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Politics / Constitutional Force Majeure Imperative (discard The Constitution) – L N C Video by meavox: 9:41am On Oct 02, 2020

Lower Niger Congress (LNC) is just one of the 3 in the MNN Alliance that has also Yoruba World Congress and Middle Belt Congress that are together seeking SELF-DETERMINATION for all the ethnic nationalities in our 3 Blocs. The power is now with us in this MNN Alliance. So let's use it and not keep on bowing down to Arewa. That type of fearing worship of Fulani/Arewa should die out with our parents and grandparents.

Here is a video of Tony Nnadi, legal expert (jurisprudence) and general secretary of LNC being interviewed.

This man is a genius! It's a God-send he is working for the MNN Alliance!

31 minute video from LNC Facebook page (Google it to know more about the MNN strategy to free the South and MB)


Politics / Re: FFK Reacts As Oduduwa And IPOB Members Protest by meavox: 6:40am On Oct 02, 2020
Power dynamics has changed. Power is now with MNN Alliance that is: Oduduwa bloc, Middle Belt bloc and Lower Niger bloc (SE & SS together). It is no longer with Arewa (and Britain). Britain is collapsing under Brexit plus it is a new country now that will not support Arewa and her terrorists.

This is the NEW NORMAL. We can tell Arewa to shut up as it is the MNN Alliance that now decides how and what happens to this Union. Spread the message.

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Politics / Re: Nigeria: Indigenous People And Their Right To Self-determination - Ndidi Uwechue by meavox: 6:32am On Oct 02, 2020
Let's restructure and begin a new era..... I believe we'll get to meet up with Dubai, Since we still have little value for crude.

Whether we Restructure or end the Union, the imposed 1999 Constitution that is a known forgery (Google it or see my posts) must be thrown out.

Then we have interim/transitional government (UN supervised) when the ethnic nationalities have a Referendum in our blocs (see map) to decide if we want to be in this Union. Then we go from there.

This is the correct procedure. I did the research.

Politics / Re: Nigeria At 60:
 I Disagree With A Bleak View Of Our History, Says Osinbajo by meavox: 6:26am On Oct 02, 2020
Pastor and "Christian" Osinbajo is the willing tool who is chosen to put RUGA Fulani Islamic colonies in the ancestral lands of indigenous Southern people. The name is National Livestock Transformation Plan, but it is RUGA.
We need to keep One Nigeria for RUGA to happen and for our waterways to be stolen by Waterways Bill/Act. Osinbajo is very keen to serve his masters. Then he can escape and live in Bedford, UK plus any other Oyeebo place he has acquired since being VP.
Politics / Re: Nigeria At 60:
 I Disagree With A Bleak View Of Our History, Says Osinbajo by meavox: 6:21am On Oct 02, 2020
Useful idiot and willing tool

This "pastor" has a house in Bedford, UK to escape to from this failed Union.

Only a fool will trust him.
Politics / Nigeria: Indigenous People And Their Right To Self-determination - Ndidi Uwechue by meavox: 6:19am On Oct 02, 2020
By Ndidi Uwechue
African News Today
28th September 2020

Between years 2000 and 2002, a full one-third of the states of Nigeria declared that they would be governed by Islamic Sharia. These are twelve adjoining states in the core north also known as the Arewa region. In taking up Sharia for themselves, Arewa took up their entitlement to self-determination, and were not criminalised or penalised for it. In characteristic Nigerian fashion of confusing matters, although the 1999 Constitution (Section 10) that it operates mandates that Nigeria must be a secular country, it is also known that this Constitution is a forgery, thus null and void, and invalid. Therefore could it be that Arewa simply ignored the Constitution being unwilling to keep to the demands of an illegitimate social contract? What is clear is that Arewa wanted self-determination so Arewa took up self-determination and used Sharia to do so! Sharia had been in practice in Arewa long before the British colonial era, and there, it is taken as an indispensable part of Islamic living and Moslem rights. So far, only Arewa has used their right to self-determination. None of the other regions of Nigeria have done so, but the clamour for self-determination by various ethnic nationalities that started before the Biafra Civil War in 1967 is increasing and seems quite determined. And why not? Arewa has achieved it, plus it is the right of indigenous people to practice self-determination.

Self-determination is the will matched with the ability to decide and then do, for self, or group, or nation. The opposite of self-determination is slavery.
An individual or a nation can be enslaved. When a nation is enslaved the people have nothing to look forward to. Their hopes, dreams and desires will never be realised. Their God-given potentials will be wasted or be used in the service of others, who are their masters. An enslaved people are made to know that their life counts for nothing, and their frustrations and pain will go unheeded and unaddressed. To worsen it all, an enslaved people also know that their children will suffer a similar fate, of wasted lives.

