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Education / Register Ielts Exam With Ogadtec Limited With Free Mock Test. by OgadTech(m): 3:18pm On Mar 24
Register your IELTS EXAM with us at OGADTEC LIMITED and get a FREE MOCK TEST with detailed explanation of the modules. We are a registered company based in Akure, Ondo state.

For more details about our services:
Call/Whatsapp: 08166189144 or 09038163306

Business / Ielts Center In Akure, Ondo State. by OgadTech(m): 10:42am On Feb 08
Do you want to have 7.5band and above in your IELTS then Ogadtec Limited is your plug. We have the best hands here for the training.
We offer both physical and online classes. Our physical training center is at Akure, Ondo State.

Whatsapp/Call: +234 816 618 9144
Address: Block CLH Onyearugbulem Industrial park, Akure. Ondo State.

Business / CCTV Installation In Akure, Ondo. Nigeria by OgadTech(m): 9:40pm On Jul 11, 2022
We provide CCTV INSTALLATION AND MAINTENANCE SERVICES. You can monitor your Home and Businesses anywhere in the world.
For more details: Call/WhatsApp: 08166189144.
Website: www.ogadweb.com/cctv-installation

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Business / Solar Inverter Installation System In Akure, Ondo State. Nigeria by OgadTech(m): 2:28pm On Jul 11, 2022
Do you know you can get uninterrupted power supply in your home, offices and businesses without depending on NEPA and Generator.
Take the advantage of solar-inverter system to achieve steady power supply. OgadTech is your plug for solar and inverter projects in Akure, Ondo State. Nigeria.
For more details: Call/Whatsapp OgadTech: +234 816 618 9144
Website: www.ogadweb.com/ogad-solar

Webmasters / Setting Up Two-factor Authentication Security For Facebook Business Page by OgadTech(m): 2:39pm On Mar 19, 2021
The following are the steps you need to take to set-up two factor authentications for facebook business page.

Step 1: Login into your facebook business account page using the link facebook.com/adsmanager
Step 2: After login Go to BUSINESS SETTINGS
Step 3: Scroll down and choose REQURE FOR EVERYONE.
Step 4: To turn off two-factor authentication; choose NOT REQUIRED.
Step 5: Download Google Authenticator from GOOGLE PLAY STORE to scan the backcode
Step 6: Scan the code and re-enter your PASSWORD

Go through the above steps and get back to us if you have any problem authenticating your facebook business page.
For your WEBSITE DESIGN, DIGITAL MARKETING, GRAPHIC DESIGN: For our PRICES Contact/whatsapp: 08166189144 or Vsit us at Futa South Gate, Akure. Ondo State.
Oduwaye Aaron
Team Lead (OgadTech Solution)

Webmasters / Website Design And Development Training by OgadTech(m): 2:35pm On Jan 14, 2021
As it is the start of a new year, one thing common to us all is making a new year goal. There are so many goals we want to achieve ranging from businesses, topping the class in your academics to acquiring a new skill.

No matter what you do, the skill you have will always open up connections for you. In Nigeria, the best skill you can have right now is a technological skill like web design, graphics, digital marketing and so on.

Which is what we at Ogadweb Nigeria do, we teach you to become a professional in web services. We teach skills in website design and development, graphic design and digital marketing. You’ll learn how to use HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and many more web tools. You’ll learn how to create logos, flyers, banners using amazing design tools like adobe. You’ll also learn how to boost your business with digital marketing using ads, SEO, SEM and lots of it.

Make the first step that’ll change your life, contact us at: 08166189144

Location: Capricorn Junction, Futa South Gate. Akure. Ondo State

For more info, visit our website at www.ogadweb.com

Adelusi Christianah
(Training Administrator and Web Developer)
Ogadweb Nigeria

Science/Technology / Top Affordable And Cheapest Website Designer In Nigeria by OgadTech(m): 3:50am On Dec 15, 2020
At Ogadweb Nigeria, We design an affordable and cheapest website with full functional features that will help you to promote your business and engage your clients. Our designs are responsive

Contact/Whatsapp: 08166189144
website: www.ogadweb.com

Science/Technology / Advantages Of Solar-inverter System To Generator In Nigeria by OgadTech(m): 10:00pm On Dec 08, 2020
This is one of the questions that people keep asking which is a better backup system for electricity between solar-inverter system and generator. Ogad Technological Team Lead has come up with some list of advantages why solar-inverter system is a great backup system for electricity against generator. From my research and years of experience using both generator and solar-inverter system i have come to this conclusion on which system is safer, better, reliable, maintenance free and noise free.

