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Politics / Re: Nigerian Soldiers Mourn As One Of Their Leaders Die Few Months After Celebration by PDJT: 11:15pm On May 06
your wife's, sister's cunt are rotten.. bastard.

Politics / Re: Future Is Female: Men Have Failed, Let The Women Rule At Political Level by PDJT: 11:13pm On May 06
-OP, you must be one of those post-modern “men” that have reduced themselves to dogs status by licking women’s private part. May God heal your diseased blood. cry

-Just show me one village, town or city built by women? Women will always depend on men for survival, even when they seek for divorce or separation- it is to go and form another attachment on another man, or live on the man’s wealth/success.

-They can’t handle the force of nature and life suffering. Leave them alone in a remote land and watch them die off one after another without even figuring out how to build a shelter for themselves.

-You used to made sense, but it seem something has gone wrong with you. Peace!

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Politics / Re: Igbos In Diaspora Support ESN by PDJT: 12:05am On Apr 17
-I have been indifferent about the ESN, but from my research recently I was surprised to realise that ESN has more support than even my beloved IPOB, and the ESN support is coming from quarters that earlier seem apathetic towards restoring Biafra.

-I think the heat is on, and the buffoonery that characterised the “one Nigerianists” amongst us is gradually falling from their eyes.

-As for the Fulani slaves masquerading as leaders in Igboland, their graves will be covered by weeds within months of their burials. And their children and grandchildren will remain lost in foreign countries.

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Politics / Re: My Igbo Brothers, Before It Is Too Late, By Hassan Gimba by PDJT: 8:48pm On Apr 12
I like the business acumen of igbo people but those ones that want to destroy what others have spent years to build all because one man in London commanded them to do is just disgusting.

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Politics / Re: My Igbo Brothers, Before It Is Too Late, By Hassan Gimba by PDJT: 8:47pm On Apr 12
- Elbinawi are you shia Muslims terrified of been left in Nigeria with your fellow Muslims (sunnis)?

-Please tell the idiot who typed that rubbish to F-off!


Politics / Re: Hope Uzodimma And Northern Elders. by PDJT: 5:52pm On Apr 08
I see the same foundation of terrorismin the north, being laid in the south east. When bokoharam began, the northern elders made the decision to protect them out of sentiments.

They initially denied they were responsible for attacks, and later resisted any use of force against them. They said an attack on bokoharam (their people) was an attack on the north.

They believed by defending and aligning with the terror group, they would be able to control them and have peace.

By the time they looked back, the little group became a monster which they could not control.

Hope uzodimma has been advised to clear IPOB and ESN of any involvement in the attacks in imo state. He now blames politicians.

Is it also politicians that sponsored the attacks on police and army in Anambra state?

As lazy African leaders, we always want already made things. We dont like the process of production. We dont like going through the pains of creating the society we deserve. Thats why we loot and send the money to developed countries with less resources.

So hope uzodimma has chosen the easy way out. Not knowing he has opened the gates for terrorism in igboland. Rather than apply the much needed force to cleanse the state of IPOB/ESN cancer, he chose to claim they are not responsible. By doing so, arranging for negotiation with the terror group.

Soon they will demand release of their criminal members in prison and monthly payment. As a selfish governor who wants peace to enable him loot successfully, he will agree to their demands.

They get funding and get more ammunition. Become a full blown terror group, demanding taxes from the people of the SE or kidnap them for ransom.

They will be paid to allow elections hold in the region.

They wont need government anymore, because they make more money from terrorising the residents of the region.

They spread to other states in the region, and people begin to flee the SE east to other regions where they can invest and live in peace.

These people can be flushed out of the region will join police and military intelligence and attack. Borders of all the states in the region will be shut and they will be fished out of their hiding in every state.

Hope uzodimma should not out of greed, open the doors to terrorism in igboland.

A stitch in time, saves nine.

Politics / Re: Dear Igbos - It Is Time To Abandon Nnamdi Kanu by PDJT: 5:24pm On Apr 08
What some of us elders can see sitting down, you youths of today cannot see standing from the tallest Iroko tree.

The Biafran war was a massive conflict.

2 million Igbos lost their lives.

There was mass starvation of Igbo people. Many also died of malnutrition and kwashiorkor.

If you think this did not happen on a large scale, go to every Igbo village and ask them where their civil war dead are buried, and they will show you. And I mean EVERY village.

All you youths shouting 'Biafra Biafra' need to cool down and research what happened the last time.

It was very terrible for the Igbos. They suffered greatly.

Virtually the entire world stood against Biafra and supported Nigeria.

Biafra was blockaded, by sea, land, and air. Nothing could come in or go out, for years.

Igbos were forced to eat anything that moved including cockroaches.

Cannibalism grew.

You honestly do not want a repeat of what happened back then.

