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Travel / Re: Have You Seen A Nigerian Elephant?Nigeria Abandoned tourism potential by Sijiade77(m): 1:18am On Dec 24, 2022
Jos is a city in the north central region of Nigeria. The city has a population of about 900,000 residents based on the 2006 census. Popularly called "J-Town", it is the administrative capital and largest city of Plateau State

Some notable places to visit are

Jos Museum Complex ·Wase Rock . Rayfield Holiday Resort · 4. Riyom Rock Formation . Kurra Falls . Solomon Lar Amusement Park · Jos wildlife park

Tourism is very lucrative in other part of the world and some countries in Africa . Jos is blessed with lot of beautiful places/tourist locations


Full video of all the animals I saw in Jos Nigeria


Met some foreign visitors from Chad in Jos wildlife park


I visited the zoo few years back and I was even privileged to pet the Elephant. It actually loves ice cream very much
Phones / Re: Is MTN 4G Available In Your Area by Sijiade77(m): 2:27pm On Nov 02, 2022
I have not been able to connect to MTN 4G for weeks. Only the 3G and 2G is available and is very slow within Lagos.

The Big Worry: Is MTN trying to force customers to upgrade to 5G by offering a slower data network?

Can anyone confirm if they can connect to MTN 4G and please state your location.

MTN seems good where I stay, in Abuja. And I'm able to utilise 4G connectivity without any issue. I'm yet to see 5G network sha
Pets / Re: Dairy Of My Caucasian Shepherd TEDDY by Sijiade77(m): 10:43am On Nov 01, 2022
I just went through your thread & honestly it is really interesting & captivating. Please keep us updated on Teddy's growth & life cheesy
I also plan on buying a Caucasian pup within next year by God's Grace. 2 male Pups actually. So I can start my own pack grin Then when they get to a certain age I'll get a female... When I do that I'll open a YouTube channel for them...

Keep up the good work sir wink
Pets / Re: Cats Cats Cats by Sijiade77(m): 7:42am On Jun 25, 2022
pls what do you guys feed your cats mine eats meat and fish but refuse other food

Well, as at the time I still had a Cat, I noticed she wasn't really a picky eater, Even though she tend to gulp down certain foods faster than others. But still, she'll eat anything from rice to boiled yam with stew, noodles, beans, semo etc. She'll eat anything. But I always try to supplement her protein needs because cats are carnivorous animals that thrive on a meat based diet. So it is important you're fully aware of that fact and don't try to avoid it.
Pets / Re: Super Fluffy Eskimo Pups Available For Rehoming by Sijiade77(m): 5:19pm On Jun 03, 2022
Male Eskimo Still Available For New Home

Wow shocked
They're Beautiful...
Pets / Re: Cats Cats Cats by Sijiade77(m): 11:57am On Jun 03, 2022
Ok so here's my problem, my feline had her kittens abt 3weeks ago (5 of them) it's her first and am finding it hard to leg go as I don't have any where to put them , can't throw th hem away but I don't have space. And they're so adorable. What do I do?

Letting go of young felines can be really really hard, most especially when it's your first set of kittens... well, you can try asking around your neighbourhood to find someone who'll be interested in owning a kitten & taking good care of them. You can also post pictures of them here on Nairaland and invite anyone that shows interest, so they can take the kittens & raise them as their own.


Phones / Re: My Experience Using The Samsung Galaxy A03s by Sijiade77(m): 7:41pm On May 03, 2022

Okay thanks, your review on the Ao3s tickles my fancy a bit seems unusual.

I taught of A12 or 13 too but I will figure it out soon because I won't want to go beyond my budgeted amount, however I can also add the Ao3s to my review list.

Okay sir...
Phones / Re: My Experience Using The Samsung Galaxy A03s by Sijiade77(m): 5:58pm On May 03, 2022
the S9 has a very solid build quality I like but I think Samsung has stopped all updates for that phone, your best bet will be the S10 but at almost double the price.

Op: I saw the A03 yesterday for 69k and it surprisingly has a better build quality than higher spec phones like the A22 and A23. It looks like really solid, I like it. Keep us updated on your experiences though

The Galaxy A03 is different from the Galaxy A03s & it is also different than the Galaxy A03core.

Even though the first & last devices are supposed to be the lower version of the A03s, the Galaxy A03 surprisingly has the better processor & better Camera amongst the 3 devices.
Though the A03s offers more on the table like the Type C charging port, side mounted fingerprint, a macro camera & to me, better design & general look & feel. But all these are absent on the A03 & A03core...

