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Politics / Re: Tinubu Daughter Is A Carpenter? by Reality3080: 8:13am On May 03
Wonder shall never end .

Wetting my eyes dey see so ?

So this girl is a carpenter nailing people's yansh up and down ?

Omo Tinubu born plenty error Sha, it's well 😜🥺🥺🥺🤣🤣
typical Igbo

Una go cry tire
Politics / Re: How Police Force Criminals To Claim To Be IPOB Members - IPOB by Reality3080: 8:04am On May 03
While I do not subscribe to a violent approach to secession, I think the police and the public making blanket conclusion on crimes in the SE and linking it the IPOB may be counter productive.

Now politician can easily assassinate their opponents and pin it on "unknown gunmen" or IPOB, when a little investigation will reveal the true killers.

Of course the ESN provided the ground for the lazy investigative behaviour of the Police.

we told u people d implications then but u no gree, ipob presented themselves in an image of violence so anyone can hide under that to perpetuate evil n tag it on ipob

Shebi we told u d dangers of presenting d group as a violent group
Politics / Re: IPOB Strikes Again Kidnaps Another Business Man PHOTOS by Reality3080: 7:56am On May 03
The kidnappers have been caught and the shocker is that they were all members of the Nigerian police.

On second thought let me even try and upload the video
u self know say na lie u dey lie

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Politics / Re: Oshiomhole Joins Tinubu To Commission Biggest Flyover Project In Rivers by Reality3080: 7:50am On May 03
The official wailers are welcome to come n wail here

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Politics / Re: Biafrans Protest For The Release Of Nnamdi Kanu In Linz, Austria- Pics by Reality3080: 5:36pm On May 02
Biafrans took to the streets of the town of Linz, Austria, yesterday to protest for the release of IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu

Kanu has been discharged by the courts but is still been held as the government appeals the decision at the Supreme court.
they are back to their Biafra propaganda after they failed in election

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Romance / Re: Ladies Would You Remain With Your Spouse If He Suddenly Goes Broke? by Reality3080: 9:35am On May 02
Men will you stick to your woman if she suddenly loses a leg and both eyes and cant function in the house and bedroom anymore?

its how this gender that is not capable of loving anyone genuinely are always quick to demand being loved.

only 2% of men are good and this 2% dont make noise o, its the terrible ones that will always come out to talk nonsense about women and relationship
u lack sense cos obviously this doesn’t have to do with losing body parts
Politics / Re: Seyi Tinubu Bought $11 million London Mansion In 2017 - Bloomberg by Reality3080: 9:10am On May 02

I posted a news piece as reported by Peoples Gazette and you say I misinformed? Take that to Peoples Gazette.

About Tinubu, I’ve told you that I’m a man principle and I don’t care if Tinubu rules Nigeria for 8 years, I will always be here to remind the world that he’s a criminal, a drug baron, a liar, and represents everything wrong in a society; that he’s the worst of us who got to where he is through establishment of a criminal structure.

Prepare to have me around for a long time holding Tinubu’s scrotum.

Now, can you tell Nigerians how Seyi Tinubu made $11million dollars to buy a property in London?
if u like tell us tinubu killed everyone in your village, we still like him

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Politics / Re: Zakari & Alysa Wed: Governor Sule Attends Son's Wedding In The US by Reality3080: 12:24pm On May 01
While Nairaland APC miscreants are still struggling to eat 3 square meal, Sule, his entourage and his family are enjoying in the US.
shenedu na problem u put your self

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Career / Re: Workers' Day:share Your Hustling Experiences And Your Present Job. by Reality3080: 11:56am On May 01

Be like say you never ready to make am for life. You have to cool down and find a game that will play. Dazzol
if only u know 1.01 dey spoil

U never see 35 odd beat 1.02 before?
Politics / Re: Obidients, Good News! by Reality3080: 9:18pm On Apr 30
God will unseat him!
Thank goodness say God no b igbo
Politics / Re: Obidients, Good News! by Reality3080: 9:16pm On Apr 30
The presidential election petition tribunal commences in earnest on May 10th, which marks the beginning of our mandate reclamation.

The Batists are obviously not happy because the tribunal can decide to address the Abuja 25% conundrum and Shettima double nomination early. These are matters of the constitution and law and does not require lengthy evidences, witnesses, forensics etc.

