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Business / Re: Dangote Refinery: Bailing Out The Unbailable - Investment Or Bailout? by MEGAWATCH: 10:21pm On Jul 16
Anything to move our darling nation forward is what we are after.

God bless Dangote, AKA A.D!
God bless all good, sane, honest and hardworking Nigerians.
God bless Nigeria.

I'm certain you did not read the article.


Business / Re: Dangote Refinery: Bailing Out The Unbailable - Investment Or Bailout? by MEGAWATCH: 10:19pm On Jul 16
Ajokuta steel unsuccessful,
Dangote refinery going the same way,
What will ever work in Nigeria?

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Politics / Re: DSS Opts For Propaganda Against Igboho, Kanu - The Nation by MEGAWATCH: 10:41pm On Jul 10
Read this somewhere...
True... And I really wish the North will not handover power to the South because of this. They can't be trusted. It's obvious.
They can't fight agitators like the way the North is fighting them. Just like the way Northern leaders are using kid gloves in solving bandits and terrorism issues, that is exactly how South will treat agitators from the South.

I love your analysis but the north alone can never produce a president, so the need the South.
The south can only leverage on this by working together as one.
They will be sympathetic to their cause which may eventually break the country.

If this country is broken, North will not be better than Somalia because the poverty rate will lead to increase in crime rate and that will be serious. Besides, there won't be much money to bribe them like it's happening now.

The best best is to permanent the presidency to the North nothing will happen in as much the North can step up the attack on agitators and killing them as they raise their ugly heads. Nigeria is good to go�
Crime / Re: Son Kills His Father In Kwara, Sells His Body Parts To Ritualists by MEGAWATCH: 10:40am On Jul 08
which tribe news got exposed recently that someone ordered them to blurry 2000 human head bug they claimed to got 30?

I know you people won't read such news or just turn deaf to it

You are not even ashamed, you can't even differentiate between accusations and fact.
You are seeing someone beheaded somebody and you are bringing up an issue that is still going to be debated in the law court .
Show us the skull.,....in Thiefnubus voice.
Crime / Re: Son Kills His Father In Kwara, Sells His Body Parts To Ritualists by MEGAWATCH: 10:26pm On Jul 03
stop spitting trash, if you don't have sensible thing to say why not just read comment and walk away.... Ritual is in everywhere, both the hausas and igbos aren't excluded, even other countries so just stop reasoning with your *ss

You are a lier, tell me the region you know that is harvesting the skull of their people if not Yorubas.
Sports / Re: Update On The New 18,000 All Seater, All Covered Eket Stadium In Akwa Ibom by MEGAWATCH: 7:44pm On Jun 27
Aba always represent bad things.

Hahahaha! Onye ufu obi, go and ask Awolowo how market after giving them 20 pounds.

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Religion / Re: A Cobra Was Found In My Office - Bishop Oyedepo by MEGAWATCH: 7:29pm On Jun 27

Simple question and you are sweating.
Religion / Re: A Cobra Was Found In My Office - Bishop Oyedepo by MEGAWATCH: 7:27pm On Jun 27

Simple question and you are sweating.
Religion / Re: A Cobra Was Found In My Office - Bishop Oyedepo by MEGAWATCH: 1:44pm On Jun 27
Snakes are found at homes sometimes.

Snakes found at home hardly bite if not threatened.

These people and common petty things they claim to be miracle.
You will never see amputated limbs being restored or regenerated

Even if you see, will you believe?
Politics / Re: Buhari Defends $1.9 Billion Nigeria-Niger Republic Railway Project by MEGAWATCH: 12:57pm On Jun 10

If he had explained it to us like this in the first place, the condemnation would have reduced.

Most of these rejections by the people is because of lack of information.

Which information? My friend please reason like a business man for once.
Leaders take decision that will develop the businesses of their people first before other people. I still don't know the essence of spending $1b dollars on a project you can't determine the economic value of it to Nigerians and you are here praising him.
Okay continue.......


Politics / Re: Buhari: You Can’t Sit In Lagos And Decide For APC by MEGAWATCH: 12:45pm On Jun 10

Very well said by our darling Daddy.
God bless President Muhammadu Buhari and his amiable Vice president Prof Yemi Osinbajo.

