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Crime / Re: EFCC Arrests Two Chinese, One Other For Suspected Illegal Mining In Ilorin by kenny714433(m): 10:34pm On Feb 18

God really took time to bless this country but it's leaders and citizens are bereft of sense. See all the minerals staying idle, only for some Chinese to travel thousands of kilometres away to come and steal. The people in that part of the country only know how to login Nairaland/social media an make trial posts. Sense is zero.

Btw, how does these goods leave the country without customs and security agents knowing? I'm sure it will be carried out in trucks, so how does it happen?

They should find out the security agents responsible for the route and jail them as well.

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Travel / Re: Completed Project: Dualisation Of The 12.5 Km Challenge-odo Ona Road (photos) by kenny714433(m): 4:54pm On Feb 18
Looks beautiful. No trees planted! ☹️

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Religion / Re: Diocese Raises Alarm Over ‘fake Catholic Church’ In Enugu by kenny714433(m): 7:11pm On Feb 16
Nigerian doesn't know the implications of trademark infringement, abi na copyright..abi impersonation.. What should I even call this one now?
They criticize the Catholic Church but wants to be like the Catholic Church.

After so many years of shouting it's a sin to call priest Father, we didn't blink. They then sneaked at night and coined the name Daddy.

They hissed that we do harvest, that Jesus flogged those selling in the temple. We now have numerous churches doing same harvest almost every month.

They shouted that we boe to statue, we worship idols. They are now bowing to Daddy's stickers, wearing church band for protection, buying water and drinking goya oil to ward of devil that doesn't even send them.
Politics / Re: Economic Hardship: Borno State Governor Declares One-Day Fasting And Prayer by kenny714433(m): 4:35pm On Feb 16

If I were God, I'll flog any Nigerian that disturbs me.

Seeing statements like this from the supposed leaders, you just know the country can't be redeemed again.

Ladies and gentlemen
I am Kenny
Commander of the soldiers named Obidents
Leader of the legion of the South
Son of a battered nation
Citizen of a wrecked state.
I am here to welcome you to the great Tinubulation
But we will take our nation back
In this century, or in the next.


Sports / Re: How ‘dundee United’ Became An Insult In Nigeria by kenny714433(m): 1:12am On Feb 15
I doubt though.
But I'm certain that certain words like "I no get shi shi" actually originated from "I don't have shilling"
You know we once used shillings 😅

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Politics / Re: Hardship, Food Shortage: You’re To Blame Not Tinubu Govt – Presidency Slams by kenny714433(m): 9:24pm On Feb 14
Ladies and gentlemen, the great Tinubulation just graduated us to extinction class. Brace up, if you don't get extinct in the next 7 years, you will win the ultimate race and graduate to evolution class. Maybe you might retard back to chimpanzee and be chewing grass like some Northerners have started chewing.

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Health / Re: Russia Preparing To Launch Cancer Vaccines - Putin (Photos) by kenny714433(m): 8:34pm On Feb 14
Something that Nigerian pastors cure by prophecy?

God, you know I shouldn't even be an African.

Kenny, you are drinking too much my love

Swthrt, how I've tried to wean myself off the addiction of complaining, only to read some news and slip back to my addiction.

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Romance / Re: These How I And My Girl Are Enjoying Our Val Right Now by kenny714433(m): 12:06pm On Feb 14

The food reminds me of Niger delta pollution. See oil spillage with dead aquatic life. Poor fish.

Okro be looking like algae with huge mountainous eba like Coconut island.

Put canoe in that plate.

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Politics / Re: IMF Confirms Return Of Petrol Subsidy Under Tinubu - Daily Trust by kenny714433(m): 8:25am On Feb 14
Lagos builder on it. The great Tinubulation guys!

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Politics / Re: How Can Nigeria Mass Produce Food Instead Of Importing? by kenny714433(m): 8:11pm On Feb 13
We can actually pray for it. Or we ask any of these yorubas prophets to prophecy food abundance.

Una never see anything 😂
Foreign Affairs / Re: Excitement As Saudi Arabia Legalises Public Sale Of Alcohol by kenny714433(m): 2:32pm On Feb 11
Crime / Re: Bandits Threaten To Marry Kidnapped Bride, Sell 62 Wedding Guests In Katsina by kenny714433(m): 9:08pm On Feb 08
Marry all of them jare.
Abi you want us to add 10 more to make it 72?
Or are they not virgins? 🤔

Some people are already living heaven on earth. Any good Muslim will drool at this opportunity.