In Nigeria, the systems have been structured so that the powers-that-be actively deny the people those things that are for their progress and welfare such as electricity, security, normal medical services, proper educational institutions, and all the basic infrastructure such as waste management, housing, roads, public transport, sanitation, potable water, and a sense of purposeful existence.

There are various forms of abuse, neglect is one of them. When a helpless infant cries for care but those cries are completely ignored, and the infant left to suffer, he soon learns to be silent because help and care will not come. Many in Nigeria have retreated into silence in the face of the abusive environment created and maintained by those in leadership positions. This is exactly what the ruling elite want. They want the enslaved to suffer in silence (so they themselves can cavort in peace).

Nevertheless, whenever a people have been bound down, there are always those very few whose minds and spirits refuse the injustices heaped upon the people and who are convinced that since all men are born free, they therefore must live free, and that means having self-determination. The right to self-determination is the right of a people to determine their own way of life and their destiny. It is defined as “the right of a country and its people to choose their own government and political systems.”

Self-determination is recognized as a basic human right that allows peaceful coexistence between nations, and it is a pillar of the United Nations (UN). The UN Charter consists of a preamble and nineteen chapters that are divided into 111 articles. Chapter 1, article 1 emphasises the principle of self-determination viz, “To develop friendly relations among nations based on respect for the principle of equal rights and self-determination of peoples…”

As life in Nigeria becomes increasingly burdensome, ethnic nationalities particularly in the Middle Belt and South – Arewa already having self-determination by virtue of Sharia – concluded that self-determination is the way forward for them too. Thus, earlier in 2020, the Yoruba nation (through the advocacy of the Yoruba World Congress), and the Igbo nation (through the advocacy of Biafra Independence Movement) became the 45th and 46th members respectively of the Unrepresented Nations and People’s Organization (UNPO). On this development, Professor Banji Akintoye, of the Yoruba World Congress speaking about the UNPO said, “[It] is an international membership-based organization established to empower the voices of unrepresented and marginalized peoples worldwide and to protect their fundamental human rights. It was formed on 11 February 1991 in The Hague, Netherlands. Its members consist of indigenous peoples, minorities, unrecognized peoples or peoples of occupied territories. UNPO works to develop understanding of, and respect for, the right to self-determination, provides advice and support related to questions of international recognition and political autonomy; trains groups on how to advocate their causes effectively, legally, devoid of violence; and directly advocates an international response to human rights violations perpetrated against UNPO member nations or groups.” Furthermore, given all they suffer in the Union with Nigeria, the Ogoni became a member of the UNPO as far back as in 1993, through the advocacy of the Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People.

It is the imposed sham 1999 Nigeria Constitution not made by “we the people” as it falsely claims, that denies the people self-determination. It would not be an exaggeration to say that this Constitution brings about a system of Apartheid particularly against the indigenous people of the Middle Belt and South. By all developmental indices, they have been denied the right to promote the economic, educational, social and cultural well-being of their ancestral lands. Just as had been the case for Apartheid South Africa, any honest observer of Nigeria would see that the system imposed on Nigerian people “constitutes a violation of the fundamental rights of that people, a crime against humanity and a threat to regional peace and security”.

In conclusion, the self-determination that our forefathers had insisted upon as a condition to be in the Union called Nigeria has been removed by an imposed sham 1999 Constitution that enslaves the people of Nigeria. Many have fled the country, but since we cannot all escape Nigeria and head to Europe, the Americas, the Orient and Arabia to become a burden on others, we must fix this territory. Arewa has already obtained self-determination with its Sharia. The Middle Belt and South must also now seek their own right to self-determination. There is a multi-ethnic Alliance working towards self-determination, the Movement for New Nigeria that comprises several groups going by the names of Yoruba World Congress, Middle Belt Congress, and Lower Niger Congress (South-East and South-South together), working under the aegis of the Nigerian Indigenous Nationalities Alliance for Self-Determination (NINAS).

The state of Nigeria, with a disgracefully obtained Constitution are evidence of wrong things having been done. For the sake of the next generation, and the security of Western Africa, we now must live out an Alternative Culture that chooses to do the right thing. The UN Charter as well as the African Union, plus international law, all make self-determination a cardinal principle for indigenous people in their ancestral lands.

Leaders and politicians should recognise that this is a new open world where human rights and civil rights count. Where the use of state power to threaten, harass and kill citizens in their peaceful pursuit of their rights, will bring international consequences on those responsible. Nigeria now fits the description of a Rogue State made possible by denial of self-determination for indigenous ethnic nationalities, who, had they the power over their own destiny, would have prevented such. The world is watching. Actions and inactions are being recorded. So let’s do the right thing.