This your statement here has proven to me that you don't know anything at all than collecting crumbs from ruling party officials and type nonsense.

Why did power given to Shuhu Shagari and Alex Ekwueme in 1979 election?

Why was power given to Jonathan when the north has not completed their tenure after the death of Yaradua?

Like I said before you don't know anything and that thinking of yours is also the reason why you are comfortable collecting CRUMBS from the people in power.

You are too cheap for my liking please.

Though the below may be too hard for you to understand or comprehend, but you can give it to someone close to you to explain it to you.

It is interesting and vital to note here that the PDP which many of us igbos still proudly support and adore was in power for 16 solid years and in those years there were 4 Presidential Inaugurations and on none of those was an Igbo man found worthy by the PDP of even Vice Presidency and we are still bold to say it is the APC that has not even finished two tenure that doesn't want to give power to Igbos.
Odi nma. 

NOW; Seriously, let's be sincere.
As things stand today politically, why would the APC even hand power to us Igbos in 2023? 
On what grounds? 
On what records?
On what politics?
Is power given to anyone? 
Is it an appeasement or a gift? 

The APC is a political party. The main focus of a political Party is to hold power and keep it to enable it deliver on its agenda

God bless Nigeria.
God bless Nigeria.
God bless Nigeria.
Politics / Re: Police Checkpoints Disappear From South-East Highways (Pictures, Video) by MEGAWATCH: 7:03pm On Jun 08
Goodluck with that.

It's only a pity that it is the innocent and law-abiding igbos that will suffer when the criminals, rapists and murderers freed from the police stations that were burnt start continue their operations of robbing, killing, burning innocent citizens from their bush hideouts.
They will look for these same policemen and women to protect them from these loosed animals on prowl, but won't find any!

We pray non of our and your family members will be affected by this.
May God protects our mothers and sisters and all family members in that part of the nation.

Half a word..........
We Rise!

A very BIG AMEN.

Hmmmmm, this is deep!
Only the wise will understand!

That is exactly our prayer point above!

Which side of the country are you from let's know how peaceful your side has been so that we can always compare it with south east anytime from now?
Politics / Re: Aisha Yesufu To Wike: Your Threat To Kill, Bury IPOB Members Absolute Nonsense by MEGAWATCH: 7:11pm On Jun 03
We need people with big hairy balls like Wike to rule this country after Buhari. Only iron hands can handle the onion bandits

This woman is trying too hard to win support of her fanbase back after falling out with the hunchback

She disgusts me

You have been conquered long ago, your home land taken from you and you have no family name or identity, so reasoning like a slave is the right thing for you.


Crime / Re: Amotekun Arrests Human Parts Dealer In Ibadan (Photo) by MEGAWATCH: 1:57pm On Jun 02
[quote author=JohnSin97 post=102294888][/quote]

Check very well, they are Yoruba people trapped in Biafra land during the war and Ojikwu had to do the needful because we don't take nonsense in Biafra land.

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Crime / Re: Amotekun Arrests Human Parts Dealer In Ibadan (Photo) by MEGAWATCH: 12:11pm On Jun 02
This is what ESN should be doing not to destroying thier own state.

Meanwhile, no be only Yoruba dey bear that name... Mainly northerners

Ritualist spotted, by their word we shall know their work.


Crime / Re: Amotekun Arrests Human Parts Dealer In Ibadan (Photo) by MEGAWATCH: 12:02pm On Jun 02
Hmm Yorubas and human parts.... nawao!

If people from other region were the people doing this, come and see them talking rubbish.

People should protect their parts in Yoruba land o!

This people are serious pretenders believe me.

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Politics / Re: Governor Umahi: South East Governors Will Approve May 30 As Biafra Day by MEGAWATCH: 11:56am On Jun 02
In fact the North deserves Sardauna Day too, a day to remember the killing of Ahmadu Bello by the Igbos

You started a war that you stood no chance of winning.

Some mumu Igbos are even saying "Nigeria government starved 100,000 Igbos to death."

I just laughed in Ijesa

How I wish God will just make you a northerner by fire by force.