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Phones / Re: My Experience Using The Samsung Galaxy A03s by Sijiade77(m): 5:51pm On May 03, 2022
Nice read ..

I have been skeptical, jus a little bit at buying a Samsung mobile..

Okay the this is this, I have a budget of 80-85k for a Samsung Mobile. I taught of the s9 or the A12 ..

Your detailing about the Ao3s sound like a hype can you post the photo here and what other Samsung product can I get for that price ?..
I tried uploading some pictures but it isn't working out.
And if you feel my review of the A03s is a hype then you can ask any other user of the same phone. I'm certain they'll have mostly positive things to say about the device cheesy
You can also watch YouTube videos to guide your buying decision & get a device that best suits you.

As for other Samsung phones within that price range, I'd say the older Galaxy A12 it comes with a way better camera & figuration & also more storage options. Also we have the Galaxy a02s, and the newly launched Galaxy A13. Its more expensive than the rest sha wink
Phones / My Experience Using The Samsung Galaxy A03s by Sijiade77(m): 8:15am On May 03, 2022
Months ago, I remember opening a thread on this platform, seeking for advice on if I should buy the tecno spark go 2021 or the Samsung A02 & almost all the advice I got pointed me towards getting the Tecno spark go & I was given reasons why I shouldn't even thing of buying the Samsung A02.
So, I made further research & then i found the Samsung galaxy A03s grin it was above my budget but I really wanted to buy it cuz it fit all I needed in a smartphone & I wanted to experience the pride in being recognised as a Samsung User. cool
I bought the phone (3GB variant) price being btw 69 to 75 thousand Naira, depending on memory option.
My first Month of using the Samsung a03s was surprisingly wonderful. Performing day to day tasks was a breeze I rarely experienced any lags & even on few occasions that I did, it didn't last longer than 1.5 to 2 seconds. I know some may say it's because I'm not a heavy gamer but even with light gaming, such as PUBG lite, Angry Birds 2 & even Asphalt 9, the Galaxy A03s really did well & I enjoyed its smooth performance. From my own experience, Multi tasking btw social media apps doesn't even put any form of strain on the A03s processor, even while they're still running in the background. Though the A03s gets alittle bit warm when used for long, it doesn't in anyway affect its performance.
Moving to the battery life of the phone. The 5000mah battery really held its own. I was able to get a full day battery life on the phone with about 18% left to spare tongue & i usually have a 12 to 13 hour screen on time, Average being 9 hours sometimes.
As for the Camera, I discovered it didn't do too well taking pictures in dark places & they were really low quality but that all changed if those pictures were taken in a well lit environment. The pictures turned out to be really really great & I even tried comparing picture quality btw the A03s & an Iphone X & it really really did well, way beyond my expectations. But it is important to note that the iPhone X took better low light shots. To make up for that, I guess Samsung Further added a pro mode which allows you to really tweak the camera & make images appear even more realistic & as vibrant as you want. So I've been able to take Amazing pictures with the device under good lighting. This applies to both the front & back Camera.
And finally, as for the Software update so far, I've only already received the April Security update & Samsung has promised that the A03s will receive the android 12, plus OneUI 4.1 update by June or July. So fingers crossed they'll hopefully keep to their word.

In conclusion, will I recommend the Samsung galaxy A03s to anyone with a budget of 69 to 80 thousand Naira, to buy? My answer is yes. Cuz it's a really good value for the money. And with that, you'll enjoy full Customisation experience on the phone, good battery life, smooth lag free experience (depending on the the kind of user) and a decent photography experience...
Pets / Re: Is My Caucasian Shepherd Purebred? by Sijiade77(m): 6:57pm On May 02, 2022

So she’s a mixture of what breeds?

Well, she looks like a combination of a German Shepherd crossed with a Caucasian Shepherd. Even if the cross btw these two breeds weren't from her direct parents, it may have been from her Grandparents or Great grandparents.
But all the same, your pup is really beautiful �
Pets / Re: Garfield's Diary by Sijiade77(m): 8:05am On Nov 16, 2021

Thank you for the compliment smiley
And for the follow too. I'd love to see your cat if possible

I'm having a problem uploading pictures buh I'll keep on trying. wink
Pets / Re: Garfield's Diary by Sijiade77(m): 2:14pm On Nov 15, 2021
[quote author=Wildlifecalling post=107638005]So, Garfield started scratching literally everything, from my feet, the furniture, and even my TV cry
I decided to clip his claws today and it was a struggle as you might imagine... Long story short, 40 minutes after I started he's tired and so am I.
[/quote ]

Garfield is such a beautiful cat.
And this thread is wonderful. Cuz there are few of its kind dedicated to cats on Nairaland.
I've also been a cat owner & lover for years.

