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Travel / Re: General-german-student-visa-enquiries Part 8 by nellystrong7(m): 3:03pm On May 30

How can I text you boss

You can send me a DM now.
Travel / Re: General-german-student-visa-enquiries Part 8 by nellystrong7(m): 6:19am On May 17
[quote author=OdogwuEkeke
I just dey do research, dey read since.
So I found out this week that some countries require the Covid test 72hours before traveling while some 48hours.

My cousin was heading to Estonia from Belgium and was turned back at her stopover (Sweden) just because over there they require a 48hour test report and not 72hours. The next flight back to Belgium was in three days so she had to sleep at the airport to head back to Belgium and redo the test.

The summary of the story is, when you are booking flights, find out the travel laws for countries where you would have a stopover. May you not be stranded ooh. These are uncertain times.

You are right Bro.
During my stop-over @ Instanbul I saw alot of persons stranded at the airport of supposedly fake covid19 test results. Those that missed their flight were forced to take another test not free though. Those that couldn't afford to pay for the test with return ticket were sent back to their home countries. 48hrs negative result apply for Germany & some other countries. So if U re taking a connecting flight do your calculations well so as to avoid stories that touch the heart.
Also use ONLY approved laboratories for International travel covid19 test. Google it & you will one nearest to your location.

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Travel / Re: General-german-student-visa-enquiries Part 8 by nellystrong7(m): 3:24pm On May 05
Guys if they ask you to upload your transcript on the school application, will you upload the student copy? And how can you send it as a file? Are you scanning or what? Thanks
If U have the official copy, then U can use your phone or go to a cyber to scan & send as PDF.
If U don't have the official copy then U can send a notarized student's copy.
All the best!
Travel / Re: General-german-student-visa-enquiries Part 8 by nellystrong7(m): 11:50am On May 05
grin I got a tricky question today.

Please emeritus in the house, help crack this one.

How do you cancel an appointment if you have mistakenly deleted the booking mail?


Travel / Re: General-german-student-visa-enquiries Part 8 by nellystrong7(m): 11:47am On May 05
Travel / Re: General-german-student-visa-enquiries Part 8 by nellystrong7(m): 8:27am On May 03
@nellystrong7 I have sent you a PM
I am connected with U now.

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Travel / Re: General-german-student-visa-enquiries Part 8 by nellystrong7(m): 9:35pm On May 02
[/b]@Emman 2903.
People are getting dates including Cat B. If U say quota for Cat B. may be small I may agree with U but to say no date for the common man is a lie. I am sure that many in Cat. B that got AD & ultimately VISUM are not on nairaland.
Don't conclude that bcoz no testimony here shows no AD. Let me surprise U, a nairalander sent me a private message stating that AM was sent to his email address but bcoz it was in spam folder he didn't see it on time till like 2weeks later.
Abeg take it easy & stop been too negative. I have nothing to gain when I lie here. [b]

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Travel / Re: General-german-student-visa-enquiries Part 8 by nellystrong7(m): 8:52pm On May 02
[quote author=Fatalveli
For a student who has started studies online already, what should be the ideal new start date. I’m studying at university of Potsdam and I started on November 2nd 2020, however with no AD and appointment cancelled on the 1st of April, what do you advice I select as the new start date?[/quote]
[/b]The person in the screenshot below used JULY as resumption date & got AD last month. Interview for 13th MAY.
Many individuals are using October bcoz that is when most schools resume for Winter Semester but I don't think that's the best. For instance I re-booked on 1st Feb. and then used 7th June as resumption date, then I got AD on 8th Feb. and interview date was 5th March.
All am saying everybody shouldn't use October/March as resumption date when booking. U can decide to cancel & then re-book. Its a risk worth taking. If U decide to wait, then hope it plays out well also. There is no harm in cancelling & then re-booking. I wish who waiting AD best of lucks![b]

Travel / Re: General-german-student-visa-enquiries Part 8 by nellystrong7(m): 12:55pm On Apr 30
Visum just landed!
GOD be praised!


Travel / Re: General-german-student-visa-enquiries Part 8 by nellystrong7(m): 12:55pm On Apr 30

nice one. did he send an email to them after booking or he just booked?

Just booked.

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Travel / Re: General-german-student-visa-enquiries Part 8 by nellystrong7(m): 11:56am On Apr 30
A friend got AD (Appointment Date) for 13th May. Cat B, Currently in second semester at THD. Those who can't afford other routes because of financial reasons should remain hopeful. More dates will be out soon.


