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Literature / Re: Reincarnation (the Truth) by jomagibs: 8:00pm On May 21, 2018
Welcome back #Joma.gibs..............really missed ur updates.

My guy I don't have a good gadget to type...
das y am jolting OH

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Literature / Re: Reincarnation (the Truth) by jomagibs: 7:57pm On May 21, 2018

It was a smooth drive to Aba . I arrived the city at pass eight pm, thinking that i was late but I was greeted by crowds of people doing their business like it was dawn.
Aba the city of impossible made possible, the city that helps reduces costly items to less, the pride of Home manufacturers. The city with almost every home made goods ranging from electronics, clothes, shoes,watches, paints,creams,cosmetics and many more. If these people where gifted with brains on how to create human. The made in Aba humans will be a funny creation, just imagine how their look will be like, am sure the male will be zombified and impotent while the females will be elements of doom, And money will be the only language they understand. It will also source as a remote to control them.
The main market was locked as it was already pass market closing time, and I wasn't planing on going in cause Lora already made arrangement on how I will receive what I came for outside the market.

Why the transaction was not done in the market was because of the delayed acts from police. though its worth it cause I saved both lives and properties. I'm not a superman but I did a super job. At otupo a silent village at Benue state . known for its vest forest and location close to the road side , I osinachi did the job of a superhero. I was pressed cause of the combination of foods I ate during this journey.
I needed to ease myself badly so I parked by the road side, I went just few steps from the bus and did my business. When done, i noticed the presence of pear trees, I don't want something that will disturb my system but i can kiss a frog for pear fruit. so I walked in a little into the farm most of them where too high for me.. As I went in a little more I could hear voices. A bus was parked while all its passengers were made to sit on the the ground. There and then I knew its a robbery .I have to help this people, but how do I go about it.

A qiuck flash that I saw a military check point not too far from here. I rushed to my bus. Then drove off like someone that saw a ghost , on same lane not even thinking of joining the other lane. Cars halted while some tried asking me what the problem was. My only reply to them was robber. Immediately I got to the check point. My heart nearly left its setting. The only sounds I could hear was gun cocking,
"Stop there, get down from the car, raise your hand up" military men and command. Sometimes I do imagine how it will be if they could command their defecations. You will hear words like , solid ones line up and wait for slimmer ones to come out first. That's a command.

I came out from the bus with my hands raise above my head . as I slowly walk toward them . maintaining a good step . so as to avoid a stray bullet.

"Why are you driving like a man on drugs. What your explanation speak before I loose my boys to torture your civilian ass" this people tend to walk with anger, sleep and eat with it. My body has not yet calmed down, cause before me are five guns pointed toward me.

"Robbery , people, kidnapped, at the bush. I came to inform you men , So you can save them." I was stammering and couldn't place each words correctly, but the man before me got it clearly

"Is it far from this spot" I was asked by the same person that interrogated me earlier. I think he is their commander.

"No sir just five minute drive" I said now calm.

"You mean those idiots are committing crime under my nose . in my territory. Boys bring the helux let's go get those bastards and shoot some bullets, its been a while my gun smoked" the boys where shouting and at same time someone drove out with the helux. They where four in the helux , while the commander and a guy sat in my bus.

"Boy if you're playing pranks with me and my men just consider yourself dead. Cause my gun must smoke today" he said those words while he taps my head in a hurtful manner. He said his gun must smoke, is he planing on shooting me. God please let my good intentions not bear bad fruits.

Immediately we got to the spot . I directed them how I went in. They asked me the numbers of robbers in total. I told them I counted just four. Don't know if they are more. I was asked to lead the road. As they could see them. The idiots where busy raping the ladies. Which shows they are unprofessional.
The soldiers did their military tactics and the robbers where apprehended. two of them shot dead, two captured alive. The people all came to thank me while the elderly ones kept praying for me that am an Angel sent at the right time. Don't know if right time means no life was lost.. But right time should also mean no lady should have been a victim of rape. If the soldiers had just let go of trying to impose fear in me and do their job maybe we would have stopped the rape scene. Some raped ladies covered their faces cause of the recognisable stigmatization that comes from people. But the beating they got from both the soldiers and passengers was enough grind their bones. I think the dead ones got a better penalty.

Soon the police arrived and the culprit where handed to them. I was told to follow them to the station but I pleaded with them. Telling them am already late for my supply and my lateness can result to me been sacked.. They took my statement there and I was allowed to go. Some of the passengers collected my number. I then hit the road leading to Aba with thanks to the spirit for using me to save lives, thank God for phone Lora had prepared my arrangement cause I won't met up with time and the next day is Sunday. She sent me an address of a place I'm to meet her.

I arrived the place, I think it's a bar. Not too far from the main market. Since I'm not sure if the address is correct. I dialed Lora's number and inform her my spot . I was going through my phone when a message came in , "it's lora , am waving at you"
Raised my head to a Lady waving at me. I slowly walked to her spot, my sense of vision was lost in an awe sight. Lora was far the description given to me by my boss, her image in reality is far better than her three pictures on my phone, sent by my boss as a means of identification. Even with the little light in the bar, I could make a perfect sketch of her beauty. I sat opposite her looking at her, but she was busy on her phone. Then finally she spoke, at about a minute later.
"Am lora, the head staff of oga's branch here in Aba, you must be Osinachi the most praised staff by Oga" she said those words sarcastically. She seems to be friendly and a kind of lady that tries to shade jokes. I had to correct her on the praise aspect cause my boss , praise only one of his staff and that's Lora.
"Miss lora just stop the fake flattering and praise, we all know who his favourite staff is. He says you're his the best staff , the best he's ever had. That even when he sleeps his thoughts are at rest concerning anything about Aba. Cause you lora can handle tough situations presented to you without involving him"

"Wow! Am flattered. thats very kind of him. But seriously he do speak good things of you. Since we are already seated and it will be wrong of me to enjoy alone . tell them what you want so they can serve you" she is as kind as I heard but my system is not ready for anything Alcoholic.

"Am sorry dear but I'll have to turn town your kind gesture. Am not in the mood for something liquid. You know this is not my town and I arrived late. So I need to look for a better parking space so as to save guide oga's goods while i sleep inside the bus."
I had to explain to her cause my eyes where getting heavy, and she knows the city better.

"I thought you turned me down cause the gesture came from a woman , why worry about where to sleep when I stay alone, you will stay at my place for as long you want. Unless have got reason to be afraid, Are you a bad person?" Her question is funny , even if I was a bad person was she expecting me to say yes.

"It depends on how you define bad in your dictionary. If drinking the tears of an Egyptian mosquito is bad, then am a bad person cause I'm drunk with it. Thank you very much, you're really kind. I wish I had an older brother I would have adviced him to come for your hand in marriage. Since they is no ring on the finger." I had to joke cause she deserve to be served a meal of thousand laughter and humor

"Who told you am single, and when did mosquitoes starts having tears and country. moreover since you don't have a brother to do the marital rites , I will still gladly give you my hands and heart" her words where bold but heavy to my ear. I had to shyly look at her with a cold grin. My heart beating fast like its over working itself.

"Since everything about sleep is settled. I will like to order for something to drink and eat. But I will be paying for the both of us. And don't raise an argument about it"
She just smiled then sip her beer while texting on her phone. I beckoned to one of the waiters, Made my order and eat quietly..


Note: At each phase in life when things are fuzzy, just keep moving cause they is always someone waiting to help you..



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Literature / Re: Reincarnation (the Truth) by jomagibs: 10:27pm On May 19, 2018

Fifteen minute after I arrived the market , I had earlier on parked the bus at the warehouse. Emeka was there with loaders, supervising the arrangement of the goods while I went back to the store to check on my boss.. Since he hasn't arrived yet and my stomach is beating a loud festive drum, reminding me of the needs to fill it up. I concurred with it , setting my pace to the direction of my food vendors when my eyes drifted to a familiar approaching car which is my boss's . My attitude was now more alarming than the hunger beats in my system , I don't want my boss's menacing this morning , to avoid him, is to postponed my hunger desire till we finalize the deal concerning this journey.