However, installing solar-inverter system might be expensive but it worth installing compare to buying a generator that requires a regular fuelling with the increase in fuel. The following are the listed advantages of installing a solar-inverter system to buying a generator.

1.Solar-Inverter Systems are Safer to Generator
Solar-inverter systems are safer and reliable to use and maintained than generator for backup. When using a generator in house where we have children you will be so careful of where you put your fuel and you can even ask the children to keep away from the generator but it is not for Solar-inverter system. The system is clean and reliable to use. In a country like Nigeria where our fuel price is not stable, you keep spending more on petrol/diesel or storing fuel in your apartment because of scarcity which is very dangerous because fuels are highly flammable. Solar-Inverter system those not require any fuelling. Inverters produce no fumes but generator emits fumes that are dangerous for the health of an individual and also the environment.

2.Solar-Inverters System have Low Cost Maintenance
Relative to generator, Solar-inverter system is easy to run. Most, if not all generator requires monthly maintenance compare to solar-inverter systems. The cost of professional repairs, regular fuelling and maintenance makes the usage of a generator very expensive. Solar-inverter system requires no fuelling. After the installation it is as good as you using it for as long as it will last you. From research i had discovered that solar-inverter system is one of the cleanest sources of energy we have on earth.

3.Solar-Inverter Systems are always Silent
I have this neighbour which usually constitute nuisance in the neighbourhood with his generator before he eventually subscribed to our renewable energy system, it is very aggravating whenever he switches on the generation which causes noise pollution in the environment. That is he’s little way of notifying his neighbours that he is around. Generators are noisy when turned on and it can be very annoying especially when you have neighbour that has no regard for people. Solar-inverter on the other hand produces almost no noise.

4.Inverters are turn on automatically when Grid/Power is cut.
Ogad Technological Solutions are one of the top affordable solar-inverter systems in Nigeria and we have installed different type of inverter for different clients across the country. Inverter systems are designed in a way that it is meant to come up automatically when the grid/power went off. This is a prove of an uninterrupted power supply in which generator does not have such ability; you have to switch them on manually before your power/light can be restore.

From the above listed advantages of solar-inverter system to generator, you can agree with me that solar inverter is a must have every individual especially those who reside in Nigeria. Kindly contact us or whatsapp us for your affordable solar-inverter installation anywhere in Nigeria.

Contact/Whatsapp: +2348166189144
Website: www.ogadweb.com/ogad-solar
Written By
Oduwaye Aaron (Team Lead)
Ogad Technological Solutions

Science/Technology / Get Affordable Solar-inverter Installations And Power Audit-08166189144 by OgadTech(m): 7:44pm On Dec 08, 2020
For your Solar-inverter Installations and Power Audit.
Call/whatsapp: 08166189144
visit our website at Ogadweb.com/ogad-solar

We make Renewable Do-able at Ogad Technological Solutions.

Science/Technology / Getting Employed As A Web Application Developer - 08166189144 by OgadTech(m): 2:06pm On Dec 04, 2020
Simply put, a Web Application Developer is a person who majors in the design and implementation of online applications or networks. They can also be called software engineers. A web developer can choose to work for an organization, or work as a freelancer.

There was a time when the prerequisite for being a web app developer was having a degree in relevant courses like Computer Science, Information and Communication Technology, etc. But with the current trend of digitalization, having these degrees do not necessarily count as a requirement for taking the developer career path. With developer bootcamps and online tutors now available, all that is needed is the mind of a problem solver and the desire to learn. To people, being a web developer is a complex thing. But for a person who loves to challenge himself (or herself, seeing as the profession isn’t gender sensitive), it is a ground full of opportunities.