Phones / Re: 'MTN Now Drinking Data With Straw' by Sijiade77(m): 9:46am On Nov 09, 2021
I experienced same.
I bought 100mb data with my last card to urgently reply some whatsapp & Facebook messages. I didn't even spend up to 10mins doing so b4 u know it, na so them send me message say data don finish. I didn't even view whatsapp or Facebook status & the messages were texts. Not voice notes. I then subed again so i can chat with their customer care agent. After waiting for almost 30mins just to get transferred to 1, the guys was telling me he can see high data usage from my phone. He even sent me a link to prove it. I explained things to him and my network was on 3G with restricted background apps sucking data. So noting could just engulf my data juz like dat. I checked my phone's data usage & it wasn't indicating any high data usage
The guy no gree oooh!
He told me bye bye Thankyou 4 using MTN.
I vexed that day ehnnn!
Now I sub 3gig every week. Meanwhile 1.5 gig could last me almost a week b4.
Not anymore.

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Phones / Re: Should I Buy The Samsung A02 Or Tecno Spark Go 2020 by Sijiade77(m): 3:38pm On Aug 29, 2021
Didtnt know this shocked

You can Google it & see for yourself
Pets / Re: Cats Cats Cats by Sijiade77(m): 12:22pm On Aug 27, 2021
your comment has helped me more than Google. Thank you very much..
Also what do I do when I have to go out like maybe run some errands. What if I want to travel with her. How do I carry her around? Yunno, Nigerians and their fear for cats?

You're highly welcome smiley

Whenever you want to go on errands, you simply just leave your kitten and attend to other important things. You can help your cat by leaving out a toy that can't be swallowed (so he/she won't choke) that way, your cat will be preoccupied in your absence. You really don't have to do much cuz cats are masters of entertaining theirselves.

Travelling with your cat isn't really a good idea. Cats are territorial animals and they always establish a territory wherever and around whereever they live. Travelling with your cat will be stressful on the cat because you are taking it to a completely new environment, away for his/her old environment where he/she has already established a territory of their own. So, if u must travel, just find a trusted caretaker who can go to your house to feed & give water to your cat. Though there are cats that won't really be stressed. Everycat is different. But it is easier to travel with a small kitten since they probably wouldn't have established a serious territory just yet.
Pets / Re: Cats Cats Cats by Sijiade77(m): 10:22am On Aug 27, 2021
yeah. I read up that milk is bad for them. What do I do when they cry? What do I do when I'm going out? I'll need a litter box for now until I relocate cause she'll be indoor. I don't trust the people around me. So basically, I can feed her what I eat minus the things that Google listed. I have actually checked that out too. Heard they cry a lot at night. Is that true? But I read if you feed your cat and play with them exhausting their energy before nightfall they'd be too tired to disturb. I think I'll try the kulikuli thing then. She's just a newborn and the owner can't release her yet until next month end. So I want to be sure I'm not caught unawares. Soon I'll prepare for the litter box thing. Plastic or carton which do you suggest?
Thank you

Also. Do they eat pineapples? I've seen the fruits you listed that they don't eat. Rice? Beans? Garri et al? Yam? My friend had a cat and he didn't have trouble with feeding it. I checked the market for cat food. I can use it as treats sometimes too.

This feels exciting but I'm scared too

Getting a kitten might be overwhelming at first cuz there's a lot to do and a whole lot of things you shouldn't do.
As for the litter box I'll advice you use a plastic litter box cuz using cardboard box won't be so healthy or easy to manage. It'll quickly get soiled cuz of urine thereby making your house smell. When i got my cat at first i used a medium sized cylindrical cover with low sides as her litter box and i filled it with fine smooth sand ( those kinds you find by rivers) and she prefered that. So whenever she pees on that sand it simply forms like a clump and she burries her poo underneat it but remember i earlier said my cat has no need for a litter again cuz she never uses it. Except her kittens though (whenever she has any)

As for the noise part, i can't say for sure cuz just as humans every cat has individualistic personalities. Some will be loud while some will be quiet. Some will be strongly attached to humans while some will be independent. You get the whole idea.
If you eventually get a kitten who is a noise maker then whenever it is crying just ignore it. It'll grow out of that habit after it gets used to living with you. But if you always regularly pay attention to your kitten when it cries, then it'll take crying for getting your attention, which will be a bad behavior and it might not go so well with your neighbours.

