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Romance / Re: Married Woman Using Old Time Flame To Sleep With Her Ex Boyfriend by naijanaso: 9:43pm On Oct 18
I just don't know why this ex prefix is so important to women. Spit

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Politics / Re: Obi’s Names On NYSC, UNN Certificates Are Different - Arabambi (Apapa Faction) by naijanaso: 9:35pm On Oct 12
Come to think of it, this Obi of a man was not a bright student. How did they even offer him admission with that poor WAEC result?
To further address his not-bright academic level he still managed to graduate with a 2-2 in a course I guess they just managed to offer him as a result of him not being able to fit into any big course then.
He tried to make a name for himself. He didn't let poor academic performance deter him. I like that part of him.
Celebrities / Re: Jada Pinkett Says Chris Rock Asked Her Out by naijanaso: 8:37pm On Oct 11
This ghoulish spectre of a woman.

Will just dey fall hand.

A man should be firm in his relationships, have his emotions in check and know when to call it quits.

It's not so bro. I think Will is a bit careful cos of his hard earned money.


Politics / Re: Why My WAEC Certificate Bears Sadiq Abubakar’ – Atiku Responds To Forgery Allega by naijanaso: 11:06pm On Oct 10
That means Atiku probably used a mercenary to write his WAEC. He didn't write it himself
Religion / Re: Sexuality: No Matter How You Color Them, Only One Set Would Fit (Photo) by naijanaso: 12:17pm On Oct 01
God created Adam and Eve.

Not Adam and Steve.

End of Thread!

We Rise.

Very correct!
Not Adam and Steve
Not Madam and Eve
But Adam and Eve.

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Politics / Re: What Is The Name Of This Country? by naijanaso: 10:54pm On Sep 28
May God bless you. Don't mind All these people who are hell bent on demarketing Naija.

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Politics / Re: This Is Awka Millennium City, Not Banana Island: Pictures by naijanaso: 10:50pm On Sep 28
Thanks to Obiano for the vision I guess. If so, I'm yet to see what we should thank the other one for.

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Romance / Re: Truth You Learnt As An Adult by naijanaso: 11:16pm On Sep 24
What’s the hardest truth you have learnt as an adult?

... That the prefix word "Ex-" means a lot to most women.
They rather become stupid than disconnect from the prefix.
Agriculture / Re: A Practical Guide On How To Brood Broilers by naijanaso: 6:12am On Sep 23
Update :
Its been 5 days since the last time I updated this thread. Honestly, that was due to a lot of comments that pissed me off.

But then again, i didn't opened this thread for people with negative energy to come shut it down. Like i stated earlier, its might serve as a reference for me in the future.

Im grateful to those that have contributed immensely from their wealth of knowledge to this thread.

Well the process of rearing has been the same.

We give them food and water as at when due.

The drug we currently put in their water is multivitamin.

We gave them lasota vaccine last week friday(they turned 2 weeks)...same process as the first vaccine.

They are getting bigger every day. Their comb( i dont know the actual name for it but I hope you get me) is getting very red too.

Negative comments shouldn't deter you naa. Those are views of people though their choice of words may not sync with your style. Filter the comments you need and move ahead. Without the negative comments, then you are doing nothing bro.
Meanwhile, you stopped posting pictures. The pictures make it more interesting
Family / Re: Never Allow Your Wife To Pay Rent. by naijanaso: 10:09pm On Sep 17
Why? Is it not money she is using? Why degrading women?
Some men just carry empty head and call it brain...
Is it a crime let a married woman pay house rent?
Is it not thesame house they both stay?
So if something happens that the man cannot afford the rent, the woman will sit back and wait for what landlord will do, knowing full well that she has the money to pay?
Or if she is willing to pay, masculine pride shouldn't allow me to agree!!!
We so much hold high esteem of ourselves about marriages yet many are living in bondage...
You all are saying women shouldn't pay rent or feed the man, yet you all are saying "a woman who can't bring anything to the table isn't worth been married to"...
Confusion left and right...
No worry, just allow pride Nd ego allow landlord pack Ur bag throw ..

Why calling out men here? The OP is female.
Politics / Re: Were They Expecting Us To Be persuaded By Social Media? - Justice Yusuff by naijanaso: 7:14pm On Sep 10

If you needed a convincing answer to this effect, you should have followed the case just as i and other sensibly reasonable Nigerians did and not ask me that this question. Fimile jaree!
You're all the same.......... Tribal bigots!

