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Career / Re: How I Was Wrongly Accused Of Rape And Got Sacked by overall90: 9:26am On Jan 18
This to me sounds like a set up and the guy fall yakata
the boss wanted to sack you without having to pay the usual three months in lieu or whatever your contract stipulates.

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Politics / Re: Anthony Okolie Sues Hanan Buhari, DSS, Over SIM Card, Demands N500 Million by overall90: 3:43pm On Jan 14

Your stupidity is so glaring.

Thank your star it's a faceless forum.

I thank God for the patience and grace some of you are blessed with to be engaging some of these idiotas.how can someone start believing his own speculations and conjectures as though they are facts?
I want to believe that the only reason these mofos are defending these indefensibles is that it is an employment for them and they are getting paid for it otherwise karma will visit all them one by one.

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Politics / Re: Why Anthony Okolie Was Arrested By DSS For Using Hanan Buhari’s Line by overall90: 2:22pm On Jan 13

Aren't you the foolish one here..A line stays more than 2 years of inactivity before it's repossessed.
I wonder the acquaintance that will stay two years without calling his or her fellow acquaintance..If you're not foolish also you would have asked why he was set free since he defrauded people with the line..You can't certainly have brain and be a Buhari supporter.

Una get time to argue with Buhari supporters.
not only was the guy released.his phone with the offending sim card was also handed over to him.
people should not worry because his lawyers will be sueing in a few days time.
Politics / Re: Ritual Killings A Challenge In Osun, Says CP by overall90: 4:44pm On Jan 11
And for the first time,somebody in authority is speaking about this menace

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Politics / Re: Anthony Okolie: Hanan Buhari’s Sim Card Made DSS Detain Me For 10 Weeks by overall90: 5:43pm On Jan 08
lol , you seem to be hurt by the fact that your brain is too slow to process this possibility , but i know your type so i am not bothered

he recieved calls and probably sms , he ran away from him own home before his family member was arrested , if you do not commit any crime , you do not run

how did dss know he was meeting someone so that they arrested the person before he arrived ??

he may not have succeeded in the scam but he was about to

this is a sting operation by dss


why are you trying so hard to sound smart.

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Politics / Re: Anthony Okolie: Hanan Buhari’s Sim Card Made DSS Detain Me For 10 Weeks by overall90: 1:21pm On Jan 08
this is how the dullard and his gang are ruining lives.
the mo.ron of a daughter probably didn't know that lines are recycled after remaining dormant for a long time.

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Politics / Re: Oil Price: FG Revenue Shrinks As Petrol Subsidy Rises by overall90: 7:28am On Jan 08
What they are telling you is that they are going to steal every kobo that will come from the windfall from the expected increase in crude oil price.

so Nigerians,don't expect to benefit anything even if oil price gets $100/barrel.


Politics / Re: Disclaimer,amotekun Is Not Against The Hausa-fulanis In The SW. by overall90: 11:13pm On Jan 07
see as they mentioned all the crimes and left the major one ravaging the sw...ritual killing.

its not against them,but they are the ones hoisting flag and killing afenifere leader's daughter and chasing people away from their farms.

the worst form of deceit is self deceit.

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Politics / Re: David Umahi: I Also Belong To APC by overall90: 8:01am On Jan 06
[quote author=Flyingngel

Hey! senior DOLTS I pray everybody is as intelligence as you are in Nigeria.
I didn't knew that you are the Governor script writer.

i wonder how old you are
Politics / Re: David Umahi: I Also Belong To APC by overall90: 7:43am On Jan 06
You see why Nigerian politicians shld not be trusted.
If this is how Southeast politicians will fight for President come 2023 then I can tell you other tribes will say that they don't have what it takes to govern Nigeria.
A leader or aspiring one shld be firm in his decisions.

I doubt if you have the intelligence to comprehend what the man is trying to say.

you dolts are always looking for every opportunity to bash the SE even when the situation doesn't call for it.

i wonder how what is being reported amount to fighting for presidency.

and you that have been governing,how is your life better.

and some of your ilk are even liking the post.smh

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Politics / Re: Did Boko Haram Really Kill 11 Christians On Christmas Day? by overall90: 10:13am On Jan 02
You want to spin this one too.haba

what are you guys afraid of?a religious war?