For your Affordable and Cheapest Website Call/Whatsapp Ogadweb - +2348166189144

Being a web developer is a highly paying job which gives room for constant self-development and also gives a flexible work schedule. There are different methodologies of getting the work done in the tech world. The most important thing is to master whichever one a developer has chosen. Some choose to do the code, and some others choose to operate using the Content Management System. There are some of us who are a lovely mix.

Getting employed as a web developer is a major concern, but it is important to know that Organizations hiring developers are particularly more interested in the skills than the degrees, though the degrees with the appropriate skills can be a great plus. Whichever way, Computer Science degree or not, as long as the individual stays in control of the situation by constantly updating himself with the newest technologies and methodologies, getting a job as a freelance developer or a standard contract with an organization is never a difficult thing as a web developer.

Website Developer (Ogadweb Nigeria)

Science/Technology / Cheapest And Affordable Website Designing Company In Nigeria - 08166189144 by OgadTech(m): 10:59pm On Nov 30, 2020
Ogadweb - Cheapest and Affordable Website Designing Company in Nigeria.

At Ogadweb, our designs are responsive and sophisticated with latest features. We design according to your demand.

Our website designs also feature a free search engine optimisation, that will help your site to rank organically without a paid ads.

We design responsively.....

Visit our website: www.ogadweb.com
Call/Whatsapp: 08166189144
#websitedesign #digitalMarketing #branding #creativedesign #affordablewebsitedesigninNigeria #NigeriaBusiness #promotingbrands #coding #solarinverterinstallation #Cctvinstallation #training #Akurebusiness
Science/Technology / Affordable Website Designing Company In Nigeria by OgadTech(m): 9:55pm On Nov 30, 2020
Get a fully functional responsive website with standard features to perform your business operation at an affordable price. With our team of expert we have developed and designed functional website for different brands around the world.
Visit our website: www.ogadweb.com
Call/Whatsapp: 08166189144

Webmasters / Affordable Website Designing by OgadTech(m): 1:56pm On Nov 23, 2020
For your professional website design and digital Marketing. Contact/whatsapp: 08166189144 or visit our site: www.ogadweb.com.
Science/Technology / Materials Needed For Solar-inverter Installations: Making Renewable Do-able. by OgadTech(m): 11:33am On Nov 20, 2020
This article will list all the materials needed to get your solar-inverter systems installed using one of our clients installation as a case study.

We are at Mr. Adetayo’s house in Akure, Ondo State installing 5kva inverter system powered by Gennex with 13 solar- panels each of 300watts adding up to be 1.9kilowats power. The system was designed to power everything in his house including 1 horse power inverter AC, a freezer, washing machine, 4 television sets and bulbs.

The following are the materials needed for the installation:

5kva Inverter
13Solar Panels
16mm DC cable
6mm or 4mm cable (2core)(red and black)
5mm cable (green and yellow)
Seal Tape
Strew (bolts and Nuts)
Clip Washer
Cable tie
Tornado Nails
Cable Lock (16mm)
Spiral Pipe
DC Breaker (125Amps)
Breaker Housing
Changeover Breaker (63amps)
Battery Rack
Top Dividers
During the installation the top dividers was first laid on the roof to prevent a direct contact of the solar panel to the roof. Then the solar panel are been put on the top divider as shown in the pictures below.

You can get all this materials from us at Ogad Technological Solutions.

For you solar-inverter system installations and power audit in Nigeria you can contact Ogad Technological Solutions where we Make Renewable Energy Do-able and Affordable.

Call/Whatsapp: +2348166189144.

Website: www.ogadweb.com/ogad-solar

Webmasters / Plugins For Wordpress Website by OgadTech(m): 5:42pm On Aug 28, 2020
Building a website had been a technical task in the years past, but with the help of content management system such as wordpress, building a website has become flexible. Among content management system platforms, wordpress is one of the best that can be used to design any kind of website succesfully.
Wordpress has over 100 millions active installs and it is flexible to use, therefore you can design a website without having to write or learn any codes.

However, wordpress is an architecture that website sits on, we actually need some plugin that would add functionality to our wordpress website.


