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Politics / Best Civil Rights/political Music - Who Gave The Order By Wyclef / Buju Banton by protests: 6:56am On Nov 01, 2020

Lyrics 100%, Music 100%. Auto repeat this.
Happy November to all in the struggle.
This is a 2003 music. Read the lyrics and see if anyone beats this even in 2020, 17 years later.


I'm Buju Banton with the preacher's son
Who gave the orders
For them to go, alright
Who gave the orders
Martin was shut down, ah, alright
Who gave the orders
To drop the bomb, we want to know
Who gave the orders
No refugees across the borders, yeah

Questions asked with no response, ey, Wyclef
Who's gonna answer
Where did all these guns come from, tell me, ey
Who's gonna answer
Feeding lies to our daughters and sons
But they will have to answer
Then what you gonna do when the Rastaman comes
Where you gonna run for cover

Looking through the window of my ire eyes
On this city filled with lies
Observing the people working so hard
Doing whatever it takes to get by
Then I look at myself and realize
That I was put here for a reason
Lord knows I've done my best and I've tried
We gon' keep trying

Who gave the orders
For them to go, Lord no
Who gave the orders
Martin was gunned down, oh
Who gave the orders
To drop the bomb, my God
Who gave the orders
No refugees across the borders, who

Questions asked with no response, ey, Wyclef
Who's gonna answer
Where did all these guns come from, tell me
Who's gonna answer
Feeding lies to our daughters and sons
They will have to answer
Then what they gonna do when the Rastaman comes
Where you gonna run for cover

Well what you gonna do, what you gonna do, what are you gonna do
Incarcerate a million and only free few
What was done to others, it shall be done to you
Open up your eyes and you will see the full view
Work all day, and you can't get raise in pay
Civilly bodies being taken away
I wonder what the voice of the people have to say
Stand up and defend your rights today

Who gave the orders, who gave the orders
For them to go
Who gave the orders
Martin was gunned down, Martin was gunned down, oh, Martin was gunned down
Who gave the orders, who gave the orders
To drop the bomb
Who gave the orders, who gave the orders
No refugees across the borders, no, no, no, no

Questions asked with no response, ey, Wyclef
Who's gonna answer
Where did all these guns come from, Wyclef, ah
Who's gonna answer
Telling lies to our daughters and sons
They will have to answer
Then what they gonna do when the righteous man comes
Where you gonna run for cover

Politics / Re: #EndSARS: Femi Adesina Blames Churches, Mosques by protests: 6:38am On Oct 23, 2020
Reply comin ...

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And what about our brothers and sisters?
Well this meeting was about a week ago.
Before we get to mobilising for referendum,
Let us ask them FG "who went to murder kneeling youths at Lekki?"
Politics / Re: Lekki Toll Gate - CCTV Cameras Removed; Twitter NG Calls For Withdrawal by protests: 4:58pm On Oct 20, 2020
#EndSARS Protesters maintain NO RETREAT stance despite fears by Twitter NG

Soliciting for drones to be arranged for monitoring

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Politics / Re: Lekki Toll Gate - CCTV Cameras Removed; Twitter NG Calls For Withdrawal by protests: 4:53pm On Oct 20, 2020
Twitter NG is currently worried that the position is about to be brutally breached by the government using thugs or compromised security officials.



Politics / Lekki Toll Gate - CCTV Cameras Removed; Twitter NG Calls For Withdrawal by protests: 4:51pm On Oct 20, 2020
#EndSARS compatriots reported a team arriving at Lekki #EndSARS Freedom Gate under the instructions of "government" to cut and remove the CCTV cameras at the location.


Politics / Re: Police Officers Shooting At People In Mushin, Lagos (Video) by protests: 4:46pm On Oct 20, 2020
Politics / Re: EndSARS: Adamu Garba Sues Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO For $1bn by protests: 4:32pm On Oct 20, 2020
as a compensation for lost of lives, ...

At this point Jack died.

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Crime / Re: EndSARS Protest: Protester Vs Thug (How To Identify Them) by protests: 12:34pm On Oct 20, 2020
That is it.

