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Politics / Re: How Many Bags Of Rice Can Your Salary Buy You? by MyMouth(m): 10:04am On Feb 11
Politics / Re: Court Refuses To Dismiss Terrorism Charges Against Fubara’s COS, Edison Ehie by MyMouth(m): 3:25pm On Feb 03
He can't even sneak out

Wike has moles and informants in and out of government house.

Those 8 recalled commissioners, what do you think they are?
A chief of staff that can't go outside government house. Hmmm, I wonder how he will operate effectively
Politics / Re: Court Refuses To Dismiss Terrorism Charges Against Fubara’s COS, Edison Ehie by MyMouth(m): 3:24pm On Feb 03

a la Nnamdi Kanu.
I tell you grin

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Politics / Re: Court Refuses To Dismiss Terrorism Charges Against Fubara’s COS, Edison Ehie by MyMouth(m): 7:31am On Feb 03
It's a pity that Edison will only be Chief of Staff inside government house.

He can't come out.
That's just it. He can't come out, unless he takes the risk and snicks out.


Politics / Re: Court Refuses To Dismiss Terrorism Charges Against Fubara’s COS, Edison Ehie by MyMouth(m): 7:00am On Feb 03
Terrorism is not a bailable offense. The moment the former speaker show face, na arrest and detention till God knows when😄


Politics / Re: New Kogi Governor Ododo Appoints Cabinet Members On First Day In Office by MyMouth(m): 7:40am On Jan 28

Good question.
It amazes me cause I'm scratching my head and I can't remember any...funny thing is that Christians outnumber Muslims like 3 to 1 in Kogi state.

One thing I notice is that Christians prefer to just watch politics from the sidelines from all 3 regions they're not interested.

Igala land majority are Christians
Okun land everybody na Christian.
Ebira land majority are moslems with a sizeable number of Christians.

Majority of igalas are Christians Guy, where did u get this stat from?
Politics / Re: New Kogi Governor Ododo Appoints Cabinet Members On First Day In Office by MyMouth(m): 11:32pm On Jan 27

Bello nah Area Boy, worse than Nyezom Wike because Wike is a lawyer, so he still has a little decorum. Yahaya Bello is a road transport worker and owner based in Lagos, pure Lagos Agbero. He will eat Ododo raw. Somebody that always killed Dino Melaye the Clown
So u think! You don't know the power of a governor. Forget what is happening in rivers, Wike is lucky he has federal backing. Yahaya bello won't have that kind of backing from Tinubu, remember he contested against him in 2023 and there are rumors that he still wants to contest in 2023. Wetin efcc go Cary bello eyes see ehnn, e go shock you
Politics / Re: New Kogi Governor Ododo Appoints Cabinet Members On First Day In Office by MyMouth(m): 11:28pm On Jan 27
when was the last time Plateau State had Muslim Governor?
Or Benue

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Politics / Re: FG Lines Up 140 Officials To Assess Tinubu's Ministers by MyMouth(m): 10:21am On Jan 27
1. Minister for Petroleum should go for missing the PH refinery deadline and also for Dangote refinery yet to come on stream by end of January.

2. Minister of FCT should go for overheating the polity and playing crude politics while Abuja was being ravaged by kidnappers

3. Minister of Sports should go for demoralising the eagles by claiming the president is not impressed by the fact that they qualified out of the group.

4. Minister of Finance should go for his mismanagement of our fiscal policies. The budget deficit has widened and the supplementary budget was badly implemented. Also, his claim of "No More Loan" has turned out to be a lie with another $1.9bn reportedly being sourced after $800m and $3.3bn in less than a year. At this rate, Buhari will look like shylock compared to prodigal Tinubu.

5. Minister of Power for experiencing grid collapses 3 times since this administration took office. The former Minister managed to stem that tide till this dude arrived.

6. Minister for Defence. I don't think much needs to be said here. Kaduna bomb blast and Plateau attacks need no introduction.

7. Minister for Mines for the Ibadan explosion. No illegal miners. Just weak regulations which led to loss of lives and propertiesin the heart of a major city.

8. Minister for Aviation for Abuja Airport escalator not working for 3 months while he's busy doing social media owambes

9. Ministers for Creative Arts, Transport, Marine and Blue Economy, Steel. What are they doing anyway?

Feel free to add yours
I totally agree with you, but will it happen, hell NO!!! The politics of 2027 won't allow the president do the needful.
And by the way, who the hell will access the president
Politics / Re: I’m Confident My Relationship With Kwankwaso Will Be Good – Ganduje by MyMouth(m): 11:41pm On Jan 26

My own na to wait till they return Emir Sanusi to the throne and reunite the Emirate that was divided to compensate political loyalists. I can't wait for Sanusi's return, man see shege grin cheesy grin
That's not gonna happen. It's part of the deal that led to nnpc winning at the supreme Court.

