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Education / Are You Looking To Retain Lost Unhappy Customer? by Livechatprovide: 7:32am On Nov 15, 2018
In today’s world, we consider the customer as our king. The owners are ready to cross boundaries for their happiness. Some relationships get damaged due to unfavourable circumstances. If you want to get back your customer, you must read out for the following:
i. Analyze what went wrong: For repairing a damaged customer relationship, you must figure out at first. Ask your users how they see the problem and ask them well. This will help you see the situation from their point of view and helps them to bring up the needed fixation to win the customers back.
ii. Agree to it and apologize for it: You may even know that there can be two results for when you analyze – either the fault of a customer or the customer assistance executive. If the assistant is at a fault, don’t waste time but admit your mistake and apologize patiently and with humbleness. It would surely regain the trust of a customer.
iii. Offering a resolution: Now, since you know the obstacle, you can suggest a required solution. If the customer products were misleading, or unacceptable, offer a new version of the products – for free. Well, even discounts can be offered over the next purchase. It won’t just help win back an annoyed consumer back but will ensure a fruitful relationship in future.
iv. Striving for the retention: As you got your users back, ensure to strain every nerve to keep them. Do remember why they got sad and what strategy you need to keep avoiding such mistake in future.

There is a lot of difference in believing and actually doing. Try it yourself and improve your customer support strategies. Live Chat Support Service helps in repairing the damaged relationships to strengthen the roots of the business so that it grows well in future.
Education / Why Live Chat Is Important For Your Business? by Livechatprovide: 11:55am On Oct 25, 2018
To cope up with the latest trends, it is crucial for your business to offer support to their customers through live chat. It is a package that won’t just boost the sales but build the relationship with your client in the long run.

1. It is cost-efficient: It maximizes your efficiency by allowing the agents to handle more than one chat at the same time. Hence, there is no need to hire multiple. It allows varied options for chatting distribution and utilization. Your order value would be multiplied since the users procure real-time advice and solutions to the questions. Besides, it reduces the entire helpdesk center cost by minimizing the waiting queue as compared to call centres.
2. High competition: It is never been more important for standing out among the competitors as these days. The rivalry in businesses is increasing every day and hence, different level of economies is adopting customer assistance for quick servicing. This is a reality check to be one step ahead of the competition.
3. Build long-term relationships: The customers that are long-term are less likely to switch. As an extra incentive, it tends to be less sensitive to price. Experts quote that user who feels taken care of are less concerned for what they get in monetary terms. 64% of the customers who have used live chat tend to come back rather than the ones who don’t. An automatic strong connection generates when a customer acknowledges that he is heard while chatting with the person behind it.
4. Convenient troubleshooting: Imagine yourself on a call with non-technical customers who have forgotten their access or is having issues while installing their software. It might take a lot of time for assisting them over the phone call or email, while through live chat, guidelines would be accommodated step by step.
5. Turn the visitor in a buyer: Although well-planned marketing strategies and complete sales funnel helps to achieve the targets, you still ought to lose a lot of visitors. It won’t just allow monitoring the websites but helps to integrate with the third-party software.

Recollecting the above statements, it was encountered that Live Chat Support Service is a continuous process which lays the foundation for the successful business with efficient tools to make a customer happy.
Education / Use Live Chat Tool To Give A Boost To Your Conversion Rates by Livechatprovide: 12:58pm On Sep 29, 2018
Live Chat is a great platform through which you can make your customers happy and increase sales. Today, most of the people who are busy in their daily life schedule prefer online shopping due to which the demand for Live chat tool has been increased. Customer satisfaction is the basic step towards your business growth. It is because; only your customers can spread good words about you. When a new visitor visits your website, he may have many queries to which he needs an answer. By using Live chat tool, the visitor can contact your firm and may clear the matter easily the result of which may be increased in your sales.

Surprisingly, a large number of businesses still don’t use this feature on their website. Some have myths that Live Chat is only used to contact the seller but it’s nothing like that. In fact, it is used to clear queries that a customer may have while looking at your products and services online.

Have a glance on its benefits:

1. It saves money: It cost nothing while using Live Chat. The customers have enough time to clear their queries and to discuss the problem if they are getting any.
2. It helps in building customer relationships: When your website visitor gets an immediate answer from your firm it makes them feel special and also trust in your company to buy anything from you.
3. It increases conversations and sales: With online chat sales channel it offers a direct communication with customers and makes sure a higher ROI and customer satisfaction.
4. Provides a great convenience to customers: It is very simple to use Live Chat tool providing a comfortable way of connecting to the firm directly and to clear their doubts regarding the product and services.

Apart from this, you can track the performance of your agents who are providing the support to the customers. So, it is useful for your business in all possible ways. Hire Live Chat Support Agents to give a boost to your company growth.
Education / Why Do Tech Industries Need Live Chat Support? by Livechatprovide: 12:56pm On Sep 25, 2018
This is that time when nothing is constant except change. Change is the only thing that is growing rapidly in today’s world. Everyone is looking for something instant and immediate, be it a cup of noodles or assistance regarding anything. Now, when it comes to serving Customer services, it seems like a personal factor has been long removed from the business and everything is computers and automated. But was it really wise to establish such nuisance? Live Chat support rose in the opposition to this strategy and proves to be immensely utilitarian and effectual. There are numerous benefits that Live Chat offers to both customers and the business.

