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Investment / Re: Forex Trade And Football Betting Any Difference ? by Kay321: 11:51pm On Oct 19, 2023
Don't worry you would be hanged very soon,I promise you that.As you don't want to change you scamming ways,you would receive sense at the gallows.Same scamming that is intoxicating you right now would be the death of you.You mates are out there trying to make a legitimate living for themselves,you are roaming the internet 247 looking for persons to scam with your fake forex gospel.Forex guru my ass.Forex trader ko,forest trader ni

You no get sense, I ate your 5k, you're very stupid for that comment..
If only I knew how to tag mods so you'll provide prove that I scammed you or you'll go and rest.
Say na "5k when you chop go kill you", educated fool.

You no just get sense walai.

So because you're trying so hard to prove me a scammer which I'm not, you had to say I'm op.

Op that have been active since 2019..
Me wey just join when?
Bro you're too stupid for my liking
Investment / Re: Forex Trade And Football Betting Any Difference ? by Kay321: 7:30am On Oct 19, 2023
You have already started lurking around looking for other unsuspecting victim to scam.Who even ask you this question,was it asked directly to you?In the entire forum with millions of people, you are the only one that reply to this post,not because you are so good looking for persons to help with that information but because this is the tactics you use in obtaining your victims trust before you strike.I am even sure you are the one that put up this thread yourself with a second moniker.You have not paid back my 5k you scammed you are looking for more 5k.Na that my 5000naira when you chop go kill you.
Similarities - Both are high risk ventures.
Differences - one can be studied and risk managed, you can have an edge,while the other you can't manage once you click on place bet, you have not control over your money.
Imagine staking on Giroud to score and the same Giroud replaces his keeper.
Your money is gone even before 90mins don end

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Business / Re: Greatdober Is A Scammer Beware by Kay321: 8:34am On Oct 05, 2023
I am done with you, I have made my point.My aim is achieved already.I think the wise would get the message by now.Learn from my experience and not fall victim themselves.
Business / Re: Greatdober Is A Scammer Beware by Kay321: 8:26am On Oct 05, 2023
This whole stuff is already dragging me backward in my daily activities so I'll round up and tag necessary people to judge and it would be the last time you would misbehave here

He made this post with his first moniker then deleted it and made it with another moniker and now he is using is second moniker to reply his first one.
Why would you have 2 monikers if you aren't the fraudulent one here.
2 monikers?Guy are running mad.If you are talking about the guy I quoted on your thread.I do not know him from Adam.I am guessing he is one of your foes here on nairaland.
Business / Re: Greatdober Is A Scammer Beware by Kay321: 8:22am On Oct 05, 2023

As far as I never woke up one morning and told you that classes are over or I blocked or I stopped messaging/replying you for a long time.
As long as none of this happened then, any reasonable person reading this would know I'm not scammer
You can keep up with the delusion if it makes you feel better.
Business / Re: Greatdober Is A Scammer Beware by Kay321: 8:21am On Oct 05, 2023
So now let's move on to the next phase.
Lessons started and in the midst of the whole stuff.
I had an emergency health wise, I contacted my group and let them know that I'm aware I'm taking time in the lectures but to not make it look like I just collected their money and now I'm looking for a way to make the 3 months go so quick..
I told them that I'll make sure I hold their hands till they are good traders.

This was me telling them I don't care about the timeframe anymore.

I forwarded him this same message because he insisted on a private class and that was when I got to saw the whole rubbish texts he sent to me.
Calling me a scammer, from the above I would love to see where I scammed you or where I made you send me money and also I post my life withdrawals on my group down to when alert enters my phone..
I even screen record the whole withdrawal process,I even run giveaways based on who invites students to my group.
My monthly data subscription is 60gb, if you break it down it's 10k per 40gb and another 5k 20gb.
Money I spent on fuel is enough to feed you and pay your salary.
So why would I even need your 5k at first?
I would have refunded you if you asked nicely but since you're trying to prove that you're so good and rude..
I'll make sure it's either you sit back and allow me teach or you go to hell

Can you send me a screenshot of when you forward this message to me specifically.Liar!!!And if you had to lie about ill health,ill health shall be your portion in Jesus name.
Business / Re: Greatdober Is A Scammer Beware by Kay321: 8:08am On Oct 05, 2023
So personally I'm done with this whole issue and I know that whosoever comes across this would see that I did not in a anyway scam you.
You can go on to make noise
Below are some other screenshot
Below this you'll see someone that made a promise that he haven't redeemed but I never disturbed or removed him from the class and I've always carried him along.

