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Education / Re: Mmesoma Ejikeme Opens Up After JAMB Accused Her Of Forging JAMB Result by LIAM45(m): 10:39am On Jul 04
We should put aside emotions and embrace logic in judging this case...
These are the questions i think we should be asking:
1.Did JAMB announce her the highest scorer for the year?
The body will have gone through their database before they could make an announcement of the highest score of the year...this sets JAMB in the clear

2.Since JAMB stopped the use of the result printout design she displayed in the video since 2021,How was she able to still get such from JAMB's result database?

Who helped her in checking and printing the displayed result?...that person is the key to this investigation

3.When she took the displayed result to her principal,isnt the principal(being a highly literate personnel in education) suppose to know that such design is not used by JAMB anymore and as such gives a green light into the result being forged?

4.When the principal scanned the result and it brought out another candidate's details,did she try re-checking the result using the USSD format before forwarding it to the commissioner?

5.Why didnt the commissioner decline the result since such design isnt used again or even tell the lady to re-check before notifying JAMB?

6.Did Innosson company verify the result by re-checking it themselves before accepting such score?
If they did and they got the 362 score,JAMB will have to check their database for illegal activities and if found guilty,they will have to hold those in charge of the database responsible for it and thereafter apologize publicly to the candidate,compensate her for the harrassment caused and also lift the ban placed on her

...my little opinion though...
Jobs/Vacancies / Here Is The Answer To Anxiety, Frustration And Poverty by LIAM45(m): 3:03am On Sep 06, 2022
You are here seeking the answer to that situation that has made you seek out so many means of making money whether online or offline

I have the answer lying in wait for you.
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It is an online seminar which is going to hold from the 8th - the 11th of September!!!

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This seminar is going to be a life-changing one as you will be exposed to:
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Education / Have You Registered For This? by LIAM45(m): 2:55am On Sep 06, 2022
I am sure you have not heard of this once-in-a-lifetime Seminar that is going to change the financial story of thousands across the world.

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You will be:
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I know what is crossing your mind right now...Hope it's not going to cost me money.

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NYSC / Are You Tired Of Struggling To Make Money Online? by LIAM45(m): 2:46am On Sep 06, 2022
This is a question that most Nigerians have been faced with. Having tried all means of making it online but getting ripped off their hard-earned money
A few years ago, I was like you, investing my time and money into different platforms just to make some cash off the internet.

You do not have to worry about that anymore, there is an online seminar which will be coming up from the 8th to the 11th of September. This seminar is one of a kind which on a normal day will cost you #100,000-#400,000 to attend but it's going to be free.

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It is a seminar that will broaden your scope about making money off the internet

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Investment / Re: What You Need To 10x Your Income In 30 Days by LIAM45(m): 12:04pm On Sep 03, 2022

I am not active on whatsapp for now....I am more active on facebook
The link in the post will redirect you to my profile....I will be expecting your message
Investment / What You Need To 10x Your Income In 30 Days by LIAM45(m): 10:46am On Sep 02, 2022
Have you tried all means to increase your income with the current situation of the country?
I bet it you have invested in so many platforms like crypto, Stocks, or betting or you have even sought a loan to start a business but the business failed in a matter of days

I understand your plight, I experienced the same thing a few years ago and I am going to reveal the steps I took to get my own business that increase my income at a fast rate within a short span.

A friend recommended a platform where I can have the opportunity to meet with top business minds who were ready to help poor and frustrated persons like me position themselves in the labour market to set up businesses which can get us running in a short time. I yield to the advice and I can say that I am glad I did. Although it came with a price which was time, money and effort.

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Business / How Samsung Makes $100 Every 5minutes by LIAM45(m): 4:46pm On Aug 26, 2022
Many business owners have been hit with the issue of not making a credible number of sales. Some do but end up not making enough profit to cover their expenses and also live the life they always wanted.

So I took it as a project to study how one of the largest manufacturing conglomerates in the world can make a high volume of sales on any of their products even before they are launched.

