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Car Talk / 2008 Toyota Camry 2.4L Ac Wont Turn On by mrcoolautofix(m): 10:29am On Jun 04
I have always had people say Toyota cars don't have electrical issues not until I met sienna 2004 & Camry 2.4 the other with transmission issues that the DTC is unmatched for the trouble on. This Camry ac control will not come on, I just dig a little & found out is a global issues with Camry 2007 to 2008 replacement of the climate control module didn't end up solving the problem. That got thrown back

Car Talk / Re: Most Reliable Car Ever, Most Fuel Efficient Better Than Corrola & Civic by mrcoolautofix(m): 10:05am On May 22
Volkswagen are extremely rugged, durable and fuel efficient and ever lasting, that's why their "danfo" a.k.a Paragon, and LTs dominate transport business in Lagos.

Yes dear check year that damfo was manufactured till date is still remarkably the king of the road, bad mechanics in Volkswagen both in the Western world and in Nigeria makes these cars depreciate it values in the heart of esteem customers & end users.
Car Talk / Re: Most Reliable Car Ever, Most Fuel Efficient Better Than Corrola & Civic by mrcoolautofix(m): 9:12am On May 20
Not as reliable as honda and Toyota
Nice joke that's is so jaw dropping & head snapping, just get me Toyota or honda with one 150k mileage one that engine still runs without burning oil, with OEM compressor still installed, with interior still intact, no control components issues such as engine seating, lower arms, bearings & bushings intact. Then include priciseion in Ecu DTC accurate error report.
Car Talk / Re: Most Reliable Car Ever, Most Fuel Efficient Better Than Corrola & Civic by mrcoolautofix(m): 9:11am On May 20
You don't find Jetta on the road this days.
You probably not looking for it
Car Talk / Re: Best Car Ac Repair Mechanic In Abuja.. by mrcoolautofix(m): 9:09am On May 20
Hello, is your car ac suddenly acting up? We got good news for you, we have details from our years of experience screenshots & reviews from Google map from our previous customers, on different car makes and model,.....

Regarding the title best car ac mechanic in abuja, I think we have arrived at that level

1. We deal with every car make and model

2. We perform most of our services in correspondence with manufacturers specs......

3. We offer warranty after fix to give customers assurance & window to know it's not a lucky fix, if issue occur within the warranty period, we don't charge you a cent

4. We have the right tools for the job & equipment you may have never seen before.

5. We equally do convert systems that won't work well with original fit, like Sanden Compresor for Mercedes or toyota

6. We give customers after service check on to know how your ac is performing after 7 days

7. 98% cars we have fixed have no futher ac issues reflect on our reviews

8. Our reviews is based on a realistic experience not hyped or staged so if you are in doubt, give us a try & if we don't fix it, we will make you refund

9. We are registered with cac & we are not road side tech so be rest assured we might look small scale but we are the best there is

10. We are multi fix tech on electronics, electrical & computers so if your car ac needs electrical tech, we are dealing with it ourselves

11. We perform services at your door step thats doing the same service at your designated location terms and conditions applies........

With all this streams of fact & figures, you will find most companies or road side falling behind the line, & thats why they most often times fix your car by luck.

So with us you have a risk free service with guarantee solution..

Car Talk / Most Reliable Car Ever, Most Fuel Efficient Better Than Corrola & Civic by mrcoolautofix(m): 5:35pm On May 12
I get crazy trying to figure out the technology behind this car, the engine is natural aspirated engine & small that it makes me wonder what the heck German did to this car, cos I took it to tour from Abuja to Enugu state recently & even to ebonyi on a job, & it was hitting corners like a jet, that's right I guess that's why it's called Jetta, funny the engine is 1.6L even as my 02 sensor upstream and down streams aren't in good condition but it's still feels like it it's completely running on air, I think it's the magic behind fuel stratify injection system,
After this experience I think about keeping this car for my personal use cos it has been one kick one start, other unique informations that makes the car the most Reliable car not just Volkswagen car is in the video below, if you up hit the link below

The only mistake you will do is letting wrong mechanic touch it, cos it hard for it to develpp any mechanical issue, one last thing if you have any of this volks, I am your best Tech to diagnose & fix electrical electronics, any issue you are facing with Volkswagen, ac engine troubles, as I talk to you, I have my copy and selling it will be the last thing on my mind.
Car Talk / Doing This Will improve your car fuel economy, it's dirt cheap by mrcoolautofix(m): 5:09pm On May 12
This trick will makes your car run better saving you a lot of fuel,
, I have been using this trick a lot since 2015, just decided to share since gasoline in Nigeria is now scarces.


