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Politics / Re: Senator Pays N2.5M Cancer Patients' Bill by tewoayo(m): 4:44pm On Dec 28, 2012
God bless u for saving lives. More power to ur elbows.
Family / Re: 59-Yr-old Woman Gives Birth In Lagos by tewoayo(m): 6:20pm On Dec 24, 2012
Our God is a miracle working God. Congrats Madam.
Nairaland / General / Re: Eight Students Killed In Ewekoro Accident by tewoayo(m): 10:17pm On Dec 13, 2012
What a tragedy! May their souls rest in peace. And I pray dat God should give their families d fortitude to bear it.
Investment / Re: Maina Declared Wanted For N159bn Missing Pension Funds by tewoayo(m): 10:13pm On Dec 12, 2012
Ole, baraho, thief. If caught, he should be handed over to EFCC.
Health / Re: What You Need To Know About Sleep Apnea by tewoayo(m): 3:30pm On Oct 16, 2012
Good day to you all and hope that everything is going on well.

Well, let's start from where we stopped.

Why is Sleep Apnea a Concern?

There are many reasons why people need to find help for sleep apnea. It is a terrible problem that will only continue to get worse and eventually make your life even harder than it has to be. Many people think that having a sleeping disorder is no big deal, however it really is. There are many disadvantages to having a sleep apnea problem.

One big consequence of having sleep apnea is that the person will be suffering throughout the day. They are going to have an awful time getting through a day at school or work. The person is going to be tired and have great fatigue during the day when they need to be alert and awake. This could affect the job or school performance and eventually lead to bad grades or termination.

Driving for people that deal with sleep apnea is going to be a problem as well. This is another reason why sleep apnea is a concern for many. The reflexes of drivers that do not get enough sleep are similar to those that are drunk. They are going to have a hard time concentrating and keeping the car under control. This is a very dangerous situation that should not happen.

A big concern with sleep apnea is that the person that suffers from it is going to have impaired daytime functions. It is going to be hard for them to keep their attention on certain things including work and school for instance. This is when sleep apnea begins to affect their work and even relationships with their friends and family members.

Sleep apnea is also a danger to a person’s health. It is necessary to get good nights sleep in order to be healthy. High blood pressure can be a definite problem for anyone that has sleep apnea. Having high blood pressure from the stress of having no sleep can also lead to more problems. These people are more likely to have a heart attack or possible stroke when they are not getting enough sleep for their body.
One thing that most people don’t realize is that you do stop breathing, and this can lead to additional stress on your body. Sure you know you are tired, and that is a lot of stress in itself, but there are also times that the stress on your body is going to be placed on your organs, your heart, your lungs and in the long term, your brain.

If you want to have this ebook for free just send me a mail: tewoayo2 at gmail dot com. I am giving it out for free because I got it free, too.

SOURCE:White dove books.
Health / What You Need To Know About Sleep Apnea by tewoayo(m): 4:07pm On Oct 11, 2012
What is Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea is a medical condition, which makes it difficult to sleep for some, as they are not breathing correctly, while for others, it can mean listening to snoring for quite a long time. Sleep apnea is most commonly also called ‘obstructive’ sleep apnea, which is the condition where you, as the person sleeping, stop breathing. As you stop breathing, you are not resting correctly, and this reduces the oxygen in the blood while you are sleeping.
The condition known as ‘obstructive’ sleep apnea is often caused by too much tissue in the airway, in your throat or in your nose. It may also be caused by tonsils that are enlarged, or a tongue-relaxing problem. Additionally, you could have a jaw problem that is not allowing you to breathe properly while you are sleeping.

Sleep apnea affects thousands, possibly even millions, but there are methods of treatment to put a stop to those problems. If you have been in an accident and you have a problem with your nasal passage or your throat when sleeping, this could cause you to breathe differently and interrupt your sleeping habits, as you are unable to breathe when you sleep. If you have nasal problems, if you have an enlarged tonsil or
gland, or you have excessive tissue in your air passages, you could be suffering from sleep apnea.
Talking with your doctor about your sleep problems is going to be the first step in treatment. Your doctor can arrange a sleep test - known as polysomnography - to test your breathing, your heart rate, and to monitor your body while you are sleeping. This will give the physician a good idea about what is really going on, and then determine how to proceed with treatment.

