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Literature / Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by Kheriee(f): 10:04pm On Jan 26, 2018
Don't forget to mention me in ur next story

I won't forget
Literature / Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by Kheriee(f): 8:52am On Jan 25, 2018

Awww baby. I thought of writing a happy ending one but school has sucked all my brain juice and time
Lmfao... School stress can make somebody do the unthinkable
Literature / Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by Kheriee(f): 12:02pm On Jan 24, 2018
finally we are here,thank God for another complete story and thanks to you kheriee

Thanks to you too
Literature / Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by Kheriee(f): 12:01pm On Jan 24, 2018
Beautiful ending. Congratssssss

Thanks hon. I'm still crying cos of hidden diamonds sha
Literature / Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by Kheriee(f): 12:01pm On Jan 24, 2018
happily ever after at last

Yes oo
Literature / Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by Kheriee(f): 12:00pm On Jan 24, 2018
Nice story u ve got here,i just came across it nd decided to read it.
@kheriee,u re really gonna make a good writer. Keep it up dear

Awwwwn m encouraged. Thanks dear

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Literature / Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by Kheriee(f): 12:00pm On Jan 24, 2018
@kheriee. Why didn't I get an Invitation to the wedding??
Nice story. More grease to your elbow.

We ran out of invitation cards lol
Literature / Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by Kheriee(f): 1:38pm On Jan 23, 2018
Thanks for the long time with me fam.
Jess nd Dylan finally got to their destination. Thanks for the support and encouragement.
I hope I will be writing a better, more attention grabbing and intriguing piece next.

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Literature / Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by Kheriee(f): 1:34pm On Jan 23, 2018
Jessica's Pov
I breastfed Ashley when she woke up. My tiny baby girl, Dylan loves her so much even before she was born. I had a little perfect family which I had always prayed for. I have never experienced sadness ever since I married Dylan and everything had been going on well. He had lots of time to spare for his family despite the fact that his company needs alot of attention.

Staring at my smiling baby, playing with her little finger, my eyes travelled to the box beside the bed lamp. It contains our necklaces, the key chain I and Dylan exchanged when we were young. My hand caressed the keys on the chain, I smiled but lifted my head when I heard Dylan clear his throat.

"you are such a creep honey, for how long have you been standing there?"

"long enough for you not to notice. How's my cute little pumpkin doing? Arrh"

He bent down to pick up Ashley, holding her up with his strong hands. She chuckled, showing her toothless gum. I wish I could take another picture of them even when I have lots of the happy moments captured.

"humm honey could you help me watch Ashley while I take my bath? I won't take too much time, I already fed her"

"sure my love, I would take care of her for the few minutes you are gone. After all she's my princess" He winked at me.
I heard alot of rustling and scattering while I was in the bathroom but I assumed it was Dylan trying to catch Ashley's attention with her toys. I didn't bother much because I could hear her loud laughter.

Either laughing or shouting or getting angry, I couldn't pick any of the options. I was dumbstruck,like surprised when I entered the room. Ashley was on the bed, her butt covered in her baby powder, dylan's face, head and hands were in the same condition. The looks on his face made the laughter escaped from my lips.

"honey, what happened? Why are you covered in Ashley's powder?"

"err you see, you took longer than I expected in the bathroom and she pooped, so I took her to her room to wash her up and these, I don't know how you mothers do these. I'm a mess here"

He scrunched his nose, which only made me laugh more.

"you should go clean up while I prepare Ashley. Or don't you know today is Linda's engagement party?

"shit, I almost forgot, I just knew today was somewhat important. Now how do I get this thing off me?i would sure need help"

What? Did he just wink at me?

"I just had my bath, and I need to get the powder off Ashley too"

"Yeah I know that's why we could all get it off together. You know, the three of us. Come on love it's okay to Bath twice at a go. I really need you to help me get the powder off and get dressed"

Woah, he is winking again. Well, I have no choice, we still have two hours before the party. We could sneak in some peaks or what ya think?

"I'm coming baby, prepare the warm bath okay. Love you!!"

And that's how happy my family is. Love can't be erased, it can only be denied opportunities. Where the heart lies is where it belongs. Circumstances, people, threats and gossips are obstacles and a must to conquer. Love supersedes all.



Literature / Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by Kheriee(f): 1:33pm On Jan 23, 2018
Bonus chapter
Dylan's Pov
She gave me the best birthday present ever, after our engagement. After dating and getting familiar with each other for six months, I finally proposed to her. She was very happy and her parents were happy about it. They became my parents too but I try to visit my father in his cell room once a while.

"honey pie, won't you need to go to the hospital or are you fine now? I'm so worried about you that I couldn't even plan anything for tonight"

I talked to her, holding her face in my palms. I knew she felt bad but I meant it, I would rather stay home with her than go out of my way, celebrating my birthday. I really loved her.

"I'm so sorry you can't spend your day well because of me. I really feel bad" She gave me a baby pout which only tempted me to kiss her.

"stop it honey, you know your pouts really gets to me and moreover you are enough for an everlasting birthday present."

"Oh that reminds me, I have your birthday present, I just hope you would like it."

She could give me a cotton bud and I would be happy with it but I wondered what it was she had for me because I hadn't seen her with a box or wrapped gift. She brought out an envelope, it couldn't be a house document. I already bought our house in which we are living in presently. I pondered on what it could be as I slowly opened it.

"you can't be serious honey pie. You are... You are carrying my baby? Oh my gosh I love you so much. Our baby, we are having a baby. We are having a wedding then."

"take it easy sweetheart, I'm six weeks pregnant. Come on its your birthday, we should do something. Let's go upstairs, take a shower and Wear something nice."

"anything you want baby" I was overwhelmed with joy. I was going to be a father. We had our shower together and of course it took longer than planned. She wore a red dinner dress and she was looking as stunning as always. She made me wear a button down shirt and fitted trousers, I wonder where she was taking me to.

We walked down the stairs then to the sliding door that leads to the backyard. What I saw made me rain kisses on her. She had planned a surprise birthday party for me, linda, Sarah, harry and his family, Shania, some of our high school friends and coworkers, her parents were present. The loud shout, filled with laughter made my heart melt with joy. It was the best birthday I have ever had. Thanks to my loving fiancé.

I made toasts, thanked everyone and opened my presents. I couldn't believe it, linda gave me briefs, it was so embarrassing and I found a pack of condom with it. I would have squeezed her tiny arms but I was being a good boy. Shania gave me a pair of shoe which i accepted with love. I got a brand new car from harry and his family, I guess I wasn't expecting it and I got another business contract from Jess parents. It was a wonderful birthday which I wish wouldn't come to an end.

"I have a special announcement to make everyone. My dear fiancé Jess, is six weeks pregnant, that means we are wedding right away."

I heard loud cheers from everyone. We were congratulated and I was to discuss our wedding date with Jess and her parents later. Shania volunteered to plan the event for free. She studied event planning and design. She wouldn't even let Jess contribute even though they work in line together.

My beautiful life story had just began with the love of my life. I sent a message to my dad about my wedding and he was happy for me. It wasn't like he had any choice. My night was sealed with a kiss from Jess and after everyone left, she gave me a perfect birthday present. *winks*
Literature / Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by Kheriee(f): 3:00pm On Jan 22, 2018
Nd dahs d end cry
Bonus chapter and epilogue coming right up. grin
Literature / Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by Kheriee(f): 2:59pm On Jan 22, 2018
Chapter thirty five
By the time they both arrived at Georgia, Jess was very tired. Dylan had to pay for an hotel so she could rest while he attends to the case at hand.

"you are early Mr perkins" Linda greeted him with a warm smile.

"oh drop the sacarsm Linda, are we on the first name basis now?" He replied with a smile too engulfing her in a friendly hug.

