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Celebrities / Re: Omoni Oboli Reacts As Tiwa Savage Looks Cute In New Photo by Sheggy13(m): 5:54pm On Sep 22
#100 airtime for whoever decodes this Igbo name Nycioenhyi
Politics / Re: Ademola Adeleke 'Exam Malpractice' - Police Release 'Evidence' Against Senator by Sheggy13(m): 5:54pm On Sep 19

Is the police saying there is age limit for secondary school education?

Is the police saying I can not register as a student in any secondary school at the age of 84?

The man registered as a student, even if it is only to write an examination.

It would have been a bigger problem if another person's passport bearing the man's name was seen in the photo album.

Nigeria police has become more partisan than ever.

But Buhari will be roundly defeated in 2019.
Didn't you read where they indicated that the man admitted during questioning that he did register for the exam but didn't sit for it. But when the results were released, he had results. What kind of miracle is that? You don't need a soothsayer to tell you that somebody impersonated for him.

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Crime / Re: ‘I Called Them Before I Have Sex With My Wife’; Man Hypnotised By Scammers. PIC by Sheggy13(m): 6:16am On Sep 16
Not a surprise 80% of Southwesterners that are wanted for fraud in Nigeria are from Ondo State

It's in their blood to swindle
Mister statistician. You just pull out statistics from your anus. Do you know about places like Oshogbo and Ogbomosho?
Romance / Re: My Girl Doesn't Want To Marry Me Because We Are From Different Churches by Sheggy13(m): 6:54am On Sep 15

she didn't give reason....all she said was that she don't like my church
Why are you insisting on the wedding take place in your church? You can't accord her even that privilege of having the wedding in her church when that's the traditional thing to do, that weddings usually take place in the woman's church. Or am I missing something here? Hope you're not the authoritarian type?

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Romance / Re: My Girl Doesn't Want To Marry Me Because We Are From Different Churches by Sheggy13(m): 10:51pm On Sep 14

You see why i hate christiandom and i.like the islam way of worship is because all muslim see them self like one and most Christian see them selves better than other Christians . Now its not about you getting married to a muslim lady ooo. My brother wen u marry this lady today only future shall tell. Because if she can start controlling you starting with u changing ur religion the you dont have a control over her in future. Shes more wiser than ,she has seen the vunerabilities and the inadequacies u possses has a man.
Guy u are the man and as such u need to take the bull by the horn if not your enemy will remain redundant in future
Stop talking nonsense. Muslims have sects too. Muslims don't see themselves as one. Otherwise why is Buhari persecuting El Zakzazy. Is it not because he's a leader of the Shia Muslims.


Romance / Re: My Girl Doesn't Want To Marry Me Because We Are From Different Churches by Sheggy13(m): 10:49pm On Sep 14

it's not always about the s3x...it's all about compatibility and commitment...but the truth is I can't give up my church for her, she should be the one doing that for me
See what you're saying.You can't give up your church for her but she should be the one to do that for you. On what basis?


Politics / Re: Resignation: Buhari Told Kemi Adeosun To Go ‘Few Weeks Ago’ - Sahara Reporters by Sheggy13(m): 10:19pm On Sep 14

Yoruba's are weak. Y guys are the major problem we have in Nigeria
There's no doubt you're a daft person if you think the person you quoted is Yoruba. Can't you see his moniker and his post history to know he's an Igbo like you masquerading as Yoruba.
Education / Re: Ahmadu Bello University Online MBA; A Mistake I Wish I Never Made by Sheggy13(m): 11:38pm On Sep 13

money wey u for use do Canada EE, u waste am wan do MBA for useless Nigerian university.... SMH
How much to process Canada EE on average, and the requirements? Thanks.

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Religion / Re: Pastor David Elijah With Bundles Of Money After His Malaysia Trip (Photos) by Sheggy13(m): 8:34pm On Sep 08
Since our people start associating with yorubas this is one of the result we are getting.there is nothing good our people can learn from them.

