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Webmasters / Re: Youtube Pay Is 20k Monthly by Observer20: 3:40am On Sep 21
It’s a remote work but you must reside in lagos for training purpose, you have a laptop, you work few hours daily.

Pay is 20k monthly

Contact me on telegram: @clergyman21

I.e https://t. me/clergyman21

Hello @bazooka4jesus I sent you a message but I could see your account on telegram.

Check out this channel:

Reach me on Watsapp

I don't reside in Lagos but I think we can make this work remotely
Art, Graphics & Video / Re: Video Editor’s Job by Observer20: 3:39am On Sep 21
I need the service of video editor to edit YouTube videos and comedy skits.

Contact me on telegram: @clergyman21

I.e https://t. me/clergyman21

Hello @bazooka4jesus I sent you a message but I could see your account on telegram.

Check out this channel:

Reach me on Watsapp
Celebrities / Re: Cubana Chief Priest , Osita Iheme , Chinedu Ikedieze On Set - Pictures by Observer20: 3:21pm On Sep 17
Family / Re: Come In, Don't Scroll Pass. by Observer20: 3:20pm On Sep 17


I'll create the group once interested persons have topped 10.

Thanks for taking this step my friend.

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Family / Re: Come In, Don't Scroll Pass. by Observer20: 2:29pm On Sep 17
Interesting thread, but you have not mentioned if you have treated yourself and recovered totally. Your write up is okay, and dosen't reflect someone who has any learning challenges. It's not too late to go back to school if you wish.

It's not something you totally free yourself from. And I also stated that I was just recently diagnosed of the ADD.

As for school, it's not something am interested in. The stuff is just affecting my career pursuit. I can't seem to focus on something.

One minute am there, the next day am somewhere else. I thought it was multiplicity of interest, but not until I was diagnosed.
Family / Come In, Don't Scroll Pass. by Observer20: 11:25am On Sep 17
I don't think this is the right section to post this but permit me admin.

I pretty much want to talk about the menace of mental health problems in our African homes, schools, and culture so you can just leave this page if it's not something of your interest. But I am sure you want regret reading through it.

Am going to be sharing my experiences with mental health problems since I was a kid and how you as someone who is struggling can help yourself or help those around you in the best possible way you can.

I was diagnosed with two very common mental health problems but I didn't know I had the second one until recently when I was close to taking my own life.

First was severe social anxiety disorder back in my first to last year in the university. In the university where one is supposed to be very social I was the type that would skip class and miss marks just to avoid social interactions.

Long story short It was so bad that my grades went from average to really bad. My mates could easily pick on me because they knew I could hardly retaliate. Suicidal thoughts and depression became the order of the day in my life.

I dropped out during my third year and my parents were pissed, I could explain anything to anyone so I just told my parents it was bad grades and I don't want to keep wasting their money.

I thought I dropped out because of the social anxiety struggles affecting my studies but the dots connected themselves only recently when I was diagnosed with ADD.

For those who don't know, it's attention deficit disorder. There is also the hyperactive type but am not really much hyperactive.

I got rid of my social anxiety struggles after much therapy ( but no drugs, because I couldn't afford them). The withdrawal effects are also bad so I just had to skip the drugs part.

I decided to go into business, and then into freelancing, and then back to into business too many interests in my brain. Yeah really confused!

I was struggling with everything I placed my hands on after school because i couldn't focus on something for long. Once I loose interest on something It's a no go area for me again.

I remember back then in school I would only study for an exam a night before the exam. Not because I was unserious but because I could only get myself to focus because of the pressure of taking the exams the next day.

There is no way you can read for an exam in a day and ace it, even if you are a genius.

I don't want to bore you with my long epistle, but where am heading to is that the issue of mental health issues in our African homes is something of great concern.

When a child has some form of mental health issue in Africa, they either cover it up with spirituality or say the child is immature. What if it's an adult?

I managed to get rid of my social anxiety struggles without drugs but by constant therapy. ADD is a whole new diagnosis and it has changed the course of my life. but you know what they say "we are never given anything we can't handle".

Am leaving room for people to also share their mental health struggles and how well they were able to or are still managing it.

Am also planning on organizing a group on Watsapp or telegram where we can share tips on how to help one another and those around us with our experiences and how we overcame.

Story was a bit long so I had to cut it short. Am not an English professor so make una no mind my possible mistakes.

P.S: I'll open a group once I see interested persons drop their contacts (at least 10).

We all have a duty to help one another.


Business / Re: How To Do Facebook Target Advert For Free (100% Real) by Observer20: 9:31pm On Aug 31
If you are here then I want to congratulate you, for being lucky to stumble upon this free strategy to build thousands of Targeted leads interested only in what you offer and how to do it exactly as running Facebook target ads for free with demographics and targeting.