"where is Jess? I thought she was coming with you"

"err, yeah but I made her rest at a hotel, she was very tired"

"alright then let's check this stuffs out. I can wait to see her. Gosh I wonder how she coped after discovering whatever she found out at harry's"

"that's just life right. It's a bonus for me, if not I might not have her back in my arms"

He wriggled his eye brows and Linda hit him playfully on his arm. They checked the evidences and confirmed his father's arrest. His next target of fraud and embezzlement folders.

"ahhh linda, I must say you did a hell lot of work. I must commend you."

"no I did it for you and Jess, I mean this man made you guys suffer bags of shit which wasn't fair."

"thanks Lee, it's been two hours now, I promised to bring Jess along while going to see that criminal of a father in his hell hole"

She rolled her eyes." my name is linda not Lee dylan"

He placed his hands on her shoulder. "you are still my Lee no matter what."
A smile illuminated Mr Perkins face when he saw Dylan and Jess. He frowned at linda which only made her chuckle. He was embarrassed so he started the conversation.

"son, yeah I know I'm not entitled to call you that but I'm sorry okay. Sorry isn't enough but that's what I can say right now. I probably might not be feeling sorry if I hadn't gotten arrested, I wanted to rip off your company but you were smarter than I was. It's a good thing I'm here though, I have always been a bad person and err, you know the rest."

He scratched the back of his neck with his left hand and gripped the iron bar with his right Hand. Everyone was stunned at his outburst. He smiled at Jess and continued his speech.

"I bless the both of you union even if my blessings are irrelevant but I am sorry for what I put you and your family through. You two were made for each other and maybe I was just a destiny delay tool. I don't expect you to come see me regularly Dylan, I know I deserve this. Go on, be happy and I'm sorry about your mother, I loved her but I was so stupid I chose wealth and fame instead. I'm sorry"

He turned his back on them and sat at the far end of the cell room, his head between his knees. Dylan lost it and shouted at him.

"you bloody dick. You say you are sorry like it's easy. I hate you, I will make sure you rot here. I fucking hate you. I'm not your son! "

Jess held him by the shoulder calming him down." we should head home Dylan, this place is doing no good to you."

He reluctantly left the place with Jess and Linda. The ride to Linda's apartment calmed his nerves a bit while the girls chit chatted all the way.

Jess slumped on Linda's bed while Dylan just sat by her laptop eating some kitkats.

"Dylan are you this depressed that you had to start taking kitkats? You aren't a girl dude, or you need ice-cream?"

"Lee just shut up yet. It's Jess, she, I don't know I want her back"

Jess sat up abruptly from the bed. "Dylan, you aren't accusing me now are you? Oh I so much hate you. You want linda to castigate me. We were just about to kiss hours ago weren't we? Oh no, I didn't just voice out my thought did I?"

She brought her hand to cover her mouth, faking a gasp but she wasn't fast enough. Dylan attacked her with his kisses. They both laughed as linda left the room irritated.

"yuck! You two are gross. Anyways I've got protections in the drawer"
She winked at them and Jess blushed so hard she had to hide her face on dylan's chest.

"I love you Jess, I have always loved you and... "

" shhh" She brought her index finger to his lips. "then what are we waiting for? Just take me right now, here." She closed the gap between them, hungrily kissing each other, burning with desire. "I want you jess"
"then just take me"

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Literature / Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by Kheriee(f): 6:07pm On Jan 20, 2018
Chapter thirtyfour
Sarah stared at Jess wide eyes before engulfing her in a tight hug.

" oh my God Jess I've missed you and Linda. I'm so sorry I left and never contacted, it's got lots of things to do with it. So how come you know this family"

Edward had a smug smile on his face while harry just kept staring at his empty plate absent-minded. Jess ended the hug smiling at Sarah.

"I and Harry are close friends so he invited me to meet his family. You look stunning though, and Harry has told me about you but I never knew it would be you, the Sarah I know."

"oh" were the only words that escaped Sarah's lips. Jess had a smirk on her face without looking at harry. He stared at her wide eyed. Mrs Chester had a little smile on. She appreciated how Jessica handled the situation.

"let's have dinner, we have lots of things to catch up on." Jessica concluded with a smile.

After dinner the petite smiling lady that met them at the entrance showed Jessica her room. She closed the door behind her and tears found its way down her cheeks. She slowly crumbled to the floor, hugging her knees to her chest. She cried her eyes out.

An hour later, she opened her eyes, she had slept off on the floor while crying. She stood up, washed up in the bathroom and changed into her pyjama. She pulled out her phone, contemplating whether to dial dylan's number or not. She clicked on it, after all he said he would always be there.

"hey Jess, what's up with you?"

"I... I.... Could you help me book for an early or noon flight for tomorrow, I need to leave this place. I.... I cnt pretend for long."

"calm ur tits Jess, I cnt book an early flight but will help you book one for noon. And I would be waiting at the airport when you land. Be calm okay. You know I care about you right?"

"alright, thanks. I will just rest for the night."

She let out the breath she didn't know she has been holding after ending the call before she heard a knock on her door.

"Jessica darling please open up, it's Dora."

Mrs Chester said quietly after knocking. Jess opened the door quietly but almost closed it when she saw harry standing beside her.

"oh dear, it must have been really hard on you but I love your courage. Don't worry you would be fine, you deserve happiness and I don't think this place is appropriate for you."

She cupped Jessica's face in her hands smiling at her. Harry stepped forward to bend down beside Jess bed.

"Jess, I'm sorry, please forgive me"

"You're sorry? Okay, I have forgiven you but why did you do it? You knew what I was going through and yet you had to lead me on. I hate you right now but I will calm down. Sarah is a nice girl, you should make someone happy for once."

"believe me Jess, I really love you, I was shit scared of loosing you that's why I didn't tell you about my arranged marriage. I thought I could change the policy of this family for once but I acted like a coward. Forgive me please."

"it's okay. I wouldn't wanna stay in a family where the father doesn't like me either. I will be leaving tomorrow before noon to catch my flight. I can't cope with the tension here anymore."

"no Jess, you were supposed to stay for three days or more. Please don't leave that way, I have to make it up to you please stay."

"stay? As Sarah's rival or what, your second option? No way it's not going to work that way. If you don't mind, I will like to go to bed this minute. Forgive my manners Mrs Chester, goodnight mam."

"it's fine darling goodnight"

She pecked Sarah on her cheek and dragged harry along with her who reluctantly left the room.
Dylan helped Jess carry her bags to his car. He silently drove away from the airport. He didn't ask her about what happened, if she wanted to talk about it, she would and she was grateful he didn't probe.

"so, your house right? "

" no, I don't want to be alone. Take me to your place."

He was taken aback by her reply but a flicker of hope rose inside of him.

"alright then. You would be just fine."

"Dylan! "

" yes dear"

"thanks for everything"

"don't mention"

She curled up on his sofa, her head on his chest. They were watching a movie, a bottle of coke in her hand while a bowl of popcorn sat on the table.

"I don't understand why you ladies find this 'notebook' of a movie fascinating" Dylan complained.

"well, I like the movie, it's like us and I don't know, I just like it." She shrugged.

"does that mean there's hope for the both of us"

"well if you want it or if I'm ready to move on and make things work"

He hugged her tight in his arms. "I want us to work out. Give us one more chance, we are mature now"

He kissed her forehead. Staring at her lips, he proceeded to try his luck when his phone started to ring, interrupting the moment.

"shit who the hell is calling? " He picked it.

" hey linda. What!! Arrested? The evidence, are they filed? Good, I will be there."
He turned to face Jess after ending the call.

"my dad has just been arrested with the evidences linda helped research and file. Wanna come? You could stay back if you want."

"no, I will come with you, I really need to see linda too."

She gave him a genuine smile and he hugged her close in return.
Literature / Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by Kheriee(f): 3:49pm On Jan 19, 2018
Almost getting to the end of this novel. Two to three more chapters to go. Thanks for being with me all the way
Literature / Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by Kheriee(f): 3:48pm On Jan 19, 2018
Wow, getting more interesting.

