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Politics / Re: INEC To Davido: We Don’t Have To Issue Certificate Of Return Within 48hrs by ogunfrayo: 8:36pm On Jul 19, 2022
If nah APC win d election, Dem go don present the certificate sharp sharp. Try nonsense permutations and see vawulence 001. Ori yin maa to buru fun yin (Inec). Wait I dey come make I go call Sunday igboho. Lol.


Culture / Re: Anti Snake Venom by ogunfrayo: 11:20pm On Mar 29, 2022
[Pls I can give you free samples to use for any snake or scorpion bites, as well as someone that eats poison. I have a range of traditionally prepared herbal remedies for some ailments and diseases, but I need a link to be known to exhibit these. Anyone with genuine intention can chat me up on my WhatsApp line and we move from there. NB:
I am giving the anti snake bite out for free just to proof it's effectiveness. May God help us all, amen.quote author=wealthtrak post=111422132]
This would be nice if it works.
Does your product have a minimum expiry date?

Plantain trees are said to attract
snakes and many folks have been
bitten in the bathroom while easing themselves or on the farms and later died due to a lack of snake
specie-specific anti-venom.

There have been calls for the
government or investors in Nigeria to go into anti-venom vaccine production but non exists yet from my investigations.

You can take advantage of this
shortage of anti-venom vaccines
to let your anti-venom herbs be known through the social media
(i.e., WhatsApp marketing, IG,
Facebook, Twitter), the agriculture
and health sections of NLand, and the various agric associations in Nigeria.

All the best.

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Culture / Ibile by ogunfrayo: 1:44pm On Nov 21, 2021
If u have properties or anything belonging to u that u don't want anyone to collect it from u nor cheat u on it, kindly chat me up on WhatsApp : 08108458712. I have some spiritual steps that are available for such.
Culture / Asina Ririse/ Eyonu by ogunfrayo: 11:44pm On Oct 29, 2021
This is to inform us all that I have soaps and powders that cleanses the body spiritually from all sorts of spiritual problems.
If you are wondering why things are still backward for you despite all your efforts spiritually, you can chat with me and try our lies as some will call or or still superstition. Many things are happening in the spiritual realm and don't just seat and be looking. To every problem there is more than a thousand and one solutions, so put away the shame or that u are too religious and thus harming yourself and killing the glory God has attached to you. Remember without action, there will be no solution. Chat with me on Whatsapp via: 08108458712 and God will use me for your breakthrough. We also can make findings on your behalf on issues and situations that seems not cleared to u and you need facts about. Have a lovely weekend.
Health / Re: Pile (homorrhoids) Is Dealing With Me, Please Help by ogunfrayo: 8:58pm On Oct 26, 2021
If u don't mind, I have locally made herbs for it. You can add me up on WhatsApp via: 08108458712. I have both d powder and d liquid.
Culture / Eyonu Todaju by ogunfrayo: 2:26pm On Aug 24, 2021
If things are not going on as expected for you and you are in spiritual bondages, this is for u. We have some traditional soaps and powder for people experiencing these above mentioned at affordable prices. You can WhatsApp us today and let God use us to set u free from all sorts of spiritual battles and the likes.
Health / Herbal Blood Tonic by ogunfrayo: 6:22am On May 05, 2021
This is to inform you all that we have liquid herbal blood tonic, which works as supplements for the body, purifies the blood and also works as immune booster. This herbal blood tonic is very effective. We have different sizes and prices. Kindly contact us today on WhatsApp on : 08108458712 to order for yours at a very affordable prices. We deliver Nation wide.

Health / Herbal Blood Tonic by ogunfrayo: 5:51am On May 05, 2021
This is to inform you all that we have liquid herbal blood tonic, which works as supplements for the body, purifies the blood and also works as immune booster. This herbal blood tonic is very effective. We have different sizes and prices. Kindly contact us today on WhatsApp on : 08108458712 to order for yours at a very affordable prices. We deliver Nation wide.

