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Phones / Create Meme Easily With Facebook Whale by Raychux23(m): 6:10pm On Nov 21, 2019

The new Facebook app “Whale” was quietly released last week. For now, the app is available only on the Canadian App Store and it’s not yet officially stated when it’ll be available worldwide. Or maybe it’ll creep out soon unnoticed just like it did unto the Canadian App Store with no fanfare.

However, Whale will help you edit your own photos as a meme and allow you share it on social media.

Facebook Whale Creators

The Whale app was confirmed to be developed by Facebook’s New Product Experimentation (NPE) team. This is true because the app’s listing bears the “NPE team” on the download page of Apple App Store .

The separate brand name NPE is Facebook new experimental apps team. A team with sole purpose of developing apps by discovering new features and services that users may like. The NPE which was setup earlier this year already has two other apps Bump and Aux credited to its name.

NPE will continue to role out more experimental apps that test users interest. Whereas, any app created that doesn’t meet up users engagement will be dropped.

The Whale’s goal is an attempt at capturing the attention of a younger audience thrilled by photo turning apps.

How to use Whale

Take a photo using Whale or select a picture from your camera roll. Still, you can simply browse the app’s library of stock images of your choice to create a meme with it. Customize your selected image as you would like. This you can do by adding text, emojis, effects, and filters like bulge, laser eyes, vortex or any others as you would prefer.

Whale also would allow you to create your own image stickers using its crop and cut tools. While if you’re artistic, you can make use of its freeform drawing tool to achieve more customization.

Nevertheless, Facebook Whale isn’t all that original, there are overplus of image-editing apps on the App Store today. But even with its similarity feature sets with other image-editing apps on the App Store. Whale is free to use and doesn’t come with in-app purchases or subscriptions, for now.

Whale’s Controversy
A lot of people have criticize Facebook’s Whale as a copy of TikTok (the video-focused social media platform) which is popular among younger users. Recently, TikTok has become a popular source of meme to its young users as it spread through other social media services. Just like Facebook, TikTok has also had its share of criticism.

This also has drawn even the attention of Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg over the app’s censorship of criticism of the Chinese government. In all, people are accusing Facebook of using the success of TikTok in creating a new app to capture a vibrant younger users.

Whale is Facebook’s NPE latest app on its experimental list. Becoming Facebook new entry into its launched or brought apps over the years. This has put Whale to join the list of Notify, Poke, Moments, Slingshot, Tbh, Moves, and Hello. Just like the others; either launched or bought, Whale is an experimentation and it’s likely to go big or be dropped.

Source https://techablaze.com/blog/whale-facebook-new-meme-creation-app/
Travel / Re: Qatar Is So Hot, Now Installs AC Outdoor And 2022 World Cup Stadium(Photos) by Raychux23(m): 1:55pm On Oct 20, 2019
In all this, someone here from my country will see something as this and still say the common citizens (not in government) are responsible for its development.

Please can you tell me the purpose of a government or how can the citizens be responsible for something as this.

Truth be told, we have reduced ourselves to the extent that the government is even waiting for churches to build roads.

Just imagine us as a country in comparism to other nations as this. Please speak as a human and not as a bigot or be tribalistic about this.

No wonder at this age, we still celebrate and applaud our government for tying a road.

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Business / Re: Facebook Libra: Mastercard, Visa And Ebay Joins Paypal Exits Crypto Project by Raychux23(m): 10:20am On Oct 19, 2019
It's going to be tough.
Facebook sure knows it will be but didn't anticipated it as this.

Even foreign government are banning the unreleased cryptocurrency in their country already.

Will Facebook scale through?

Check out this post to know more
Computers / Russian Hackers Modify Chrome And Firefox To Spy On Users by Raychux23(m): 5:13pm On Oct 07, 2019

A Russian hacker group has been spotted using a patch to modify Chrome and Firefox to spy on users. But how were they able to spy on websites having a secured HTTPs connection.

By the way, Google has long been pushing for more websites to use HTTPS. This also, they have considered and implemented as a ranking criteria on Google search result list on website ranking.

HTTPS purpose simply is to help prevent attackers from interfering with the data transferred between a website and your browser.

Nonetheless, the hackers did spy on HTTPS websites and had access seemingly secured information using Chrome and Firefox browsers.

The Cyber-espionage Hacker Group Responsible

The novel attack has been blamed on the hacker group “Turla” for its used detailed attempts was revealed by Kaspersky.

Turla with other given names such as Snake, Uroburos, Krypton, Venomous Bear, Waterbug, Group 88, and Turla Team. Is a well-known hacker group believed to operate under the protection of the Russian government. Moreover, the Estonian Intelligence Services with evidence, associated Turla with the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) and Foreign Intelligence Service SVR.

Turla is associated with Agent.btz and believed to be behind several infamous cyber attacks. They were behind the RUAG espionage incident, an attempted compromise of the Swiss Defense Ministry. Also, the group has been known to hijack and use telecommunication satellites to deliver malware to remote areas.

Turla has also been involved in the social media cycle. Using a Turla’s watering hole campaign (an updated Firefox extension abusing Instagram). They were able to insert a malware on Instagram comments section. This was seen on a photo posted by Britney Spears on Instagram.
How the Russian Hackers were able to Modify Chrome and Firefox

According to the report done by Kaspersky, Turla uses a remote access trojan named Reductor for the attack. The process involves two steps.
Step 1: First, they install their own digital certificates to each infected host. After this is done, it would allow the hackers to intercept any TLS traffic originating from the host.
Step 2: Next, they modify the browser installation to patch their pseudo-random number generation (PRNG) functions.

These functions are used when generating random numbers needed for the process of establishing new TLS handshakes for HTTPS connections.

In other terms, the attack first infects the system with remote access Trojan and thereafter modifies the browsers using the same trojan. Then, it starts installing own certificates in order to intercept TLS traffic from the host. Finally, it patches the pseudo-random number generation that establish TLS connections.

After a successful operation, a fingerprint to every TLS action is added and can track encrypted traffic passively.

How to remove the trojan

Certainly, the Turla hackers are both sophisticated and smart and did anticipate a user approach to removing the malware. Probably, once a user discovered the trojan, the next point of action is to uninstall. Doing so will not get rid of the malware entirely.

The only way to actually remove the trojan completely would be to do a fresh install of the browser. Anyways, the intended targets are located in Russia and Belarus which maybe related to politics. Still, it could be use for other reasons and you need to be aware and brace up for impact.

Final words

Consequently, Turla has been one of today’s most sophisticated cyber hacker group, by a wide margin. Their skills and techniques are years ahead of their competition. This is not the first time Turla has alters a browser component to deploy malware on infected hosts and probably not the last.

Turla is sophisticated and enabling the Russian hackers to modify Chrome and Firefox with malware and their government backings. So, what really can you do to protect yourself? Always read security updates and tips from your Antivirus provider and security experts.

Always try to keep yourself safe and updated on the latest threats out there on the public domain.

Source: https://techablaze.com/blog/russian-hackers-modify-chrome-and-firefox-to-spy-on-users/
Phones / Re: The New Google Play Pass: All You Need To Know by Raychux23(m): 8:41pm On Sep 25, 2019
The service is just starting. More apps will be added monthly.

I think, If the money is good, better developers will put in their apps.

I like the idea. Since developers will be paid based on engagement on their apps. Then they will be prompt to develop good apps.