Exactly, we’ve fought a good fight. Regardless of the antics of the government and criminals, this battle will never be lost. We’ll be back. But for now, let's limit the protest to safer places. In our estates, in our homes, in our streets, and online.

Let the government and criminals continue, they won't know what hit them.
Crime / Re: EndSARS Protest: Protester Vs Thug (How To Identify Them) by protests: 12:34pm On Oct 20, 2020
I am really sorry for the losses and challenges.
If there is one thing the protests did, it was getting the LazyFG working again.
Please if you are under-35, try the newly launched youth fund, N3m repayable over 5years or so.
The other is the SME support fund for Covid-19. I am not sure if that is still open
But most of all, I join to pray that your labour will not go down the drain
You've done a lot of work to get so far, this current waves will be still, let's keep believing.

Those comparing Nigeria to Belarus should pls stop, we still have a population of unenlightened persons which matches that of educated persons unlike Belarus

For instance, we all know that even when people are lamenting in a fire incidence, some other persons go there to steal and rob, this same analogy applies here

In light of these, thank you all for your reviews and testimonies on the thread on my signature, at this point, covid and protest restrictions have dealt a heavy blow on my business, I think it's high time we closed down

Thank you all for trusting us, was hard decision to take, we had incurred so much loss and debts already cry cry cry

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Politics / Curfew In Edo State, Curfew In Lagos, Soldiers On The Street. #next Level by protests: 12:07pm On Oct 20, 2020
#EndSARS 2020 has been a back to back hit despite the initial efforts by government to ensure the media do not mention it.

The same #EndSARS they claimed were a set of idle youths, clout chasers made them poo in their pants. Shameless leaders had to resort to thuggery, fake prison breaks, and burning down things and yet the "lazy Nigerian Youths" kept on going stronger.

The goodwill #EndSARS is enjoying is unprecedented. The adults are backing #EndSARS even when they are caught in the hold ups. The only set of people anti-#EndSARS are the govt and their selfish families (including political jobbers).

The policemen went on leave so that the towns and cities of Nigeria would burn; and we have recorded that action. When the time comes, somebody would pay for that.

Walking on the streets of the various states of Nigeria today, we see youths enforcing no-traffic in their communities, and people who are supposed to complain are 100% in support and even agreeing that enough is enough and appreciating the youths for standing up for the sufferings of the communities.

So whether or not you know it Pa Buhari, Vice President, Pastor, Prof Yemi Osibanjo this here is the real #Next Level. #EndSARS is taking Nigeria to the #Next Level.

APC, PDP welcome to #Next Level.

Politics / Re: Continue The Protest Now That The Fire Is Burning by protests: 8:53am On Oct 20, 2020
From 20 years of democracy we got nothing,
They stay there spending the commonwealth
They call it national cake
A nonentity becomes a billionaire in a month
Simply because they are PA to PA to PA to SA of another power-miss-road
We'll stop protesting when National Assembly members receive the salary of a principal
We'll stop protesting when judges jail politicians who are wrong
We'll stop protesting when there is justic

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Politics / Re: EndSARS: Hussaini Coomasie Apologises To Protesters by protests: 7:00am On Oct 20, 2020



Not that they are stronger, no. They are just the bully they want to be.
Dumb grandfather calling for brutal attack on people his grandchild's age. Senseless like several others of his type.


Politics / Re: Anonymous Hackers Call For Global Help For #endsars by protests: 6:36am On Oct 20, 2020
Anonymous says in their tweet

We are stronger than them #EndSARS


Politics / Anonymous Hackers Call For Global Help For #endsars by protests: 6:35am On Oct 20, 2020
The world renowned hacking group which largely brings out the dirty laundry of government by routine has been rallying support for the #EndSARS movement in the last 24 hours.

They have tweeted encouragement and then called on hackers around the world to come to the rescue of Nigerian Youths being killed, massacred, and burnt by the forces trying to stop the protests by every means.

Politics / Re: Nigerian Protesters Shut Down Africa’s Largest - Wall Street Journal by protests: 6:20am On Oct 20, 2020
This is just the beginning of a massive international scrutiny of what is happening and what has been happening in Nigeria
Shebi you Lai Mohammed, Garba Shehu, Femi Adesina can run your mouth?
Go run it now.