Health / Dizziness by ogunfrayo: 6:50pm On Apr 16, 2021
If u are having constant dizziness or tiredness from within and u don't mind herbal treatment, kindly chat me up on : 08108458712. For more information, don't hesitate to get to me and ask questions on this.
Culture / Findings About Life /situation by ogunfrayo: 8:06am On Apr 09, 2021
Do you want to know what's going on with your life or situation? Do you have something you want to make findings about so as not to make a wrong decision or go the other direction? Do you want to know about things going on with your life and how to find solutions to what you are faced with presently? You want to be sure the person you want to marry is the right choice for you and the future of both parties? With our traditional knowledge of getting to know facts about life and situations, with the help of IFA. You have nothing to worry about nor have sleepless nights over that situation which is posing itself as a threat to you and your life entirely. With just a token amount, we will help you make findings on anything you want to know about. For further details, chat me up on whatsapp via : 08108458712.
Culture / Ose Itusile Lowo Gbogbo Idiwo Aiye/asina by ogunfrayo: 11:13pm On Apr 08, 2021
Eyi ni lati sofunwa pe a ni akanse ose asina ti yio mu Gbogbo Owo kowo tabi idiwo aiye kuro ni ara eniti ona baa di Mo.Ose yi je eyiti koni se pelu esin tabi eya, Sugbon ose Yi wa fun eniti Gbogbo ona ba di mo ti oun Gbogbo si Da bi wipe Kosi ona abayo mo. Ilana aiye gedegbe ni ose Yi, ti ko si ni ipalara tabi ewu kankan. Pelu agbara Olorun eledumare, ti enikeni tona ba ri di mo ba ti nlo ose Yi, ona Irorun pelu ona abayo yio si maa si fun irufe eni be, ti gbogbo ona ti otidi yio si LA, ti eni bee yio ni ilosi iwaju ati ifonkanbale Lori Gbogbo adawole ti aanu yio si dide lotun losing, ti gbogbo ore yio maa waa irufe enibe ri. Ele kan si wa Lori whatsapp wa ni: 08108458712, fun alaye ni kikun pelu ibeere. A o ni ri ija ati ibinu aiye o, asewa. Ona Gbogbo wa yio si laa lagbara lowo Olorun, asewaa.
Culture / Iwe Odo ( River Bath) by ogunfrayo: 6:33pm On Feb 25, 2021
For those that have are faced with difficulties e.g curse, stagnancy, blockages, seeking job, travelling to another country, cobwebs etc. I recommend this spiritual river bath with seven(7) sponges for u. This soap works faster and pave ways and open d eyes of those that will help u and removes stagnancy in human's life. If u can try out this soap, by the special Grace of Almighty God, you will laugh at d end and all d difficulties faced will turn to glory and there shall be breakthrough. You can chat me up on my whatsapp line: 08108458712. Or send me a mail to : ogunfrayo@yahoo.com for more enquiries or info. Ewenje.