Our elders must ban this people from marrying our ladies.
And any igbo man that marry a yoruba lady should be pronounced osu.
It only shows dumb you are. So if Yoruba tells you to put your hand into fire, you will. Empty-headed tribalistic buffoon.
Celebrities / Re: Diamond Platnumz Working As A Filling Station Attendant (Throwback Photo) by Sheggy13(m): 9:11pm On Sep 06
the question should be more like when did it come out?
I don't know.. So what's your location. I'm in Ondo state.
Celebrities / Re: Diamond Platnumz Working As A Filling Station Attendant (Throwback Photo) by Sheggy13(m): 7:47pm On Sep 06
Where is the filling station

I want buy fuel


Clean Infinix hot 6pro3+32gb for sale with acessories @45k

How long have you been using it?
Family / Re: Court Forces Man To Accept Baby That Wife Agrees Belongs To Someone Else by Sheggy13(m): 5:36am On Aug 30
The question to ask is: is he the one responsible for the pregnancy even before the marriage? If he is not the one, then DNA should be involved . Where it is proved that the child is not his, then he should go to the next higher court to over turn this ruling.
Try and understand the story. The woman had already confessed to him even before marriage that the pregnancy she's carrying is for someone else but the man didn't raise any concern and went ahead with the marriage, allowing the woman nurture the pregnancy of another man in his own house. Now she has conceived, he's trying to distance himself from taking responsibility of bringing up the child in his home, which he ought to have done much earlier. They're not disputing the paternity hence no need of DNA.

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Politics / Re: Ayade To Turn Tinapa Into University by Sheggy13(m): 8:40pm On Aug 26
Calabar has a university already, why not equip that to a good standard? They wont because it is a federal university. Kai!

They even have a State University, CRUTECH, which is more or less a glorified secondary school. Instead of investing on that one to make it worthwhile, he's talking of building a world class research university lol.. What a clown.


Sports / Re: Hugo Lloris Arrested And Charged For Drink Driving (Photo) by Sheggy13(m): 6:04am On Aug 25
By contrast, in Nigeria, it has almost become a norm for most commercial drivers especially in Lagos to "shack" paraga/regal first thing in the morning before they hit the road. These are some of the things they likes of Road safety should be doing but they're mostly concerned about exploiting drivers.
Politics / Re: Woman Pretends To Be Pregnant To Register Her PVC After 4 Days Of Trying. Photos by Sheggy13(m): 5:56am On Aug 25
I spent 3 and half days here in ibadan and I just gave up. I have to abandon my job and wasted my time.
They'll still have the nerve to call whatever comes out of such fraudulent elections as free and fair when a lot of eligible voters especially youths are already disenfranchised through frustrating them from giving up on collecting PVC. Why should ordinary PVC collection become rocket science suddenly? We're not ready to be serious in this country honestly.
Politics / Re: Woman Pretends To Be Pregnant To Register Her PVC After 4 Days Of Trying. Photos by Sheggy13(m): 11:48pm On Aug 24
This is how they stylishly disenfranchise people, especially in the South. How can someone spend four good days without succeeding in registering for PVC.


Business / Re: Lady Removes Her Slippers At Diamond Bank In Abia Before Entering Inside (Photos by Sheggy13(m): 11:44pm On Aug 24

She is also a Patriot. We Abians are very reasonable. Since it's raining and roads are somehow muddy, it doesn't make sense to litter the bank with mud stamp.

Many may see her as Local but I see her as someone who doesn't feel comfortable being insane kudos
Just look at this one trying to justify primitiveness. If the headline had shown Osun or Ogun, you tribal bigot, would have written all sort of nonsense here insulting Yorubas, but here you are trying to make sense out of nonsense. Hypocrite.


Politics / Re: Akin Alabi's Tweet About SEGUN AWOSANYA Segalink, That Put Him In Trouble by Sheggy13(m): 9:12am On Aug 24

Yoruba spotted. Worshipping anyone who appears to have more money than you, despite clear and present stupidity. How does daily millions absolve Akin Alabi from this disgraceful comment? Same way y'all worship Tinubu and all the other Agbero Chairmen.
It baffles me how low-lives like this idiot have proliferated Nairaland of late. Topic is on Akin Alabi and Segalink. You found a way to introduce your tribal bigotry here since that's the only thing intellectually-challenged people like you are good at. What a pity.

