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Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by Khanben: 7:02pm On Sep 08
Michael K is gone yall. Im shook

RIP, to the guy who brought to life Omar and Mr Chalky White

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Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by Khanben: 1:23pm On Aug 26

Westbrook is a bad passer, yes he led the league in assists but you're forgetting he is the only player to pass over 300 turnovers last season with approx 5 turnovers per game.

AD is almost never fit, before Lakers in 2020 he had missed over 100 games to injuries. That's two full seasons in a 7 year career then.

Harden is more of an offensive threat than LeBron currently and Kyrie is harder to guard than AD.

Nets are not elite level defense oh but they're above league average and in 7 games they'll outscore Lakers 4 times.

Lakers and klutch, just got AD a new trainer hopefully that will help with his fitness issues
Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by Khanben: 1:21pm On Aug 26

Remember I said in my opinion, because it is based on how I understood him. To me, he was not talking about KG as though he was an unsuccessful bum. His HOF credentials is why his jersey is being retired, but birdman felt like a player of his status should be getting interviews on many basketball shows and his opinion should be sought after. That is how I understood his dig at him with respect to his attitude. When you asked him if that was his way of measuring success i.e doing shows, getting interviews, he accepted that there are many ways to quantify success but he was only establishing the like-ability dynamic to success. Mayors are voted right? Which means they are charismatic and likeable. Moguls are successful but what type of mogul? Dwayne Wade, Barkley, Shaq have become media moguls if you please. They might be controversial but people do like hearing their opinion etc because even with their controversy, they are like-able. Bill Russell and Lew Alcindor are people still revered even for their opinions but that is not really the case with KG even though he is rich. That does not mean I think he is not likeable FYI. I am telling you how I understood what birdman was saying.

His name is Kareem Abdul jabbar

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Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by Khanben: 2:51am On Aug 25
Noels is suing rich Paul
Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by Khanben: 8:27pm On Aug 23

It still hurts to know he no longer around.

His death is still the only celebrity death that hit me hard. #mamba

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Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by Khanben: 2:00pm On Aug 23
You people have started this nonsense talk again. Before Brady got there which of their receiving corps and defensive front seven did you know? What were their achievements besides Shaq Barett who had won a Superbowl but was jonzing in Tampa? How many Pro bowl O-Liners did you know on that team? You people lie without decorum. Which yeye good secondary?

Of course NFL is a team sport but only a crazeman will see a team that went from no playoffs to the damn Superbowl and deny that Tom Brady was the most important ingredient

Say that to someone who does not watch football not me. The defense was top 3 the season before Brady came, but Jamise with all his turnovers killed all their good work.
Evan, Godwin were all ready all-pro receivers before Brady came.
The front seven had all being voted all-pro in their career apart from White who was drafted in 2019, and anyone watching knows he is a top5 line backer in the league. Shaq led the league in sacks. All of these before Brady.
Tampa then used their 1st round pick on a right tackle, who was the a top 2 tackle in any draft projection and at the end of last season their online was the 5th best in the whole league according to pff.

PS: Incase you did not know Jameis threw 30 picks in 2019.


Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by Khanben: 1:52pm On Aug 22

I don tire for this IT talk. The guy busted his behind for free? I don’t get it! He got hurt while playing. Are we supposed to offer him the max he was requesting then? I don’t get all these talks to be honest. The guy was heading into the unemployment market when the Celtics took a chance. Would any other team be forced to feel sorry for not signing IT to a max? Bit of course because it’s the Celtics everyone has to hate.
The Celtics were not going to build its franchise around IT so the max was out of the way before the injury. Hayward and Kemba situation no get anything to do with IT, I don’t believe in that kain CAP. He is available now, why is no one taking a chance at him?
This is the same situation with Schroeder, the man over estimated his value and was unemployed until the Celtics stepped in but somehow, it is our fault for getting him on a bargain! I don’t get it most times. Oh well! We move..

As for Udonis, he should stop embarrassing himself and give that spot to a young kid that has something to prove. If he is important for the locker room then let him be hired as an assistant or in some capacity.