PLUGINS are simply tools or page builders that are used to design our wordpress website. Plugins adds value and functionality to our wordpress website. There are thousands of plugins that can be used in designing a website, the plugin that will be used in designing a website is determined by the nature of what you want to achieve. Below are some major plugins that can be used in designing a wordpress website.


ELEMENTOR: Elementor plugin is an easy to use drag and drop page builder, which enables you to create almost any website that you can possibly think of. Elementor is completely free and it has over 2 million active installs. There are various elements in elementor e.g, inner section, slider, contact form, progress bar, testimonial etc.
With elementor you can actually create any design of your choice, it also has a pro version which carries more functions and elements.

CLASSIC EDITOR: This is another amazing plugin that adds more functions to our wordpress backend for easy editing, it makes the text editor classical.

CONTACT FORM 7: This plugin is used to design the contact us page, it is an important page builder in designing a website.

UNDER CONSTRUCTION: This is a plugin that is used to hide a work in progress on our wordpress website, it displays a page that shows a description that the website is still under construction.

HT MEGA: This is another wonderful elementor addon plugin that adds more value to our wordpress website, it is mostly amazing when designing blog posts, it provides different already made templates that can be use to design website with ease.

Above listed plugins are important to build a successful website. For your best affordable website in Nigeria visit Ogadweb Nigeria.

Lead Website Designer (Ogadweb Nigeria)

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Webmasters / How To Backup Your Website Using Wpvivid Backup Plugin by OgadTech(m): 1:53am On Apr 07, 2020
Backing up your website is very important after a long work designing and developing a website for yourself or for a client, to make sure that the website remain intact and it is essential that this should be done automatically. With a contant backup of your site you will be able to stay focus and put your attention on how to grow your business and not the security of your website. In this article, I will be introducing you to a plugin called WPvivid Backup.

WPvivid Backup is a wordpress backup plugin that is hundred percent free. It is easy to use; with just a click you can backup your website in a second. It also comes with one-click restoration. With the help of the plugin you can easily move your website from one hosting to another and also you can easily clone a site, all in just a click.

The plugin has been optimised to work with any hosting. One of the reason why I recommend this plugin to you is that, it provides you to backup your website data to cloud storage providers such as Google Drive, Digital Ocean Spaces. Amazon, FTP, Microsoft OneDrive and so on.
WPvivid Backup helps you to move your wordpress website from dev environment to a live server or from one server to another or from a hosting to another hosting. The plugin also give the function of downloading your website to your system and save it somewhere save.

FEATURES OF WPvivid Plugin
• Backup and Restore
• Schdule
• Auto-Migration
• Remote Storage
• Settings
• Debug
• Logs
• Key
• Premium
• MainWP

I recommend you take a regular backup of your website; the following are the reasons for my recommendation due to my experience as a website designer.

• Update can go wrong: Themes and plugin require regular updates and some time this might go wrong and cause your website to break.
• You could miss a Payment: Maybe you forget to renew your website and this could lead to removing your website from your hosing company.
• Getting Hacked
• Things just happen: Random errors can come and make your website to crash or break. So it is a good idea to backup your website.

Go through the plugin and feel free work with it. For more info on the plugin visit: https://wpvivid.com/

For more detail on website design and development in Nigeria contact Ogadweb Nigeria ( Cheapest and Affordable Website in Nigeria).
https://ogadweb.com or Call/Whatsapp: 08166189144
Aaron Ogad (Team Lead)
Ogadweb Nigeria.
Webmasters / 32 Free Digital Assets To Design An Amazing Website. by OgadTech(m): 2:02pm On Mar 23, 2020
Website design can be amazing with the right tools whether you are working on a personal project or for a client. Some of these assets come with a price while some of them are free.
Here in Ogadweb Nigeria ( Cheapest and Affordable Website Designing Company in Nigeria), we have come together to put a list of different website URL that can be helpful for you to design that professional website you have been dreaming of.
Feel free to contact us https://ogadweb.com/ or call: 08166189144 for any details.
• Icons8.com
• Flaticon.com
• Feathericons.com
• Iconicons.com
• Iconfinder.com
• Buttonoptimizer.com
• Dabuttonfactory.com
• Pixabay.com
• Pngtree.com
• Freepik.com
• Unsplash.com
• Pexerls.com
• Fotolia.com
• Vectorstock.com
• Animista.net
• Animate.css
• Cssanimation.io
• Remove.bg
• Clippingmagic.com
• Gradientbuttons.colorion.co
• Cssgradient.io
• Cssmatic.com
• Duotone.shapefactory.co
• Getwaves.io
• Gallery.manypixels.co
• Undraw.co
• Smartmockups.com
• Artboard.studio
• Adazing.com/cover-mocks-mobiile
• Placeit.net
• Qqtube.com
• Tinypng.com

