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Travel / Re: My Visit To Laguna Beach Club, Lagos (Pictures) by Klass99(f): 3:45pm On Nov 30

Way past it. Off Abraham Adesanya...

Lol, na wao.

Your fastest fingers first na die grin

I modified my post with the question after seeing the answer on page 1.

I just arrived page 5 of your thread from following a post shared with me, so I no see your narrative on its location
Travel / Re: My Visit To Laguna Beach Club, Lagos (Pictures) by Klass99(f): 3:40pm On Nov 30
I've seen the answer to my question on.
Family / Re: I Am Broken I Need Advice From Matured Minds by Klass99(f): 9:16am On Nov 30

The phone was just a gift and to say am truly sorry, besides I made it a habit to change her phone every year either before her birthday or few days after her birthday. This one came a bit late this year cos COVID-19 affected everything.

I don’t really know where I missed it, but I wanted to touch every areas to see if I could fix things and the more I try the more it get worse, now I dare not crack jokes because I’ll get a very cold response, I dare not ask questions about where she is going, I’ll get an aggressive response. She does not tell me about where she is going now, I just call and see her driving, if I ask where she is going she will say I want to go get this and that.

My younger sister once teased me saying I bought her a car to be raving mad In the streets of Lagos since she is not under the authority of anyone.

This thing has become too toxic, I can’t take it anymore, she was the only one I could talk to on the phone for hours, not even my parents or siblings.

I swear I just confuse, this will make me see every woman out there as a betrayal. I don’t know how this will end.

The more I look the less I see......... imagine this happening again in the week of my son’s birthday.

I have met jerks and first class assholes in my life, but it hasn't changed my entire view of your gender, because I also met really decent/remarkable men who showed me, all of you are not the same. You better perish the mindset sprouting up about women.

You have done well by this woman, like I said, no sane person will say you didn't try. Learn the value of distance and silence at this point. Mentally and emotionally distance yourself from her and start giving her the silent treatment.

If or when you call, let it be about your son and whatever his needs may be. Keep your conversations with her to the barest minimum and make it very formal if you have to talk.

You don't need to have a big blow up with her or even this little ones where she gives you attitude and upsets you in the process.

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Family / Re: I Am Broken I Need Advice From Matured Minds by Klass99(f): 9:03am On Nov 30

Not sure I was showing you. I mentioned a specific moniker

You dey mind aproko people grin.

He won't stay off your thread but claims those of us here are amebos.

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Family / Re: I Am Broken I Need Advice From Matured Minds by Klass99(f): 9:46pm On Nov 29

Showing us the iPhone is not necessary bro.

I didn't mind seeing the gift he got her o and some of us are not complaining.

It just adds flavour to an already interesting story, don't you think?

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Family / Re: I Am Broken I Need Advice From Matured Minds by Klass99(f): 9:38pm On Nov 29
cheesy Oshey!!!

You thought the phone will win her over abi? She don collect am, still dey do you strong tin grin.

Pele, I couldn't help finding humour in your saga. I like the fact that your father wants to wade in and help you out.

Please whatever the outcome of their meeting, listen to your father afterwards o! He sounds like a good man who has your back.

As for her vow that you will never take her child, the gods help you on that one. I suspect she may want to keep the child with her, because without him, there will be no reason for you to keep bankrolling her lifestyle and paying bills like house rent.

She will have to do that herself, so, your son may be her bargaining chip for continuing this easy lifestyle you started and introduced her to.

Damn! I repeat, this baby mama business is lucrative. If only I had it in me or desired a child sef grin

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Family / Re: I Am Broken I Need Advice From Matured Minds by Klass99(f): 6:29pm On Nov 29

Been quietly working to make things work between us since. I admitted I was too strict and temperamental just to make thing work all still because of my son, I promised her a gift which I gave her last Monday.