Assurance of best services
When a customer visits a website and is in a state of mayhem for what he should do, then what would you have them do- let them be confused and decide if they want services from you or walk away? Or you will provide him instant assistance so he can resolve his queries with your expert? Live Chat gives you an opportunity to make a customer out of a random visitor, by providing proper guidance at the very appropriate time.

Human factor to your cause
Customers often look for a human factor, in which they can confide their trust and hope for a better solution to their queries. This serves them comfort and builds confidence in your services. They will at ease while sharing the information as well, and it makes them feel that they do have support from you and not merely a machine.

Efficient and utilitarian
No one could deny the fact that, Live Chat assistance is the most efficient way to provide incredible services. There are no call charges applicable neither for company nor for a customer, and also this is time efficient for a techie can manage 2-3 customers at a time unlike telephonic method.

Comfort for Customers and benefit for business
This written and instant means of communication is preferred by all the customers who are often shy in clearing their problem, and a satisfied customer is a key to business’s prosperity.

So, if you are a budding business in this cut throat cooperative world, then you must avail the benefits of Live Chat Agents to have a steady foot in the ground.

Education / Are You Ending Your Live Chat Session? by Livechatprovide: 9:41am On Sep 07, 2018
Being a customer assistance executive, it is easy to recall the points how to welcome a customer and keep them connected. But the question that pops no one’s mind is how to end it? It is what that matters because that will acknowledge whether you made a lasting effect or not.

Satisfy customer on all counts: The most disturbing moment is when you shut a chat with the unmet needs. Never worry about moving an extra mile showing a good gesture to the customers. After the query gets resolved, do mention “Is there anything else that I can help you with?”
A firm goodbye: It is probably not the last time when you are having a conversation with your customer. If you want him to come back to you in times of grief, remind that you are there for him to resolve his query. End the negativity entirely.
Take assistance of an amazing script: When you use a live chat script, it becomes irritable and frustrating. These are too formal and vanishes the entire trust and loyalty that has been built through the assistance. Be a genuine person but don’t waste time proving it. Your customer servicing skills will help you reach great heights.
Prevent from being abrupt: We understand it is tough to judge the tone over the web but you can use simple words to show gesture and positivity through the interaction. Never make it sound rude as it is the customer that will build you or break you.
Don’t forget the gratitude: Before you begin to ask anything, just recall what sort of assistance you want from a customer executive. Thank them for building a firm relationship and make a promise to be there with them throughout the year.

As you begin imposing such changes to your business, it will be an aspect of prosperity and growth and you will have ample of trusted customers worldwide.

Original Source:- https://www.thelivechat.com/blog/are-you-ending-your-live-chat-session/

Nairaland Ads / Grab The Best Practices From Our Live Chat Experts by Livechatprovide: 12:56pm On Sep 01, 2018
Whenever I attempt to place the request of writing the post, I get distracted by a message about hearing a notification about the package, card etc. It is no less than a fuss where the curse of productivity highly depends upon how you use it.

Just say bye to distractions and engulf the best techniques:

1. Mode of do not disturb: There are multiple times while working that you don’t want to be bothered. It is normal the mode to on mode in such situations. The notification will be received on your application whenever a client will write you a message. You may set the date and time whenever you want the alerts to be received. Mark a tick on the checkbox for the notifications to accept by default.
2. Communication in thread: In case the channel is up with multiple people, and you desire to reply to a message that is directed only to the author, utilize such threats.
3. Make use of shortcuts for a speedy chat: Move for a quick search with the list of unread messages with the help of Command plus K or Command plus T. Don’t take your hands off the board and choose the shortcuts from the options available.
4. Set up the notifications: No matter where you receive your alerts i.e. Fb or Instagram, you can only reply when you open it.

i. Configure it to only direct messages: For avoiding notification from the channel written about each message. Go into the preferences and then over the notifications.
ii. Only unread message: In the section of preferences, go to the sidebar to look for a hidden message of simplification. View the channels with unread messages. Write hello to a sidebar which will assist you to focus and place goodbye within thirty minutes.
iii. Mute it and leave it: Some alerts irritate and are less important to a user. Mute such chat box and enter only and only if you have something to post. It is less consuming than entering and leaving each time you want to say something.

At the nurture, always remember that learning the experiences from an Live Chat Agents team always makes the roots stronger that fully assists in the maximizing the growth and productivity of every business.

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Education / How Is Live Chat Beneficial For Your Business? by Livechatprovide: 6:41am On Aug 29, 2018
The business who keeps their customers happy with their service, as well as products, always ranks on the top. It’s obvious that if you keep your customers happy it will directly have a good impact on your sales. In today’s life, everyone is so busy in their life that they look for an instant service.