"Good morning sir" I greeted him as he walked in.
"Morning" he replied looking at the shop and how it was set clean yet am sure he's looking for something to fault on. He sat at the money drawer took out the sales book and was going through it.

"Are you through with loading the goods.. Hope you arranged them properly to avoid damage cause if they get damaged and the owner refuses to buy them . then be sure that you just bought yourself the goods." He said those bossy words, seated comfortably without looking at me while waiting for a reply.

"Yes sir, I'm through" I humbly replied him.he handed me some cash and gestured I count them.
"Its twelve thousand naira" I told him after I counted it

"Use it for fuel and settle the force men that may decide to delay you for no reason.
Osinachi! Osinachi!! Osinachi!!!
How many times did I call you"

"Three times sir" I humbly answered not allowing a slight expression of my irritated mood to surface . I know he is about to begin his cautions on driving and road rules.

"Better drive carefully oh, cause if anything should happen to you, your kinsmen will label me a ritualist. Hmmm, Hmmmm, have said my own.
When you get to Aba tell Lora to give you 20 automatic gas cooker among the ones stored in the warehouse. You know I would have asked them to bring it without you going over to Aba but Mr Ayo wants new sinks for his new house and the ones at our Aba branch is finished. Moreover none of the drivers at Aba can pull this supply to my taste and they don't know the routes of kano since that's where you'll be taking the gas cooker to." He stopped, then raised his head to see if I'm listening, our eyes met which was a confirmation signal for him to continue his bossy speech.

"When you get to Aba if they is anything that needs my consent do call me, and less I forget I'll send some money into your account so you'll head to the village and give mama some cash. and the remaining money you'll give directly to the engineer cause my uncles are set on sucking me dry with a cover up project of building a kinsmen town Hall. Since time has crafted this coincidental Woking order in favour of the both of us. As your village is just few miles from mine i think you should visit your people so I'll finally rest from your tormenting request of going to the village." He gave me a disguised smile.. With poking eyes disclosing the fact that he was not in consent with my transit visit.. But that's his own concept, for me even if he had not brought up the visit idea.. I must for sure visit my family, but then I don't have much cash on me cause of landlord and the new fridge I got..

"And to be a good uncle , I will have to pay your salary early since its remaining just eight day.. But biko don't take my kindness for stupidity by forgetting the main reason why you're to travel. don't go eating mama's food as if you dont feed well here in the city.. Remember you are a big boy so act like one.. Osie please supply these goods within the period of eight days that's the dead line for you as mine is nine days. Osie don't make my customers to lack faith in me. Cause you won't be happy how I will retaliate."

"I promise to work with time. And thank you very much for this early salary. I wont disappoint you."

"I don't joke with my business. Better use and watch your time, Hope you heard me"
I just nodded to affirm with him , I'm not surprised at his attitude, He claimed a good uncle, a disguise friend and now when I was beginning to love him with an artificial heart .. He torn me out with his bossy mysterious menacing words.. I decided to seal my lips so my words will not cause another bossy treat.
"OK then, Drive well and safe journey. My regards to your people" His head was bent while his eyes where fixed on the sales book and his brain working in full function as he continues calculating and cross checking the invoice duplicator, comparing each transaction recorded to make sure it tallied. I slowly walked out of the shop, knowing that an odd step will make him resume another , bossy words.
I set my pace heading to the warehouse, to drive off when my brain responded to the most important thing my body needs at the moment. My hunger desire was so heavy which made rush to my favourite food vendor, Mama Chidera , I made my order in a takeaway cause my boss can visit here anytime and i don't want him to meet me here..

I hurried to the warehouse then gave Emeka #500 as pocket money for his little job , with promises of giving him more when I return. I ignited the bus engine , hit it's gears slowly to the gate leaving the market. Habituated by a prayer, I recited it with a drifted smile knowing I will still be back to meet both my boss and colleagues. Inured with craziness for inanimate things I said hi to a friend before going. "Hey market, wish me a safe journey and tell your brother or sister, I don't know if you guys have gender description like we humans but just pass good words about me to your family members at Aba. See you in one week time" .

I Don't know why I love doing this, but Johnson always shades me with a sarcastic comment that my inured attitude toward inanimate things came as a result of a curse placed on me by my village witches. funny fellow, he always gives odd remark to any character, he fines odd in an individual. Like my boss he calls him semi Hypertension.

I had forgotten that I was discussing a serious matter with Johnson before my unit got exhausted. i parked the bus at a good spot outside the market , then rushed to a near by retail shop where I got myself a chilled bottle of coke and airtime. I kept dialing his number till I got to the bus. Same programmed female voice kept repeating itself that Johnson's number can't be reached which got me partially angry at Johnson. His phone tends to suffer from low battery syndrome and it does not charge directly, yet this stingy guy has refused to purchase a new one.
"Omo forget Johnson that guy no they take life serious" I murmured those words still not satisfied I redailed his number and got same result.

A minor shake in my stomach acted as an alarm reminding me that i bought a well prepared food to entertain my system. I sanely sent the food to its destination, escorting it with the bottle of cook I bought earlier. As I sight my time it was 9:20am. Everything I need is in place. All checked .. I ignited the bus engine, completed a little prayer then zoomed off to the expressway leading out of the Capital.


Note: To race for time is to win with life..
Give time only to those people that know your worth..


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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Chelsea Vs Huddersfield Town (1 - 1) On 9th May 2018 by jomagibs: 10:39pm On May 09, 2018
Thunder please fire Chelsea for me....

my #46, 000 ticket bastard Chelsea go cut am

Chelsea fans will be like Huddersfield na moi-moi...

oya oh una don chop them na...

Ah my #2,000 stake


Business / Office paper Shredding Machine For Hire Needed Urgently In Lagos by jomagibs: 7:37pm On Mar 14, 2018
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Literature / Re: Reincarnation (the Truth) by jomagibs: 10:19pm On Mar 12, 2018


Those words are like a congratulatory message and I don't intend giving him any for now. So I crafted something to bring his ego down.

"Wait you sure say your sperm still fit pregnant person.
OH blood of my forefathers.!
Oh, Oh Hmmmm.!
Chai I don die. Wetin be this. Why my bus they smell," I knew he will be curious to know what happened and it gives me a good opportunity to brutalize him with humorous sarcasm.

"Wetin happen . Why you they shout like girl make them they finger for brain abi your village witches don finally break the pot where they keep your brain . No tell me say your heritage madness wan start. Idiot Your bus they smell because you no wash am. Abi u mess inside?"

"No, I no mess oh, The smell pass wetin yansh fit do. the thing they smell like egg wey rotten.
Hmmmm blood of my forefathers!
The smell be like biological weapon. I swear ba the smell fit wake dead body. And the worst and questionable part be say the smell they ooze from my phone mouthpiece. Shey you don go kiss those your girlfriends wey never brush for yesrs.
Girls make they carry poo for trouser say na swag. With their mouth wey they smell like where ghetto gotta flow enter big man suckaway, Those your girlfriends wey they piss blood from oesophagus.
People make their body odour fit make emergency catarrh worry person. See as the smell they make tears pour from my eyes.."

I said those conclusion words stressing them like a chorister with a silent chuckle. I knew the slight words are far from over and my buddy Is very much prepare cause even while his laughter echoed deep in my ear . I could sense him trying to quit laughing so as to pour me his own words like a dragon's feist.
My ears are ready to embrace the outcomes of my recent words and his laughter seems not to end. I'm sure he'll loss this game cause he wasn't expecting those combos I hit him with earlier. Yet I could still sense a deep pungent lashing coming my way.