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Career / Re: Does Annual Leave Days Include Weekend? by MyMouth(m): 12:34pm On Jan 24
If it's in the public service, it's working days.
Politics / Re: Mutfwang Hails Tinubu For Resisting Pressure To Influence Court Verdict On Jos by MyMouth(m): 10:49am On Jan 20

You should be ashamed of yourself, honestly speaking
For saying the truth You should be shamed of yourself rather for being a big fooool
Politics / Re: Mutfwang Hails Tinubu For Resisting Pressure To Influence Court Verdict On Jos by MyMouth(m): 6:52am On Jan 20
These guys are clowns. They appear not to notice that the prevailing security situation especially in Plateau and Kano, was what forced the hand of the Presidency. I daresay Kano and Plateau states would have been in anarchy if the apex court had ruled in favour of the ruling party because the tension on ground was palpable.

Still, Tinubu is comparatively better because Buhari would have interfered regardless of the outcome.
You guys keep saying this nonsense! The supreme Court would have ruled in favor of the Apc in the 2 states and nothing would have happened. Protest for fews days and that is all. See Nasarawa now, if PDP had won, you guys would come here to say they would have been anarchy if they supreme Court had ruled otherwise. Now, what happened in Nasarawa, jus protest that had already been taken cared of by the security agencies. Abeg make una give it to the president for sit-down look on this one.

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Politics / Re: Mutfwang Hails Tinubu For Resisting Pressure To Influence Court Verdict On Jos by MyMouth(m): 6:46am On Jan 20
This Muftwang of a man has been displaying all the trappings of a useless governor. Let's just watch as it unfolds.
Says who The guy have been working since he came onboard. Far far better than the useless Lalong


Politics / Re: Things Fall Apart: Seyi Law & Bashir Ahmed Clash On X Over Insecurity In Nigeria by MyMouth(m): 10:52am On Jan 17
But what Bashir said is true, I even thought about it yesterday on my own. Kidnapping and banditry should be attract capital punishment. Death to all kidnappers and bandits!


Politics / Re: Tinubu Shunned Ganduje’s Pressure To Influence Judgment – Kano Governor by MyMouth(m): 7:23am On Jan 15
So you really think a massive protest in Kano by Kwankwaso wouldn't have affected Tinubu's reelection bid? Tinubu had no choice but to not interfare, because he needs Kano to do him a favour just like in 2023
I agree with you that a protest would definitely affect Tinubu 's vote in Kano in 2027. That is the only consideration and not the fear of violence.

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Politics / Re: Tinubu Shunned Ganduje’s Pressure To Influence Judgment – Kano Governor by MyMouth(m): 7:20am On Jan 15
Thank God Supreme Court did the right thing or else the protest in Kano by that kwakwasiya brotherhood would have been unprecedented and before you know it, it can spread across the country cos the people are already getting frustrated over different issues
If they had wanted to do it, they would have done it and heaven wont fall, jus few days of protests and the military would have done the needful. Politicians don't care about those that will die. I can bet u, if it was a cause between Apc and PDP, Apc would never have allowed PDP to win. APC doesn't see NNPP as opposition to them


Politics / Re: FG Withdraws Power Of Attorney For 40% Shares In Discos From BPE by MyMouth(m): 10:46pm On Jan 13

How's airport related to discos?
Na them dey supply all airports light undecided
Politics / Re: Kano: Supreme Court Affirms Gov Kabir Yusuf (NNPP), dismisses APC's suit by MyMouth(m): 1:17pm On Jan 12
Which strong man. Do you known the negotiations behind all this. You think its by how you are able to prove your points.
He no know grin obviously a learner in politics. The moment I saw those guys visit Tinubu in December, I knew something was up. It's all about 2027.

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Politics / Re: Kano: Supreme Court Affirms Gov Kabir Yusuf (NNPP), dismisses APC's suit by MyMouth(m): 1:09pm On Jan 12

Chess game at its peak.

If they remove Abba, Federal will lose kano.

Kano is a strategic state for Federal elections.

They will settle the APC candidate
Exactly! It's all about 2027. NNPP is not a threat to APC in 2027, they will still work for Tinubu in 2027 as it stands now, Tinubu will win Kano in 2027, because both parties will vote Tinubu unlike if they had removed gida gida. A deal had been struck since, they just wanted to shake gida gida small make he get Sense. Na plateau own dey very dicey, Apc no go wen gree for PDP fa.