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Politics / Re: Nigerians Ranked 8th Most Hardworking Foreigners In US by Sheggy13(m): 3:47pm On Aug 23

300m? Who give una? You guys have suddenly jumped from 200m population to 300m? Na wa for you oo.
Studies shows Nigerians can't be more than 150m. You guys just love inflating your population
Is it that you don't understand simple English sentences or what? Can't you infer from his write-up that he was referring to the population of USA and not Nigeria?

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Politics / Re: Cross River Begins Coding Of Commercial Vehicles, As Igbo Traders Leave by Sheggy13(m): 2:26pm On Aug 21

Lagos tax base will suffer massively if igbo tax payers leave lagos. This is something that is well know to the Lagos Government and igbo business community.

Let’s not kid ourselves.
Is that why some of your deluded folks think Yorubas have to start worshipping you cos I don't understand this constant pride and belittling of Yorubas as if without Igbos in Lagos, Yorubas will become useless. We all need each other. The Igbos need the conducive business atmosphere and large market that Lagos offers, just as Lagos govt benefits from the tax base. It's a mutual relationship not a parasitic one like some deluded folks want us to believe.

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Politics / Re: "Nigeria Is Better Without The Igbos" - Alaba Ajibola, Babcock University Staff by Sheggy13(m): 1:45am On Aug 19
oga, its Yoruba not yeroba. Further more, that statement, an average'yeroba' feels about igbos should be retracted. am a Yoruba man. I have a lot of Igbo friends. If the statement by the Babcock staff is real, then that staff is mentally deranged. we are one.
My brother, you don't have to answer some of these bigots. He intentionally misspelled Yoruba that way as a way to denigrate Yorubas. Just look at the moniker of the guy you quoted "tigerclaws". It's definitely a derogatory reference to Yorubas tribal marks. They put up all sort of funny monikers and pictures of strange tribal marks not belonging to Yorubas, shouting Afonja here and there, thinking it's an insultive word, as a way to show their hatred and lack of respect for Yorubas. They see it as good fun, but hate to be served back in their own coin. The Vanguard editor guy, Ochereome Nnanna, earlier this year, called Yorubas all sort of disgusting adjectives on facebook. Majority of the people and their likes shouting and threatening brimstone on this thread came up here to defend him, saying he mustn't lose his job. I'm not in any way condoning this Babcock guy's stupidity but the people at the other end are not in any way better. They love to dish out hate, but can't receive it.

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Politics / Re: APC Numerical Strength Halts Dogara’s Planned Defection by Sheggy13(m): 9:23am On Aug 12

The North comprises of different ethnic groups just like the South, yet they chose to unite. If what you said is true, then the South urgently need to unite before it's too late. "A word..."

Some myopic self-deceiving selfish Christians say they are not to be involved in Politics but only focused on going to Heaven. They are busy saving face, asslicking their enemy. By the time they have enough power, your face and life that you are trying to save... Such Chriatians stupidly selfishly refuse to see that Biblical Politicians like: Joseph was a Prime Minister, Abraham was an Ambassador, Mordecai and Queen Esther were great Politicians that saved their generation from bloody Genocide by ensuring that their enemies were destroyed by their own evil orchestration. If you like, allow yourselves to be wasted like chickens by refusing to unite now.
JESUS CHRIST is Lord over All! Give your life to JESUS today, let HIM lead this Generation through you. Who is on the LORD's side? Genuinely give your life to JESUS today, tomorrow may be too late. Come on the LORD's side.
The only person that had the opportunity to unite the South was Jonathan but he messed it all up and realized his mistake at the eleventh hour when he was running from pillar to post following Yoruba leaders and dashing money when his reelection was at hand. OBJ picked Jonathan as a running mate to Yaradua ahead of other more astute politicians, knowing fully well that Yaradua was sick and may likely not make it to the end. In 2010, prominent Yorubas were pivotal in ensuring Turai Yaradua and Aondakaa relinquish power finally to Jonathan when they were trying to hold on to power even when Yaradua was dead. In 2011, the Yorubas still gave Jonathan a block vote even at the expense of voting for their sons Tunde Bakare and Adeola on joint tickets with Buhari and Atiku respectively ( the defunct CPC and ACN). Despite all these, how did Jonathan pay them back? He was trying to appease the North that had shown open hatred and disdain for him both in terms of projects and appointments while the Yorubas were relegated to the back seat, demeaning their leaders, calling the likes of Tinubu and OBJ derogatory words like motor park touts and rascals. For the first time, the phrase SS/SE was coined clearly showing the agenda that SW doesn't follow and you want a United south?

