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Religion / Re: Klaus Schwab: ‘God Is Dead’ And The WEF Is ‘acquiring Divine Powers’ ( Video) by justli: 8:15pm On Nov 26

Do you believe that all power belongs to God?

Do you believe the devil is powerless?
Religion / Re: Klaus Schwab: ‘God Is Dead’ And The WEF Is ‘acquiring Divine Powers’ ( Video) by justli: 8:03pm On Nov 26


The Christianity that they own or which one..

They are the one who brought it to you..

They tell you what to believe and what not to believe.

If the pope comes out and say the Catholic church created jesus, have Christianity and Islam not ended and finished.

They are still making huge money from the scam, and they need the money to finance the NWO.....

So do you really have any choice?

Just displaying your ignorance. Even the Europeans adopted Christianity like every other part of the world because the message of redemption and love for fellow man is so profound and transforming.

And the Christian believe is well inscribed in the Bible...same yesterday, today, till the end of time... It doesn't change with time or civilization, as it is in the days of Abraham, so it is today.
Religion / Re: Klaus Schwab: ‘God Is Dead’ And The WEF Is ‘acquiring Divine Powers’ ( Video) by justli: 7:51pm On Nov 26

All power belongs to God..

Whether the devil exist or not is inconsequential....

If you're a Christian then you need to look again at your Bible...
The devil is the prince of this world... The devil took Jesus to a high place and offered him the world...and the devil will plague the world so fiercely that it took grace for even the elect to make it out of the great tribulation. I know Nigerian Christians don't like to believe this, but that's a let down on the side of the church

The reason to be aware of the powers of the devil is so we can understand global events as they unfold.
Religion / Re: Klaus Schwab: ‘God Is Dead’ And The WEF Is ‘acquiring Divine Powers’ ( Video) by justli: 3:04pm On Nov 26
All I see here is a demented old man. He is old and would be dead in few years while his useless ideas go down 6 feet with him.

Now let's move on.

Someone that controls an organisation who's members include nearly all the biggest players in the world: Google, Microsoft, Amazon... And you think he is old and demented...

The biggest wool the devil pooled over peoples face is to make them believe he doesn't exist...
The wef is serious and it will only get worst, and Christianity is the target...

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Kanye West Asks Donald Trump To Be His Running Mate In 2024 by justli: 7:28pm On Nov 23
I don't really know what happened to this guy, he is now behaving like a mentally unstable man.... Always looking sad.

Not his fan though, but I pray he returns to sanity.

Mentally unstable is anyone with a narrative different from the mainstream.
People have become zombies
Sports / Re: BBC Ignores World Cup Opening Ceremony In Favour Of Qatar Criticism by justli: 3:27pm On Nov 21
When we told them western media is has gone down the drain with lies and hypocrisy, people called us far right leaning
Sports / Re: Gay Couples Will Be Allowed To Openly Hold Hands And Kiss At Qatar World Cup by justli: 6:47pm On Nov 18
Since Qatar has accepted to host the world cup, they must also allow all these nonsense while the tournament lasts. I read on the BBC that they'd not allow people drink alcohol around the stadium area. Meanwhile Budweiser is one of the official sponsors.
If you know you'd not accept some practices to encroach on your policies or faith, always think deeply before you take any offer cos there may be some factors surrounding it which you may not see until after you've accepted the offer. This applies in all walks of life

Are you saying gay practice is now part of football culture?
The beautiful game is usually apolitical, but gays disguising as social justice warrior want everything meaningful ruined. As for alcohol, people drink alcohol in Qatar , but in private and I'm sure FIFA is well aware of those restrictions before allowing them host the game.
Fashion / Re: Brían Nguyen: Transgender Man Wins Most Beautiful Girl In America Pageant by justli: 11:02am On Nov 15
I think they should also consider legalizing Chi.ld po.rn

Only a matter of time. They currently use children on drag shows. What's left?
Investment / Re: FTX Hacked. Money In Accounts Stolen by justli: 12:33pm On Nov 12
It wasn't a hack, SBF withdrew what was left of the exchange into a cold wallet

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Video Of The Man Throwing Eggs At King Charles by justli: 10:51am On Nov 12
What a braveman, African Union needs to give him African Award for bravery & valour.
The evil this christian crusaders did to Mother Africa, will never be forgotten in human history.
They destroyed the systematic growth of Africa by fueling & empowering slave raiders to capture & sell their siblings.