Travel / Re: General-german-student-visa-enquiries Part 8 by nellystrong7(m): 6:23pm On Apr 21
[/b]Amongst other services. Lolgrin grin grin grin grin.[b] If U have useful information, share it here. Guys make una shine una eyez oooo because of story that touch the heart.
Previously I was eager to try the Benin route for AD but after speaking with my uncle that have lived there for over 20years+ I changed my mind. He called a friend who is an agent that facilitates travel papers for people, who told him I can't be issued permit that would enable me to apply for interview as I am not a resident of Benin Republic. He went further to state that the process in getting resident permit is not easy & straight forward as I think.
Pls guys be mindful & careful because alot of wolf in sheep clothing are roaming seeking whom to swindle. Some persons here have dubious & wicked intentions. Coupled with the current economic reality in Nigeria, people are more desperate to make ends meet using any avenue, pls be guided! German waka no easy, don't fall victim & lose your money. Verify, verify & also verify from other source if U wish to try.

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Travel / Re: General-german-student-visa-enquiries Part 8 by nellystrong7(m): 12:51pm On Apr 21
The guy that didn't wait upto six(6)minths before applying for Interview travelled to Ukraine.
Travel / Re: General-german-student-visa-enquiries Part 8 by nellystrong7(m): 9:50am On Apr 21
First & most importantly get to the embassy earlier than your scheduled time for interview. Arrival time will be stamped on the print out on your AD mail.
Makes at least 2copies each of your documents. U can take along certificates not listed which U think can make a difference.
Mr Paulinus will tell U how to arrange your documents. If U didn't make upto 2copies per document, he will ask U to go & get it done outside which is very expensive.
After arrangement, U will be ushered into the hall where U will sign IN, and asked to sit & wait for your turn.
Don't go with any bag. If U do, U will be asked to find somewhere outside the embassy to keep it. There is a fair woman that helps stranded people with that but at a cost. I suggest U go along with a file or water proof envelop.
Like @Odogwu said, prepare well. They ask wide range of questions. Answer U give to a question would determine the next question that would emerge.
Study previous transcript of questions. They are very helpful. U may be given an exam at the end of the oral interview.
Very importantly make sure your Motivation letter or SOP(Statement Of Purpose) is brilliantly written. If possible ask someone to check it out for U. This is because your interview transcript along with your documents will head to the district where your school is located in Germany. So the Motivation letter or SOP will speak & articulate your points & clear any doubt about your application.
If your studies has started make sure U have an extension letter of presence with U. It is assumed U are to resume before matriculation. But if U are going for Winter 2021 U don't need extension letter.
Relax & prepare well. Don't be scared or anxious for nothing OK. U will succeed. There is light @ the end of the tunnel.

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Travel / Re: General-german-student-visa-enquiries Part 8 by nellystrong7(m): 8:17pm On Apr 11
Goodevening guyz, sorry I couldn't read & reply the messages some people sent to me bcoz I am not familarized with this platform. It says I can't read the message because I am not connected. How do I get connected on nairaland?
I wish to set the record straight here & now. What would be my gain to come here & lie about my VISA been approved? What will be my gain to give false testimony & hope? To doubt me is one thing but to come here & brand me liar & an agent of the embassy is annoying & sickening. This is my email address nellystrong007@gmail.com
I started German waka since 2019 & it was tough & difficult but I didn't give up till GOD answered my prayer this year. It got to a stage I almost gave up hope but my friend Ebuka Franklin in German gave me a thousand & one reason not to succumb. He stood by me encouraging & assisting me in every step I took.
That U have not been called doesn't mean that other people's testimony are false. Emman2903 & Co. Pls desist from your negative utterances, It will do U no good.
Respect people's opinion.
It will shock U guys that some individuals don't honour AD. On my own date we were only two. Others didn't come. Reasons best known to them.
2days after I re-booked in Feb. 2021, I sent a mail to the embassy stating that I have been offered admission & have funded BA requesting AD. I got a reply after 6days with AD.
Pls don't be discouraged becoz there is light @the end of the tunnel.
I didn't pay a dime to anyone to falicitate my AD or AM. Its courtesy of divine providence. GOD is forever faithful.
NB: Pls don't mind my grammar.
If U have further questions or enquiry feel free mail me. I am available & will gladly help. Thanks guys, do have a blissful evening.

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Travel / Re: General-german-student-visa-enquiries Part 8 by nellystrong7(m): 7:22pm On Apr 08
I am going for BSc.
My first booking was in Jan. 01, after 2week I re-booked & then cancelled again to re-book in Feb. 01 after my friend suggested I use May ending or June as resumption date.
I guess the mail I sent played a part too.
If U have funded, have your admission letter & have booked then U can write the embassy.

