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Celebrities / Re: 10 Ex-big Brother Naija Housemates That Are Broke Despite The Fame From Bbnaija by Jayrehme1112: 1:48pm On Dec 09, 2020
Miracle is the smartest of dem.....Oga just jaapa completely
Where you see miracle now��‍♀️
Celebrities / Why The Big Brother Naija Show Is The Greatest Scam In World History by Jayrehme1112: 10:50am On Dec 09, 2020
Why The Big Brother Naija Show Is The Greatest Scam In World History

The Big Brother Naija reality show has been seen by many as an opportunity to have their lives changed forever. Even, though, true, there is till a fallacy behind that theory if you are willing to readily scrutinize the impact the show has played on majority of the housemates that have graced it.

While we can talk about the likes of Efe, Mercy, Tobi, Ceec, Laycon, Bisola, Miracle, Tacha, Diane, Mike, Ike and Bam Bam as those ex-housemates that have experienced life changing deals as a result of the fame that the show has given to them, how about those that have unintentionally gone back to the life they used to live before taking a leap to grace the show after the show?

There are many that could be counted – Ella, Coco-ice, Soma, Thing Tall Tony, Debby Rise, Marvis, Bally, K-Brule, Rico, Princess, Bitto, Cindy, Jackie, Thelma, Gedoni, Joe, Enkay, Nelson, Tuoyo, Isilomo, Avala, Vandora, Lolu, Gifty, Uriel, Adeyinka, Joan, Maureen, Ify and several others are some of those that made it into the Big Brother Naija house but yet, never got big like the lucky few have.

Therefore, if there is a claim about the Big Brother Naija reality show being a shortcut to succes, it makes me puke because only abou 25 percent of those that made it to the show can count themselves lucky to have experienced a changed life for good.

I am not saying outrightly because of the illustration above – Big Brother Naija is a scam, no! I only gave that illustration to wash away from your minds and heads that the show is a guaranteed success-creator, it never is!

Now let me explain to you why i see this show as one of the biggest scams schemes alive.

The latest season, which is the Lockdown Season, we were told had a record-breaking 900 million votes. And according to what we all witnessed, a vote costs 30 naira per SMS.

Now, let’s do the calculation – which simply will be 30 naira multplied by 900 million. The result is an...........


Celebrities / Re: 10 Ex-big Brother Naija Housemates That Are Broke Despite The Fame From Bbnaija by Jayrehme1112: 10:44am On Dec 09, 2020
How can you just conclude that they are all broke?...are you their accountant...some are low-key doing well....not everyone likes to 'pepper dem' on social media
Not in the case of EFE
Celebrities / 10 Ex-big Brother Naija Housemates That Are Broke Despite The Fame From Bbnaija by Jayrehme1112: 10:09am On Dec 09, 2020
10 Ex-Big Brother Naija Housemates That Are Broke Despite The Fame From BBNaija
Apart from winning the grand prize, another reason contestants love to be in the show is for fame. Big brother is a reality show and at the moment in the house, contestants will inevitably be famous.

But what we find intriguing is that it’s not all about fame and fan base outside the house, but it’s about having money, connection and sustainability of the fame acquired.

Here is a list of former housemates that went broke after fame.

1.  Ella
Season four housemate, Ella while in the house displayed awesome singing skills. We thought after the house she would have released an album or a single. However, we are still on the wait.

2. Tuoyo
Pepper Dem Big Brother edition housemate, Tuoyo before the house was a professional stripper, however, since after the house we are still yet to come to terms with what he does for a living and what he doesn’t do. However, we believe that Touyo needs to double his hustle.

3. Jeff
The handsome, cool and collected Jeff was a contestant on the Pepper Dem big brother Naija edition. Since the eviction, Jeff has not been seen in big gigs. Several persons have assumed that he has gone broke.

4. Coco ice
The fierce coco ice way back since the season 2 edition of the Big Brother Naija show came to fans while in the house like a real hustler, more like a ‘street must pay’ housemate, however, we cannot say if truly she is one that hustles and get paid.  

5. Efe
Efe Money as he was fondly called while he graced the  ‘See Gobe’ edition of Big Brother show came out victorious as he won the grand prize as the winner of the show. However, after releasing his ‘hit’ single, Based On Logistics, we haven’t heard him that much and we await the release of a new hit song. Rumours have it that Efe has spent all his money and gone broke.

6. Somadina
Fine boy Somadina, though has always graced our screens in a few soap operas, people still say he has...............

