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Politics / Deleted by lograr(m): 2:34pm On Jul 29, 2020
Romance / Re: Resurfaced: I Don't Love Him But This Is Happening, Advice Needed. by lograr(m): 10:51am On Jul 29, 2020
Special thanks to Harddon and Ubunja

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Romance / Re: Resurfaced: I Don't Love Him But This Is Happening, Advice Needed. by lograr(m): 8:36am On Jul 29, 2020

I was playing with him, like a sister
Never mentioned I love him
But you called him "my love"

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Politics / Re: Obaseki Will Win September 2020 Election. by lograr(m): 11:46pm On Jul 27, 2020
I am telling you before hand, write it down Obaseki will win Edo September 2020 election. Refer to this post when it happened. I saw a revelation very clear.

PDP should watch it. High level plans have been concluded to rig Obaseki out of office. I had a vision of the night where Ize- Iyamu was declared winner of the election.

In that vision, I saw there was low voters turn out , as many were afraid to go out to vote.

Oshiomhole was also seen rejoicing and boasting that he told Obaseki he would lose the election. He surmised that Obaseki failed to humble himself, hence had to be disgraced out of office.

PDP is not doing anything serious to help Obaseki win the election. Meanwhile, Ganduje is out to repeat the Kano template in Edo.

Let him that has eyes read the words of this prophesy for it is for an appointed time. Wait for it.

- End

Politics / Re: Chibuike Amechi Is My Name, I Am Igbo From Ikwere And Ikwere People Are Igbo. by lograr(m): 10:57pm On Jul 27, 2020
Angryigbodon. Please come and lecture us.
Is ikwere Igbo?
Politics / Re: Egor APC Ward 7 Vows To Vote For Obaseki by lograr(m): 8:54pm On Jul 27, 2020
No be the Egor wen i just dey enter so. We shall see hahaha

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Politics / Re: "Portharcourt Will Eventually Become The Capital Of Biafra"- Nnamdi Kanu by lograr(m): 4:02pm On Jul 27, 2020

Don't try such nonsense again


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Romance / Re: . by lograr(m): 1:18pm On Jul 27, 2020
Even buhari is shocked that you are very worried about this. Check her hymen and see for yourself. The Elders here have other matters to attend to


Politics / Re: Ewuare, Oba Of Benin Hails Wike (Video) by lograr(m): 1:51am On Jul 27, 2020

You have no logical point to make, DUMBO!
From your topics you are clearly a bitcch
Romance / Re: What Causes Breast Pain?? Is she lying to stop me from sucking? by lograr(m): 11:18pm On Jul 26, 2020
She came since yesterday noon and she’s been complaining of buubs pain.

Is this a lie to prevent me from sucking?

She said it feels heavy

I’m just seeing it off and on but I haven’t sucked yet. cry

Could be health issue Or the breast has been sucked excessively.
Politics / Re: Ewuare, Oba Of Benin Hails Wike (Video) by lograr(m): 6:59pm On Jul 26, 2020
You cannot bear Igbo name just for nothing. Those that bear English names do so because their countries were COLONIZED by the Brits, or dominated by them in one form or the other. The Igbo never invaded any land to conquer them. Of your free will, you bear Igbo names. It is only because, you have common origin. SIMPLE. I have never seen an Ikwerre, bear Benin name. If you are so related, why bear Igbo names and not Benin? It makes no sense. Use your head, if you have one. Agbor people bear Benin names because they have common origin. The Ika language is a mixture of Benin & Igbo.

You are the one that doesn't have head.
By the way, I didn't quote you. So Fucck off !
Politics / Re: Ewuare, Oba Of Benin Hails Wike (Video) by lograr(m): 5:50pm On Jul 26, 2020
Prove your Oba title, also who is arguing anything?.....I agree ikwerres are Bini they don't behave anything like Igbos, So they should make their Bini'ness reflect in their names and language, Don't be Bini and you are callin God "chukwu" and Not "Osa" like all Bini people
I don't like to be tribal. But you can't say someone is Igbo simply because he bears Igbo name. There are so many people bearing English first me and last name in Nigeria. That doesn't makes them English men. Agbor people bears Benin name but they are not benins. Happy sunday
Politics / Re: Northern Nigeria Is Bleeding by lograr(m): 4:30pm On Jul 26, 2020

You and who
Bros @ your pic. You like overfeeding oo grin
Family / Re: How Do You Turn Down Someone's Food Without Offending Them?? by lograr(m): 2:24pm On Jul 26, 2020
I have cause to visit Lagos in order to secure the bail of a younger one who got into trouble. My cousin who stays in Lagos insisted I stay with him. He has a wife and 3 kids.

