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Politics / Re: 'Peter Obi Is IPOB Candidate' - Northerners, Others React (Pictures) by SenatePresdo(m): 7:30am On Jun 24
oh that means they were pretending all these while saying Nigeria can never be great again no matter ok

Even if Peter Obi wins, bro Nigeria can never be great again.

Let's call a spade a spade.
Politics / Re: President Buhari Visits Kigali Genocide Memorial In Rwanda (Pictures) by SenatePresdo(m): 6:39pm On Jun 23

Pity urself because Peter Obituary is dead on arrive grin

E shock u abi??

Poo Don finish for Theifnubu nyash? grin
Politics / Re: Peter Obi To Soludo: Anybody Supporting Me That Fights You Is On His Own by SenatePresdo(m): 3:35pm On Jun 23

Pandora hoebi knows how toxic and aggressive his ipob supporters are.

He has to distance himself from their insultive campaign manifesto. grin

The support of those people attracts more enemies than friends.

Shehu Sani
Dino melaye, to mention but few are living witnesses. grin

You forgot to mention Thiefnubu grin
Politics / Re: 'Peter Obi Is IPOB Candidate' - Northerners, Others React (Pictures) by SenatePresdo(m): 3:25pm On Jun 23
grin i still wonder why they suddenly stopped calling nigeria a zoo

Because with Peter Obi's aspiration, they started having a sense of belonging in Nigeria.

Which was the major reason they are clamoring to leave.

Nigeria should be for all.


Politics / Re: Tinubu's UK Campaign Posters: Is He Running For The Mayor Of London? Rufai Oseni by SenatePresdo(m): 3:21pm On Jun 23
When the Pandora tax haven fraudster went to Downing Street in the UK to snap with some unknown mayor and waited for days to secure a photoshoot alongside Boris which he of course didn't get because he is a rabble-rouser. Then, Arise TV didn't ask the Pandora tax haven fraudster if he was running for Mayor of London but anything Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, is where they get their livelihood and sustenance from.

These Posters might not remotely be associated with Tinubu himself. It could be from some overzealous supporters of his in the UK. Who even says it might not be strategic? Countless number of diaspora Nigerians with their PVC's fly in from the UK to cast their vote every 4 years.

Vote TINUBU 2023. Vote APC.

Eyaa, I pray APC increases the peanuts they are paying you, you really doing a good job. Keep it up, every hustle na hustle smiley

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Politics / Re: Tinubu Announcing Payment Of WAEC Fees For All Lagos Students In Year 2000 by SenatePresdo(m): 3:13pm On Jun 23
Trailblazer. The first ever WASSCE payment for Public Secondary schools by a State Government.

First ever!

Vote TINUBU 2023. Vote APC.

Well meaning Yoruba youths won't vote Tinubu, only Yoruba Nairalanders will.

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Politics / Re: Peter Obi To Soludo: Anybody Supporting Me That Fights You Is On His Own by SenatePresdo(m): 3:03pm On Jun 23
I will fight dirty like a Pig to become President of Nigeria - Tinubu

If I don't win the election, Dog and baboon blood will flow - Buhari

Anybody supporting me that fights you is on his own - Peter Obi

Fellow Nigerians, the choice is yours, I'm out.

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Politics / Re: Wike In Closed Door Meeting With Peter Obi As Defection Rumours Swell by SenatePresdo(m): 9:11pm On Jun 22
What will the children of hate with no direction that has been hating on Wike do now?

The Yorubas have thought them that in politics, there is no permanent friend no foe.

They are learning fast, it's commendable.
Politics / Re: The Percentage Of Votes That Tinubu Will Get In All Regions In 2023 Election. by SenatePresdo(m): 8:19pm On Jun 22

Bro it will shock you....Tinubu is strong in Edo.. ajeh

Edo no be lagos.
Politics / Re: 2023: Lessons From The #EndSARS And Tinubu's Presidential Ambition by SenatePresdo(m): 8:31pm On Jun 21
Tinubu is the Emperor of Lagos, the revenue of Lagos is his biggest personal source of income.

The Governors of lagos are mere stooge for him.

We must not allow such man become president of this country, he would pocket this country.

You know what's worst? The average Yoruba man that would vote him won't even benefit from the corruption, just like an average Lagosian is not benefiting from his loots in lagos.

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Sports / Re: Done Deal: Inter Milan sign Lukaku on loan, with no buy-back option by SenatePresdo(m): 8:14pm On Jun 21
More playing time for Hervetz, he's a finisher with top notch scoring acumen.