Lastly, for the foods the eat.
I don't know if cats eat pineapple or if it is toxic to them. I've never tried giving that to my cat. My cat seems to do well and readily eat rice, beans, rice & beans (however way it is cooked), yam cut in small pieces buh I only feed her fried yam in very very very small quality. And noodles (indomie) buh I always top her indomie with 2-3 spoons of raw crayfish.
I don't frequently feed her noodles sha. Its just an occasional feeding...

I actually recently moved to another state so I'm not living with my cat anymore. She now lives with my extended family members. She really loves them and they love her too.
I would've brought her with me but pets aren't allowed where I stay. I'll soon relocate to a place where pets will be allowed and I'll start afresh with getting 2 new kittens. Or I'll get a female and when she gives birth, I'll keep 2 of her male kittens. It'll be somewhat of our own cat pride. I love lions but since i can't easily own one then I'll start a cat pride & just maintain 3 or 4 cats..........

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Pets / Re: Cats Cats Cats by Sijiade77(m): 12:08am On Aug 27, 2021
No be marriage vow be this? grin grin grin
Anyway I've been doing a lot of reading and googling. First off I want to know what's up with feeding and the kind of things they eat especially with regards to nigerian food. I've read about the noise part and the waste part. Will do my best to potty train. I'm ready to vaccinate. And I get the part where they're like children..

I think I just need info on the basics especially feeding. And understanding how they communicate.

grin No b marriage vow oooooh!
Na commitment wink

Well, in regards to feeding your kitten, I advice you Google list of foods that are toxic to cats. Some of which are onions, garlic, chocolate, apple seeds, grapes and others. Juz Google it sha they are plenty.
As for me, now that my cat is grown i usually just feed her whatever i eat but I'm mindful to select out onions or garlic when I feed human food to her. A lot of people may regard feeding human food to cats as being wrong but let's face it, cat foods are expensive so feeding cats on strictly ready made processed cat food may prove to be difficult. And also, my cat has never for once fallen sick with her feeding routine. Once in a while, I buy fish for her alone to eat. I must confess that when i first got her as a kitten, transitioning her from her previous diet in her former home to a different diet in my own home, made her have diarrhea for about a week or so. But after that she has been as healthy and strong as a tigress that she is. Honestly, i dont even have any need for litter boxes in my house, cuz she never uses them. She always does her business outside. At a spot which I'm aware of in case I need to monitor her stool. It usually looks firm and okay sha.

Oooooh! I almost forgot.
Take it easy with the amount of milk you give to your kitten. Tom & Jerry made us believe that cats really love milk (no doubt, a lot do) but too much milk can give a kitten diarrhea. Milk has a chemical called Lactose. And alot of cats aren't tolerant of it so it can be dangerous to a young kitten. That is why it is adviced you don't feed you kitten cow milk.
Though, that isn't to say there aren't cats who will suffer if they take cow milk. In fact those set of cats do very well on it and seem to enjoy it. But just to be on the safe side feed your kitten milk in moderation then watch out for watery stool. If you notice any form of diarrhea then immediately discontinue feeding milk to your kitten buh if you don't, still feed it in moderation. It may be weird but my cat doesn't really care about milk. It doesn't really catches her fancy. But one thing she absolutely completely love 100% is kuli-kuli. Weird right?!
If you want my cat to be your best best friend, then just give her kuli-kuli. She goes nuts whenever she sees it.
Pets / Re: Cats Cats Cats by Sijiade77(m): 8:52pm On Aug 26, 2021
I actually just got a cat and that's why I'm on this thread. I've not picked it up yet though and the cats siblings are still available as at yesterday. I'm in Benin too. Drop your contact.

Anyway, I need tips on what to prepare before bringing my new cat home.

First off, you have to be mentally prepared. Cat are just like children, they're a responsibility which you must take care of. I'm assuming you just got a kitten. So i ask this question. Are you ready to properly feed and look into the well being of your kitten even till adulthood? Are you ready for occasional loud meowing & yowling just to get your attention or even during heat periods? Are you ready for a huge amount of energy bursts & rough play and scratches & bites, mostly as a kitten? Are you ready to deal with the fact that your cat will occasionally bring you gifts in the form of live or dead animals (if you allow it roam outdoors) Are you ready to be patient if your cat makes accident around the house {poo or pee} and also take time to properly litter train your kitten? Are you ready to vaccinate and take good care of your kitten (health wise) even till adulthood? And the most important of all Are you ready to love your kitten unconditionally in good and also in bad times, for better for worse untill death seperates you?