They only stopped slave trade, when they felt machine was cheaper than human labor and immediately Colonized Africans for raw materials for their machines using magazines guns to murder all those African heroes that stood their ways, like King jaja of opobo, Lumumba, Sultan Abubakar of Sokoto Caliphate and others.

Slavery has existed since recorded history. Africans enslaved and sold Africans before they even encountered the whiteman.
Northern Africans and middle east acians have held and sold european slaves,

North Americans Peru, mexico, suffered almost equally devastating fate in the hands of Spanish colonist,

Prophet Mohammed owned and sold slaves both black and white.

We just want to dwell on this matter as an excuse for our appalling ways to life...instead of looking inwards and building nations our children can be proud of.

When election time comes, The Queen won't force a candidate upon us... We collectively decide to mortgage our future for stipends shared during election or for tribalistic biases.

Its time to move on. Europeans have their own problems to grapple with, only they're doing that proactively.
Sports / Re: LGBTQ: FIFA Ask Worldcup Teams To Focus On Football Not Gay Rights by justli: 9:17pm On Nov 04

Like I said, spoken like a true cis hetero man wallowing in straight privilege

Engaging lowlifes has never been a good idea

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Sports / Re: LGBTQ: FIFA Ask Worldcup Teams To Focus On Football Not Gay Rights by justli: 8:11pm On Nov 04

Easy for a cis hetero man to say. Live in your privilege man

Let's be rational, lgbtq people are worse than mafias. They gang up, threaten and deplatforms anyone that doesn't side with them, even though they make up a very minor percentage of the population.

Where we are today is not a question of people not allowing them to wallow in their delusion , but instead they force us and our children to take part in their idiosyncrasy. That's the problem.
Like attempting to force a conservative state like Qatar to buy into their insanity or forcing club captains to wear gay armbands, or teaching gender lessons to lower graders or enticing 13 year olds to take hormone therapy to suppress their natural hormones, these things are evil and despicable.

We must protect our sanity at all cost. We cannot let coloured-haired, lost and embittered ideologues who are still confused over what gender they should adopt tell us how society should be structured.


Sports / Re: LGBTQ: FIFA Ask Worldcup Teams To Focus On Football Not Gay Rights by justli: 5:59pm On Nov 04

Ladies and gents,I present to you "religion of peace". You do realize that there are gay players in football and bigots like you are the reason they can't be their true selves but religion of peace,do you know that the same "who allowed all this gay rights ideology in football?" Is the same energy white racist had for black people with the "who allowed this anti racist ideology in football?" But y'all will be mad about racist calling y'all the n word but will support hate on another minority. Religion of peace more like religion of hate. Y'all are mad about racism in sports but low key supports homophobia in sports,make it make sense

Brain washed people like you are the reason we have to put up with sick blue heads dictating to us how we live our lives.

Muslims have their problems, but do you realise UAE is one of the most law abiding nation in the world? Your civil right as an individual is respected regardless of your status?
And that is the very fabric of what makes for a successful society.


Sports / Re: LGBTQ: FIFA Ask Worldcup Teams To Focus On Football Not Gay Rights by justli: 5:50pm On Nov 04
The world is going crazy surely.
Gays are now threatening a global tournament like worldcup NOT because they are stopped from attending. But because they are warned against kissing or smooching in public in the host country. Subhannallahi angry Do you want to be having sex in public? Which kind wahala be this?

It is even more funnier that FIFA is suddenly growing the moral justification and spirit of neutrality to preach to teams to focus on football and not driving football into politics. So much for the joke. Fvcking FIFA is more political than a political party. Even more than APC,PDP, NNPP and LP combine.

The same FIFA that has been turning blind eye to happenings in Isreal-Palestinian but ban Russia from playing at the worldcup, on influence by the west?

The same FIFA that has been bastardized and politicised to the extent that a ukranian Government is now having the effontery to tell them to ban this one, ban that one. Replace them with this one. Where ukranian flags are hoist at every stadium, every footballing broadcast. But they banned other teams or playing from displaying a Palestinian or showing solidarity to countries invaded by US, like iraq, afghanistan, libya and others.