If the tribunal decides this quickly, Tinubu may not be sworn in!

I see victory! Obidatti is what Nigeria needs at a time like this!
no wonder they say u Igbo/obedient aren’t intelligent

U don’t even know d stages involved in election tribunal, u just believe they will start on 10th n before 29 they will give judgement

Even rape case or minor theft accusation is not done that way let alone president election

I guess u haven’t heard of prehearing before?
What about councel introduction?
Petition submissions n counters?

Many of u are kids, it’s not your fault it’s nairaland where any kid can wake up n create thread without d mods scrutinizing it

Anybody can just drop anything here, that was how one guy said a prophet told him judgement will b delivered on d 13th of may n it’s obi that will b sworn in


Travel / Re: Benin Republic Deports Many Nigerians (Video, Photos) by Reality3080: 1:55pm On Apr 29
Imagine bene here.
But you can't blame them. A country with a leadership that is confused and an Escorbar/Osama bin laden been paraded as incoming leaders is enough embrassment . Other countries need to protect themselves and their people.

That is why all hands must be on deck to usher in the new Nigeria.
It is only the OBIDATTI OBIDIENT new Nigeria that will restore the battered dignity and image of our nation .
It is only the OBIDIENT new Nigeria that will pull out our nation from the deep pit it is heading to.
igbos taking ftc for lamentation
Politics / Re: The Igbos Misconception About The North (is This True?) by Reality3080: 1:13pm On Apr 29
Lamba yes Kano and Kaduna ( main cities , which are not that big ) are fairly developed

Vest majority are poor there is something about middle class you can't hide

Firstly when you can't produce enough manpower to handle your critical infrastructure then it's a big problem

Most core northern hospitals and schools primary to universities are staffed 20% to 80% by southerners with vast majority Igbos

Poverty in the north is crippling

Just saw a state that shows in 2015 IMO state alone produced more doctors than north west n north east ....that's sad
typical Igbo n chest beating wit their ipob statistics

If we ask u where u get your stats now it will b from ipob bureau of statistics


Crime / Re: Court Convicts False Emergency Caller, Uzuokwu Solomon, In Lagos by Reality3080: 10:30am On Apr 29
Which is economic desert? Are you original Lagos protegy or one of those Yoruba's who came to appropriate the political heritage of Lagos in the name of Oduduwa.

Go back to your rustic village in Yoruba land before claiming Lagos.

Why tribalism in all your talks. I think it's in your DNA.

Try to change.
see emeka dey tell Yoruba person not to claim Lagos
Politics / Re: Court Grants Idara Gold Bail - Pictures by Reality3080: 4:33pm On Apr 28

Thank God the government of the day favours you. I hope you will not complain if you find yourself in a position where your right as a human is taken away from you by those who think they are gods
who removed secession from d constitution?

Lets start from there cos u are presenting it as if they are victimizing her

Y intentionally break the rules n start looking for sympathy when it’s time to pay for what u did
Crime / Re: Court Convicts False Emergency Caller, Uzuokwu Solomon, In Lagos by Reality3080: 4:21pm On Apr 28
That’s how they will leave their economic desert only to come n b creating nuisance in another man’s land, I won’t b surprised if he’s one of those kids with numerous monikers here disturbing our peace

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Politics / Re: Abike Dabiri Knelt Down To Greet Tinubu & Emir Of Kano-photo by Reality3080: 1:29pm On Apr 28

Who invented a custom and Tradition that requires Human Beings to kneel down before other fellow human beings?

Such Tradition is totally against the Doctrine of EQUALITY of HUmans. If such tradition is right, then human beings are not equal. Do not preach to me about Respect. Respect is conditional and vested on interests. Personal interest, the need to be seen as humble is manipulation.
but many knelt to kiss nnamdi kanu feet despite being a nobody


Politics / Re: Abike Dabiri Knelt Down To Greet Tinubu & Emir Of Kano-photo by Reality3080: 1:26pm On Apr 28
That is how she will kneel down to beg Nigerians when the guinea cocaine sniffer returns the stolen mandate
typical igbo

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Education / Re: Nigerian Students Rescued From Sudan Arrive Egypt, Await Airlift. by Reality3080: 1:22pm On Apr 28

The wise guys will find ways to stay in Egypt
the wise guys will b stranded in Egypt
Politics / Re: Court Grants Idara Gold Bail - Pictures by Reality3080: 11:11am On Apr 28