Contact Address:
Lagos Branch: 2, Kazeem Alolade Street, Gemade Estate. Egbeda Bus top. Egbeda. Lagos. Nigeria
Ondo Branch: Capricorn Junction, Apatapiti Phase 2, Futa South Gate, Ondo State. Nigeria
Webmasters / Five Plugins For Website Design by OgadTech(m): 3:24am On Mar 19, 2020
In this article I will be taking you through different types of plugin use for designing a website. Website has been made so easy that with the help of plugin you can change the functionality of your theme.

And I promise you after you go through this write up, you will be making use of atleast two of the plugins.

Let’s Get Started!

1. Elementor: This is a live page builder with no limited design. With elementor you can design your website just like the way you want it to be. It is a drag and drop page builder with instant page load. With elementor, you edit a page and simultaneous you can see how the design look like. It is one of the best page builder when it comes to wordpress. It is easy to use with it unique feature that can assist you to create that certain design touch. For more detail visit https://elementor.com

2.Contact Form 7: This is a multiple contact form that helps you to manage and collect contact from your site visitors. It easily editable, that is, you can customise the form and the mail content. The latest version of the plugin as at the time of this write up is contact form 75.1.7.

The following plugin are recommended for contact form users:

For more details on contact form 7 Click HERE.

3. WooCommerce: This is an open source plugin for wordpress website. It help to customise your ecommerce store. It is a plugin that helps to turn your website into an ecommerce website just with the process of integration. For more detail https://wordpress.org/plugins/woocommerce/

4. Yoast SEO: One of the best plugin I love using is the Yoast SEO plugin because it will assist you in optimising your wordpress website. It is the most perfect wordpress SEO plugin. It helps in the optimisation of your content. Its major work is to optimise your website. As at the time of this writeup the latest version of the plugin is 13.1. https://wordpress.org/plugins/wordpress-seo/

5. Accesspress Social Share: This is an easy free wordpress plugin that help anyone to share content such as Posts, Pages, Media, on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin). The plugin helps to increase social reach. This plugin also comes with free update. https://wordpress.org/plugins/accesspress-social-share/

With the help of the above plugin you can design a functional website either for personal use or for company use. For more details on how to design website in Nigeria contact Ogadweb Nigeria on 08166189144 or Visit our website www.ogadweb.com for more details.

Best Regards

Aaron Ogad ( Team Lead )

Webmasters / Making Thousands Of Naira By Learning How To Design And Customise A Website by OgadTech(m): 12:58pm On Mar 13, 2020
Are you unemployed, looking for a job ? Here is an opportunity for you.
Are you looking for a way to start making money online from the comfort of your home by knowing how to design a website?
Are you looking for one of the best resources to start designing and creating a website without the knowledge of coding? Here is an opportunity for you.
Website design is one of the powerful tools in promoting a business in this century and millions of business owners are really subscribing to web design. Many companies need a website designer or want to have a website to promote what they do.
Get thousands of business owner attracted to you by getting to know a digital skill today. Create a huge opportunity for yourself in this country of unemployment.
In this two days intensive training we are going to be talking on how to design and customise a website without coding.
During this training the following are what we are going to be looking at:
• How to Find and Register a Domain Name
• Choosing the Best Web Hosting Company
• How to Install Wordpress
• Installing a Template to Change your Site Design
• Creating Pages in Wordpress
• Designing your Wordpress Website with Elementor ( Using free version and Elementor pro )
• Building Website with more features
• How to Get Stock Images
• How to make money with your web design skill