This people you are defending are they not the people that killed Abiola and wife and almost set Lagos on fire killing many of your prominent elites?

The FULANI herdmen has not yet done with your people and look at the power you are using to defend them.

Will you type this rubbish if Igbos were the people killing your farmers?

Bloody pretender......

Just imagine, the Igbos wanted to fight the Northern led Nigerian government, they were really expecting the food they needed to sustain them during the war to come from the North, the North whose leaders they plotted a coup against and killed, Ojukwu didn't make provision for food for those he sent to battle field but instead, "They had to rely on the food supply from the North so as to win the war against the North."

Oh my, I'm short of words, that stupidity was inherited along with the hate
Politics / Re: Wike To IPOB: I Am Not Afraid Of Death by MEGAWATCH: 11:28am On Jun 01

Oya sorry nah! But on a serious note we don't want to do with anything called Biafra in Rivers state.

When nobody asked you to be part of it and you are struggling with yourself as if you people matters an inch to Igbos.
Abeg face those people who have taken over your oil Wells in your region. Anambra has the highest numbers of millionaires in Nigeria no be oil money we take achieve am.
Politics / Re: Gunshots As Owerri Residents Run And Hide (Pictures, Video) by MEGAWATCH: 2:38pm On May 31

oga stop commenting like an idiot.ur emotional nonsense aren't needed, we the sensible Igbos all warned about the carnage these UGM would bring but u ipob zombies cheered them on.

Show me a link that you have complained about the extortions and prolification of security road blocks in the east if truly you are an Igbo man.
An Igbo man with jihad attached to his name...... wonders shall not end.
Politics / Re: South-West Is The Safest Part Of Nigeria - Garba Shehu by MEGAWATCH: 12:12pm On May 31
perfect time to start chasing away non yorubas from southwest Ooo......

They sud all back and make their regions peaceful too.........

Hahahaha start with those herdmen at your backyard then we can take you serious.
Politics / Re: #SitAtHome: The Ever Busy Aroma Junction, Awka Deserted (Pictures, Video) by MEGAWATCH: 12:01pm On May 31
People are just scared. Why would anyone come out after seeing what happened yesterday. This one no be compliance anything

Hahahaha, the same reason you stay at home during clean up days.
Politics / Re: Explosion Rocks Mile 3 Motor Park In Rivers, Stores Injured by MEGAWATCH: 11:58am On May 31
Ipob Dont want even the south south to rest. Make ipob dey take am easy

You must be a member of IPOB to know this, please tell us more.
Politics / Re: Gunmen Burn INEC Office In Njaba, Imo State (Photos) by MEGAWATCH: 8:57am On May 31

E go shock Una. It's my prayers that election should not take place in the EAST. I might even be appointed as the sole administrator of one of the Eastern States. I will prefer they make me the administrator or Imo State. I like their married women and University Girls who hustle in the hotels. grin grin grin

Hahahaha military mentality is the problem of most of you Nigerians.
I will like to give you an assignment, go ask a lawyer the implementation of not holding an election in one State in Nigeria after may 29 2023...... maybe you will understand better the meaning of democracy.
I'm glad to teach you as I always been teaching people like you here.
Politics / Re: Police Capture, Neutralize Ahmed Gulak's Killers (Graphic Pictures) by MEGAWATCH: 12:05am On May 31
They should restrict their madness to the south east and southwest governors must mount a blockage on every of our borders. When you're done setting your house on fire, don't come running to the SW for refuge.

Hahahaha let's believe you people have made peace with those FULANI herdmen at your backyard.
It's only a matter of weeks we will know.
Politics / Re: Gunmen Burn INEC Office In Njaba, Imo State (Photos) by MEGAWATCH: 10:18pm On May 30

If election did not take place in the EAST, a state of emergency will be declared and NORTHERN SOLDIERS and Politicians will be asigned to govern each of the Five EASTERN states. Who go suffer am and who go gain more. grin grin grin grin grin grin

Hahahaha says which Constitution?
Let me tell you, if there is no election in one State of Nigeria after 29 may 2023, no president will emerge.......go and ask your lawyer to educate you more and stop disgracing yourself here.