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Agriculture / Re: Top 10 Producers Of Yam Globally 2022 by kenny714433(m): 5:52pm On Feb 08
The word Yam originated from West Africa. So if the word originated here, I'm sure the crop itself is native to West Africa/Nigeria.

These are things we should be exporting. I'm sure if processed into yam chips and other valuable product, it will be extremely beneficial.

We don't even have working food scientists in the country. Those who studied food science are selling bags/clothes on WhatsApp status. How sad.

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Politics / Re: Can Nigerians Unite IN Millions And Match TO Aso Rock To Sack Tinubu? by kenny714433(m): 3:36pm On Feb 08
What if he bite you? 🤔
Business / Re: AFCON: Osondu Nwoye Dies Of Heart Attack In Ivory Coast by kenny714433(m): 3:24pm On Feb 08
Yesterday's match took so many patriots. See as I was sweating and very chilly in a large hot viewing hall.
The transition from 2:0 to 1:1 was just too difficult to bear facing a team like SA and knowing the pedigree of their keeper.

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Politics / Re: Governor Fubara Inspects The Reconstruction Of Old Port Harcourt - Bori Road by kenny714433(m): 12:03am On Feb 08
Umo Eno seems to be sleeping.
Carry on Fubara.


I heard he is a cook. He probably is still cooking

Man is doing well. He's not just into infrastructure development. Let's see how things go..

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Politics / Re: Kano Residents Took To The Streets To Protest The High Cost Of Living by kenny714433(m): 5:22pm On Feb 06
They should go and rest. If Tinubu can reduce our population, it will be good.

I think he's trying to do that through acute starvation. Let's get back to 50 million for a healthy population. Sai Tinubu


Politics / Re: What Are The Governors Doing With The Increased Allocation? by kenny714433(m): 1:34pm On Feb 06
What would they do when there's Tinubulation in the land? Tinubu should resign

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Politics / Re: Sanwo-olu Wants Construction Of 4th Mainland Bridge To Commence March by kenny714433(m): 10:27am On Feb 06
Good one Lagos
NYSC / Re: NYSC To Be Reformed Into Revenue-Generating Agency – FG by kenny714433(m): 11:45pm On Feb 04
It's possible. Imagine training the corpers in areas of their specialty, when they start making some cool cash you tax them till you get the amount equivalent to training them.

But why would FG shy away from very lucrative sector like Tech, Agriculture, tourism, sports etc? Oh.. Because its not a get rich quick sector like selling of crude oil..

Like FG, like citizens.

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Politics / Re: What Was The Oldest Religion In The World by kenny714433(m): 3:08pm On Feb 04
We were having all these peaceful religions until the sect that throws bomb like fireworks came on board lipsrsealed
Politics / Re: NNPCL To Complete Warri Refinery Q1 2024 by kenny714433(m): 11:50pm On Feb 02
December should do and come so that Ph refinery will be commissioned 🤡


Oh, are you also one of those they succeeded in deceiving. Otilo

Don't worry, we have completed mechanical upgrade. Before December 2050 we will complete electrical, civil, computer, and electronic upgrades. Then we will start refining. If you don't believe me, you are children of hate, you are IPOB, you are from SE.

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Politics / The Ring Of Power: Story Of Our Nation. by kenny714433(m): 3:41pm On Feb 02

In the once-peaceful realm of Middle-earth, a powerful artifact known as the One Ring was forged with the noble intent to unite and bring order to the free peoples. Its creator, Sauron, envisioned a world free from discord and chaos. However, the inherent power within the Ring had a corrupting influence, twisting even the most honorable intentions.

As Sauron's influence spread, individuals with initially noble purposes were drawn to the allure of the One Ring. Prominent figures like Boromir, a valiant warrior from Gondor, were seduced by the promise of using the Ring's power to defend their lands. Despite his genuine desire to protect his people, the Ring's corrupting force began to taint Boromir's motivations.

Similarly, Saruman the White, a wise and respected wizard, initially sought to use the Ring to confront Sauron and establish his own vision of order. However, as Saruman delved deeper into the Ring's power, his original intentions of defeating the dark forces became entangled with desires for supremacy and control.

Even Frodo Baggins, the Ring-bearer chosen for his innocence and purity of heart, struggled against the corrupting influence of the One Ring. The burden of carrying such immense power gradually weighed on him, testing his resolve and challenging his commitment to the original quest.