We want some more please.

Thanks for the encouragement.
Another update coming up this night or tomorrow
Literature / Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by Kheriee(f): 11:23am On Jan 19, 2018
Chapter thirty three
Time flew very fast, Harry was to come to Jess house to pick her up by noon for their four hour flight to see his parents. She was really nervous. After packing the things she might need for three days she decides to call Linda again.

"hey baby, are you ready for the long journey?"

"oh Linda I'm so nervous. I feel guilty after what happened with Dylan. I'm having a bad feeling all of the whole dinner thing won't go well."

"I've told you to calm down and let time take its course. You don't know what you might find out when you get there. Besides, harry is never gonna find out what happened."

"is there something you and Dylan know that you aren't telling me? Or have you two been anyway conversing? Oh no don't tell me it's true."

"hey, I didn't want you to feel bad you know. I'm the lawyer working on his father's illegal business case and we are bound to converse. I'm sorry I didn't wanna bring it up when you were trying to forget him."

"Yeah right, and now I can't get him out of my dumb head. I'm such a bag of shit. I've been hating him for no reason. I have to go now. Talking to you didn't help though I'm yet to forgive you for this outburst."

"you probably shouldn't forgive me right away but if anything happens at the dinner, don't hesitate to call Dylan, he would always be there."

That was the end of the call. A call that was meant to put Jess mind at peace only caused more turmoil. What could be happening? Even harry himself wanted to changr her mind from going for the dinner.

She pulled her small box to the living room, surveying everywhere to make sure all was in place. Just in time, the door bell rang. She opened it to reveal a pale looking harry. He still had the dark circles under his eyes like he didn't have enough rest. He portrayed a tired smile and gave her a hug, pecking her on the lips.

"you ready?"


The silence in the car, as they drove to the airport was an awkward one. He was grateful she didn't push him further, asking about his pale feature and dark circles.

When they got to the airport, he squeezed her hand gently without letting go. She turned to face him.

"wanna talk about it when we get inside the plane?"

He shook his head.

"no, don't just let go of my hand. I love you."

Guilt swelled in her stomach. When harry said those words, she discovered she didn't love him like she thought she did, she wanted to apologise to him for leading him on because she now knew that all this while, she had been using him to get over Dylan. She forced the words out of her throat.

"I love you too."
Harry stared at the mansion where he grew up in front of him. Still holding on to Jess hands very tight, they both walked slowly towards the entrance. A butler bowed and open the door for them.

"good day Mr Chestler." He greeted.

He gave the man a nod who seemed to be in his late thirties. Jessica didn't have enough time to admire the outer part of the mansion. It was painted a bright cream colour, she caught a glimpse of the open garage where cars of different new models were displayed. The mansion really smelled wealth. The flowers in front of the building were awesome with amazing scent.

The inside of the mansion was incredibly beautiful beyond words. Her eyes focused on the golden chandelier with lights that were like diamonds. A lady's gentle voice greeted them in the hallway.

"Good day sir and miss, you look stunning. Mr chestler asked for your presence when you arrive. And to the miss, madame awaits you in library. I would walk you there."

She said with a smile on her lips like it was permanent. Harry gave Jess hand one last assuring squeeze before letting go. She followed the lady to the said library.

Mrs chestler turned around to face Jessica with a smile on her lips. She looked stunning in her white formal gown. Her dark hair flowed to her shoulder. Harry got his cute looks from his mother no doubt but her eyes were hazel. She seemed like a soft woman who liked to read alot of books.

"goodday Mrs chestler"

"hello Jessica. Come here darling, come take a seat. I finally met you in person. Harry has been ranting on about you."

They talked for a while and Mrs chestler seemed to be growing on Jess. She told her about Harry's childhood and how she married his father. It was a contract marriage but they fell in love along the line. Jess told her how she and Harry met and some of the funny things that happened in her life but didn't make mention of Dylan.

"Jessica darling I think I like you, dinner will be ready in twenty minutes but I must warn you, that man I call my husband could act like a monster sometimes. Don't let him intimidate you, take everything that might happen down there and handle it with maturity and you would be alright."

She engulfed her in a warm motherly hug and they both walked downstairs to the dining area. Of course, Mr chestler could be very intimidating. Harry faced down and refused to look at Jess as they sat down. Mrs chestler words failed to register in Jess brain and it made her feel uncomfortable knowing something was up.

Mr chestler greeted Jess formally and started an awkward conversation once they were seated. He had a huge stature but nice feature. His hair was brown and he had the same eyes as harry.

"Jessica Wilson, harry has told me a few things concerning you, but I don't care. I just want to ask you this, are you sure you are the one my son wants to really marry?"

"E.. Excuse me... " Jess stammerd, trying to make sense of the question that was just thrown to her.

" dad, are you really going to be like this?" harry finally looked up.

Dora glared dagger at her husband. "Edwards, don't be rude, you won't make the innocent girl's heart face a crisis. She's oblivious to the nonsense going on around here."

He shrugged nonchalantly. "well no need to panic. As you can all witness, we can't start dinner yet without the presence of our guest."

Jessica clasp her sweaty hands together, she was beginning to shiver. Uncomfortable was an understatement for how she felt was this family. Mrs chestler's apology smiles were the only thing keeping her sane.

The door to the dinning area opened to reveal a female dressed in a black strapless gown that was ankle length. Her strong perfume hit the whole room but Jessica decided not to raise her head till Edward passed the awaiting comment.

He patted harry on the shoulder. "son, your fiancé is here"

Jessica and Harry stared at each other for a short while, he could see the look of betrayal, hurt and regret in her eyes. But she smiled. She hid her feelings very well and it only scared him more.

The young lady walked grace fully towards the table, bent and pecked Edwards on his cheeks. Just as she was about to move over to his wife. She and Jessica's eyes met. Her happy face fell as they both choruses each other's name.

"Jessica! "
" Sarah! "

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Literature / Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by Kheriee(f): 11:22am On Jan 19, 2018
This story is too much.

Nice update
Thanks dear
Literature / Re: Chances by Kheriee(f): 6:19pm On Jan 18, 2018
Nice work penshalom. I had to stay focused till I got to the end. Mote ink the your pen hon.

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Literature / Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by Kheriee(f): 11:29am On Jan 18, 2018
Chapter thirty two
I will be here
Dylan's pov
I already saw her through my window, she was nervous, contemplating whether to knock on my door or not but I knew she would knock either way. I felt a smile illuminate my face as I strode towards the door when I heard her feeble knock, twice.

She was breathtaking, she fiddled with her finger nails, she does that alot whenever she was nervous. She scaned me with her eyes from head to toes like she loved what she was seeing. I was dressed casually because I wasn't going anywhere, though I would have taken her to a restaurant or better still a park so we could talk well but Harry had decided to keep tabs on her. That guy was overprotective like he was protecting more than Jessica but I knew he was protecting the truth too.

I quickly used that opportunity to admire how beautiful she has grown to be. She doesn't know how much her shape turned me on, the pant trouser she wore didn't help matters, a button down shirt that clung to her body like a second skin, black heels and she tied her hair in a ponytail style.

Someone had to break the spell so I did.

"done checking me out sweets?"

She wanted to say something but was caught up in her throat. Instead she walked inside the house slowly when I stepped aside for her to come in. I trailed behind.

" wonderful home you have got here"

"Yeah thanks, I can see you like it, I designed it to suit ur taste"

She spaced out a little when I made that statement but composed herself as fast as she could. I tried to change the topic.

"so would you like to take something while I finish up in my room or better still you could come with me, I have cushion there too." I felt the reluctance in her expression as she bit her lower lip.

"I would rather go with you. I can't stay here alone, I would be bored."

