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Politics / Re: Gov. Otti Signs Law Ending Payment Of Pension To Abia Ex-governors, Deputies by PDJT: 2:05am On Mar 22
- Good. Very good.

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Health / Re: Man Who Was Cut In Half By Forklift Reveals How He Survived by PDJT: 8:43pm On Mar 20
- This reminds me of the Phineas Gage freak accident whilst working in the same construction industry in the same US.

- Good luck for the rest of the life, man! You're definitely an inspiration and will be remembered for many years after you're gone.

- All the best man!

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Politics / Re: Court Denies Nnamdi Kanu Bail, Orders Accelerated Hearing by PDJT: 4:08pm On Mar 19
-Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, our indefatigable leader, We the Indigenous People of Biafra are solidly behind you. At the end, Justice shall be done and Biafrans shall be free from the failed British experiment called Nigeria.

-Let the baboons and monkeys keep dancing to the tune played for them by their slave masters. One day, Justice shall prevail in Africa and the true African people will rise and build their God-given Nations. Isee!

-God Bless the Republic of Biafra, God bless all Biafrans Worldwide! Isee!!

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Crime / Re: Lady Attempts Suicide After Her Boyfriend Called Off Their Relationship by PDJT: 8:47am On Mar 18

We are getting there. Soon the world ll embrace feminism and more women ll be in power. As for you, if I jam you for real life, you d be a good slave. Maybe to be cutting garden grass or washing clothes & pants.

-Tah! Go and take several seats with your loser's post. Frustrated cunt! wink
Crime / Re: Lady Attempts Suicide After Her Boyfriend Called Off Their Relationship by PDJT: 8:31am On Mar 18
Don't kill yourself.
Not cos of men cos they're scumbags.
If you see a man that doesn't fornicate, it's cos he's not financially buoyant.
Once they get small change and manage to buy Lexus 350, their prick ll be salivating over young girls. You'd see them calling all girls, when ll you come to my house, come to my house, have you eaten?
Until they carry a mammy water!
Aye okunrin mi ti baje via afowofa!
The world ll be better if we v women as leaders, especially this Nigeria.

-Lol grin. It's a man's world, if you don't like it you know where they sale bleach. Don't you?

-Because you have been left on the shelf by good lads, doesn't mean you should come online to constitute nuisance.
Politics / Re: Border Reopening: FG Gets $1.3 Billion Funding For Rail Link To Niger Republic by PDJT: 11:15am On Mar 14
stupid question. When was the last time you read my posts supporting APC?

-It appears you're very thick. Ever met a farmer who planted apple but reaped pear?
Politics / Re: Abia State 1st Lady Saddened By The Discovery Of Baby Factory In Aba, Abia State by PDJT: 6:06pm On Mar 13
-First ban the use of under-age human beings as maids. It must be a criminal offence to engage a child in any form of Labour in this day and age.

-Secondly, in addition to holding the perpetrators of this heinous crimes accountable; there need to be victim-compensation scheme, paid for by criminals. Proceeds from criminal activities should be seized, sold and handed over to victims such as in this case.

-God forbid 🚫 bad thing.

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Politics / Re: Border Reopening: FG Gets $1.3 Billion Funding For Rail Link To Niger Republic by PDJT: 5:51pm On Mar 13
So las las Tinubu will complete the rail lines from Nigeria to Niger just to please Buhari?
Of what economic importance is the rail lines?

Nigeria is finished

-I thought you're one of the Nairaland promoters of this APC right from Adam. What has changed? cheesy
Travel / Re: Japa: Mind In The West, Body In Africa by PDJT: 6:42pm On Feb 29

If i wan japa I for don japa na.

-You do not have to. Nigeria needs MrBroke, MrBroke needs Nigeria.