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Politics / Re: Poverty Level Expected To Increase In South East As Budget Is Further Slashed by overall90: 6:35pm On Dec 31, 2019
Guy I am not Igbo (I am Itshekiri) but I notice you have been opening threads about Igbos lately. I suspect from your name you are Edo. My question is what did Igbos do to you?

The mofo is definitely not Edo.
he is one of those we south south impostors of NL.
this is how they use to boast about Osun IGR being bigger than that of the south East until breeze blow and the church and the whole of Nigeria had to donate food to them.
even their so called big budget is anchored on borrowing.

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Politics / Re: Audit Report Indicts Olusegun Runsewe Of Multi-Million Naira Scam by overall90: 2:30pm On Dec 31, 2019
is he about to be replaced by a northerner? just thinking out loud.


Politics / Re: BREAKING: Buhari appoints Ahmad REA MD by overall90: 10:54am On Dec 31, 2019
Is the statement true or false? Buhari is pathologically bigoted, nepotistic and divisive.It's a catalyst for national disharmony & disintegration.Get that in your skull man.

you dey mind them.

Buhari himself they are trying so hard to defend doesn't even care.

its annoying how they term every criticism of the obvious maladministration and malfeasance going on in this government as hatred for Buhari. smh

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Politics / Re: BREAKING: Buhari appoints Ahmad REA MD by overall90: 10:31am On Dec 31, 2019
cheesy grin grin grin

''Engr. Ahmad Ahmad replaces Mrs. Damilola Ogunbiyi ''

Where the dictator gets his appointees doesn't matter says the Zombies

Yes o.
as far as he is taking pictures with Osinbajo. grin
tomorrow is new year day,another photo session loading.
and you will see them coming here to taunt others.

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Romance / Re: Please I Need A Candid Advice On How To Go About A Lady I Met At My Place O Work by overall90: 6:27pm On Dec 30, 2019
You are conscious indeed. grin

look my friend,the moment you had the slight romance(whatever that means),you have crossed the line.

i want you to picture your wife romancing with another man to understand the enormity of your action.

it seems you have a good situation at home,do not ruin it with your hand.


Crime / Re: Favour Daley-Oladele Murder: Adeeko Owolabi, Pastor Segun Philip Arrested by overall90: 10:07am On Dec 30, 2019
so they also practise cannibalism. nawa o

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Politics / Re: - by overall90: 7:05am On Dec 30, 2019
This moniker was just opened a few hours ago.
i wonder why you didn't use your old moniker(s).
i think any discerning mind already knows the answer.
you really want to clean up nairaland indeed grin


Politics / Re: Open Letter To My Yoruba Brothers by overall90: 10:54am On Dec 29, 2019
When it comes to issue of Yorubas,I have learnt them so well. They follow their stomach.
As long as u show them little money,they will see u as a demi god.
I have a small shop in lagos. A shop I opened for my little cousin which didn't work 1m naira. If u see how both old and young Yorubas through themselves at me for just a piece of coke.Sometimes I wonder why would they be doing this.A man or woman suppose to me my father age will be greeting me sir sir just to ask for a bottle of coke or fenuja.
I don't need to banter words with u guys na hunger dey worry una.
Hunger mentality is bad

you know them.
they are just hiding under one Nigeria that is why you see that they are the fiercest opposition of Biafra.
forget about the balderdash the clown op is advocating here.
if not for Nzeogwu coup and the civil war that altered the politico-economic dynamics of Nigeria,they would have been the almajiri of Nigeria.
Celebrities / Re: Tacha On A Ride With Donald Duke, Dances 'Soapy' With Governor Ayade In Calabar by overall90: 10:22am On Dec 29, 2019
Taking me for a ride shocked


Taking me on a ride.

Abeg grammarians,which one is the correct expression.


Politics / Re: Open Letter To My Yoruba Brothers by overall90: 8:35am On Dec 29, 2019
actually you are still suffering from post election trauma. It's just two days to 2020, i wonder when you'd heal.

stale,very stale cheesy

Osinbajo,Tinubu, ,Fowler,Kemi,Banir,Adewole( by the way,do you know that everything about purchase was taken away from the former minister),our very own Sarrki etc at one time or the other all said this to people pointing out the malfeasance going on in this government.
Politics / Re: Open Letter To My Yoruba Brothers by overall90: 11:18pm On Dec 28, 2019
One funny thing about you yorubas is that you always do the same things you accused others of.
i recall that after the clifford orji incident,the yorubas went to town telling the whole world that igbos are ritualists ,if not for internet and Nairaland in particular,nobody would have known that yorubaland is the headquarters of ritualism.
now coming to the topic,yorubas have been accusing the igbos of starting agitation because GEJ lost even when all available evidence points to the fact that IPOB predates 2015 elections.
now everybody can see how they have been gradually turning against Buhari and the FG they love so much just because of the Fowler and Osinbajo treament and now that it is becoming obvious that APC have no plan of handing over power to them.even Tinubu paper and some resident zombies have of late been taking jibes at Buhari.