Who allowed all these stupid gay right ideology into soccer in the first place? Is it not same FIFA. Now this guys are now having the guts to be threatening to disrupt a global tournament if they are not allowed to display their public affection in public like ' two men Kissing' , or 'two women smooching' each other in full display of the public. Calling and tagging it an infringement on their human right. In another person's country for pete sake! angry

Who else noticed during champions league games, Pepsi is now advertising with two-female kissing each other? who else noticed it?

This world is done. The west with its silly free right and its long-influence to get anything done their way, is successfully ruining this world. angry

Not just Pepsi, even Heineken's advert is now pro females and leaves something undesirable to the taste.


Sports / Re: LGBTQ: FIFA Ask Worldcup Teams To Focus On Football Not Gay Rights by justli: 5:47pm On Nov 04
The so-called marginalized group bullying and shoving their sick ideology on everyone. You either accept their sick ideology that has no bases in science or they deplatform you and cut off your source of livelihood.

They claim to stand for liberation yet can't stand criticism, yet they can't complete a sentence without criticising Jesus or Christianity.
Possessed people calling themselves liberals and woke.


Science/Technology / Re: UK Man Becomes First To Receive Bank Microchip Implant For Making Purchases(PIX) by justli: 11:19pm On Nov 03
Team religion will call it 666. grin cheesy grin

I hope you heard the reporter say, forehead and wrist just like the bible said...and theis mark is directly tied to your ability to transact again just like the bible says...

The bible is the most selling book of all time for a reason... And no book is even close. Humanity has relied on it as a guide and as we approach the darkest moments of our existence as the coming years are about to reveal, the Bible will be a source of light and a guide

"It is impossible to enslave, mentally or socially, a bible-reading people. The principles of the bible are the groundwork of human freedom."

Horace Greeley


Science/Technology / Re: UK Man Becomes First To Receive Bank Microchip Implant For Making Purchases(PIX) by justli: 11:05pm On Nov 03
That's his fucking_ business.

Unfortunately, soon it's going to be your business and mine too. They are test running the initiative and once ready, Nigeria has no choice but accept the new technology.
Science/Technology / Re: UK Man Becomes First To Receive Bank Microchip Implant For Making Purchases(PIX) by justli: 10:59pm On Nov 03
The time is neigh...you can rebel against your conscience even in the face of all the absurdity plaguing the world or you can make peace with your creator...

The bible said only those with the mark shall be able to buy and sell. Is it not ironic that even as we speak the biggest thing in the world of finance is cbdc and very soon the govt will be able to monitor everyone's financial activity and could cut anybody off as the see fit...
It's only a matter of time, we are very close.


Education / Re: Rivers State University Bans Spaghetti Gown, Nose Rings, Tattoos, Ankle Chain by justli: 10:16pm On Oct 26
Way to go. Respect the sanctity of the lecturers and students around you. It'ssupposed to be a learning environment not a place for olosho and immortal practices with recklessness.


Foreign Affairs / Re: 4-Year-Old Kids Shown How To Use AK-47s At Russian Kindergarten (Pictures) by justli: 2:05pm On Oct 21
Shocking footage shows an officer in combat fatigues demonstrating a Kalashnikov machine-gun and an anti-tank grenade launcher to kindergarten youngsters

Nothing shocking here bro. If I learnt to use AK in kindergarten, I'd be grateful. Learning to shot is a survival skills everymann must possess
Politics / Re: 2023: Northerners Need Someone From North, Not Igbo Or Yoruba – Atiku by justli: 9:13pm On Oct 16
This is bad in every sense of the word. This explains Wike's "I can't be a second class citizen in my own country"

Waiting for Reno's take on this
Foreign Affairs / Re: Ugandan Paratroopers Crash Land On Spectators At 60th Independence by justli: 10:12pm On Oct 12
Didn't they learn anything from Nigeria?
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: AC Milan Vs Chelsea UCL (0 - 2) On 11th Oct 2022 by justli: 9:19pm On Oct 11
Abeg wetin mendy do this new coach nau

mendy lost focus. all his fault and Kepa has been solid


Crime / Re: My Friend Raped A 14-year-old Girl by justli: 1:02pm On Oct 02

Lols, those 14 years old girls are very smarter than you, they know what they are doing, the world really changed, my neighbor here, she's a single mom from Germany,her daughter has 2 ex's, she's currently dating now and she's sexually active,she asked me the other day,I heard that black guys got packing (Big dicks) my baby mama was there too, omo I don't know what to say,we laugh it out,

We will all read about your arrest soon...that's for sure. The fact that you have penis discussions with a minor shows you have been abusing that child psychologically already and leading her on. Very soon, you'll understand why they call them minors.