"Na your sister they piss blood. Descendant of Bad mouth. See this guy wey they shiver if him see girl they open him black mouth they call my sweet mama's rotten.
See Osie oh, guy wey no fit scope girl for dream, common secondary school girls wey never wise to tell guy no, you no fit scope. For your information na my newly converted mama I go see. Aka corper shun. Shey I tell you say the girl go later fall. Fear fear guy"

He is right about me not being able to to ask a girl out but about the dream aspect he is wrong cause I have a girlfriend in my dream yet in reality I can't summon the courage to ask a love-peddler for her service even though I have the cash. I may likely say am a virgin physically but mentally am not cause of my overdose veiwing of porn
But Johnson still surprises me. I have many questions to ask him, like how he stands to approach a lady, what fuels such esteem, how he starts his introduction, how he breaks the ladies into falling for him and many more . He's not the English kind of guy nor educationally inclined. He is not rated too handsome, his only award is his swaggering style of dressing yet am sure my style still beats his.

"Guy how you take they do this thing. I don ask you many times say weda you they use juju cover this girls eyes. Cause this your newly catch na chancing. You overthrow me even though I go school pass you, I still come fine pass you. Wetin ugly man like you rub for mouth and face make they charm those girls abeg give me small make me too rub so that girls too go gbadu me". I said that comment with seriousness cause I was becoming jealous of his escapades. However calling him ugly is something he won't live unanswered.

"You see why I say your teacher use your brain clean black board. You think say na school teaching they dey use scope girl. I swear you Mumu come die join am. Eh ehen wetin you been they talk about our galantness. Wait for your mind you don do CCC about our appearance Abi"

"Which one come be CCC again. Your abbreviation go kill you one day. You better help your life go small school." I intentionally blasted him with those words to remind him I still have an upper hand educationally.

"Osie, i swear your papa waste money for your head say him they send you go school. Him for use the money buy goat train or just use am go give una native doctor as sacrifice . so common CCC you no know. Ordinary 'Calculate Come Compare' you no know. Your talk sometimes they be like hypo. So you don do CCC about us come deceive yourself say you be fine boy. For your information fine boy na Monkey. No wonder them mamas they run from you, Nain be say na monkey them they see if they look you...... And about my pidgin wey they burn your heart like whiskey, no worry na still that pidgin I go use scope your sister" I don't know where he got the monkey idea from and I won't let him win this argument with his monkey and sister lashings. Today is a Battle and battles don't end easily.

"Uncle instead my sister go fall for your style E better make Àboki come marry her or make she just turn Reverend sister . and remember say a friend of a thief is a criminal. And a friend of a monkey is a gorilla...Mr gor gor"

We both laughed about our discussion. Mine was loud cause I need this sweet humorous feeling before facing my Menacing boss. Our conversion is about to end cause my network provider are singing lullaby in my ear reminding me that I'm not a politician that can call for years without hearing this voice.
"'One minute remaining for your call or your account balance is empty and your call terminated."
No need battling again , I'll just get the information I need quickly.

"Guy area spoil oh. Everybody just they cool like who them pour cold water. I know say you know wetin happen."

"So you no know wetin happen. Me make they off area I hear every details. How you go wake up from your bed after you hear those gun tracks , you still no ask wetin happen. Guy you no follow for the population of that area."

"Nain make I they ask you nah, E never too late for me to get updates and the reason why I no ask na because I wan urgently travel so I no get plenty time for hand to join those street people do Amebo. Guy tell me wetin happen quick cause I no get plenty airtime to waste for your mumuness"

"Broke nigga, so you no get credit Nain you want hear history of your bloodline and ancestral broke curse. Your village witch don finally post your calabash profile for Facebook. Your own don finish better go buy card if you want hear the main story. See your evil mind so you want use your five naira airtime hear my one billion information.
Infirmation thief , Na una they corrupt my country."

"Mr man talk like that joor you they complain about my low airtime na your warning Abi my own.. Shey if I no tell you say they warn me you for know. See this driver they speak English for me. Theft of Information my ass, so na that one your corper mama teach you through out last night ,Abi E get another one make you learn...."

The beeping sound replaced his laughter . my network provider have pushed through with their treats and warnings. The call had ended, I checked my account hoping for a miracle ,it pop-up message says below naira. The 20minute we spoke was enough for me to get whatever information i needed if not for the Battle of lashing that I started earlier. economically its a waste of value, however I won't deny the fact that our Battle paid off mentally by relaxing my mind from today's activities and the journey ahead. Although this journey serves as peaceful time off from my boss trouble but the journey is going to be hectical cause of its intended double supplies.

Directing my sight to the huge gate. the task force had already begin there revenue collection of gate entrance fee. I so much love this market setting. Its planners are always on the search to add modern equipments like CCTV and some important electronic devices. Its security personnels are well organized . maybe its been beautify this much cause its the only one of its kind in the whole central city and this makes it crowded with buyers both home and abroad. As I drove through the entrance road , I raised my head to read a thousandth time same sign words have read before. With beautiful bold words it was written Dei-Dei international building material market. Subconsciously my devoted mouth said its ritual prayer "Good Morning Market"


Next update comes Friday


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Literature / Re: Reincarnation (the Truth) by jomagibs: 9:48pm On Mar 12, 2018


Its pass 6am the normal chorring duties of my neighbours was at slow performance. Its a Saturday so I wasn't expecting the usual pattern of hastened routinely duties like bathing, yellings from mother to their kids urging them to prepare quickly for school nevertheless the kids lined up competing on who will fill their rubber excrement bowel first. This odd game is done daily and it gives them a joy that even the economic change can't steal. I noticed people gathered together at a distance gisting quietly while I was walking back from a retail shop I went to buy toothpaste and soap. Normally they would have greeted me but they seem lost in their discussion that I wasn't even noticed so I quickly walked pass them minding my own business.

I was set for work and the few cloths I'll need for my journey fully packed in a small bag. My neighbors attitudes is new while going out there kids would have rushed to help me carry my bag to the bus, but I noticed the kids where all calm like someone cautioned or refrained them. Igniting my bus engine as I drove pass my street the group I saw earlier where still at same position and they are more groups stationed at different corners. It felt like someone told them to make it a gender setting. The male groups talking in low tone and murmuring while females and mothers wore fearful face oozing with frightened stares.

The silent murmurs in my neighborhood is becoming something of news gathering. Today's dramatic behavior is visibly different from the former day's.normally the murmurs don't tie them down from been lively and noisy, yet its like the whole street is mourning or should I say consciously asleep.
Its morning, however why the quiet movement like thieves and visual expression like an antelope scanning its environment to be sure that the noise it heard was not made by predators quietened to quell its precious breath. Was it last night incident that kept everyone in this awful state or did something different, big and scary crawl into the scene drafting its own eeriness at dusk before dawn.

We all heard the gun shots which was a normal music played in my neighborhood. Yeah it lasted for a while however its still not something new or different. To everyone in my neighborhood gun shots is like the normal sound dose of fireworks displayed at festive periods. It is not a question to ask on who the shooters are, cause its either there is a disagreement between two deadly confraternities or one among them wants to showcase there new firearms or a celebration for an achieved goal and if power turns the table badly merging a clash with the city SARS then such soundtrack is a must to hear and it always yields fat inevitable bad outcomes. That is to say dead bodies and bullet wounds are part of its harvest. Yet none of the above listed crisis could imprint such dull mood to my neighborhood neither could it make them desert there responsibility.

I would have joined them just to know why the street had lost it cool if not for the urgent journey ahead of me and my boss is a no nonsense kind of man when it comes to business. I don't want an angry reaction from my boss cause His implores yesterday was like that of a man with a desperate erection. He made it clear that he'll be arriving the market very early and no sane person working under my boss will want a slightest query from him to cross their paths and if it comes to threats , my boss is a Menacer. His threats goes beyond your job in a way that it involves ones life.
"If you damage any of those goods you're fired and its worth deducted from your salary " that's a threat to ones job.
however if your salary can't pay for it and your bank account is devoid then you'll be in jail till your family members come to your aid. That's a threat to ones life.