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Politics / Re: INEC Displays Certificates Of Osun Gov Candidates by Sheggy13(m): 1:11pm On Aug 04
In a state like Osun and not some core Northern state that are classified as Educationally less developed, someone is putting forward School cert for governorship as the only certificate he has. Quite embarrassing.

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Politics / Re: 2019: 3 PDP Governors To Defect To APC - Suleiman Ahmed Wambai by Sheggy13(m): 8:46pm On Aug 02
Rochas joined APC through the back door (APGA) . otherwise there wouldn't have been APC in SE.
Was it the same backdoor he used to win reelection? Stop deceiving yourself.

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Religion / Re: Juju: How Real Is African Black Magic? by Sheggy13(m): 6:19am On Aug 01

We actually have Evangelists, Imam and even Traditionalist who denounced there spirituality for a new religion destroying Shrine across all across Africa and we can both attest that there is no report that there actions have any effect either positive or negative. Personally, I have seen an Ifa initiate who threw his Opele into the river. I have also seen cases where fetish stuff are been burnt. I have seen Law enforcement officers dragging Babalawo, with all his amulets, charm and all, out of his shrine and thrown into a waiting bus. I have seen cases where a son destroyed his father shrine because of some family issues.

From my own doing, with the company of an Oniosanyin's son, I dismantled Osanyin in an attempt to known what is talking inside it. I ate Epo Obo in my secondary school days trying to investigate if I am a witch (never knew until after that there are some chemicals in the herb that actually made me vomit). I am born and brought up in a locality where I have access to all form of traditional spiritualities and imported religion so I am in a position to tell you that, from what I have experienced, these diabolic acts are practical pre-scientific experimentation which locals blow out of proporton.

Truth must be told, there are some acts esp medication and healing have scientific explanation. My treatment for Malaria, Garri and lime water, was prescribed to me by a Babalawo in my locality. And I can confirm that the chemistry helps my health so much. My Dad in so many occasions have sat me down and instruct me on how to use some herbs. The only worries I have with him is that those herbs mixture which he probably learnt for someone is attributed to a Deity or giving some supernatural attributes.

While I have visited some Babalawo for some personal issues, some of those things they do marvels me alot. That is because I have a limited knowledge in their acts. My conclusion is that these acts are mere 'crude science', and needs to be refined so that those mythical fantasy can be removed.

Things mysterious and unexplained happens. I have seen so many and many lot to see. However, almost alll the things said about juju are bullshiitee.
How does one use the garri and lime water for malaria cure. Do you soak the garri with water, like you want to drink it and squeeze the juice of lime into it or how. What about the quantity of the individual constituent in the mixture? I'm open to learning please. Thanks.
Education / Re: Davido & Chioma Featured In YABATECH Exam Questions by Sheggy13(m): 5:35am On Jul 28
Most of you idiots commenting about Yorubas this and that on this thread are just plain stupid. You are the tribalistic ones instead, cos there's no information on that question that says the lecturer is Yoruba but you've turned an harmless exam question as a trigger to show your innate hatred. Imagine people with such hatred and bile all around you. I really do feel pity for Yorubas.

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Politics / Re: Lauretta Onochie: Apostle Suleman's Omega Fire Ministries Replies Buhari's Aide by Sheggy13(m): 5:26am On Jul 20
When a so called government of integrity has a palm-wine drinking sket as its mouthpiece....That tells the whole story about this useless, rudderless, directionless and purposeless government!!