Politics / Breaking: Dss Invites Journalist Masara Kim For Revealing Plans By Herdsmen... by meavox: 11:18am On Sep 19, 2020
His invitation comes amidst a crackdown on free speech by the secret police under President Muhammadu Buhari's administration.
The Department of State Services has invited a journalist in Plateau State, Masara Kim, for questioning over a report exposing potential attacks in some farming communities by herdsmen.

Kim is expected to appear at the DSS office in Jos on Monday, September 21.

His invitation comes amidst a crackdown on free speech by the secret police under President Muhammadu Buhari's administration.

Kim on Friday published a story on his website reporting the killing of a mobile police officer and a civilian in Malul, Daffo Village under Bokkos Local Government Area.

The policeman, who was on special duty and one Sati Bulus, were ambushed on a motorbike around 8:30pm on Thursday.
As part of his story, Kim exposed meetings held by Fulani groups in the state to purchase weapons and resume hostilities on farming villages, information he attributed to trusted sources.

The report said, “A meeting of Fulani herdsmen leaders held on Monday in Fass, a native community in Barkin Ladi LGA displaced and renamed Tafawa by herdsmen, allegedly resolved to resume hostilities in Daffo and three other Plateau communities before December 2020.
“Sources say N1.3m was raised through freewill donations at the meeting, with additional levies placed on each herder family for the purchase of arms.

“The meeting reportedly followed a similar meeting in Jos Central Mosque on August 16, 2020 where over N2m was raised for arms but the contacts sent for the purchases in Niger Republic never returned. It is not clear if they were arrested or they simply absconded.

“Nigerian officials however recently announced the arrest of two people with arms and ammunitions heading to Jos, but yet confirmed if they were the herders’ errant men.

“The mission was assigned while a followup meeting held in Bida, Niger State where more strategies for the annexing of native communities in Central Nigeria were discussed, it was gathered.

“During the latest meeting in Fass village, sources confirm the reward of six herders last year arrested over various attacks but given first-class treatment in custody. The reward was however for their courage in not disclosing their networks, it was learnt. If true, violent crimes involving herdsmen are likely to persist in view of the growing impunity, rewards and luxuries given arrested suspects. More people would want to participate in crimes for the rewards involved, the tourism experience of having to lodge in exotic facilities as reported by the released suspects, or the dare to test the security might which appears to be increasingly weakening against herders.”

The DSS recently extended three similar invitations to Obadiah Mailafia, former Central Bank deputy governor, over comments he made about the alleged sponsors of insecurity in the country.

He has since cried out that his life was in danger.

Agriculture / Learn How To Transform Cassava Peels Into Animal Feed – Video by meavox: 6:31am On Sep 16, 2020

International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI)
This video explains how cassava peels can be dried and converted into animal feed - reducing environmental waste, feeding animals and providing livelihoods


For more information contact Agriculture Nigeria (link here)
Politics / Re: Sowore Says: New Constitution By "We The People" With Referendum To Come - Video by meavox: 7:11pm On Sep 15, 2020
I am never a fan of swore but if he is in for referendum then he has more support .

wink We MUST have a Referendum. It is our right to decide if we want to be part of this Union called One Nigeria.

Complete Revolution is needed.

Total systems change is needed.

Nigeria? We are done with it!

Dissolution is Nigeria's solution!

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Politics / Sowore Says: New Constitution By "We The People" With Referendum To Come - Video by meavox: 6:36pm On Sep 15, 2020
The Union is ENDING! grin

Sowore here saying we will have new "We the people" Constitution agreed by Referendum


People of South and Middle Belt, know this and broadcast it: Once the 1999 Constitution is discarded ie torn and put in the dust bin, "Nigeria" ceases to exist grin cheesy smiley

Then we have a Referendum to decide if we want to be in this Union. Ha ha ha! Only Arewa will vote yes.

Referendum will be in our Blocs arranged by our own people and supervised by UN.
- Oduduwa bloc
- Middle Belt bloc
- Lower Niger bloc (SE & SS togerher)
- Arewa bloc

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Politics / Re: Yoruba Summit Group Demands Buhari Set Up Technical Constitution Draft Committee by meavox: 6:24pm On Sep 15, 2020
It Seems the marriage is about to expire. Nothern senators has made it clear that no single letter would be allow to remove from 1999 constitution.

I hope this matter resolve before the agitation gain momentum ... I just checked the name of the people behind Yoruba movement and I noted that they are all intellectual and well connected.

Southwest is face of Nigeria if anything like revolution start in the southwest it will draw the attention of the world leaders. The people that believe they own Nigeria should gather themselves and act fast now.

Well said!

There's a video going around on Twitter and WhatsApp showing a group of Yoruba in London walking to 10 Downing Street, singing: No One Nigeria, Nigeria is a fraud, Oduduwa Nation!"

This is just the beginning. It will gain strength. All the South and Middle Belt are leaving this Union.