Well I know lots of us will begin to think this is another s c a m not no no . Infact I am giving this video to you 100 percent free of charge, and not only that you will have access to other free digital business sales strategy videos, e.g like running Instagram ads, free Eccormerce website and so much more.. not only that you find deep videos offering the best teaching on life issues..

What do you need to do??

I will drop a link now , by which will lead you straight to you YouTube app, right direct to the video, because you will have the opportunity to download, comments for help or testimonial,Watch other videos and please reward me by SUBSCRIBING �

Check the below screenshots for testimonial and veiws of others that watched the video, this is not a fake.. and if you have any questions regarding Facebook and Instagram advert drop your comments, we as well run advert for business owners..

Click below to get it ☑️


The video is unavailable.
Investment / Re: Giveaway!!! Earn Income With No Stress by Observer20: 1:42pm On Aug 28
You don't need any capital, all you need is your mobile phone and data.

I just want to teach 100 people how to do this.....

Drop your WhatsApp details in the comment section.

And I'll message you right away

Art, Graphics & Video / Re: I Need A Video Editor by Observer20: 8:15pm On Aug 26

Ok. Where is your portfolio? Let me check it out.


That's just an explaner video, scroll down the channel and check.
Art, Graphics & Video / Re: I Need A Video Editor by Observer20: 5:47pm On Aug 26
Hi Guys,

I have a rough cut of a 1:15min clip I would like to edit. I need it to be better that the final cut done by a videographer. Who can help?
Reach me on watsapp I can do a good job, at a decent amount. You can also check out my portfolio.
Art, Graphics & Video / Re: I Need A Video Editor by Observer20: 5:43pm On Aug 26
Business / Re: Content Writing, Graphic Designing, Video Editing And Others by Observer20: 3:21pm On Aug 26
Hi everyone
Hope you had a great day
I'm into content writing, graphic designing, video editing , business plan writing and others and I do all this on Fiverr as a freelancer.
You can message me on my Whatsapp number -09020625007 if you have any job for me and you can also message me if you want to learn about freelancing ☺️☺️☺️☺️❤️
Have a great day

Only you
Business / Re: Free Work From Home Business Opportunities by Observer20: 7:41pm On Aug 21
Looking for a quick way to start earning 5$ per day? Drop your email in the comment section below for link. Is 100% sure.
Adverts / Re: My SECRET HIGH WINNING Betting Strategy by Observer20: 3:58pm On Aug 20
I'm going to create a telegram group for this. Only few people would be allowed into the group so this strategy will not be abused.
Boss what's the update regarding the group
Business / Re: Make Cool Dollars With Upwork Account by Observer20: 2:13pm On Aug 20

Of course, Yes! You can receive payments on it once you have earned. Payment can be sent to you through the following:
1. Payoneer
2. PayPal
3. Direct local bank (made possible by TransferWise)

Before receiving payment, you will input your bank details.

As for the skills, they are high tech skills in IT like machine Language, angular, app development etc.

Upwork accepts highly classed skills for creation and that was how these accounts were able to be created. As a result, you can change the skills to suit what you can offer.

Alright, drop your number so I can reach you when am ready
Business / Re: Make Cool Dollars With Upwork Account by Observer20: 1:40pm On Aug 20

It's just N2000.

Which one do you want?

Preexisting one or newly created one?
Newly created
Business / Re: Make Cool Dollars With Upwork Account by Observer20: 1:39pm On Aug 20

It's just N2000.

Which one do you want?

Preexisting one or newly created one?
Can I receive payments on them, and what skills are filled on them?
Business / Re: I Need A Laptop Of #20,000 To #30,000 Urgently!! by Observer20: 11:48am On Aug 20
You wan buy problem.
Just find extra 30k and then find a desktop computer. Any laptop below 50k na problem.
Business / Re: Make Cool Dollars With Upwork Account by Observer20: 11:47am On Aug 20
Do you need an Upwork Account with verified blue icon to make some cool Dollars online as a Freelancer?

I can sell created or new ones to you.

It's very affordable.

Whatsapp me: 081**34**19**87**95

How much?

Tok here
Investment / Re: The Psychology Of Money: Timeless Lessons On Wealth, Greed And Happiness by Observer20: 7:13am On Aug 20
Personal summary of “The Psychology of Money: Timeless Lessons on Wealth, Greed and Happiness” (Part 1)

I made a resolution to start reading books again recently (I leaned more on online articles in the last year). ‘The Psychology of Money: Timeless Lessons on Wealth, Greed and Happiness’ is the second book I have read since I made that resolution.

I finished the book approximately two weeks ago and decided to summarise the book in my own words for two reasons. Firstly, in order to challenge my brain to recall the various principles I learnt so that they stick better. You know it’s possible to read a book and a few months down the line, you realise you can barely recall anything from it. Secondly, some of us might not be able to read the book for various reasons, so a summary is a good way to get a hang of the book and learn from it as well.

