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Politics / Re: "APC Now Invalid, Let Buyer Beware"- PDP Reacts To Supreme Court Ruling On APC by jaxxy(m): 10:49pm On Jul 30
PDP has just shown again that is a useless party.
They are not planning on how to win the next election they are busy celebrating supreme court judgement, APC will review the judgement and set its house in order

Apc has never been run like a normal party and I doubt it ever can.
Sports / Re: Leon Balogun Blasts NFF Over Poor Administration (Video) by jaxxy(m): 10:32pm On Jul 30
He’s saying the truth as it is.
Politics / Re: Femi Fani-Kayode: Abba Kyari Should Be Treated Like Allen Onyema by jaxxy(m): 10:25pm On Jul 30
The springs that tightens FFK's lips had loosen again, the eediot always wants to be relevant even when his irrelevance is conspicuous. Which other evidence is he asking for? Wife beater, in a sane clime goat like ffk should be eating beans behind bar.

BTW, where is Uncle Dino Melaye? Is he still eating shrimps and washing his dishes by himself in the State? If yes, no problem, by the time they get to him, there won't be any need for extradition.

Many people associated with Abbas aka hushpuppi, like wizkid, Senators, entertainers, Dubai gun catchers, most of those relationships were platonic which is best for an uncover fraudster. U can’t reveal urself crooked ways to just anybody.
Politics / Re: Femi Fani-Kayode: Abba Kyari Should Be Treated Like Allen Onyema by jaxxy(m): 10:17pm On Jul 30

Abba Kyari is famous for loving to solve crimes, what is wrong in being happy that our own will help a whole USA solve a major crime just by submitting himself to the FBI?

Allen Onyema did not betray public trust, he did not abuse his office, he did not intimidate and oppress people at the behest of their wealthy oppressors.
No one pointed fingers to accuse him of extortion.

It was clear Onyema was being witchunted, so we stood by him because it was apparent that his sin was his ethnicity.

It's an insult to Nigeria that her most famous policeman is wanted in USA for knowingly conspiring to commit wire fraud.
So why then should I stand by Abba Kyari?

Is it so that he will gift me some of his natives and caps before he goes to jail or what?

Someone who has not only insulted our intelligence with his watery defence; a defence I consider as being overly unintelligent for an intelligence officer, he has also been shielded in the past from numerous indictments.

When you see the long arm of the law eventually catching up with people who are above the law, it is only natural to grin like a teenage boy who just experienced his first wetdream.

I am so happy. God knows that the last time I was this excited was when the girl who left me to get married gave birth to an albino imbecille.
This is the second time I'm seeing Karma and Justice pay someone an unexpected visit.

Everyone knows I have challenges with my sanity, but if FFK thinks Abba Kyari deserves our sympathy, then I may not be the crazy one afterall.

Allen Onyema actually broke Americans banking system laws thereby undermining the banks. He had a serious case bt May have been pardoned for certain reasons or on certain grounds.

Onyema broke laws he naturally should have been arrested and extradited and if that had happened he will face US justice system which will definitely nail him for the specific offense.

It is exactly same thing with Abba Kyari until we see more serious involvement and conspiracy.

Dump the tribal bigotry already.


Politics / Re: Kyari: Nigeria Has An Extradition Treaty With The US - Kingsley Moghalu by jaxxy(m): 10:05pm On Jul 30
Politics / Re: Kyari: Nigeria Has An Extradition Treaty With The US - Kingsley Moghalu by jaxxy(m): 7:34pm On Jul 30
I think the West and The US had always perceived Nigeria as a criminal country, how can US have extradition treaty with Nigeria but no tax treaty, I feel we been cheated, Nigerian masses, the world don't give a shit. As for Kyiari, his position is quite tempting, Nigeria police is the devils best instrument to get people to hell, whenever your relative enters police just know that you got a potential candidate in hell, a Nigerian police will hardly get off the temptation when Nigerians prefer to offer bribe than do the right thing.

The whole police system is corrupt and compromised not just Abba Kyari. He’s even better than most of them in there. Yet the US are indicting him.
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Super League Is Back On As Court Rules UEFA Cannot Sanction Clubs Involved by jaxxy(m): 7:31pm On Jul 30
To be honest they have no right to sanction clubs or persecute them for trying to form a super league bt it must be approved by FIFA after meeting necessary and important requirements.

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Politics / Re: Kenyan President, Kenyatta Bows To Greet President Buhari (Photo) by jaxxy(m): 7:23pm On Jul 30
He’s being modest or respectful bt some idiots will see it as Smtn really important.