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Politics / Yoruba Summit Group Demands Buhari Set Up Technical Constitution Draft Committee by meavox: 9:58am On Sep 15, 2020



The Yoruba Summit Group (YSG), under the control of the acclaimed Yoruba Leader, Prof. Banji Akintoye, had its regular meeting on September 10, 2020 to review some crucial matters of unique interest to the Southwest. These included the Waterways Bill pending in the National Assembly, recurrent quest to amend the 1999 Constitution, the impending landmark 60th Independence Anniversary date of October 1, 2020, and the mechanism of Yoruba involvement in the polity of Nigeria as it is unraveling politically and economically under the watch of the Buhari administration.

The Yoruba nationalist group reaffirmed that the solution to Nigeria’s conundrum must start with the jettisoning of the imposed fraudulent 1999 Constitution, which has enabled an ethnic minority, the Fulani, to assert its will over the majority population inhabiting the Middle Belt and Southern Nigeria. YSG reiterated that the scheduled 2023 general elections cannot deal with the issue at hand and thus must be discountenanced as a plausible way forward. The National Assembly, which was configured through military fiat to preferentially favor the Far North, must be excluded from tinkering with the “constitutional amendment” being touted by some Northern apologists.

The YSG instead calls on the Buhari administration to set up the Technical Constitution Drafting Committee (TCDC) with a mandate to work out, within three months, a new framework into a document as a basis for all ethnic nationalities to live in peace as collaborative neighbors, using existing documents in the public domain. The outcome of the TCDC effort is to be the subject of a National Referendum in order to secure the consent of the Nigerian people. The National Assembly is to adopt the Doctrine of Necessity once again, by making the Law with provisions on processes to guide the historic transition from the 1999 Constitution until the enactment of a new Constitutional order is attained. The new order shall be the basis of any further elections in Nigeria.

YSG hereby notify the United Nations, European Union and all foreign countries, including the UK, US, China, Russia etc and multinational lending institutions, to cease and desist forthwith from any further disbursement on loans and even grants, as such subsequent disbursements shall not be countenanced as part of assets and liabilities of the Nigeria country that would, most sooner than later, be reconfigured or dissolved.

To demonstrate the frustration of a failed Nigerian state, after 60 years of so-called Independence, the ethnic Yoruba and rest of Nigerians are asked to wear a red armband on October 1, 2020. This band should be worn until victory.

The YSG statement is the harbinger of the imminent Constitutional Force Majeure to bring down the imposed fraudulent 1999 Constitution being staged under the aegis of the Movement of New Nigeria alliance partners in the Middle Belt and Southern Nigeria.

To read the rest of the article, go to the LNC USA website homepage and scroll toward the bottom. Share widely with your social media contacts as usual.



Politics / Re: Yoruba Freedom Walk On "Independence" Day - Toronto, Canada by meavox: 9:25am On Sep 13, 2020

Efforts must be made to ensure they aren't swallowed up by the bigger Yoruba group there who wants them just for their wealth and land. Since their prominent sons have come out repeatedly to distance themselves from the Yorubas, this should be respected... The oba of Lagos made his remarks openly and seriously. Smaller ethnic groups should be protected.

If it's a FEDERATION as seems to be the plan, then each ethnic nationality in the Yoruba Bloc will bring its own Constitution. That's where the protection comes. Plus it's standard that there will be Self-determination plus Resource Control for each ethnic nationality. So no fears or problem at all.

The problem is AREWA. Separation from Arewa means safety and freedom.

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Politics / Re: Yoruba Freedom Walk On "Independence" Day - Toronto, Canada by meavox: 7:58am On Sep 13, 2020
Good one there. Better to have your own country that is free from terrorist sympathizers and supporters. A country where the constitution is the true REFLECTION OF THE PEOPLE WISHES, instead of the one written by few people with religious and political motives. A country that will be govern by ONE LAW (the Constitution) rather than two laws. A country where merit will be enshrine in the consciousness of the citizens rather than quota system and entitlement mentality. A country where the citizens will be in charge of their own security. A country where all political office holders earn MINIMUM WAGE.


Yesssoooo! grin

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Politics / Re: Yoruba Freedom Walk On "Independence" Day - Toronto, Canada by meavox: 7:56am On Sep 13, 2020

Veryyyyyyyy funny

Niger Delta is a geographic creation.

South South even sounds stupid because it doesn't exist on the cardinal points.

Tribes are championing to walk away from Nigeria not regions.

Let that sink in.

You're on your own!