99% of you will think it's a joke & that's why you fail..
Car Talk / Re: Watch how Toyota Disgraced Volkswagen Cars in This head to head crash test by mrcoolautofix(m): 5:04pm On May 12
don't mind OP o,watch the video, dem flog Toyota ne o.
Hahahaha it's only few that will understand the logic

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Car Talk / Symptoms Of Bad Kick Starter & Solution, saves your money by mrcoolautofix(m): 11:12am On May 10
All you need to know about kick Starter are well explained in this videos, if you know this, you will never buy another Kick starter, cos every details to it components is clearly explained in details & how it works



Car Talk / Re: Watch how Toyota Disgraced Volkswagen Cars in This head to head crash test by mrcoolautofix(m): 8:25am On May 09

The outcome said more damage to the vehicles not passengers, yes the force of the crash was transferred to the cabin area at a minimal point than the Jetta. But nonetheless the Corolla still did well for a head to head collision saving the passengers but a total write off

Are you dead in the head? With that chassis compromised beyond recognition, the driver and passenger is dead, the door not opening is a death Trap, My Under passed away on RX350 on accident driving from Lagos to east 3 years ago, that vehicle was destroyed beyond recognition as much as my uncle,

You did to be a one that crash to understand the logic of that crash test.. probably you will not live to tell the tales, even as we speak I am still yet to see Lexus that undergoes serious real life crash that the driver made it alive.. it has been always a complete write off..
Car Talk / Why Newer Car Model Are Easy Steal For GTA by mrcoolautofix(m): 10:23am On Apr 15
Car Talk / Coca Cola Hack For Dashboard Restoration Dirt Cheap by mrcoolautofix(m): 10:47pm On Apr 14


Use this trick on your dash & door panel, you will thank me later... if works better with black Dashboard
Car Talk / After My Rigorous Test Drive & Analysis, This Is The Best Car & Why by mrcoolautofix(m): 9:58pm On Apr 14
I have used lots of cars, Volkswagen Toyota Nissan & so far there are features that makes this car the best car,

I am yet to see other same brand that measure up, not other car brand with such incredible features,

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jc1G5wUfasQ I explained it in details here so you can compare it features
Car Talk / Watch how Toyota Disgraced Volkswagen Cars in This head to head crash test by mrcoolautofix(m): 5:41pm On Apr 14
I have never been interested in watching crash test until this moment when a realistic one hits my window, the topic is exactly how media will write it.

This head to head crash test was performed without compromise, this is a display of fairness, running the both cars at 40 miles per hour,......

The outcome of the crash test give details as to why most people who undergo car accident while driving this car rarely made it alive.........

Car Talk / Re: 98 Ford Mondeo 2.5L Engine & Ac Works, 650k 08061371793 ABuja by mrcoolautofix(m): 9:44pm On Mar 24

Mr Cool dey find who e go pour hot oil for him head grin

650k for fearfully used coffin...

It is well o

This car was sold yesterday, and the buyer was extending his pleasantries to me this morning after driving this car back home safely..

Car Talk / Re: Airtel Data, It's Rigged & Scamming Don't Subscribe by mrcoolautofix(m): 4:54pm On Mar 22

Well done. I think you are took a risk doing ECU update with hotspot. Better to go with proper WiFi to prevent dropped connections from calls etc.
Come on there is a designated data for the update as shown to be 650mb not going to the mood with my sub.
Car Talk / 98 Ford Mondeo 2.5L Engine & Ac Works, 650k 08061371793 ABuja by mrcoolautofix(m): 4:23pm On Mar 22
This current times, it's nearly impossible to get a car with ac fully functional, engine & gear box at 650k,

car is a legend, initially it have problems with ac & too much fuel Consumption,

This issue has been resolved by me,

16 inch factory fitted alloy rims, papers are up to date, interior is intact,

This is a serious buy and get away car,

This car have economy mode & sport mode,
One kick one start, it needs painting not body work, it is still first body hasn't undergone accident or panel beating,

One great car of it kind, since I knew this car, it has never been to alignment or wheel balance, cos it's extremely tougher & it grippy on track,

Engie is a quite as grave yard, when fan hasn't kicked on, no blue smoke or black, no oil leaks from engine,

Transmission works well to the best of my knowledge

Fuel economy is great yes it's b6 but

As the time I checked, the difference between it fuel Consumption and your 2.4 camry or eod is zero, cos there is no difference in my opinion your 2.4 take a more fuel compared to this guy,

Abuja here we go..

