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Sports / Re: Salah Has 4 Yellow Cards In His EPL Career, 3 Of Them For Taking His Shirt Off by legba1(m): 4:25pm On Sep 19
He's some ladies fantasy.... and he's aware of it... Let him kontinu... 1 more yellow and he gets a red, it's the new rule 'we' are considering
Sports / Re: Meet Tolulope Omogbehin Aka Omos, 7"3 Ft Tall Nigerian WWE Superstar by legba1(m): 4:20pm On Sep 19
Nairaland is now a battle ground for kids yet to know Whats up about life. They fight and bicker at the slightest of provocation.
Back in 2007 or so when I signed up, this platform had a rich blend and discussion use to be so matured.... Its now insult galore...
Business / Re: CBN Confirms Investigation Of Oniwinde Adedotun, Abokifx Founder by legba1(m): 5:00pm On Sep 17
The painful part of the misrule we are bei g subjected to is the the oppressor Sabi use our kins to deal with us.... Those our brother do the hatchet work very well to please their pay masters thereby keeping their job.... How on earth will I sell my fx to a bank that will buy at 470 when the street will give me 570....o wrong nau....
Politics / Re: FCC: Reps Kick Against Buhari’s Appointment Of 2 Northerners As Chairman, Secret by legba1(m): 2:34pm On Sep 17
Buhari is the hatchet man, the script playing out is their plans all along... And it's Realy unfortunate that we have elected law makers from the south who will rather look away just because of their pockets...
The best option here is for everyone to go manage dem papa house....

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Crime / Re: Okada Man Who Broke The Story Of Glory Okolie Is Thrown Into Keffi Prison by legba1(m): 9:39am On Sep 17
Ndi dot miscreant, they should both be given life sentence.
By 2030 95% of ndi dot will be in several prison all over the world...

Who let the dog out plsss... Get him back on his leach I beg... Oruhe,


Romance / Re: Beautiful Pre Wedding Photos Of A Nairalander by legba1(m): 10:16pm On Sep 16
God when?

it is well dearie

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Crime / Re: One Dies As Soldiers Arrest Policeman With 370 Bullets In Jos by legba1(m): 9:43pm On Sep 16
Abeg where is the 207k...I cant see it on display here oooo. its an exhibit .


Education / Re: Ibiyemi Olatunji-Bello As LASU VC: Lagos Indigenes Allege Marginalisation by legba1(m): 9:32pm On Sep 16
Folks should read the news body rather than the headlines....

the write said she came last on two screening test and that members of the screening board were remove because they refused to be compromised thereby paving way for her emergence.....

In one word, merit was thrown to the dogs just to favor her....the talk of her not being an indegene does not hold water here because shes married to an islander, so shes an indegene by registration

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Politics / Re: Babafemi Ojudu Unhappy As Femi Fani-Kayode Joins APC by legba1(m): 9:19pm On Sep 16
I wasn't surprised to know that Fani Kayode joined the Godforsaken witch broom party. He is a typical Afonja. Na dia way

imbecilic entity, i am sure UMAHI is also AFONJA....no go find a dimwit like you to put you in the OZA room


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Dear Npower Beneficiaries.... I Have A Message For You by legba1(m): 5:17pm On Sep 16
Whatever all this mean...
Politics / Re: Fani-Kayode Joins APC, meets President Buhari by legba1(m): 5:13pm On Sep 16
This dude is shameless... Upon all he said about APC....
Sports / Re: Mikel, Okocha Or Kanu: Who Was The Most Successful Nigerian Player by legba1(m): 2:50pm On Sep 16
What are we talking here, okocha is the entertainer, Kanu the buz man while Mike earned all the accolades withe the money... Mikels Era in football gets highly monetized, and so the money he made playing surpassed what those senior men made in football... Can someone tell me what was kanus last salary is per week and that of okocha and mikel...
Crime / Re: Police Wrongly Parade Movie Prop Manager As Criminal In Akwa Ibom (photo) by legba1(m): 2:38pm On Sep 16
But seriously the dude need clearance or license. A
Health / Re: Ever Had A Bone Dislocation? Share Your Experience With Traditional Bone Setters by legba1(m): 5:06pm On Sep 15
My experience with local bone setter was a sweet one... I got into the local clinic with a badly fractured fibula...
Before my admission, the guy made consultations, then I got admitted..