You will never get anything thing worse than this anywhere in the world...Not even in Niger the official country of mr. Integrity!!
Since when has palmwine drinking become an anomaly for someone who's supposed to be the mouthpiece of the government? I guess you'd have felt more comfortable with expensive ones like champagne or Moet. Nigerians and their holier-than-thou attitudes.

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Politics / Re: Lauretta Onochie: Apostle Suleman's Omega Fire Ministries Replies Buhari's Aide by Sheggy13(m): 5:23am On Jul 20
And a nigerian guy was caught in Russia soaking garri with snow,iffa mention d tribe now they'll say I hate Yoruba ppl
You keep copying and pasting this dross across all threads. Aren't you tired of displaying your inane stupidity all over Nairaland?

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Crime / Re: Nigerian Man Sentenced To 11 Years In U.S Prison For Fraud by Sheggy13(m): 4:08am On Jul 20

Read our comment again.....this time SLOWLY.
You should have look above our comment.
We say NO TO TRIBALISM always.
Why are you always referring to yourself as "We". Are you more than one person?
Politics / Re: Plot To Blame Yusuf Bomoi, Dead Ex-NYSC DG For Adeosun’s Certificate Mess by Sheggy13(m): 5:06pm On Jul 10
I am from the southwest but i will not blindly defend or support a fraudster. The fact that the Finance Minister has been realeasing billions of money to National Assembly is very suspicious. It is possible that some Senators in the National Assembly are aware of the irregularities in her exemption certificate and are using this to blackmailed her.

If the truth must be told, Kemi Adeosun is grossly incompetent to be the finance minister of Nigeria but is merely fulfilling the interest of the godfathers that put her there. The fact that some Zombies will still come out to defend her (Simply because she was appointed by PMB) despite the overwhelming evidence against her is worrisome . Our youths are no longer thinking critically....What a shame!
Even though I am apolitical and have been criticizing her so far on this certificate issue, how would you say she is incompetent? I'm guessing competence to be finance minister in your dictionary means having a PhD in Economics or being a Professor of Economics. George Osborne was Chancellor of the Exchequer (equivalent of Finance minister) for 6 years in the UK and this man had just a first degree in History, without any formal qualifications in any finance-related disciplines. The British people never for once protested his competence. Here you have a woman who's both an Economist and a Chartered accountant both in the UK and Nigeria, worked as internal auditor in top institutions like PwC, and also commissioner for finance in Ogun state, one of the few economically viable states in Nigeria. Yet you think she is not competent to be finance minister?
NYSC / Re: NYSC Certificate Signed By Bomoi In March 2009, But Left In January 2009 by Sheggy13(m): 4:33pm On Jul 10

She graduated in 1989. But it is possible she was still out of the country till she was ready to come and work in Nigeria in 2009. And you can't apply for certain jobs without an NYSC discharge/exemption certificate. And by then she was above 30. An Exemption certificate could be issued to her then.
You don't get it. The point is whether you are 50 years now, it doesn't matter. You'd have to serve provided you had your first degree (BSc) at or before the age of 30 whether abroad or in Nigeria.That's what the NYSC Act says.

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NYSC / Re: NYSC Certificate Signed By Bomoi In March 2009, But Left In January 2009 by Sheggy13(m): 9:27am On Jul 10

The answer is YES

Kemi did not work in Nigeria till she was over 30 years. Hence, the exemption was in order!
Stop saying what you don't know. I have cases of people I know, even already British citizens, that obtained both first and Masters degrees from UK, been working there and were well over 30 when they came to serve in Nigeria. Exemption was not approved for them because NYSC indicated that they were not up to 30 when they obtained their first degrees. They had no option than to serve. I have one that served in my office and was always complaining about why exemption wasn't given to her. Kemi's case cannot be different.
It's either hers is forged(most likely) or she bribed to have one arranged for her since legally she wasn't qualified to be exempted (least likely, but this Nigeria though).


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