So far, Nigerian youths have lost scores of lives, personal properties worth well over N1bn (over 1 billion Naira), spent millions of hours on #EndSARS. The more you cause chaos Mr Government, the more you invite international media.


Politics / Nigerian Protesters Shut Down Africa’s Largest - Wall Street Journal by protests: 6:18am On Oct 20, 2020
Nigerian Protesters Shut Down Africa’s Largest City, Escalating Standoff With Government

Authorities vow to restore order as demonstrations grow across Nigeria
Protesters paid tribute to victims of police brutality in Lagos, Nigeria, on Sunday. SUNDAY ALAMBA/ASSOCIATED PRESS

LAGOS, Nigeria—Tens of thousands of protesters brought the largest city in Africa to a standstill on Monday, mounting the biggest demonstration in a two-week campaign against police brutality and escalating a standoff with a government that has pledged to restore order.

Groups of placard-waving protesters blocked major roads across Lagos, Nigeria’s sprawling commercial capital and home to an estimated 20 million people. The city’s Ibadan expressway, the country’s busiest road, was blocked by groups chanting: “We want change.” Protesters closed off the city’s airport and stormed the terminal. In a city infamous for hourslong traffic jams, columns of Lagos residents could be seen walking along emptied streets and causeways.

The Lagos protests were the largest of a series of demonstrations on Monday across the West African nation of 206 million people that appeared to significantly raise the temperature between demonstrators and the government.

Protesters rallying against police brutality in Lagos on Monday.
Nigeria’s army deployed to several intersections in the capital, Abuja, at sites of a planned protest, while police fired tear gas, days after local authorities issued an executive order banning demonstrations in the city. Over the weekend, Defense Minister Bashir Magashi warned protesters against breaching national security and the information minister, Lai Mohammed, said the government wouldn’t “fold its arms and allow the country to descend into anarchy.”

Notes on the News
The news of the week in context, with Tyler Blint-Welsh.

Enter your email
Protesters in Lagos accuse the government of deploying agitators to create a pretext for a crackdown, a charge the government denies.

“I know they will try to bring the military to make us scared,” said Gbenga Abioye, a student taking part in a Lagos protest blocking access to Murtala Muhammed airport, where young people sang with raised fists as the national anthem blared through tinny speakers. “We aren’t going to fight. But we will stay on the streets.”

The escalating rhetoric raises the prospect of a showdown between President Muhammadu Buhari and a protest movement that has evolved from a single-issue campaign into a more diffuse protest against alleged government corruption, economic mismanagement and nepotism.

The protests have flared in a context of profound economic malaise, as a an oil-price crash and the impact of the coronavirus pandemic have slammed Nigeria’s economy, which is failing to keep pace with rapid population growth. More than 55% of Nigerians are underemployed or unemployed and youth unemployment is even higher, according to official statistics. More than 90% of Nigerians work in the informal sector, meaning the government’s lockdown of major cities to slow the spread of the new coronavirus deprived tens of millions of people of the cash they need to survive.

A march in Lagos on Saturday. For many, the protests against police brutality have become demonstrations against government corruption, economic mismanagement and nepotism.
Mr. Buhari, a former general who briefly ruled Nigeria at the head of a military junta in the 1980s before returning as elected civilian president in 2015, has deployed the army against other protests in recent years, including in 2018, where government forces killed 45 Shiite Muslims marching to support a jailed cleric. He has urged the protesters to give the government time to address their concerns.

The current protests began with demands to ban a notorious police unit, the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, or SARS, which was long accused of extortion, torture and extrajudicial killings. The largely peaceful protests, organized under the hashtag #EndSARS, won the backing of celebrities and business leaders around the world, including the rapper Kanye West and Twitter Chief Executive Officer Jack Dorsey, who urged people to support protesters by donating bitcoin.

Nigerian diaspora communities in the U.S. and Europe have attended street protests in solidarity with a movement that has sought to bridge the country’s traditional sectarian and economic divides.