I appreciate the update. I often wonder about some folks who share their stories here - wondering if their situations turned around for good, how they're doing since their last posts, if they're okay and all.

No sane person (emphasis on sane grin) will blame you at this point. You have done reasonably well, but your babe seems determined to self sabotage and ruin a good thing in the process.

I don't know if your physical presence in Naija and finally marrying her would make a huge difference, because that phrase she used "You can’t tell me who to be friends with and who not to be friends with" is how an acquaintance's marriage started to deteriorate.

The same problem of certain friends whom Alex (not real name) thought were a negative influence on his wife, is the same problem you're facing.

Alex and his wife are divorced now and like you, he said he tried hard to prevent the end of his marriage, pleaded with his wife for the sake of their kids, but I think when a woman's mind is made up........

So what now? Are you going to take your son or let her keep him? What else did your dad say, apart from asking you why you took them to Lagos?
Family / Re: My Abusive Mother In-law Refuses To Grant A Divorce To Her Depressed Husband by Klass99(f): 8:36pm On Nov 28

I didn't create this thread for childish gender debates/comparisons from you and your ilks please. Grow up.

Lol grin I feel you, these debates can be toxic and exhausting. Clearly, you are not in a good mood either with this whole drama going on. Pele this too shall pass.

I think the suggestion about changing the locks is a good one, but mehn, going by your narrative this is the kind of woman, you need to do a total disappearing act on.

If she left her kids in Naija to track and trace him to ogbodo-oyibo, there's no telling what she might do if she returns home and her keys don't work. As in, she can't get access!

Father in law, needs a fresh start at a new place, this woman knows nothing about or won't have easy access to.

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Family / Re: My Abusive Mother In-law Refuses To Grant A Divorce To Her Depressed Husband by Klass99(f): 6:35pm On Nov 28
Kuns84, I don't doubt your story and it was entertaining to read. I found myself LOL at some parts of it.

If your wife and her siblings are financially capable, why don't they rent him a small but cozy place in a gated estate? The kind where residents need to call the gate before any visitors are granted access.

That sort of arrangement will keep your mother-in-law away from further harassing your father in law. I said rent because I don't know if, they can collectively afford to buy him a house now.

I think if he truly wants to severe ties with this woman and have peace of mind, giving up his current house to start fresh else where, will be his best bet.

I don't like the suggestion of him giving up his house for such a nasty woman but hey, what other options are available for permanently ending this madness? His mental health and overall well being is also more important than a structure which I suspect holds lots of bad memories anyway.

I have learned from this story the importance of having a strong will and a mind of your own. If FIL had stood his ground and not allowed this woman back into his life, with the persuasion of relatives who begged on her behalf, we won't be reading this.

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Food / Re: Cook In Your Kitchen, Take Pictures And Post It Here. SIMPLE! by Klass99(f): 12:56pm On Nov 28
Who needs a side should come get this salad.
Bring dressing of your choice. I use raspberry balsamic vinegar

It is only the chicken, boiled eggs and carrots I want. You can keep the rest.
Family / Re: Advise Me!!!!!! It's A Divorce Mess, Kindly Advise Me by Klass99(f): 12:48pm On Nov 28
I put myself in her shoes and thought even if I 'forgive', can I actually forget?

However, the lady in question still wants the marriage so I figured there might be some things she skipped in her op or she has Stockholm syndrome or she just wants to keep her child in a home with both parents.

Just reading all that, I felt traumatized to be honest but hey its Nigeria and women claim they are looking at the big picture when they absorb all sorts of disrespect.

I told my neighbour the other day that if I were married to her husband, we would have been divorced by now - because I cannot tolerate for too long someone disrespecting me and talking down to me, the way he does.

It's a marriage of about 11 or 12 years (cos their first kid is 11) Even her 9 year old daughter asked her one day, mummy if daddy is treating you like this, why did he marry you? His treatment of her is still better than wetin dem dey do this OP, but for a lady like me it is still a deal breaker.