You'll also see how transparent and good I am and how simple I relate with my students.
If I'm a bad person, you can't be the only one complaining.

Others are on nairaland, they would have called me out too
What did you think they call 419 .Stealing by trickery and deceit.If you promise something after an agreement is reached and you reneged on it.You are a scammer.That's your God given name please embrace it.SCAMMER
Business / Re: Greatdober Is A Scammer Beware by Kay321: 8:04am On Oct 05, 2023
The first rude messages he sent to me just less than 24hts after we created an account.
Imagine texting your supposed mentor this way in just less than 24hrs and calling him a snub..
Just to tell you the type of Person he is
My first rude message?I was been sincere and saying it as it is.I never insulted you.If you say you would start today.Start today.Stop making excuses.You say you were busy and refuse replying my WhatsApp messages,even when I saw you online on Whatsapp for hours.Who wouldn't be furious and you pulled that stunt immediately the money hit your account.Do well to post all the insults you threw on me on your voice note.I knew from that moment this person is not a sincere person cos for a fact those your excuses continued up until this very moment.
Business / Re: Greatdober Is A Scammer Beware by Kay321: 7:54am On Oct 05, 2023
I rejected the private mentorship offer cause it wasn't worth it and I told him what would happen is that I'll text him when I start teaching practicals so that way I can just be forwarding messages rather than treating 2 different things at once.
When did we have that discussion that you would text me when you start teaching practicals.You that just remove me abruptly from the group.You sent me two messages the previous day after you started your practicals and I didn't reply.Out of desperation since I wasn't replying your messages you had to call my number the next day so you can get your 5k,make hunger no kill you.Bloody failed trader.

Business / Re: Greatdober Is A Scammer Beware by Kay321: 7:50am On Oct 05, 2023
He is one desperate person that was seeing me as an obstacle to him. To him I was preventing him from doing the whole forex thing, something I took years to learn..he wants to take few days to learn.
You can say all you want, to try to justify your inadequacies.Be a man of your words and integrity.If you say you would teach trice a week,teach trice a week.Don't be coming up with excuses every now and then.I told you this already.If you are too lazy teach people,then you shouldn't be running a mentorship class.Being broke and blowing up accounts endlessly wouldn't let you take that decision though.
Business / Re: Greatdober Is A Scammer Beware by Kay321: 7:48am On Oct 05, 2023
and op texted me that he already knows all these that that's why he wanted a private class so he could move at his own pace and funny enough this guy doesn't know that much that he thinks he do.
Which of our conversation led you to the delusion that I don't know those or you are just trying to justify your inadequacies.
Business / Re: Greatdober Is A Scammer Beware by Kay321: 7:46am On Oct 05, 2023
I told him that the reason I'm charging this little was to make it a bit affordable and in as much as I'm a good trader, no one can actually know me if I don't do something that would affect people.
Who did you write all this gibberish you wrote up there to.Mr charity or better still Mr . philanthropist.Daddy you can lie oh

Business / Re: Greatdober Is A Scammer Beware by Kay321: 7:43am On Oct 05, 2023

so this guy messaged me and asked me if I run a class which I told him I do and he asked if I had a group and I said yes I do.
Where did I ask if you run a class or if you have a telegram group?are you running mad or something?

Investment / Re: Psychology+price Action+risk Management= Profitable FX Trader by Kay321: 6:50am On Oct 05, 2023
Run oo

Na begger you be ? 5k 5k there but Dey form for Nairaland 😂

That's what they do.They try to lure you in with sensational headers and screenshots.When you get in,you realize there is more to this than meets the eyes.

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Business / Re: My Monthly FX Dump by Kay321: 6:50am On Oct 05, 2023
Na begger you be ? 5k 5k there but Dey form for Nairaland 😂
That's what they do.They try to lure you in with sensational headers and screenshots.When you get in,you realize there is more to this than meets the eyes.


Business / Re: Prove That Capital Is Not Your Problem In Forex. by Kay321: 6:48am On Oct 05, 2023
See topic name grin😁😂 hungry man . 5k here 5k there and
You just Dey deceive people for Nairaland
That's what they do.They try to lure you in with sensational headers and screenshots.When you get in,you realize there is more to this than meets the eyes.

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Business / Re: Prove That Capital Is Not Your Problem In Forex. by Kay321: 6:46am On Oct 05, 2023
That's what they do.They try to lure you in with sensational headers and screenshots.When you get in,you realize there is more to this than meets the eyes.