He requested for a local rooster and broke the leg exactly where I broke mine. Then the treatment started.. I spent 36 days on the bed... Then I was lifted off and given 2 crutches.. After 2wks he collected one of the crushes leaving me with one. After another 2 weeks he replaced my crutch with walking stick and made me to walk about the premises from time to time... In all I spent 63 days in the clinic. Till today if I don't tell you you won't know.... But my paleh spend money.... This was in 1996.. The place is 'ago egun in abeokuta'


European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Barcelona Vs Bayern Munich: UCL (0 - 3) On 14th September 2021 by legba1(m): 9:43pm On Sep 14
Mo ta tete daran sad

Walahiiii... Na serous gobe
Crime / Re: Nigerian Lady Calls Out A Man Who Allegedly Scammed Her by legba1(m): 9:33pm On Sep 13
..... And some mumu are already judging him.. Someone stayed sincere for almost a year n you think he will run with 32k?? I doubt. Check well


Politics / Re: Naira-Throwing Fraud Suspects Arrested In Benin by legba1(m): 7:10pm On Sep 13
do we still have the real yahoo boys or ritualists...in those days you have boys keeping vigil charting mayes. this folks now spend their day time knacking and flexing while go clubbing at night...so tell me what time they spend scoping magas.....majority of these ones have soaps and calabash and effigy even in their cars.....most of these runs girls had been used......so call them ritualists

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Family / Re: Married Only: How Often Do You Ask Your Partner For Sex? by legba1(m): 4:01pm On Sep 13
I don't ask my wife for sex.... We make luv as often as we find suiting... In a week at times we do even do it and a times it flows and we have it endlessly....

How do you even ask her for sex.... Mama chinedu, oya lie down, spread your leg now!!! �... Isnt that ridiculous... My wife sleeps in my arms.... Ordinary playing with her hair is enough turn on.. While she just can't resist a peculiar smell she claims I have.. Mind you we had our 9th yrs anniv in july

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Career / Re: Sudden Recall From Former Organisation by legba1(m): 3:55pm On Sep 13
If you have not been confirmed by your present employer, then you can walk away at will, am sure your employment is still temporal... Except you sign any document or agreement that says otherwise
TV/Movies / Re: Jaypaul Has Been Evicted From The Big Brother House by legba1(m): 7:27pm On Sep 12
Someone remind me how many day him don spend chopping free food and all


Pets / Re: Beautiful Pictures From The KCR Dog Training Exhibition 2021 by legba1(m): 5:48pm On Sep 12
I can read some folk dissing the program... Dog show has come a long way in Naija oooh... Its not about lack of gainful duty or employment...
Some of us are dog enthusiasts and so organizing and participating in dog show is not a waste of time.. Also note that not all of us are on a 8 to 5 kind of jobs.. I attended my first dog show in2002 at faculty of VET medicine uni ibadan, so no be today oohb


Family / Re: Why Are Married Men Quiet And Condone Rubbish In Their Homes? by legba1(m): 6:10pm On Sep 09
When someone up there says growing guys of this days should GROW UP and MAN up and be prepared/brace up for whatever the vriginal folks brings your way he wasnt lying.

i have a story to back the very unpredictable and irrational attitude of the gender we are talking about. i was transferred to a town in Ogun state sometime in 2012.
i got an apartment close to this couple. the Oga works with a cement company (quality control) so hes most time on night duty, he had his brother (lastborn) living with them then and the guys mum have a small provision shop close to their gate just to ensure some one is always at home while everyone is out.
the guy get money small, it happens the wiffy ask Oga for some money to buy market for her shop. oga decline base on she don mismanage bailouts several time. Na so madam madam go area command around that iperu go report say na so so night him husband dey go out to come back next morning. she lied. so police lay ambush for the guy, as he was returning home next morning, na so police gbab the guy. at area command, he was accused of being an armed robber,he presented his ID and his coy legal department stepped in, na so area comander invite wiffy to substantiate her claims. na there she break down like TEGA dey shed crocodile tears say she only want to deal with the hussy for not giving her money
Na small thing she think say she done do,she begged hussy say na devil. the guy was released. he entered car brought by the wife to station and refused her entry. las las she enter pub transport to meet hussy for house, ALAS, all her loads dey wait her for gate ooh... guy mama come scatter everything bring out breast for compound lay curse say if her son take the woman back or even climb her, na so and so and so go happen. her fate was sealed just for not thinking through her action before she go report....worst case her family reject her.

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Health / Re: A True Tale Of My Old Friend, Now Insane And Roams About The Streets. by legba1(m): 5:07pm On Sep 09
Marvis case is just too similar to mine buddy case, Afor. we attended primary and secondary school together in Ogun State......He got into school late 90s...joined bad gang and almost got me into trouble....

Here's his story. ....

