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Romance / Re: Dating Out In The States/different Culture by Lostchild(m): 4:41pm On Dec 09, 2023
I started talking to this Somali guy and we hit it off pretty well. He is kind, handsome, funny. The only problem is cultural upbringing. I do not like the food and I don’t want to give up my religion as a Christian. He said that it didn’t bother him but I know it will eventually, we recently discussed marriage & meeting each other’s families for the first time.

He wants me to live with him in Minnesota. He told me that he wanted to sleep with me but I am nervous that after I sleep with him, everything he said will be a lie. He reassured me that he wouldn’t lay with a woman if he wasn’t going to settle & that he sees a future with me..

I don’t know what I should do oga… should I just wait and see what happens or call it quits??

@Fula babe.
First of all, you didn't state if both of you live in the US.
Romance / Re: About Dreams by Lostchild(m): 12:07am On Dec 09, 2023
I dreamt I saw a dog chasing me. Pls I wanna know the meaning? Everyone around was trying to stop the dog but it refused. Pls can someone interpret it to me?

That dog you see chaising you is the Spirit of sexual lust chaising you. The dog wants to enter your body, and you are running away
Romance / Re: . by Lostchild(m): 3:57am On Nov 15, 2023
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Romance / Re: . by Lostchild(m): 3:57am On Nov 15, 2023
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Romance / Re: . by Lostchild(m): 3:56am On Nov 15, 2023
Romance / Re: . by Lostchild(m): 3:54am On Nov 15, 2023
,later smiley
Romance / Re: . by Lostchild(m): 3:53am On Nov 15, 2023
. wink
Romance / Re: . by Lostchild(m): 3:53am On Nov 15, 2023
Romance / Re: . by Lostchild(m): 3:52am On Nov 15, 2023
Romance / Re: . by Lostchild(m): 3:52am On Nov 15, 2023
Romance / . by Lostchild(m): 3:52am On Nov 15, 2023
Hi mods.

This is my last empty thread. I will update all very soon.

Romance / Re: Spell of Sexual Lust - My Experience by Lostchild(m): 7:02pm On Nov 13, 2023
About Wet Dream

Wet dream is when a man ejaculate semen or a women have orgasm while they are asleep. Wet dreams happens when your physical body is full and need a release. Your physical body and spirit man need to have a synchronism for wet dream to occurs.

As an adult, your body will release semen/orgasm when you see your (spirit man) trying to pee in your sub physical state. Wet dream can also silently occur without you trying to pee in your dream state. Any other form of sexual wet dreams, or sex in dream that made you to ejaculate is pure demonic projection and spiritual attacks.

Like I said before; a normal wet dream will occur without demonic manipulation. It will still occur when you want to pee in your sub physical dream state.

Any other form of sexual wet dream is a spiritual attack.
Romance / Re: Spell of Sexual Lust - My Experience by Lostchild(m): 7:00pm On Nov 13, 2023
The Call To Prayer

When the Lord were warning to come back to prayer, it took me some time to heed to the warning call. When I finally did, I petted the attack on the rulers and Kingdom's of darkness. I felt I should not disturb God but use only the power in me to do the job. I started using my commanding powers to release fire from the imperial throne (Amos 7:4) to bombard all the enemies - the Devils.

I was attacking them with just 1 hour warfare prayer on daily basis. I did this as a warning for all the devils to back off. The witches then came to my compound wage war on me. They said I burnt their coven.

How I take burn una coven?

I later remember I once gave a small command for all the witch-craft covens around me - to catch fire.

Just that one hour daily prayer, with my command was ravaging all the kingdoms of darkness. They started working very hard to defend themselves.

The Devils Pervertism
They then sent some groups of demons to my street. They didn't come near but stay afar near the electric transformer. They started fvcking themselves. I was outside my compound looking at them.

When they swell up their face, sperm will gush out from their eyes, ears and nose. They did all manner of sexual craft that day in my street.

Demon Fvcking A Dog.
When the above didn't work, they sent a demon to come and have sex with a dog in my presence. It didn't work either. Like I said before, each time they do this, they will try to used their powers to connect the sex and sin to my body, but my body did not respond to it.