When something becomes a significant source of stress, I think it's time to let it go or just take a break from it for a while.

I felt oppressed and bullied reading OP's story and some of the comments here. It's as if women are expected to take whatever BS in marriage and not have any personal goals or aspirations of their own.


Family / Re: Advise Me!!!!!! It's A Divorce Mess, Kindly Advise Me by Klass99(f): 10:31pm On Nov 27
She might as well use that time to pray for success in her career.
As for the rest of her post, make I no talk.

Your comment had me LOL.

It is as if Nigerian marriages are typically meant to turn us into prayer warriors, always praying for one thing like the other user suggested OP should do around midnight.

As for the rest of OP's story and the subsequent events, after the main saga - I was wondering to myself, is marriage really worth all this stress and headache?

What women go through or have to endure/take, in the name of marriage, makes marriage very unattractive and unappealing.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Supervisors At Atlantic Shopping And Entertainment Centre by Klass99(f): 8:47pm On Nov 20
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Female Accountant / Bursar Needed At Russell International School by Klass99(f): 5:53pm On Nov 20
Was about to forward this to someone, but noticed there's no email address to send CVs to or phone number to call.

Pls clarify, is it Russell International Abuja or the Lagos one by VGC?
Family / Re: Men! We Really Need To Rethink Our Life And Our Trusts! by Klass99(f): 3:59pm On Nov 14

because it's an open secret that one's unjust open critic is their biggest admire in secret.

You mean like you criticize Poco upandan, but in truth, you secretly admire her, right? You just revealed a fact about yourself.


I know that you'll be feeling like someone who's won a multibillion naira contract now that I have managed to give you some attention; enjoy my magnanimity. However, direct your further mention to small-minded people like you.

Lol nigga please, don't flatter yourself. Your attention means nothing at all, your writing ability alone is a huge/massive turn off, it gives me a migraine and you keep repeating the same gibberish about attention, lackeys, etc

I'm surprised you didn't add your usual boast of - you cannot talk to me outside this forum if you knew who I was. I always skip pass your gibberish and go to posts where you are being outsmarted by real intelligence from other people - those are a pleasure to read cheesy

That CV issue revealed what a nasty person you are, so don't be forming or claiming mr. nice guy who helps qualified and needy people.

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Family / Re: Men! We Really Need To Rethink Our Life And Our Trusts! by Klass99(f): 8:43am On Nov 14

You and your lackeys should stop projecting yourselves towards me because no amount of vilification, twist, noise, and gang up can change a truth or taint me; infamous liars and underachievers. Anyway, upholding, recognition, and acceptance of truth has always been an exclusive preserve of conscientious people and shouldn't be expected from you and your ilk.

You, in particular, are an open case, so no amount of posturing, projection, and twist can wash away the real you that I and some other sane people know better. But then it's always been easy for me to forgive your shortcomings since I know that your condition is inherent and you can't help it much, and of course, for the good part of you, which I can attest to everywhere as someone who knows you better than yourself. Don't twist your mind; the good part of you doesn't include the self-absorbing philanthropy and self-arrogation of purity. LOL. Once more, refer to my personal text, on my profile here, for a more effective dose to help you recover a bit because vilifying me won't help you and can't have an effect on me.

Meanwhile to Klass99, the new birthed attention seeking, low IQ, bias/chauvinistic, feeble-minded, conceited, and sententious element, stop trying hard because I'm not available, and you don't even have up to 25% of what it takes to command my consideration assuming that I'm available. Others before you who've up to 49.9% of what it takes to command my consideration didn't get it, least of you who doesn't possess up to 24.4% of it. LOL. Of course, I neither disguise nor lie.

A sign of unintelligence:
expressing simple ideas in complicated sentences. grin

Cinderella a.k.a LordKO the Rejected man. Learn to converse intelligently using clear, concise sentences.