We his staffs know him for those words , it's like an Anthem or should I say a prayer he offers when a staff is likely to make mistakes and the staff at the time, will add extra precautions to avoid storylines that touch's the heart, weakens the body and empties the pocket. So that's why I wasted no time preparing and I intend to waste no time driving . I hit the minor road leading to the market with the volume of my stereo blasting calmly in my bus while listening to my favourite radio presenter Big Mo at Wazobia FM.

At 7:25am I was at the entranceway but the access gate to the market was locked. The market resumes its full functionality by 7:30. For the market securities to open up its gate I will have to give five minute of my precious time waiting, however five minute is too important to waste, its a good thing i have a companion to keep me busy and provide a positive means to put our time to good use while we wait inside my bus, and a Man's best companion that answers with just one touch is his phone. I took my phone to play Temple Run , then I recalled, I still don't know the reason why my neighborhood lost it cool and the best means to cure my curiosity is to call Mr Information Minister. My only buddy the guy with his ears to the ground since he stays close by, I'm sure he knows every details of what happened last night. As the call went through He picked immediately like he was expecting my call.

"Guy how far, you don enter market Abi u still they bed dey turn like big cow" I asked him those questions cause my buddy is a night owl . He is not a morning kind of guy. But when he is broke he wakes up before the first cockcrow. He calls it the power of Empty pocket. He has this crazy saying that "Guy's who are broke can't break free because the witch controlling their fortune calabash is stronger than there will power" thats how he views been broke but I'm 30% sure he's wrong.

"Idiot in the making, stupid boy , which kind yeye question you they throw come my side this morning. Shey Elderly person no they your village you no fit greet me your uncle. Abi your teacher no teach you manners. Na so small boys like you go they raise shoulder forgetting say na pikin them be anyway I no they house cause of my tight arrangement abi You don forget say yesterday na Friday" He said those words in a serious manner thinking it will have an odd effect on me and also a way of getting back at me for calling him a cow but he should have known that am becoming better in this game. And today is going to be a Battle of words lashing. maybe not a Battle a riot cause I forgot to check my account balance so I don't know how long the call will last.

" Abeg who I wan greet, na you?. Instead I go greet you E beta make my tongue get pimples and my teeth grow dreadlocks. wetin come bring Friday come this matter Abi na on Friday they prophesy say you go die" I fired him with a calm laugh

"Na you go die., senior prefect of bad Belle, fresh blood like me go live another 100years. Because I be direct descendant of Methuselah so death no be my portion" He's earlier statement was a cover up theory cause he's been complaining about his recent nightmares which always ends with him dying

"Mumu if you like be first descendant of goat sellers. I see your death for corner. na only when you hear death you they remember God. When you go church last . even front of Church you never pass for almost 12year. Just save my time and answer my first question" I had to jump from that discussion so as not to push his mind to his fears and bad dreams.

"Idiot, I no get your time. I no they house cause I go night vigil for my Mama house . so I they drive go house, wait this one make you recharge voice they ask me weda I don enter market. tell me , you secure good business for me , so that I go blow direct come market then finalise the transaction" Seriously I think the money mind of this guy is a trouble to him. i don't know how he escaped been a criminal . His heart beats only for money, I call him mind of money cause I believe same chemical used to make money is what I'll find inside his mind. An other chemical substance I'll find there is alcohol and girls.

"Guy why you they yeye your self, why you they deceive people children, you just they use words like Mama, mummy, Mimi, sweet sweet , they deceive them. I swear ba wetin you don do people daughters just pray make karma no point finger near your daughters cause their thing go catch fire. Anyway fire on , for your mind you be player Abi".


Literature / Re: Reincarnation (the Truth) by jomagibs: 12:35pm On Jan 04, 2018
[size=4pt] Kwan2nason
The way my boss do call me, shows no atom of little respect. What does he take me for? .
His little kids at home. He should bless his 'CHI' (god) that am not a bad person. Goodness runs in my blood . Truth of the matter , his got hot temper boiling like a volcano. Am the only one that have stayed this long with him as a driver. Fours years and still counting.,
I think he don't know my importance and value. Sure he thinks that if he decides to terminate my appointment that I will roam the street hungry. "Hell No"
He got it all wrong cause his friends do come behind his back begging me to come work for them. That I'm assured double of the peanut he gives me as salary with allowance.
Few months back I go an invitation from A popular Alhaji who promised to give me five times my pay if I decide to work for him. I declined not because I don't want to have more money added to my account.
However my spirit is not at rest whenever I stand before him which made me recall an old saying
"the Devil you know and can conquer/defeat is better than the Angel you don't know and can't trust"

I swaggerly ran-walk to my boss. His face looks like someone that drank bitterleaf supplements . I wanted to laugh however I dare not, before I create a scene that will end up spoiling my day moreover it's my birthday I need to act cool and enjoy it happily.

"what's your problem don't you know that they need this supply before 10am"

I expected it though , I mean his scolding. The good part was he did not raise his voice to notify the whole people eating. So am free from his morning embarrassment . It may be that the reason I didn't get a quarrel is as a result of him been in a good mood and God help me I won't want to compromise it. I checked my wrist watch its was just 8;30am since the drive to my destination is an express drive I was confident I will arrive there before 10;00am if the goods are loaded quickly.
While I walked back to the ware house , my boss decided to enter Mama Chidera's spot to loose his belt and fill his pot belle.
Getting to the warehouse the man power where doing a good job loading the goods properly as they were but few in numbers. Yet I couldn't help but notice that these are the latest kitchen / household material with wonderful designs. Maybe am really infected with question syndrome today. I had to ask about this goods and it's owner to clear my doubts .

" Emaka, come,
which day dey order this goods? "
" Na yesterday OH
After you go supply those bulbs. nain one fine babe drive come. She enter shop like say she de fine person
We no know say na better money she want pay oH.
If you see her ride the thing be like tortoise."

"Na who come hustle her come our shop
nain be say that person go get better percentage from oga OH.
Na Who? "

"Guy no body hustle her come. she just drive come park like person wey dem remote. She give oga cheque him go confirm withdraw the cash come tell her say na tomorrow they go supply am been today. Cause she say latest 11am make the goods dey her side. Since you go supply nain make you no see her. I pray make you see her if you go drop the goods.
Guy the babe too set .
Take the address , oga say make I give you. Na for maitama senator quarters. Thank God say you sabie read."

As he handed me the piece of paper it felt like someone was looking at me cause I saw an eye. I quickly threw the paper away Emaka noticed my odd behaviour then laughed Before his mocking words
" no tell me say that paper they heavy you.
Abi paper don dey shock?, na you trowey am na you go still pick am. Bye bye I don waka go shop if you like stay here make oga come see you. And abeg bring my own share of apalapala. Eye make see go chop"

I couldn't say anything as on a normal day I will give him his own bag of mocking words.
I just paused like a statue while he walked pass me after locking the warehouse. What's wrong with me,
why suspicious of an eye in a paper. Am not drunk neither am I high on something why then am I misbehaving.
I better comport myself and live here before my boss comes and see me standing, doing nothing while the goods are already loaded. I picked the paper same way I threw it. Entered my bus as I checked the time it was 8:58am . I then zoomed off.
I was speeding at the express when I noticed that they was a traffic jam ahead of me. I also noticed the presence of road safety, nobody told me to slow down before they use me as ATM for morning breakfast. Unfortunately they were not there because of what I thought. they were at the scene attending to an accident. They was an ambulance parked by the side.
As I drove slowly passed the scene, I saw a man wounded he was injured badly. As the nurses carefully lifted him from the ground .the next person I saw sustained a much bigger and dangerous wound it made me to exclaim audibly
"Shuu see wound. Chai eiya. God go heal una,"