Got the notification here because I'm using a US google acc, but Na rubbish apps full there. I'll wait until more reasonable apps are added.
Phones / The New Google Play Pass: All You Need To Know by Raychux23(m): 5:08pm On Sep 25, 2019

Are you a lover of mobile games but hate it when you see ads or in-app purchases? Certainly, everybody hates that, including you. At such, there isn’t much you can do about it. You either pay for the app or have ads flashed at you constantly. Developers still have to make something for their work or don’t you agree? However, there is a choice now. The newly launched Google Play Pass subscription will give you an option. Although, not still free but a better choice you might prefer. So, what exactly is this new Google Play Pass subscription?

The Google Play Pass Subscription

The new Google Play Pass subscription can be liken to the recently launched Apple Arcade but with some distinct features. Unlike Apple Arcade, Google Play Pass isn’t limited to just games but including some cool apps such as Facetune and AccuWeather. Games like Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Stardew Valley, Risk, Terraria and Monument Valley are already listed.

Once subscribed, you can have access to over 350 games and apps without ads or in-app purchases. Also, Google has promised the addiction of new games and apps each month.

The subscription is aimed at offering you a good service for a little fee of $4.99 same as Apple Arcade. Furthermore, on your first year as a subscriber, the service would cost you a lesser fee of $1.99 per month. A good bargain I guess.

That’s not all. If you’d like to try out the service but wouldn’t want to pay yet or just wanna have a feel. Google is granting users a free 10 days trial which you can take advantage of and have an experience of the service.

Google Play Pass compactability

Play Pass will be compatible with Android mobile, tablet devices, and laptops with Play Store version 16.6.25 and above. The least Android version for the service is 4.4 and above. More on this can be accessed on Google’s Play Pass FAQ.

Note: upon launch, all of the apps and games included in Google Play Pass and available on the Play Store will continue to be available as stand-alone purchase. Moreover, stand-alone apps can still be purchase independently or if installed free, you would expect ads and in-app purchases.

This simply means, every app still remain as it is in the Play Store. But subscribing to the Google Play Pass will give you premium access to its listed apps free of ads or in-app purchases.

Most noteworthy, you also have the privilege to share your Google Play Pass subscription with up to five family members or friends. The service also integrate Google’s parental controls for the Play Store, which you can implement on your subscription.

How do I get my app included?

The program is “invite only” says Google. But in due time, Google will put up a web form where developers can apply to have their apps included. If you do not get an invite from Google, you still can apply for it.

How would developers benefit?

Developers will definitely make money for having their app or game listed on Google Play Pass. The amount of user’s engagement with an app would determine its revenue from Google. This would still fall back to another of Google’s algorithm, which the company hasn’t fully reviewed much on, yet.

Do developers need upgrade their app for Google Play Pass?

Certainly not, provided an app uses Google’s standard API for ads and in-app purchase, it would be a simple switch-over. Importantly, developers wouldn’t need to provide two versions of their app to the Play Store.

Availability and access

Play Pass will first be available for the U.S market this week while availability for other countries will follow shortly. The service can be signed up by using any of the accepted payment methods on Google Play including your Play credits.

Subscription service is actually becoming the new vogue. From Netflix to Apple and now Google. In all, users will have the chance to explore and get more value for their money.

Source: https://techablaze.com/blog/introducing-the-google-play-pass-subscription/
Phones / All by Raychux23(m): 5:00pm On Sep 25, 2019
Politics / Re: APC Nigeria Buttresses On The Spread Of Fake News On Social Media by Raychux23(m): 5:05am On Sep 17, 2019

But when it comes to tech.
Fake news is actually hyping
a tech beyond what it is.

We don't tell you there is iPhone 15
when there isn't non yet.

Tech news is way cleaner

Check Techablaze.com for more

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Phones / Re: The Iphone Hack, Why You Should Be Concern by Raychux23(m): 4:13pm On Sep 05, 2019
Is internet hacking really going lethal?
Let us know what you think
Phones / The Iphone Hack, Why You Should Be Concern by Raychux23(m): 6:38pm On Sep 04, 2019

Last week, Google’s Project Zero team dropped a bombshell in a blog post. The post https://googleprojectzero.blogspot.com/2019/08/a-very-deep-dive-into-ios-exploit.html says how malicious websites have hacked iPhones for years simply by a victim accessing its webpages. This has raised concern to people using iPhones as how exploits could be heard only after a successful attack.

Now, the question is, should only the users of the iPhone be concern about this hack? No, in fact, multiple sources with knowledge of the situation said that other than the iPhone, the attack was spread to other devices.

The websites that launched the hacks also spread the exploit to both Android devices and Windows PCs.

The purpose and target of the attack

The aim of the exploit was to infect the computers and smartphones of the Uighur ethnic group in China. Uighur as a small Muslim community in China has long been targeted by the Chinese government, particularly in the Xinjiang region. The hack was carried out to gain access to private data including passwords, photos, videos, and databases.

The attackers were also able to detect the apps installed on a device and mined victims’ data. This they carried out by exploiting popular services such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram, iMessage as well as Gmail and Hangouts.

How could someone become a target
All a victim had to do is to visit a vulnerable website and click on a redirect link. This which is supposed to be a harmless act is all that is needed to infect a victim’s phone with malware. Consequently, the attackers would be granted access to copy data from the phone.

The aim was to mine victims personal data and the exploit was carried out successfully over a period of two years. Moreover, the attacks were updated over time due to the changes and upgrade of different operating systems used by the Uighur community.

Both iPhone, iOs and Android should be concern of this hack
Although, Apple was prompt to patch the vulnerabilities used for these exploits immediately they were informed by Google in February. Still, if such hack could be exploited for years without notice, then more are still undercovered and victims can be anyone. You really should be concern if you use a Smartphone and it doesn’t matter what the brand or model.


Even if your phone uses a strong password or biometric encryption, you still can not be saved from this type of attack. For the reason that you’re on the internet and can stumble across a webpage that has such malware embedded. Still, you could be a victim and likely not know you have been hacked.

In all, you can only apply safe practices anything you browse the internet to reduce your chances of becoming a victim. This you can do by only following links from trusted people and don’t wander around any non-reputable sites. But even at this, you still can’t be too careful, malware is everywhere and seeking to invade you. You just should take your online security seriously and try to do the best you can to be saved.

Hence, this is not the only threat out there but the most recently known for now. There’s still several kinds of malware and they all have one goal; to steal your data. Please always be careful out there.

Source: https://techablaze.com/blog/the-iphone-hack-why-you-should-be-concern/
Phones / How To Take Your Selfie The Best Way by Raychux23(m): 1:18pm On Aug 29, 2019

There’s an art to all things done well. If you would like to take your selfie the best way, then you need to know the art of getting it perfect. By art, it means the right skill and knowledge of taking a perfect selfie. According to study, millennials are more prone to taking selfies and are expected to snap more than 25,000 selfies in their lifetime. Although, other age brackets are not left out, as we have the elderly fast embracing the selfie culture.

In as much almost everyone is involved in taking selfie, then there’s the need to getting it right.

Reasons why you should know how to take your selfie the best way

A good selfie skill might not save the world from global warming but it can come in handy for a good memory. For some good reasons, you might bump into an old friend or a favorite celebrity and a selfie would be needed. What about you did have it with them but it turns out awful because you never knew how to get a great shot. Or you are a social media addict, craving for more popularity. You can attract more followers by showing them a fine and quality selfie of you always.