The sad thing is that this twitter, SUV, smartphone, instagram generation is far, far, far, far, far, far less able to deal with such hardships than the 60s generation, if their reoccur.

Nnamdi Kanu to me, is an agent of people who want to destroy Igbos again, as they have become the most prosperous ethnic group on the continent, and therefore, must be cut down.

He could be an international agent.

He is in London stirring up trouble, and now the East is becoming a battle ground for federal troops.

In 3 years time, it could be ''worse than Syria'' just like Kanu promised.

Igbos, is THAT what you REALLY want for your region?

Igboland, the land of multi-million dollar village mansions, festivities, industries, factories, and fine, fast developing cities, turned to... SYRIA?

If not, get rid of Nnamdi Kanu, or that is exactly what you will get.

Crime / Re: Man Cuts Off Teenager's Hand For Resisting Rape In Uganda (Photo) by PDJT: 5:19pm On Apr 08
I pray every female out there. May you not be a victim of rape IJN.

How men rapists enjoy force sex still beats my imagination.

-Rape is not about sex, but power.

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Politics / Re: Nigeria Soldiers Are Hungry. by PDJT: 12:20pm On Apr 07
-So they don’t know how to farm?

-By now you would have thought, they eat the meat of those innocent human beings especially women and children that they kill for fun. Lazy cowards!
Politics / Re: Herdsmen Cut Retired Principal’s Hands In Igangan In Oyo State by PDJT: 8:45pm On Apr 04

Me sabo? ... Odi ka isi adiro gi mma.. ... Bia kpachakwa anya gi dia..
Ina akpom sabo maka gini zi?
Nna welu nwayo oo..

-You have a strange moniker. I encourage genuine Biafrans to avoid your likes. Bye!
Politics / Re: Herdsmen Cut Retired Principal’s Hands In Igangan In Oyo State by PDJT: 9:16am On Apr 03

Look here nwanna..
Check my records to discern where m from..
Rapu moniker m.. Obu mgbe uchem adiro ya kam ti nyere ya..
My point is oha bu ike.. We need to close ranks, forge a formidable front to challenge the status quo..
From there anyi etisa obodo..
E nwotago?..

-In Igboland, we know the value of a name. Until you change from Saul to Paul, you will always be viewed with suspicion or even worse as a Sabo.
Politics / Re: Nigerian Soldiers Mourn As One Of Their Leaders Die Few Months After Celebration by PDJT: 9:01am On Apr 03
your mama pussy not mine

-Shut up, rotten cunt!
Politics / Re: Herdsmen Cut Retired Principal’s Hands In Igangan In Oyo State by PDJT: 9:00am On Apr 03
We only need a united south to ends this madness once and for all..

-You should be uniting with your fellow deluded “naija4eva” peeps and leave those genuinely fighting for their emancipation to see road.

-To Yoruba people, una Good Morning, once again!

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Politics / Re: Unknown Gunmen: Police Dismantle All Checkpoints In Aba  - Residents by PDJT: 7:57pm On Mar 21

Politics / Re: Nigerian Soldiers Mourn As One Of Their Leaders Die Few Months After Celebration by PDJT: 7:56pm On Mar 21

Had it been Nigeria's got a Citizen working Data base you idiots ought to be caught and be used for the next 221Special task force brigade shooting practice. Idiots angry

-Shut up, women beaters!

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Politics / Re: Nigerian Soldiers Mourn As One Of Their Leaders Die Few Months After Celebration by PDJT: 7:54pm On Mar 21
you're a fool... Are you better than them? Was it their doing? Why don't u blame the government that sent them? Coward!

-Shut up! Pussy!!

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Politics / Re: Unknown Gunmen: Police Dismantle All Checkpoints In Aba  - Residents by PDJT: 7:51pm On Mar 21

Lol the collect a chek points are no longer profitable? Now lets see if crime rate spikes as a result.

-Those black-wearing demons called “police” will increase their kidnapping and robbery enterprise. We know them cowards.

-Meanwhile, this Akwa-ibom man, how safe is Eket - my second wife wants to buy a house there?
Politics / Re: Nigerian Soldiers Mourn As One Of Their Leaders Die Few Months After Celebration by PDJT: 10:22am On Mar 21
-Nonsense. Cowards that attack armless protesting youths and women.

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Romance / Re: Video: Man Fights Girlfriend After Finding Out She Saved His Number “big Head by PDJT: 9:40am On Mar 21
-Fear Women brother.

-From the little clip; even though it’s the woman that is fighting the man, the videographer (a woman, from her voice) was still making it seem like the man is beating the woman - typical. cheesy
Politics / Re: DHQ Reacts To Report Of Soldiers Arrested By Sunday Igboho by PDJT: 9:30am On Mar 21
Wouldn’t expect anything different from an Ipob esn biafa Bigot.
Politics / Re: What Hope Is There In Nigeria For The Less Privileged by PDJT: 9:13am On Mar 21

Sad It's only when blood shed is involved that they listen.