Imagine how their family will react when they get the news about their accident. Am certain the cause of the accident is over speeding.
Looking at the car and how they collided while I drove slowly. My eyes drifted to the plate numbers of both car. But why will both cars have similar plate numbers. They both starts with
88 .
It's like my eyes are been controlled from the inside it slowly sighted the parked ambulance plate number which ended with
Controlling it self , Almost every one wearing jersey in the crowd all have
as numbers on their jersey, but each from different clubs.
The Coincidence between me and eight '8' is becoming questionable have seen too much eights today. The address am taking the goods to is number eight senators lodge.
"OH! NO. Today is the eight day of the eight month and am twenty eight and my name is spelt in eight words O-S-I-N-A-C-H-I"
I Totally forgot I was driving, trying to sort out what's happening to me it's like the world is been fast forwarded and all its problem bestowed on me like a crown. I felt heaviness in my system like someone carrying a life lamb. Then came the mind killing scene a beeping sound from my wristwatch i stared at my left hand it was displaying on its screen
I had to exclaim
"Impossible "
I thought my watch was dysfunctional to proof myself wrong I looked at the clock at the side of the steering. That's another impossible outcome
The whole atmosphere of the bus was fill with dread. As fear filled my bones , my skin reciprocated with goose bumps. While early old age hits my hands causing them to tremble and shake. I thought have seen the worst not until my android phone started buzzing displaying the number that have been hunting me
I freaked out living the steering to the mercy of fear as I recall I was driving and am out of my lane. It became dawn to me that I was facing a fast incoming trailer. With my weak thought I lost control of what to do at that point. My eyes widen, my head swollen I lost breath at that point. If only one can take selfie at the point of death, this will certify that humans have bigger eyes than owls. My end is knocking ( see me.see trailer! ).


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[size=4pt] kwan2naseon

Big mo is one hell of a radio presenter. I really can't do without my early morning witty encouragement from this guy I just love the way he goes about his program. Since it was still morning the road from my ghetto down to the market was not yet filled up with cars so it was a clean and express ride to my destination.
"Good morning market . Hope today is going to be a wonderful day"
As expected the tax collectors where already at the gate collecting fares from vehicles going in. Outside the market by the left is a park that heavy and big trucks do park. though am a driver am not a hustler like others. Cause my bus is for special delivery and most times, I use it to travel to my boss other branches at different states. So in other words am a call driver. I get a peanut as salary but surprisingly I'm not broke as with each of my delivery it's like someone do call them before my arrival urging them to give me a nice treat. some people do say am highly favoured. But I think my favour charm is not working on my boss cause that man is as harsh as the Desert sun.

As I slowly drove into the market. the market was not yet crowded since it was still early. I waved at people as I drive down to my shop. I parked at the front of the shop . I came out from the bus walking to the shop. the neighbouring shops sales girls greeted me as usual with same odd looks have been receiving ever since I started working at the market .
Chika my boss sales girl was cleaning the premises. She greeted me and I answered but the way she looks at me most times do set's me shy.
"Good morning" She said stretching like a tamed snake. Looking at me like am some kind of ice cream

"Morning, how are you?". I replied her with a strong look saying.
Na you go tire

"Am fine and beautiful "

Who asked about her beauty. All this temptation flying in the air. I can't have anything to do with her cause the boss gave a serious warning about any sexual relationship with colleagues, he said he won't take am sorry as an excuse and the punishment is termination of one's appointment. So instead of standing and looking at her let me go ahead with what brought me to the market.
"Where is Emeka?" I asked her cause she was bending down picking nothing just to give me a good view to her round upstairs

"Him and the guys wey go load the kaya follo go packing store."

I hastily left the shop, started the bus then zoomed off slowly with few corners down the lane I was at the warehouse. My good driving made me to park the bus at a good spot that allows the labourer good and quick access so as to load the goods quickly.
The day was fast moving with the sun but slow with time. I was famished and the urge to devour a big bowl of rice was planted in my empty stomach . As I walk down the lane that was now getting busy as people where arriving slowly .
My destination was that of my favourite food vendor just few corners from the warehouse. I greeted the elderly once that have made the money, hailed the young ones that just started. Shake hands with hustler, and labourer while taking a small walk to her shop

At my food vendors shop known as mama Chidera. I so much love the woman's food cause it has the taste of home. Some times I do think it's my mum's. But the story surrounding her daughter is funny.
Some said the day she was born , the river at her village raised high and flowed over it's bank . That few days after the waters dried, tiny stone shaped crystals was the remnant of the minor flood. As it scattered all over the village.
Herbal doctors tested it to be medicinal while farmers tested it to be mineral filled fertiliser . in continuity of the rumor I heard that the minor flood covered every corner of the village but it didn't destroy any property just few height from the foot not up to ones kneels .
And the incident sourced a grand record of highest harvest since the existence of any community in the east. Yet she was not the only child born that day so I don't believe their theory.
Am sure it can be explained scientifically. It's just too superstitious that she is some kind of goddess. I also heard , she is a goddess of kitchen and can control people's appetite.

Luck fell on her , the chief priest of her community urged the village to sponsor her educational pursuit. That she is a peculiar child with generational Imprints .

It's just a diet digested by rumour muggers. I don't know what to say cause have not seen her before neither was I there when she was born, so it's just people's opinion . I was told the last time she visited the market was six years ago.

As I arrive mama Chidera's spot the place was filled up as usual, Since its not a restaurant you'll have to walk over to make your order. As I took slow steps moving while dodging the people carrying their foods. My ears keeps registering a sweet melodic voice at the sales spot. I know mama chidera don't have such voice neither do any of her sales girls. Maybe she got a new sales girl. As the ordering customers stepped aside with their foods, Behold the first source of beauty a lady with a stellar description.

Give me an exam and asks me to define beauty I will point toward her direction cause she answers it all.
Spotless like a child,
Beautiful like a princess,
Lovely like a friend,
Jovial like a pet,
And she got good smiles, nice white teeth. Great body structure from the little am seeing. She ain't too busty but all her asset are connected properly

I had to change my way of walking even though I know she ain't seeing me. However I was too curious that I wanted to know who she was. Cause first impression counts to the end.
Hope you understand It's not as a result of the features I mentioned above that I want to know more about her.
It's a different reason entirely cause Mama Chidera don't live her food to the mercy of her sales girls. And why I wanted to know her ,was to confirm why she is putting on Mama Chidera's apron. I was now very close to where she's standing , so I demurred from giving my request.

Mama chidera just walked in, few customers greeted her including me. I moved close to a guy who was about rounding up eating, to inquire from him who this lady was. as we shook hands and I was about pouring down my question like a flame from a dragons breath. when I heard a voice behind me.
The ariose of that voice is like a string tone of a piano. As I turned to face the owner of the sedative voice, reciprocally our eyes met and we spoke mutually at same time with a smile.

"Hi " i said "good morning " She replied while those shiny white teeth intimidated my ever yellow teeth and a land mark of smiles covered her ever glittering face

"Morning SiSi," I answered with an obvious look of shyness and a minor stammering voice of a surprised individual .

"I believe you want to ask him who I am. Lemme Cure you of your question syndrome . Am Chidera her first daughter the one that's studying criminology."
She paused then continued with an injective smile proofing to my fragile mind that it's got to die before it can kiss those lips

" I know you don't know me cause am sure you've not stayed up to five years in this market".
Her little words where certainly what I needed this morning. However the strong gates of hunger is diverting it.

How did she know have not abode up to five years in this market.
How did she know my inquiry plan on her.
The quick rumor opinion germinated in my thoughts is she a mermaid as rumours carries it?

Am sure my forslow act to order when I walked in was the reason why she scored me. But wait, this lady just spoke to me not only did we converse, she also told me her name.

Now I agree today is going to be a wonderful day.

"Good work market, keep crossing my path with important people"

But why am I having second thoughts about our little chat. Hope she's not investigating me to know if am a criminal but I don't look like one neither am I one.

