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Business / Re: Youtube Income Stream With These 10 Youtube Course Selling For Just N4900 by oshioke2012: 9:04pm On Oct 15, 2023
Nairaland please explain to me, what did I do wrong to make you ban me while posting content on this thread. I really don't understand this website anymore
Business / Re: Youtube Income Stream With These 10 Youtube Course Selling For Just N4900 by oshioke2012: 8:17am On Oct 12, 2023

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Business / Re: Youtube Income Stream With These 10 Youtube Course Selling For Just N4900 by oshioke2012: 8:15am On Oct 12, 2023

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Business / Re: Youtube Income Stream With These 10 Youtube Course Selling For Just N4900 by oshioke2012: 8:13am On Oct 12, 2023

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Business / Youtube Income Stream With These 10 Youtube Course Selling For Just N4900 by oshioke2012: 8:11am On Oct 12, 2023
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Business / Re: Affiliate marketing! Let's Make Some Money This New Month by oshioke2012: 10:23pm On Jul 07, 2022
Hello everyone on nairaland today. Remember guys, today we're going to discuss something about affiliate marketing. Remember, always remember, always, always remember that whenever you are charged money to be a part of an Affiliate Marketing System or to have access to sell digital products, please run away from this system.

I can guarantee you that there are whole loads of other network of other offers you can promote or you're going to make lots of money. I'd say once again run away from any affiliate network that is going to charge you money to register or to have offer, to give you offers that you can promote.

Okay, and then the most prominent one that comes to mind when I made this reference is the one that we all know here in Nigeria, and I can't really mention the name or I can't really put the name here because Nairaland does not allow posts containing this very website or this very affiliate network. Maybe because it actually falls on the line of what nairaland do not allow.

I don't know per se I can't really my finger on it. But I just see that when nairaland takes out a particular word from its websites, not allowed words, just know that the very word actually has something wrong with it like it's no really 100% legit. I am not saying this company is not 100% legit.

I have done a video review on it before and I'm planning a follow up on a video review of this very website and I gotta tell you for a fact that yes, in all honesty it’s really not worth what you should put your money to register or even buy the entire course because this very website actually sells and I will not advise any single person anywhere, anytime, any world to go for any of these course because at the end of the day from what I have discovered, if you go for this very cause you will end up looking for a way to sell these course to other people.

Now you're not going to become an expert and go onto a website like Click(bank_ or digi)store_24 To become a guru in affiliate marketing. I'm telling you for a fact that it’s not going to work that way. Okay. Now, what you’ll end up doing when you get on this platform, you get this particular course called 72_iG. You spend most of your time on the same platform trying to resell that course the again. It’s like a loop. Yeah, like a loop that doesn't end like every other person you sell the course to is going to get in the network and try to sell the cause because it's the most enticing and most convincing thing on the entire platform. So in the end, the same owners of the platform who will charge you money to register on the platform are the ones who own this course and in the end is just a loop for you to make more money for the owners. And then make just some of your percentage.

So when you buy the course to join the platform, you get to sell and make more commission from the course but when you join the platform directly you get a far less commission than when you join through the course you understand, so now check it out. It's not building you up for you to go out there and make your own research and become a guru and affiliate market and in fact as a matter of fact, this is just centered upon the platform so this is actually not the best way to do affiliate marketing.

I am a freelance I'm a freelance reviewer, I don't get paid to review anything. I will tell you for free that affiliate marketing has a lot, a whole lot, a whole lot of potential for you. Now affiliate marketing still got people thinking that it has to do it you getting attached to a certain networks or having to promote products from Click)ban_k or I need to promote products from Digi)store_24 or JVee_Zoo or what have you… or being on CP_A (cost per action).

Whatever you want to do but there is something about this whole thing, you don't even need all this stuff because almost every single website out there offer affiliate marketing, almost I say almost like 70% to 80% of business platform out there Like Jumia, Konga etc, these are indigenous Nigerian websites. We can go outside Nigeria, we can go to hosting companies website, we can go outside to email service companies etc.
Okay, so I'm thinking that there are even more companies out there that will let you get a commission when you bring someone to make business with them.