Does the food contains too much pepper? If yes tell them you don't eat pepper because of a medical condition. Tell her before you are given food and not when you are given the food. Eat outside and eat snacks at home
Politics / Re: Why I Want To Delete My Nairaland Account. by lograr(m): 9:42pm On Jul 25, 2020
You be mumu oh,I said I want to delete my account and you're calling mods to do it as punishment.I am not like you and your godfather that have no integrity.

I want nairaland to kick you out because you aint ready to go. If you were actually ready you would have deactivated since instead of constituting nuisance here. You ain't worth replying any longer. Man of zero action

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Politics / Re: Why I Want To Delete My Nairaland Account. by lograr(m): 8:48pm On Jul 25, 2020

Oga what parts of benin exactly??
You'll just come online to spew rubbish
BTW the op said he was gonna deactivate not me. I'm here to debunk all nairaland's coded APC pr.


I will, but before then..... Trouble.

Are you not the one that write that.
Wa yobó gunué. Olo-oghé
Politics / Re: Why I Want To Delete My Nairaland Account. by lograr(m): 8:17pm On Jul 25, 2020

Guy if you do t know anything then shut up!!
I'm an Edolite. I live in Benin city. I saw the thugs those are Kabaka's boys. In case you don't know who Kabaka is he is Oshiomole's thug who launder money for him. There's a leaked video where he was addressing his thugs along with Obaseki on his plans to snatch ballot boxes. He's done it before and is well known in Edo state. This matter nr concern you sef cause I know you're just a PR account.

You don't know me and stop your unwarranted lectures. My job takes me round the city of Benin atleast 12hours a day virtually everyday. I know more than you do. Including what want went round on iyamu decamping rally that didn't make it to the news. If that alone couldn't stop him. There is absolute nothing that can stop him.
By the way, I still need to remind you that you threatened to deactivate

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Politics / Re: Why I Want To Delete My Nairaland Account. by lograr(m): 8:00pm On Jul 25, 2020

I will, but before then..... Trouble

We don't need to be told who is causing trouble in Edo.

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Politics / Re: Why I Want To Delete My Nairaland Account. by lograr(m): 7:54pm On Jul 25, 2020

You're supporting POI and crying foul.
What he said is true and can't be contested by those with clean minds.
Nairaland is just too toxic.

Then leave with immediate effectangry

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Politics / Re: Why I Want To Delete My Nairaland Account. by lograr(m): 7:48pm On Jul 25, 2020

This people just like fighting everybody and everything just like their master Obaseki. Nairaland has been pushing topics that favor or didnt favour ize iyamu and obaseki to frontpage. Since you join nairaland how much have you contributed to run the site? Why can't you pay to advertise your Obaseki on front-page if you really love nairaland. You people are always attacking and crying victim

Some people still think Obaseki is fighting Godfatherism. He is actually fighting those who he feel threatened by their actions and inactions. He is fighting those who don't agree with him. He is fighting those who are not pleasing him

Oga lalasticlala please ban this op for breaking rule 7.


Politics / Re: Obaseki Booed At The Oba's Palace Today By Angry Edolites( Video) by lograr(m): 3:50pm On Jul 25, 2020
When Nigerians tells you politics aside, just know they want to tell you the truth. How then can we expect the truth from our politicians

Romance / Re: My Fiancee Insists We Spend N500k Or Less On Our Wedding But I Want To Spend N1M by lograr(m): 1:41pm On Jul 25, 2020

You know say some people are natural problem solvers so even if no problem they will create one so they can have something to solve
Romance / Re: I Started Masturbating 2 Years Ago And Now I'm Going To Stop by lograr(m): 12:43pm On Jul 24, 2020
Avoid this


Foreign Affairs / Re: China Orders Closure Of US Consulate In Chengdu by lograr(m): 8:00am On Jul 24, 2020
Na so. Do me in America, I do you in China. But truth is after this whole pandemic thing is over, the UN needs to sanction China for this nonsense. That now said, Trump is making the world more divided than united. The sad part of the whole thing is that he is turning the country into a typical naija political system where a new person comes into office and either abolish or destroy everything built or being built by the previous administration.

The sad part is, IF Joe Biden wins the coming election, based on the way Trump downplayed everything Obama did for 8 years, Joe will overturn everything Trump must have done as well. Now instead of them progressing, they will just be stagnant and redundant like what happens in Naija politics. Continuity really matters in governance and slight changes are welcome as well.