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Travel / Re: Japa: Mind In The West, Body In Africa by PDJT: 5:42pm On Feb 29
Mind in Africa body in Africa. Na my villiage b dis, West na 4 visit nothing dey there grin

-My second wife said as much, but now she is dragging UK settlement application form with my kids. grin

-We know your type. Shebi your country elites and their children that have permanent residency in Europe and the USA no get sense. cheesy


European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Doping: Paul Pogba Banned For Four Years by PDJT: 2:03pm On Feb 29

-Is it fantastically bad news enough for you?
Health / Re: How Rot In LUTH Led To Us-based Nigerian’s Death by PDJT: 2:08am On Feb 27
-What can I say, that hasn't been said before about The Zoo called Nigeria. A supposed country that was setup as a business by the ruthless colonial Brits, now held "together" at gunpoint.

-Nigeria, indeed, happened to him. Rest In Peace, Mr. Ade.
Politics / Re: Petrol Landing Cost Hits N1,000/litre On FX Crisis by PDJT: 2:31am On Feb 15
-Somalia loading... cheesy
Sports / Afcon 2023 Final: Why My Money Is On Cöte D'ivoire To Win. by PDJT: 9:31am On Feb 11
-In the next 12 hours, Cöte d'Ivoire will be taking on Nigeria. However, my money is on Cöte d'Ivoire to win the trophy because:

1. They have been a great host.

2. They have provided fantastic music and entertainment. See how everyone dances to that banger - Coup de Marteu.

3. The God of soccer gave them a second chance and they humbly accepted it and literally ran with it.

4. Their young coach deserves it. It's fantastic to see the youth doing well in their chosen profession. The pure joy on the coach face and his youthful celebrations when his team win, is fantastic to watch.

-Good luck to the Elephants of Cöte d'Ivoire and congratulations 🎊 to Ivorians!
Politics / Re: Citizens Groan As Rice Hits N77,000 Per Bag by PDJT: 9:12am On Feb 11
- National Bureau of Statistics ke?

- "Na Statistics we go chop" - "Chicago-trained" Accountant Tinubu. grin

-Things can only get worse in Nigeria. The Fulani-Yoruba combo has stolen the British-experiment dry.

-Somalia loading ... tongue


Politics / Re: We Go Open Our Yansh, We Go Open Our Breast, We Go Protest (video) by PDJT: 8:22pm On Feb 09
-Ha! I hope the nyash are clean and breasts firm like timber. Let the protests begin, I take God beg una.

-She said; E bi mpa waoo! Wetin that one mean? grin
Politics / Re: Police Recruitment: Otti Concerned As 700 Abia Candidates Shun Interview by PDJT: 9:26am On Jan 28
-Funny people. grin

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Politics / Re: Minister Of Power Is The Worst Minister by PDJT: 3:30am On Jan 28
psychotic loony

-Mtchew! Tw at.
Politics / Re: Minister Of Power Is The Worst Minister by PDJT: 3:24am On Jan 28

Definitely you are in need of a psychiatrist

-Boring pleb.
Politics / Re: Minister Of Power Is The Worst Minister by PDJT: 3:07am On Jan 28

You are in need of psychiatric care

-No. Oluwa.

-That toxic authoritarian personality of yours stinks.
Politics / Re: Minister Of Power Is The Worst Minister by PDJT: 2:46am On Jan 28

Shut up and naff off

-Silly chap, conniving with thieving politicians to gaslight poor unfortunate people in Nigeria. God is watching you.
Politics / Re: Minister Of Power Is The Worst Minister by PDJT: 2:40am On Jan 28

Why do you have to bring my children into a conversation on Nairaland?
What makes you think they are your age mates?
Many of you have no manners ,no lineage ,no home training. You think everyone here is your father's coeval

-Go and take a seat young man.

-By the way; that hatchet job you're doing on this forum for those thieving politicians is pure evil.

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Crime / Re: Corpse Of 8-Year-Old Pupil Killed By Suspected Ritualists In Ogun (Graphic) by PDJT: 1:39pm On Jan 27
-This barbarians again? This is very horrible. May God rest the gentle soul and give his family and friends the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss.

-Vulnerable people are really endangered in that Waste Side. cry

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Travel / Re: List Of Africa's Most Visited Countries In 2023 by PDJT: 1:29pm On Jan 27
Wow Nigeria isn't there

-Nigeria is the den of ruthless kidnappers. The embarrassment start from your ever begging Nigerian immigration officials, customs and airport urchins.

-The YouTube is full of videos of kidnapped survivors giving account of their ordeals.