So now, the question comes how to quickly respond to your customers? It’s simple- use Live Chat. It’s the simplest tool to use and to offer the best customer service that enables you to have live conversations with the clients while they are on your site. It’s convenient and fast and people love it because of fast responding behaviour.

Online businesses must use the Live Chat tool on their website to decrease the bounce rate and also to turn your website visitor to your customers. It has a highly positive impact on one’s business. While exploring your website the visitors may have several questions in their mind about your products, services, warranty and many other that needs to be cleared out instantly so that they can make quick decision to buy your products. With Live Chat tool, the executives can quickly respond to the customers’ queries and also tell them about some offers.

Moreover, Live Chat is easy to handle and it also reduces support costs. A person can’t handle two calls at a time but it’s possible to reply two or more customers at the same time. Isn’t it? It also means that you don’t need a big team to handle the customers as your one executive can handle multiple chats and resolve their queries.

It also helps in building trust with buyers. As you know people buy the products online from unknown sellers and they can’t trust 100% on any online purchase. But, with the help of Live Chat tool, you can build the trust by having a conversation with them and clearing their doubts and helping them buy the right product which they are looking for. So, don’t be late now and Hire Live Chat Agents who will increase the average order value of your sale.

Original Source:- https://livechatcorp.com/blog/2018/08/29/how-is-live-chat-beneficial-for-your-business/

Education / In What Aspects Live Chat Is Mandatory For A Business And It’s Customers? by Livechatprovide: 6:36am On Aug 18, 2018
Nowadays, when you open a website for any product, you definitely will encounter the pop up flashing ‘LIVE CHAT’. Now you must think about what is it for and what good it does? For the basics, it is a web service provided by many companies on their websites for their customers to provide them with efficacious Customer care services. Before we say it is a must for everyone, we are going to dive deep into its features and understand what its functions are. Without any further ado, let’s get started.


Importance of a Business

For any business to survive these days it is of utter significance to stay updated in terms of technology and its features. However, alongside the customer satisfaction, a business has to take decisions in accordance with company’s profits. Live chat is cost and time efficient as it enables the operator to multitask and handle more than one customer at a time, whereas, services provided by the calling method were time-consuming and procured more cost for the company. Moreover, live chat provides a more personal and effective means of solving queries of customers. Providing Live Chat facility to your customers builds their confidence in the company, which results in the growth of their reputation as a brand and business as well. And also, operators can also keep an eye on the visitors on the website. It will enable the operator to be proactive.

Importance for Customers

Some of the customers are shy in nature and might feel hesitant in connecting via telecommunication or emails. For them, Live Chat stands to be the best means to resolve their problems. Often, people face the problems caused by different dialects or accents. The fault lies with no one but it’s the customer who suffers. Live Chat eliminates this problem as it provides a written and more fluid kind of platform to communicate. Customers are able to connect with the operator on a personal level and can explain their issues more easily.

How to treat a Customer

There are some elements which are eminent for an effective interaction:

1. Never leave a conversation abruptly.
2. Give immense attention to their needs and satisfaction.
3. Always express gratitude while conversing, as well as at the end of the chat.
4. Always encourage them to speak and make sure all the issues have been addressed.
5. A polite Goodbye with ensuring an interaction soon is encouraged.
6. Avoid using slangs as they might confuse the customer.
7. It is highly important for you to be patient throughout the sessions.
We have covered pretty much everything about Live Chat Answering Service that will assist you in developing a just perspective towards it.

Original Source:- https://livechatcorp.com/blog/2018/08/18/in-what-aspects-live-chat-is-mandatory-for-a-business-and-its-customers/
Education / Live Chat Support – A Quick And Convenient Way Of Solving The Problems by Livechatprovide: 7:06am On Aug 09, 2018
Nowadays every customer finds any answers online and they not only except a better solution but also want a lightning fast solution. Through the Live Chat Support, you can able to satisfy both the needs of the customers. Live chat is one of the most helpful tool that meets the need of today’s demanding and helps to build a connection with customers. This module is mostly used to contact new potential clients and collaborators. It offers a real-time human interaction which is assisted by any staff member of your company. Half of the visitors prefer to chat with someone rather than connecting on a call for support. This type of instant communication service has changed the way of interaction of companies with their clients. 79% of the visitors prefer live chat purely because it offers immediate response compared to other channels.

Benefits of using Live support for business
This facility will help your business to built trust with the visitors or customers who come for solutions on your website. It shows the clients that you are working very actively and dedicated to providing support to them. Through this, you can prevent all the possible issues that occur while dealing with visitors. It helps the service agents to understand the customer’s issue in a more clear way that leads to offer the right solution. This service improves the productivity of a business by saving time and resources of a company and also offers companies the flexibility to connect with users anytime. The agents of your company can manage the conversations with multiple users at the same time through this module.
Proactive conversation is an important part of customer support and this facility leads to the positive approach. So hurry up and get 24/7 Live Chat Support for your online business to boost your productivity to the higher point and improve customer satisfaction rates.

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