More Of Their Strategic Method
They rulers of darkness came up with another higher discovery. Why they were not able to connect the Pervertism to my body was that, there was no stain of sexual sin in my body.

The only way to do that is to connect the sex scene to my heart. But first they must apply a different method like Cockerel mating with turkey. Dogs mating with Wolves, etc.

Sex On A Plane
Like I said before, they will summoned my spirit to a place where I will not suspect their demonic craft.

One night after a heavy prayer, the devils summoned me and I appeared inside aero plane that was not in motion. The entities I saw there were in their humanoid form but in disguise. They coloured their bodies to look like that of a zebra skin. They did this just to get me confuse to pay attention on their skin.

They instantly started fvcking themselves in my presence inside the non moving aeroplane. The Lord cut me off from them and bring me back to my abode.

Occult Human Agent
One night, they summoned me as usual and I found myself in an unknown place in Europe. I saw a Caucasian man holding a dog, walking towards me. The Spirit of God knows what was about to happen, so He instantly cut me off from the Occult human attack that was about to unfold
Romance / Re: Spell of Sexual Lust - My Experience by Lostchild(m): 6:59pm On Nov 13, 2023
Camouflage Of Attacks

When you dealt with the mermaids, they would seek help or channel the battle to the higher powerful forces of darkness. Those demonic Spirit that were coming to try to manipulate the Spirit of God out of my body, are demons that came from the high Astra realms of darkness.

These were the demons that were at first coming to have sex in my street. They also did use their powers to connect bestiality to my heart. When they failed in all their various attempt, they left the battle for the marine goddess in my family.

The retaliation and defensive attacks from the marine powers has changed to camouflage attack. She will summoned my Spirit and create a non existent reality and event. She will then used her Marine queens who are human agent to blow sexual lust into my body. It was not like when the powerful forces of demons connect it into my heart.

I also have changed my form of attacks. I have been commanding and releasing fire from the throne of God (Amos 7:4) to burn and ravage all the Marine kingdom's of rivers and oceans.

My attack towards them yesterday were massively brutal. With my massive attacks, she seek help again from the higher powers and forces of darkness. And they came this time with their Occult humanoid forces of darkness to arrest me.

Like I said before, the Devils don't do some things without using their human agent. They use humans as proxy to bypass and to prevent from getting arrested.

They that came yesterday are Occult humans who are working for Satan. When these humanoids came in large numbers to arrest me, I had to escaped for my life.

Right Now. I am preparing a massive attacks, to unleash the fire of God judgement (Nahum 1:2)(Amos 7:4) burn all the Marine kingdom's in the river/oceans.
Romance / Re: Spell of Sexual Lust - My Experience by Lostchild(m): 6:58pm On Nov 13, 2023
My Female Neighbour
Since their since their animal method was not effective to my body, they decide to hypnotise and use the spirit of my female neighbour.

This woman goes to church everyday. In fact, she was a Churchian who wanted to lead me to her Church. But in her spiritual state of being, she was an open vessel, a person who is not spiritually strong. She was open to be used by demons.

It was 11:20 PM and my female neighbour must have been in bed. At that hour of the night, the ruler of darkness was at work against my penis - their main target.

Note; Demonic powers are something no one should toil with. They are expert in their devilish craft of destruction and manipulation. Like I said above, they cannot do some thing's without using humans.

I was so tired that very day, so I lay down to rest. I don't know what the Devils did. It was as if my spirit was about to leave my body.

Please note; I am not talking about dreams here, I mean my spiritual eyes and my physical eyes was open at the same time. I was seeing the physical and at the same time seeing the spiritual

I was looking at my TV at same time seeing the spiritual. All of sudden, I saw my female neighbour climb on top of me. She wanted to have sex me.

Truth be told, I am not sure how or what the devils did to her.

I was very tired and weak, looking at the face of my neighbour who was on top of me. My physical body was feeling her touch and warmness like when a woman physically is on top of you. And at same time, I was still seeing what was happening in my TV.