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Car Talk / Re: Full Engine Power No Longer Available Bmw X6 by mrcoolautofix(m): 4:41pm On Mar 21
Shhhhh, off ya maat.

mr. Information minister of bmw limp mode 1 million naira repairs
Car Talk / Re: Full Engine Power No Longer Available Bmw X6 by mrcoolautofix(m): 10:45am On Mar 20
This is just a regular limp mode error and there are over 100 things that could cause it on a bmw
Limpmode is not just, choose your grammar carefully, cos there are tons of issues that can prompt that limpmode, it can cost between 1M or more to address like in this twin turbo v8 engine, so keep quite if you don't know what you are defending.
Car Talk / Re: Toyota Sienna Engage In Drive But Wont Move Reverse Works Great by mrcoolautofix(m): 4:49pm On Mar 06
Reduce the quantity of the transmission oil, and enjoy your car. Many technicians are not even aware that they should gauge the level of the transmission oil when the engine is warm. Some do not even check the gauge, they just empty the entire content.
I have such feeling which I did but the problem persisted
Car Talk / Airtel Data, It's Rigged & Scamming Don't Subscribe by mrcoolautofix(m): 9:34pm On Feb 22
I ran into problems trying to resolve a problem with vw system update, I have data of 10gb files to download, before that I need a software of 620mb, so I made 6gb sub for 7 days sub, I started with the 620k it was around 500mb & I got notifications that I have 500b left, next second I got another, 200mb left next 50 next you don't have active data subscriptions, I went crazy I quickly made another 6gb sub same thing happened it quickly draw my attention cos I am using my phone as hotspot & it takes a record of used data, I checked from February & I was told I haven't used up 8gb, it's hurtful cos I sub 6gb every 5 days for 1500, I am Sharing this cos this is theft case, which is going on a massive scale, yet Nigeria Yahoo is the talk of the day when we have a big company stealing from individuals here. Worse it automatically sub for daily data after that.

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Car Talk / Re: Toyota Sienna Engage In Drive But Wont Move Reverse Works Great by mrcoolautofix(m): 8:25pm On Feb 22
was the transmission oil replaced?

Car Talk / Toyota Sienna Engage In Drive But Wont Move Reverse Works Great by mrcoolautofix(m): 11:38am On Feb 21
You have this issue?

Well I am just trying to solve one at my desk right now..
Car Talk / Re: Between Corolla 1.8L & Jetta 1.6 Which Is More Fuel Economical? by mrcoolautofix(m): 11:13am On Feb 14
I drive 2005 Passat 1.6 liters engine & am enjoying d fuel economic to compare to Toyota corolla that eat up ... shocked
Volkswagen cars with 1.6 liter engine is the real deal when you talk about natural aspirated engines, it gets even more better with the TSI new innovation of 1.0L that's like running the car with nothing but air, the fuel economy will be competitive with the hybrid system..
Car Talk / Re: Between Corolla 1.8L & Jetta 1.6 Which Is More Fuel Economical? by mrcoolautofix(m): 11:09am On Feb 14
In this life, it is advisable never to follow the herd mentality of Nigerians,

I realized that some car brands from Mazda, Nissan, Honda, and Volkswagen etc that are more fuel economical than this Corolla variant.

Nigeria are full of band wagon groups, why did you think it's only the old Carina model that's competing with golf mk3 on high way? Aside that, next in the city of transport is Mazda the brain is, if the car lacks fuel economy & durability under heavy usage, Nigerian drivers will bench it, next if it doesn't have good fuel economy, the taxi man won't make profit using the car for taxi, cos oil, fuel & cost of maintenance will swallow the entire more & even more. In line of Corolla it's solely used by private individuals cos this folks have no idea the fuel consumption rate per 100k the real expectancy. If people get to discover this other models with 100% more fuel efficient than Toyota, their shares will drop, but Nigeria is facing economic meltdown that don't give average people breathing space to use their resources to it fullest potential, if you are talking about fuel efficiency, the cylinder bore size matters, you need engine with smaller bore 1.0 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 1.6 1.8 will take more fuel compared to 1.4L same goes with 2.4L which most Camry model came equipped with, vw designed more efficient engines like TSI 3 piston 1.0 1.2L engines yes is turbocharged, but that's the kick ass for fuel efficiency engine, not 1.8 or 2.0, 2.2 try Nissan micra or i10 Hyundai Kia picanto this are tiny cars with astronomical fuel efficiency.

So if you see 1.6 va model, it will be a big mistake to compare it fuel efficiency to Toyota models cos itz 100% incredibly difference.

All you need for Volkswagen is electronics sensors OEM & you will have the road to head paved with smooth ride on..