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Health / Re: Please Help Me Out,i Want To Know If My Problem Is Spiritual Or Medical by ogunfrayo: 12:20am On Feb 18, 2021
Chat me up on whatsapp as soon as possible. A possible solution is around d corner for u without collecting a dime from u. 08108458712
Culture / Isora Öwò Todaju by ogunfrayo: 12:02am On Feb 18, 2021
Don't say because you are a Christian or Muslim that you will now because of that refused to protect yourself from unforeseen circumstances especially at this period when there is killings everywhere in d country. This is d only life we've got, no one has an extra life, after u are gone u are gone and no coming back. Either u are rich, wealthy or middle class, the beauty of life is to be lived and live long. Although, only God can guarantee that and only Him has the decision on long life. But there are ways by which our forefathers who once lived on this planet earth and that's why you hear some many people living a particular place and after they left the place, evil happens or it has happened before they got there. Pls my people, let's value this life we have now and let's ensure we secure it to the fullest and in whatever way we can. We have some traditionally prepared safety pops which is guaranteed and by God's grace, when u are with this particular stuff, no evil will befall us. Ogbon Atinuda Awon Baba wa todaju( òwo todaju).
You can chat me up on my whatsapp line for more details : 08108458712. Aboru Aboye o.
Culture / Bibo Asiri Kiakia Todaju by ogunfrayo: 11:39pm On Feb 17, 2021
This is for those who have one or two bills to pay in less than 14 days. Or for those who have ceremonies or party to do and you have no hope but in God, this bibo asiri is for you and it has no repercussion(s). This is what our forefathers use to do when they have an urgent bills to foot. It is called bibo asiri, and by His Grace after using this bibo asiri , in one way or the other, there will be a way for you to pay that bills which you are hopeless about. This particular one am talking about is of two types:
1. Aseje
2. Ebu( black powder)
The two is advisable to use respectively so as to see quick action of them in few days.
The first one will be prepared in cooking for, while the other one comes in black powder which will be used with alcohol( schnapps) or hot pap.
I can bet on these twos as they are well confirmed and have been tested guaranteed.
Note that this is very effective and works perfectly and it will bail you out of series of complaints of no cash to do one thing or cater for something at when needed. For enquiries and questioning, you can chat me up on whatsapp on : 08108458712. Ewenje Ogun wa bi tatijo.
Culture / Eti( Postponement) by ogunfrayo: 11:01pm On Feb 12, 2021
If you have a property that u want to start a construction on but u have been noticing a postponement on it for a long time or what the yorubas call " ETI". ETI is a form of postponing what's needed to be done. It is another way by which some people uses to purnish others or due to greed or covetousness. This is mostly done by those who are into landed properties, especially the so called omo onile. I could remember a client of mine who had a property which he intended to start building on but he keeps postponing it not until after 8 years that he came around to tell me he wanted to sell the land. I started by asking why he wanted to sell the land and he told me he has been on the land issues since he bought the land, his mind has not been there to have a structure on it, or whenever he decided to go get some materials and put on the site for work to start, one thing or d other will cause delay. So, that reasons he gave me for him to sell it, but I thought of something and thanks to Almighty Eledumare who made me tell him to allow me consult IFA on the property. But to our surprise, the land has on it suggests and buried what we know as 'ETI', so when this was revealed, I told him and I ask him not to panic. We went to d land together and after few days we went back and by this time I had prepared some things to wet the land and so on. Thanks to God Almighty for using me and IFA as a point of contact for the man not to sell the land which he has been able to build and resides in it till date. ETI was buried on his land by the omo onile so that when he is unable to build house on the land, they( omo onile) can take it back from him and resell to another person. My people if u are faced with such difficulty or something similar, kindly chat me up on whatsapp and let's work on breaking the curse( ETI) that is placed or buried on the land. Chat me on whatsapp on : 08108458712 or email me on : ogunfrayo@yahoo.com.
Culture / Agadagodo ( Padlock) Todaju by ogunfrayo: 10:38pm On Feb 12, 2021
It is no longer a new thing under this earth that there are some mysterious powder combining several root and some other stuffs together to have a desired result. Here in Yoruba land, there is what our forefathers called agadagodo ( padlock) and this padlock can be use for various purposes e.g if a person has a case to answer anywhere in the world, if prepared accordingly and say what needed to be said to it and..., then that is where such case will be buried. Also, if we don't want a particular event to happen, we can use this padlock to lock it. There are padlocks which can be used to lock rain just for us to know the extent at which we are blessed here in Yoruba land. Some do even go as far as sending someone away without wanting such person to come back. But we all know there are two sides to a coin. This life is filled with both positivity and negativity. But this particular padlock and talking about, some wives uses it to lock their husbands and such husbands dance to d time of their wives. But there are better things which we can make do with these particular padlock. These padlock is so powerful and effective to the extent that it takes those that knows how to go about it the mind not to do evil and that's we must have conscience in whatever we do. For enquiries on this padlock and other information, you can chat me up on whatsapp on : 08108458712. With God All things Are Possible. Happy weekend.
Culture / Aseje Asina Todaju by ogunfrayo: 7:36pm On Feb 12, 2021
Evening my good people, I hope we had a great day at work? We have some locally prepared concortion soup( Aseje) that works like magic. The function of this soup is to allow individual that eat it get favor from far and near, pave way and be relieved. You can whatsapp us today on : 08108458712 for more details. Happy weekend.
Culture / Re: Anti Snake Venom by ogunfrayo: 10:34pm On Feb 08, 2021
That's why we need to have the so-called anti venom readily available in our various homes in case of emergency. We don't need to wait for such occurrence before we get ourselves treated and rescue, because snake bites and scorpions are faster in penetration than we thought. It may happen to even neighbors and we may be of help to such. All the same, God will be with us all.