I order for a filled bowl of rice and beans with enough banga stew. I don't joke with my meal. So devouring it quickly was very easy . My points against the food was win as I didn't speak to anybody. I was about demonstrating my skill in rounding up eating without water., when my rubber band tied Nokia touchlight phone began buzzing. I removed it from my pocket it was a message from Diamond bank. inaudible I said
" I don get alert".
To my frustratIon and smile it was a text wishing me a happy birthday., I read it inaudible confessing and smiling to my self that I nearly forgot my own birthday. My smile was cut premature , suddenly as I remember the dream.it seems it was play before me again but this time in slow motion, In a trance like view .
The giant appeared before me at the spot I hid behind the huge tree in my dreams .he's cold cranky voice spoke while his finger was pointing towards me "YOU ARE..."

A hand tapped my shoulder which brought me to consciousness. It was the hands of the food vendors daughter and she was smiling

"There your boss wants to see you " She said pointing to the entrance. Where my boss stood like a bodyguard wearing bitter leaf face.

Chill bumps grew under my hairs .I think she felt the vibration of my body when she touched me. I took the cold meat and devoured. however it feels like I was lost for many minute during my trance attack. I paid her stood up and was about to hurriedly meet my boss. When same familiar voice hit my ears again.

"Happy birthday , long and fulfilled life I wish you"
As I turned to see who blessed me on my birthday I was surprise it was Chidera.
"How did u know , and who told you"

My face had undergone an awe surgery . Cause I was flooded with surprise. While my tongue stammered cause I spoke like a simpleton. Hope she is not investigating me thinking am a criminal. She finally justified herself with her answer

" I heard when you exclaimed Ewoh as you audibly read the content of the message from your bank"
I was not satisfied with her answer neither was I convinced with her words this is the second time she's doing this my suspicion on her had ignited . I wanted to ask her another question before my boss screamed my name.
"Bia osie obugiwa kanna por (Hey osie ain't you the one am calling)". I will have to live my questions for another day as i hastened my steps to meet my boss before he start raining insult on me which is going to be a mood changer


Note: feeling are not how you felt them that matters.
What matters is how you were able to handle, confront and control them . Don't ever be carried away by distress .

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[size=4pt] CHAPTER ONE
"""""{NEW BEGINNING 8:8:8}""""""


Hot airs where exported from my nostrils as each escorts the other Making my heart beat like someone about to drown. It Felt like life left my body and returned.
I was sweating in a room much well ventilated.
My peace has been something I no longer own. My sleep in now a theater for nightmare. The experience is killing me but am more frightened of today's play. What is happening to me.

" HELP! HELP!! HELP!!! ".
An explosive voice covered the atmosphere making the whole surrounding to tremble like a minor earth quake. One would think that his voice is the source behind thunder formation. His slow groaning was like a wounded lion Waiting for his end. He is certainly a giant or should I say a dream enlarged giant . Cause he is far bigger than any giant creation have seen both in movies and novels. He has a chain tied around his body adhering him to the biggest mountain have ever seen. He is of an alien description. His height is the distance from the sky to the land meaning his head felt like it was touching the sky.
I won't say it's possible for someone to have such height in reality but in the land of dream and imagination anything is possible.
Irritating wounds gotten from bite and sting of carnivorous birds, animals and insects covered his body. Vultures are feasting on his open wound as he couldn't frighten them because of the heavy chains gluing him to the mountain side.

I was not happy with what I was seeing. However it's like the dream is a downloaded software in my nightmare memory that I must wait for its installation . I was tired of the scene if it was to be reality nothing will stop me from disgorging . This has been my nightmare since I turn twenty seven.
The dream should have rounded up its acts by now cause it normally ends here at the vultures gores. But today it decided to add a new scene to the act. Which is the reason for my fear.
Same reason why am confused and frightened.
He isn't a man, maybe a dwarf giant. Cause if he is a man then its impossible for him to do what he did however if he is a dwarf giant I won't stress myself thinking of how possible it was. Yet the both theory are impossible cause even a million men can't achieve what he did without much stress.. he came and pulled the chain that this giant couldn't break loss. Though it's a dream and anything is possible in there.
He instructed Him to flee to the other realm. Disguise himself by living with the outcasts at the southern part of the dry desert. That his tormentor won't come looking for him there. But he should try and cloak the place by banishing his revenge intentions which will make the cloak indestructible. Though the big man was not happy but he had no choice cause his tormentor am sure is far stronger than him.

Still watching this two dream giants , Acting a play I didn't buy ticket for,. The man-giant went back the same way he came while the big giant was walking toward my direction . I was afraid in the dream and I couldn't run. I just stood still waiting for him to come crush me. He was standing before me as his giant lips moved up indicating a smile.
That was the point where I woke up from the strangest nightmare I've ever had .
What's with the lengthy increase in the nightmare today. I always do wake fearfully each time I have this terrible nightmare .

However I don't know him neither do giants exist.

To God be the glory it's just a dream and nothing more. Since am not much of a prayer warrior I just did the little seconds of prayers I know.
The crows of rooster cocks indicates a close dawn alarm. As I got my breath and my mind. I walked into the bathroom to shower for the morning hustle.. My apartment is the normal nigeria self apartment where you have your own kitchen, bathroom and toilet .

As I poured the first bowl of water to my head. It did work as a memory conation . Cause it directed my mind to a simple but complex maths about my life and event.
My dreams had a pattern they follows which is the eights of every months since last year.
But the fact that they lined up on the number eight is something I don't understand. Are the witches from my village playing a monitoring spell on me with the number eight.

I had totally sent my mind into a thinking state. When the notification tone of my phone rang. Someone was calling my number.
I hastily did the business that brought me to the bathroom.
Walked to the main room and picked my phone while I dried my body with a towel.
A desktop message on my phone screen shows that I missed four calls from my boss.
Odd man with strange character why is he disturbing me this early. I was not happy with his call and missing it means trouble.
He called again which I picked and greeted him. His anger was of me not picking his calls earlier . Which I apologized with the explanation of me been in the bathroom.
He requested I arrive the market early that he has this big supply at Maitama.
Did he just say Maitama. Wow that's one of the biggest G.R.A in Abuja. It's where the rich and influential people reside.
Another wow cause there is no way that I won't get a good Tip From this supply. Cause i spent much in my late travel . Let this kind of good calls enter my phone every morning. Even if it means them coming from the witches in my village .
Guys don't make up so it was easy for me to prepare in my nice wears

I came out of my room , greeted my neighbours.
The mothers where bathing their kids preparing them for school. I walked to my bus. I took a rag then started dusting the bus . At the middle of my cleaning. The dream came to my mind and I remembered the big giant smiled.
Fear came over me, i felt my hair raising in cold as goose bumps indicated their presence on my skin and that undisputed sensation of something bad is about to happen was planted in my memory, thoughts and actions
I just prayed again.
" Baba na your hand I dey"
Am I now a prayer warrior , I ignited the bus .. It sound indicates that it needs the touch of a mechanic.. Why won't it need a mechanic after the hectic journey it undertook. Next thing was me driving out of my ghetto to my place of green pasture the market.


Literature / Re: Reincarnation (the Truth) by jomagibs: 2:30pm On Jan 01, 2018
once bitten, twice shy, joma, I wouldn't follow u again sam Sam! ur last story u no gree complete am, now u start another one kwa?


May the New Year start with fresh joys and and a life filled with peace. May you get warmth and togetherness and prosperity too.
Happy New Year!

na the last story be this... I just add sugar..
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[size=4pt] PROLOGUE
¤¤¤¤THE LETTER ¤¤¤¤

Dear solicitous one.

My steven is quivering please read this letter in a whisper. Not in your heart rather a whisper cause that's where the message and it worths is hidden.
I bring you greetings, from the past, Blessings of the present and the strong avouch and aver expectations of the future.
The little void is becoming bigger. And the armies are rising. The strong ice is melting and the deep oceans becoming shallow. The mountains are trembling. And the sky is loosing it's color.
The mighty are falling. nevertheless great ones still breaths among you.
The circle is searching for the replacement and the void has started eating up the circle. Bridges to communications are broken but the paths still remains the same.
I wipe cause of the pending misfortune that is about to befall your world. the hands of the tormentor is after you, and he will not rest till he sees his claws harvest the beauty of your realm.
The dark troubles chained to the mountain of mourn have broken free. The malevolent beings imprisoned and buried deep in the lands before yours are crawling out of their pits. Danger was betrothed to fear which was a turbulent event. As if the odds are not against you now she is pregnant with chaos. They is no hiding place from them. For he created them to consume all.