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TV/Movies / Re: This Is The Type Of Boring And Meaningless Movies My Wife Enjoy Watching. by justli: 12:23pm On Oct 01
You should be glad she hasn't graduated to Indian and Korean movie
Foreign Affairs / Re: Putin’s Speech On Annexation: What Exactly Did He Say? by justli: 10:13pm On Sep 30
Do we really want, here, in our country, in Russia, instead of ‘mum’ and ‘dad’, to have ‘parent number one’, ‘parent number two’, ‘number three’? Have they gone completely insane?

Do we really want … it drilled into children in our schools … that there are supposedly genders besides women and men, and [children to be] offered the chance to undergo sex change operations? … We have a different future, our own future.”

This may be the downfall of the West.
NB : I don’t support invasion of Ukraine.

I don't support the invasion either, but the west is on a dangerous path and their end is near. The entire western ideals of freedom for the individual have been hijacked by identity politics, and they viciously attack the man the dares to say otherwise.

We are living at a turning point...

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Putin’s Speech On Annexation: What Exactly Did He Say? by justli: 10:07pm On Sep 30
This is why the west hates Putin: this is first, war on culture and identity . if you listen to the new Italian PM , she echoes the same thing: some people want to reduce all of humanity to mere numbers, no identity and sense of direction.

How can we trust people that say a man can be a woman and vise versal, and if you dare to think otherwise you can be cancelled.

How can we trust people that thinks mum and dad should be replaced with parent 1 and parent 2 just to accommodate the homosexuals?

How can we trust people that organises hormone therapy for children under 12 permitting them to change gender

How can we trust people who have declared an all out war on farmers, taking over their land, banning them from engaging, and by so doing systematically engineering global famine?

These people are evil... And time will tell

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Giorgia Meloni Wins Election To Become Italy's First Female Prime Minister by justli: 3:48pm On Sep 26
Europe is waking up. The conservative majority are starting to realize the damage radical left can inflict on the entire system if giving a room.

Big win for common sense and morally upright humans. Next is conservatives sweeping the mid term election in the US

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Iran's President Abandons CNN Interview As Amanpour Refuses To Wear Head Scarf by justli: 1:07pm On Sep 23
This is very good from the president. This highlights the hypocrisy from the left: they force their ideology on others.
The president's point is very clear: how do you like it when I impose when way of life on you?

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Foreign Affairs / Re: The World Is In 'great Peril,' U.N. Chief Warns Global Leaders (video) by justli: 10:30pm On Sep 21
The UN, the WEF, and the globalist are on course the hijack the world. The well orchestrated shortage in food, the self sabotage of the European economy, and the cultural war going on their is all well planned out.
People should be wise. We live in an unprecedented time, the world as we know it may never be the same again in the next few years
Foreign Affairs / Re: Uju Anya: 'I Am Still A Gay' - Followers Reacted On Twitter (Photos) by justli: 7:27pm On Sep 13
Ultra liberalism and wokeness is a curse to humanity.

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Religion / Re: Jesus Will Not Return Until These Things Happen by justli: 11:30am On Sep 11
This is a very good submission. The one clear sign giving to us is the occupation of the temple by the "Evil one".
In the days to come, Israel will enter into an agreement with those that want them gone. I believe this will be an agreement with the muslim world, but it will not last and they would reinforce and move to conquer Jerusalem and specifically, the temple mount... Seating on the throne, the evil one will be revealed.
and this is also corroborated by the Muslim hadith, as they believe Jesus will come to lead the war against the Jews and Christians, and the end will not come until Jerusalem is theirs.

The Abrahamic Accord is one movement working seriously to help broke a deal between Israel and its neighbours.

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