-Nigeria is rubbing shoulders with Somalia.

-Which normal human wants to freely visit such habitat of wild animals?

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Politics / Re: Minister Of Power Is The Worst Minister by PDJT: 1:22pm On Jan 27

The problem is many of you talk ignorantly without informing yourself properly of either the law or reality on ground

What is the function of the Ministry of Power in your understanding?

Yes we have a power problem

The Minister of Power has no power to do anything

Based on legislation passed under Jonathan before he left office power is effectively privatised
Like Mobile Telephony
Let me quote Fashola

Since Privatization took place, one of the things that have happened is that the size of the Ministry of Power shrank significantly”.

“I think our staff strength before I came was in the region of 15,000 and all of that is now less than a thousand people

If you don't known What the legal or lawful function of the Ministry Jehovah you criticize

States can now generate and distribute
Let all the states sort themselves out

-Ahaa! Making excuses for failure again? I don't envy you, you must feed your children. Don't you. grin

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Travel / Re: JAPA: My Marriage Shakes by PDJT: 2:10am On Jan 27
Good evening, please am a first timer here and I need an advices on certain issue going on between I and my man.
We moved to the Uk last year via student visa along the line we had a baby here meanwhile we already had a daughter from Nigeria. My newborn is barely 3 month and my husband want us all to move to the US next year after his study here via student visa(for PhD) I understand the fact that he wants the best for us but am scared to break the 5 years ILR immigration rule and also scared in breaking the chance of my son getting his British passport. Because I don’t know how easy it is to get green card/ settlement in the US.

-Follow your man's lead.

-What ILR are you talking about? You're just a dependant of a temporary visa holder (student), which doesn't count towards Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK.

-The US immigration policy is fairly humane than the UK policy.

-Which British passport for your child? 😆 Women smh
Politics / Re: Naira Over N1400 To Dollar, Nigeria’s Economy On Brink Of Total Collapse by PDJT: 2:00am On Jan 27

The economy is not on the brink of collapse
Dollar exchange rate is not what determines our economy

The dollar exchanged for 75 kobo when Buhari took over in 1983 in 1998 when the military left it was 80 Naira

That is the equivalent of moving from 500 to 1 to 50000 to 1 in 16 years
So all you kids With your catastrophization talk should remember we have seen worse
a lot worse under Babangida and his so called structural adjustment programme.
Yes in 1984 a bottle of coke was 30 kobo and a loaf of bread 10 kobo what did it cost when they left in 1999?

We have seen he'll in this country . Imagine what was happening every single year under the military for the Naira dollar exchange rate to shift from 75 kobo to 80:Naira in 16 years

It moved from that 75 kobo in 1983 to Four Naira in 1985 when Babangida took over in less than two years
At some point Babangida was quoted as saying he did not understand why the economy had not collapsed

-When Buhari, the illiterate Jihadist, and his gang ceased power in 1983, 20 Naira was exchanging for $17.65. But I get your point; Tinubu, the fraudulent druggie, is aiming to outdo Babangida, the big thief.

-Last last Somalia will be better than Nigeria. grin
Politics / Re: Despite My Unjust Detention, Demand For Biafran Referendum Remains My Goal –kanu by PDJT: 2:09pm On Jan 23
-We are solidly behind you, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

-Your prophecy that Nigeria will become Somalia is already happening sooner than we thought.

-Long Live Biafra! Long Live Nnamdi Kanu!! Isee!!!

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Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu: Supreme Court Finally Releases CTC Of December Judgement by PDJT: 1:52pm On Jan 23
-Nigeria, a failed British experiment.
Travel / Re: UK Spouse Visa/Appeal Process-part2 by PDJT: 1:48pm On Jan 23
Hello everyone, Does the UK accept local government marriage certificates?

-Yes. I'm assuming it has the Local government stamp and signature as well.
Politics / Re: Is Tinubu Not A Failure? by PDJT: 6:32pm On Jan 22
-What do you expect from a known fraudulent International drug dealer? 🤔

-It can only get worse. Get ready to buy a loaf of bread with a bundle of that useless Naira. Somalia loading grin .

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