Do you think someone who is Miles from Hospital would not use what is available to Survive?

I prefer just eating bitter Kola for both Snake and Scorpion bite though

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Health / Anti Snake/ Scorpion Venom by ogunfrayo: 9:30pm On Feb 08, 2021
Hi everyone in the house. I just want to let you all know that we now have locally prepared anti Snake venom, as well as that of scorpion and other bite or attack by highly venomous creatures. It's available @ affordable prices and delivery available nationwide. Email me on : ogunfrayo@yahoo.com or WhatsApp me on : 08108458712.
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Culture / Re: Anti Snake Venom by ogunfrayo: 9:24pm On Feb 08, 2021
It is still available.
Is this still available?
Culture / Re: Ori Tuulu (migraine) by ogunfrayo: 3:53pm On Feb 08, 2021
Noted. That will be worked on. Regards.
Put English translation alongside yoruba in all your ads cause some non yoruba understanding people will be your customers too.

Good luck
Culture / Ori Tuulu (migraine) by ogunfrayo: 11:03pm On Feb 07, 2021
Opolopo eniyan ni won dojuko ipenija efori Gbogbo Igba, eleyi ti atunle pe ni ori fifo tuulu. Ori fifo tuulu je orisi kan ninu Eya efori, ti osi je wipe opolopo awon eniyan ti won ni ipenija efori yi ni won ti gbiyanju lopolopo lati ri wipe won ja ajabo ninu efori yi ti won si ti nawo ati ara Sugbon pabo ni Gbogbo igbiyanju won nja si. Ti e ba ni igbagbo ninu lilo nkan ibile, Olorun afi asere si ise yi ti orififo yii yio si di igbagbo. A ni Ipara ti afi mo ra ogangan ibi ti ori yi ti nfowa pelu agbo re ti a o fi wee danu. E be wa soro Lori whatsapp number :08108458712 fun alaye lekunrere and ibeere.
Culture / Ipara Fun Egungun /awoka & Arariro by ogunfrayo: 10:45pm On Feb 07, 2021
Fun eniti egungun ba nro tabi ti nkan ba rin kaakiri ara re, tabi Awoka inu egungun ati ki ara maa roni. A ni Ipara ibile ti oje akanse fun onirunru aisan inu eegun tabi oun ti a le pe ni Awoka tabi lagun lagun pelu ara riro. Ipara yi dara pupo ti yio si je ki ara riro yii tabi Awoka inu egungun Yi dawoduro. Ti ara ban wu tabi ti eyikeyi eya ara banroni, e dan Ipara atude Yi wo ki e si ri wipe ewenje. Ipara Yi koni ewo tabi nkankan ti o lodi si esin tabi igbagbo wa. E le nawa Soro lori whatsapp waa ni: 08108458712. E tun le pe wa fun alaye tabi ibeere. Ilera Loro.
Culture / Re: Osole Nla Todaju by ogunfrayo: 4:14am On Feb 06, 2021
Eledumare yio ko wo inu awon odo orilede yi
ati awon Odaju tiwon pe arawon ni babalawo. Sugbon ki gbogbo eniyan ni itelorun ati opolopo suuru, nitori wipe bintin laye.