I was active in my physical self and active on spiritual self. I mean, I was seeing the spiritual and the physical at same time.

The rulers of darkness has already decide that they will kill me if they succeed in using sexual intercourse to pollute and drain me

I was like a paralyze man and I couldn't resist as she climb on top of me.

The Spirit of God knew what was happening. He instantly blank my spirit sight and drag my spirit off by giving full physical consciousness to my entire body.

After I regain my full self, I knew the spirit of this woman was hijack and used. She is an open vessel, a person who is not spiritually strong in God.

I have so many experience that I cannot full describe them in words or writings. This has made me not to to trust Church men's. When people are not prayerfully strong in God, they can be hijack and be used by the Devils

This made me no longer have spiritual confidence on people, especially the prayer -less men.
Romance / Re: About Dreams by Lostchild(m): 1:44pm On Nov 11, 2023
Good day, sir.

I was in the dream and my late Dad handed over a black hen to me.

This dream has been bothering me alot because I don't know what it means.

Please, kindly interpret it for me.
May God continue to bless you abundantly.

Dream like this comes from the powers and forces of idols.

About your dream "a hen" means a woman. 💆

God said that', whoever that refused to live a prayerful and waring life is on his own.
Romance / Re: The Unknown Secret Of Prayer (Revealed) by Lostchild(m): 7:34pm On Nov 08, 2023
I used to have an old time friend who always petition God via prayers. He complained to me several times how he fly in his sub physical dream state.

The very moment you told me you do fly at night, using your arms, then I knew you are a person of prayer

What makes a person fly when you flap your arms?

Recently, the Spirit of God gave me a more clearer view of this, why you fly using your arms as pedals.

From your upper shoulder to your fingers, is a black wings that look like that of hawk. That is why, if you flap your hands, you ascend into the air. The more you flap, the more you go higher.

Your spirit is light weight and more delicate than your physical body. Your spirit is not subject to the laws of time, space and weights.

I, myself have wings. I can fly backward. I can stay in one spot. I can fly without flapping my arms. I can fly holding things with my two hands.

Sometimes I still use the wings in my arm/hands.

I just feel like giving you a more clarification why you fly and flaps. grin

Farmtech. Just keep praying.
Romance / Re: Spirit Of Animals - My Experience by Lostchild(m): 3:01am On Nov 08, 2023
The New Attacks Of Unclean Spirits

Each unclean animals 🐕🐈🐱🐀🐢🐰🐓🐴🐆🐧 spirit represent certain evil personality. These animal spirit work different evil characters and spiritual state of a person being.

Each time they project these animals 🐕🐺🐴🐓 spirits into my heart, the animal demons will do so many things to my body just to drains my spiritual powers. If I am not the strong type, they will completely drain my anointing and quench my spiritual fire 🔥

During the draining process, my whole entire body will vibrate with heat like a computer that is connected to the internet. The taste of my tongue will become very bitter.

The rulers of darkness then summoned my spirit again and I saw myself standing in fronts of a sheep that has three children 🐏🐏🐏 🐏. They wanted to re-project that same spirit of unforgiveness into my heart again. They wanted to make sure I refuse to forgive my offenders and persecutors.

I didn't pay attention to the four sheep 🐏 they sent to re - possessed my heart again. They re sent the sheep to my gate but the Spirit of God cut me off. The Devils failed in this their attack because I have applied genuine forgiveness to protect my heart by forgiven everyone.

They summoned my spirit again and I saw myself standing in from of three little dog puppies 🐩🐩🐩. For them to make me pay attention to the animals, they released evil spell of love for me to pay attention to the puppies. This subjugated my spirit to pay attention to the point of petting the little puppies. They instantly project the dogs puppies into my heart.

I remember when God told me concerning this attacks. He said I should forgive everyone and show constant love to all men. This forgiveness and constant unconditional love is the breastplates of righteousness that will shield my chest and heart from the burning arrows and evil attacks from demons. See (Ephesians 6:14)

I have knew this secret in spiritual warfare before, but experiencing it is more of a better teacher. Right now I have applied genuine forgiveness, but now is the time for me to show love to those I have forgiven. I am ready to even show love to my enemies and not take offense anymore in life.

