re: Anambra Youths For Bola Tinubu Hold Meeting (Pictures) by iReddington: 8:39am On Sep 15

I Know it is in you people blood to curse people up and down. But hatred won't take you far in this life. Accept that not everybody will have the same opinion or preference as yours. Stop abusing your seniors. Don't show you lack home training.
Alphafool, direct this advice to your yamlegged hairy beasts from the East who cancel and insult anyone that doesn't support the lying thin voiced clown.

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Politics / Re: "We No Dey Give Shishi But We Dey Share Soap And Oil" - Nigerians Come After LP by iReddington: 7:38am On Sep 15
Lol, Una see am, Peter Obi and his supporters are everything they condemn. Trust the zombidients and obidiöts to find new ways to spin this. Bloody hypocrites.

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Politics / Re: Bags Branded With Labor Party Logo Are For Sharing Soap Not Rice by iReddington: 7:22am On Sep 15
Lol, And what's the difference, soap or rice... it's still inducement, you guys are everything you condemned but looking for ways to spin it. Hypocrites.


Politics / Re: Anambra Youths For Bola Tinubu Hold Meeting (Pictures) by iReddington: 5:52am On Sep 15
Anyone supporting Tinubu is a paid urchin and doing it for money, but anyone supporting Peter Obi is patriotic. That tiny voice, hateful, sectional bigot can't unite or rule this country, NEVER!!!

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Crime / Re: Nigerian Man Arrested In South Africa For Alleged Possession Of Drugs (photos) by iReddington: 12:05am On Sep 14

This hatred just developed within this political season simply because one region decided to support their own this time and i wonder the hight the hatred would've reach by now if they started supporting their own since 1999.

There's no tribe and region in this country the igbos haven't given their massive support during presidential election yet they're the unloved in this country.
grin Cry cry baby, YES! you're unloved in this country. Shut your rotten mouth up you this flathêaded, yamlegged hypocrite.
Your kinsmen have always shown more hatred and contempt for other tribes, and used several slurs such as ofe mmanu, afonja, cowards, brown roofs, cone head, slaves, called the northerners uneducated, backward, uncivilised cows et all. Now that you're getting a full doze of the hate you've dished out, you're crying like a baby with your usual victimhood mentality. Una never see anything, fvck off!

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Politics / Re: Reno Omokri Urges Peter Obi's Supporters To Defy IPOB's Sit-At-Home Order by iReddington: 6:16am On Sep 11
There's nothing wrong with what Reno said na, why the insults. Obi supporters and IPOB are one, they can't defy such order.
Dem go dey fear make dem no use their flat head prepare egusi soup on that day. grin

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Politics / Re: Pictures Of Bola Tinubu When He Established LASTMA (July 2000) by iReddington: 9:18am On Sep 09

Clearly, that was putting aside the Nigerian constitution which he swore to uphold? The Nigerian police are the constitutional body with the responsibility of directing traffic and punishing offenders. We dont want someone who will work against the constitution because of his personal interests.
The same constitution you folks always complain about; that it's flawed, it doesn't give a level playing field and sees to the marginalisation of your people is now suddenly the constitution nobody should work against. Chaii...bumbling hypocrites. grin


Politics / Re: APC Woman Leader, Betta Edu Leads Women Solidarity Walk For Tinubu in Borno by iReddington: 2:36pm On Sep 08
The Social Media Presidential Candidate and his lying brigade will keep repeating their stale repetitive nonsense online, while progressives are working hard to ensure the victory of their candidate, the difference has always been clear. We don't do social media, hateful propaganda politics. That's for pigs and nobodies! grin

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Politics / Re: Femi Fani-Kayode Mocks Dino Melaye With A Throwback Video & Photo by iReddington: 10:07pm On Sep 06
Lol, I don't have a dog in this fight, they are both shameless but Dino is a bigger fool and a clown grin

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Celebrities / Re: Money Rains As Young Millionaires Celebrate Alexreports And Wife (photos) by iReddington: 10:00pm On Sep 06
He say na young millionaires cheesy he sure na Alex still hire the people wey spray am money grin


Politics / Re: Mike Okiro: Tinubu will fix Nigeria like Lagos by iReddington: 6:31am On Aug 27
It's funny how some ediots say you can't support Asiwaju without looking stupid whereas they are the stupid one, how can I leave someone with so many clear records and visible achievements for Obi

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Politics / Re: Wike: Consultations With Atiku, Tinubu, OBJ, Obi Are In Nigeria’s Interest by iReddington: 6:26pm On Aug 26
“Leadership is not about you and your family. Leadership is about everybody. Somebody finishes eight years as governor, he brings his own son to be governor, brings his son to go to National Assembly?” the governor asked.
“It is only in this part of the world that you can see that.

Wike is wrong, and it's not only in "this part of the world" he should go and find out
Bush, Biden, Clinton, Kennedy family, Roosevelt,
Even in U.K...
Pitt, Chamberlain, Churchill, Paisley and even the Current Prime Minister Boris Johnson.


Politics / Re: Festus Keyamo Joins ShettimaChallenge (Pictures) by iReddington: 11:37am On Aug 23
Now believe those who say you can’t be in APC without looking, acting and sounding stupid.
What about those that were trending and mocking someone's choice of clothes instead of the issues discussed, are they not looking and acting stupid. Dunderheads.