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Politics / Re: 5 Soldiers Feared Dead In Owerri As Unknown Gunmen Strike Again In Imo by MEGAWATCH: 8:25am On May 29
Just say what is on your mind, that is;" Army can't win against ipob terrorists right"?.. keep supporting ipob terrorists.Remember what happened in Borno, the indigenes started by supporting Boko Haram.But what happened later?..Well I trust the Nigerian Army,they will destroy your fellow ipob terrorists.And when they do, you people will start crying for help from international community.

You are a lier from the pit of hell. You don't live in Bronu and maybe you have never visited the state before.
Nobody supported the terrorist from the beginning except Islamic fundamentalist.
Learn how to keep the record straight, you will not lose the argument if you do.


Politics / Re: I Am Not A Thug — Arinola Oloko Who Remi Tinubu Called A Thug Speaks (Photos) by MEGAWATCH: 11:21pm On May 28
Can we get over this matter some lazy blogger will not stop looking for something that not meaningful.

What is not meaningful?
Please change this your slave mentality.
Must you be a BOOTLICKER for God's sake?
Politics / Re: Reno Omokri: Soldiers Can Kill ANY Southeast Man & Claim He Was An ESN/IPOB/UGM by MEGAWATCH: 11:16pm On May 28
Ndi igbo kwenu!!

Bokoharam comes to my mind... This is exactly how it all started...

I can still remember how our back then were defending them and calling them freedom fighters!!

I can still remember how bokoharam live Among people...

I can still remember how they Command respect and support!!

Things then fall apart... The government hijacked the movement and used it against the people who once natured and Supported the movement!!

I can still remember how boko haram turn from Heroes to Villians!!

One major advantage of bokoharam in the north is that it weakens extremism and encourage education and development...bokoharam taught our people lessons... Today our people are boko Halal, they now value education.

Nnamdi Kanu is about to destroy the Biafra ideology once and for all...time will come when the name Biafra will be sounding like a course among the Igbos.

He will plug the Igbos into a crisis they will never recover even in the next 20yrs!

The government will soon hijack the movement just like Jonathan did to bokoharam!

I see revenge... I see conspiracy... I see war....

Crime / Re: Herdsmen Overrun Benue Villages, Kill 100 People by MEGAWATCH: 6:55pm On May 24
When you fight Terrorism.
Terrorism fights Back.

May God punish all the sponsors of the evil herdsmen and Boko Haram and the politicians that brought them upon our nation to cause mayhem.
May the people that support and sponsor them all die painfully, and may they suffer so much pains as long as they live on earth before dying in shame.

If you are not one of the people supporting the evil sponsors of these herdsmen,
kindly say A BIG AMEN To these little prayers.

God pass dem.
They will all end miserably in life.

********************* ******************

All sponsors and enabler of all the terrorist organizations in our darling country, from this evil Boko Boys, to bandits, Ipobs terrorists organization, evil fulani herdsmen must all be fished out.
They will all never know peace as long as it is sorrow, tears and blood they want flowing in our nation.....along with their evil supporters.

Especially all the terrorist organizations (Boko Haram and ipobs terrorist groups) killing our military personnel.
Evil, sorrow, tears and blood shall be their end at the end of it all.

Peace shall reign in our nation.
God bless Nigeria

May God never respond to your request as Buhari is not responding to the request and assistance of Benue people, Amen.
Crime / Re: Kwara Youths Arrest Five Yoruba Men Working With Herdsmen To Abduct Residents by MEGAWATCH: 12:47pm On May 02

Certainly, wisdom is certainly too high for a fool undecided

See who is talking about wisdom, answer the simple question jaree!

Shameless lot.....
Politics / Re: Insecurity: Why US May Not Heed Buhari’s Call For Assistance — Falana by MEGAWATCH: 11:42am On Apr 30
I pity people that always believe what this man says..He is fighting because of his own personal interest.Ever since Buhari denied him the position of minister justice, that was where all these attacks against Buhari's government started..

You really have problem with comprehending English language if you see this as an attacking statement.
I sincerely pity anyone who employs people with the level of understanding as yours as an adviser.

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