That is why He said in (Matthew 5:44) love your enemies, and pray for those who persecute you.
Romance / Re: Spirit Of Animals - My Experience by Lostchild(m): 3:00am On Nov 08, 2023
My Communication With God

I then began to speak to God. I pray unto God and asked God to forgive me in whatever area of sin in my life that is preventing me from obtaining from Him full potentials

I asked God for the mercy of His cross to be forgiven from every sins that is hindering me. I prayed and fasted for 18 hours for God to revive my spirit and power.

Papa God. I made a mistake when I stopped seeking you. I made a mistake when I removed my eyes from you.

God Jesus. I made a mistake when I stopped looking unto you

God. Help me I told Him.

The Great King answered my request. He began to show me the root causes of why animal spirits enters my heart. He then use my current compound as an example. He began to show me my relationship with each of all my neighbors.

1. Neighbour One. The Spirit of God revealed to me that, this person was an evil human. He was an agent of Lucifer brought forth to live near me, so that he will carry out Satan plans. He even took my name to different shrines. God later use the landlord to evict and boot him out very fast.

2. Neighbour Two. The spirit of God show me that, my light threatens him. Because of that, I have avoided and see this man as an adversary.

3. Neighbour Three. She lives like a non existing person. She cannot be easily used by demons against me. I was kind to her at first, but I stopped relating with her because she lived in her own world.

4. New Tenant. He is a humble man. God brought him very fast to replace the apartment of the evil man that was evicted. The Devils cannot easily use him against me. We live in brotherly kindness.

5. Neighbour Five. The Lord then show me her face. God said to me, take a look at the face of this woman. I did and saw she was smiling endlessly with joy.

God show me myself, talking with her. You see how you using love to put that broad smile of joy on her face?. smiley

God said to me. At first, you show this woman so much love and care. And now, you refused to forgive her.

How are you currently living with her?

God said to me. If you refuse to forgive and show love, then I will not forgive you.

Go back to the way you once were and show love. If not you will miss your 📦 blessings.

The Lord God then made known to me that, the reason the devils focused all their attention and target on my heart is because of the open wounds (Unforgiveness) in my heart. They are succeeding because, the only part of my entire body that is not protected is my chest and heart.

This opening in my chest comes as a result of heavy wounds from the constant stabbing of betrayals, intimidations, hurts, pains, financial losses and many years of heavy persecution and long-suffering.

The demons now have full access to my heart as a result of the open wounds that result unforgivingness.

That is why the Word Himself (Matthew 5:44) warn us to love our enemies and pray for those who persecute us.

And Jesus (Mathew 18:35) concluded, "that is how my father in heaven will treat everyone of you unless you forgive your brother from your heart.

As (Matthew 18:21-22) debited, Peter went to Jesus and asked. Lord, if my brother keep on sinning against me, how many times do I have to forgive him? Seven times?

No, not seven times, " Jesus answered, but seventeen times seven.

Paul in (Ephesians 6:11:17) estorted us to put on all the armor that God gives you, so that you will be able to stand up against the Devil's evil tricks.

¹² For we are not fighting against human beings but against the wicked spiritual forces in the heavenly world, the rulers, authorities, and cosmic powers of this dark age.

¹³ So put on God's armor now! Then when the evil days comes, you will be able to resist the enemy's attacks; and after fighting to the end, you will still hold your ground.

¹⁴ So stand ready, with truth as a belt tight around your waist, with righteousness as your breastplate, ₁₅ and as your shoes of the Good News of peace.

₁₆ At all times carry faith as a shield; for with it you will be able to put out all the burning arrows shot by the Evil One.

₁₇ And accept salvation as a helmet, and the word of God as the sword which the Spirit gives you
Romance / Re: Spirit Of Animals - My Experience by Lostchild(m): 3:00am On Nov 08, 2023
My Mysterious Discovery

I began to wonder how come, despite my high level of prayer and spiritual fortifications, yet the Marine powers still keep on successfully transferring so many things into my body.