Our Reality
Our story is akin to John Ronald's Lord of the Rings. It tells of how power can corrupt even the innocent. Ours was better, after forging all regions to create a very powerful centre, we identified the problem long ago. Like people of middle earth, we came together to forge a solution which all pointed to dissolution of power, what the common man will term restructuring.
It's inherent benefit was visible to even the blind. "This would encourage healthy competition, strip off laziness from governors who just sit idle waiting for monthly allocation, encourage states to develop in their areas of strength amongst others" but the story has remained same from ages past.

Like Frodo Baggins, the power now rest on Tinubu as the Ring bearer. One would expect that Tinubu who was such a vocal advocate for this course would head straight to Middle-earth to undo the mistake. Every passing day, the burden of carrying such immense power gradually weigh on him, testing his resolve and challenging his commitment to the original quest. Now, he looks at the Ring of power and mutters.... "MY PRECIOUS"

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Politics / Re: Video: Armed Herdsmen With Dangerous Weapons Mobilise For Fresh Attacks by kenny714433(m): 8:45pm On Jan 30
Let them attack and kill whosoever they wish to kill na. Like, do I look like I give a f*ck?

itw will go round las las . dey play

Even if it goes square, I don't f*cking give a f*ck. Anyone that wants to die should die.

who knows the next can be you to kpai

That wouldn't still make me give a f*ck. Whosoever wants to kill or get killed should do so immediately.
TV/Movies / Re: Fisayo Fosudo And Antony Blinken Discuss Tech, Innovation, & Entrepreneurship by kenny714433(m): 8:31pm On Jan 30
Nairaland / General / Re: Anyone Also Experiencing Issues With Airtel Internet? by kenny714433(m): 11:22pm On Jan 29
Everything in this country is just depressing and frustrating.
In Uyo, for the past 1 week we haven't had light.

For network that you paid so much for, Airtel will seize it for 1 hour and allow you use it for 10 minutes, then seize it for another 1 hour.

Who even regulate these people for God's sake?
Foreign Affairs / Re: US Plans To Station Nuclear Weapons In UK As Threat Of WW3 With Russia Increases by kenny714433(m): 5:21pm On Jan 27
If Russia needs Nigerian help, they shouldn't hesitate to call Tinubu let him nuke USA to smitten.

Let both USA and Russia take note that we are watching carefully and will not take it lightly with any party that deploys weapon of mass destruction

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Religion / Re: Video Of Nigerians Praying For A Faulty Transformer: Dino Melaye Reacts by kenny714433(m): 8:27am On Jan 25

When we have their head pastor prophesying for #1 to be greater than $1 what sid you expect?

Is it not one of their pastors that drink tea with God?

Haven't you seen how they make the blind see, make the cripple walk etc.. So what is common transformer that God can't heal?


Politics / Re: I Intentionally Refused To Release My WASSCE Certificate In 2015 – Buhari by kenny714433(m): 5:48pm On Jan 24
Did he say calculate location using Pythagoras Theorem? Not even longitude and latitude 😂
Politics / Re: 14 Cities In Africa That Are More Developed Than Lagos And Abuja. by kenny714433(m): 11:40pm On Jan 18
Nigeria is a very large slum. Let's tell ourselves the truth.

In your spare time, go to Google, type compare Nigeria with (input any country). You would discover we are only in par with countries like Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Cameron, and other war torn countries. But we're not at war!

The only thing we beat most countries is child birth and stupid unproductive landmass which has even be occupied by bandits.

The scariest part of it is that before we get it right and things start to fall in place, we'll be in our 70s/80s because its quite hard to build.

Okay, states like Akwa Ibom, Rivers, Delta (let me not even call Lagos) is bigger than numerous countries like Maldives etc in both Landmass, GDP etc. Those state should have their capitals more beautiful than those counties' capital. But what do we have? A group of people pocketing everything in their account while their demonic minions cheers them up and defend them.

An average Nigerian has become a beggar. Listen to them speak, you will hear extreme hopelessness. It pains me...

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Sports / Re: Equatorial Guinea Vs Guinea Bissau: AFCON 2023 (4 - 2) On 18th January 2024 by kenny714433(m): 3:31pm On Jan 18
Equitorial Guinea giving us reasons not to even use calculator again 😅

Super Chicken either win or come back home
Politics / Re: Bandits Raid Military Camp, Unleash Mayhem On Katsina Community by kenny714433(m): 4:21pm On Jan 15
These bandits shouldn't hoard recruitment opportunities like NNPC. They should as a matter of urgency register with CAC and make sure to pay tax.

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