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Car Talk / Re: Between Corolla 1.8L & Jetta 1.6 Which Is More Fuel Economical? by mrcoolautofix(m): 10:53am On Feb 14
I like this car and the passat.

I would like to buy one but people keep saying bad things about the Nigerian used ones, and how complex it is to fix German cars.

I am just confused.

Tell me, what do you advise for a first timer going for this... The jetta or Passat.

Considering the cost of maintenance and availability of parts.

What do you think, please?
I don't go with crowds of lunatics opinions and perceptions about any car, most often times their fear is as a result of their poor maintenance habit which often leads them to looking for a pig that's not dirty, meaning trying to let a functioning lunatic fix their car cos they are dirt cheap in charging for service charges.
Most of these lunatics have no basics tools for the job not to mention fundamental tools or knowledge adequate enough to so successfully troubleshoot & fix the problems with this piece of engineering, next is an outcry that german cars are money pits. I have golf versions 3 & 4, Jetta & passat, no headache some will say it's cos I am a mechanic not even certified one but I know more than just average mechanics, in other words who says it has to be a lunatics who should fix too tech car when those who engineered are smartest intelligent groups?

If you want to go into owing this model, have two things in mind, you need a professional to handle it electronics issues that comes up once in a blue moon, no trial & error not cutting corners, this is not Toyota that anything goes.

Second you need have good maintenance habit, their parts last like Mercedes parts but what people fear most is electronics & electrical cos they are always looking for shortcuts. Aside for mondeo that's within my collection all my cars are Volkswagen.

If you have this two this checked correctly, you will be replacing some mechanical parts once in 3 or 5 years. Drive through worst road ever it's not about vw,

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Car Talk / Re: Between Corolla 1.8L & Jetta 1.6 Which Is More Fuel Economical? by mrcoolautofix(m): 9:12am On Feb 10
You just answered yourself with the Google search you added to your post. But looking again, the corolla XRS has a bigger camry 2.4 engine inside instead of the 1.8 litre in the normal corolla. It is also manual only car. The XRS is not common but its powerful

XRS is way fuel efficient compared to base model Corolla

Well 3.4 gallons on highway is 12.8 liters per 100km for 1.8L Corolla 2003 to 2006, almost 13 liters of fuel on highway that's terrible!

When jetta 1.6L is take have of what Corolla takes 6.4L per 100km, listen I am not here to argue with you, here you are already sounding bitter,

I am trying to figure out why many saying that Corolla have a great fuel economy when it really don't have anything close.

My research on this, the data about the fuel consumption rate was placed in gallons per 100km instead of liters, but jetta 1.6L fuel data is in Liters which is way less compared to gallons.

1.8L corolla take 3.4 gallons per 100km is crazy fuel drinker,

Japanease are not tech guru compared to vw group, it's just a difference of 0.2, but the reall question is, what did German do thier 1.6L engine that it takes such mind boggling 6.4 liters of fuel per 100km on high way?

My overall analysis is, Corolla don't come half close to greate fuel economy as many are parading, Peugeot with 2.0 liters saves more fuel compared to that toyota Corolla Nigerians can be quick into jumping into conclusions,

Nigerians are not concerned if it's manual transmission or automatic, don't be sarcastic, all the national anthem they kept ranting is, it have a great fuel economy, without testing out other car brands before making those outrageous false claims & noise,

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Car Talk / Between Corolla 1.8L & Jetta 1.6 Which Is More Fuel Economical? by mrcoolautofix(m): 2:01am On Feb 10
I am not surprised, but what got me scratching my head is, Volkswagen Jetta 1.6L natural aspirated engine Runs like a mad dog, so I really can't understand how & why?

On the other hand I refuel this car days ago, & I have been driving around Town & my fuel guage just keep steering at me like, are you surprised?

I ain't going no where bro... so it's amazing 8.4L per 100km on highway you can get more mpg with the manual transmission even way better than Corolla 1.8L 2003 to 2006 which is 8.4L per 100km on highway I think Volkswagen jetta hits hard, it even better with 1.6L engines equipped with air pump.. better horsepower less fuel consumption..

Car Talk / Full Engine Power No Longer Available Bmw X6 by mrcoolautofix(m): 6:47am On Feb 09
If you have this issue drive moderately, check my signature for fix cost, I am information minister, I am a mechanic.

any further attempts to use the car under this condition will create more headache that will pull a rabbit out of your bank available balance trust bmw.