Celebrities / 10 Ex-big Brother Naija Housemates That Entertained Us With Sex Fantasy by Jayrehme1112: 12:43pm On Dec 08, 2020
10 EX-Big Brother Naija Housemates That Entertained Us With Their Sex Exploits/Skills

The No 1 prestigious Big Brother Naija show always comes with something exciting for each season, but what remains constant is the sexual activities that come up in the show. Some Housemates never fail to deliver such content as it’s a well-waited part of the show.

Some of the Ex housemates that showed their Sex exploits are as follows:

1. Miyonsea & Tboss:
 These couples had the hearts of the audience, and they had a perfect romance during the course of the show. Miyonsea was seen fingering Tboss at some point during the course of their romance.

2. Thin Tall Tony and Bisola
They both sparked major reactions as they were caught severally under sheets, even though Tony had a wife outside the house. Tony was seen fingering Bisola in one of those cuddling moments.

3. Gifty & Somadina
Gifty and Somadina gave us the lovers vibe and also got the attention of the viewers. In what seemed so unclear under the duvet, Gifty and Somadina were probably involved 

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Celebrities / 10 Common Annoying Things People Do On Facebook by Jayrehme1112: 11:39am On Dec 07, 2020
10 Common Annoying Things People Do On Facebook
Social media is a necessary evil. I’m very certain quite a number of us go on there numerous times in a day just so we satisfy the urge. To be very honest, social media has somewhat taken over our lives whether we like it, or not. As many platforms as there are, Facebook is the easiest one to use, and as regularly as we do love to visit the platform, there are a number of annoying things people do on there.

1. Putting Up Unrelatable Contents
One of the purposes of social media is to have fun and when people go on Facebook to share totally unrelatable content, it gets annoying.

2. Posting Multiple Pictures From The Same Event
Posting one of two cute photos is fine, but when people start to post about 10 photos from the same event, it gets boring. If you wanted a photo album, you could have asked the photographer.

3. Sending Invitations To Like Pages Or Events
It is cool to send invitations about relevant stuff, but when it comes to inviting people to pages.......
Celebrities / 10 Most Industrious Ex-housemates Of Big Brother Naija by Jayrehme1112: 8:06am On Dec 06, 2020
10 Most Industrious Ex-Housemates Of Big Brother Naija
Common knowledge that the nationwide viewed and popular TV reality show, The Big Brother Naija is one of the quickest routes to cash out big time in Nigeria today.

Though that being the reality of many of those who partook of the show, it is not always the case as there are exemptions. Asides, the fame and relevance that the platform gives to them, some do not just stop but take it much further, grabbing the bull by the horn to ensure that they don’t settle for less.

Below are a few of such individuals that we see thriving so hard with hard work and commitment. And they just making our heads swell with pride for them.

1. Kloe: Abiri Oluwabusayomi, who was a housemate of the Season 3 of the reality TV show, is a true definition of hard work. Right from her days on the show, Kloe, as popularly known, made it clear that she comes from a humble background and does not intend to stay on that level. Much after the show, Kloe has gone on to establish herself at various chains in the fashion industry and is doing very well for herself. Presently, she owns a skincare product brand/collection, Beauty bar, clothing line, a fashion academy. Indeed, she has earned the name business mogul and we look forward to seeing more of her.

2. Ebuka: Lawyer by profession, this BBN Season 1 ex-housemate is a winner by all ramification even though did not win the grand prize of the season. Ebuka has set such a high standard that many aspire to get to the show just to end up like him. Unfortunately, no one is yet to beat that standard. At the moment, Ebuka is a media host of many shows including the BBNaija, Men’s Corner on EbonyLife TV and Rubbin Minds on Channels TV; a model/Fashion influencer, a presenter and even a contributor on several online publications. 

3. Tacha: Tacha was the main rival of the Season 4 winner, Mercy, who stayed only a short while on the show. Following her eviction, she became a standard that those evicted can truly be successful without winning the grand prize. She is a model, an ambassador to many brands including Royal Hair, GetFitNg. She.......
Celebrities / 7 Reasons Why Laycon Would Not Be On The Spotlight In 2021 by Jayrehme1112: 12:11pm On Dec 03, 2020
Olamilekan Moshood Agbeleshe Aka Laycon emerged as the winner of the Lockdown edition of Big brother 2020. He is also a singer and songwriter, who’s EP “who is Laycon?” has been on trends since he entered the Big brother house.
Seeing that the 28-year-old graduate of Unilag is on the spotlight now, here are 10 reasons why Laycon won’t be on the spotlight by 2021:

1. His Gender:
Following the trend as it has always been in the past, the male housemates do not usually remain in the spotlight for so long, examples are Efe, Miracle, Mike, Teddy A, Tobi and so on. It’s usually the ladies that often remain on the spotlight as they’re more likely to be engaged in several social activities.