There’s an art of taking the best selfie whenever you stand to strike a pose. This article will give you insight on taking your selfie the best and professional way each time. Moreover, keep these tips in mind when next you are to capture that perfect selfie.

Get a good quality camera smartphone

The first step to take in getting your selfie the best way is by using a good quality camera smartphone. The quality of your camera can make a huge difference in how your pic turns out. This is because not all cameras are of the same quality and build. Moreover, the older or cheaper your device, the less likely to have a good quality picture. However, if you are really a selfie freak, you should be so concern about your camera quality. Also, when next you are to pick a new phone, you should highly consider the quality of the front and back camera.

Good lighting

If a good camera is the first step in getting a quality picture, then lighting would set the mood right. Lighting is actually what’ll make your selfie look good or bad anytime or day. Moreover, trying to take a pic under direct sunny light would not give you a perfect shot. This is also applicable to a room with a dim light. To get the perfect shot, your lighting should be of average brightness, like on a cloudy day. Also, try this in an indoor setting and learn which corner has that great tune of light to appear all natural.

Put on a good look

If you wanna have your selfie the best way? Then, make yourself look good for the camera by making sure you are groomed and selfie-ready. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to put on all the expensive clothes and jewelry but have a nice and clean appearance.

Add a charming smile

To have a charming selfie, then put on a smile. A soft, tender charming smile can melt the heart of an admirer. Although, other times, there’s the need to go with a straight face. But if you want a charming and attractive pic, then put on a smiling face. And above all, don’t force a smile. Make it all natural and sincere.

Look the camera lens

By looking at your camera lens, it will also build charm for you. For it will create eye contact with whoever stares at your pic and leave that charming feeling.

Try different angles and expressions

Just like having the right lighting in place, finding the right angle should be considered also. You can do this by moving your device about and try several poses and facial expressions. Mix things up and don’t let your selfies all look the same and boring.
Hints: you can use a mirror for this or you just snap as many you could along by:

- Tilting and trying both sides of your face.
- Try the same for your shoulders.
- Also, raise your arm slightly to take your pic from an elevated position.
- Try your chin slightly down and the camera slightly up.
- Try a little pout.
- Give different expressions and snap; try frowning, sticking out tongue, winking, surprised look or bite your tongue as you wink.

Keep up with current trends

The selfie like every other thing evolves. So always endeavor to keep to current trends. You can know this by checking other people selfies on social media and see what now in vogue. Then, go on and try the latest trend with your styles.
Don’t do too much editing and filters

Upon having your selfies ready on your phone. Don’t be tempted to apply too much filters or editing just to make it prettier. Although, if you wish to edit or add a cool filter, do make it bare minimum. People easily get irritated with too much-added effects on a photo. The rule of thumb here is to try and always make your selfie as natural looking as possible.

Get a selfie app

Getting all set to upload to social media, then you might need some fine tuning. There are tons of apps that can fine-tune your selfie for you. With features and editing options that give your selfie something extra. But in all, always don’t apply too much. Sometimes, less is more and don’t always let things fall out of being natural. Get a good app to achieve this. You can try the Sweet Selfie app, which is available for both Android and iOS.

Take your selfie the best way everytime

In all, these are not rules but just guidelines in helping you get your selfie the best way. Also, you do not necessarily need to implement it all in every selfie you take. But just to point it right and have you check for some factors and consideration in getting your selfie out nice and perfect.

Source: https://techablaze.com/blog/how-to-take-your-selfie-the-best-way/
Science/Technology / Facebook Libra Cryptocurrency; What It’s All About And What It’ll Do For You by Raychux23(m): 3:20pm On Jun 20, 2019

Libra, the new Facebook cryptocurrency has finally be revealed and plans are on the way for its full deployment in the first quarter of 2020. The idea was to connect the 1.2 billion Facebook users not have access to traditional banking platforms. With the goal to create the first truly mainstream cryptocurrency. This would be available not only to Facebook 2.4 billion monthly users but also extending to the Libra association members platform.

What is Cryptocurrency?

A cryptocurrency is simply a digital or virtual currency. It’s called “cryptocurrency” because it uses cryptography for its security which makes it difficult to counterfeit. Cryptocurrency is built on blockchain technology with decentralized systems making it very secure. Moreover, the major and possibly best feature of cryptocurrency is its organic nature. A cryptocurrency is not issued by any central authority. This makes it immune to government interference or manipulation.

Features of a cryptocurrency

- It is a digital currency built with cryptographic protocols.
- It’s not controlled by any central authority such as governments’ regulations.
- Transactions are easily conducted using cryptocurrencies with minimal processing fees.
- Cryptocurrencies simplified transfers through the use of public and private keys for security and privacy purposes.

What is Libra?

Libra, as named after the Roman unit of measurement for coins, is a much different cryptocurrency from the others like Bitcoin. Libra will allow you to buy or cash its currency online or at local exchange points like grocery stores. Also allowing you to spend it using interoperable Facebook-owned wallet (Libra) or a third-party wallet app. Libra will be available on Google Play and the Apple App Store as a standalone app. Also, Libra wallet will be integrated into Facebook, Messenger app and WhatsApp.

The Libra currency

Libra, the first to be world's stable cryptocurrency would be a good medium of exchange. Having its value tied to a basket of bank deposits and short-term government securities while linked to stable international currencies. The unit of the Libra cryptocurrency is known as a Libra, represented by three wavy horizontal lines.

Facebook and Libra

Libra will be integrated into Facebook services such as WhatsApp, Messenger, and Facebook itself. In achieving this, Facebook is launching a subsidiary company called Calibra. Calibra will deal with handling of Facebook cryptocurrency and protects users’ privacy. This is aimed simply because Facebook does not want to conjoin your Libra payment with your Facebook data. Ensuring that your data wouldn’t be used for ad targeting and your real identity not tied to your publicly visible transactions. A major goal of Libra is its setup simplicity as well as its ubiquitous payment method. Libra is hoped to be the evolution of PayPal by becoming more efficient with fewer fees while easily accessible to the unbanked.

Also, Facebook won’t just be fully in control of Libra, but instead, get just a single vote in its governance. Other founding members (28) of them, for now, will all have a vote. Which is for investing at least $10 million each into the project’s operations and meeting up with other conditions.

The Libra association members (partners)

Libra associate membership comprises of 28 founding partners which include:

Payments: PayPal, Mastercard, PayU (Naspers’ Fintech arm), Visa, Stripe.
Technology and marketplaces: Facebook/Calibra, eBay, Booking Holdings, Farfetch, Spotify AB, Mercado Pago, Uber Technologies, Inc, Lyft.
Telecommunications: Vodafone, Iliad.
Blockchain: Coinbase, Anchorage, Inc., Xapo Holdings Limited, Bison Trails.
Venture Capital: Union Square Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz, Ribbit Capital, Breakthrough Initiatives, Thrive Capital.
Academic institutions, Nonprofit and multilateral organizations: Kiva, Creative Destruction Lab, Women’s World Banking, Mercy Corps.

Notwithstanding, Libra partnership is open to anyone that meets its requirements. While Facebook is still hoping for more founding partners, targeting a 100 before the official Libra launch.

Most importantly, Facebook/Calibra and other founder members of Libra will earn interest on the money users cash in. The cash in money will be held in reserve to keep the value of Libra cryptocurrency stable.

How do I use Libra cryptocurrency?