2ndly the Kenyan President is not exactly a noble or honorable man. Sm1 has Denied an international crime under his very watch and supervision??
Science/Technology / Re: Indian Man Crushed To Death By An Elephant (Pix, Video) by jaxxy(m): 6:13pm On Jul 30
Why are these illiterates disturbing the elephants that are minding their business and going their way?? undecided

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Politics / Re: Police Beat Damisa Yusuf, AIT Reporter Covering Students' Protest In Bauchi by jaxxy(m): 6:05pm On Jul 30
Bad governance at play.
Politics / Re: IPOB Vows To Lock Down South-east If Nnamdi Kanu Is Not Released By August 8 by jaxxy(m): 4:01pm On Jul 30

It's time to flex some muscle now cool

If the same FG can't release Abba Kyari whose integrity is questionable to the FBI for interrogation,I don't see any reason why Nnamdi Kanu should be in detention for only wanting the best for his people undecided

I'm not igbo,but let's call a spade a spade...

Mark my word...

Ipob doesn’t own the south east neither do they own igbos. They should stop talking like people who didn’t go to school. It doesn’t make sense.

This same thing kanu was doing arrogantly like he owns Igbos by force. It is wrong.

Why was kanu galavanting all of the place knowing there is a warrant to arrest him in place?? No he was caught and illegally brought back into the country. U now want to disrupt the whole south east for Smtn they know nothing about? undecided

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Career / Re: Have You Ever Considered Learning Truck Driving? by jaxxy(m): 1:32pm On Jul 30
Politics / Re: Insecurity: Famine In North’ll Have National Impact, Atiku Warns by jaxxy(m): 12:58pm On Jul 30
Investigation regard hushpuppy still in progress I pray he mention your name in the next court sitting.

E fit mention tinubu name sef. Instead of u to face the message u and talking another thing. undecided
Business / Re: 'If You Don't Have ₦500k At 26 & Above, You Don't Have Purpose In Life' - Lady by jaxxy(m): 12:41pm On Jul 30
She should have stated if by legit or non legit. undecided kiss

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Business / Re: Prince Omoha Bags African Young Entrepreneur & Humanitarian Personality Award by jaxxy(m): 11:09am On Jul 30

Alright bro. Let's not sweat it. It's been great exchanging views with you in a very civil manner.

And hey, happy birthday. Enjoy your new age.

Same here. Thanks bro!

Let me add the leap from b to c seems quite large and has obvious gaps I’m more curious about what happened in Hong Kong.
Sports / Re: Tokyo2020: Okagbare, Nwokocha Qualify For 100m Semi Final by jaxxy(m): 11:03am On Jul 30
We are a serious country. Many of these athletes are doing this on their own bt we expect them to compete and win Jamaica and USA. Lmao.


Politics / Re: Buhari Meet British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, Discuss Insecurity In Nigeria by jaxxy(m): 10:59am On Jul 30
Buhari doesn’t care. Bandits are still on the loose.
Politics / Re: Hushpuppi: Abba Kyari ‘knowingly Conspired To Commit Wire Fraud’, US Alleges by jaxxy(m): 10:56am On Jul 30

Check my history on this site, I don’t do tribal shii.

On another thread I engaged a guy trying to repackage Ironsi as a hero.

Onyema or no Onyema I care less, as he’s not been paid by tax payers money and neither is he a public office holder using it for his personal benefit aka abuse of office.

Nigeria police force is so ridiculous, 2 years ago I lost 4M to a business partner, got a lawyer and got police involved only for them to charge me 500k to pursue the case. This is after paying to hire a lawyer.

There’s something called ethics, even as a private citizen and the kind of office I hold where I work, I know there are places I shouldn’t be seen, there are people I shouldn’t be seen mingling with and there are things I shouldn’t be caught doing. Talk more a public officer and a high ranking police officer who should know better and be a role model to his subordinates.

It’s called ethics and code of conduct.

Before being caught words on the street are Hush is a fraudster and was only using real estate as cover. Yet a DCP feigns ignorance with all his trainings and experience.

It’s like seeing a high ranking FBI agent mingling with the likes of Pablo Escobar, attending the parties organized by likes of T.I and 50cent.

Our public officers are shameless abeg.