And what Trump doesn't know is that China is the dream of America. USA can't catch up with China in terms of production strengths hno matter how much they try to invest in the next 30 years

With all Trump's gragra, during the height of this coronavirus, they had to rely on India for chloro-quine. Even South Korea came to their aid for the massive production of ordinary face mask. The guy should just calm down and entertain some bits of diplomacy. all this gra gra won't help the country.

Na the bolded spoil everything wen you write

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Politics / Re: Obaseki Replies Capt. Hosa: 'I’m Innocent Of Your Accusations' by lograr(m): 10:45pm On Jul 22, 2020

Oga abeg rest.. leave those with guts to carry on. Every man his own cross. Ambode send you work?
Politics / Re: Edo 2020: APC Member Seeks Ize-Iyamu’s Disqualification by lograr(m): 9:59pm On Jul 22, 2020
Who did the ratification? Answer Is NEC, what if what the NEC rectify is non and void? Supreme Court will be the one to settle this matter

If you are the lawyer and you use this two words that is not even related to buttress your point in court, you will lose the case.

This case will be thrown out self

Politics / Re: Obaseki Replies Capt. Hosa: 'I’m Innocent Of Your Accusations' by lograr(m): 7:43pm On Jul 22, 2020

Edo learnt from the mistakes of Lagos. Maybe Ambode would still be governor today if he had half the balls of Obaseki.

Ambode and Obaseki were not on the same situation. Ambode was all alone so there was nothing he could do. Obaseki went too far by dragging ambode name in the mould. You don't fight/spite someone who is not fighting you. Why spiting ambode? Because of Obaseki many are saying ambode is si unit of cowardice


Politics / Re: Obaseki Replies Capt. Hosa: 'I’m Innocent Of Your Accusations' by lograr(m): 7:11pm On Jul 22, 2020
How the problem started.

cc Lalasticlala


Politics / Re: Obaseki Replies Capt. Hosa: 'I’m Innocent Of Your Accusations' by lograr(m): 3:37pm On Jul 22, 2020
Edo is not lagos but you were made in lagos
Edo is not lagos yet you never own properties in Edo as a billionaire but in lagos until you became governor
Edo is not lagos yet the first and only "Edo town hall meeting" you held as a Governor was done in lagos
Edo is not lagos yet you can't speak your language. How then do you call yourself Edo man
Ambode is waiting for you in lagos for saying Edo is not lagos
Tinubu is waiting for you in lagos for saying Edo is not lagos
Lagosians are waiting for you for saying Edo is not lagos
Go back to lagos. Says Edo people

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Romance / Re: Girls, It's High Time We Stopped Playing Hard To Get. by lograr(m): 2:56pm On Jul 22, 2020
met her for the first time and had a few words with her. she smile and was helpful to me.

Me: Can i have your number?

She : i'm really sorry, i can't give you my number. smiley cheesy grin

Me: okay no problem

She: sad

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Politics / Re: Defamation: Idahosa Okunbo Serves Notice On Edo Government by lograr(m): 9:45am On Jul 22, 2020
OSHIOMOLE has piped down having lost at the federal level.

Now Capt Hosa Okunbo, one of Oshiomole foot soldier has started his own.

This man Okunbo was known to have had issues with the MD of Nigeria Ports Authority, Hadiza Bala Usman.

Now Okunbo has started with Obaseki having had his finger burnt with Hadiza Bala Usman of the Nigeria Ports Authority.

YOU HAVE MONEY which almost every Edo state indigene including other Nigerians know why not go and enjoy your wealth quietly like Dangote or the Igbenedion.

Why take sides with the parties in the Edo state crisis.


Aliko Dangote has a lot to teach Hosa Okunbo.

Just few days ago Hosa Okunbo bought three pages of the Vanguard Newspaper where he wrote a detailed articles calling on President Buhari to tell GOVERNOR OBASEKI TO LEAVE HIM ALONE.

But did Okunbo tell Buhari to talk to Oshiomole whom he Okunbo has been supporting to leave Obaseki alone.

Oshiomole is still fighting governor Obaseki even though he has been relieved of his national chairman job at Abuja.

Okunbo should learn as a businessman that situation like this demands that you remain neutral to the electoral processes as it relates to whom will become governor of the state.

When you try to support one party against the other especially as it has to do with the incumbent governor or government of Edo state the forces of the STATE GOVERNMENT will be pulled against you.

An African proverb says "He who fetched ant-infested firewood should be ready to dine with lizards"

Politics / Re: ‘Obaseki is A Drowning Man Unable To Live With His Failure’ – APC by lograr(m): 9:22pm On Jul 21, 2020

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