We went to my room together, she stopped, then looked around the big room. Her eyes were kind of teary but I could see she was fighting it. She loved the interior and the design, it's something like what she had always told me she wanted my room to be like so anytime she comes to visit, she would take her time to admire the view and create her own space and closet. But not anymore, not if she stays with Harry.

She sat on the cushion in my room. I offered her an orange juice which she gladly accepted.

"so, care to talk about how you've been faring?"

"Dylan, you said you wanted to talk, to explain why you left like a coward instead of staying to fight for us, yourself. Please just start, I don't have the whole day."

This statement hit me in a sore part, it hurt me but she was right, she wasn't meant to be here, Harry won't like it if he finds out she came here, so I started.

"after my mother explained everything to me, my father arrived, gosh it was like he put a tracker or camera in the the house. He knew everything that was happening. He came, wanted to beat my mom, she was weak and couldn't do anything. Asif the damage hard drugs has done to her wasn't enough, he wanted to kill her. I hit him Jess. I hit my father, he was strangling her in my presence. She motioned for me to leave but I didn't, I could let her die in his hands so I threatened to call the cops. He backed off and I had the chance to take my mother to the hospital. I couldn't stay with my father any more, he would try to manipulate me so I ran for my life. It's was on my way to the hospital I dropped that letter for you."

I watched as she fought back tears at the corner of her eye but I carried on anyways.

"her treatment fee was high and I couldn't afford it but I didn't want her to die. So I joined a gang on my way to the hustling life. I had to do illegal stuffs to make money, I didn't like the lifestyle but I had no choice, it brought in fast money even though we had to deal with weapons. I don't want to make you scared but eventually I opted out. I opted out because it was a waste of time, my mother wasn't healing. Instead I used the money for college, met some rich guys and they were interested in my intelligence and you know the rest. They help me set up Dycan"

I knew the name threw her off-balance. The first two letters of my name and the three last letters of her name was what formed my company.

"and I've promised to strip my dad off all what he owns, that's why I merged with Harry's company. Because he didn't give a damn, he went ahead to date another woman, my mom found out. Jess, she died, she died of hypertension, the shock, the high blood pressure, I couldn't save her I was helpless."

I gave in to the tears that streamed down my cheeks. I had promised myself that I won't break down in front of her but that was impossible, I let it flow freely.

"when I made it big, I decided to come back in search of you but I couldn't find you. I'm sorry, it was my fault, I didn't know you assumed something else, I know I was a coward. I should have explained to you a little, maybe you would have waited..... "

She wrapped her arms around me, silencing me. I felt safe in her arm like I belonged there. She smelt of strawberry, I missed her even if most of our memories were childhood memories, I still missed and wanted her so much.

It wasn't the right time, I shouldn't have done it but I did it anyways. I kissed her, I waited for a reaction, maybe a slap but nothing came so I continued. She kissed me back, she responded to my kiss and it only gave me more permission to explore.

It felt heavenly, kissing her was heavenly. I nibbled, teased, bit and kissed. I let my hand move to the small of her back, raising her cloth so I could touch her bare skin. She let out a soft moan which I liked the sound of. She moved closer, I carried her up, letting her legs wrap round my waist, gently to my bed, hips to hips, we were moving in sync. Gosh I had a hard on and I know she was feeling my erection against her heated part I wanted to take her right there. I teased her with my lips, raining kisses on her neck, jawline, and her cleavage.

I loosed two of her button on her shirt so I'm in contact with her chest. Kneading her breast through her bra, her moan was needing, desire seeped through me, I could feel the heat radiating from our bodies. My hand was travelling down her thigh when she jerked up and shouted.

"stop! Dylan stop"

She pushed me off her.

"I can't believe I did this, I shouldn't have. Gosh I feel so.. I don't even know."

She let out in a shakey voice like she was going to cry. She redressed herself as fast as possible, headed for the door and fumbled with the doorknob before she could open it.

"Jess, I'm sorry, I know you are with someone else and I have to be happy for you but it just felt right few minutes ago. I don't know if you hate me now but just know that I will be here. If you need anything or a shoulder to cry on, I will surely be here.

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an unexpected romp will ghen ghen
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Chapter thirty-one
His humble home
Jessica's Pov
He whooped and blew me an invisible kiss before Strolling away. I didn't evn know where he lives, I don't wanto meet him but one part of me was saying I should give him the chance to explain himself.

I threw myself on the bed after preparing my warm bath, tried to strip out of my clothes and have a warm bath but the events of the past few minutes were playing in my head.

I hate to admit it but I missed him, I felt genuinely happy just talking to him, he was full of life and he wasn't even hurt that I didn't wait for him, well even if he was hurt, he did a good job hiding his feelings.

I should stop thinking of what I feel for him but I can't, now that I think about it, I should have waited for him, let him explain himself, it wasn't his fault, he suffered as much as I did. We were suffering for our parents misdeeds, they didn't think properly before signing that contract before investigating. I don't know how he coped with his parents faking his death, I was so selfish, he suffered alot, starting all over again on his own and ended up building himself a good name and company. I should hear him out, he deserves none of what he's going through. I was the selfish one.

I felt tears threatening my eyes but I brushed them back. Harry haven't given me a call since he dropped me at home and he hasn't been replying any of my messages. I let my hair down from the messy bun I tied it before. I let the warm water cool me down as I took my shower.

I managed to walk gracefully into the company. Resting my head against the metallic object the elevator was made of, I released a long sigh and thought about how my day started and how it was going to end.

Walking into my office, I least expected to see Harry seated, waiting for me. His head was hung low in between his palms. He raised his head, eyes meeting mine. He had dark circles under his eyes like he didn't sleep throughout the night. I walked up to him, dropping my hand bag on the floor.

"Baby what happened? Why are you looking stressed out?"

"I... I'm sorry Jess, I should have told you. I didn't even try to call you after dropping you off, I'm such an idiot but it wasn't my fault. I had a clash with my dad and he wants to see me, I mean us."

Time seemed to stand still making me freeze where I knelt down beside him. I don't think I was ready to meet his parents. He noticed the reluctance in my expression.

"you don't need to meet them if you don't want to, I could just look for an excuse."

"no, don't. I can't make a bad impression of me just yet. Either way I would still meet them so don't you worry, I really know how to get along with elders."

"honey my dad is very different, you shouldn't really go if you don't want to, even though he's bent on meeting you."

"if you don't want me to go then why did you inform me? Or is there anything you are hiding from me.?"

He stiffened on his seat but quickly erased the expression before she could see it.

"no, not at all."

"very well then when is our flight?"

"we would take off a day before the meeting date."
Sweat trickled down my spine as I wrapped my knuckles to knock on dylan's door. He had called me earlier that day in my office pleading for me to meet him at his place, Reading out his address for me. I had a second thought of going there but Linda had assured me everything was going to be fine, since harry had started keeping tabs on me lately and I couldn't meet him at any restaurant or Park.

I mustered courage and did a quick knock twice on the hard wooden and it immediately swing open, exposing a gorgeous Dylan. His hair was disheveled due to the number of times he had run his fingers through it. His eyes was bright crystal blue. How he managed to be sexy even in a worried state seemed to daze me.

I took my time drinking in his appearance and he didn't stop me. He was wearing his armless basket ball Jersey and shorts that expose his fine and muscular legs. His muscles were well defined which gave out the correct assumption that he did alot of workout.
His lips, they had a nicer shape than when he was a teenager. I shouldn't be thinking of his lips but I couldn't help it. His thick voice brought me back to my real state of mind.

"done checking me out sweets?"

My mouth fell open but words couldn't find their way out. He smiled and stepped aside for me to enter. I shyly entered his humble home blushing, I couldn't hide it. Heat creeped up to my cheek from my neck. I could feel him smirk, walking behind me.
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This story is getting more interesting.