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Travel / Re: General-german-student-visa-enquiries Part 8 by nellystrong7(m): 6:18pm On Apr 08
Embassy email address: info@lago.diplo.de
Interview Questions.
1. Name of my school.
2. Location of my school.
3. Course of study.
4. Why did I choose the course.
5. What I know about Germany.
6. Countries that border Germany.
7. When did the first World War happen.
8. When was Berlin Wall erected.
9. Why did I choose to study in Germany.
I was given an exams on ICT. Which she marked immediately. What I realised was the answer U give to any question leads to the next.
I advice anybody going to prepare well. Some questions can throw U off balance. Also write a good Motivation letter or Statement of Purpose. Because after the interview your interview transcript & documents along side your motivation letter will be sent to State/District your school is located. The docx will be evaluated by the relevant bodies concerned before decision is taken.


Travel / Re: General-german-student-visa-enquiries Part 8 by nellystrong7(m): 4:46pm On Apr 08
Having gone through some of the latest comments gives cause for concern. I got date without giving anybody a dime. I didn't solicit any assistance to be given date. I booked trice before I got date. My last booking was on 1st Feb. 2021 before I got Appointment date a week later. I used June as resumption date. After my re booking on 1st Feb. 2021, I sent mail to the embassy stating I have admission letter & I have a funded blocked account. I attached the PDF files, I requested to be given date. By the grace of God it came 5days after the mail I sent.
On the day of interview, just two of us came. Me & one other lady. Others came for Goethe exams at the embassy becoz I had Goethe study centre was burnt down during endsars protest. The other persons came for Family reunion, Employment Visa.
Some persons for Long term visa didn't come becoz I heard Paulinus saying so. I was Cat. B.
Some comments here will weaken people resolve & zeal about German waka. Its not an easy walk. It's a tough journey but nothing is impossible.
My Friend Franklin Ebuka is my destiny helper. He is in German schooling at OTH Weiden. He stood by me & put me through till victory was achieved. Nairaland is great & has all the info to help actualize your dream.
Make out time to check other parts of this thread. You will find very useful informations. It's worth it, pls go through previous parts.
I will update U all as it progresses.


Travel / Re: General-german-student-visa-enquiries Part 8 by nellystrong7(m): 4:19pm On Apr 08
Guys Approval Mail has landed.
Got my Appointment Date on second week in Feb. 2021.
I had my Interview on first week of March,2021.
Cat. B
AM : 8th April, 2021.
God is indeed faithful.

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Travel / Re: General-german-student-visa-enquiries Part 8 by nellystrong7(m): 1:52pm On Apr 01
Good afternoon guys,
I’m applying for winter semester(Bsc)
And I’m supposed to go through uniassist for the 2 schools
I have questions as regards uniassist.
1.At what point am I supposed to pay uniassist,upload documents or send them documents?
2.although the 2 schools accept foreign applications through uniassist,but I can only find one when I searched through uniassist website for winter semester,
3.The other school that I was able to find in uniassist did not display courses.
4.Can I notarize and send a transcript addressed to somewhere else for uniassist because my school doesn’t release transcript to students .
Thanks in anticipation.
1. After U have signup(register with Uniassist) U are to uploads the soft copies of your documents in PDF or JPGE formats. Then search & select course of interest & school. Then make payment. They will then request your transcript of school record. Which I suppose U have gotten or sent by your school to Uniassist. Official copy of transcript takes longer to be processed and sent to Uniassist. So get a student's copy, notarize it & send it. Its also widely accepted. Don't worry about the "NOT FOR OFFICIAL USE" on the student's copy transcript. Once it's notarized by a notary public it can be used officially.
2. Its like May be the school doesn't have that particular course for Winter Semester.
3. Use Uniassist contact form to ask them why it's blank.
4. Your question is not clear. If U have a student's copy notarize it & then send to Uniassist through any reliable courier service.
I wish U all the Best!

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Travel / Re: General-german-student-visa-enquiries Part 8 by nellystrong7(m): 1:23pm On Apr 01
Who has booked appointment for winter this morning? It's like they've not cleared the previous summer bookings
How did U know it hasn't been cleared? Are U an I.T personnel of the consulate? Wait ooo, are U expecting them to bring out calendar so that U can choose date? Lol, don't worry U will be assigned date. Remain hopeful.
Travel / Re: General-german-student-visa-enquiries Part 8 by nellystrong7(m): 1:17pm On Apr 01
Please does this mean we ALL should not schedule our start date this semester again?

So Technically, there are saying we are booking for Winter Semester 2021.[/quote]
Your assertion is right. If you are booking for new date now use September or October as your resumption because Winter semester starts by October.
I wish U guys all the best.


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