Okay, kosi wahala oluwa yo ma wa pelu yin. E jhur e ma bawa so fun awon onishegun ati babalawo to ku ki won jawo ninu ogun owo shishe fun awon odo orile-ede naijeria.
Culture / Re: Osole Nla Todaju by ogunfrayo: 1:45pm On Feb 04, 2021
Emi o mo Osole toni Eya ara eniyan ninu o. Emi o de daruko ogun Owo rara. Lilo Eya ara eniyan lodi si ofin ijoba. Ewe ati egbo ni mo nsoro nipa re. IMO lo jantirere ni.
Culture / Osole Nla Todaju by ogunfrayo: 7:33am On Feb 04, 2021
Osole je ogun ti ona fi Nla fun eniyan. Ti eniyan ba ri Osole toto Osole to tona Darin, Gbogbo nkan yio dabi igba wipe oluwa re Mose ju awon yoku lo. Nitori wipe, Gbogbo nkan ni yio ma dara, Owo yio maa wole fun ni ni Gbogbo ona ti ao si ma gbe nkan mere mere se bi ilekiko, moto Rira, opolopo ona ni yio sii. Sugbon Orisirisi ni Osole, nitori wipe tako-tabo ni ile aiye, bee naa ni Osole. Osole tutu wa,oso ako naa si wa pelu. Osole ti emi nsoro nipa re Yi je eleyi ti koni ipalara kankan, beeni Kosi ni ewu tabi alebu kankan. Osole Yi sise pupo tosi daju. Eleyi yato si ogun Owo gedegbe. Sugbon Osole Yi naa wo ni ati se re. Fun alaye ati ibeere, e le kan simi Lori whatsapp number mi : 08108458712 tabi email address mi : ogunfrayo@yahoo.com.
Ewe nje Ogun todaju si wa bi ti Atijo.
Culture / Afose Ati Olugbohun Todaju by ogunfrayo: 2:50am On Jan 26, 2021
Yoruba ni wa, eledumare si se eda awon nkan agbara fun wa lopolopo ara e ni: ofe, aluwo, isuju, ayeta, akaaba, agadagodo, epe tabi afose, olugbohun. Orisirisi agbara ni eledua fi jinki wa gegebe eniyan dudu, sugbon olaju ati esin (religion) ni ko jeki opolopo kobi ara si awon nkan wonyi. Awon nkan Miran wa ti awon babanla wa igbani fin se isora ati kikoyo ninu ewu eyikeyi. Oseni laanu wipe opo ni o mo wipe ogun sise tabi ewe ati egbo kodi esin lowo rara. Fun apeere, awon baba wa ni Igba aiye won, won ma nlo olugbohun tabi epe todaju nigba ti ogun tabi ipenija bapoju. Oyinbo ti e tiwa so aye dero yato si Igba ti oju dudu. Ti aba Fe gba ise, tabi gbadura tabi pa ase lori oun ti afe kotete tewalowo, a le lo olugbohun tabi afose lati gbadura fun Ohun ti abafe ti yio si ri bee lesekese. Opolopo asiri wonyi ni opolopo pastor tabi woli nlo lode oni fun agbara ti Kosi han si elomiran ju ara won lo. Abalajo ti Ori oke se po jantirere ti onikaluku si so ori oke won ni Orisirisi Oruko. Anikeni ti oba nilo Afose todaju tabi olugbohun gidi, e le kan simi lori whatsapp number mi(08108458712). Mole ko yin tabi kin bayin se ti e lo ma lo. Sugbon ama bura pelu ogun wipe e ko ni fi se ika tabi ba ti elomiran je, ati Owo sise re. Eseun lopolopo