Politics / Re: #ShettimaChallenge: Nigerians Dress As Shettima Did Yesterday by iReddington: 11:25am On Aug 23
grin Let the flatheâds continue to create memes and challenges on social media to trend, it doesn't faze Shettima/Tinubu, they are very focused on the task at hand. We no send their papa.

Tinubu's presidency issa goal.

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Politics / Re: Momment Peter Obi Clapped To Kashim Shettima's Economic Plan (Video) by iReddington: 10:56am On Aug 23
If not for hate and bitternesss, Shettima actually outperformed Peter Obi as Governors. In achievements and legacies let alone Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

Go and verify.

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Politics / Re: Nigerian Kids Kneel Down, Beg Grandpas Tinubu & Atiku To Step Down For Peter Obi by iReddington: 8:32am On Aug 22
Lol, IPOB kids...these are the upcoming generation of Igbo trolls, that will be nurtured with hate and envy. When we say Igbo parents train their children with hate fom birth, na hin be this. What kind of a daft person does this.

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Politics / Re: Youths Erect Free Massive Billboard Advert For Peter Obi In Ibadan (Video) by iReddington: 10:43am On Aug 20
Can anybody erect Tinubu's billboard like this in the East without being harrassed, threatened or killed. Those aggressive hateful pigs would have sent death threats to the sponsors of the project.


Education / Re: ASUU’s Insistence On 6-Month Salary Stalling Negotiations – Federal Govt by iReddington: 10:18am On Aug 19
no they aren’t. Won’t they work to cover for that 6 months strike? Or will they just skip the 6months work and jump to new curriculums?
Use your head, is it still not the same monthly pay they will receive, will they stop paying them their current monthly salaries because they want to pay previous 6months own. If they are going back to the 6months work and curriculum, will they also go back in time.

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Politics / Re: Pictures From Gbajabiamila's Constituency Meeting In Surulere by iReddington: 7:16am On Aug 19
Some Ôbidiots saying they will get 60% of votes in Lagos and South West don't really understand or know Yorubas. We go all out for our own.

WariBATise2023 issa goal.

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Politics / Re: Second Niger Bridge: Asphalt Laying And Street Light Installation Begins by iReddington: 6:03pm On Aug 18
It has been like this in the last one year. I pass the area daily.
You hateful bush babies have been singing this same song since the construction started; it's propaganda, nothing is happening, no construction going on there, I live there, I pass there everyday and all sorts of jargons, till now that the bridge is 98.9% complete, you're still regurgitating the same rubbish grin shameless lots that like only bad news and destruction.


Politics / Re: Peter Obi: Opposition Using Fake News On Social Media And Blaming Labour Party by iReddington: 4:43pm On Aug 18
Lol, no wonder he's IPOB's candidate, same modus operandi grin

The way DSS were unknown gunmen, and it was Fulani committing all the atrocities in the East is the same way Obi wants to run his campaign; with lies, deceit and blaming others.


Politics / Re: Lagos Blue Rail Line Nears Completion, Engineers Launch Final Track Beam by iReddington: 5:47pm On Aug 17

You are so ignorant thinking Tinubu owns Lagos....you are not even ashamed to tell the world that he owns you and your entier family, just as a Master owns slaves...you are Tinubu's slave...brainwashed zombie.

Is that why you're crying all over my mention, like a child that had his biscuits taken from him grin

It's Tinubu's Lagos, goan kill yourself. Dirty uncivilzed pig, go back to your wasteland region and guzzle on the filth and legacies of your State Governors. Parasitic leeches from the land of rising crime and erosion.

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Politics / Re: Lagos Blue Rail Line Nears Completion, Engineers Launch Final Track Beam by iReddington: 5:20pm On Aug 17
Tinubu's Lagos grin We Moooove!!!

Those Obi supporters from that side can ride pigs back to their barren, unproductive terrorized region.

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Politics / Re: El-Rufai Reacts After A Peter Obi Supporter Reported His Tweet by iReddington: 4:23pm On Aug 15
Liars we all know their useless strategies but this time it's won't work, these thieves and terrorists and their sponsors can go any length to discredit obi ,they hire their supporters to come online to insult people on behalf of PO and go around to accuse obident family of doing it ,all in a bid to dent po but the youths are wiser now ..we are taking back our country from the grip of the criminal elites that have destroyed the economy of this Country and no amount of blackmail will change our cause..I was on the phone with my younger brother who is in abroad about the kind of inflation we have here ,as I told him the naira equivalent of 1dollar he shouted..if u don't want progress in life what of your loved ones who are in danger due to insecurity..pity them and vote wisely
Obi's supporters are the daftest bunch of zombies you can find anywhere on social media, just look at this one with his epistle of moronic nonsense. grin

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Crime / Re: Nigerians Arrested In South Africa For Printing Fake Currency Notes (Video) by iReddington: 9:39am On Aug 15
Hmmmm, developers and crime....everywhere they go!!!

Imagine going to another country to print their currency notes, something even the indigenes go dey fear do, na dem. Biafrans too like crime abeg.
What a hateful, criminal minded tribe. Tueh!

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