Before I proceed with the summary, I have to give a big shout out to the author, Morgan Housel. Though he seems a bit traditional with some of his investment choices, the principles he dished out in the book are timeless and can apply to various areas of our lives; not necessarily our finances alone.

I will be summarising the book chapter by chapter. Although the book has twenty chapters, the last two are the author’s summary and personal confessions. I will hence, be focusing on the first eighteen. This summary will be split into two parts of nine chapters each. This article will cover the first nine chapters. The summary of each chapter will be short. It is key to remember that they are mostly in my own words, after reading the book just once.

Chapter 1 (No One’s Crazy):
People do crazy things with money, but no one is crazy. As at the time an individual took that financial decision that seems crazy to you, it made perfect sense to them. We all face different circumstances that make what we do with our money seem like the most rational thing in the world.

For example, poor people tend to spend a larger percentage of their income on lottery tickets as opposed to rich people, which leads to them losing a good portion of their already meagre income. That’s crazy, but it makes sense to a poor person who views lottery as their best bet to making a large amount of money in the shortest time possible.

Chapter 2 (Luck & Risk):
A good portion of success is influenced by luck (or grace like I call it) and a good portion of failure is influenced by risk (you can think of it as ill luck). The world is a very complex place, where a lot of things happen outside your control, so it’s impossible for you to be solely responsible for how you end up.

This can help you develop empathy for yourself and others when things don’t turn out very well. It can also give you some level of humility knowing that the success you have is not down to you entirely.

I particularly liked how the author analysed how the odds of Bill Gates being in a high school that was gifted a computer in the 1960s played a huge role in how he turned out. His high school was one of the very few that had a computer in the U.S at the time, let alone in the world. Without that early exposure to computers, the Bill Gates we know today might have never been.

Chapter 3 (Never Enough):
It’s not wise to use what you have and need to try and get what you don’t have and don’t need. You need to keep your ego and your greed in check so that you don’t take on unnecessary financial risk that can lead to your ruin. If you always jump on every money making avenue that comes your way, you might not last very long in the game.

A valid reason why many people always feel that they don’t have enough is because they keep comparing themselves to others. For instance, investment bankers on Wall Street who earn a million dollars every year (which is way more than what most people on the planet earn), might feel like they are poor when they compare themselves to those around them raking in a billion dollars annually.

To be fair, there will always be someone who is richer than you, so recognize when you have enough at a particular time and be content.

Chapter 4 (Confounding Compounding):
Compound Interest should be the eighth wonder of the world. Due to the way our brains work, it is very easy to underestimate the power of exponentiality. Most assets tend to rise significantly over time, so if you are patient enough to hold onto your investments for a long period of time and let compound interest do its thing, the results would be mind blowing.

The author gave an example of how Warren Buffet made most of his money after he turned 65. He held onto his investment for decades (through the recessions and economic turmoil), and it wasn’t until later that the compound interest started to really show. Mastery of time and Patience are virtues that should never be underestimated in investing.

Chapter 5 (Getting Wealthy vs Staying Wealthy):
Getting wealthy is hard, but staying wealthy is where the real difficulty lies. After attaining wealth, it’s easy to feel invincible and............................................

You can read the full article here:


Thanks man.

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Investment / Re: Make Money With FIF GLOBAL RESOURCES Today by Observer20: 6:46pm On Aug 19
Bloody scammer, how can u handle peoples investments when the website is not secure and the business not registered......

Payment received for the month of August. It's a legit platform my friend.
Adverts / Re: My SECRET HIGH WINNING Betting Strategy by Observer20: 3:22pm On Aug 19

It happens but with my strategy, losses is very minimal.

How do you manage losses, I hope you will also teach us.
Adverts / Re: My SECRET HIGH WINNING Betting Strategy by Observer20: 11:54am On Aug 19
Let's go straight to the point. Though research and practice, I've developed a betting strategy with high wining rate.

See results below in the attachment screenshot.

This strategy can easily bank at least 5k daily.

If you do this 5 days a week, that's
5000 x 5 = #25000

And in a month, that would be #100k

Free and easy money.

Who's interested in learning this strategy?
Sports / Re: Under 4.5 Treble 1.3 Odds Daily by Observer20: 11:05am On Aug 17
Let's start under 4.5 investment or rollover of 1.3 odds treble.

I think this is safe.

Should I go on?

Still don't know how it works, explain better please.
Investment / Re: Make Money With FIF GLOBAL RESOURCES Today by Observer20: 5:24am On Aug 17
Bloody scammer, how can u handle peoples investments when the website is not secure and the business not registered......

You will just open your mouth waaa-
Business / Re: Verified Binance Account With Balance For Sale by Observer20: 8:10am On Aug 16
How much
Business / Re: URGENT 2k Daily Working Method - August 2021 by Observer20: 9:27am On Aug 15
This method is still working as at the time of writing this post and it's LEGIT.