Selling is very important for any business to progress because, without making sales, there is no way you can replenish your stocks(products).

Today I will be walking you through 3 unique strategies you can apply to any kind of business to make sales on even those products that you deem useless amongst your goods.

Strategy 1: Sell Genuinely
This part has hindered a lot of businesses from pushing through the cages of low sales to get to the level of massive profits and sales.

When trying to sell a product, you must make sure you give genuine and detailed information about that product. Being tricky or secretive with the info will get you sales for a short while, but then you will begin to receive tons of negative reviews, which will eventually ruin your product as well as your business.

So make sure you give out enough information about your product always.

Do not worry about not making lots of sales or losing your prospects due to them not being interested in your products after checking them out. It helps you qualify those who will truly be interested in your product and also saves you the stress of hooking up with the "always-complaining" customers.

Strategy 2: Provide Value Before Selling
Most businesses see this as a waste of time, but unbeknown to them, it is the easiest way to get to the mind of any customer.

When you try to solve a problem that you know your product can solve before you sell it to them, you do not just get the attention of your prospects, you get their trust.

Statistics show that people prefer to buy from people they trust and who can relate to their needs rather than from someone who approaches them and says, "Hey, I sell X product that solves Y problems."

Strategy 3: Use The Arsenal Of Selling
Selling any kind of product today requires mastering several skills, which you can employ while selling any product, even to hard-hearted prospects.

Skills such as copywriting, sales closing techniques, funnel building, social media marketing and advertising, and also traffic and lead generation techniques all make up the arsenal of selling which multinational companies and businesses employ in their businesses to break into the most difficult markets in the world. As a result, they have an explosive amount of sales every day. Equipping yourself with these skills requires time and money, but pays off in the long run.

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Celebrities / Re: See 50 Million Naira Cake At Bobrisky's 30th Birthday Celebration by LIAM45(m): 9:54am On Sep 01, 2021
I guess the cake is a result of 3d-printing

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Education / Re: Which Nigeria Universities Run Msc Computer Engineering by LIAM45(m): 5:13pm On Jul 15, 2021
Education / Re: Uniben Or Fuoye by LIAM45(m): 9:26am On May 09, 2021
Please, I want you to advise me on my choice of institution.
Which of this schools (uniben or fuoye) will offer me admission without connection?

Business / Re: In Need Of E-currency Exchangers by LIAM45(m): 12:19am On May 06, 2021
I'm an exchanger sir +2348164328925
what are your rates please?
Business / In Need Of E-currency Exchangers by LIAM45(m): 8:43pm On May 05, 2021
Good day people ,

please i need your suggestions concerning good and reliable e-currency exchangers with sound customer service,affordable rates and quick service execution in nigeria that exchange DASH,TRON and Skrill.
The ones i have tried researching on seem to have bad reviews.Thanks.

I will be expecting your reply.
Phones / Re: Phone Engineers On Nairaland Willing To Assist You - Part II by LIAM45(m): 3:42pm On May 05, 2021
Please how much will i use to change the display IC of tecno camon cx??
Investment / New Cryptocurrency Airdrop In Town by LIAM45(m): 12:59pm On Jan 11, 2021
Have you heard of the new cryptocurrency??
Its called BITCOIN BLACK and it going to airdrop later this year

And do you know the most exciting thing about it?? �
The top 10 people who refers alot of people to the airdrop will be gifted 18,000,000 coins which will be valued at $180,000 each!!! ���.