IMHO the whole IT situation just underscores the fact that as a player you should prioritize yourself, because management will surely prioritize themselves even if it means screwing you.
Don't play with injuries that can get worse and always get as much money as you can get, as quickly as you can get it
Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by Khanben: 1:20am On Aug 22
Freak injuries that can happen to anybody. Even younger players are suffering these injuries as well so I don't see your point

His playmaking also means he has to play many minutes on the court, Westbrook takes the ballhandling load off him. They did sign shooters. Melo, Nunn and Monk can shoot

Surprisingly the best shooter they signed is Wellington
Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by Khanben: 1:14am On Aug 22
What are you saying? Who are the plus defenders on Brooklyn apart from KD? What kind of dishonesty without financial incentive is this? This same Brooklyn that was on track to become one of the worst defensive teams in league history

You believe in your heart of hearts that Blake Griffin can guard Anthony Davis? grin shocked which series do you remember KD effectively guarding Lebron??

List the others let's compare. You watched FIBA Patty Mills and in your eye na all star. Who was talking about Patty Mills before Olympics? Abeg x3

They don't have any far better team anything. Stop this nonsense cap

Your problem is that you think only stars make a team. Mills is an above average playmaker. If it comes to running an offense which is what you need in the playoffs.
Go check, almost all NBA champions have one low key pattern which always repeats itself. the team which has the most players who can run the offense, always wins.
Blake was the primary defender on Giannis who is AD in comparison to that.
Also go check Brooklyn was only poor defensively in the first half of the season, by the end of the season they were already above league average. So please check your facts

PS: The 2011 nba finals got turned on its head because of the Mavs inserting JJ Barea into the line up, he is a below average nba player in totality, but you know what he excels in Running the offense.
Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by Khanben: 1:04am On Aug 22
Westbrook's only issue is not playing to his strengths that's it. If you're a bad shooter then take fewer 3's. Problem solved

We have never seen Westbrook on a team where he's the 3rd option and the Lakers will be fine if he's not consistently taking more shots than Lebron and AD, he might not have enough chances to shoot the Lakers out of games

Westbrook on the team helps them play at a quicker pace and more importantly will take ball handling off Lebron. That's the primary reason they brought him, they are well aware he can't shoot

Westbrook might not be a good 3rd option in your eyes but I'm sure most teams will kill for the luxury of Westbrook as your 3rd best player

Westbrook is a great player, time will tell, but for this team, he is a poor 3rd option, at least on paper. There are teams where Westbrook would fit better as a 3rd option like say the Celtics who already have 4 players who can shoot the 3ball and all they need him to do is just playmake, and go to the basket as much as he wants as long as does not take all those ridiculous long 2s.
But for the Lakers, the fit can work in the regular season and early playoff matchups, but what happens when games becomes close and its all about half court possessions. who gets the ball Russ or Lebron? Will they take turns?
When it is Lebron's turn, what does russ do? will be willing act as a cutter to the basket or will he hang around at the 3pt line. He refused to give up the ball for KD maybe he will do so for Lebron time will tell.
Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by Khanben: 12:53am On Aug 22
They are all dishonest people. How old is Tom Brady that won Superbowl this year and nobody dares bet against them this coming season. People act like we are not in an era where players can extend their primes like never before

Another of this overhyped narrative,throughout the playoffs Tom Brady had the best online, best receiving Corp, best defensive front seven and a good secondary. So his winning was more about the whole team than just him.

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Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by Khanben: 11:37pm On Aug 21

The same Westbrook that led the league in assists and triple doubles last season? Why are you Bronsexuals so dishonest like this. Westbrook is 2 months younger than KD and only 9 months older than Harden

You people are trying to paint the Lakers as some underdog. Sad

I repeat the only thing Brooklyn's big 3 have on Lakers is shooting!! Lakers have more size, more rebounding, defense and shot-blocking, rim protection. In the interior Lakers will punish Brooklyn, Which of Brooklyn's big 3 can guard AD apart from Durant who is even questionable. Can Harden guard Lebron? Can Kyrie guard Lebron?

Which defense apart from AD and Lebron name me another plus defender on their squad who will on the court in the last 5 minutes of a close game.
In a match up against the Nets, AD will be matched up against Blake while Lebron will be guarded by KD most of the time.
Also the Nets 'others' are way better than what the Lakers have Patty Mills alone trumps 2-3 of the Lakers players all by himself.

In short on paper the Nets have by far the better team going into next season no question. If they are all healthy, they will win.
Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by Khanben: 11:30pm On Aug 21
Shey na execs go enter court play?? FYI they only surveyed 10 GMS, He was FMVP just last year and top 3 MVP candidate till he got hurt. While I do not consider him the GOAT and never will, I still agree that in today's league he is still unquestionably a top 5 player and the only guys you can categorically say are better right now are Giannis and KD. The rest whosaiii

He was finals MVP after 4 months of rest. Anybody who says the covid break did not help Lebron last year is just being disingenuous. IMHO the break is probably why he did not get injured that season.
Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by Khanben: 11:28pm On Aug 21
Same Lebron that was MVP candidate before his injury? When will you people stop with this dishonesty? Is he still playing at a high level or not?