Libra would be used through Libra wallet, controls by Facebook’s own Calibra. While other Libra partners would have their own wallets for their users. Although, for now, you won’t be able to make or receive any real payments until when Libra is officially launched next year. Still, you can sign up now for early access once it’s ready for use.

What are the disadvantages of using Libra?

With all the glamour Libra is posing and promising, it’s also fair to look at its other side:

- Libra as digital money is in the same category with a credit-card and would cause people to spend more money that they wouldn't have otherwise spent with cash.
- Social media has been shown to promote spending, no thanks to its ads promotion and peer pressure. And having an integrated currency tool as Libra integrated into social media, will cause easy spending.
- Consumers will need to understand how Libra’s currency exchange works. So as to know the worth of their physical money when it’s converted to Libra or when it’s cashed out.
- It pushes the idea of a cashless society which disenfranchises the poor, elderly and unbanked.
- Spending your Libra currency would demand you using an Internet-enabled gadget resulting in cost and fees.
- A cashless society can result in an entire economy vulnerable to disruptions and attack.

Final words

In all, Libra is a great idea and we hope it does live up to Zuckerberg’s lofty economic goals and empower billions of people worldwide.

Source: https://techablaze.com/blog/facebook-libra-cryptocurrency-what-its-all-about-and-what-itll-do-for-you/
Phones / Re: My Experience and Unboxing of The Infinix S4 by Raychux23(m): 8:52am On Apr 19, 2019
What are your thoughts?

Does it support Glo 4g?
Phones / Re: How To Use Your Old Phone As A Security Camera by Raychux23(m): 7:20pm On Apr 18, 2019
This is rubbish.
Using my old phone as a camera will eat through its 8GB storage space in 16 hours or less.
How do I power the device that long to begin with?
One should not also forget the inbuilt camera app puts the phone in standby mode after a few minutes of inactivity.

Hey! Come on.
The camera isn't up there capturing every second. It uses motion and sound sensor to capture and record once there is an object in its view.

This it records and stores for 15 or any minute your specify. Thereafter sending you the event directly to your phone and also storing the log.

At the end of the day, you can pull down the phone, empty it store or copy it out.

One thing you should take in all this. The phone is not recording 247. But only when it detect something and record for some few minutes.

By this, the battery is sustain and remain in a standby mode or you can extend a charger cord and still power it up there.

It's a smart phone and it records smartly by using an app
Phones / How To Use Your Old Phone As A Security Camera by Raychux23(m): 6:21pm On Apr 18, 2019

What do you do with an old phone that’s no longer in use? Give it away, sell it off cheap or lock it away in that drawer? These might be some of your decisions towards an old phone which you no longer need its usage. Aside from the aforementioned decisions, an old phone can still be utilized in a much better way. You can achieve maximum usage of your old Smartphone by turning it into a surveillance camera and use it for security. By doing so, you don’t need to worry about buying CCTV or IP security systems equipment. Your old phone already has the majority of the components of becoming a real security camera. For it has a camera lens and can be connected to the internet. Nevertheless, you would still need cables and the right software to accomplish this.

By having just your old phone and the needed requirement in place, I will show you the steps on how you can turn your old or spare phone into a security camera.

Needed components and software
Your old phone
Security camera app (Haven)
Access to a Wi-Fi internet connection

After getting everything in place, let take a look at the Haven Security camera app. The app was built by the NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. It was created for people who needed a way to protect their personal spaces and possessions without compromising their own privacy. Moreover, the Haven app works with an internet connection. It can be connected to the internet either by using a Wi-Fi or with a USB-to-Ethernet adapter.

Setting up Haven
Get the Haven app and put in your phone. The app can be gotten from Google Play Store by searching for Haven. Or you can get it from F-Droid (the open-source app store). Once gotten and installed, open it for configuration by swiping through it and tap on Configure. Give it the necessary permission prompts for photos, media, and file access and also to take pictures and record video.

Your live camera feed will show up in the next screen. Switch between the front-facing or rear-facing cameras at the lower left corner of your screen. You can use the slider along the bottom of the screen to set how sensitive you want the motion detection to be. The motion sensor can be readjusted anytime to match your environment.

You can adjust its settings to be more sensitive once a sound or motion is detected. This will prompt your phone to start recording once its sensor detects any sound or motion in its space.

You can receive feedback by either through SMS alerts or signal. To receive SMS alert sent to your primary phone. In the app settings, just provide your phone number to be used. To set up video surveillance, go to settings and turn on the Video Monitoring toggle and set the video monitoring length. This will choose how long Haven will record the environment.

Mounting your phone in place
Look for the right spot to give you the best angle-view to mount your phone. Get power to the phone and run your Ethernet cable or get connected using Wi-Fi. Make sure everything is set properly and well placed.

Is Haven supported on iPhone
By the time of this writing, Haven doesn’t support the iPhone yet. Although, there’s hope to run Haven on iOS devices in the future. Nevertheless, iOS users can still benefit from the Haven experience. Just get an old android phone or buy an inexpensive one and get Haven installed. Your iPhone can be used to receive audio and photos notification directly from the android phone. This can be achieved by enabling the Tor Onion Service feature in Haven (it also requires the installation of Orbot app as well). Moreover, this can grant you remote access to all Haven log data by simply using your iPhone with the Onion Browser app.

Final words
Using an old Smartphone as a surveillance camera is way better than selling it for a fraction or allowing it to gather dust in the drawer. Not only will your phone be able to send you audio and photos automatically via SMS or signal. It’ll also be able to log events on the phone itself which you can view at any time. Nevertheless, you’ll have to trigger the phone’s monitoring manually as when needed and also turn it off manually.

Source: https://techablaze.com/blog/how-to-use-your-old-phone-as-a-security-camera/
Phones / Re: 7 Best Apps To Make Your Selfie Cool And Funny by Raychux23(m): 8:12pm On Apr 05, 2019

I guess that's the magical word
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Just like everything that has gain relevance overtime, the selfie has evolved and has created a culture for itself. There are quite a number of tools that can enhance or make your selfie more appealing. From photo filters to enhancers and to a 3D animated effect that can change as you move your face. Selfies have become a niche on its own. There’s a whole lot you can do to a selfie now, for its tuning possibilities is becoming limitless. Before we go further to the 7 best apps to make your selfie cool and funny let first understand what really a selfie is.

What Is A Selfie
A selfie has to do with the self and pictures or simply put a selfie is a self-portrait type image. Selfies are typically taken with a Smartphone which may be held in the hand, a selfie stick or by using a selfie drone. In November 2013, Selfie was announced as the “word of the year” and was subsequently added to the Oxford English Dictionary. Also, in August 2014, selfie was officially accepted for use in Scrabble (word game). These 7 best apps will make your selfie cool and funny

1. YouCam Fun: Turn you otherwise (iOS)
If you would like a selfie of your younger or older self in a different body, then use YouCam Fun for that. YouCan Fun has the functionality to turn you into a Chinese lady or a cat or to any other animated character. You can be anything you want using this app. Once gotten the perfect selfie character, you can either save the image or share it directly to your preferred social media account.

2. NASA Selfies: A Selfie App From NASA (Android, iOs)
So many adults dreamt as kids of becoming an astronaut but lots of the dreams were piped. Anyways, we still have a bunch of kids aiming and dreaming of becoming one and no better motivation than to make them see themselves as one already. Gear up the dream by suiting up in a spacesuit and taking a snap in space. Developed by the IPAC Communication & Education group and released on the 15th anniversary of NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope Mission. The app puts you in a virtual space suit with some stunning space images for the background. To do this, just take a selfie and pick an image to fit in, be it a rocket launch scene, space posters, or space exploration.