Health / Findings ( IFA) by ogunfrayo: 8:06am On Jan 23, 2021
Many people are there down with one ailment or the other and have been treated severally, but the situation seems the same. I was at a teaching hospital to check on a friend who was admitted. On getting there, I wasn't allowed to enter because I was without my nose mask. So I decided to stay around the premises, few minutes later, I sighted some kids selling nose mask and bought one just to make sure I was allowed to see that friend of mine. After, I went in to check how he as feeling. After five minutes, that I have been having discussion with my friend, I noticed he was admitted to be treated for a long time wound which he has been carrying around for a long time. So during our discussion, I told him to let's try out herbal remedy which I knew he will never accept and this is because he always tell me he is a devoted Christian. This has been his response everytime I suggest traditional remedy, but will always turn me down. Although, he knows that I can have the wound healing within a sort period of time, but just for the fact that he is considering what people will say of him " me a whole Christian using ewe ati egbo" God forbid. This has always been his response. But I was surprised during our discussion in d hospital that he has to call on the doctor in charge, that sir(doctor), the man here is that my friend I told you about that is into traditional herbal medicine and natural findings. So I was invited to the doctor's hospital and we had a lengthy discussion on my friend's issue and some other personal matter. The doctor asked me if am sure I could get the wound healed because they have done everything within their capacity, but it just frustrating and more reason why they have admitted my friend to keep cleaning it and applying some pain relief injections. Well, I told the doctor " With God all things are possible ". No knowledge except God gives. We made an arrangement for my Friend to be discharged cos he was talk to by the doctor and myself since he trusted me and knows me and we are family friends too. After 2 months and five days of my traditional herbal treatment, my friend can stand up on his feet and walk and the wound healed totally. But before then, after a month of treatment, we notice that a particular night around 11pm or thereabouts, my friend was on the mat relaxing or almost sleeping, he cried out from his sleep and I rushed there to check on him, he was in severe pain and was sweating profusely, after ten minutes, myself I was surprised to see what was coming out of his leg... Aiye le o, used rags and some broken bottles, Jesus. That was what my friend shouted, how come all these in my legs? Question I can't even answer. But we bless the name of Almighty God, He has proven Himself and totally recovered through the powder of herbs and traditional treatment. Oluwaseun. Pls don't kill yourself all in the name of religion, it has nothing to do with doing things necessary at when needed.
For enquiries, you can whatsapp me on : 08108458712. And for herbal remedies to ailments and diseases, consult and IFA priest, breakthrough and other related issues.
With God All Things Are Possible.
Culture / Re: Ewes And Akose by ogunfrayo: 8:31pm On Jan 22, 2021
What exactly do u want to know about ewes?
You can chat me up and let me put u through some stuffs.
First of all, it is a pleasure to be in this very interesting forum. The information I am looking for is about the prayers of the ewes, the medicines or akose that can be performed with them and everything related to incantations with ewes. To anyone who can guide me where to find This material would be of great help.Aboru aboye abosise
Culture / Ebe Awon Agba Todaju by ogunfrayo: 12:55pm On Jan 22, 2021
If you are passing through difficult time and you have done all within your capacity and all effort for you to break through proved abortive. We have some traditionally prepared Ebe that will take away all bad signs in your body or any spiritual stigma, signs glued to ur name which is making things not working as planned. If you are a typical Yoruba person, you will understand me better. You can contact me today on whatsapp via : 08108458712 for explanations, questioning and enquiries and other spiritual related issues. You can get yours at a very affordable price.
N. B:
This Ebe Awon Agba has nothing religious attached to it and neither does it have any repercussions. It just to help you break through from all spiritual problems and wipe away all evil signs and symptoms on your name and ways to open for you.

Culture / Re: Findings About Life by ogunfrayo: 9:43pm On Jan 16, 2021
You just think you can type anyhow here? Do I ask you to patronize me or ask you for money?
Think before you type.
Another hungry native doctor

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