It has nothing to do with tribe my dear. I simply asked you the "sensible Nigerian" to enumerate the cogent reasons and you couldn't sensibly do so.
I probably followed this case better than you did, but with an open mind.
The problem is that most you (the sensible ones) already had a preconceived mindset about the case hoping that one side would win even if they didn't even show up in court. Court matters are not treated so my dear.
This case is like a man who ran to the police station alleging that some robbers have attacked him and stolen his money. The police asked him how much and he replied 'I don't know', then the police further asked him the venue of attack and he still responded "I don't know". Now what do you think the police will do?
Advice: read the police scenario above with an open mind.

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Politics / Re: Were They Expecting Us To Be persuaded By Social Media? - Justice Yusuff by naijanaso: 6:10am On Sep 08
angry After all the evidences that were brought before the court of appeal, this heartless woman opened her giggle hole to say that LP had no cogent evidence to corroborate their claims of winning the 2023 elections...

Come to think of it...... This is a mother and she gave birth to children or is it animals?
It's sad to say again, "There Was A Country!"

Kindly enumerate those cogent reasons pls
Business / Re: How To Buy Things On Aliexpress From Nigeria - A Step-by-step Guide by naijanaso: 10:59pm On Sep 06
Please we don't need distraction now, we need to focus on something.. please please

Instead of learning what will help you, you are there focusing on Obi and Tinubu that have both made their money. Abeg leave those people to sort out themselves in court.
Politics / Re: Capsized Seplat Oil Rig Operating Illegally In Nigeria Since 2016 — NIMASA by naijanaso: 9:19am On Aug 18
The useless NIAMASA should be ashamed to make this statement. Oil rig is not a hidden thing. SEPLAT is also not a small name. They have been eating from the illegal proceeds perhaps not remitting to govt for a long time. Now they are coming out to say that the rig is operating illegally.
A lot of illegalities go on in the Nigerian Oil industry. If you make a good quest into this rig operations, you'll be surprised that a lot of the big guys in NIMASA, DPR, NNPC etc are using it to cash out. Useless people
Romance / Re: Groom Update Whatsapp Status With "Fear Women" At Wedding, Rejects Bride's Drink by naijanaso: 11:22pm On Aug 16
Someone will now marry this one and say she has married a husband,the lady should better get ready for what she will face in that so called marriage of hersundecided undecided

That's if she's pure. There's water under the bridge. The guy has seen a last minute shocker and I think he doesn't want to cause a public show hence he continued in the day's function.
The marriage is already over.
Didn't you notice that he refused the drink?
Foreign Affairs / Re: Trucks blocked at Benin-Niger border by naijanaso: 9:22am On Aug 13

Smuggled to and from where?
It's ECOWAS no longer and economic community?
Why can't Tinubu and ECOWAS allow Nigeriens carry their cross?
Why cry more than the bereaved?
The Nigeriens are happy, why cry for them?

This is the effect of hate! That is not Nigerian border but Benin-Niger. Meanwhile, Niger is an Ecowas country and there is a common treaty signed by all members regarding military rule. Pls go and read it.
Tinubu is only acting in the common piece of Ecowas agreement whenever they meet and not just as Nigerian president!


Nairaland / General / Re: Nigeria: Military Reject 'highly Unpatriotic' Calls To Sabotage Democracy by naijanaso: 10:21pm On Aug 12
English said the worse democracy is better then the best military regime, but I disagree that in Nigeria...........

Go and take over naa.

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Politics / Re: Is Buhari Better Than Bola Ahmed Tinubu? by naijanaso: 11:45pm On Jul 18
Haba, how can you be comparing an eight yrs govt to a mere seven wks govt.?
Meanwhile, decisions taken by Tinubu in this 7wks have outweighed Buharis 8yrs.
It's tough now but will be better. The only thing I pray Is for good utilisation of the proceeds. That's where I have my reservations for Naija politicians.

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Celebrities / Re: Bobrisky Shows New Curvy Body After Surgery by naijanaso: 8:46pm On Jul 12
It's high time God apologised to Sodom and Gomorrah, except you'll tell me that that Bible story was a fiction.
Politics / Re: Only Retired Judges Should Handle Election Petition Tribunals - Afe Babalola by naijanaso: 1:22am On Jul 12
This man is one of the respected Yoruba men I like so much

He rallied round Peter Obi during the presidential campaign and even gave Peter a Yoruba title as "OMOWALE" of Yoruba land .

May God almighty continue to bless you in good health and wisdom sir afe babalola.

Obidients Loves you sir ..

You don't respect him for what he has achieved as a lawyer but you respect him only for supporting Peter Obi.
My dear, everybody has their reason for supporting their candidate. This could be religious , ethnic, professional or even political interests.
That my friend didn't support my candidature shouldn't make me hate him.
Politics / Re: Peter Obi Congratulates Other Diana Award Winners by naijanaso: 10:06pm On Jul 11

Has Drug lord congratulated those Nigerians ?