3. Morphin: Put Yourself Inside a GIF (Android, iOS)
Think of having an Avatar of yourself, this app is the tool. You take a selfie and have the app put you inside a GIF. The GIF remains the same but just your face is switched and have your Avatar self. Morphin uses a CGI to optimize your likeness and recreate a personalize animated GIF for you.

4. Art Selfie: Art Lovers (Android, iOS)
For the lovers of selfies and arts, this is a must have app. A part of the Google Arts and Culture app is the easy to use Art Selfie. Install the app and find the Art Selfie. Once a selfie is taken by the app, Google Art Selfie will try and match your photo to thousands of portrait artworks online. The app uses a computer vision technology and machine learning to compare your face to the various artworks by museums who are partners with Google.

5. Fatify: Makes You Look Fatter (iOS)
Do you like to see the fatter you? This app will do that for you. By adjusting its simple slider, you can see how you would look like if you were 10kgs heavier or even a 100! You can also do record a video with voice to match your now fatter look.

6. Smiley: Take Hands-Free Smiling Selfies (iOS)
If you want a selfie with your hands totally intact, then the Smiley Selfie will do that for you. You can use the app to make a Selfie of you or a group’s portrait. To do this, position your phone and the Smiley Selfie app will auto-snap the picture simply by everyone displaying their smile with revealing teeth.

7. Unifie: Take a Selfie With Anyone, Anywhere
Do you want to take a selfie with a celebrity, a distance lover, family member or with that cute random friend? Then having the Unifie Selfie app would be needed for that. Furthermore, its video call functionality can create a selfie with your caller during a Video chat. This it can do in real time.

Beyond Beauty Filters.
Nevertheless, beating your stale conventional beauty filters selfie apps that are becoming boring. These 7 best apps to make your selfie cool and funny can add new spices and fun to your click time.

Do you think we missed out on an app that’s way cooler and was supposed to make the list? Hit on us now!

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Phones / How To Solve Common Google Play Store Problems by Raychux23(m): 5:46pm On Mar 07, 2019

Google Play Store is the apps control manager of any android phone. It provides an interface to manage apps’ download, updates, memory usage, and more. It also helps in getting you games, TV, books, movies to your device with ease. And just like everything else that gets jammed unexpectedly. Google Play Store might just stop working and keeps showing you some error message. Probably this has happened to you or you are experiencing it now. Nevertheless, there are steps you can follow to solve any of the Play Store problems. Although, even if you have never encountered any of these common problems before. Having the knowledge on what to do will help you or someone else when the need arises.

Note: How to solve common Google Play Store problems[/b] These step by step guides may vary slightly depending on your device and Android version. Here I am using Android version 8.0 for the illustrations.

Google apps just won’t update
The apps in your phone might stop updating and you just don’t know why. Furthermore, you open the Play Store and tap on update; it shows you downloading and keeps rolling. This it does continuously and still won’t download you any updated file until you decided to end the process.

To fix this: Go to Settings > Apps & notification > App info. At the top right corner, tap the three vertical dots and tap on Reset app preferences. This will fix the problem and reset all apps to their default state without you losing any data.

Google Play Store not working but showing Error Codes instead
Sometimes the Play Store may crash and simply won’t open. You try to do everything you can but it keeps showing you some error codes which you don’t understand. You try harder but the error code just won’t stop popping out. This problem can be solved by one of the listed solutions below.

.Stop Google Play and wipe its cache and/or data file
.Switch your connection from data to Wi-Fi
.Uninstall Play Store updates and re-update again
.Remove and re-add your Google account
.Register your device with Google

By walking through any of these steps, you’ll be able to resolve majority of Google Play Store problems.

Caution: These solutions are pertaining to non rooted devices. Rooted device changes Android’s system files and thus call for a different approach. If your phone is rooted, you’ll require more experience and effort to solve issues as related to these.

Stop Play Store, wipe Cache and Data
Google Play Store relies on other processes that are silently running in the background. You will have to wipe the Play Store cache and data. Also, you should do the same with Google Play Services and Google Services Framework.

To fix this: open Google Play Store. Select Force Stop; this will kill the app’s process. Tap on Storage to get more options. On the next screen, tap Clear Cache. This will remove temporary data and hopefully, the problem might be fixed.

You can go even further to clear all data. To do this, tap on Manage Space. On the resulting screen, tap Clear All Data. This will essentially reset the app to its original form and also cleared its cache as a result. You may be required to reenter your login information.

If the problem persists, try doing the same for Google Play services and Google Services Framework. If after this and the problem is still unsolved, try the next solution.

Switch your connection from data to Wi-Fi
Having an unreliable internet connection will cause some apps unable to be installed. If your mobile data is unreliable, switch to a reliable Wi-Fi and try it out. Although, at other times, you might try switching from a Wi-Fi to a mobile data and reattempt installation and see if the problem is fix.
Finally, if you use a VPN, you should disable the app and try fixing the problem. VPN can sometimes cause issues with your Play Store downloads.

Uninstall Play Store updates and re-update again
Unlike a rooted device that you have the option to uninstall Google Play Store, you do not have such liberty with a non rooted phone. Anyways you can uninstall Play Store updates; this is almost the same as uninstalling Play Store.

To do this: go to Settings > Apps & notifications > App info. Select Google Play Store from the list and tap. On the next page, tap the three vertical dots on the top right corner of your page and tap Uninstall updates. This process will return the Play Store app to its original state. Whereafter you can search for and update your Play Store.

Remove and re-add your Google account
To remove and re-add your Google account isn’t a difficult feat. Although, you need to take caution, for doing this will wipe your personal data from your device which were synced with your Google account. These personal data could include your photos, videos, contacts and more.
To do this: go to Settings > Accounts. Pick the particular account that’s experiencing issues. Tap on Remove account to erase it. You can also remove multiple accounts if they all suffer from the problem.

When done, restart your phone and add back your accounts.

Register your device with Google
Google gives out Android’s license to OEM manufacturers before they can use Android on their phones. Google also constrain phones whose manufacturer fails to obtain a license to use Android. In such cases, Google might completely stop its Play Store from working in such phones. In other cases, some Google-branded apps like Gmail or Google Maps won’t run by the Play Store. This might cause you to see Error Code 501 or a warning that you own an unlicensed device. You may be a victim of this issue and still might not receive any of these error messages. Anyways, the good news is, Google now allows unlicensed devices access to its Play Store. The process is easy and you can get the information online.

Final words
We hope one of the methods was useful and got you up and running. The tips are illustrated in a step by step ways on how you can fix common Play Store error issues yourself. Although, if you still found the problem unresolved. We advise you to look up a list of Play Store Error Codes https://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2733038 compiled by an XDA user. The list contains 20 Error code numbers and the exact solution to use for it.