Go and tell your father to leave Agbo hand
normal Igbo trademark

No surprises

If e sure for u go n try it


Politics / Re: Court Grants Idara Gold Bail - Pictures by Reality3080: 11:10am On Apr 28

You can never disappoint.
I wonder if God is the one who created some of you.
Hearts sold out to the devil.
try rubbish if e sure for u

I know someday u will call someone coward ooo


Politics / Re: Court Grants Idara Gold Bail - Pictures by Reality3080: 10:06am On Apr 28
They will soon rush to defend this Wickedness.
Some humans are worse than Animals.
at least she don learn her lesson by fire by thunder now since she wants to clout chase

Before u run your mouth, do same thing she did first so we can see if u ain’t a coward

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Politics / Re: High Time "Unlike Button" Is Added To Nairaland by Reality3080: 9:06am On Apr 28
Yes and nlers with high number of dislikes Gould either be restricted from doing somethings or have their comments pushed to the bottom. But trust Seun the most innovative human being on the planet to ignore this as usual.
it will never happen cos it doesn’t make sense, so some headless mobs will keep liking each other’s comments so it will always get to front page while they gather to unlike comments that doesn’t suit their agenda

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Travel / Re: 2 US Army Helicopters Crash, Killing 3 Soldiers, Injuring 1 (Photo) by Reality3080: 9:01am On Apr 28
If it had happened in Nigeria, hatred for no allow some people know say things like these deh happen
if it had happened in Nigeria, the poverty capital of the south would have insulted d country, the president, the military, the electorates, the infants n everyone else

Bunch of hatefilled sadists

I no mention name ooo


Crime / Re: Missing Mirabel Abraham Agada Murdered In Abuja (Photos) by Reality3080: 8:48am On Apr 28
Nigeria is a shithole. A simple DNA and finger print forensic should produce the killers in 5minutes .

But not in Escobars Nigeria , not in bin Laden land
how is it happening in saint obi region?

U igbos n unnecessary obsession with tinubu

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Politics / Re: I Saw On A News Paper The Dates For Presidential Tribunal, How True Is It? by Reality3080: 8:04pm On Apr 27
The same prophet that gave you fake prophesy of obi as winer now still masturbating your head for Tribunal date that doesn't concern God. You can decide to waste your time on unproductive shadow chasing.
obedient/ Igbo people n prophecy b like yahoo boy n client

Yahoo boy go always dey give client format to keep d client moving

At first they said they saw obi will win

Obi lost now them talk another one, if tribunal n Supreme Court fail them, those prophets go still give them another format

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Politics / Re: I Saw On A News Paper The Dates For Presidential Tribunal, How True Is It? by Reality3080: 7:58pm On Apr 27
Any Christian Politician lobbying for appointments from Tinubu's administration after his numerous insults to them, pastors and the Church is a shameless ridicule and has no political prestige hence no political value.

If Muslims were half ridiculed by Tinubu's administration and PCC, we won't be speaking of a nation anymore. I submit my humble assertions to well meaning Nigeria on the threat of an incoming administration.
u igbos are deceiving yourself
Politics / Re: Lamidi Apapa Denies Withdrawing Obi's Petitions From Tribunal by Reality3080: 2:19pm On Apr 27
No normal human being should be supporting evil the party for anything. 2023 election is the most rigged election in the political history of Nigeria...
u were still a baby during d days of Maurice iwu when results were announced nationwide while people were still on queue to vote

Many kids around
Politics / Re: I Saw On A News Paper The Dates For Presidential Tribunal, How True Is It? by Reality3080: 1:07pm On Apr 27
I saw this morning on Track news the dates fixed for the hearing of the Election tribunal cases slated on the 11th,12th and 13th of May, 2023. Please I want Nairalanders to verify the authenticity of this news.
If it is true, then God's hand is at work. Because a prophet prophesied the date for the hearing to be 13th of May, and he spoke about who won the Election case - this was in the first week of March.
so na d day them start hearing them go give judgement?

No wonder people don’t take u obi people serious

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Food / Re: How I Make Beans Soup (Gbegiri) by Reality3080: 1:04pm On Apr 27
So una dey use broom true true. No use am sweep ground one day ooh
I can bet u have never moved out of your region before

Ikechukwu staying in south west can’t say this

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