When I became fully aware that somethings are currently living inside my heart, I began to use the power of my spoken word in Jesus name to remove the animal 🐕🐐🐺🐓 demons out of my body.

Sometimes, I use the blood and the power of Jesus blood to paralyze the lust Demons out from my body.

Most times, my prayer and the blaze fire 🔥 in me and around me will burn the demons out of my heart. When the fire of my prayer hits these animal spirits inside me, I will hear whistle screaming voices like a roaring waterfall. This constantly cast them out 💯%

When the Marine kingdom's tried to reload and transfer more of their evil data into animal demons in my heart, they will realize I have cast and removed animal spirits from my body.

The rulers of darkness will then summoned my Spirit again and use different tricks and project these animals 🐕🐺🐐 spirit into my heart. The more demons I removed, the more they project new ones into my heart.

I wrote it here👇

I Began To Asked Myself Questions

Demons has sent animals to me in 2015, and it didn't work. They recently tried to sent demons into my body via sexual sin, it didn't work either. How come the Devils are now succeeding in projecting these animals demons and spell into my heart.?

What is making it possible for the Marine powers to release iniquity into my heart?

I began to wonder, what type of demonic attacks is this?

I knew something was wrong.
I knew something is not right.

I need to find out.

I need to speak and ask God.

I was sure, God will tell me what to do.
Romance / Spirit Of Animals - My Experience by Lostchild(m): 3:00am On Nov 08, 2023

My fellow Nigerians
This entire write up is not about me. It is about a mysterious manipulation and attacks from the kingdoms of darkness that is unknown to men. This is one among many different vicious tricks the devils uses against good men. It is about how demons use evil humans to create an openings, and later project animals spirit 🐕🐺 into their target person.

I recently discovered that, mysterious entities are currently living inside my heart. It took me a short while to clarify about the animal spirits that entered my heart. But how the spirits of animals will enter a person and be living inside them is not what the natural man can comprehend.

The Questions
What are the works of these animals spirit?
How did this animal demons 🐕🐐🐏🐴🐓🐺🐆 put themselves inside my heart?

From my experience, the human body is like a mansion 🏤 with different spiritual doorways which evil spirits can use to enter a person. For example; the eyes, nose, heart, mouth-throat, ears, penis/vagina and the anus are spiritual doorways of your person. Evil spirit will pass into a person once it is spiritually open. This is why demons will use evil humans beings to violate you just to open any of the doorways of your body.

From the link above👆 titled, "The Spell Of Sexual Lust". I narrate how demons always target my heart and Penis.

Two Years Earlier
I became homeless for the second time when a woman falsely accused and arrested me with police. I forgive this woman and moved on to another town where I still suffered another terrible evil from a man who is a human agent of demons.

I wept and told God, I have patiently waited on you to restore and lift me up again. I have prayed and wage spiritual war with demons for nine years, and yet you have not change my life.

God. If you don't change my life, I can't continue to pray like this. I am not a robot. I am a bleeding soul.

For the time being that I stopped prayer, I was receiving warnings from God to come back to my prayer life. After two years of my silence, I finally heed to the call for battle. 🗡

After I went back to prayer unto God and spiritual war against the kingdom's of darkness, a severe battles erupt between principalities and powers. But there are two things I noticed

1. The First Thing I Noticed. My spiritual power was not as violent or powerful as it was in past before I stopped and put prayer on hold. (solved)

2. The Second Thing I noticed. The rulers and kingdoms of darkness began to send dogs - wolves with many different animals that come with the highest level demonic attack. The devils will summoned my spirit with their demonic powers, then use different 🐕🐺🐓🐐 animals spirit to shoot - themselves into my heart.