Babe you rock, keep up the good work.
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Chapter thirty
Mixed feelings
Jessica's pov
Immediately I said those words, I stepped out of the elevator with Harry. His grip on my hand tightened to the extent that I felt it would rip my skin off. I felt like the devil, I was hurt that I had to hurt him with those words but the same thoughts came to my mind again. 'he was the one that left, he hurt me and didn't even try to contact me'.

I walked past him only to realise that Harry has released my hands from his. It was like the both of them were engaged in a stare down. I could do nothing or wait could it be that Dylan was the new business partner? Yes that should be the case and the reason why his expression changed when I asked if I could meet him.

"Baby we would be late for dinner"

I managed to blurt out when I could finally pick my words together. Harry was the first to surrender from the stare down and gripped my hand. He dragged me out of the company, taking fast strides due to his long and muscular legs over the tiled floor while I tried to keep my pace with him.

The journey to the restaurant was silent and awkward. I refused to climb out of the car when we got there. None of us has said anything to each other since the incident. He sighed and turned his face towards me.

"I..... I'm sorry, I should have told you but I didn't expect him to come to your company, I didn't evn tell him you were with me, I didn't want old memories flooding back because I know how hard you tried to get over with them." concern was etched in his voice.

I cupped his face with my palm, his face was contoured with concern and worry. "it's okay, I understand, it's just that I was shocked when I saw him. I think I lost my appetite, sorry for ruining the night but can you just take me home? I didn't bring my car to work today."


He dropped me in front of my house and gave me a quick kiss before I got out of his car.

"if you need anything, just call me, it won't take too much time before he finds out where you live. He doesn't live too far."

"alright, got you. Goodnight."

I bounced on my bed lying flat on my face. I let out an unappealing grunt as Harry's words replayed in my head. So Dylan was now a threat I needed to avoid, sounded very funny.

I dialed Linda's number as fast as I could. She was the only thing I needed this very moment.

"jessy!!" Linda's excited voice rang out from the other end of the phone.

"hy dear, how come you are so excited eh? Anyways I've got an issue at hand."

"What's it this time? You sure you didn't mention dylan's name while the both of you were hitting it off."

"ewwww you could be so disgusting Linda. I saw Dylan, I mean Dylan is in New York now, and apparently, he knows where I work, it's a matter of time till he finds out where I live."

"Honey that's a big issue, he did come back like he said but you shouldn't be scared, you have got Harry. Except if your feelings for Dylan is still strong."

"That's what I'm scared of Linda, I even had to deny him when I saw him, and the worst part is that he nd Harry are business partners. I don't know what to do, I never stopped loving him but I hate him, he hurt me."

Tears began to sting my eyes and I let out soft sobs over the phone. I couldn't hold it in any more, it was like everything I built would start crumbling down the next time I set my eyes on Dylan again.

"Shhh you shouldn't cry honey, I don't know how we want to go about this but I believe you should let time take its course, because I can't think of anything right now, let's see what happens. So pull your clothes, I know you've not changed from your office wear yet, shower and rest your head. You should sleep well honey and of course be very careful. I will check on you later."

I nodded, it wasn't asif she could see me over the call but I still let out a small smile. It felt good that I had someone I could tell how I really felt. We exchanged our goodnights and ended the call.

With my heart feeling kind of light, I proceeded to shower, microwaved some lasagna I kept on the fridge before giving way to allow sleep consume me. Tomorrow was going to be another hectic day.
I woke up earlier that usual by quarter to five. I tried to go back to sleep but it wasn't working, thoughts were juggled up in my mind. I decided to go for an early morning exercise, maybe jogging.

Wearing a black sweatpants with white stripes and a white long-sleeved plain top, I tied my converse and got ready. I locked the door being me and peered into the dark Street which was beginning to get bright due to the fact that morning was fast approaching.

After jogging for what seemed like an hour, everywhere was bright enough but not really, seeing the time was just six in the morning. I heard someone call out to me, instantly I recognised the voice. He found me, he finally found me, I'm sure he knows where I live. A mixed feeling of fear and anxiety washed over me.

I quickened my pace and did more of running than jogging. I was a fool I knew that, it wasn't up to a minute before he caught up with me and I couldn't deny the fact that I was already out of breath.

I tried to look up at him when he held my arm for me to stop running. The same tingling sensation I thought had been lost over the years were back, he looked amused but I was expecting the angry look to be there, the accusing look and questioning look about why I denied him but he smiled and it was warm to the extent that I almost gave in. Note the almost.

"Let go off me. What do you want from me huh? You think you can waltz in and out of my life like you own it? I don't want to see you again, never."

The tears I've been holding fell smoothly down my cheeks, the heavy wall I built, trying to be strong had falling apart when the tears sprang out. He brought his thumb to my face to wipe the tears off, concern and guilt etched in his eyes. I acted fast by swatting his hands away, wiping my tears with the hem of my top and walking away from him.

"You should give me the chance to explain myself you know? " He called after me without retreating.

" there's nothing for you to explain, you were a coward Dylan."

"c'mon Jess, I didn't intend to leave without sorting things out or saying a proper goodbye, at least give me the chance to explain my cowardice."

"No Dylan, I hate you"

"I know you love me"

"Bleep off dude, I'm with harry"

"Yeah right but I can get your number and that doesn't stop us from meeting each other because I really need to explain to you."

"that's not necessary, I don't want to meet you"

"but I do and perhaps don't you think there might be some things Harry isn't telling you? I meant I was very close to his father and the way I saw things, there are some things you've got to know. I'm not trying to split you guys up but please give that chance to just explain myself please"

I thought of what he said and I realised it was the truth, I don't pressure Harry when he doesn't want to tell m stuffs and I don't know the inner part of him. The puppy face Dylan gave me, as much as I hate to admit it, made a smile find its way to my lips.

"fine you can have it" I called my number out to him and he yelled a victorious yes. I couldn't erase the smile that permanently stayed on my lips. I was excited and at the same time scared, scared of what I was going to find out and get myself into. Those feelings creeped me out.
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Chapter twenty nine
Sorry do I know you?
Time seemed to fly quickly as Dylan and Harry alighted from the plane at the airport. The business meetings had gone well and they spent time with each other alot talking most of the time. Harrys father loved Dylan as a son more than a business partner and it only increased Harry's anger towards his father.

Dylan wouldn't keep shut about Jessica and how he's really bent on seeing her. Harry always felt a sharp pain pierce his heart whenever Jessica's name was mentioned. But Dylan only pondered on the reason why harry won't talk about his fiance after that day.

"You know, my dad only likes you because of your prospective when it comes to business. Apart from that, he's totally a dork." Harry broke the silence on their ride to the apartment Dylan had arranged for in New York.

"Well since he's far better than my father, I would say he's amazing but you just don't know it. Quit talking about your dad, I'm in New York now so it's means I'm moving closer to finding the love of my life yippee!!" Dylan said with so much enthusiasm in his voice, ignoring the irritating snorts coming from Harry.

They arrived at the apartment and Harry helped him settle down. It was a bungalow, not too fancy, just something simple, it was painted a sharp cream colour. A large sitting room, a large master bedroom, a medium-sized bedroom he could use as a guest room, a kitchen, not too big and obviously not small but it had all the necessary things a kitchen would need. The colours inside were just neutral, white walks and black and brown furniturs and dylan's room wasn't excerpted. His bed was big and comfy, a shoerack, Reading table and lamp, his closet was very big and spacious likewise his bathroom.

Settling down his bags he sighed, staring at the big closet. "Jess is going to love this closet, it's big enough to house all of her fashion collections and the room is big enough. Well I still need posters and little decorations. Hell I need to go shopping tomorrow for NewYork's weather. What ya think Bro?" He turned to face Harry.

"What else can I say, it's your house, do what ever you want, I'm starving."

"yeah I already ordered pizza and drinks. You know your dad is looking forward to your marriage. Seems he's getting to weak for that company. "

Harry's eyes lit up, he quickly sat down beside Dylan on the bed." so tell me what you two said about my love life, I'm curious."

