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Politics / Captain Hugh Crow, British Explorer, Describes Igbo People During His Tour by koondog: 1:07am On Dec 05
Captain Hugh Crow, British Explorer, Describes Igbo People During His Tour

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Properties / Re: Igbos Don't Sell Lands To Other Tribes? Debunked! Buy Land In Aba. by koondog: 10:26pm On Dec 02
Where will hungry afonjas see money buy land with their 20-100k salary civil service jobs? Especially as expensive as they are in SE?

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Travel / Federal Government Restricts Anambra International Airport To Day Flights Only by koondog: 10:24pm On Dec 02
Federal Government Restricts Anambra International Airport To Day Flights Only. Based on the conditions stated in the attached letter, operations were approved for daylight flights only, from sunrise to sunset, ,meaning, no night flights. Since most flights around the world are scheduled around night time due to time differences and schedule concerns, this is a huge marginalization for SE people.

Politics / Re: David Hundeyin Confronts Abike Dabiri-Erewa On Radio Over Death Of Itunu by koondog: 11:52am On Nov 28
She is always speaking about her because she is yoruba. You think this tribalist will care if she was Igbo?

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Politics / Re: Appeal Court Affirms Final Forfeiture Order Of Diezani’s $40m Jewellery by koondog: 1:55pm On Nov 26
Afonja media and their lies. $40 million jewellery? Afonjas reason for once in your life.

Politics / Re: Why Is Benue Not A South Eastern State by koondog: 11:47am On Nov 26
Most of the people replying above and claiming Benue people share more in common with Northerners are typical Yorubas. They don't travel, nor do they know Benue people and are quick to separate people from SE. Same way they do to the Ibibio and Efik, all because the they hate Igbos. Yorubas, stop this evil and division you causing.

I grew up in Benue, let me tell you, there is nothing in common between Benue people and core North. Idomas share more with Igbos than their fellow state's men and women, the Tiv, the largest ethnic group with 12 local government areas. The Tiv share more in common with Taraba and Nasarrawa people since they border those states or people, but again, those people in Taraba and Nasarawa are not core North. The Idoma, Etulo, Igede and Igbos on the south side of the state, share more in common with Igbos and control 8 local government areas.

In fact, there is not much difference between Igbo and Idoma. They look alike, share same culture and tradition, same market days and Idomas have Igbo middle names like Ochefu, Onyenefu, Oyinye, Eche, Acha, Agada, Alechenu, Udoka, Ochogwu, Acholonu, Agbo, e.t.c. I can tell the difference in looks between idomas and Tiv, because they are not the same people. Tiv people tend to be mostly dark to very dark skin and have smaller body frame. While Idomas are more like Igbos, they have dark skin, have light skin, have brown skin and are well built and muscular like Igbos.

Idoma people and last pic is Kanu!

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Politics / Re: They Said Kanu Went About It Wrong Way, But Abandoned Igboho Who Went Right Way by koondog: 10:38am On Nov 26
Afonjas are the most dangerous sets of people on this earth. Never trust these people. The day Igbo people will know that these people are their number one enemy, the better for them. Read every thread on Igbo or Biafra, who do you see there hating? Afonjas. Umu ekwensu!

This morning, their daughter Eniola Abiola was talking about Kanu possibly being killed in detention but she will never talk about her own blood Igboho. If you are not smart, you won't understand why she came out to say this out of no where. Narrating how Kanu is pretending to be strong in court, anumanu afonja who ask you? The government have paid her to go out there and test the response of the public if Kanu was killed like her father. This is what they are good at, faking how they love someone else that share nothing in common with them, don't even look like them but abandon their own Igboho.

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Politics / Re: Justice Mary Odili’s Daughter, Njideka Iheme Sworn In As Judge Of The FHC by koondog: 9:05pm On Nov 23
grin so she an igbo woman? Igbo also like good things.

What's the meaning of Njideka?
Politics / Re: Justice Mary Odili’s Daughter, Njideka Iheme Sworn In As Judge Of The FHC by koondog: 7:46pm On Nov 23

It seems you typed this shiit without consulting your brain first. First off, I am from NC zone.
Secondly there are others more intelligent than her, but due to some factors they didn't make it.
Now fvck off kiddo

No be only North Central zone, ewu afonja. I know how afonjas write and reason!

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Politics / Re: Justice Mary Odili’s Daughter, Njideka Iheme Sworn In As Judge Of The FHC by koondog: 6:15pm On Nov 23
In this Nigeria have connect.
E get why.

Afonja, she is more brilliant than her mother. Go and read her record, so don't use "connection nonsense" for Igbos. Igbos don't tolerate that nonsense!


Politics / Re: Igboho Under Extradition Procedure Back To Nigeria – DSS by koondog: 6:01pm On Nov 23


I feel for igboho seriously,see how everyone deserted him..