“This protest is different because it is the first time Nigerians are speaking with one voice and the government cannot find anything to divide us,” said Chalse Inoji, a popular Nigerian comedy actor, who was marching wrapped in a Nigerian flag. “EndSARS is a rallying point for all of the years of bad governance, maladministration and institutional highhandedness. We are asking for a total reformation of our political system.”

Nigeria’s government agreed to disband the police unit and establish a new elite police force—SWAT—whose officers would be trained by the International Committee of the Red Cross. But tensions have continued to rise on the streets across the country, as protesters vow not to withdraw until promises are delivered and the government releases those arrested at the recent demonstrations.

A gathering of demonstrators in Lagos on Saturday.
In Edo state, authorities imposed a curfew after hundreds of prisoners escaped from a jail in the melee of protests. Elsewhere, groups of men armed with clubs and bats attacked groups of protesters camped at strategic intersections.

The protests are being driven by the youth in Nigeria, a country with an average age of 18 and one of the world’s fastest-growing populations, projected to overtake the U.S. to become the third-largest by 2050. The demonstrations fit into an emerging global pattern of youth-led calls for change from Hong Kong to Sudan and Chile.

Nigeria’s youth-led protests “could start to redraw the political landscape,” said Amaka Anku, an analyst at Eurasia Group, a risk consultancy.

“The current generation of Nigerian youth have paid very little attention to politics to date….That reality is now likely to shift as young protesters grow more conscious of their political power,” she said.

Inside the protest movement, fractures are appearing between those who want to keep the focus on police brutality and those who want more fundamental change.

“The biggest strength of the protests has also become its biggest liability, which is total absence of centralized leadership,” said David Huneydin, a journalist critical of the government who has marched in the protests. “A military intervention is now highly likely.”

The protests were no longer about police brutality and had become political, said a senior Nigerian security official. “This is a platform that is being hijacked by people opposed to the government. It is well funded.”

There were signs that Mr. Buhari’s allies were hardening their position against the protesters. Governors from Nigeria’s majority Muslim north have rejected the total disbandment of SARS, stressing it has been instrumental in fighting the Boko Haram insurgency and should be reformed rather than scrapped.

Nigeria’s army said over the weekend that it would begin a two-month national exercise—Operation Crocodile Smile—the first time the annual exercise, typically concentrated in the oil-producing Delta region, will be nationwide.

As night fell on Monday, thousands of protesters gathered at a bridge toll gate, swaying the lights on their cellphones as musicians sang protest songs through booming speakers. The vast digital advertising banner on the bridge was lit up with the protest slogan “Soro Soke,” or Speak Louder.

Lagos protesters have pledged to continue the citywide shutdown for three days. “These protests are happening in phases and we are not ready to leave the streets anytime soon,” said Uche Nnadi, a 36-year-old Nigerian actor. “We are tired of bad leadership.”


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Crime / Re: Jailbreak In Oko, Edo: 2000 Prisoners Released By Hoodlums by protests: 9:04pm On Oct 19, 2020
There are at 400,000 policemen in Nigeria
And suddenly it looks like there is nothing like police again
Just because we said #EndSARS?
Is every policeman SARS?
They want to manufacture anarchy
Sure, they can go ahead

From Abuja to Benin, Benin to Ilorin, Osogbo etc
See the evil people parading with evil weapons and fighting #EndSARS?
And someone will say all is well with Nigeria?

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Politics / Thugs Burn Over 200 Cars Of Abuja #endsars Protesters by protests: 6:34pm On Oct 19, 2020
This is a report and images from clips of the arson by thugs.


Politics / Re: Coding #ENDSARS: Techies Fighting Police Brutality With Bytes by protests: 5:59am On Oct 19, 2020
Great contributions
Expect more to come
Politics / Re: EndSARS Protesters Who Kept Vigil In Front Of CBN HQ Under Attack by protests: 5:54am On Oct 19, 2020
Pictures later.

Update - 6:20am
Some victims have been rescued by #EndSARS supporters and are receiving treatment. Praying for them that there would not be casualties.