Business / Re: Greatdober Is A Scammer Beware by Kay321: 6:33am On Oct 05, 2023
Mr. I want to learn forex in a week
You feel you can post an epistle with your own side of your story and leave mine just to make you look like a saint.

I'm coming to post something much more transparent and let's leave the crowd to judge the whole case
I am going to ask you a very simple question.In all I posted about what transpired between us above.Can you pin-point where I lied about you.If you can't do that,forever hold you peace and take your L in peace.You have been exposed,you think you can go on scamming people indefinitely without getting bit.
Business / Greatdober Is A Scammer Beware by Kay321: 9:59pm On Oct 04, 2023
Good evening all.I saw Greatdober on various thread advertising his forex training service.I contacted him on Whatsapp from the phone number he dropped.He said he is charging 20$ for his mentorship.I told him that was too much.He told me he would add me to his WhatsApp group,if I like what I see I could pay up.i told him I can only pay #5000 as I have had lot of bad experience with online teachers,as after you pay them they turn something else and they never give what they promise.I told him #5000 is what I can afford to lose if it doesn't work out.He added me to the WhatsApp group and I realize most of what he is teaching there I are things I know already as I watch lots of YouTube videos on forex trading.He asked me for the 5k after a few days,I told him that I know these things already,I told him if I must pay him the 5k I had to teach me differently on Whatsapp cos I know those things already and I have past those stages already.He said the money was too small.I told him that's what I can pay.He removed me from the group.I even didn't mind cos I know all what is been taught there already.

After about a week I saw a call from him.He said I should check my WhatsApp he sent me a message.I checked my WhatsApp and he wrote that he has accepted the 5k to teach me privately on whatsapp.He said if I pay him right now the lectures would start immediately but first I need to get a deriv account.I was abit skeptical,cos I do not see a reason why a so called successful forex trader would be so desperate about 5k.I later shrug off the feeling,that it's just 5k.I can afford to lose it and probably it might not be what I am thinking.

I transferred the 5k to him.He told me how I would setup my deriv account.I setted it up.He said he is doing something now that he would get back to me after he finishes,that was the last I heard of him for that day.The next day,I told him I didn't hear from him anymore but he said immediately I paid him we were starting yesterday.He flared up and said his classes is even 3 times a week.I asked him why didn't you tell me all these terms and conditions before I paid you.He started his lecture and when he was done,he asked if I have any question.I told him I had no question I have previously learnt those myself before now.

Another day we had a lecture and when he was done.He asked him about 3 different question or so.He said he would get back to me on that.This guy is very lazy in teaching.All through my time with him(maybe 3 weeks max) he always find excuses not to teach the 3 times a week he even promise ,he keeps making excuses upon excuses.Once you call him out for it,he flares up.He deem himself God.Once you ask him a question after his lectures he postponed it.Could you believe questions I asked him 2 weeks ago he has not answered them till this moment.I asked him today ,is that how someone would learn.Is that how you were taught when you were in school.When you ask your lecturer a question on a topic been taught he would postpone it to weeks time.I had to complain everytime before I get the next lecture.His whole tutorship is even making me lose motivation in learning forex.I was doing quite better on my own learning from youtube.

I contacted him today that I need a refund that I'm tired of complaining all the time.I can't be begging you all the time to do a job you are paid for.i realize I was not getting was promised.Stealing by deceit.Can you believe this guy has the guts to insult me and said he is not refunding my money.

Fact is that 5k is not my problem and also forex trading is not a do-or-die for me as I have other businesses that I earn good money from.i am just using this medium to warn his other potential victims.Do not pay a dime to him.You would not get what you were promised.
If you a looking for a good forex trader with proven track record to learn from,go to the forex trading alert thread.Not this charlatan.Fake guru.

I also see him gallivanting all over the place looking for funds for people to trade forex for.I would advice you not to give him a dime of your money.I see him soliciting for $20,$30 and $50 and I always wonder why a successful forex trader would be looking for pence and penny to trade for people.You claim to have been trading forex for years,how come you have not build up your account over the years and you are still looking for people 5naira and 10naira to trade with.I can tell you why,that's because he keeps blowing up his accounts and he is looking for more funds to do experiment with,without the inherent consequences,as you can't get your money back since it's all online transaction.If his strategy is so foolproof why doesn't he ask for funds from his close friends and relatives ,so he can help them out of poverty or do you think he just love you so much,he would help you instead of his kin.Better still he could even go to the bank and get a loan,trade with it and make millions.

If he is even asking for a reasonable amount I would understand,$10,$20.This boy is mad.

A word is enough for the wise.

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