I completely agree with u on this. I accept he is obviously wrong even though many are only pretentious tribal bigots.
Politics / Re: Hushpuppi: Abba Kyari ‘knowingly Conspired To Commit Wire Fraud’, US Alleges by jaxxy(m): 10:36am On Jul 30

Ole ni ee. You too be thief. Nah only thief dey support fellow thieves. You too will be caught and paraded that day. Kyari is a thief and will very soon be dumped in USA. #HushKyari

I’m not a theif and I can defend the man based in the facts I see. So u statement makes no sense. He is innocent until proven guilty remember??

Many of u are either supporters of crime or tribal bigots hence lack objectivity.

I’m sure there are many worse criminals ur are supporting.
Politics / Re: The Politics Enabling Banditry In Nigeria by jaxxy(m): 10:32am On Jul 30
Serious politics and that was how bokoharam started.
Politics / Re: Hushpuppi: Abba Kyari ‘knowingly Conspired To Commit Wire Fraud’, US Alleges by jaxxy(m): 10:26am On Jul 30

What that transcript means is that Kyari’s narrative is a lie.

He arrested someone on the order of Hush without even knowing his offence.

After the arrest Hush explained Vincent’s crime on how he betrayed him with a “client”.

For Hush to have openly described such details comfortably to a DCP proves he’s been on his payroll.

A DCP has been on a fraudster’s payroll, a fraudster defrauding US citizens and you ask they shouldn’t take their pound of flesh.

Quit trying to be half clever.

Good let’s see the payroll and how much to determine this fact. That’s all I’m saying. I want more evidence.

Payroll without any money links/deposits is that payroll??

This energy wasn’t there when it was onyema bt thats fine as we know the obvious reasons.

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Politics / Re: Hushpuppi: Abba Kyari ‘knowingly Conspired To Commit Wire Fraud’, US Alleges by jaxxy(m): 10:17am On Jul 30

Did you read the transcript of their conversation released by FBI?

Kyari is a law enforcement officer and not a politician or musician.

You are the one trying to be half clever here


I read it and I think it’s abit over exaggerated based on info given sofar. How much is the bribe and what and where is the actual conspiracy? How deep did Abba Kyari go if infact a real conspiracy??

These are important questions. Do u know how many people collect money from hushpuppi for different reasons? How many people have visited him and enjoyed his largess?

I know abba story an obvious lie bt we need more details of conspiracy to get any conviction.
Business / Re: Prince Omoha Bags African Young Entrepreneur & Humanitarian Personality Award by jaxxy(m): 10:14am On Jul 30

You will still be doing mining but saving your profits in real estate. This mining deal reads like a one-off transaction.
Why will someone give you a mining contract when you don't have a track record?
If you had a track record, why would you abandon the business just when you have broken even?
Who are these Chinese that ordered this minerals and what minerals were they?
Why are they not ordering again to firmly establish you (long term) in that line of business?
Abeg so many questions jare and that vagueness is a big red flag.

They are one of deals in certain businesses, if u have the knowledge and skills u can get them done. Mining isn’t fully monitored or regulated in Nigeria even till now people stubble on deals especially with the Chinese who like to cut corners or avoid legal/official bottles necks. It may be legit or questionable bt mining is an open exploration in Nigeria especially back then.

He doesn’t need to continue Smtn that’s not his major and probably a one of deal which are not consistent or cud have legal issues next time.
Politics / Re: Hushpuppi: Abba Kyari ‘knowingly Conspired To Commit Wire Fraud’, US Alleges by jaxxy(m): 10:06am On Jul 30

Nobody is celebrating his downfall based on tribal sentiments. we all celebrated hushpuppy arrest too. Was it based on tribal sentiments.

Btw, he's not fighting any crime. How many bandits or boko haram has he arrested? How many fulani has he arrested for the killings in iganagan? He's just a corrupt media cop. This is the third allegations against him.

If u are not many are celebrating for tribal reasons. Why didn’t same people celebrate in onyema case? I’m sure u didn’t say all this for onyema bt now u know America has a case with Abba Kyari that’s why I said there’s a lot of hypocrisy at play.

If this was a southern cop u will see most of these people defending him and attacking the US so how is this not about tribal bigotry? undecided

Call a spade a spade pls. It’s not about the crime bt where he’s from and who he is. He is not onyema so these ones have found their voice. Let Buhari arrange onyema extradition and u will see a change of mouth. That’s complete rubbish!

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Politics / Re: Hushpuppi: Abba Kyari ‘knowingly Conspired To Commit Wire Fraud’, US Alleges by jaxxy(m): 9:52am On Jul 30

If kyari was an ordinary Nigerian, would his explanation suffice for the police not to arrest him? Would you be defending him like you are doing?