At first, I didn't know my heart was the main target until God synchronize my spirit and physical body to received the evil attacks. I instantly felt the physical burning pain in my heart. God wanted me to know that the attack was solely a target on my heart

When the rulers of darkness project these animals spirit into my heart, I will feel as if something very hot pierce my heart like a burning arrow. 💘

When the animals spirit has successfully entered my heart, the Marine kingdom's will use their satellite to release many sexual data into the animals spirits in my heart. When the multiples sexual data and spell has completely entered into the animals in my heart, my physical experience is as follow

The Animals Spirits Inside My Heart

• When it enters me, it will spoil the taste of my tongue.

• My Saliva becomes very bitter.

• It enables all the Marine kingdom's to have direct technical access to my body.

• When I see any animal, especially dogs 🐕, the demon will get excited inside my heart. Because the attack is made and carried out through dogs and other spiritual animals.

• The animal spirit is intend to fill me with sexual lust. It gives me unnecessary erection that is not mine. It makes my entire body to protrude severe heat and electric sexual aura (horrnyness).

• The animal spirits is intend to fill me with sexual thought. I can hear any name the demons project. My original thought is completely different from the sexual thought the demon project.

• The animal spirit intercept every of my thought and sight. Even if I see a harmless photo, the demons will use that photo to project and use the same thought they project to work on my body as If I have sex.

• The animal demons in my heart is intend to manipulate my body just to make me have (wet dreams)

• The animals demons constantly send heavy magnetic sleep wave to me. For example; If I sit down anywhere, the animal spirits will detect and be forcing - dragging my body to lay down. It will send heavy sleep wave upon waves so that it can gives me live sex visions. Even if I open my eyes physically, the animal demons in my heart will force open visions into my physical eyes.

The animal spirits will try to show me the vagina of any woman I know.
The animal demons will show me the vagina of pregnant dog.
The animal demons will show me the vagina of a cow.
The animal demons will show me a man and a woman standing and fvcking.
The animal demon even show me my male and female neighbour having sex. (fake)
• The animal spirits will show me human hands that was cut by demons.
• The river gods show me his burnt face through the animal spirits in my heart. His hairs has many snakes like Medusa.

• The animal spirits constantly drains out all the water inside my body through unlimited urine and sweet - The animal demons make water not to stay in my body.

•The animal spirits will make any person to loss weight

When the animal demons give me any of the evil open vision I mention, it will sexualize my entire body and start draining all my energy away as if I was having sex.

When I sleep, the animal demons 🐕🐺🐴🐆🐓🐏🐐 browse and connect my my body to the Marine Kingdom. My entire being will be vibrating like a computer that is connected to the Internet.

The sole purpose of these animal demons in my heart is to sexualize my body as if I was constantly having sex multiple times or 20 times on daily basis. This evil manipulation will drain all my spiritual powers and quench my fire🔥. This brings instant hunger and body weakness. No matter the food I eat, the demon will drain my stomach in an instant.

All the above I mentioned is meant to drain my powers, quench my fire🔥 and grieve the Spirit of God out of my body. Because of the constant evil vision the animal demons was giving me, the Spirit of God constantly intercept and don't allow me to sleep.

The lack of sleep began to affect my body, and yet I was still praying and fighting hard. I was allowed to sleep after I pleaded with God to help and allow me to sleep. In answer to my prayer, God granted me to sleep for just 150 minutes at night. Because the constant lack of sleep was affecting my sanity. I then said to myself, I must use force to sleep today.

During the morning, all the animal demons started giving me heavy sleep wave. As I lay in my bed, I was dozing off when the Spirit of God boot me out. It is like when you are logging in and a bolt log you out automatically.

I tried dozing off again, the Spirit of God boot me out.
I tried dozing off again, the Spirit of God boot me out.

I said to myself, I must sleep this time.

I tried dozing off again, this time, the Holy Spirit gave my body en electric shock.

I get up and realize that, something was wrong.

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Politics / Re: . by Lostchild(m): 2:52am On Nov 08, 2023
Politics / Re: . by Lostchild(m): 2:51am On Nov 08, 2023
Politics / Re: . by Lostchild(m): 2:51am On Nov 08, 2023
Politics / . by Lostchild(m): 2:51am On Nov 08, 2023
Hi Moderators
Good morning.