-All those countries or nations you look up to as an example of decent country or nation, was fought for with loads of litres of blood spilled. I believe the war between England and France even lasted for up to 100 years, before they agreed on some “terms and conditions” for peace and co-existence, and now they are founding members of NATO.

-Most Africans are afraid of death, therefore unwilling to fight for anything or what they believe in. Some are even confused and would rather bemock others fighting for what they believe in, and others (house-niggers) are always happy to fight to maintain the colonial borders called countries in Africa. If you doubt me, take a look at what Nigerians did to Biafrans (fellow Africans) with the help of Britain, Egypt, USSR and the Arab-league - all in order to maintain a colonial construct created and called Nigeria by the racist imperialist Britain. You think these sort of people will fight for you against the Chinese and Lebanese enslaving the commoners in Nigeria? Think again.

-Meanwhile, have you paid a deep attention to why the hell that woman in the bus left immediately, instead of trying to know what your problem was, if not help you? - It points to another cultural obstacle we have: Always afraid of the unknown. No society can develop with such attitude or culture.
Politics / Re: What Hope Is There In Nigeria For The Less Privileged by PDJT: 8:31am On Mar 21
-None, unfortunately. Except if they are willing to fight and lose their lives.
Politics / Re: Operation Dismantle Ipob by PDJT: 9:00pm On Mar 20
This is to all sensible Igbo sons and daughters,the current trend happening in Igbo land in which the nigerian armed forces posts and barracks are being attacked by Ipob must be condemned!!!..

I have never been and will never be an ipob apologist, i have interacted with this group and i find them to have this bizzare attitude, ur opinion count for nothing only the opinion of there god from afarukwu is worth it.

how on earth will full grown men with hairs on their balls bow down to mere man and sing praises of him; by referring to him as another saviour..a man who talks like a weaver bird, he has never for once contributed anything towards the development of Igbo land all he keeps ranting is janjawee*d!janjawee*d!janjawee*d!. jst the other day he came out and said if biafra was achieved he was going to be exporting free oil to west african countries wat a dumb ass nigga. angry this is who ipob fanatics refer to as a leader "mazi with the psychotic disorder."

all his years in israel he couldn't create allies all he does was exporting insults,this is the kind of man that wakes up in the morning and start threatening to bomb russia if given a little power,this man will only bring chaos to Igbo land jst like hitler did to the germans who taught he was jst another saviour to rise them up to be the world power! but it ended up in a bitter and agonising defeat to the germans.and this is exactly the same approach mnk is taking.

when esn was created we all supported it due to the atrocities of the fulanis since the government couldn't curb their menace but right now it is a different story today,all we could see is a terrorist organisation emancipating from this group and thanks to their god who gave the orders in one of his broadcast to kill any police man found on any check point..i was recently on their page and read hw this wild animals were jubilating over the killing of innocent souls,calling for more to be killed as well.

i understand their pains abt the nigerian army atrocities carried out in oyibo and operation python dance in 2017 and nothing was done abt it this is bcux we don't have good leaders...in orlu soldiers were killed, in the last two months precisely police barracks and even naval base have been attacked and scores of officers killed,,u fools don't no when to stop. angry angry

mnk is in the uk inciting violence and trying to turn Igbo land into another sambisa forest and u guys are cheering him on ur supleme leader.mentally enslaved fools.

now i want u guys to absorb and digest this u guys are in no position to engage the nigerian army in a full fledged war! forget about boko haram saga it all for political gains, if u guys were ready to deal with the security forces then u would used the right approach in doing that by recruiting atleast 10,000 men yearly and has well hiring experienced mercenaries to train this men by splitting them up all over war torn africa and middle asia. this was wat paul kagame the tutsi rebel leader did,wen he sensed the unrest in rwanda how the hutu government were expelling the tutsis from power and ensuring the rwanda army was majorly made up of hutu soldiers, he immediately took advantage of the uprising in dr congo against mobutu's regime and sent thousands of able bodied tutsi men to be trained,he did this for years secretly without the rwanda government knowing anytin abt it. they were heavily trained physically and mentally stable to a wage war which they even supported the rebel groups in dr congo in fighting a gorilla warfare against dr congo army until mobutu was removed from power. and so when the rwanda genocide started the hutu soldiers were no match for them they easily defeated the hutus in one month and kigali captured even though the hutus had upper hand in weaponry and ammunitions. i bet if it was to be kanu the whole world would have known his plans bcux he talks too much! angry and i quote "he is not fit to be a leader he has no clue no plan or what so ever to be a leader".

u're waging a war u're not prepared for, ur army is impoverished nd not well positioned, it will only take the NA two days to bomb Igbo land back to stone age. for crying out loud this isn't a tribal war-fare but u idiot want to confront the nigerian army unprepared bcux ur creator mnk gave u orders to attack..fools.

plz i'm beckoning on all sensible Igbo sons and daughters on this forum we need to check mate the activities of Ipob in Igbo land we need to start an awareness to save this people from this mental slavery..what is currently happening now to ipob is the same thing happening to boko haram they have being brain washed by religion while ipob have being brain washed by mnk,if we do not stand now the consequences will be too damning bcux they are slaves and willing tool for mnk.