I wish Timo werner would continue with his last found form before the season ended.

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Politics / Re: Agbo Major: Peter Obi Accepting To Be Kwankwaso's VP Is The Only Option by SenatePresdo(m): 7:49pm On Jun 21

Are Igbos not Nigerians again?

Are they not in their millions?

Millions of Nigerians won't agree, including at least, 10-20 million yoruba youths.

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Travel / Re: Motorcycle Rider Plays Karate On Spotting Chinese Indigenes On Nigerian Street by SenatePresdo(m): 5:25pm On Jun 21
All these nonsense that are making front page

Na bad news and murder cases wey no be nonsense news for you.. Gerrara here sadist!
Politics / Re: Ned Nwoko: Peter Obi Will Be Better Suited As Minister Of Economy by SenatePresdo(m): 4:58pm On Jun 21
In a working society where the president doesn't have all the say, Yes!

In a working National Assembly where the Senate is not rubber stamped and anywhere belle face, Yes!

But in a country where the president is like a God? NO!



Politics / Re: 7 Years After Opposing Buhari’s Election, Orubebe Joins APC by SenatePresdo(m): 7:00am On Jun 21
If FFK could Join APC, then anybody can Join APC.

These politicians are only after their interest, they don't care about you and I, I pity the youths that fights over politicians.

Una mumu never too much??

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Religion / Re: Mbaka Supporter Threatens To Kill Bishop, Peter Obi After Church Ban (Vid) by SenatePresdo(m): 11:25pm On Jun 20
#Herd mentality!

Ask an average south easterner, "why do u hate Tilumbu/buhalli", and u get d same response d girl in d video gave: "silence".

Once my bloda hate somebodi, I must show solidarity by hating d person too.
This herd mentality gave rise to d likes of d tin god: Nnamdi kanu!

Thank God Christianity landed alaigbo first before Islam, if not, boko haram sef for dey learn work where d average extremist igboman dey!

Political hatred is intangible.

If Tinubu decides to support Peter Obi tomorrow morning now, the hatred would change to adoration. Is that one hatred? It's politics shaa.

If Islam landed in alaigbo first, I swear Nigeria would have been islamized long ago grin
Religion / Re: Mbaka Supporter Threatens To Kill Bishop, Peter Obi After Church Ban (Vid) by SenatePresdo(m): 11:18pm On Jun 20
I am giggling here. That's herd mentality in full display. I am sure the woman doesn't even know who the Onaga is. She may even think Onaga is a commissioner of police. These are the people Mbaka have been using to arm twist the Bishop.


The easiest way to control majority of Nigerians to follow you like mumus is through religion.
Politics / Re: Is Peter Obi Gradually Breaking The "Structure Jinx"? by SenatePresdo(m): 11:10pm On Jun 20
Keep deceiving yourselves. Peter Obi will not get 25% in any northern state. He is unknown over there.

He is not known in Osun, Ogun, Ekiti, Ondo and Oyo. No chance of him getting 25% in these SW states.

He wouldn't get 25% in Edo and Delta for sure. Oshiomole/Obaseki will secure Edo for APC/PDP. Okowa will secure Delta for PDP as he is on the ballot.

Obi cannot win any South South State. Udom will secure Akwa Ibom for PDP. Duoye Diri will do same in Bayelsa. Wike will probably join APC or at least remain in PDP. Cross Rivers will be split between 3 parties.

Why didn't Okorocha secure Imo State for Buhari?

Why didn't Amaechi secure Rivers for BUHARI?

Why did Lagos struggled to give Buhari over 200k votes despite being the most populous state in Nigeria?

Your analysis are shallow.
Religion / Re: Mbaka Supporter Threatens To Kill Bishop, Peter Obi After Church Ban (Vid) by SenatePresdo(m): 8:13pm On Jun 20
The lady was shouting "No more Bishop Odinka", and they asked her what Odinka did for her to be saying no more Odinka, and she couldn't even say anything.

Whoever that brought religion to mankind, wetin you gain?

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Politics / Re: Has Tinubu Demystified The "Shaki Shaki Daddy Tag"? by SenatePresdo(m): 4:54pm On Jun 20

U can not force a man from chasing his aspirations.
U have no right to do that.

The way I cannot stop Boko haram members from chasing their aspirations? And I also have no right to stop them?

When your aspiration comes at the detriment of others, then you expect to be challenged.

Some reasonings disgusts me, and that's why black man is where they are today.