Do not open your gates to strangers or beings of wile countenance . They are vipers in millipedes clothing, life butchers on the loose . They are the DAMN

We greatly fought him and his armies of destruction in the past. And conquer by not been in extinction.
We saved and made provisions for you. Covered and protected you from harm. Now you've grown into a more powerful people. But you are divided by civilization, Racism, tribe. War, rebellion and religion. But I warn you all this won't matter when He finally releases his armies of chaos.
Call all tribes, All nations and All people tell them what you've read. Inform them of the coming battles let everyone know their place of strength and how to improve them . And let every soul be friendly to nature and her children cause she's the last and only bridge of generational communication.

Don't believe anything I say, cause everything I wrote down is what they don't want you to know. They want you to live in ignorance until it's time for them to take over. You are blinded by the saying .
" It's my life and I can do whatever I want with it"

It's not your life and can never be yours. Not until I say so.
Am not an option, am the best and only option . Am the first and only shot you've got to likely escape your already, drafted and sealed fate of chaos.
Disbelief or belief are Gemini. Siblings to confusion, denial,refusal, doubt. They are two intoxicating spirits. At one point you intend using belief not knowing it's actually disbelief that gets the glory.

Am not asking you to belief or disbelief . Am urging you to avoid the both. Cause the two are catastrophe. They are the manufacturers of trust and distrust . And they have eating deep into your system that you now revolves your day to day activities around them . But you've got a very powerful and friendly spirit inside you. Her name is Decision.
It's not about Belief and Disbelief it's about Yes and No.
Not about trust and Distrust it's about what's real and unreal.

I know you are confuse about everything . Your heart beats for more explanation. That I can give you but I won't cause your path become clearer with each mystery you solve yet keep this words in mind
'When confusion enters the heart, your anchor purpose of survival crawls into a state of disarray '

Remember those stories you heard about ghost, demons, witches, coven ,sorcery ,battle , castles, kings, queens, prince and princesses They are all real and still real ..
Remember your nightmare that someone is squeezing the life out of you. That nightmare of an old woman chasing you with a cutlass. The wet dreams and ambitious dreams.
That odd night when you feel like easing yourself but you are afraid of darkness. Don't go out cause they are waiting to take over you. Remember that time that you're walking on a lonely and silent route and a voice is telling you someone is following you. Don't ignore the voice run cause it's them trying to take over..

Remember even if you deny anything supernatural you can't deny thier existence. Mr Harm. Mr fear, mr anxiety. Mr eerieness.
They walks with you , sleeps with you , eats with you. They were waiting for you outside on the day you where born. Don't confuse them to be guardian Angels or demons.
They are just waiting Patiently for their turn to take over your body. They are behind you. Sometimes before you. Call them the dead, call them the living ,call them the forgotten , call them your name that doesn't change the fact that they are the rightful owner of your actions. And thier patience is like a tree that waits for its season to bear fruit.

Why is your heart now beating fast. Why have you allowed them to finally plant trees of fear in you. Why are you now afraid
They are behind you, They are watching you., They are planning to take over you body. Please don't let them take it cause if they do I won't be able to help you regain it. But I can help you end it by casting you to the depth of the Damn .

You've died many times yet lived again. It's not resurrection, it's reincarnation.
It's the flow of energy from your former to the latter. But they are here to stop that flow, To end your line, To kill you .

They want to tap into your circle and end it's rotation. I see chaos. I smell doom, I hear voices of Damn and casted, I see twisted fates
The veil covering your chapter have been torn. If your room is dark please switch on the light. Cause the dark witches may be at the corner of your room conversing your worth. If you are behind closed doors, better be watchful and carefully cause a hand can pull you inside the tub or closet. If you are outside in the dark, I advise you go inside cause witches can send your whispers to him and endanger you.

If you are with someone. Be careful for they may have already been stolen by them .
They are like a virus slowly eating into the system. Corrupting important sites and polluting sacred grounds . Harming nature so that she will retaliate on the innocent. They have already recruited some of the people you consider as friends .. To play the role of parasitic spies in your life

If you suspect your Brother , sister, friend, mother, father, uncle, colleagues, boss or anyone close to you as you are reading this.
Justinian look them straight in the eye ball and ask them

Do you believe in magic.

If their answer is a simple. 'yes or no'
Then know that their Decision spirit is still very active and functioning.
However if their reply is
•I don't think magic exit.
•it's hard to decided.
•its theory confuses me.
•why are you asking such irrelevant, stupid, strange or unimportant questions.

Just keep watch cause those people are fearful kinds. And may be easily influence by them. Read this letter to them or show them it's content you will notice an unusual disturbing panic in their voice and face.

Don't be afraid ,cause two compulsory outcome must happen to you with same results. Which you must choose among them
•You accommodate fear you die.
•You exile it you still die.

However it's better you live a ready life, with a courageous mind set. And a bold heart.
Be a great warriors for your realm. And if the blank future finally writes it's moments and histories . Then be glad for your names will be written and remembered as heroes. And your circle intact and still rotating. And if the outcome is the opposite then no need cause it will be blank and never to hold records of the past and present

Keep this letter deep in your heart let every word be planted in your thoughts. And allow it the space to expand. Rotating in every pulse your body triggers and sends.
Bye- bye should it be your realm couldn't defeat this evil. I won't miss you cause I'll die with you. never to be remembered , however I'll be a talk of mockery spit fron the mouth of Them.


Yours the same

Delivered. By time of no time
Literature / Re: Reincarnation (the Truth) by jomagibs: 1:56pm On Jan 01, 2018
its no entirely fiction as some did actually happened........... Where?
In my imagination and my dreams

All Rights Reserved:
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Literature / Re: Reincarnation (the Truth) by jomagibs: 12:11am On Jan 01, 2018
COPY AND PASTE BLOGGERS BEWARE.. I use my old pants take beg una come with my mouth odour join. Please if you want to post this story on your blog I won't refuse. But just send me an email to confirm u appreciate my effort. And believe me I may even send u an update before I post it on nairaland or if my mind sets in I may personally share links to your blogs.. But if you decide to go behind my back and copy the story.. May you be bitten by the Angry teeth of a Jamaica mosquitoes so every thing about your copy copy life become reggae in the making... And if you escape that curse may your beer,whiskey, gin and every alcoholic content be so toxic that you'll drink only one glass.. If na soft drink you dey take may you lost appetite-thirst ... Anyway may we all enjoy the story and may the things of sweetness never be far from us...

Dedication: first to the universe, second goes to my fans at the former thread .. Special Dedication to my ladies and brothers that fought with me at the field of waiting.. I appreciate you guys

drstainlex as chairman

nkemdave as Chief in charge

tunjilomo as strong man

Preciousbouy niggi from day 1

Ultimategeneral .general of my army

Osasnidas my very own paddy

olatex25 the name in my head.

Nightie woman of my dreams

rosalieene I know your talent will take you placez.

Afz9095, chemicalreaction and other the left me on the line. I still appreciate you guys.. if I didn't mention you.. Don't worry they is still space to add.

Rex1 If you're still around. I really miss you.. My number 1 fan.. May popcorn and ice cream fall on you


Metzer Jacob..

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Literature / Re: Reincarnation (the Truth) by jomagibs: 12:45pm On Dec 29, 2017
When you think life is beautiful then everything comes crumbling

"Its believed that something mysterious happened, at Ebonyi state killing the whole family of one Mr Ebube. Police investigation shows that it was done by both beast and man"

then a friend betrays you. Breaking that trust.