Only an idiot would have a tiny tiny country with just his own tribe. Alliances are key. As long as each tribe/ethnic nationality has SELF-DETERMINATION it's fine. Don't forget Fulani/Arewa will not stop trying to kill so we need strong armies to keep them away. That means going in alliances. Go read history of successful countries to know.
Politics / Re: Yoruba Freedom Walk On "Independence" Day - Toronto, Canada by meavox: 7:50am On Sep 13, 2020
Mmmm, waiting to see Niger Delta freedom walk ! Niger Delta should wake up , free is not given in a platter of Gold, we must walk for it !

We need to be even more serious because in today's world having tiny tiny countries won't work. Africans especially those who claim to be Christians need to get intelligence and stop the tribal hate among Christians of other tribes. We can't have hundreds of tiny countries all over the place but each need to keep our self-determination within more substantial country mass. Otherwise it looks foolish to have Ogoni country, Ijaw country, Ibibio country, Efik country etc. We are in a global system competing against giants like USA, Canada, China etc. So being the Foolish African as the world sees us because of the way we behave and things we choose needs to end.

A bigger more substantial country would still allow those who hate to stay in their own village and not relate with others.

LNC (Lower Niger Congress) has the best option where there's self-determination for all the ethnic nationalities in SS and SE together. Tiny stupid countries won't bring prosperity especially not for Niger Delta now the world has moved away from crude oil/petrol and the damaged environment needs fixing. For today's Niger Deltans to think that they are oil rich is delusional. They have allowed Fulani to steal their God-given riches for 60 years and will now pay the consequences, their children will. I am Ogoja and don't want any tiny silly Ogoja country when I can have my self-determination in a more SUBSTANTIAL nation with Kalabar, Boki, Ibibio, Anang, Ijaw, Urhobo etc in a Bloc comprising SS and SE together. It is a shame Nigerians use emotions to live by rather than intelligence. That is why we flee to USA, Europe and China where people use intelligence not emotions.

Lower Niger Congress strategy is the one gaining popularity because it is intelligent. There is Alliance with MB and Oduduwa with their strategy so we keep our businesses and property in those areas safe and intact.

Do check out LNC for yourself to see the advantages.

Link: https://web.facebook.com/lowernigercongress

Here's the map:


Politics / Yoruba Freedom Walk On "Independence" Day - Toronto, Canada by meavox: 5:46am On Sep 13, 2020

Yoruba in Toronto, Canada are having a FREEDOM WALK as part of their Self-Determination activities to get Oduduwa Nation grin

It is on October 1st, our fake "Independence" Day.

In Toronto, Canada at Dundas Square, 11.00am.

Please broadcast. Download the poster below and share via your social media etc.

Remember too that Agbekoya Organization have planned a mass rally for Yoruba Self-determination and no elections in 2023 in Oduduwa under this fraudulent 1999 Constitution also on 1st October. I don't know what time but it is at the National Stadium, Lagos.

Good! One Nigeria is going to be no more. This will be my gift to my children!

Yoruba are 45th member of UNPO.
Igbo are 46th member of UNPO.

The Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO) is an international membership-based organization established to empower the voices of unrepresented and marginalized peoples worldwide and to protect their fundamental human rights.
Among other things, it includes the equal right of all peoples to SELF-DETERMINATION.

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Politics / Re: For South East & South South: Lower Niger Nation – Name To Be Determined Later by meavox: 5:51pm On Sep 07, 2020
They ( Ijaws) will be more useless and more problematic to us should Igbos accommodate them in Biafra. They need the Igbos more than the Igbos need them. The fulani oil they are bragging about is fast fading and is replacing with lithinium and copper which are used to make batteries and coils for electric vehicles. The world is now moving away from fossil fuel to greener energy, so I don't get their bragging rights. So far they don't encroach on any Igbo territory I don't have problem with them.

The new country of Lower Niger Bloc (whatever its final name will be) will be a Federation.

So all ethnic nationalities will have Resource Control and Self-determination.

It will be nothing at all like this diabolic One Nigeria.

I have Ijaw friends and they are very happy with this new soon-to-be country. It will be awesome.

We will just find ways to deal with the Black Trash among us. Just as Oyeebo deal with the White Trash among them.

Good day brother. grin

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Politics / Re: For South East & South South: Lower Niger Nation – Name To Be Determined Later by meavox: 5:13pm On Sep 07, 2020
Are you done talking or you have something more, perhaps something meaningful to say this time?

You obviously didn't read my original post where it was stated that in this modern day Alliances are necessary. Eg Germany big as it is has various Alliances. The post also says your type can stay in Ijaw land. Even just remain in your village. Ijaw nation will benefit from associating not only with Igbo, but Ogoja (like me), Ogoni, Urhobo etc. We are done with the DUMB African who thinks that in 21st century his little village can be a country on its own. That's just baby talk.

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Politics / Re: For South East & South South: Lower Niger Nation – Name To Be Determined Later by meavox: 9:56am On Sep 07, 2020
Just like Middle belt is separate from the North, so is Niger Delta separate from Igboland.