Truly smart/intelligent people don't talk or write this way, you try too hard but still fall short. Why na?

And stop collecting CVs from people for phantom jobs that do not exist, then claim they're chasing you for a relationship and threaten to post their name, contact information and other details you got from their CV.

That's really low, you and Floyd's killer have a lot in common. I won't forget in a hurry how you thoroughly embarrassed yourself with that CV incident either. cheesy That usually happens when you tell one too many lies

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Family / Re: Men! We Really Need To Rethink Our Life And Our Trusts! by Klass99(f): 11:58pm On Nov 13

Lol, RighttoReject too lie. If e stop to lie, I go forgive and forget. How far that stuff? Hope you have finally taken a hard decision? cheesy

Lol grin. He needs the lies and his terribly awful written English to make himself feel good.

I did, it officially kicks in by December 1. An outsider's perspective helped. wink

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Family / Re: Men! We Really Need To Rethink Our Life And Our Trusts! by Klass99(f): 11:34pm On Nov 13
@ Pocohantas, I don't think we will ever forget that CV incident in a hurry. Werey dey really disguise grin

All I can think of when I recall that CV matter, is, that white officer kneeling on George Floyd's neck - one man's cruelty to another.

Too many foolish, wailing penis people full this forum sha.


Family / Re: Day 3 Of 8 Of My Wife Holiday Trip,exhausted With My Children Troubles by Klass99(f): 9:14pm On Nov 12
grin grin grin grin Recently I got more involved with reality... Marriage, family, children etc and I realize it takes a lot more than wish and fantasy to make some things work. Honestly, I find myself questioning my mental readiness and ability for such journey grin grin. Please I can only handle two.

I've been doing good, being very busy too. With work and life. How have you been too?

Seriously lol grin.

Everyone I know (personally) who started out saying I want 4 or 5 kids, I am going to have 4 or 5 kids ended up re-thinking that plan after 1 or 2 kids. cheesy You people think it's beans abi?

I'm doing well, grateful for life, good health and good people (family/friends) looking forward to a good weekend too.


Family / Re: Day 3 Of 8 Of My Wife Holiday Trip,exhausted With My Children Troubles by Klass99(f): 4:42pm On Nov 12
Five Children! shocked shocked. Your five dey try ooo

I use to want two set of twins but these days I find myself contemplating to have just two children ooo. cry

I think Klass99 fever is catching up with me grin

Yeye gyel cheesy, you are actually catching sense (my kind of sense) and not fever.

Where have you been and how have you been?
Family / Re: People Keep Saying This And I Don't Understand Why? by Klass99(f): 3:11pm On Nov 11

There's a lot of truth in this. Boys tend to take their mother's words hook line and sinker while the girls see through her, probably because they are also females and understand their mother's manipulations.

It even affects the boys when it comes to picking a wife. Their mothers can influence their decisions while the girls will most times stand their ground against her mother.

Accurate observation. wink

You're a mother too, right? Abeg no try am with your own kids.

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Family / Re: People Keep Saying This And I Don't Understand Why? by Klass99(f): 9:58pm On Nov 10
This happens mostly in families where fathers hardly have time for the kids. Where fathers place their jobs above their families.

This is my story too but I don let mama know say, it’s my dad first because na him try pass, taking care of the family’s finances solely.

This happens when a woman has personal issues with her man/hubby. She thinks her best weapon is using the kids against her man. I really hate it when women do this and act as if, they are the sole owners of the children and they made it happen without the man/father.

I hold a slightly different view from you on this. Fathers need to work to provide for their families and often it may seem as if they are placing their jobs above their families, but that's not really the case.

If they don't work hard or take their jobs seriously, how will the bills be paid? I grew up seeing my dad handle his business well and I will forever love/respect him for it, because I never went to bed hungry, I was never sent away from school because he couldn't pay the fees, I didn't lack the basic and essential necessitites of life because of him and my mum.