Politics / Re: Zack Orji: First Lady, VP’s Wife, Minister, Others Visit Ailing Actor by MyMouth(m): 7:15am On Jan 12
Sadly Tinubu didn't give this guy appointment after all his asslicking.

Yul edochie is currently asslicking the drug lord for a juicy appointment. Unfortunately, the same fate awaits him, he'll be ignored by the drug lord

Modified: if you quote me to say rubbish, you'll be ignored. Make sure your Brain is intact before quoting me
Appointments don finish E go shock you when they appoint him soon
Politics / Re: Tinubu To Reshuffle Cabinet, Five Ministers likely to Be Dropped - The Will by MyMouth(m): 5:57pm On Jan 11
Only Wike is sure of his place in that cabinet. Even Tinubu is afraid of him and the havoc he can wreak if he is let loose.
Fear Wike The commander in chief like Tinubu fearing Wike, you must be joking. Tinubu no fear people like el-rufia, na Wike he go come fear grin
Politics / Re: Betta Edu: The North Strong Sha. by MyMouth(m): 10:25pm On Jan 06
Sacking a whole minister because of 500m would be a big shame to the minister. She won't even be able to show her face in the midst of her fellow thieves. If it were 100bn now she would have been able to bow out with respect among her fellows but 500m is just too small and embarrassing
Former SGF was sacked for the same amount
Technology Market / Re: ⏯️⚙️⭕️♨️ “BARELY USED Sound Bars..."⭕️♨️ by MyMouth(m): 1:53pm On Jan 06



Wireless subwoofer

Wireless TV Sound Sync
AUX, HDMI (ARC), Bluetooth, OPT, USB
Soundbar (2 x 60 W), external Subwoofer
320 W (RMS)
Dolby Digital, DTS Digital Surround, LPCM

Price: 125K

WhatsApp: 0803 054 6462
Politics / Re: Betta Edu: Why I Approved Payment Of ₦‎585 Million Into A Private Account by MyMouth(m): 10:02am On Jan 06
Damnnn niggar

My dear sorry to break your heart. A revolution willl never occur in Nigeria
Should I tell you a secrete about Nigeria
Nobody is angry about bad government in this country we all are pretending to be angry because it is not our tribesmen or religion person that is in government..
Don't be surprised when we call for a protest against this woman her tribes people will not participate. The end sars protest the north did not participate because it was seen as a fight against their own son Buhari. Even some major part of South west did not participate because it was seen as a disruption to the quest and ambition of tinubu's 2023 candidacy
We were all aware that Tinubu's administration is gonna be a repetition of Buhari's tenure because Tinubu was part of it and he was the one who brought upon us Buhari's administration
Instead they allowed tribalism and religion sentiments again
Oh so the suffering of tinubu is greater than that of Jonathan subsidy removal but yet the voices that led a protest and shut down Jonathan subsidy removal suddenly lost their voice.
Should I tell you another secret.
It will be difficult for the nation to unite against any president from the three major tribe due to tribalism

Light up my weed with anger while I stake some football games this morning
You don talk am finish!
Travel / Re: Alaska Aircraft Forced To Make Emergency Landing After Window Blows Out Mid-air by MyMouth(m): 9:53am On Jan 06
If na naija plane now, some people go say na tokumbo plane, that's why


Crime / Re: FRSC Officials Beat Up Soldiers For Invading Their Office (Pictures/Video) by MyMouth(m): 7:50am On Jan 03
An unarmed soldier is nothing but a civilian undecided

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Technology Market / Re: ⏯️⚙️⭕️♨️ “BARELY USED Sound Bars..."⭕️♨️ by MyMouth(m): 7:34am On Jan 02

This one is too expensive ooo
I need something cheaper
Politics / Re: Osun: Oyetola Responsible For Apc's Defeat In 2022 - Aregbesola by MyMouth(m): 6:58pm On Dec 31, 2023
Na Tinubu be presido now oooo, no be Buhari aka sit-down look, no go do pass yaself make them no deal with you

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Technology Market / Re: ⏯️⚙️⭕️♨️ “BARELY USED Sound Bars..."⭕️♨️ by MyMouth(m): 1:17pm On Dec 31, 2023
Hello, I need a very good and clean LG sound bar with very good bass.
Politics / Re: NASS Raises Budget To N28.77tn, Votes ₦‎10bn For Car Parks, Recreation by MyMouth(m): 9:32am On Dec 31, 2023
If only we had a patriotic military force undecided
Family / Re: Mistake In Waec Name by MyMouth(m): 11:47am On Dec 28, 2023
Contact @ Drpaul phone number above to assist you to correct your DOB and issued you another new Waec original certificate as he helped me
Assist or collect money for it

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