You can not mischievously merge SS/SE together under spurious grounds while seeing the wisdom and objectivity of separating North and MiddleBelt.

Use the same insight and wisdom to separate Igboland and Niger Delta as two separate entities but part of the multilateral alliance involving biafra, MiddleBelt, oduduwa and Niger Delta where our investments shall be secured within these territories.

This igbo obsession and diabolic sense of entitlement to the Niger Delta is not different from the fulani demonic sense of entitlement to the middle belt, therefore must be destroyed too.

I am SURE in the post it is written that you should check out the LNC website because sorry to say my brother, you are talking rubbish here. Because you are not writing from a position of knowledge. I shall explain:

ALL the different ethnic nationalities in LNC Bloc have their SELF-DETERMINATION and RESOURCE CONTROL! So how can anybody steal from or dominate another? If say Igbo have their own nation it will still only be SELF-DETERMINATION and RESOURCE CONTROL. Which is exactly what they get in LNC Bloc. Second, in this modern world of great powerful countries like Germany, Japan, China, we need Alliances each with one another because we are still competing in the global stage! Go find out why Germany, big as it is, needs EU. Remember, even when we have our own nations, Arewa terrorism will still want to fight us. So we are stronger to fight our enemies together. Third, if you are a Christian and you are unable to live with other BLACK Christians who neighbor your land and have very similar culture to yours, what can you say to God about your Christianity? Fourth, some of us have business and property outside of SS & SE and with LNC these properties are safe. That is already one headache gone.

Come on my brother, as the post says. Let us not use emotions but intelligence. If you like, when the new country comes, just stay in your own area. Or even just in your own village. That will be ok.


Politics / Re: For South East & South South: Lower Niger Nation – Name To Be Determined Later by meavox: 9:45am On Sep 07, 2020
how about we start talking about how we could get Nigeria working again, instead of seeing those politicians are demigods.
All we care about is breakup but we are too daft to even think the new country will be another Nigeria with a different name.
we have voters card but choose to be stupid.

The 1999 Constitution is a FORGERY!
It is this null and void Constitution that upholds the Union. So the Union too is fake!
Why would anybody want to live under such a great lie?

We MUST throw out this 1999 Constitution.
Then Referendum to ask if we want this Union.
You can vote you want to stay. Me, and most people of MB and South want OUT!
For Referendum need 51% for any side to win.

So it is NOT about politicians and style of governance.
It is this fraudulent Union of One fricking Nigeria.


Politics / Re: For South East & South South: Lower Niger Nation – Name To Be Determined Later by meavox: 9:38am On Sep 07, 2020

This is really very impressive but will our stubborn nmk and his ipob members agree?

Many of my Igbo brethren in IPOB don't know or don't know enough about LNC. They don't yet understand that EVERYTHING their heart desires and more is in LNC. That freedom that Biafra represents is LNC. But they don't yet know.
My brethren in IPOB have had enough of One Nigeria. They are so disgusted and fed up of One Nigeria. Just like I am.

As events unfold and One Nigeria gets more toxic, IPOB members and all those of Lower Niger Bloc will be so happy to escape this rubbish Union together.

Let us just be doing what we can to show our Igbo brethren in IPOB that LNC is very good for us all.


Politics / For South East & South South: Lower Niger Nation – Name To Be Determined Later by meavox: 6:46am On Sep 07, 2020

Dear brethren of all ethnic nations of what today is called SE and SS,

We know Arewa are far ahead of us all as they already did their own Self-determination 20 years ago when they took up Sharia in year 2000. They are only physically in this fake Union so that they can continue to rob the South and Middle Belt of our resources.

Our Yoruba brethren are moving fast. You may have heard that under their Agbekoya they are planning a peaceful symbolic gathering in Lagos to demonstrate their support for Self-determination and Oduduwa Nation on our useless “Independence” Day.

Our Middle Belt brethren are doing what they can but they are also facing Sharia-supremacist genocide and land grab by Arewa under the Fulanization agenda.

Then there is us of so-called SE and SS. By now we should be more advanced in the Self-determination that not just Igbo seek, but we ALL seek. In this modern day nations need Alliances. Look at strong Germany still needing Alliance in EU, NATO, Schengen etc. We know some of us talk of Ijaw Nation, Ogoni Nation, Igbo Nation (as Biafra) etc but there is strength in numbers. We of SE and SS are Christians and should be able to live together in this life, as we hope to do in the next life too, is that not so? Even God told us that “Two are better than one… If either of them falls down, one can help the other up. But pity anyone who falls and has no one to help them up!… A cord of three strands is not quickly broken” (Ecclesiastes 4:9–12).