That is the 2nd time in 3 seasons he has had bad injuries. Which speaks to father time coming for its due.
As far his play, his playmaking ability is now his strongest asset which means at this stage he is better with shooters.
Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by Khanben: 11:24pm On Aug 21
What stage? Shey you know KD, Westbrook, Harden are more or less within a year of each other in age, AD is significantly younger than both with LeNomad the only oldie among them

The only thing you can categorically say Brooklyn does better is shooting, any other aspect I don't buy it.

Lebron has only played well alongside shooters? So why didn't he lobby for guys like Kemba Walker, Evan Fournier, Lowry and co that were available? I don't buy that argument one jot. The likes of Melo, Nunn and Monk are role players that can shoot

Giannis, Holiday were mediocre shooters the entire postseason. Didn't stop them from winning

So for you a PG who is at 25% from the 3pt range is the same as one who is at 30%. Giannis is a big so his shooting woos are just a media exaggeration, no one quibbled when Shaq had worse numbers.
Westbrook is a far better player than Jrue, but Jrue is a far better 3rd option on a championship side than the last seen version of Westbrook.
Jrue is as good a playmaker, a far better defender and though his shooting is erratic, he actually takes good shots and a team can live with his shot selection.
Westbrook on the other hand is an average defender (which is bad for a 3rd option), a great playmaker, but his most damaging attribute is not just that he is a bad shooter, it is that he takes very bad and ill-advised shoots, the moniker westbrick is not misplaced IMHO


Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by Khanben: 6:49pm On Aug 21

Just based on prime playing age alone, they are not even in the same class. This is not a honest take from a40 grin

Assinn, LeBron is going on year 19, and is at the very tail end of his prime.
Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by Khanben: 12:45pm On Aug 21
I'm saying save for the much hullaballoo about the 3 ball the Lakers IMO have the best big 3. Considering their size and skillset they are the most balanced of all big 3's. Westbrook (fingers crossed) will not have enough opportunity to shoot the Lakers out of a playoff game. This is the biggest thing everyone seems to be ignoring. For him to go cap in hand to join Lebron it means he's now ready to limit his bad tendencies

Brooklyn's big 3 at this stage of their career, when healthy are the better trio. Also their fit is more organic. Lebron has only played well alongside shooters, which Westbrook is not


Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by Khanben: 2:37pm On Aug 17

This. He does the dirty work and lets the stars be stars. Dude can score 2 points all game, and he gon still defend like you owe his mama money. Like you said, his offense is mainly spot up 3s so I would say he is more like Shane Battier than Ariza or Prince.

Hehe, I just looked him up, I didnt realize Battier never left the Heat. looks like he retired after the Lebron rings then joined the front office. Class act!

Yep exactly like Battier. Guys like these even if your best wing player is great on defense like Kobe, LeBron or Giannis, it never pays for them to be the one guarding the opposition best wing scorer, because it will just tire them out. Especially if the number 1 also has to run the offense sometimes (or almost all the time like LeBron).
A player like Kawhi can guard the opposition's best player because all you need him to do on offense is score in iso situations, and not to also get his teammates easy looks

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Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by Khanben: 2:02pm On Aug 17
Marcus smart 4yrs $77mil. Baba got the bag finally
Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by Khanben: 2:01pm On Aug 17

I thought this was what Rondo was supposed to be for them? cheesy

Rondo is done, he has entered the journey man stage of his career
Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by Khanben: 2:00pm On Aug 17

What exactly does he do exceptionally well? Who did he stop in the playoffs? KD? Everyone he guarded constantly put up historic performances. Or is it LeBron in 2020 against him? PJ is just a useful body, he's not a shutdown defender. He signed for the Heat for virtually the same amount he made with the Bucks. If the Bucks really wanted him don't you think they would have been willing to either match that salary or pay a bit more? He was expendable as far as the Bucks were concerned.