"well nothing really" He shrugged "I just told him that I can't to meet your fiancé after he learnt about my quest to look for Jessica, so he just said he couldn't wait for you to get married. That's all."

Harry released a breath he didn't even know he was holding. Dylan smiled at him, oblivious to the fear written all over his face.
Harry walked into Jessica's office. She raised her head to look up at him then she put it back down, burying it in what she was doing. He knew she was annoyed with him, he spent more than the time he told her would be spending on the business trip.

"Err I know you are probably annoyed with me right now but trust me I didn't mean to stay that long. The business partner was a young guy like me and dad seemed to love him more so we had to stay longer than planned. Well he moved to new York also so I won't have to travel often." He scratched the back of his neck but was surprised to see the amused grin on her face.

She stood up to sit beside him on her couch in the office, slinging an arm around his neck. "so practically, you have someone you can call a brother now eh? But it's pretty weird your dad likes him more. You don't mind me meeting him right?"

That statement got Harry to stare at her, wide eyed. "I...... I... I don't.. I don't think that's a good idea." He stuttered. But before he could continue, she shun him with a kiss..

At first he was shocked but he responded to the kiss anyways. She was too gorgeous to be turned down. The kiss got deeper and she broke free from him, trying to organise her breath.

"You should probably take me out for dinner to apologise to me for staying longer than you promised."

"Sure Princess, anything you want."
Dylan surfed the Internet for what seemed like hours and finally settled on going to glitters and glow fashion concept to shop for his new closet. He loved what he was seeing on their page. He took a quick shower and threw a sweatshirt on with a black Jean. He put a little effort by gelling his hair before taking his car keys. He took one last glance at his room, he nodded in approval, he was making progress with the designs and arrangements.

He drove into the fashion company and he was impressed merely seeing the building. He entered the building, the women shopping at the other end stared at him like he was a handsome bad guy modeling for kelvins underwear. A smile formed on his lips as he headed to the receptionist table. She seemed to stop breathing, ogling at him as he leaned an elbow on her table.

He coughed slightly to revive her from the trance she was in and she straightened immediately. How could someone be this hot, she never knew there could be any other hot guy except from Harry but she thought wrong.

"I need a full collection of different men's clothing with different materials. Here, see what I'm talking about."He brought out his cell phone to show her the collection he had seen on their page earlier on.

"err you would have to use the elevator on floor two. You could ask the receptionist there if you have any difficulty in looking for what you want."She said to him, ending it with a wide grin on her face.

"thanks." He mouthed to her, turning his lips slightly upwards at the corner.

"you are welcome." gosh did he just smirk? His smirk could make any girl drool for what seemed like forever, he was just too cute.

He waited for the elevator to open, he raised his head to see the couple leaving the elevator, of course the guy was holding her by the waist and she was smiling up at him. They were obviously a couple.

Realisation dawned on him as he stared at the said couple in front of him. Harry was surprised, he didn't expect to see Dylan. Jess was equally shocked, but she thought of how he had hurt her, she put up an expressionless face and looked up at him. She didn't understand why Harry looked frozen to the spot.

"Jess! " Dylan mentioned her name in the most romantic way any guy could have called her name. She looked more stunning in her suit trouser and white shivon top with heels. Her curves were more visible now and her height was just appropriate, her face, he had missed looking at that face, it was looking more beautiful that he couldn't resist smiling at her.

She looked up at him, her expression stoic. Oh man how could Dylan just surface from nowhere looking breathtaking. He had more worked out muscle and his sweatshirt did justice to his well defined body. He was really handsome with his hair gelled in a very neat way. She slapped herself mentally, she shouldn't be checking him out while she was with Harry. He had hurt her in the past. She smiled and gave him a reply he never expected.

"Sorry do I know you?"
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Team harry or team Dylan?
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Chapter twenty eight
Business partners
Jess woke up rubbing her eyes with the back of her palm. Sunlight reflected from the window. She checked her time and it was past ten, she didn't see harry beside her but she heard the shower running. She grabbed one of his hoodies and pulled it over her head, making her way to the kitchen.

The fresh and enticing scent of pancakes filled the air and immediately hit Harry's nostrils. He walked into the kitchen putting him arms round her waist from behind. She leaned into his touch, he was smelling nice on his axe cologne. What! Cologne was he going out?

Jess turned to face him. "sweetheart are you going out? It better be a no because I got a day off thinking I would be with you throughout."

"no babe, dad called that I have a meeting with some guy from another company today but not to worry I shifted it to the day after tomorrow so I would catch my flight early tomorrow." He brought her closer to him licking her earlobe.

She withdrew, placing the plates of pancakes on the table. She went on while pouring the juice into a glass cup. "what's the difference? Either way you are still leaving and I don't know when you will be back again. I'm just tired of us not been close all the time."

" I'm sorry babe but you should know by now that if I had the power, I won't leave to to go anywhere. We would do more video calls and converse more. I won't be long I promise." He was chugging down his third pancake and Jess couldn't help her laughter.

She stood up from the chair laughing. "your appetite is like that of a pig, were you so starved?" She laughed very hard oblivious to the fact that the fake scowling harry was right behind her.

He held her by the waist. "but you love me that way, don't you?" He bent his head, raining kisses on her neck. She let out a satisfied moan and he goes further, kissing her on the lips. His hands founds it's way under the hoodie, travelling to the upper part of her body. She held his hand and looked up at him, his eyes filled with want. "let's go upstairs."
Harry walked into his father's office with a stern look on his face. He let out a weak greeting to his smiling father. The old man shook his head and gestured towards the conference room. "the meeting would start in ten minutes time."

They walked into the conference room, everyone were seated. He grunted and whispered to his father. "do we really need to merge with this company?" His father replied him. "it's a very productive company you know, we need this merger."

He sat on his chair, opposite him was the ceo of the said company. His face looked familiar but he couldn't place it. Maybe it was his picture he saw or he couldn't place it but he looked familiar. The meeting started and everyone was introduced.

"Good afternoon everyone, I'm Dylan Perkins, the CEO of Dyca technology. I'm very happy and pleasurd to be given the opportunity of merging with this great company. I hope doing business together will yield great result and a higher stage in life for the people.

'Dylan? dyca? Dylan Perkins? He's still in love with Jess, if not why would he use his name and the last letters of her name to form his company name.' Harry thought to himself. He has become very successful, he won't let Jess know he saw Dylan, he won't even let Dylan know about Jess. Shit he's never even gonna try to be close to him on any grounds.

The said meeting was over, Dylan tried to make a conversation with harry in the office since they were turning partners. "hey harry, mind hanging out a bit, we could get to know each other."

"you came here for business not friendship."harry said through gritted teeth.

"cool it man, we haven't met before, I just wanna be a friend and a good business partner, im new here besides, I don't have any friends."

Harry calmed down a bit, he could use this opportunity to know more about Dylan, what he has been up to, if he had any fiance yet, he might have moved on. "it's cool man, forgive my manners. Friends?" He held out his hands and Dylan took it happily. "friends."

They sat at the booth close to the window. Dylan had told harry about his business life and skipped the part about he and Jess. While harry had told him about his fiance and how he doesn't want her to meet his father but he didn't disclose her name.

"my father might be the best when it comes to business but trust me internally he's a beast " harry said, taking a sip of his wine.

Dylan chuckled." trust me, he's not as beasty as my father. That man ruined my life but I need to go to New York." Harry tensed at the mention of new York. "and what do you intend on going to do there? I mean take a look at this place, it's nice and lovely.". He tried to convince Dylan.

"No, I need to go, I promised her I would be back, I need to explain things to her. I found out she is in New York but I don't know where precisely but trust me I would find her and win back her heart. I never forgot her." A smile formed on his lips at the thought of Jess

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Chapter twenty seven
It's been eight years
Jessica rummaged through her closet which basically looked like a fashion line. She bit her lower lip as she settled for a leather black skirt with a little slit by the side and a burgundy peplum top. Simple choice for a Monday morning.