All those afonjaz shouting Yoruba nation now have all gone into hiding leaving the dude to his fate...

Is it only me or did anybody noticed that after this case of igboho afonjaz no longer call kanu coward for fleeing Nigeria when his house was attacked by the zoo military??

Afonjas are the biggest hypocrites. They reason a certain way; if something is happening to others, they don't care until it starts happening to them too.


Crime / Re: Married Man Abandons Girlfriend In Lagos Hotel Room, Rapes Receptionist by koondog: 5:48pm On Nov 23
Umu ekwensu afonja.

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Politics / Re: "Lekki Massacre Report Incomplete Without Obigbo Genocide Report" - IPOB. by koondog: 7:08am On Nov 22
Watch as Yorubas who support Lekki massacre will downplay it and insult IPOB.

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Politics / Re: Mkpurummiri(crystal Meth) And The Complicity Of NDLEA. by koondog: 5:51am On Nov 20
Anambra state government and people know that Mkpuru mmiri is a federal government covert operation led by DSS and NDLEA to render Igbo youths, particularly Anambra useless and distract them from supporting Biafra and Nnamdi Kanu. They have lost all counter solutions to the Biafra struggle, finally using drugs, like how CIA used crack cocaine to destroy African Americans. For example, if you are talking about Biafra and Nnamdi Kanu to these youths or young men who take it, they will be looking for money to buy mpkuru mmiri, so they will be distracted. Anambra state government has evidence of those behind this evil, which is why they could care less of NDLEA. They are handling it now locally, giving village traditional rulers and vigilantes full powers to arrest the situation, which is yielding success.


Politics / Re: Orji Uzor Kalu's Daughter, Neya Celebrates Her Birthday With Stunning Photos by koondog: 11:50pm On Nov 18
Educated illiterate Bunch of chest beating criminal oriented flat heads with visionless leaders will still be making noise here like civilians being

lalasticala violation and insult.
Business / Re: Gas Explosion At Ladipo Market Extension, Lagos by koondog: 10:42am On Nov 16

Did anybody persuade you to stay in Lagos, go back to your mud village

This is the type of afonja that will plant the bomb.

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Politics / Re: Orji Uzor Kalu's Posters For Presidency Shared By Arewa Group In South-East by koondog: 10:22am On Nov 16
Whoever is flooding this picture, is very very wicked and heartless.

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Properties / Re: Rumor Out In Lagos Is Ikoyi Building May Have Been Detonated & Femi Assassinated by koondog: 10:35pm On Nov 08
The fact the modd sent this to property section, shows Nairaland is also part of the character assassination of this guy. What a shame that typical Nigerian lack ability to reason critically!
Travel / Re: Lagos Airport Extremely Corrupt – Sabbatical, American Vlogger (Video) by koondog: 12:13pm On Nov 08
1. The average American is an ídíot. Outside of the northeast, it's basically village people only while village people are uneducated, Americans are just stúpid.

2. The average American doesn't "understand" people outside their town or region, so there's no reason to believe most can grasp a different culture. And they confirm their ignorance every day regarding other cultures. Their cultural observations are garbage.

3. Oyinbos are deranged, racist m0r0ns. Their opinions on anyone who isn't white can't be trusted. It's like asking what an Arab thinks about Jews.

4. Americans are lazy af, and would rather do anything besides work to make money. That of course includes posting complete bs on YT.

5. It's common knowledge that people post bs on YT. And that people like that oyinbo will film for days or weeks to get the footage they want, and mangle the footage to make it more extreme. If that doesn't work, they'll pay people to fake it.

6. Many Americans are as insecure as they are stúpid. They love spreading lies (and consuming them) about virtually any foreign country, including every European country. It literally bothers them to think that someone will leave the US and enjoy their life, or that people in other countries are happy.

7. Yes, this problem exists. But it doesn't change the fact that oyinbos are notorious liars


Properties / Rumor Out In Lagos Is Ikoyi Building May Have Been Detonated & Femi Assassinated by koondog: 12:00pm On Nov 08
Rumor Out In Lagos is that Ikoyi Building may have been detonated and Femi Assassinated. Everyone I spoke to including engineers, believe there is no way that structure will collapse in that manner. That, it's structurally impossible for all the columns or pillars and beams to give in all at the same time. That defies structural engineering principle. They believed Femi had real powerful enemies that wanted that piece of land, so they may have detonated the building, and they made sure they did it while he was there during his routine with his staff, to make sure he is eliminated, to give way for them, to go ahead and demolish the rest of the high rise that are structurally sound and take over the land. After the job was done, they deplored their media character assassination outfits to paint a well known, regarded and successful developer like Femi Osibona as a greedy and cut-corner developer.

What do you think about this rumor?