Truth be told, he did more of the heavy financial lifting in our household and now that I am an adult myself who works and earns money to pay her bills, I fully understand what my dad had to do and what it takes to be a responsible adult. Good men/fathers should not be messed with at all, whatever their flaws or issues are.

This is another angle and I appreciate you sharing this.

I found the topic/issue interesting and for me, this is mostly the angle I know and have seen.

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Religion / Re: Why Village People Kill A Lot Of Africans By Reno Omokri by Klass99(f): 9:03pm On Nov 10
Reno rest pls

You took the thoughts out of my head and wrote it down. cheesy

Doesn't he get tired? Is this how irrelevant people's lives become after office/politics that they start to talk about everything and nothing?

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Romance / Re: 'You Will Die Single If You Are Afraid To Destroy People's Relationships' - Lady by Klass99(f): 8:55pm On Nov 10
Same with guys. Infact u u you want guys to be running after you, just pretend to be going to work everyday and they will star calculating how much you are making without knowing the nature of your job. Guys dey find money from babes this days pass before o. Once they notice you have a small source Ong income or you are a hustler, they will start disturbing your eyes with how they want to settle down in few months.

Rotfl grin, I just bust laugh as I read this comment.

You are a very silly gyel.
Family / Re: People Keep Saying This And I Don't Understand Why? by Klass99(f): 8:45pm On Nov 10
Re-phrase that to read as, mothers poison the hearts of their male children against their fathers! That shit rarely works with female children.

One of my aunty's tried it with her kids, only the boys aligned with her. Her girls always shut her down mid-conversation whenever she started to malign their father. It was so bad one particular visit I pulled my cousin aside and asked her not to be rude. She should at least allow her mum to finish saying whatever she had to said.

My cousin turned her frustration on me as well and shouted, I already know what she's going to say, I am sick and tired of hearing it. I know my dad is not a saint but constantly telling me about his flaws and bringing up his past mistakes really pisses me off with her, I don't have patience for her drama today.

One of our neighbours where my family home is, also did the same thing my aunt was doing. Her boys aligned with her against their father, while her daughters were always at logger-heads with her.

For some reason I can't explain, it is easier to manipulate male children that way, than it is with female children.


Family / Re: I Want To Understand Womanity A Bit Better So Asking Questions On Either Extreme by Klass99(f): 5:33pm On Nov 10
@ Mariah, I don't have an issue with whoever you choose to relate with or engage with online I honestly don't.

But like I said, it has just been painful to watch as those same people are rude, condescending and patronizing to you.


Family / Re: I Want To Understand Womanity A Bit Better So Asking Questions On Either Extreme by Klass99(f): 5:03pm On Nov 10
U people should stop mentioning me,,my major interest is crackhaus. Let me know when he is online

You're worth mentioning because some people are running temperature and catching fever because of you grin

Now, they are hallucinating as well and claiming others are you. It would be really interesting to know for sure who is behind your moniker.


Family / Re: I Want To Understand Womanity A Bit Better So Asking Questions On Either Extreme by Klass99(f): 4:57pm On Nov 10

Opening alternates and passing it off as female users is an old trick. Way back there was one they said is Coco. I had some they said is me too. The interesting thing is, they are the ones that will always tell you it is a female...

What did they not do to jam me and Coco head? After all the vile and unprintable things they said about her, they suddenly remembered she is the good one and I am the witch. Anything to scatter the sisterhood. Agenda must...! grin grin

I know right? Their behaviour here is so pathetic to watch.


Were you referring to me or in general? Please clarify ASAP! Especially the "trying so hard" part

May the gods not punish anybody this hot afternoon ooo

Mariah I was referring to you specifically and in particular, I wasn't speaking generally, neither was I vague in my post.

It has been painful to watch you slither up to certain male monikers (who are trolls, bullies and insulting) in an attempt to pally with them, be friendly and basically be in their good books, perhaps in the hopes that they will not bully you one day, like they do others.