2. His Sole Investment In Music
As Laycon always said he was in the house to promote his music and even after emerging as the winner, he still reiterated that he was going to focus on his music majorly. Well, judging from the other housemates who followed such a path, Efe, he got swallowed in the music industry because of how big the Nigerian music industry is. This might lead Laycon into leaving the limelight and might get swallowed in the industry, especially with his choice of genre “rap”.

3. New Set of Housemates
It’s not news that Big brother Naija fame is yearly fame. You’d have to do the most to remain at the limelight when the next set of housemates come on board. The viewers..............
Celebrities / 10 Nigerian Foods That Can Be Made Without Scarce Gold “onions by Jayrehme1112: 6:15pm On Dec 02, 2020
10 Nigerian Foods That Can Be Made Without Scarce Gold “Onions”

If you still put onions in your indominnnn, best of luck. Onion, which is supposedly one of the most needed spices in almost every delicacy, has unfortunately become very expensive in the market and with the current economic situation of the country, you certainly don’t want to keep spending your life earnings on each and every meal.

Here are a few suggestions of Nigerian foods you can actually survive eating without onions.

1. Tea & Bread: Bread and tea is one popular food in Nigeria that can really come handy and save the day without the use of onions. You can prepare the tea cold, hot or even lukewarm. Best served for breakfast or supper.

2. Noodles: Although most people require onions when making noodles, it can actually be prepared without it. Nothing much changes in the taste if every other spice is included. Besides, there are brands of noodles with onion spice or flavour.

3. Pap & Custard: This is one very satisfying Nigerian food across all tribe. It is mostly taken in the mornings and certainly, does not require onion. It is, however, complementary to make a complete dish. It can be well accompanied with plantain and bread, which also don’t need onions.

4. Fried Yam: Fried yam needs only your oil, pot, mouth and maybe, salt. It can be eaten with fried eggs or ketchup which also doesn’t require onions.

5. Pancake: Onion can be skipped when making pancakes. It comes out really tasty with enough milk, sugar, egg, and a pinch of salt. Eaten with tea, syrup, egg etc.

Celebrities / 15 Notable Facts You Didn’t Know About Argentine Legend Diego Maradona by Jayrehme1112: 8:23pm On Nov 28, 2020
The World Football mourns as the passing away of one of the Iconic and arguably, the best players that ever kicked the football hit the media on the 25th of November 2020.

Diego Maradona was popularly known by the “Hand of God” goal he scored against England, he was also known for a lot of other things.
Here are some other facts you need to know about the late Diego Maradona:

1. Diego Armando Maradona was born in the outskirts of Buenos Aires in Argentina, on the 30th of October, 1960.

2. Maradona made his professional debut on October 20, 1976, for Argentinos Juniors and at 16, he made his international debut against Hungary still in Buenos Aires

3. Diego Maradona was nicknamed the “the hand of God ” after he used his hands to score against England in the quarter-final of 1986 World Cup. He said: “The goal was scored a little bit by the hand of God, a little by the head of Maradona.”

4. When Maradona was manager for Argentina, the team incurred their worst defeat by losing 6-1 to Bolivia in World Cup qualifiers. Maradona got a lot of criticism and when Argentina later qualified, Maradona said “Keep sucking” and was banned for two months by FIFA.

Webmasters / 5 Tips On How To Grow Your Twitter Followers by Jayrehme1112: 1:51pm On Nov 28, 2020
5 Tips On How To Grow Your Twitter Followers

Today, people completely find it hard to get and grow followers on twitter,I have researched a lot on how I can teach people how I got 200+ followers on just 3 days on Twitter using the simple technique in the link below.

Education / (Tested And Working)5 Mtn Free Browsing Code - For 2020 by Jayrehme1112: 4:49pm On Nov 23, 2020
(Tested And Working)5 Mtn Free Browsing Code - For 2020

People do ask why I love to share network codes on the educational part of nairaland.

With my research,and my experience in this world I have come to notice that students are limited to the internet because most people find it hard to subscribe to good and reliable Data plans.