"What is my friend Jane doing on your bed., Just tell her the universe will judge her"

Going by what's happening a birthday becomes a blood bath
"Brother they kill my baba and mama. Fight them for me I know say you strong. " He couched talking a squeezed breath before he spoke again.

"Brother cover me am very cold ". He coughed out blood and took his last breath.

you've lost hope in yourself yet people says you're their only hope. But you know deep down that you're very weak.
"Strength is not how powerful you are. Strength is having little courage clothed by fear yet you are willing to die protecting the ones you love"

The bonds of friend brings humor
" Abeg who I wan greet, na you?. Instead I go greet you E beta make my tongue get pimples and my teeth grow dreadlocks. wetin come bring Friday come this matter Abi na on Friday they prophesy say you go die".

At least you wanted to do something for love
"Please fight this, please don't die . you know you're the only person have got still alive. where do you want me to start from.
sweet heart I will die with you, come and take me let's go together this life have no meaning without you.
please God! Bring her back
please spirit! save her for me."

The world you know becomes bigger, tougher and more demanding.
"Welcome to the city of illusion" "you need to help me fulfill my oath that's only when my soul can be free"
"I promised to become who I'm destined to be and also avenge every life they took"

Friends are mostly our first enemy
"Guy you better go on with this or I will show the whole school the footage of you smoking marijuana. and note you will never date her again make sure you break up with her but before then drill this hole as I want to prove to that little girl I'm not dirty and the role of a better actor rest on me"

Even nature wants to fight this ungodly strangers
"I need to summon my families and Friends we need to strategize for I fear for this realm. Something unusual is about to hit us both humans and spirits. FEAR AND BETRAYAL that's what I keep sensing.. "

The folding reality of mystical beings..
"Will you Reverend the Queen before I silence you"
"Its call memory lane, you will see things that begat you. Making you complete"

The advice, encouragements and promises.
"Don't judge a being by its size, rather judge it by its excellent quality"
"Please drive carefully cause if anything should happen to you, your kinsmen will label me a ritualist"
"I don't go back on my promises"

What does it take to live a fulfilled life.
"Death is the answer to peace, yet dead is an enemy to both life and love"...

The truth....
Literature / Reincarnation (the Truth) by jomagibs: 3:26pm On Dec 28, 2017

The truth

"If you're always told the truth you would be sad at some point yet most fulfilled person on earth. Yes, the wounds of truth hurts yet it heals faster than that of deceit and lies." Metzer Jacob ..

Romance / Re: Can You Post A Pic Of You And Hubby Like This On Social Media? by jomagibs: 4:21pm On Oct 26, 2017
for sure any man can do it... cause the kind Adrenaline wey conji dey give guys wen in the mood.. the source can be traced back to the era of Samson ....

let me sit and wait for part two....

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Romance / Re: My Fiancée Went To A Popular Place by jomagibs: 3:40pm On Oct 26, 2017
welcome to nairaland wia each handlers are spiritualist.. this your questions can intimidate monkey pox to disappear from Nigeria...

How are we to know if she is a lesbian.. we have not done it with her oh.. neither did she open declare herself a lesbian
. if you really want to know if the girl is a lesbian tell your girlfriend to give in to her complement and flirt.. abi E bad to touch a fellow girls thigh.... Dat one na common thing among them...

Let me sit n wait for part two joor
Romance / Re: Meet The Famous American Gay Couple With Their Cute Children (photos) by jomagibs: 3:36pm On Oct 26, 2017
How will their kids refer to them... papa n daddy or .. Mr tom n Mr dick... As if e Neva finish dia mama go dey one corner dey see as her pikins dey inside abnormal situation ....

Come to think of it the family cute gon... I like that laptop n dia bathroom clean...

let me sit and wait for part two
Literature / Re: Casting Frankline by jomagibs: 12:30pm On Oct 23, 2017
Some readers can be ghosted on a story.. but miss queenitee can be present for any writeup.. be it a learner or a professional write up .. the lady can read both present and future story.. Sumtimx moti wonder how she take dey smell update... Anyway I for pull my rappar for u but na trouser dey my waist... queenitee for best reader 2017

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Literature / Re: Writing Test by jomagibs: 12:00pm On Oct 20, 2017
Akin's shadow..
Literature / Re: When Hell Overflows. Story By Ufuoma Seunnla by jomagibs: 8:24pm On Oct 17, 2017


Too outside the box for a Lady..... I really would love to work with you... you've got the exact elixir to wake my sleeping state... Give me a pm..
Literature / Re: My First Bet9ja Virtual Experience by jomagibs: 11:32pm On Oct 15, 2017
At Abj .. down the local streets and deidei market.. We call it " Ogbun gwangwa" meaning quickest means to die... Virtual is a money sucking agent... but I still can't do without it..

Politics / Re: Nigeria Police Is A Joke To Responsibility by jomagibs: 2:15pm On Sep 26, 2017
What happens when the people who swore to serve and protect you, become the ones who endanger your lives?

According to a post shared on Facebook by Chioma Pius, she was beaten up by some policemen simply because they spotted the tattoos on her body.
She had been on her way from Bayelsa to Rivers state when she was stopped by the policemen who proceeded to harass her after asking her who 'she is'.

"Today was a horrible day, I experienced the worst day in my life. Today I was brutalized by police officers, this happened at Emohua axis of River state, at the highway leading to Bayelsa. My crime was that I tattooed my body. In this modern age. A police officer asked me to step down from the taxi I was traveling with from Bayelsa to Port Harcourt.
I asked to know why and he asked again so I got out of the car and then he asked to know who I was and what I did. I gladly introduced myself, after which I had a big smile on my face and my phone rang but I couldn't answer and then he said I should identify myself to his superior which I found funny and I was just looking at the guy when he said I should get detained. That I don't have manners and that I'm a cultist, prostitute, armed robber, there is no disgusting name this men didn't call me and all this time I was just laughing and telling them I'm not entering their mobile cell.
Some of the injuries inflicted on her.

They seized my phones so I couldn't record them. They searched my purse and when they couldn't find any money they got more angry and said that I don't even have money and I'm showing myself. Before I knew it, one of the officers grabbed me by my trousers and pushed me to the van and the other guy slapped me and punched me repeatedly.
I was asking why they are beating me up and their boss used his gun to hit me on my thighs, went away came back with cane and was flogging me and calling me names. They pushed me into their cell. During the struggle I lost my ring and while this was happening they were collecting money from highway drivers and letting them through without searching them. These guys are animals. They touched the wrong one.They will not go unpunished. They sent away my taxi driver. Passersby were watching it and couldn't do anything.
I will not be humiliated for no reason, police officers are not here to protect us but only to hurt innocent ones but it's enough. What's wrong with one tattooing their body?
Politics / Re: Nigeria Police Is A Joke To Responsibility by jomagibs: 2:06pm On Sep 26, 2017
Video from people about police slogan

Politics / Nigeria Police Is A Joke To Responsibility by jomagibs: 1:31pm On Sep 26, 2017
Many viral stories about police and their misconduct. yet this people still provide more cause to doubt them..

can any civilian vouch for them , Am sure the answer is No. yet they parade with an imposed slogan that " police is your friend"

friends that will strip you of your last Cash

friends that will kill you if needs be just to own what you have.

friends that will likely arm gangs and inform them on how to rob you ...

if that's what a friend does then an enemy is far better cause you know they hate you from the onset.

Ask me my take on police.. I think that institution should be closed and it budget used to buy Brazilian hair for my country ladies......


Romance / Re: If You Are To Marry A Nairalander, Who Would It Be? by jomagibs: 10:44pm On Sep 11, 2017
Mynd 44
He is so matured

sure to get a ban for cooking, a very tasty food..

let me come and be embarking
Literature / Re: Write- Like Football League Registration Thread by jomagibs: 10:13pm On Sep 11, 2017
Divepen1, I'd love to participate but the steps as so confusing. Read it through like three times, but I still don't understand.

Have you tried reading it with glasses while taking ice cream and popcorn....

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