Source: https://techablaze.com/blog/how-to-solve-common-google-play-store-problems/
Computers / USB 3.2 Is Coming With A Super-fast Speed And Confused Name by Raychux23(m): 5:04pm On Feb 28, 2019
USB 3.2 is coming with a super-fast speed but with a confused name

When it comes to the technology world, one problem that always gets linger on is its naming convention. Technology is a work in progress; things are always being reshaped into a better state. Alongside every improvement, is the name that must be assigned. Names are always given to latest products just to make them stand out. Like we have Microsoft Windows evolving over the years from Windows 3.0, 3.1, 95, 98, Me, 2000, XP, 7, 8, and most recently Windows 10. One might ask, can there be a stopped to this naming convention? By using Microsoft Windows as a case study here. No, technology has no final destination and as long as the company exists and O.S (operating system) is still needed in computers. Microsoft will continue to upgrade its Windows O.S and give it a new name each time.

The big question

What would you say to an already named technology being given a new name even though the technology remains the same? Confused! right? That is the case of the forthcoming USB 3.2 which is finally coming out this year but causing older versions a change to their names.

Who is behind all this confusion?

An independent technology standard group known as USB Implementers Forum or USB-IF for short is behind the confusion. Their excuse or explanation judging from the recent criticism they are being faced with is that they are exploring some improvements to target overall simplification. Although the irony is, the USB 3.2 specifications are meant to avoid confusion but in reality, it actually making things more complicate for both consumers and manufacturers.

The latest USB 3.2

The new USB 3.2 is the next-generation USB standard expected to be available on devices later this year. It is expected to double the maximum speed of the previous generation to achieve a 20Gbps transfer rate. This is achieved by using two lanes of 10Gbps at once without the reduction of its cable length.

What is the confusion?

With the introduction of USB 3.2 which now caused previous generations to bear the same name as USB 3.2 is posing confusion in identifying one from another. Although the previous technologies now have their generation attached to its names for easy differentiation. Still, it isn’t making it an easy feat either.

The USB-IF’s confusion makes each new specification absorbs the previous generations as included within that spec. This is their way of keeping things relatively consistent. Hence, when USB 3.1 came out, the previous USB 3.0 spec became USB 3.1 Gen 1. While the new, faster 3.1 was USB 3.1 Gen 2.
For better understanding, here is a breakdown of the various generations.

.The original USB 3.O with a transfer data of up to 5Gbps and was previously renamed to USB 3.1 Gen 1, is now USB 3.2 Gen 1.
.USB 3.1 with a speed at up to 10Gbps and later named as USB 3.1 Gen 2, is now USB 3.2 Gen 2.
.Finally, the new USB 3.2 Gen 2X2 is the latest and fastest spec, promising a speed at up to 20Gbps.

Aftermath of the confusion

USB-IF wants everyone to use its more human-friendly terms for easy identification. USB 2.0 will be identified as USB Hi-speed, and the version 3 variations as USB SuperSpeed 5Gbps, USB SuperSpeed 10Gbps, and USB SuperSpeed 20Gbps.

When will products start rolling out the latest USB 3.2?

It is not known exactly when this year, we’ll see laptops, cell phones, and other devices bearing ports capable of USB 3.2 2X2 transfer speeds. Nevertheless, manufacturers are expected to start the adoption of the new naming conventions for current and upcoming products to identify the various 5, 10, or 20Gbps USB 3.2.

Final words

The confusing part would be, USB 3.2 could mean 5, 10, or 20Gbps. Nevertheless, manufacturers are going to exploit this wherever and whenever they can. This is a major concern and the USB-IF does emphasize on manufacturers the importance of honestly listing their hardware capabilities in marketing. Still, it is left on the consumers to check to see if they are getting the real USB 3.2 speeds or just rebranded older specs.

Source: https://techablaze.com/blog/usb-3-2-is-coming-with-super-fast-speed-and-confused-name/
Crime / Re: Chinese Bank Programmer Steals Millions From ATM Using Loophole (Pics) by Raychux23(m): 8:14pm On Feb 06, 2019

Copy and paste blogger, go and find work to do.

Original content here https://www.theverge.com/2019/2/5/18212902/huaxia-bank-qin-qisheng-atm-loophole-hack-china

Why the hate bro?

Please copy my content and paste it on smallseotools.com/plagiarism-checker and check for plagiarism

Mind you, theverge.com did not go to China to cover the news likewise Techablaze.com

Both were only reporting what was seen on
The South China News Post

And Daily Economic News

Please for next time sake, tender hate with wisdom.

One love
Crime / Chinese Bank Programmer Steals Millions From ATM Using Loophole (Pics) by Raychux23(m): 7:10pm On Feb 06, 2019
Bank programmer stole millions from ATM using loophole

This sound more like a feat seen in movies “bank programmer stole millions from ATM using loophole”. But it actually did happen as confirmed by both The South China Morning Post and Daily Economic News. The bank programmer exploited and finds a loophole to withdraw $1 million in cash from his bank ATM. Can this just happen in one night raid? No, no bank ATM can house such a huge amount of money. In fact, the average sized ATM machine can hold as much as $200,000, although only few machines do. But in off hours, most ATM machines contain less than $10,000. This is as a result of withdrawal during the day and a good security measure. For most ATM thefts happen during off hours.

Back to the question “how was he able to withdraw such a huge amount from a machine with limited cash deposit”. Could he possible had stolen the money from several machines and accumulated the sums? No, he actually did find a loophole and exploited his discovery for years.

Qin Qisheng, a 43 years old senior programmer working with Huaxia Bank’s technology development centre in Beijing, China. He discovered a loophole in his bank’s core system. The discovery was that the bank’s system couldn’t properly record withdrawals made from the machine around midnight, due to time and date change from one day to another. This resulted in the machine spitting out cash without deducting the withdraw amount from a user’s account. This system failure normally will log an error report on the bank’s system.

On discovery this as a programmer and his job was to report such abnormalities and system failures. Qisheng instead inserted a scripts (computer program file) into the bank’s system to keep those alert unreported to the system. He afterwards started withdrawing money from the machine around November 2016 to January 2018 with a total of 1,358 withdrawals amounting to over 7 million yuan ($1 million upwards). He was apprehended when the bank later discovered the program script he inserted in the system with traces to him.

Aftermath of his arrest

The bank decided to let go of the charges against him on the condition that he would return the money. They also did ask the police to drop the charges leveled against Qisheng. Their explanation was that Qisheng as a programmer to the bank was merely testing the bank’s system vulnerability and holding onto the cash to be later given back to the bank.

The Chaoyang district court refused the bank’s plea and found him guilty. They didn’t accept the bank’s explanation and Qisheng was charged for theft. For he moved the stolen funds to his personal bank account, instead of the bank’s dummy account and did invest some amount in the stock market. The bank did so, simply to hide its face from publicity scandal since the loophole has already been fixed.

Qisheng was supposed to be the good guy and report any lapses discovered about the system, but he took advantage of it. He is now looking at 10 and half jail sentence after losing his court appeal.

Source: https://techablaze.com/blog/bank-programmer-stole-millions-from-atm-using-loophole/

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Phones / Truecaller Becomes A Messaging App To Fight Fake News by Raychux23(m): 8:45am On Oct 04, 2018

The anti-spam service app “Truecaller” is now a messaging app as it continues to develop into a social service with aim to combat fake news. This was announced by the company that its Android and iOS users will now have chat feature in its app.

Truecaller was developed by True Software Scandinavia AB, a Swedish company founded by Alan Mamedi and Nami Zarringhalam in 2009. The app was developed originally to screen spam calls and messages. This is achieved by finding contact details globally given a name or telephone number, and also has an integrated caller ID service to achieve call-blocking functionality. This is done to keep the phonebook up-to-date with pictures and birthdays.