This is just affiliate marketing for you, just bring people to do business with us and you get a commission simple. You don't have to be attached to any network and this I can tell you that ex_pert_-naire platform will charge you money to give you this information does not actually teach you all these or even give you access to these numerous online programs, it does not actually give you anything that you're going to hold and say yes I am learning, I am getting better.

Now if you go on one of these affiliate networks like click+_bank and jvee_zoo, already the big ones, you discover that there is this page you get for each product, you get all the details, it's called affiliate page where you get resources that will help you market the products.
They give you a page like that, they give you information on the product, they give you email swipes, they give you a lot of information that you can use to get better at selling each product you come across. but in the case of this very Nigerian platform ex-p)ert_naire+ where you get to pay money to register, you don't get these benefits at all, like you literally don't. The only page you get to see is incentives, benefits when you make a certain amount of sales and all that. Yeah, sometimes they give you banners, banner ads for you to post on your Google ads and Facebook ads.

But the point is you don't need to pay money for you to be an affiliate, or join any affiliate program in the long run. If you pay money on this very platform trust me you're not going to make any money if you don't sell a particular course that very 72.I_G+ course.

I don't know it’s very funny that the entire platform is just set up to sell a course just one course, any other course that comes on that platform is just a waste of time because you're not going to get traction to your ads, the owner of the platform, the course belongs to the owner of the platform, then they centralize everything on the platform to sell that course you understand. So you are really losing in the long run because you're paying money to get it because you're going to stick your head in there and competing against like 20,000 people. That's it 20,000 and I don't know how many people are on the platform already.
A new means of making affiliate marketing but starting with this very naija platform is a big zero you don't even have to go there at all. You're not going to get it. Yeah, and unfortunately a lot of people went through that.

Yeah, someone like me when I was starting out I went through that so painful for me, to it was difficult for me to find my feet back on track again and put myself where I'm supposed to be. I'm into a vast majority of online business, I mean a whole lot of online business now. It's not easy If you go through these events and waste a whole lot of resources, trying to find your feet while you go through this entire useless platform. So once again, I'll say stay away totally stay away from this dangerous platform that's going to charge you money to get on board.

Don't even buy the course or buy anything from there, don't promote anything. Just go online, Google affiliate network that pays highest online, just google. I can bet you you're not going to see this Nigerian platform anywhere, you're going to see a whole lot of interesting platform that have good cookies. Now we're going to discuss cookies later so a whole lot of platform that have good cookies that you're going to benefit from. So we're going to leave this class today at this point.
Am expecting the e-workers of that platform to come at me but am super ready for them.
Politics / Re: Killing In The Name Of Biafra! By Fredrick Nwabufo by oshioke2012: 6:29pm On Feb 21, 2022
Politics / Re: Tinubu: People Now Volunteering To Confront Me, Lion Of Bourdilon by oshioke2012: 6:24pm On Feb 21, 2022
Sports / Re: Falcons Star Plumptre Up For English WSL Player Of The Month Award by oshioke2012: 6:05pm On Feb 21, 2022
Romance / Re: Make money with online hustle by oshioke2012: 10:31pm On Jan 07, 2021
porn is still illegal in Nigeria according to the nigerian constitution it is a criminal offense to make or distribute pornographic content


If only!
Romance / Re: Make money with online hustle by oshioke2012: 10:30pm On Jan 07, 2021
If they demolish your house now, you will be talking like kini

Romance / Re: Make money with online hustle by oshioke2012: 8:06pm On Jan 07, 2021
What exactly is the point of this thread?

And I thought you're a dstv personnel?

Not anymore...
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Romance / Make money with online hustle by oshioke2012: 8:04pm On Jan 07, 2021
Are you ready

DM if interested. Pay is very good...

Location Lagos state

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Phones / Re: The Nokia Thread: 1.4 , 4.2, 5.1 Plus, 5.3, 6.1 Plus, 7.1, 7.2, 7 Plus , 8.3 etc by oshioke2012: 6:26am On Feb 15, 2019

Computer village.
It's not like everyone lives in Lagos boss

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Celebrities / Re: Valentine's Day: Nigerian Man Grabs Topless Lady's Breasts (photo) by oshioke2012: 12:17pm On Feb 14, 2019
Lemme come and be going before this people change my mood

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