Over the years, she had become a successful manager of glitters and glow fashion concept, her dream since childhood and she was doing well in her job considering the type of properties she own at the age of twenty five.

She had a decent home which she bought after saving some money from her salary, right after three months. The pay was that fat. She had two trending cars and her room was something plain, expressionless, not like the normal Jess. It was painted with a cream colour, her closet, shelf, mirror table were painted maroon. Her king-sized cream and soft bed had maroon colour bedspread with cream faced smileys.

Immediately after Dylan left, her family was shattered, her dad came home late, her mom stared into space every now and then and their business became sour. She hated the Perkins each passing day any time the thought of her failing family pops into her head.

High school rounded up in three months and she headed for new York where she did her college. Linda had gone to Georgia she's now practicing law but they never lost contact. Sarah on the other hand moved to Japan and since then there has been no sign of her.

Jess had started helping her parents with fees and bills and her family has bounced back to normal. Over the years she really made a good effort trying to forget Dylan. She laid her outfit on her bed and tried looking for a nice shoe to fit. Just then her phone rang with the ring tone 'one call away'.

"hey Linda. What do I owe a Monday call from you? Or perhaps you have interesting news for me. Or is Dylan back?" She bit her upper lip into her mouth for what she just said.

"Jess, it's been eight years now, and you still pronounce his name once a while like he did no harm. Anyways that's not what I called you for, I wanted to know how you are faring this Monday morning and Harry is coming to glitters today" She screamed at the other end of the call but gasped when she realised what she had just said. "oh no! I'm really bad at keeping secrets from my best friend, it's meant to be a surprise. Bye Jess."

She held the phone out. "She just hung up on me? At least Harry is coming back today." She jumped up and started to get dressed, ready for the day. She found a black heel that fit her leather skirt and her burgundy hand bag, with her carkey. She was off to work.
Harry walked into glitters and glow fashion concept with a smile. He greeted the receptionist who doesn't hide the fact that she was always crushing on him. He is a successful handsome businessman, tall enough for his age and we'll dressed in his blue tailored suit. His hair was gelled perfectly and his jawline was perfectly shaped. A smile always illuminates his face making it impossible for every lady to resist.

He had met Jess a year ago and immediately fell in love with her, she was smart and intelligently beautiful. He met her during a business meeting with his family company and glitters. Since then he hadnt been able to get his eyes off her and they had become friends. He was her male bestfriend whom she tells everything to.

He meant to surprise her by coming to Newyork that very day, they hadn't been able to really enjoy their relationship after she agreed to date him a month ago.He was glad he was helping her forget about Dylan, if not she wouldn't have agreed to date him.

The door to the elevator opened, revealing the woman Harry had meant to surprise. He gulped hard as he stepped out of the elevator. She looked stunning in her office attire, the leather skirt hugging her hips, revealing her cute shape. She was still as beautiful as ever.

A joyous scream escaped her mouth as she threw her hands round him. He hugged her back placing his hand on the small of her back and the other on her waist. He released her and pecked her lightly on her forehead. "I missed you honey" She said happily.

"I missed you more. Lunch? Or if you are still busy, we could extend it till dinner." He raised his eye brow but she moved closer to him, tracing her fingers down his jawline. His body tensed and she smiled knowing the effect she had on him.

"You don't need to worry, I have closed for the day, you take me out for lunch, then I'm staying at your place for dinner and obviously the night. I can take the day off tomorrow just for you."

He smirked and pulled her back into the elevator, heading for the lowest building. His eyes moved from her face down to her lips. He captured her lips with his and kissed her slowly, their lips moved in sync. He smiled against her lips when they eventually managed to catch some breath. She still tasted awesome.

Jess tightened her grip on his neck and pulled him down for a more fierce and demanding kiss, he responded, she made her finger go through his hair making him release a satisfied moan. His lips were soft and he tasted like mint but it didn't feel like Dylan. Shit!! She shouldn't be thinking about him, it's not like anything really happened between them before he left. She deepened the kiss making Harry to feel wanted.
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Chapter twenty six
Birthday my foot
"So that's what happened? You kept all these from all these years, how could you be so cruel? But that doesn't explain his freaking grey eyes turned blue." Jessica sparked, hitting her fist on the table. Her parents had just finished with their explanation about Dylan and the contract about his death.

Her mother held her by her shoulders. "baby you should calm down, we didn't want to tell you about it, you would have felt so broken and I can't watch you go through depression and emotional pain. Besides his lenses were changed to Blue because his real grey eyes couldn't stay clear of the dust totally, but......."

"Oh you don't go any further, did you just say u didn't wanna see me get broken? Emotionally drained? Little did you know you were doing me more harm than keeping all these truth away from me." She walked over to where her dad was now seated by her mom. "Do you know how much I suffered? The pains I went through? Only if you two have always been there for me, you never played the role of true parents. Gosh I felt like an adopted kid, you won't even hear me out on anything, you always felt money and material stuffs were enough. That day mom, you won't even let me talk to you about Dylan and my school life, you never even sat down to check my grades. You never even knew correla tried to kill me several times but Dylan kept saving me. The death threat and all. Do you feel like good parents at all?"

Her dad stood up in rage. "the fact that I haven't been the best role model to my daughter doesn't mean she should harm you, what does that family want from us? The money they collected almost got us bankrupt so why our only daughter again?" He faced his wife, pointing an accusing index finger at her. "And you, you never told me you don't have a close relationship with our daughter, I work more than you do but wait does that mean you don't come home when you have got break from work? And the last time you told me Jess was in the hospital, ya said she slipped and fell. You didn't bother to even ask about the real reason? I'm so dissapointed in you."

"Darling, jess, I'm so sorry I thought you were doing fine with Linda. See I'm not the only one in this, I and Linda's mom spent almost all the time touring we thought you two were doing fine I'm sorry" She reached to touch Jess buh Jess swatted her hand away.

"You shouldn't call yourself a mother, I always thought dad was in it with you but now I know he's even more of a parent than you are. Except the business trips and joint business you have with dad, you have more spare time and you don't spend time with me. I hate you right now mom." She broke down in tears but was supported by her dad.

"Baby, you should go and rest now, you are very tired, we would sort this whole issue out later but right now, I would just call the cops." Jessica released herself from her dad's hold.

"No, you can't call the cops, what's going happen to Dylan? I still love him and of course you would also be detained with them too, remembered you signed an illegal contract without a proper investigation." She held her dad's hand to calm him down. "Let's take things slowly and take down this matter with maturity.

Mr Wilson stomped out of the kitchen area to his room, he was burning with rage. The Perkins have also decided to ruin his family, he thought. But he won't let them get away its it. They will return every single dime they collected from him.

Mrs Wilson moved towards her daughter but Jess moved away from her. "mom don't try to say anything, I have to see Linda if you don't mind."

"but you are still in your night wear". "you never cared before mom, so don't try to care now." She got her car keys and left the house. Her mother sat down, shoulders shaking, she let the tears she was holding in flow freely down her cheeks. She knew she had done a huge mistake.
Linda caught Jess in her arms before she could fall down on her knees crying. "Jess, what went wrong, why are you crying? And you are still in your pyjama. It's your birthday sweetie, you shouldn't be like this."

"You know Linda, this is gonna be the worse day ever, I wish I could forget it forever. He regained his memory, but the out come was shocking Linda, very shocking." She tried to blurt out without checking on her tears. "I'm so sorry, it's always about me, I feel I'm the only one having a huge problem in this world. What went wrong last night? It was Jason right?"

Linda nodded but waved it off. "leave Jason's tragedy form of relationship alone, we need to talk about you. So now that he remembers, I guess the truth is out now and is there a concrete reason for correla's attack? Or else we could just kick her old ass."