Good evening

Car Talk / Re: I Need EOD 2003 >2005, Camry 2002 Abuja ASAP See My Terms & Wizkid Below by mrcoolautofix(m): 7:28am On Feb 07
How can onugbu that's supposed to be bitter be sweet? No be juju be that?
Car Talk / Re: I Need EOD 2003 >2005, Camry 2002 Abuja ASAP See My Terms & Wizkid Below by mrcoolautofix(m): 7:22am On Feb 07
This Yaba leftist don escape again cry
Did your car finally meet my terms & wizzy? Hahahaha
Car Talk / I Need EOD 2003 >2005, Camry 2002 Abuja ASAP See My Terms & Wizkid Below by mrcoolautofix(m): 6:39am On Feb 07
My terms are simple, there you go

The car headlight must looked like bmw but made by W motors with diamond encrusted, tail light must have a look of Volkswagen jetta or passat latest model, the earodymics must have a look like Lamborghini side mirror must have a look like Ferrari, interior seat like lycan hypercar with gold stitching, cluster must have holographic display,

Engine must be 16 cylinders supercharged handcrafted, engine must not smoke ganja, weeds or crack, physically or spiritually, in person, by accident mistake occasionally or randomly, engine must be metal & financially stable, must be a mechanic, a doctor, a lawyer a fisherman, a joker, must have sense pf humor, must be loving and caring, not never overheat even without coolant inside, perfomance must be insane with details of previous services using mobile 1, Castrol GTX 0w 20 or panzoil

Piston ring must be made of $2M dollars diamond with gold finished chrome double tapped

The owner must be a yahoo boy, a thief a rouge or belong to pepper dem geng... naira Maley or zlatan not welcome..

The manufacturer must be whitch from benin ekpoma will be welcome,

Engine must not be a trap music fans or lover, dancer singer or instrumental beats recital.. like a drummer & must not be stronger than me,

The owner must not not own dog or have friends or family, hang out with the boys, talk to anyone except me, No be juju be that?

Transmission must not be a catholic, Anglican, living faith, dunamisfire Muslim, Christian or goer or belong to any political, party f
Soccer team or player, but in just in good condition

Ac must not a be ac Milan fan, by mistake or intention or by accident, must not play games with me by joke or win an argument with me,
must be in a good top notch condition not cooling at it own convenient or feeling stress or not in the mood, & must not have emotional swing, where are my emoji?

It must be a four bangers, 6 bang bros are not allowed not for me though it's for customer, not like I am scared of 6 Bangladeshes

Millage must not be vehicle uae speed limit, for security reasons if you like adjust your own to zero, I will still buy it.

Tires be clean at all times, must not get strained even when driving off road or In the mud, must be good looking sexy, good in bed, curvy & not a slay queen, must not have social media jangle or wear legging no sweat pants, no fake eye lash, no make up no body filler, no lipstick no just natural fresh looking gorgeous.

Must be made in German or American, it must be a good year for me continental, pireli or mechanelin not China so young just young yet young still young

Steering wheel must look like Tesla car, must be made by rimac or Lamborghini not honda or kia

must be manufactured by Mercedes f1 team, not barabush

Electricals must be intact not Tampered like Davido Rolls Royce culion, not looking like Brazilian hair or must be bone & straight

Body must not be like a turtured turtle, forbiden mpape or eastern road, but Lagos mutala airport road or Ferrari finished,

Interior must be in fresh looking handsome, ganished like rolls Royce with 12 packs abs, it must not have more than 20 thousand stars, it must be always good looking clean condition not like nyanya, Lagos streets, Georgia or Colorado

I don't want to see any warning light on the dash board cluster gauge, if you want to remove the entire cluster fine..if it refused fine , just do it

It must not come with a seatbelts, do endeavour to cut off yours out before drawing my attention I don't want to get mad for nothing, so as it has to meet my terms & condition,

It must not be a push & start battery must be a day old

The ac must be cooling & chilling with the big boys, running kititi plus running kata kata it must not have a Mind of it's own,

The gear must not be changing at it own convenient or attemting to go to Texas when I am intending to drive to washing things off my feet, it must not work when it feels like. No complaints no I am tired, no I am having a bad day.. it must never complain, it must be always yes man & no man

The car must be neatly used not more than days of purchase, the lead must be made in German designed in California assembled in Nigeria by pan

Please if your car didn't meet up with this terms and conditions, I will help you to call the salvage yard authority for assistance..

If your EOD or Camry 2.2M have met with this

Okay let's transact Abuja only, my budget is $650k if the paint have a lovely smiling paint, shining teeth glaze or gold of 20 karat, I can make it $700k

Serious sellers only.. my signature is my control jags

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