We grew up in same neighborhood, infarct his oldman share same trade as mine. we were good friends. then he left for kwara state poly while i stayed back in UNAAB .
That weekend ,he came home and ask that i travel to lagos to buy non tested stereo at ladipo. luckily for us we got a good buy and returned home that friday. so we set up the dec in his room and i was almost slleping off when he asked that i see him off to somewhere.
we took okada and got to a particular junction,there where like 12 other guys waiting for him. the way he greeted those guys struck me. they where cultists. the leader was not cool with me being around so i was sent off fast. i headed back to Afor room and met our food served. i ate and slept off.
Next morning, i woke up and noticed my friend didnt return home. i greeted the dad and tookoff for my papa house like 8 houses away. i was washing like 3 hours later when Afor mama came calling asking me to produce Afor. she was making a hell of noise and creating a scene. heres what happened, Afor and his goons attacked someone and the fellow was shot. he ran away but one of his gang was arrested, he brought the police to Afor house,on meeting his absence the oldman was taken away. So the mama asked that i produce Afor, I had difficulty explainign to my papa why i didnt come home to sleep since i was in the neighborhood. He was later arrested while i fled area . Afor spent some months in custody,that God him papa hold change small.

i didnt see him for like 3 years after. the day we finally met, he was MAD........as in deranged, insane....i stood strucked. he walked past me mumbling,with dirty tattered attire. Since that 2003 we never met again


Politics / Re: Lagos Assembly Passes VAT, Anti-Open Grazing Bills by legba1(m): 2:31pm On Sep 09
Watch... Just watch... Woke and Danwohad blazed the trail now, this is how you get to meet the sellouts among the southern gominas...

Dapo Abiodun and even Seyi Makinde by now should be serous....

Akeredolu don rep well on him own


Travel / Re: How Safe Is Traveling By Road At Night From Lagos To Abuja by legba1(m): 12:03pm On Sep 09
Ahhhhh, ogbeni I pity you... Boys dey wait you for IWARAJA-AKURE and OKENNE-ITAKPE-LOKOJA axis of the journey... If you can fly pls book your tickets Now..
Car Talk / Re: Lexus Rx 350 or Mercedes Benz GLK 350: Which Is Better? by legba1(m): 12:00pm On Sep 09
Benz tiks 2,3 and 5....so you alone can decide if 1 and 4 is negligible...

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Travel / Re: Relocation To U.S Or Start A Business In Nigeria by legba1(m): 11:45am On Sep 09
Bro, get out while you have the opportunity... I was in your shoes like 2yrs back.... I had the fund to arrange my traveling and also have the passion for my buz... I chose to pump more money into my buz... The competition and buz environment here is choking, plus end users purchasing power is so low that the whales in my line of buz tends to annex the lion share... leaving the remnant for US to share...
Now I wish I had attended that wedding and not come back like some of my buddies... So use your head
Romance / Re: Bride Caught In Doggy Sex With Her Ex-Boyfriend During Wedding Reception by legba1(m): 10:10pm On Sep 08
Last enjoyment grin

No... You missed it, it's called signing out

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Sports / Re: 2022 WCQ: Ahmed Musa Gifts Super Eagles Teammates ₦5 Million by legba1(m): 4:14pm On Sep 08
That kind money no mean much to these guys, they have money in abundance... Yea they worked for it and grace also found them...
Foreign Affairs / Re: Taliban Fighters ’round Up Women Into Car Park Like Cattle’ & Open Fire(Pix,vid) by legba1(m): 1:52am On Sep 08
What were they thinking... Do they imagine they are up against a civilized bunch?
The freedom they crave was long gone, the earlier they were they understand that the best for them... Imagine that you can't listen to music, that music is not Islamic only chants? Afghans are on a long thing.....
Foreign Affairs / Re: Taliban Announce Caretaker Government For Afghanistan (Pictures) by legba1(m): 8:45pm On Sep 07

How is it Biden's fault?

Trump would have left since May.

And most Americans were already tired of the war. One of the many reasons Trump was elected was because a majority of the American population wanted an end to this war. Too many dead people. Too many dead Americans for a country that is still unable to fight for itself.

Are you minding out folks who just talk without a proper knowledge of world/international politics... Left to trump, America would have pulled out 3months back... Whatever accord played out now had been on the table sinceee

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Ibadan Job For N175,000 Or Kaduna Job For N259,000 : Which Should I Go For? by legba1(m): 5:45pm On Sep 07
i just read in awe of what folks who have not left their comfort zones are telling you here....yes i understand no where id realy safe realistically but, going to KD is off limit. the line between you getting killed and staying alive is very thin.....your not getting shot behind the wheel of your toyota hilux pickup when travelling between KD -ABJ.....KD-ZARIA....KD- SOUTHERN KD like kafanchan,kachi et al is seriously slim

You can enjoy your peace in oyo and environs with your 175k or jump at the 259k offer and probably be sent home in a body bag or worst not found at all when the bloody bandit pick you on the hi way kachi or one of those places.

Note that i have been there but now back home in oyo managing my farm jeje

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