Pardon my empty post. I want to share some small political stories here. I will update later.

Thanks. ☺
Romance / Re: Writing Exams In Dreams - My Experience by Lostchild(m): 10:39am On Nov 05, 2023

I am ready to take on this journey. I have been in search of mentors to put me through. I refuse to continue to be a prey in the hands of Satan. I have received many great visions and prophecies concerning my life. I can't allow the devil sift me like wheat.
I really do wish to communicate with you outside nairaland.

1. Without the full armour of God, you can't deal with foundational powers. I wanted at first to ask you to get a faith shield, but was please to see you already got one. The prophetic promised you received from God is actually your faith shield.

I will share more light on a thread title "How to attack Demons

2. The promised you have received from God is just the mind of God concerning your life and future. God is like an architect that draw and design a building plans. He gave the architectural design and plans to the Angels who are like the engineers - that will build it.

Your destiny is like a building plan of God. It is you the owner of the building that will provide the materials via constant prayers and walk of faith in God for the building project to be built.

Many people have complained that they have received many prophetic promise from God, and none of these prophecy has come to pass. It is because of their ignorance that brought about the delays and unfulfilled prophetic promised from God.

As long as they keep failing their test, they will remain in one level and not see the manifestation of the promised

3. Some people have received prophetic promised from God which manifest within few months. Like I said before, it is either you pay the price now for what God will give will you or you will pay the price later.

That your exam dream is connected to the prophetic promise and plans of God for your life. If you don't fight for it to manifest, the Devils will fight to stop the manifestation of God word in your life.

I will write you later about your request.
Religion / Re: My Experience In India Temple by Lostchild(m): 10:33am On Nov 05, 2023

Guy, are you sure everything is ok?

Are you sure you are not taking something or need to be taking something?

It's confusing..!!

What I mean is that, out physical body is subjected to the laws of time, space and weights. Our spiritual body is not subject to the physical laws.

What about the witches, they are humans right?

Who gave them powers to fly?
Who gave them powers to transform into cats and owls?

They have powers to kill, stills and destroy, but yet they do not face the physical laws.

If the witches can do these things with the power they got from Satan, what about you?

Can't you do these things with the powers you for from the very person who created Satan?
Religion / Re: My Experience In India Temple by Lostchild(m): 6:55pm On Nov 04, 2023
@lostchild please can you teach me spiritual warfare? I earnestly need this Please 🙏🙏🙏
I have tried to reach you severally.

Spiritual warfare is very dangerous. It is the most dangerous adventure any living soul on earth will get themself into.

I am writing a thread "titled' How To Attack Demons.

How Satan summoned my spirit, and I appeared in his presence.

Just be patient. I will share more details there, and how I started.
Romance / Re: What Are The Dangers Of Marrying A Girl From Poor Family by Lostchild(m): 12:41pm On Nov 04, 2023
I am abt to settle down, at least I comfortable though not super rich.. I have stable source of income plus good home. The problem is that I have not see any girl I really love... Not until few months ago I saw 2 beautiful girl.. They are deeper life members, the are too religious.
The problem is that the family is very poor..
Marrying the girl is not the problem but taking care of the poor parents in future is my fear..
So pls advice me on what to do...
I have spoke with the mother, they already liked me which is because they knew I am comfortable.. Pls what should I do.
I already went to lab to confirm our genotype and it was successful..
It has been giving me sleepless night. I hate to carry people's responsibility and as a business man nothing fall man like multiple responsibilities

You will not take my advice until experience veil from eyes.

1. Put all those deeper life whatever crap religion they claim to practice, put them all aside.

2. Put affection all aside. Check the spiritual state of the two women. Choose the one that is kind soul among the two. The one among the two that is full of selfless love for humanity may be a sure bet of adding to your life.

I say this because most unkind women has hardship in their spirit. I remember what happened to a friend of mine. I had to rescue his business.

My Advice; Choose a woman that has genuine love for human beings.

Final words; As long as you are marrying from a Nigeria family, be ready to fight their family (idols+altars)

That is the truth. Hate it or love it.


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