Truecaller chat
The idea was born for the quest to help combat “fake news” an issue that has plagued WhatsApp in India. Truecaller chat is promising a functionality in its app that will let users to report links via a reporting button and kill the widespread of fake news. Furthermore the company is also planning to include AI and machine learning to the process.

By examining its claims to combat fake news with a reporting link, it is doubtless correct since Truecaller has a strong community. The information used to identify spam SMS and phone numbers inside its original app comes from community reporting. With this the company won’t have a dedicated fact-checkers but will rely on counter reports to what was broadcast.

Truecaller is also preparing to allow third-parties to integrate their services into its app. This could actually be quite handy for Android users just like Apple iMessager . Messages sent between Truecaller users will be handled in the app free, while to non-users will be sent as a normal SMS, which is also supported by the app.

The messaging feature is global, but it promises to make its biggest impact in India where fake news is gaining widespread and has become a great concern and worry to the Indian government.

As Truecaller continues to evolve, from spam detection into payments and now chat. What your say about the company and its stand on claims to eliminate fake news? Or are you thinking Truecaller will go full flag social network?

Team Techablaze.

Source: http://techablaze.com/blog/truecaller-becomes-a-messaging-app-to-fight-fake-news/
Programming / Why Become A Computer Coder by Raychux23(m): 5:42pm On Jun 07, 2018

Just like every thought provoking question people usually ask themselves before they choose a career or skill.

"why become a computer coder or what are the benefits of coding?"

Computers as machines are not nearly as smart as humans. For it to succeed at the tasks we’ve assigned them, they need us humans to give them extremely detailed instructions. That means coding.

Coding is “the new literacy” for it isn’t just some niche skill.

Coding is the literacy of the 21 century, time will come when the question “are you a computer literate” will literary mean “can you code a computer” —Anonymous

“It’s the essential 21st century skill that every ambitious person needs to learn if they want to succeed. Like reading was in the 12th century, writing in the 16th century, arithmetic in the 18th century, and driving a car was in the 20th century.

And just like how not everyone who learns to write will go on to become a professional writer — nor everyone who learns arithmetic will go on to become a professional mathematician — also, not everyone who learns to code will go on to become a software developer. But all people who learn these things will be immensely better off as a result of their efforts” credit – Quincy Larson

Everything is going automation. You can’t stop technology, you can only adapt to it. If your day to day task is kind of repetitive like that of a factory job you are at higher risk.

Benefits of becoming a computer coder
They are lot of benefits and listed below are but a few points which proved why.
-It helps you to understand working of computers and understand its Machine level operations.
-It helps to improve your decision making ability.
-You can develop customized applications for yourself or for others.
-It also helps you to develop your own logic.
-Coding languages are more or less the same. So, effective study of one of the programming language helps you to work on different programming languages.
-Above all, you’ll become smarter and indispensable.

There are tons of great free resources to get started learning to code.
You can start with:
www.udacity.com etc.
Just to mention a few. Some you’ll get the courses free or at low cost but it’s definitely worth a skill to have.

For questions and suggestions, please leave a comment below.

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Phones / Wi-fi Gets Secured With WPA3 Security Protections by Raychux23(m): 4:33pm On Jan 26, 2018

As Wi-Fi gets secured with WPA3 security protections. Users will no longer get worried over public or private connectivity hack as Wi-Fi Alliance has assured. WPA3 is a new standard of Wi-Fi security features for users and service providers. It was shocking late last year after a research reviewed that all modern system using the WPA2 Wi-Fi security protocol is Vulnerable to KRACK . The WPA2 was the industry standard for almost two decades. Hackers later found a way to eavesdrop on supposedly secured information sent over its protocol.

The WPA3 Security Standard
“WPA” stands for Wi-Fi Protected Access. The new Wi-Fi protocol uses a 192-bit encryption to secure open Wi-Fi networks and individualized information encryption for each user. This simply means that the relationship between your device and the router is scrambled. And activities done on the network can’t be peeped on. Notwithstanding, new devices will have to meet its standard before it’ll be branded with the “Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ WPA3™” logo.

Features of WPA3 Wi-Fi Standard
The Wi-Fi Alliances which comprises community of businesses like Apple, Microsoft, Qualcomm etc. Stated that the WPA3 must meet a four features standard.

1. Privacy on Public Wi-Fi Networks
All open Wi-Fi networks found in public places like schools, hotels, airports, libraries are a security mess. And the individual devices connected must be encrypted against snooping. This is fixed by using “individual data encryption” and will make public open Wi-Fi networks much more private. Furthermore, it’ll make it impossible for people to snoop on your device without actually cracking the encryption.

2. Protection Against Brute-Force Attacks
Devices trying to connect to a Wi-Fi access point must ensure it uses the correct passphrase known as “handshake”. The 2017 KRACK attack prove the flaws in WPA2 security standard. But nevertheless WPA2 devices were later fixed with software updates. The WPA3 standard defines a new handshake. It’ll provide a robust protections even when users choose passwords that fall short of typical complexity recommendations. Hence, even if you’re using a weak password, the WPA3 standard will protect you against any brute-force attacks.

3. Easier Connection Process For Devices Without Displays
Until recently, Wi-Fi enabled electronics with little or no display interface continue to grow and trend. The WPA3 is bringing a feature that promises to simplify the process of configuring security for such devices. They includes and not limited to Google Home, smart fridges, Amazon Echo , and light bulbs found in the home. They can seemly connect to a Wi-Fi and be protected under the WPA3 security protocol.

4. Secured Wi-Fi for Government, Defense and Industrial Applications
This feature will be used by Government and large organization. Therefore, gadget users don’t really need to be concern about it. The Wi-Fi Alliance also announced a 192-bit security suite which is intended for government, defense and industrial applications. And will protect their network from domestic or foreign espionage.

The Way Forward
As stated by the Wi-Fi Alliance, devices must be certified for WPA3 to roll out these features. Nevertheless, they must apply for and be granted the “Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ WPA3™” logo. On that note, even when you get a WPA3-enabled router. You’ll also need a WPA3-compatible client device such as your laptop, phone or anything else that connect to Wi-Fi to fully take advantage of these new features. The good news is, the same router can accept both WPA2 and WPA3 connections at the same time. And until WPA3 is widespread and WPA2 devices are obsolete. Then we can have devices with WPA3 security standard only.

Thanks for reading.

Source: http://techablaze.com/blog/wi-fi-gets-secured-with-wpa3-security-protections/
Phones / Re: 7 Key Whatsapp Security You Should Implement by Raychux23(m): 2:31pm On Nov 20, 2017
Phones / 7 Key Whatsapp Security You Should Implement by Raychux23(m): 6:46pm On Nov 14, 2017

WhatsApp is no doubt one of the best and most popular instant messengers out there. Its chats are more than just simple texts. We all know it. A lot of things are now being shared on the platform ranging from photos, videos, bank account details, contacts and so on. And with so much personal data, if you take privacy and security of WhatsApp for granted then you have a lot at stake.

This is beyond and above WhatsApp own built-in end-to-end encryption. WhatsApp’s encryption ensures that your messages can be read only on your recipient’s phone. It’s enabled by default and can’t be turned off.

Notwithstanding, there are steps you should take to protect your privacy and security.