After this training you will be awarded a Certificate.
For more details please call 08166189144 or whatsapp 08179753170.
Address: 30, Ifelodu Street, Off Military zone, Idimu road. Ejigbo. Lagos State
Best Regards
Ogad Technological Solutions
Aaron Ogad ( Team Lead )

Webmasters / Great Email Marketing Strategy by OgadTech(m): 11:59am On Mar 01, 2020
A great email marketing strategy is going to have a lot of different component. When preparing for your email marketing the following are what you need to put in mind.
1. Pre-send Message: The pre-send message is very important because this will determine whether the recipient is interested in what you are promoting or not. Whenever you are sending your mail the following questions should boil in mind;
• what is the content you want to put in your marketing email?
• What is the message you are trying to send to the end users?
• What brand are you trying to promote?
• Do you have a logo you want to incorporate inside the content or a static image?
• Do you have an idea how frequent you want to be sending the message to the end user?
• Are you going to be bringing in coupons or things that will be compiling to the end users?
• Are you aware when people click and open the email and next thing to do?
The above questions are what you need to find an answer to in order to have a strategy that works. Strategy is very important but it is better to define your strategy and understand your strategy; from this point you can now start making decisions.
2. The second phase of your strategy is everything that happens after your pre-send message. So when you click send and let assumed you have an email list of 400 people and you click on send and the mail has gone to different email provider such as Gmail, yahoo mail, hotmail and all the major ISP provider; you want to know once you have sent the mail that it will get to their mail inbox. So you don’t have to be so technical before you understand the rules behind it. They are some basic rules that will guide you on that; so that the email will get into their inbox. For more details contact Ogadweb Nigeria or Call Aaron: 08166189144
3. Avoiding Email going into the Spam: If you are putting in spam content or sending email that has nothing to do with your business or putting subject that are very spamming. A lot of bad things can happen for doing something like that, so to avoid that you need to grow your mail listing by collecting email addresses from people you have personal relationship with or getting their email by signing up for it from you website.
For you website design and development, email marketing services, social media marketing, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Google adwords, and digital training courses contact Ogadweb Nigeria (Affordable and Cheapest Website Company in Nigeria).

Webmasters / Dos And Don’ts Of Email Marketing by OgadTech(m): 8:50pm On Feb 27, 2020
A lot of business owner faces different challenges when it comes to promoting their business through email marketing but in this article we are going to be talking or discussing about the Do’s and Don’ts of email marketing.

Small business owners know the business the best, they understand the passion behind it, they understand the products, and they have built a foundation for their business throughout their working experience. So, has they set for email marketing, you allow them to understand the rudiment behind email marketing before setting the mail to the end users (Customers). What you as a business owner need to do is to have the clue on the processes involved in setting up your email marking.

Know How to Get the Emails Address from Prospective Clients: Knowing how to get your email address is one of the main techniques you need to have. Some business owners can get their email address from client through conversation or from their website. Website is a great tool for email marketing; it helps to get your email addresses and it also aids relationship with clients who want your services. On your website, you will need to have a place where people can easily subscribe for a newsletter or signup with an email address.
Set-Up an Expectation: You can take the chance to set an expectation of what they are going to receive from you. Maybe, they are signing up for a news-letter and when they will be receiving it, once or twice in a week or month. And you might wants to collect their first name and last name, and the reason for that is to have a clear strategy of what is going into your email office.

Once you have collected their mail address, ideally the next thing to do is to make sure you are doing what is called OPTIN or DOUBLE-OPTIN.

DOUBLE-OPTIN means you have received the email addresses and you are going to send a secondary email and they have to open the email for confirmation. This will help to eradicate spam behaviour.