The Nigerian police arrest people for lesser offence. Why are you defending him? Is it because he's from the North like you?

Haha I am not from the North pls I am a proper southerner bt I admire his commitment to service even it has mistakes due to our corruption system in general.

Obviously the Nigerian police can be partial, unprofessional and even irresponsible bt in as much as I can understand some of the sentiments here most of them are supporters of crime playing hypocrisy. I had my initial share of laffs and banters On this case bt I also like to be objective and practical in what I do.

I defended onyema so why can’t I defend Abba Kyari if I see reasons to. I’m not a tribal bigots like many celebrating for purely tribal reasons.
Romance / Re: Girlfriend Got Pregnant For Another Person by jaxxy(m): 9:43am On Jul 30
How will you feel if you find out the girl you are in love with who also claim to love you back is pregnant for another person
Your opinion is highly welcome
No insult
Asking for a friend who is about to commit suicide
Please advice him
He is reading your comments

When u understand actions speak louder than words u will know she doesn’t really love u and stop confusing urself. It is a mind game and now u want to commit suicide and she will gladly get pregnant for another 3rd dude and still say she loves u.

Get sense ooo. U mama no train u finish to kill urself over one loose gal we dey deceive u will I love u talk while doing the opposite. undecided

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Politics / Re: Hushpuppi: Abba Kyari ‘knowingly Conspired To Commit Wire Fraud’, US Alleges by jaxxy(m): 9:33am On Jul 30

You are trying so hard to be half clever,

Go call DCP directly that you have a case against someone and he’ll spring to action immediately in this Nigeria.

What relationship does Hush have with a DCP to turn him to his errand boy all the way from Dubai to arrest someone afterwards he helped him deliver natives A whole DCP ( this is me believing Kyari’s rooster and bull story)..

Even an ordinary constable won’t run such errands for you without something being involved.

It is obvious they have a relationship no doubt and that is not a crime in itself. Many people know hushpuppi even dj cuppy and Pdp politicians. Some may know hm from skol or mutual frnds like I’ve listed.

What I’m concerned about is the bribe and most importantly the conspiracy part. Not so clear.

I’m only being impartial and objective unlike the many tribal bigots and hypocrites celebrating for shameless and questionable reason. If I defended onyema on certain grounds based on available information I will defend Abba Kyari also. If I see reasons to.
Business / Re: Prince Omoha Bags African Young Entrepreneur & Humanitarian Personality Award by jaxxy(m): 9:26am On Jul 30

If you made money in a mining deal, won't you naturally establish a mining company and be looking for more mining deals? Would you be rushing into real estate business and be known as a real estate entrepreneur instead of a miner?

Bros, na real estate dem de use launder money o.

Yes it’s quite possible to prefer real estate to mining for many reasons. Mining isn’t consistent in certain parts. It’s also tougher to carry out. Only die hard professional miners do it long term.

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Politics / Re: Lawyers Kick As Benin Republic Plots Igboho’s Deportation To Nigeria by jaxxy(m): 9:22am On Jul 30
A man was escaping death or persecution and u say U will deport him back to his aggressors?
Politics / Re: Hushpuppi: Abba Kyari ‘knowingly Conspired To Commit Wire Fraud’, US Alleges by jaxxy(m): 9:16am On Jul 30
If the USA means you, nothing can stop them from getting you.

So why haven’t they gotten onyema. I dislike the tribal undertones at play here in Nigeria specifically.

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Politics / Re: Hushpuppi: Abba Kyari ‘knowingly Conspired To Commit Wire Fraud’, US Alleges by jaxxy(m): 9:13am On Jul 30
kyari collected bribe

How much bribe now? FBI cud say so much bt not mention the amount?? That’s strange.

Like I said he may be wrong even out of line bt I think it’s over exaggerated and there wasn’t a real conspiracy.
Politics / Re: Hushpuppi: Abba Kyari ‘knowingly Conspired To Commit Wire Fraud’, US Alleges by jaxxy(m): 9:03am On Jul 30
I want to believe the US is exaggerating his involvement. I would like to also know how much is this stated so called bribe. That will determine a lot of things.

I like Abba Kyari for his commitment and expertise in the job bt I also frown at the corruption in the police force. I hope he can clear himself.

This is why u shouldn’t dance around People with questionable sources of wealth they will stain you.

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