I always love to share tweaks and latest browsing codes and also cheap plans for students who are getting limitations to study more due to the fact that they can't afford subscription plan.

I have listed 5 proven data cheat codes that has been tested and also testified to.

1.MTN Cheap Data Plans (20mb For N2)
2.MTN Free Browsing Using Psiphon Vpn
3.MTN Cheap Data Plan Code (1.5Gb For N300)
4.Mtn Free Browsing Using 24clan VPN
5.Get Free 5Gb Using Ayoba Social App.

All this has been explained on the link below,Which will help students get used to the internet.
I am currently using the number 2 method,Already surf the net for over 2 hours with that Psiphon Vpn.


Business / Make $500 Per Month For Just Creating App And Monetizing It by Jayrehme1112: 11:08am On Nov 04, 2020
Hey There

Do you know that apart from Bitcoin and other electronical coins.There is a way you can make money doing what you love most,LOL,The link below contains every single thing you need to know about app creation and also how to monetize them properly.

What You Are Likely To Learn In The Link Below:-

1.How To Create Apps Without Any Coding Experience

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Webmasters / How To Get Huge Subscribers On Your Telegram Channel by Jayrehme1112: 10:10pm On Oct 26, 2020
Yeah I lastly wrote a post on my blog on how to unzip files.Right now am back on an article which allows you to get huge subscribers on your telegram channel which can lead a great change to your websites.


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Programming / How To View Web HTML Source Code On Your Mobile Phone by Jayrehme1112: 9:37am On Oct 24, 2020
I have managed to list out how to view web HTML source code using your mobile phone.
It's not only laptop that can view site source code.


Celebrities / #EndSars: Mark Angel speaks after he was almost beaten up by protesters (Video) by Jayrehme1112: 12:46pm On Oct 22, 2020
Nigerian comedian, Mark Angel has finally cleared the air on what led to the rift between him and some protesters.

Recall, a video recently went viral, showing the moment the father of one was almost beaten by angry protesters who accused him of using them for comedy.

Reacting to this, Mark Angel explained that he wasn’t trying to use anybody for comedy, and he came out to protest.

According to him, someone almost hit a protester with his car, and the protesters made attempt to mob the guy. Mark refused and...........

Celebrities / Re: You Are A Failure, Step Down - Wizkid Slams Buhari by Jayrehme1112: 8:16pm On Oct 21, 2020
You wanna face dmca rights for doing a copyright abi.Original content,You copy am come nairaland
Celebrities / You Are A Failure, Step Down - Wizkid Slams Buhari by Jayrehme1112: 11:29am On Oct 21, 2020
Wizkid finally goes on his Twitter handles to show how disappointed he is to the Nigeria government for not taking matter serious.

He finally Slams Buhari with his new tweet with an Inscription "You Are A Failure..........

Politics / Meet The Commander Who Is Allegedly Behind Lekki's Massacre by Jayrehme1112: 10:50am On Oct 21, 2020
Photos of Commander, Francis Omata have surfaced the internet after he was accused of being in charge of the Lekki Massacre.

Recall, last night, the Nigerian army reportedly opened fire on peaceful protesters at Lekki toll gate. Prior to the incident, the lights were cut out, and CCTV cameras removed.

Celebrities / How To Activate MTN 1200 Airtime And 200MB Data For 200 Naira by Jayrehme1112: 8:41am On Oct 21, 2020
Back again with a new trick in acquiring the MTN 1200 Airtime and 200mb data for N200.
MTN official announce this on their social media handles.

Celebrities / Airtel New Data Code For 4.56gb For 200 Naira Only by Jayrehme1112: 1:59pm On Oct 18, 2020
Airtel new data code for 4.56gb for 200 Naira Only

Yeah did you remember I shared a last Airtel cheap data code for getting cheap data plans,If not have a look at it HERE.Today I already made an announcement that I will be sharing a very popular cheap data code to my readers without asking for a dime.Airtel has been doing everything to make sure they make their users happy.

Now you can accumulate as much as 25GB for N1000,Every procedures has been given on my blog...
Do not copy and paste post from the blog to avoid DMCA judgement
See Proove
Celebrities / 5 Ex-big Brother Naija Housemate That Will Defeat Buhari In An Election by Jayrehme1112: 2:23pm On Oct 17, 2020
Big Brother Nigeria recorded 900 million votes in its recent edition of the reality TV show. While Nigeria has 195.9 million population and more than half of its people are under 30 years of age.