Just remember, it's only a matter of time. I know I have even come across a thread where one of those people turned his vile verbiage on you.

Whatever rocks your boat though, I am just saying.

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Family / Re: I Want To Understand Womanity A Bit Better So Asking Questions On Either Extreme by Klass99(f): 2:25pm On Nov 10
The gbas gbos on this thread sha....

Zzor for your information, I have also been called out as EmperorMaria by another stupid NLander who has nothing better to do, than troll female monikers online with his stupidity, always trying to bully them and trying to create strife/rancour amongst them.

Unfortunately for the idiot, he started to quote me upandan NL in an attempt to be friendly with me. But, I had repeatedly seen his nastiness towards other female users, so I always ignored his mentions here.

I knew that if he could be that nasty towards others, it is only a matter of time before he turns that same nastiness on me. And just like I sensed, it wasn't long before he started displaying his stupidity towards me as well.

The singular fact that I continuously ignored him and never responded to his friendly mentions drove him crazy, now he sees me in every moniker that fights with him.

He has called me EmperorMaria, Ogunboy and a host of other monikers. I have noticed a pattern with male users on NL when they have beef with one person, they start seeing that person every where.

So, EmperorMaria has been linked to me and Fountainofyouth. Ogunboy has also been linked to me and Pocohantas, at different times by different people who have issues with us, are you seeing the pattern?

@ Mariahangel for the record, I don't hold anything against you, like your stupid friend insinuated on the food thread. I just let that slide because no be every time dog bark at you, you go throw stone.

But it baffles me though, why do you keep trying so hard to be online pals with people who are infamous for bullying and nastiness. You think by staying on their good side they won't turn their nastiness/stupidity on you? It's only a matter of time, wasn't I minding my business before one particular idiot started in, on me?

I type in peace o! Ladies don't allow people knock your heads together with their foolishness. See through their facade


Family / Re: 69 Year Old Man Divorces His Wife For Voting For Biden by Klass99(f): 1:34pm On Nov 10
Am I the only one not flustered or running temperature, about the outcome of the US election?

I don't understand people's reaction to it locally and internationally.
Romance / Re: I'm being pressured for marriage. I'm tired! by Klass99(f): 6:02pm On Nov 09
This is becoming irritating, for crying out loud.

When I go visiting a family or old neighbours. They'll be asking questions like:

Why are you not married yet?

You are getting old oo!

Time is going, do fast!

And many other words like these...

I mean, will they be there to feed my family when I'm into the marriage? I don't know why Africa is so obsessed with marriage of a thing.

For crying out loud, I'll be just 29.

The numbers of married men disturbing me for financial assistance daily ehn. That's a turn off to get married soon.

Your opinion please.

Your life is yours to build, it is not for others to steer. These are simple yet powerful words that can change your life for good, if you really grasp the depth/meaning of it.

Dem use marriage swear for us in Africa? Remains one of the most hilarious question/comment I have ever come across on NL, but if you take your time to carefully think about it, you'll also grasp the meaningful importance of that question.

A married man narrated his story (here on NL) about being pressured by relatives to remarry for the sake of more children, after his first wife died during the birth of their second child, leaving him with their first child/daughter.

He succumbed to that pressure and remarried with 5 more children down the line. It was very clear to me from his story that he wasn't in a good place, judging by the ongoing issues in his marriage/new family.

I asked him, now that you have remarried with more children, are you happier, healthier, wealthier or even full of joy and peace? Are those same relatives helping you to pay bills like school fees? Of course, he never answered the questions but my point was clear - these things do not necessarily bring health, wealth, happiness or peace of mind. Especially, if you are stuck with an unsuitable spouse/partner.

Do what makes you happy (within reason and without causing others pain) do things at your own time, pace and calendar. Remember, your life is yours to build, it is not.........................I'm sure you get the drill wink


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