Everybody he guarded worked for every point they scored and always looked gassed at the end of game. Add that to his passable rebounding averages, and ability to warrant a defender when he spaces the floor on the offensive end, overall hustle, and you will find few players who fit that skillset, who can guard 2 through 5 (and bigger 1s).
Finally he freed Giannis from being the primary defender on the opposition best wing defender on most possessions. This allowed Giannis to focus on help defense, both strong and weak side, and Giannis is arguably one of the best if not the best at playing help defense.
PJ Tucker is a player who is good based on fit, he is like Tayshaun prince with the Detroit pistons and Ariza with the Lakers (difference is he is a better rebounder and Prince and Ariza are slightly better scoring).

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Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by Khanben: 8:14pm On Aug 16
The Clippers have moved P. Beverly and R. Rondo for E. Bledsoe from the Grizzlies.

It is a good move, the Clippers seriously need a PG who can run the offense and play defense, which he can. Yes, he is a liability on offense during the playoffs because he chokes, but the Clippers don't need his scoring since they kept Reggie.
Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by Khanben: 8:11pm On Aug 16

PJ Tucker is overrated sha.

He is not overrated, he knows his role and does it exceptionally well


Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by Khanben: 8:03pm On Aug 15
Pritchard dropping 92 in a pro-am game. Abeg the gap between nba players and normal people in basketball no be here.
Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by Khanben: 2:34am On Aug 15

Nuggets, Grizzlies or Jazz at full strength will flog any team in the east not named bucks or nets. Even bucks is debatable. After those 2, there is a steep dropoff in the east. I expect the suns to underachieve if injuries are not a factor this year because of how loaded the west is.

The Heat and the Sixers are better than the Grizzlies IMHO. the Hawks vs the Grizzlies is a toss up, but if Reddish carries over his playoffs form, then I'll personally pick them over the Grizzlies too.
As for the Celtics and Bulls they both have the talent but with the new setup no one can say what they are
Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by Khanben: 1:59am On Aug 14
As things stand it seems the teams in the east has at long last caught up with those in the west in terms of overall conference strength. It can even be argued, that depending on how the chips fall with Philly, the east might have 3 of the best 4 teams.
Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by Khanben: 12:35am On Aug 10
Trae $207m SGA $172m Ayton and MPJ up next. Omo NBA money is different, na to run Project LeBron grin

Trae contract will only get to $207 if he makes one all-nba team in the next 2 years. But apart from SGA (who I think is been paid based on potential), Luka and Trae have both earned every cent
Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by Khanben: 1:35am On Aug 09

In 2017, Noel rejected a 4 year/ 70M worth $17M annually from Cuban and the Mavs.

Mumu, if he had signed that, he will be up for another contract right now. Village people are strong in his life. grin grin
Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by Khanben: 12:41am On Aug 09

Schroeder and N. Noel village people dey the same WhatsApp group. There is absolutely no way anyone is giving him anything near that money. He would have to become a journey man getting 1 year deals.

How much did Noel reject?
Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by Khanben: 4:16pm On Aug 08
i heard dennis schroeder turned down 84 million from the lakers and is currently out of a job. sometimes, i wonder what goes through these guys mind

He is a case of overestimating your worth. What he now needs to do is fire whatever agent adviced him to reject that offer sheet and then go sign a 1 year prove it contract.

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Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by Khanben: 2:10pm On Aug 07
The Mavs should better get someone to talk to Luka. Why did he play with that sprained wrist. The Boy self no get sense, you have a $200+ mil contract waiting, and you are playing with injuries
Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by Khanben: 1:26am On Aug 06

Bruhhh I don't know why Pop keeps sticking with Him. Not only has He been way below par, His style of play does not suit this current team. His bread and butter is the PnR and rather unfortunately for Him,Pop is running much of that action. He is clearly a much better player than Jrue however Jrue is the better facilitator and He is on another stratosphere when it comes to Defence. Those are two tangibles this current team needs not a ball dominant ISO shooter.

If I were Pop this is will be my starting line up

Then have the likes of Zach,Tatum, Bam et al come off the bench to produce moments of spark. All good to great shooters who can also take it to the whole and finish through contact. Not forgetting they are good defensively. Yes Booker has been Team USA'S 4th best defender behind Jrue,Draymond and KD. The key to this game is the three ball. If it starts to rain, it'll end in a blow out as no team is out gunning this US team. Any other scenario then expect a tough hard fought game.

Dame is a 2 guard, he can run some offense when he needs to, but he is better as a 2. For as good as the Blazers are on offense, this is also part of their problem, If the Blazers can trade CJ for a point guard of equivalent talent will greatly benefit that team

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