Make 2k-5k daily with your smartphone within 10minutes following simple steps.

Send a message on WhatsApp===> 0-8-1-8-7-1-9-1-0-9-3 to get started.

You WON'T SPEND any Money!!!

Please be ready to spare 10minutes of your time before reaching out.
Number not on watsapp
Business / Re: PASM-1: The New Side Hustle No One Is Telling You About. by Observer20: 7:35am On Aug 14

To gain access to this exclusive blueprint drop your email or
Whatsapp number below and it will be delivered to your inbox.

Gems Noah.


Thanks In advance
Investment / Re: 100% No - Loss Soccer Strategy by Observer20: 1:04pm On Aug 13
Adverts / Re: Ask How: You Too Can Buy 1gig Data For 250 by Observer20: 6:10pm On Aug 11
Amazing portal where you can buy 1gig data for as low as N250.

Stop buying data from data resellers at inflated prices. You too can become a data reseller!

Buy cheap data and airtime with your mobile phone or laptop, stop buying from banks. Banks will still charge you for SMS alert for every transaction

Leave your emails in the comment section so i can send you the link

All you have to do is register, fund your account and start buying data at cheaper rate
Send the link here please- bousinesylvernus00@gmail.com
Investment / Re: Make Over 2,000 Dollars Monthly In Nigeria Using Advantage Plays. by Observer20: 11:11am On Aug 11
Good day friends,I'm about to introduce you to something that could be what you been waiting for to help you in your financial needs.
Have you ever thought of a means to make extra income as a Nigerian student to help you with your fees or even make you independent?.Have you lost too much money to fraudsters or gambling companies while in search of money? Have you ever thought of an alternative to your strenuous paltry paying job?.Are you searching for an easy way to make money enough to get you comfortable in life?.If yes, then this information is for you.
This is not a Ponzi scheme, neither is this any of those fraudulent schemes you see here and there.This information is completely legal, genuine and practicable.
With what we call advantage plays, you can generate enough money to pay your debts,build your own house,train yourself in school and assist you with most financial projects as a Nigerian.
What is advantage plays:This refers to legal methods used to beat bookmakers and casinos based on the mathematical edge rather than counting on luck/chance.
In other words we make money through betting without gambling.
Now,the idea of betting is usually frowned upon by most people due to the perceived unprofitablility in it.While this is true for the ordinary gamblers(the house edge ensures you loose in the long run),the advantage gamblers are always profitable.
You might be wondering whether this risk free and calculated way of making money is true and practicable.Well,the answer is Yes.
By employing these advantage plays,I have managed to been generating over 100dollars a day with little effort.You too can.
The methods I have employed ranges from the easy to the sophisticated.
The include
1.Matched betting
2.Arbitrage betting
3.Value betting
4.Profitable sports trading.
The first two methods (matched betting and arbitrage betting)are risk-free.You can generate over ₦7,000 naira risk free money every day from this methods(I'll teach you).
The third and fourth methods though not totally risk free can generate enormous profit for you in the long run;this with minimal risk.
Matched betting and arbitrage betting:You might have heard of this words before but might have been unaware of what they are or how you could generate enough money from them. As a Nigeria you wouldn't find it easy making enough income from this methods by just reading random articles you see on the internet.The reason being that most of those articles or guides are not suitable to you as a Nigerian.However,you have a very good news as a Nigerian.
Having been in the system for some time now,I have gotten enough information to help you circumvent this country restrictions and make you generate as much profit as you would.(I'll teach you).
Value betting and sports tradings:As this methods are not totally risk free, you would require an expert guide to help you make good profits from them.
Luckily for you,I can help you achieve this.
Having over 10 advanced softwares for this and a sound knowledge of this methods,I can guide you to making as much profit as I do everyday.
I'll open a WhatsApp group for the teaching of these to interested and qualified persons.

Who is qualified:The following people only are expected to join the group.
Those that have
1.A means of identification for KYC(international passport or driving licence). However,if you have the temporary NIN,you could still be able to use it.(I'll guide you on what to do)
2.At least 130dollars(approximately₦60,000) as capital.Note:you can't loose this money,as we would begin with the risk free methods till you gain enough capital to advance.
3.A good phone with good internet connection.
4.Daily spare time of at least 2 hours .

Your dream is ready to be achieved.Stop living in hardship, loosing money to fraudsters, betting companies.
Make your own money daily

The teaching would be practical,I would give out the daily instructions and guides in the group while you execute them.In this case you are in control of your funds while learning the process of making a handsome income to make you comfortable.

Interested persons should register their interest below.
This offer would be closed when the group gets filled up.

Have a nice day friends

I'm Victor

Interested (09029128610).

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