For your email marketing, contact ogadweb Nigeria ( Nigeria Cheapest and Affordable Website designer Company)

Aaron Ogad (Team Lead)

Best Regards

Webmasters / How To Design Website Step By Step Without Coding by OgadTech(m): 3:04am On Feb 07, 2020
Designing a website in Nigeria can be tedious especially when you are not tech; with this awareness we decided to take a tutorial on step by step on how to design a website without coding in Nigeria. However, if you need our expert team to help you with your website design at a cheap and affordable price

The following are the preview of what you need to setup your wordpress website from start to the end.
 Register a Domain Name
 How to install worpress
 Choosing and Installing a Template to Change your site’s Design
 Creation of Pages in Wordpress
 Customization of Pages in Wordpress
 Taking it ahead, building websites with more features with the help of plugins

Before moving ahead, lets get the answer to the following questions.
• What do I need to design a website?
The following are the key things you need to design a wordpress site
a) A domain name
b) A hosting i.e wordpress hosting
c) One hour of undivided attention
• How much does designing a website cost in Nigeria?
The answer to the above question depends on what type of website you are trying to design and this also depends on individual company since website designing in Nigeria does not have association.
In this tutorial I will recommend you start small and add more feactures to your website as your business blossom.
After getting your domain name and hosting then you need to install your wordpress for you to login into your wordpress website. You can login into the wordpress website using the admin username and password you entered earlier in the Cpanel.

For more detail on this you can contact Ogadweb on 08166189144 or whatsapp 08179753170.
→ Click Here to Get Your Cheap and Affordable price Website Setup! -> www.ogadweb.com

Best Regards
Aaron Ogad ( Team Lead)
Webmasters / Website Designer In Nigeria by OgadTech(m): 9:41pm On Feb 04, 2020
There are hundreds of website designer in Nigeria. Website designing in Nigeria has been made easy that getting a website for your business or personal profile is just to Google website designer in Nigeria or Website Company in Nigeria and with the help of the search engine, you will see hundreds of website designer in Nigeria. Having hundred of website showing up in the search engine but the question is what company should I pick for my design and that is where description comes into place.

For your website designer in Nigeria call Ogadweb on 08166189144 or whatsapp us 08179753170 for your cheapest and affordable website plan.
Best Regards
Aaron Ogad
Webmasters / Getting A Website Design That Promote Your Business. 0 by OgadTech(m): 1:13am On Feb 02, 2020
Website design has been a way of helping people to promote their goods and services. Allow people all over the world to access what you do even at your own local area i.e while at your location. Getting a desire website that will promote your services is one of the problems we now face in our society. We now have different website company coming up from everywhere, however with little or no skills to pilot your business to the right direct. Getting cheapest website designer company in Nigeria that will ogad your services or promote your business with cheap and affordable price, Ogadweb Nigeria has always being in that path of promoting brands locally and internationally.

Affordability has been the key word of this brand with an amazing team to help in bringing the dream to realisation. Website should be cheap and affordable for business to strife online at every point in time and that is why Ogadweb Nigeria has been tag as the cheapest and affordable website designer company in Nigeria. Gone are those days where people have to save a lot of money to get an office space or move from a place to another to tell people what they do at every point in time, online presence has solve 80% of that i.e reducing people stress through online shop like eCommerce or by creating a drop shipping website or drop servicing site. For more details about creating your eCommerce website at a cheap and affordable rate contact Ogadweb Nigeria (No 1. Affordable Website Company in Nigeria) for your professional website.

From research we have found out that most website are built without content and the right graphic design to start with. Our team of expatriate in their respective fields will serve you with an excellent services at a very cheap and affordable website and graphic design price. At Ogadweb Nigeria Nigeria ( No 1. Affordable Website Company in Nigeria) for your professional website.) we try has much as possible to make our client comfortable with our cheap and affordable prices. For more details on prices of our designs call 08166189144 or Whatsapp 08179753170.

Ogadweb Nigeria (No1. Affordable Website Company in Nigeria).
Aaron Ogad ( Team Lead ).
Webmasters / Re: Get Affordable Website At 20k by OgadTech(m): 12:46am On Feb 02, 2020
This depends on the package you want sir. You can call us on 08166189144 or whatsapp: 08179753170 or visit our website for future details.
Aaron Ogad.
Webmasters / Design A Professional Website For 20k. New Year Promo by OgadTech(m): 3:03pm On Jan 22, 2020
Design a Professional Website for 20k. New Year Prom sad.
Contact: 08166189144

Webmasters / Get Affordable Website At 20k by OgadTech(m): 12:24am On Jan 22, 2020
Get a functional business website within24hours. www.ogadweb.com. Contact: 08166189144.

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