And also, anyone who signs up for the free airdrop will be rewarded 3600coins which is valued at $36.���

What are you waiting for??....
Tell your friends to tell their friends about the BITCOIN BLACK AIRDROP coming soon. Join the train � � by clicking the link below to get started ����
Education / Coronavirus: An Excuse To The Advancement Of The Nigerian Community by LIAM45(m): 6:59pm On Mar 24, 2020
The outbreak of this deadly disease called “Coronavirus” in Nigeria should not be used as an excuse to limit the potentials and abilities of the Nigeria students and lecturers. Each year, tertiary institutions which include universities, polytechnics, colleges of education e.t.c have produced thousands and thousands of graduates which they and the Nigerian community believe to have been grounded and fed deeply in their respective fields of study and also each year, tertiary institutions admit thousands of applicants to various courses mostly the science and its related courses. Going by the statistics of graduates, students and applicants of tertiary institutions in the country, it is being recorded that sciences, medical sciences and science related courses have the highest figure.

You call yourself a graduate or student of microbiology , biochemistry, medicine and surgery, pharmacy and other related science and medical courses and you come out to join fellow Nigerians to criticize our government when you are suppose to be brainstorming for ideas and ways to stop the spread and cure of Coronavirus in the country.

You call yourself a student of those aforementioned courses and you are running home over fear of Coronavirus, you call yourself a scientist-to-be or a doctor-to-be and you are busy joining those who are not in your field to share posts about the virus and how to prevent one's self from it which was gotten from scientists in advanced countries when you suppose to be the one researching for cure to the disease. You are clearly telling those advanced countries that our educational system is a waste of time, that we have nothing to offer in times like this, that our universities, polytechnics, colleges of education and research institutes are useless in bringing out problem-solving graduates and students. Our lecturers and professors who are the ones impacting the knowledge in us and claiming to be a specialist in those fields are in their respective houses instead of coming together to look for a way or ways to fight this disease out of the country. They are all fighting for their bellies and going on strike while the virus is busy spreading at a faster rate in the country and eating-up the economy of the country.

If our lecturers, acclaimed doctorates and professors in all our science fields in out tertiary institutions in the country cannot standup to curtain the disease in the country, who are we the students who do not have in-depth knowledge and experience about our respective disciplines to do so?. We Nigerians believe that since our family members are not infected with the virus then its none of our business. Its non of your business and each day, we read and see the country is record new suspected cases in which some test positive and some test negative of the disease. Everyone is living in fear, the country is shutting down borders, stopping gatherings in public places, placing a curfew because we do not know who next might contact the disease. This suppose to be the time our scientists, students of sciences and its related courses, lecturers, professors, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries owned by Nigerians are to be working endlessly to stop the spread of this disease across the country by coming up with vaccines and cures for Coronavirus.

China, which happened to be the first country to be struck by the disease are working hard to reduce the impact of the disease to the minimum level as a result of the efforts been put in by their government and citizens which comprises of their scientists, biotechnology laboratories, pharmaceutical industries, students and lecturers. Other countries like Australia, Canada, Russia, Italy e.t.c are putting in place adequate and active manpower to help curtail the spread of the disease and reduce its mortality rate in their country. But here in Nigeria, our government is busy talking about their political ambitions thereby neglecting the priority thing of the country. If that’s how the Chinese, Canadians, Australians, Americans, Arabians e.t.c are doing to their country, do u think they would be able to fight the pandemic in their various countries?. The Nigerian scientists and science researchers are keeping our hands crossed expecting the advanced countries to come up with a cure when we have more than enough scientists and laboratories to do that in the country.

I am not disputing the fact that we have a government that are not ready to finance and upgrade our tertiary institutions and research laboratories to a standard one but we could at least lend a hand to the outside world, not by sitting and expecting the virus to fight itself out of the country. If students of the Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka can produce hand sanitizers with little or no assistance from their lecturers despite the disappointing infrastructural condition of our tertiary institutions what is then stopping the Nigerian students from finding a cure to the virus?, what is stopping our lecturers and professors from using their various acquired knowledge and skill to develop a vaccine or antidote for the said disease called Coronavirus?