I bet you are a yoruba man, it's not your fault, it's the innate stupidity that is in a black man's brain I blame.

I don't think it will ever be well with Nigeria with the calibres of your type.
Sports / Re: Real Madrid Unveil Anthony Rudiger - Photos by SenatePresdo(m): 4:04pm On Jun 20
Rudigar is Overrated, I'm glad he left.

Like courtoise like Rudigar.
Politics / Re: Is Wike Considering Dumping PDP & Joining APC? (Video) by SenatePresdo(m): 2:27pm On Jun 20
Even if Wike Joins APC, Rivers state Votes would still go for Obi, then Atiku will collect the remnants.

Tinubu won't see much votes from Rivers state.

Tinubu might eventually use his shaky hand and vote for Labour Party by mistake on election day grin

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Politics / Re: Has Tinubu Demystified The "Shaki Shaki Daddy Tag"? by SenatePresdo(m): 2:14pm On Jun 20
Because of Tribalism, humans with working brain and conscious mind are trying to force Tinubu's unhealthiness down our throat?

Tinubu that could not hold on to a flag at National TV.
Politics aside, I don't hate him as a person, he's an achiever. But Tinubu should know when to retire, its just like okocha not wanting to retire because he wants to win world best player.

You must not achieve everything you want in life.
The only urge driving Tinubu to be president is because he wants to be president, not because he hopes to bring forth a reasonable change.

If Osinbajo had won the primaries, it would have been better.

With the way people are supporting BAT, I doubt Nigeria will ever get better.

Black man is his own problem, not colonial masters.
Education can't even help us.


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Politics / Re: Why Atiku Dumped Wike Despite PDP Recommendation by SenatePresdo(m): 7:30am On Jun 20
The reason why they dumped wike is not only because northerners hates him the way Southerners hates HellRufai.

But also because he's fallen out with South Easterners which is one of PDP's strong hold, and also has problems with some fellow South Southern States.

Wike political career has gone to Limbo.

Moral of the lesson; No too dey show yourself. Everybody na strong man for him house.

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Politics / Re: APC Ticket: When I Was Almost Fed Up, I Resorted To Prayers – Tinubu by SenatePresdo(m): 6:42am On Jun 20
So even drug barons with brown teeth prays.
Wonder shall never end.

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Romance / Re: Why Are Handsome Men Always Lonely? by SenatePresdo(m): 9:07pm On Jun 19

Praise singer angry

Do i look like an artist to you? grin
Politics / Re: Who Will Be The Next First Lady Of Nigeria? by SenatePresdo(m): 9:06pm On Jun 19
peter obi is popular online

You guys are under rating online.

In 2011 GEJ won online

In 2015, PMB won online.

In 2019, Atiku won online, PMB stole his mandate.

I'm not saying its certain Peter Obi would win, but he's an underdog that shouldn't be underrated.

The Youths discovering their strength through EndSARS are backing this one.
The population of those in the villages are not bigger than those in the city, just that city people don't vote.

This time around you need to see the high rate of people getting their PVC, a very strong message would be sent.. Just watch out.

Let's see as it unfolds.
Politics / Re: Photos From Labour Party Meeting In Calabar by SenatePresdo(m): 8:59pm On Jun 19
We are Building the structure, 2023 is not next month, a lot would be achieved before then.

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Politics / Re: Bola Tinubu Welcomed By Supporters As He Arrives In Lagos After APC Primary by SenatePresdo(m): 8:55pm On Jun 19
Jagaban of Africa.

He's looking stressed out, I think he really needs a rest.

Jagaban will vote for Peter Obi come 2023.

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Properties / Re: Three-storey Building Collapses In Umuahia (photos) by SenatePresdo(m): 7:14pm On Jun 19
Ordinary 3 story building still dey collapse for this country.

E remain make bungalow begin collapse.


Politics / Re: Who Will Be The Next First Lady Of Nigeria? by SenatePresdo(m): 7:14pm On Jun 19

Far from it...be true to Nigeria's politics of today...it's not run by emotions or sentiment...
As we speak ooo...Tinubu has upper hand...but anything can happen in the months ahead.

The only upper hand Tinubu has currently is that his Party member is the incumbent president.
Aside from federal might, nothing else.

Peter obi is currently more popular than he is, if election should be free and fair.
Politics / Re: Buhari Congratulates Ekiti Governor-Elect, Biodun Oyebanji by SenatePresdo(m): 7:02pm On Jun 19
great!then he'll lose the election, no wahala.so u think obi already has 12million votes,dream on

Till then.

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