1. Lock WhatsApp

First and foremost, have your WhatsApp locked with a password or PIN. Having others handling your phone and not wanting them pry on your chats then, having your WhatsApp locked will do you some good. Though, WhatsApp itself doesn’t offer such a function, but there are third-party apps that do. Some Android’s app with such functionality are Messenger and Chat Lock, Lock for WhatsApp and Secure Chat.

2. Disable Backups

WhatsApp end-to-end encryption is awesome, but having WhatsApp backs up chats to Google Drive or iCloud can pose as a loophole. Even though it’s cool because reinstalling it again can help you retrieve your old messages. But this backup isn’t encrypted.

So if you really care about your privacy, then that’s something you need to disable. Remember, storing your data with Apple and Google might not protect you against eavesdropping by governments.

3. Disable WhatsApp Web

Having your WhatsApp chat on a web browser is a cool feature. But make sure your account doesn’t have any unwanted WhatsApp Web active. To check for that, click on menu at the top right corner of your app, then tap on Whatsapp Web. You can see your logged in computers there. If there’s an active logged in that’s not you, then logged out from it.

4. Turn On WhatsApp Security Notifications

When a new phone or laptop accesses an existing chat, a new security code is generated for both devices. WhatsApp sends a notification whenever the security code changes. This way, you can easily tell when a device that is not authorized by you tried to log into your WhatsApp.

To turn on security notifications, go to WhatsApp > Settings > Account > Security > Show security notifications and flip the toggle to green, as pictured below.

5. Restrict Access to Profile Picture

Do you use your profile photo on other platforms like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn? Maybe it’s even on your company’s website somewhere. If it is, and it’s set to be viewed by “Everyone” then, anyone that has your contact can download your picture from your WhatsApp profile. And, using Google Image search, very quickly can find out more about you. Set profile picture sharing to “Contacts only” in the Privacy menu.

6. Don’t Fall For Scams

WhatsApp itself will never contact you through its app. Also, WhatsApp doesn’t send emails about chats, photos, voice messages, payment or videos unless you contact their help and support channel to start with. Anything offering a free subscription, claiming to be from WhatsApp or does encourage you to follow links in order to safeguard your account is definitely a scam and not to be trusted.

7. Enable Two-Step Verification

WhatsApp security supports Two Factor Authentication (2FA). This adds a periodic pass-code to WhatsApp, and also ensures your data isn’t accessed by someone else.

To activate 2FA, go to Menu > Settings > Account > Two-step verification > Enable. Create a six-digit PIN code that you can easily remember. Also, add your email address to retrieve that code in case you forget it.

For opinions or suggestions, please drop a comment below.


Source: http://techablaze.com/blog/7-key-whatsapp-security-you-should-implement/

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Computers / Meet The World’s Next Most Powerful Supercomputer by Raychux23(m): 3:01pm On Oct 25, 2017

The world’s next most powerful supercomputer will be unveiling next year. The powerful supercomputer is being built in the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) in Tennessee, United States.

The powerful supercomputer is named “SUMMIT” and will be capable of 200 petaFLOPS after completion. It’s designed to be a replacement to Titan the current fastest supercomputer in the United States.

The supercomputer with performance measurement in FLOPS is in its completion stage and immediately after completion. The Summit supercomputer will commence usage in solving some of science biggest questions.

What is a FLOP?

Computer scientists measure a supercomputer’s performance in FLOPS, an acronym for FLoating Point Operations per Second. Currently, the world’s fastest and most powerful supercomputer, the Sunway TaihuLight is in China. It’s capable of 93 peta floating of computing power.

Summit is able to achieve a 200 petaFLOPS , thanks to its GPU-accelerated computing. This means it uses a central processing unit like regular computers do. And unlike the Sunway TaihuLight that uses Chinese-designed SW26010 manycore, 64-bit RISC processors and communicate via a network on a chip, instead of having a traditional cache hierarchy.

What benefits could Summit Supercomputer bring?

It will tackle the problem of testing and developing stronger, lighter manufacturing materials; the use of sound waves to model the inside of the Earth. It will also enable discoveries in many areas of science, such as Aerospace engineering, astrophysics, biology, climate modeling and national security. These all have applications with extreme computing requirements.


Summit is the next leap in leadership-class computing systems for open science. With Summit supercomputer, Scientist will be able to address, with greater complexity and higher fidelity, questions concerning who we are, our place on earth, and in our universe. And Upon completion, Summit will allow researchers in all fields of science unprecedented access to solving some of the world’s most pressing challenges.

For opinions or suggestions, please drop a comment below.

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Computers / All Wi-fi Network Can Be Hacked, A New Discovery Says by Raychux23(m): 2:37pm On Oct 18, 2017

It became news on Monday 16th October, after a group of Researchers at KU Leuven. A University in Belgium discovered a way for an attacker to read sensitive information that is sent over a Wi-Fi network using WPA2. The discovery has made some information security expect to tag the day as a “Black Monday”. This vulnerability affects absolutely every device using WPA2 connection. Be it a Mac, Windows, iOS, Android or Linux, they're all prone to KRACK. With this vulnerability, an attacker can decrypt and view information that is sent over a proposed secured Wi-Fi network.

The Wi-Fi vulnerability is named “KRACK”, which is short for Key Re-installation Attacks. Below is a detailed understanding of this vulnerability and what you can do to protect your device.

The WPA2 Wi-Fi network.

The WPA2 is an acronym of Wi-Fi Protected Access 2. And it’s currently the industry standard that secures all modern protected Wi-Fi networks to thwart eavesdroppers. It has been the secure option for most devices that use the Wi-Fi network since 2004.

Which devices are prone to KRACK Attack?

Virtually every device using the WPA2 security protocol is prone to KRACK. Be it Android, Linux, Apple, Microsoft Windows etc. Also, the list of affected vendors is enormous. And vendors including Cisco, Amazon, Netgear and a host of others who are scrambling to release patches to fix this issue. Currently, Microsoft has successfully fixed the problem for its customers running supported versions of Windows. Also, Google has promised a fix for its affected Android’s devices in the coming weeks.

What type of information can be compromised by KRACK?

Anything that can be access and sent over the WPA2 network connection is at risk of being hacked. Although, an attacker needs to be physically in range of a particular Wi-Fi network to carry out the assault. This might pose a limitation, but, having overcome the setback. He can do a whole lot, such as stealing credit card numbers, passwords, chat messages, emails, photos, videos and more. It also may be possible for him to inject malicious information into the Wi-Fi network. This could include malware, viruses and Trojans.

What to do about KRACK Vulnerability.

This vulnerability affects every device you own that uses Wi-Fi. If your device uses public Wi-Fi, you are at higher risk. The vendors that make your products are working on patches which they will release in the coming days. Once patches are released, you will need to update your devices and hardware. The good news is that, this vulnerability does not require you to replace any hardware. It's fixable through a software update.

How to Stay on Top of your device Updates.

Your device will prompt you when an important security update is available. Many may update automatically. A lot of other devices also provide an option to manually check for updates. We recommend you check periodically this week so that you catch any updates as soon as they are released.

Source: http://techablaze.com/blog/your-wi-fi-is-vulnerable-to-krack/
Phones / Re: Google Launching Android Oreo Same Timing With The Eclipse by Raychux23(m): 8:08pm On Aug 21, 2017
Just as expected. Google officially named its new Android OS Oreo
Phones / Re: Google Launching Android Oreo Same Timing With The Eclipse by Raychux23(m): 8:08pm On Aug 21, 2017
Just as expected. Google officially named its new Android OS Oreo

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