If a former BBNaija housemate was to contest in an election against President Muhammadu Buhari, it won’t be surprising to see the housemate win.

Most former housemates have gained a certain level of popularity and influence in addition to being able to use social media to harness credibility.

Here’s a list of former BBNaija housemates who would win an election against Buhari.

1. Ebuka: He’s the most influential housemate ever produced by the reality show. He has been hosting Big Brother Naija since its return in 2017 and has 1.6 million followers on Twitter. On Instagram, Ebuka has 2.6million followers.

Forum Games / Ramp Car Jump (Download Links,game Tricks And Review) by Jayrehme1112: 12:05pm On Oct 13, 2020
Ramp Car Jumping is a very adventurous game which needs a lot of strategies to get into it,Ramp car jumping is now a game trending on 70% of Android users.

All you need to know about the game is here:-

Phones / How To Unzip Zipped Files Using Your Mobile Phone by Jayrehme1112: 7:27am On Oct 13, 2020
Recently,I came to discover that not every individual can unzip files using their phone,Most people prefer the laptop session.
So I have written the full process you need to know in using your mobile phone to unzip files.

Celebrities / DOMESTIC VIOLENCE:5 Nigerian Male Celebrities That Beat Their Wives/partners by Jayrehme1112: 10:30am On Oct 12, 2020
The prevalence of domestic violence in Nigeria today has become not only a health concern but also a societal issue. Domestic violence is a pattern of abusive behaviour by a person to gain or maintain control over another, maybe intimate partner.This can take the form of  physical, sexual, emotional, and mental abuse. 

Many people have gone through the pain and traumatising situation of silence due to the African stereotype of men being the head of the home and women meant to be submissive. However, due to campaigns and other women accounts many of these victims have been able to voice out their pain to be saved from these gradual life-threatening situations.

It so disheartening when we find out that public figures are perpetrators of domestic violence. People who are meant to speak against domestic violence are now perpetrators of domestic violence, Quite shameful!!!

Here is a list of  some public figures who have been accused of domestic violence in Nigeria.

1.Frank Edoho

Years back, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, Host, Frank Edoho was accused of battering his wife, Actress Katherine Edoho.Since then, their marriage ended and both have gone their separate ways.

Politics / Breaking: IGP Finally Resolves SARS Issues Nation Wide by Jayrehme1112: 5:51pm On Oct 11, 2020
The Inspector-General of Police, Mohammed Adamu, has dissolved the Federal Special Anti-Robbery Squad of the Nigeria Police Force nationwide.

Adamu made the announcement in a live broadcast on Sunday October 11, and confirmed the operatives will be redeployed to other police formations and commands.

The announcement comes days after online and offline protests against the brutality and extra-judicial killings by SARS operatives which gained global attention.

Celebrities / #ENDSARS: Small Doctor Takes Up Protest In A Church In Lagos by Jayrehme1112: 3:01pm On Oct 11, 2020
Nigerian singer, Small Doctor took the #EndSARS campaign to his white garment church today in Lagos to protest against police brutality in the country.

The singer, who led a massive and peaceful protest over the weekend from Pen Cinema in Agege to the state house in Alausa, was pictured inside his church wearing his white garment while holding a placard with the inscription which read: "Having Phone Gadget Is Not A Crime #EndPoliceBrutality."

Education / Re: Airtel Cheat Code For October (1.5GB For N300,250MB For N50) by Jayrehme1112: 7:36pm On Oct 07, 2020
wetin be the code
Click the link to see the code bruv
Education / Re: Airtel Cheat Code For October (1.5GB For N300,250MB For N50) by Jayrehme1112: 5:38pm On Oct 07, 2020
for how many week
7 days and 14 days respectively
Celebrities / Liberian Man Drowns While Trying To Retrieve His $20 by Jayrehme1112: 5:37pm On Oct 07, 2020
A Liberian man, Tamba Lamine, has drowned after jumping from a bridge into a river in Liberia's capital, Monrovia, to retrieve a $20 note that he had mistakenly dropped according to a report by BBC.

According to police spokesman Moses Carter who spoke to the BBC, Mr Lamine was walking with a friend on the bridge when the $20 note fell into the river.

Lamine, who is a street hawker then dived into the river and retrieved the money. After finding the money shocked.......................
Education / Re: Airtel Cheat Code For October (1.5GB For N300,250MB For N50) by Jayrehme1112: 1:57pm On Oct 07, 2020

it is not working
It's still working but not for every sim.Only if you are eligible

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