We should stop wasting time. That only harms us and our children because the sooner we gather TOGETHER to escape this Union called Nigeria, the better for us and especially for our children. We can sometimes be too emotional and that hinders our progress. Right now we need nothing but INTELLIGENCE to think straight!

Time is short, and we have looked around for the best way that each of the ethnic nationalities in SE and SS can each of us get our own Self-determination, and the platform is the Lower Niger Congress (LNC). LNC has already been following United Nations protocols and arranged them in 16 Stages. 13 Stages have already been done for the good and for the Self-determination of ALL the nations in SE and SS. When someone does something good for you, why would you curse them? Are we the FOOLISH Black man that White people describe? Rather, go and find out what EXACTLY Lower Niger Congress has been doing for your good! Thank them. Then thank God for them having been working for your good. Then add your own effort so that the next few Stages for you to get Self-determination are very quickly achieved. Please my brothers, let us act like adults, not like babies. A GOOD thing is here for us. So be happy and grateful!

To go to the UN, LNC used a map that Whites made of our area in 1885, at the time of Berlin Conference when Europe divided up Africa for themselves. That is why our Bloc is called “Lower Niger”. But that will NOT be the final name for our new country. ALL the ethnic nationalities will choose the name by voting. Nobody will impose their own choice of name or opinion on us.

Furthermore, the Lower Niger Bloc is divided into 6 Regions/Provinces according to ethnic nations. One Region is Ijaw. One Region is Igbo. Etc etc. We know our Igbo brethren love the name “Biafra” and they will choose the name of their Region by vote. So, their Region could in the end be called Biafra! Look at USA. A man from Texas has a flag of both USA and of Texas in front of his house. You meet him and he tells you “I am Texan”. He doesn’t say, he is American, he says Texan. So too in our new country of SE and SS together, we can describe ourselves by the name of our Region!

Very importantly, LNC has worked out an Alliance with Oduduwa and Middle Belt. So if we have businesses, property, assets in those two Alliance Blocs they remain safe and intact. It’s a bit like Germany being in EU.

Please my brethren of SE and SS. Let’s stop wasting time and instead gather around LNC’s UN-based Strategy. Yoruba are ahead of us. Let us get serious and act like grown men. If you are Igbo, you can get “Biafra” within the Lower Niger Bloc, so why waste time. Time wasting means spending more time with Arewa, which none of us want. Instead of guessing, go to the LNC website and Facebook site to get the FACTS!

Time is short. Arewa are fighting hard to keep this diabolical entrapment and fake Union called Nigeria over us. Our children MUST BE SET FREE! Let us be determined on getting that asap.

Google Lower Niger Congress or use links:



Please broadcast to all ethnic nationalities of SE and SS. The time for united action is NOW!


Politics / Re: What's Exactly Stopping Nigeria From Having 24/7 Electricity? by meavox: 9:40am On Sep 06, 2020
What exactly is stopping Nigeria from having 24/7 electricity and making money form it as well as stabilising the economy?

Cc lalasticlala Mynd44 OAM4J let's hear people's thoughts

The Exclusive list & Concurrent list in the imposed 1999 Constitution that is a Forgery.

Read it here: "Electricity Calamity and the Sham 1999 Nigeria Constitution" By Ndidi Uwechue

It is 1000MW for 1 million people

So Nigeria needs 200,000MW

We only have 5000MW so for 5 million people

The article above is clear on this matter.

Dissolution is Nigeria's solution!

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Politics / Re: NIGERIA AND SECESSION - Ndidi Uwechue by meavox: 9:07am On Sep 06, 2020
We in southern Kaduna wants a Nigeria devoid of the injustices and killings, we want our own country too. Please stop grouping us as North when we have nothing in common with those strangers in our lands and still killing us.

My brother, the only people insulting you by grouping you with the "North", are the Arewa.

We all know Middle Belt is different and you SHALL have your new nation. I am SS so my Bloc is Lower Niger Bloc, which is SS and SE together. Later, when the time comes we shall vote in a proper name for the new country of SE & SS people. There is also Oduduwa Bloc, and yours is Middle Belt Bloc. Each of us is working in our own Bloc but we 3 ie Lower Niger, Oduduwa and Middle Belt Blocs are in a great Alliance working towards the common goal of getting away from Arewa, as our forefathers lived.

Lower Niger Congress has a lot of material and information on their Facebook and websites. The information also applies to Middle Belt because of the Alliance. Tell your people. Here is link to LNC facebook:


The maps in the poster shows what is happening.

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Politics / Re: Boko Haram Terrorists Planning To Attack Abuja… Sahara Reporters by meavox: 7:44am On Sep 06, 2020
Lord!! We surrender our lives to you!! We know this government can't protect us!! Just see us through the rest of this year and our stay in Nigeria.
Please pray for my relative, kidnapped along Kaduna abuja expressway two days ago!! This government has failed us all.