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Politics / Re: Anambra Government Suspicious Why An Unpopular Andy Uba Is Coming Second In Poll by koondog: 11:48am On Nov 08
APC is not coming second anything...

Where do you people even get these false information from...


Are you dumb? Go and look at all the result.

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Politics / Anambra Government Suspicious Why An Unpopular Andy Uba Is Coming Second In Poll by koondog: 11:44am On Nov 08
My uncle is a member of the cabinet. He said that the government is very suspicious why an unpopular, corrupt and hated candidate like Andy Uba is coming second in poll, in state like Anambra that hates APC with passion. They believe that the federal government is trying to use the same shenanigan used in Imo state to install Andy Uba via supreme court ruling, that will nullify Soludo's victory based on some INEC registration issue preceding the election that bordered on the other faction of APGA, sponsored by APC.

They are aware that APC is cleverly rigging strategically to come second in the poll. That's all they need, so that when the Supreme court eventually removes Soludo, the second in poll, Andy Uba, will take over. They want that second so that it won't look like Imo state situation where Uzodima was fourth in the poll and made the theft very obvious. That is also why they are delaying the remaining local governments, to make sure Andy Uba is second. If you look at almost all the polls and LGs, Uba is second, it's for a reason. But what they don't know is Anambra Government is already aware and have plans for them.

Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu, Ipob And Anambra Election My Advice by koondog: 10:16am On Nov 08

IPOB calls for a sit at home. Afonja starts wailing that IPOB is destroying herself..
IPOB says go out and vote! Afonja shoouuutss waaàaaaaaaa, "so you are afraid and changed your mind"?

IPOB calls for Biafra, Afonja starts to wail about how igbos will die of hunger, starvation in their Dot republic?! "Oh these yeebos are daft more than the world knows"!
IPOB or Ohaneze calls for an inclusive Nigeria with the igbos? Heeeeey! It can't happen! Afonjas go on a wailing episode; "no , you must go. We don't want you! You must go with your 5 states", bla bla bla bla bla..

Igbos call for a Nigerian president of igbo extraction! Afonjas jump out of their skin, gets do irritated and starts wailing; "you want to chop where you did not work? Are you networking? Presidency is not dashed", bla bla bla bla. An Igbo tries to make serious moves for the presidency, Afonja goes to work to demonize him; Pandora Obi! Orji Kanu? They mock them and call them utterly currupt! But who's Afonja pushing to become Nigerias president? Hushcobar Tinubu! Note that they want their own criminal to be the president! It's a "you loot I loot democracy"...

Afonjas will wail from morning till night that igbos are not needed in Nigeria and are bringing bad names to Nigeria! The same Afonjas will work from night to morning to scupper any move that frees the Igbo from the evil contraption called Nigeria!

What species of humanity is this
This is serious..
Crab in the bucket mentality?
These people are unbelievable..

They are one of the most useless sets of human beings on this planet. They don't have sense and naturally evil. Two came for interview at my office the other day, just looking at their ugly and envious face, irritates me. Avoid these people, all their life is all about "Igbo, Igbo, Igbo and how to destroy Igbos."

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Politics / Re: Stop Blaming Ijaws For Editing Wikipedia On Opobo. This Is Who To Blame... by koondog: 9:31pm On Sep 10

I have said this many times but some igbos here will never listen. Go through the history of any of these socalled Niger Delta posters and you will notice it's a Yoruba guy claiming to be "we the Niger Delta". Even when they create a new account for solely this purpose, you will still see him or her impulsively defending the Yoruba narrative. They are desperate to separate the Igbo from any access to the sea and I don't think that this effort is a coincidence. The posters are hired, quarantined in a place and paid for this wicked job. They're all over the internet parroting these lies. What's the purpose? To maintain their dominance in local oil exploration ass long as possible... South Easterners here should ignore these trolls and vigorously double down on their claims as it regards the former eastern Nigeria..

I'm surprised how astute you are on this issue. Many Igbos just brush it off or don't care to investigate or understand the magnitude of what yorubas are doing to them. I can confirm to you like you said that DSS has an office in Lagos where they hire many Yorubas and quarantine them in a room to write negative things about Igbos and to propagate the divide between Igbos and so-called SS. These people know any day Igbos reconnect back with their blood in the South South, One Nigeria is over. As I have said many times, for former Eastern Region to regain their freedom, they need to hammer Yorubas well well, focus on them, deal with them very well, trust me by the time Fulani sees that yoruba have been corned, they will run away. Fulani counts on Yoruba support especially their evil media to stay relevant and their backstabbing nature of pretending to work with easterners but actually giving Fulani intelligence and betraying the East.

Watch this video and see it confirms everything we said.


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Education / Re: Only One Nigerian University Made It Into The Top 10 In Africa by koondog: 10:48am On Sep 06
Where they produce illiterate afonjas that lack ability to reason.


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