Those advance countries which we place in high regard tag us as an underdeveloped country filled with citizens who are brilliant in engaging in social vices but cannot use their brilliant mind to better their country. Why can't we go the traditional way since we do not have the modern and advanced equipment to engage in research and find a cure to the virus?, what is stopping us from going back to experiment on those herbs and tradomedicine which we deem local and sometimes unscientific to the modern world but actually have those chemical compositions which we seek in those modern drugs which we waste money on?. I am not in any way advertising for those tradomedical companies nor trying to speak bad about modern medicines but to challenge all of us, students, lecturers and professors of tertiary institutions across the country, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies owned by Nigerians to raise up and find a cure to this virus before it becomes a thing that would be difficult to contend as the day goes by.

Also, Nigerians should try to encourage and support whosoever comes up with an idea to curtail the virus because it is not easy for one to think and research for ways to fight or stop something dangerous from happening and in return receive negative response I’m the form of insults and discouraging words to degrade the person's work or rate the person’s idea useless knowing fully well that you have nothing to offer in helping the situation at hand.

Nigerians are always advising our bright minds in the country to travel out and seek for for greener pastures outside the country because we think the country does not have what it takes to raise those bright minds to the level they suppose to be. It is true we do not get enough encouragement after doing good things for our country but that does not mean relocating to another country would bring you out to limelight, that relocating to another country will make the world see your potentials or give you monetary rewards because you have something unique to add to their economy or country., instead it makes you look like one who is not in love with watch he or she is good at, it makes you look like one who does not have his or her country in mind, it makes you look like one who is just after the praises and not the solution of the problem.

If our country is in chaos, we all as citizens will take a share from its negative effect. If our economy crashes because of our “I don’t care” attitude towards growing it then we will all suffer its consequences when the time comes. If citizens of those advanced countries which we are praising today are behaving the same way we Nigerians are behaving, if they relocated to other countries to develop it rather than developing theirs, they will not be where they are today.

I am not using this as a means of trending online, getting likes, followers or promoting to any brand or company but to challenge the Nigerian community most especially students, graduates, lecturers, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies owned by Nigerians all over the world to raise up and prove to the world that we are the giants of Africa, to prove to the world that we are not that underdeveloped country which they think we are, to prove to the world that the Nigerian educational system is not a constraint in bringing out the best from the Nigerian community, to prove to the world that we can be a developed country which China, America, Russia, Germany and other developed countries are, to prove to the world that our leaders are not an excuse to putting our nation on the map of pacesetters and amongst ground-breaking countries, to prove to the world that our sciences courses, students and lecturers of those science courses in the country have what it takes to find a cure to this disease which have found its way to our country.
God bless Nigeria.


Kindly share this message to enlighten others. Thank you.
… K. Y. W…

Religion / Re: Coronavirus: Catholic Bishops Compose Special Prayer Against Deadly Virus by LIAM45(m): 5:58pm On Mar 09, 2020
since corona started all the miracle 9ja pastors have been silent. i blame the fools who believe their miracles are real. all fake

lol....am very sure you are a strong christian,so therefore you are also fake....
Religion / Re: Coronavirus: Catholic Bishops Compose Special Prayer Against Deadly Virus by LIAM45(m): 5:56pm On Mar 09, 2020
We don't need prayers in this country anymore.
"Prayer for Nigeria in Distress" has been going on everyday in all Roman Catholic meetings since I was in JSS1 and our school fees then was around 370 naira yet seen as very expensive then.

Today, students of the same school pay around 80,000 as school fees yet they are still reciting same prayer. Now they have composed another one.
Abeg e don do.

China fought Corona Virus headlong. They didn't pray.

The same China you are supporting,aren't they still battling it even with their advanced techs.??....wise up brother!

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Religion / Re: Coronavirus: Catholic Bishops Compose Special Prayer Against Deadly Virus by LIAM45(m): 5:53pm On Mar 09, 2020
Their counterparts are in laboratories

and where are you??.....idiat

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Health / Re: Kano Man Found Alive After ‘drowning’ 30 Years Ago by LIAM45(m): 11:06am On Oct 28, 2019
cry Thats Captain America modified

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