I know they are so so many questions but if you can't fully be in support and properly answer those questions then there's no point in you even sharing your living space with a cat. Kittens really outgrow kittenhood very fast. In just some months it'll be grown up and it may not be as cute as it was as a kitten.
I'm not an expert or a pro in raising cats, as a matter of fact I'm still learning more with each day i spend with my cat. And I'm open to learning more from other experienced cat owners. I've lived with my cat Taila for about 3 years now. She has been a bundle of joy to me. We've had a lot of experiences that is somewhat funny and memorable.


Phones / Re: Should I Buy The Samsung A02 Or Tecno Spark Go 2020 by Sijiade77(m): 9:34pm On Aug 23, 2021

Smart 5 get 4g na

I'll look it up
Phones / Re: Should I Buy The Samsung A02 Or Tecno Spark Go 2020 by Sijiade77(m): 9:26pm On Aug 23, 2021
use that money and buy redmi 9c. better chip, better screen, better ui, better software support etc.

all those tecno phones go spoil after 6 month

I looked up the Xiaomi redmi 9c & I must say, I immediately fell in love with the specs & its MUI user interface. Its different from other OS I've seen so far. But its more expensive.
The cheapest price I saw on jumia was 61k.
My budget is not more than 50k but if I do get more, I'll absolutley go for the redmi 9c without hesitation.
Phones / Re: Should I Buy The Samsung A02 Or Tecno Spark Go 2020 by Sijiade77(m): 12:54pm On Aug 23, 2021
Tecno Spark Go has come out with a 2021 version as well in case you are not aware. if it falls under your budget u can go for it friend. The battery specs plus the helio A20 chipset look good here. Camera could be better tho

I agree.
But in terms of Specs, they're both identical with very little body changes.
Another change is the android version. I can't confirm it though cuz some places say the spark go 2021comes with android 11 (go edition) out of the box. While some says it still comes with the same android 10 (go edition) out of the box.
Its even confusing. Tecno is just remaking the same phone and branding it with different names.
Phones / Re: Should I Buy The Samsung A02 Or Tecno Spark Go 2020 by Sijiade77(m): 12:48pm On Aug 23, 2021

Needed a phone urgently in April and money wasn't enough to buy a topnotch phone so I just contacted a phone seller I knew at a popular phone store. He suggested I buy a Tecno Spark go instead of AO2.

I didn't like the idea and wanted to wait till I have like 80k but I just bought it. The only thing I've had with the phone since then is the low 32gb storage and I'm getting a MC this week God willing. So the phone is really cool if you're not a heavy gamer.

Okay wink

Phones / Re: Should I Buy The Samsung A02 Or Tecno Spark Go 2020 by Sijiade77(m): 12:47pm On Aug 23, 2021
Have you checked out Infinix Smart 5?

Yeah. But the network connection put me off. (Just 2G & 3G)
Phones / Re: Should I Buy The Samsung A02 Or Tecno Spark Go 2020 by Sijiade77(m): 11:47pm On Aug 22, 2021
Samsung or nokia 1.4

I also considered the Nokia 1.4 but it has a lower battery than both the spark go & samsung a02 and the camera quality is also considerably lower. 13mp+ 2mp for both phones & just 8mp+2mp for the Nokia. Buh that's on paper though. I don't know if it'll reflect on real life usage.
Phones / Re: Should I Buy The Samsung A02 Or Tecno Spark Go 2020 by Sijiade77(m): 11:41pm On Aug 22, 2021
Spark Go?
There's the Tecno spark go 2020( more recently the 2021 variant) and there's also the spark 6 go. Both phones are exactly the same in terms of internal specs & looks. One can very easily be mistaken for the other. I believe the only noticable difference between them is just their name.
Phones / Re: Should I Buy The Samsung A02 Or Tecno Spark Go 2020 by Sijiade77(m): 11:33pm On Aug 22, 2021
I'm making this post with a Samsun A02. Was bought brand new 2 months ago and given to me. Sparkling clean with everything in place.
But I intend selling it to buy a Tecno Spark 6 Air.

How has your experience been with the phone so far? And is there a major motive behind your decision to switch to the spark 6 air?
Phones / Should I Buy The Samsung A02 Or Tecno Spark Go 2020 by Sijiade77(m): 4:53pm On Aug 22, 2021
I'm planning on buying a phone in a month time and I intend on using it as my main device. I've been looking up on budget smartphones & I narrowed down my decision to the Samsung galaxy a02 & the tecno spark go 2020.
Both phones share similar specs except that the Samsung has no fingerprint scanner or even face unlock (which is less secure). And the Samsung is more pricier (52k at a retail outlet close to me) The spark go 2020 retails about 45 to 48k.

So which would you all advice I go for?
P.S I'm not a heavy gamer. But I spend a lot of time on social media.

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