Sorry oooo....
Politics / Re: Boko Haram Terrorists Planning To Attack Abuja… Sahara Reporters by meavox: 7:43am On Sep 06, 2020
Wonderful brave Dr Obadiah Mailafia of Southern Kaduna revealed to us that Boko Haram are being used to bring about war in 2022 so that power does not change hands.

Did the Arewa's Sardauna Ahmadu Bello in 1960 not say "... We must RUTHLESSLY prevent a change of power..."?

Now too that they know we the indigenous people of South & MB are leaving this fake virtual Union called Nigeria, they are doing their best to kill and destroy in their Sharia-supremacist jihad.

To those of you still eating Fulani blood beef, carry on!
Politics / Boko Haram Terrorists Planning To Attack Abuja… Sahara Reporters by meavox: 7:24am On Sep 06, 2020
SEP 05, 2020

According to an internal memo dated August 20, 2020 and signed by the Comptroller, Enforcement of Customs headquarters, H.A Sabo, all officers must be vigilant and security conscious.

The Nigerian Government has revealed that Boko Haram terrorists were already in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, and neighbouring states.
The government said the terrorists were planning to attack some selected targets within the nation’s capital and had already set up five camps in the area.

According to an internal memo dated August 20, 2020 and signed by the Comptroller, Enforcement of Customs headquarters, H.A Sabo, all officers must be vigilant and security conscious.

The document reads, “Information reaching the Comptroller-General of Customs reveals the existence of Boko Haram terrorists camps in and around the Federal Capital Territory. Further reports have it that they are planning to attacks some selected targets within the territory.

“They are reported to have set up their camps in the following identified enclaves; Kunyam bush along airport road off DIA staff quarters - Abuja, Robochi/Gwagwalada forest, Kwaku Forest Kuje - Abuja, Unaisha Forest in Toto Local Government of Nasarawa State, Gegu Close To Idu Town in Kogi.

“Consequently, you are to be at alert and security conscious of your environment at all times. Ensure wide circulation please.”
The first major terror attack in the FCT was on October 1, 2010, months after ex-Nigerian President, Goodluck Jonathan, assumed office following the death of Umar Musa Yar'adua.

Politics / Re: How To Fix The Invalid Union Called Nigeria - Ndidi Uwechue by meavox: 7:00am On Sep 06, 2020
Nothing less than disintegration can save Nigeria, we in southern Kaduna now know the truth.


But how do we DISSINTEGRATE Nigeria?

By Referendum! Only an IDIOTIC IDIOT will vote for One Nigeria to remain.

WE MUST INSIST ON A REFERENDUM. Not carried out by the government, but as said in this post, by the ethnic nationalities ourselves.

Let me tell you this. "Referendum" means end of this devilish Union. We must follow UN protocols. That's by Referendum.

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Politics / How To Fix The Invalid Union Called Nigeria - Ndidi Uwechue by meavox: 6:55am On Sep 06, 2020
Ndidi Uwechue
6th September 2020

i) Throw away the 1999 Constitution as it is a forgery, so null and void.
ii) Have a Referendum as determined by ethnic nationalities to decide the fate of the Union.

This is subject to the outcome of Stage 1.

So dear Nigerians, there is no need to run around in a panic wondering what to do. Stage 1 tells us the first two things we should do. So just two things to remember. Just two things to get yourself involved in and play your part in resolving the Union called Nigeria. It’s Africans who must FIX Africa.


Politics / NIGERIA AND SECESSION - Ndidi Uwechue by meavox: 6:47am On Sep 06, 2020
Ndidi Uwechue
5th September 2020

Today’s Nigeria or “One Nigeria as some call it, is upheld by the 1999 Constitution. However, it has been established that this Constitution was imposed upon the people, and is a forgery (do use Google for more information on this). As such, it is illegitimate, and null and void. This also means that it cannot be amended but must be discarded, and new, proper, autochthonous Constitutions made.

It is this 1999 Constitution that upholds the Union called Nigeria. However, given that the Constitution is null and void, the Union under the current dispensation is simply “virtual” and therefore Nigeria lacks legitimate territorial credence.

It is this 1999 Constitution that states that Nigeria is “indivisible and indissoluble”. However, since it is invalid, that belief is really only in the mind of Unionists, and not binding on anybody. It is therefore in error that those who do not wish to live under an imposed Union, imposed through a forged Constitution, are called SECESSIONISTS. For, logically one cannot secede from a Union that in actual fact does not exist.

Since the word is now in common usage, and bad habits take a while to die, in Nigeria’s peculiar situation, we should for the sake of being more correct either not use the word at all, or use it with inverted commas ie written as “secessionist”. That is what I will begin to do.


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