Jess tried to blink back more tears pouring out from her eyes and Linda didn't let them flow because she kept handing her tissue. She explained every bit of what her parents told her and Linda listened attentively. But the whole calming issue stopped when Jess old get about the reason for their mothers neglect and why they haven't always been there for them without the knowledge of their fathers.

"what the he'll does my mother think she's doing? She only calls when she's with my dad so I got to believe they are always together traveling because of business. I'm so angry right now, she better realise I know the truth now and I won't hide anything from my dad but our mothers are wicked, how could they do this to us?" This time it was Linda's turn to cry.

She wiped her tears and faced Jess again. "So what's gonna happen? What are your parent going to do about it?" "well, I guess nothing because the contract was illegal, only if my dad wants to deal with them personally without the law." Linda looked away. "Yeah right everything sucks, Life sucks right now."

They both laid back in bed, thinking, staring blankly at the ceiling before a call brought them back to life. "Linda, it's Dylan calling, what should I do?" She sat straight on the bed. "you pick it of course, you have to listen to him, you guys need to talk."

She picked the call. "yes" still shaking. "oh Jess, glad you picked the call, where are you?" "I'm at Linda's house". He sighed at the other end of the phone. "good, I will just drop something in ten minutes time." He hung up.

They both stared at each other for a minute before registering what just happened. "I think he is coming over." Jess said but Linda stood up from the bed, facing the window. "no, I think he just dropped something."

They ran down the stairs to the door, a white enveloped letter was lying down on the posh. Jess picked it up and they went back inside. It was from Dylan. She quickly tore it and read the content. 'my love, I know this is sudden and you feel we should have talked things out first but I couldn't waste anymore time, I had to go away from my parents and all that happened. I know you must have been told by your parents about my faked death, I couldn't runaway with my parents, I can't let them mould me into what I'm not so I left on my own will, I left to find myself out. Please wait for me if you can, don't think me as cruel, I love you so much but if I take too long and you can't wait, I will be happy with whatever decision you make. And no matter where you are, I promise to find you when I'm back. Dylan.'

She dropped herself on the floor, Linda squatted beside her. "so he left, he's a coward, we just got our heart back and he left. We could have fought for it if he truly loves me. I hate him, I hate him so much. Can this day become any more worse? Birthday my foot." Linda enveloped her in a big hug. "you'll be fine, we would all be."

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Literature / Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by Kheriee(f): 10:51pm On Jan 10, 2018
Chai wat a nice and touching story, keep it up sis

Thanks hon
Literature / Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by Kheriee(f): 10:50pm On Jan 10, 2018
Dylan's parent na wa o. God forbid

I tell u
Literature / Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by Kheriee(f): 3:55pm On Jan 08, 2018
I cnt just imagine how my reaction would be if I were Dylan. The truth guys.
Literature / Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by Kheriee(f): 3:55pm On Jan 08, 2018
Chapter twenty five
He scrambled out of her bed, took his jacket from the chair and threw it over his shoulder. "Jess I have to go, correla needs to explain every bit of this whole thing to me. I mean I need to know what happened." He proceeded to open the door but she held him back.

"we should go together " She said with a pleading look. He held her small hands in his tightly. "no, I don't think it's a good idea. I need to first find out why she's been telling you off my back and besides, I can hear noises downstairs, seems your parents are back."

"my parents? This must be the surprise my mom was talking about. Come, we should go see them, my mom will be happy to see you. Ever since we moved, she won't talk about you like it reminds her of something." He slowly removed his hands from hers. "no Jess I can't stay a bit longer, I have to see correla"

He rushed out of the room, down the stairs, he passed beside the kitchen door to the sitting room before getting to the door. He shouted. "morning Mr and Mrs Wilson" He turned the door knob and left immediately.

He knife Jessica's mother was holding dropped to the ground while her father dropped the remote. They said his name at the same time. "Dylan!!!" Jessica came downstairs from her room to find her parents staring at each other in shock. "mom, dad, didn't you see Dylan go out the door?"

Her mother moved over to her, her dad still in shock. "Jess honey, don't tell me he slept in your room and for how long have u been seeing him?" Jessica didn't understand why her parents were acting that way but she replied anyways. "Yeah he did sleep in my room and yeah he's been attending my school. Every time I try to bring this up, you avoid it so there's no way I could tell you and besides there are lots of things you don't know that really happened but he's my friend"

"oh no Jess, we never wanted to bring his matter up because he's meant to be dead" her mom revealed and Jessica staggered but tried to lean on a chair to gain balance. "dead?"
Dylan walked into the house to find correla sitting on the floor in her room. Her eyes red and puffy. She had dark circles under her eyes like she hasn't been sleeping for days. She sniffed, looking up to her son. "I knew she would help you get your memory back, I just knew it, I should have just killed her, killed myself and get the hell out. Life sucks" She sobbed very loud as she tried to push some stuffs under her bed. "but it wasn't my fault, I'm sorry son."

He bent down beside her to pick the stuffs she tried to push under her bed. "why? You do drugs? Since when mom, why are you bent on destroying yourself and I? I want explanation on every fucking damn past. I don't have amnesia anymore so speak up. I never knew you were on drugs." He shouted with rage in his voice, shaking his mom so she could talk.

"just calm down, I'm gonna explain. Just calm down" She shook, tears running down her cheeks. She started. "After the incident that happened in the garden, the tornado incident, we heard Jessica's screams and when we got there, you were covered in dirt but what was horrifying was the stone which came with the wind that hit your head. Your shirt was stained and your blood had mixed with the sand. I cried so hard, I blamed Jessica for dragging you to play with her, I shouted at Jess mother that it's all her daughter's fault. I and your father took you to the hospital, I prevented the wilsons from seeing you, I thought you would die when you went into coma for three months.

She released a long sigh. This time, Dylan was sitting beside her, listening. "They paid for the hospital bills because at that time, I and your father was out of cash, the company was running down because of some money I invested in a clothing business which I never knew was scam. Your dad kept torturing me everyday saying I must get the money back so he brought up the idea and I had to go with it. Sweetheart what I'm about to say might hurt you so bad. "

"You woke up and I was very happy but your dad took you away and told me to finish the job. I went to the wilsons, Jessica was having her nap so she couldn't hear our conversation. I told them you didn't wake up, I faked tears, I told them you were dead, I called their daughter a murderer, I insulted the whole family and called them names. I felt guilt circulate all over my body but I had to do it. I threatened to spoil their image and tell the world they took my only child away from me. We had to sign a contract in which they paid your father and I a huge sum of money to start a new life. I gladly accepted it because it was more than what I was asked to collect. We left the countryside and relocated here."

Dylan was very angry at his mother's confession but he still listened without saying anything. "I moved here with you and your father, you didn't remember anything from the past or what happened, then your father advised that I start giving you some pills that will make you forget all, even if you tried to remember. Little did we know that the wilsons also relocated here. The money helped a lot, I started my boutique and the company stood upright again. I'm so sorry son."

"When I found out that Jessica attends same school with you I didn't know what to do, I thought my world has started to crumble. You father came home and put all the blame on me. He told me to do something about it or else he would kill me. That's why everytime you try to remember and you pass out, he is home to torture me. I was tired, I stopped using the drugs for you, I started taking hard drugs to calm my nerves. He brought up the whole idea of stalking and beating Jess even killing her, when he found out you were getting close. I was tired son, I just wanted to kill her and kill myself."

Dylan was crying, he felt his parents were heartless, where would he start from, Jessica would have known the truth because her parents saw him this morning. "mom I think you owe the wilsons an apology because... Because they saw me this morning" Correla stood up immediately, her eyes wide open. "What!! You went to their house? Oh shit! We have to move, I have to contact your father, we are in trouble. Nobody knows about your fake death except from I, your father and the wilsons. They have a written document that can put us behind bars."

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