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Politics / EndSARS Protesters Who Kept Vigil In Front Of CBN HQ Under Attack by protests: 5:48am On Oct 19, 2020
There are reports that #EndSARS protesters are being attacked through the night starting about 3:00am midnight

What we picked from the reports
- Protesters vehicles were burnt
- Police were said to hide behind the CBN
- Over 100 persons attacked protesters
- A call for reinforcement of Nigerian Youths to the position is ongoing
Under attack
Abuja protesters are under serious attack at cbn .
Serious attack
Start calling for reinforcement if you know one .
Abuja protesters are under attack .
Pls start retweeting

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Celebrities / Re: EndSARS: Falz Has A Message For Buhari And Governors (Video) by protests: 8:54pm On Oct 18, 2020
How did democracy come in the 4th republic?
Don't overdo, we haven't done anything near what the generation of Saro Wiwa, Dele Giwa, Gani Fawehinmi etc did. Ever heard of Radio Kudirat? etc etc.
Scared of military? Alright. But go learn about the struggles so you won't be laughed at when discussing with your friends.

Wonderful information. The youths of this generation are the greatest of all. The previous were too scared of the military regime and gave all sorts of excuses.

I'm so proud to be a Nigerian once again.
Crime / Re: Address Of Former OC SARS Awkuzu Revealed by protests: 4:16pm On Oct 18, 2020
Man has two wives
Man will either be at Mali OR with a concubine
I bet the second
Nwafor, when you visit Nairaland
See this - the world knows you are with a concubine

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Crime / Re: One Dead As Thugs Clash In Ikorodu (graphics Pics) by protests: 4:14pm On Oct 18, 2020
The world told Nigeria for years to do something to engage the over 155 million youths / young adults in Nigeria. Did FG hear and act? No.
Now even JSS 1 girl is in cult - I saw it not that I was told.
Politics / Re: Endsars: Federal Law Maker Writes Colleagues and others by protests: 3:52pm On Oct 18, 2020
Here are the SoroSoke Highlights

The pains of the youth
"The pains of scoring so high in exams but not being able to secure admission to tertiary institutions,
of spending so much time and money to graduate from schools only to remain unemployed for decades after,
the pains of scrambling to buy job slots from overfed public servants,
the pains of watching old parents die in agony without being able to access their pension and gratuity,
the pains of bearing children that can not access good education,
the pains of being discriminated against on account of tribe and religion,
the pains of mass socio-economic deprivation, living like a slave in one’s own country!
These are just some of the pains which waste the years of our youths, kills their morale, destroys their self esteem"

I am of the view that there is no better time than now for us to OWN UP to our collective failure as leaders, openly begin a honest engagement with our youths and make a new declaration and commitment to work with them to birth a new Nigeria

Weldone Sir! Welcome to #EndSARS Supporters Club.
Politics / Re: Endsars Protest Ongoing In Coventry, United Kingdom by protests: 3:45pm On Oct 18, 2020
Preach the #EndSARS message to the World
Nigeria must be free from oppression and suffering

Investment / Re: EFCC Nabs Forex Trader For Failing To Fulfil 35% Monthly ROI by protests: 11:32am On Oct 18, 2020
According to professional forex traders it's almost impossible to earn a return of more than 20% consistently

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Religion / Re: Seeds Of Destiny Daily Devotional 18 October 2020 - Fighting Depression by protests: 7:12am On Oct 18, 2020
Nice topic, but the content is shallow and not well presented OP.
Religion / Re: #ENDSARS: See Bible Verses That Justifies #ENDSARS Protest. by protests: 7:10am On Oct 18, 2020
But that is what #EndSARS is about?
The righteousness part.
That is the change we are fighting for now. That is the change.

I don't think ending SARS would end Nigeria's problems even though it would be a good step in the right because that's is just one of many problems we have in this nation.
We need to repent and turn from our corrupt ways because a lot of SARS officials are youths themselves, but still they're a problem to the nation.
We must change our corrupt ways because "righteousness exalts a nation, but sin brings reproach to any people." Proverbs 14:34
So unless we do that, the problems would still persist and Nigeria would not be able to move forward.
God bless.

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