Ipob are already projecting nnamdi kanu to lead Igbo land if secession ever happens in nigeria and u know wat that means ndigbo ..when we have great Igbo men and women out there who have succeeded in all sphere of life na afarukwu mad man they want make he rule Igbo land.

nnamdi kanu will never rule Igbo land know this and have peace.

Ndigbo wake up and let join hands and reshape Igboland..enough from the fools we call leaders..ipob are ass licking kanu our leaders are ass licking fulanis.we must put a stop to this.



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Politics / Re: We Are Not Interested, Anambra State Breaks Out From Biafra. by PDJT: 5:34pm On Mar 20

There is no republic pls... not with the senile fool Nnamdi Kanu.

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Politics / Re: We Are Not Interested, Anambra State Breaks Out From Biafra. by PDJT: 5:33pm On Mar 20

I didn't see this coming.

How can one terrorist from Abia trying everything possible to cause unrest in Anambra state like he did in Rivers state..

Is Kanu and his Abia people that desperate?

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Politics / Re: We Are Not Interested, Anambra State Breaks Out From Biafra. by PDJT: 5:32pm On Mar 20
Honestly this agitation for a viafra is a rough one 4 most igbos. Have u pple been to Facebook and see the cult of followers this Nnamdi kanu is pulling. This set of pple have a reasoning that is very dangerous and totally different from those other refined and intellectual ibos i know. Those ones if not checked will tow the lines of boko haram or bandits. See the way they are gradually turning the once peaceful anambra into a hot zone for massacre. Kanu himself isn't helping matters he has never denounced the attacks on security personnel in the state he's rather mute . so most pple will believe outrightly that it's the ESN men perpetuating attacks in Anambra so as to attract the Military again just like Orlu. Ibos will not speak out now and call Kalu 2 order if really is ESN killing securities.
Ibo wenu

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Politics / Re: We Are Not Interested, Anambra State Breaks Out From Biafra. by PDJT: 5:32pm On Mar 20
We are not Interested, Anambra state breaks out from Biafra. Nnamdi Kanu is fooling himself.

Indigenes of Anambra State under the auspices of Anambra Peoples Assembly (APA), yesterday denounced the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) Nnamdi Kanu, and his struggle for secession.
The Assembly, which declared that Anambra people will participate in the forthcoming gubernatorial election in the state, warned biafra agitators to maintain a distance from the state.
According to a statement signed by its coordinator, Mazi Nnamdi Okorafor, the group noted that the people of Anambra State are law-abiding and will not be dragged along by any individual or group of persons.
“I will assume that there are no men in Igbo land, if we allow a small boy to drag all of us into war against Nigeria through hate speech,” he said.
Okorafor, who noted that being Igbo does not automatically translate to membership of IPOB, said Kanu is not a leader of the Igbos.
”Nnamdi Kanu is making a fool of himself, very soon his paymasters will distance themselves from him. He and his illiterate minions will be dancing alone in the market square naked. Being Igbo does not mean you are an IPOB member, neither does being an IPOB leader makes you the leader of the Igbos,” he stated.
He also described Kanu as a confusionist who suggest ideas capable of destroying lives, while he left his family in United Kingdom.
”Let truth be told. But with due respect to the right thinking and illustrious sons and daughters of Abia State. Let me ask these questions, When did an Abia man become wiser than the Anambra man to warrant a confusionist like Nnamdi Kanu to order Anambra people not to vote while his Abia governor is still on seat? Why would the good, wise and hard-working Anambra sons and daughters listen to a guy man who kept his wife and kids in London come here to suggest what is capable of destroying the lives of young Anambra youths. Anambra people should not allow anybody to toy with their future and destiny,” Okorafor added.

According to him; “We agree that self-determination is the right of every person or group in Nigeria, that being said. We hereby declare that Anambra state has distanced self from Biafra struggle. All Biafra activists and agitators are warned to leave Anambra and return to their various states of origin. We are too big to be dragged along by any person or group of persons. Anambra state indigenes and lawful residents will register and participate fully in the forthcoming governorship elections.


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Politics / Re: Berom Leaders: Help Retrieve Our 55 Villages From Fulani Herdsmen by PDJT: 9:17am On Mar 20
-They should take their protest to the home of that war criminal called ”Gowon”


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