Have you condemned Tinubu's Yorubastic recent appointment ?,

So you are saying that PO was right after all in his one sided congrats message? It would have been more honourable had he just kept mute.

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Career / Re: I Want To Move To Lagos, Which Handwork Should I Learn Before Moving??? by naijanaso: 3:24pm On Jul 11
Learn picking pocket... Very lucrative there

Why are we like this sef?
Politics / Re: President Bola Ahmed Tinubu Bonding With His Grandchildren From Seyi Tinubu by naijanaso: 6:28am On Jul 01
Lord, grant me old age in sound health filled with wealth. I want to also bond with my grand children and great grand children.
Also give me the heart of compassion to help humanity with the resources you'll bless me with.
I celebrate with them.
Politics / Re: Peter Obi Reacts To President Tinubu 124-Car Convoy (Video) by naijanaso: 8:32pm On Jun 29
I agree with him 100%. That convoy is a waste of scarce resources, imagine the fuel, personnel, security on that journey.

...and you think all those cars are Presidential convoy. Let's visit issues with reason. The president is from Lagos. He made most of those in Lagos politics today.
Don't you think that the governor, deputy, political associates, business associates and Lagos security will all form part of those convoy?
Even Peter Obi that is not the President (yet) has a lot of people coming to welcome him when he goes to Anambra.
When Peter Obi went to Port Harcourt to commission a project, did you see the number of unsolicited convoy that went to the airport to receive him? That one is not waste of fuel abi?
Obi should grow past some of these his corner corner criticism abeg.
Politics / Re: President Tinubu's 120 Car Convoy In Lagos For Sallah Raises Eyebrow (VIDEO) by naijanaso: 5:29am On Jun 28
I believe those convoys will include governor and deputy governor also speaker and some APC chieftains.

Very correct. Most of those are Lagos govt based vehicles that went to welcome their Father in politics.
Politics / Re: The Day Tinubu Won The Election Was May 30, 2022 Not Feb 25,2023- Reno by naijanaso: 10:48pm On Jun 27
Reno is actually a fool.

I will prove it with:

1. If Reno Mockery knew Tinubu won before the election, why was he campaigning for Atiku?

2. Reno wants Obi to be Atiku's running mate again in 2023, is Atiku's destiny tied to Obi? Buhari has ruled for 8 years and this slave Reno wants another northerner to be president. Reno will leave the selfishness of Atiku, to attack Obi.

3. Reno is saying that Christians should not complain of marginalization because they voted for Obi and not Atiku. Someone should ask the idi¤t if Atiku is a Christian.

Your post was making sense until you called him the word in bold. Is it that you guys cannot express an opinion without cursing? Haba.
Politics / Re: Tonto Dikeh: Wike's Boy Didn't Win Rivers State but I will continue To Contest by naijanaso: 8:01am On Jun 26
I don't blame you
Politics / Re: Why I Hate White Garment Churches – Pastor David Ibiyeomie by naijanaso: 3:11pm On Jun 25
While he and his fellow so-called Pentecostal pastors manipulate people's pockets.
Travel / Re: Why Our Govt Banned Dependents Visa For Nigerian Students – British High Comm. by naijanaso: 3:57pm On Jun 23

I never want to go live in the UK, but law of reciprocacy is diplomatic currency. Stop thinking like we are slaves to British, we have things and ways to get back at them.

Brother, I'm not saying we don't have things. I'm only referring to the subject matter. Our own too much. Ah ah! Every country is trying to rebuild it's post COVID economy. Then we want to go and over populate their own country.
Talking about diplomatic reciprocity, if you consider the toughness of getting a Nigerian Visa, no country would grant any Nigerian their own Visa. Nigerian Visa is one of the toughest in the world to get, yet we want to get other countries Visa on a platter of gold, packed with dependants. Omo, make we cool down ohh. I greet you.
Politics / Re: 150 Shops For Demolition In Onitsha by naijanaso: 3:42pm On Jun 23
It's Tinubu's fault. He ordered the Yoruba people there to demolish the shops angry

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Foreign Affairs / Re: UN Adds Russia To ‘list Of Shame’ For Killing Hundreds Of Children In Ukraine by naijanaso: 3:34pm On Jun 23
UN and all these NATO bullshit should go o and sleep. See what they have turned Ukraine to...they only look at what they will get in pretence to supporting you.
Celebrities / Re: Woman Crafts Burna Boy's Face Using Fufu (Photo) by naijanaso: 3:23pm On Jun 23
Nigerians are really talented people. The only problem we have is our own Natural disaster - POLITICAL HEADS.

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