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Politics / Re: How Disputed Oil Wells Damaged Wike, Ihedioha's Friendship by overall90: 6:24pm On Dec 28, 2019
the nation again.
i wonder what the owner of this paper is smoking these days.
so the oil wells don't have name.in the case of Bayelsa,we know of Soku.
is Wike the head of boundary commission that Ihedioha will ask to return oil well.
with all the problems between Rivers and Bayelsa,nobody has referred to any as a dangerous neighbour but they already calling Imo state a dangerous neighbour.
well, all this beating about the bush will not save Tinubu from what is coming.


Crime / Re: Head Of Nigerian Federal Agency’s Son Caught With Lamborghini, $5m In Dubai by overall90: 10:41am On Dec 28, 2019
This mumu Nation newspaper is just making me laugh. grin

imagine all the malfeasance that have been going on in this administration since inception,they have either defended them or looked the other way but because of the recent political developments and calculations that don't seem to favour them,they are now talking.
who is deceiving who?
as for the Lambo guy,Nigerians should hold their breath until this governments leaves before they can get the full picture of the financial impropriety that have been going on.

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Politics / Re: Sultan: Muslims Will Not Be Provoked To Take Up Arms To Fight by overall90: 8:31am On Dec 28, 2019
shocked shocked

This TIV man

chai chaiiiiii

just because of 30k salary they are paying you at APC youth vanguard(formally BMC),you have lost your sense of purpose and identity.
Do you realise your fellow BMC are laughing at your stupidity.


Politics / Re: See Why America Should Intervene In Nigeria And Take Over- FOX REPORT by overall90: 7:20am On Dec 28, 2019
Forget about America.

this country need to break up and break up fast.

how can you kill your own country men for an event that happened in far away syria.

abu bakr al-baghdadi is not Nigerian

America that killed him is not Nigeria.

this is not the first time this nonsense is happening,i remember 2001,after America invaded Afghanistan after 9/11,the north started rioting and starting killing Nigerians for an event that had absolutely nothing to do with Nigeria.smh
Politics / Re: Joshua Dongoyaro Speech After Buhari Government Was Overthrown 34 Years Ago by overall90: 6:38am On Dec 27, 2019
coming from Sarrki shocked


His loyalty is not to Buhari per se, it is with Tinubu. Read between the lines

you might be right


Politics / Re: Igbos Assessment Of Buhari Government So Far As We Go Home This Season by overall90: 5:41pm On Dec 25, 2019

I will not be surprised if you are one of those who believe Jonathan completed or paid up for the Second Niger Bridge.

Mr Man,i am not here for frivolity and stupid propaganda.
ask yourself how many times have you heard commuters complain about that segment of the road unlike Aba-PH,East-west rd,Warri-Benin,Onitsha-enugu etc.that you hear people lament on this forum every time.
you are free to hype and worship you lord buhari but nobody should come here to spread stupid lies.
the truth is, we are not expecting anything from buhari government.

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Politics / Re: Igbos Assessment Of Buhari Government So Far As We Go Home This Season by overall90: 5:30pm On Dec 25, 2019
Umunna ndewo nu o.
Pls lets put sentiment aside as we are returning home this season. kindly take a look at the work that Buhari has done so far in Igbo land and report here. Its an infrastructural assessment.

1. For me i observe serious reconstruction of roads from Umuahia to Enugu,

2. Another serious road work ongoing from Enugu to Anambra.

3. Serious work on second Nigeria is going on too.

Jonathan spent almost six years in power without working seriously on these projects but Buhari came and today we can see big progress being made on the various projects.
Pls nobody should abuse the president here pls. Just comment decently. thanks.

i will post more as i travel from one part of Igbo land to the other

i don't know who sent you but let it be known that the Enugu-Umuahia segment of the Enugu Port Harcourt dual carriage way has long been completed as far back as 2015.

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