Sleep apnea can be caused by deformities of the jaw. If the jaw is smaller in bone structure than it should be, it can actually cause breathing problems while you sleep. Other issues such as with the tongue can cause sleep apnea problems as well. If you find that you are not sleeping well, that others tell you that you snore all the time, and you are always tired, you should talk to your doctor about sleep apnea, and what you can do to solve your sleeping problems.

Obstructive sleep apnea can occur in children, men and women, those of all ages. Men are about eight times more likely to be suffering from sleep apnea. Those who are over the age of thirty five are more likely to be suffering with sleep apnea. Many people believe that people in their twenties, and women are less likely to report sleep problems, which
could contribute to findings that men are more likely to have sleep apnea or obstructed airway problems.
Adverts / Are U Ready To Take Charge Of Ur Financial Life? If Yes,read This (FREE EBOOKS) by tewoayo(m): 6:10pm On Aug 22, 2012
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Adverts / The Secrets To Long-lasting And Fulfilling Relationship by tewoayo(m): 9:35pm On Oct 17, 2011
Hello my people,

this is to inform you that there is a ebook on the topic above. The thread was raised in this forum and the contribution made has been put together plus additional input from a genuine and good source.

The ebook is meant to educate and is for both married and those in serious relationship, and planning to go the altar soon. This book can also heal any broken home.

Get this book and change the story of your marriage/relationship experience. In this ebook, you will get top tips on how you can uphold your marital union and enjoy God bliss in your home.

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Family / Re: What's The Secret To Long-lasting And Fulfilling Relationships? by tewoayo(m): 8:35pm On Oct 17, 2011
hello house,

i just want to  give you an update on the thread above.
I want to sincerely thank everybody that  contributed to the topic, and also to inform that your input has been put together as a ebook with additional input from a great and genuine source.

I will give out TWENTY copies of it for free. D tittle is  THE SECRETS TO LONG-LASTING AND FULFILLING RELATIONSHIP.
But, it will be on first come first serve. these free copies is for those that contributed.

If u need it,just send your email address to this address tewoayo2@gmail.com. Pls include your nairaland user name.

And if u need a copy but u didn't contribute, it will cost you a token of N3000.

Email me also.


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Family / What Is The Best Gift To Give To Your Wife by tewoayo(m): 6:07pm On Oct 04, 2011
Good all,

I want to know the best gift that HUSBAND can present to his WIFE on any occasion.

I want buy her a gift but i don't know the kind of it to buy.

Thanks for your contribution.
Adverts / Re: Sports Betting School: free betting tutorial | free sports predictions by tewoayo(m): 1:33pm On Oct 03, 2011
Hello unclenna,

I am not marketing anything to anybody. It's just that the report is much and i want anybody that interested should contact me.

Business / Re: Who Knows This Guy, Ilonze Nnamdi? by tewoayo(m): 1:19pm On Oct 03, 2011
Thank you my Brother,

Is a true talk
I know that the money is gone but, i just want some other people to be aware so that they don't fall victim like myself.
Family / Re: What's The Secret To Long-lasting And Fulfilling Relationships? by tewoayo(m): 10:29pm On Oct 01, 2011
Thank you so much for all of you that has contributed to this thread.I want to say BIG thank you to CHAIRCOVER,IFYALWAYS,ONLINEDEE,YOGUN,CLAREMONT. YUor contributions are SUPERB.

I never knew that this TOPIC will generate a lot of interest like this.

Thanks again. I am expecting more of it.
Business / Re: Who Knows This Guy, Ilonze Nnamdi? by tewoayo(m): 9:58pm On Oct 01, 2011
i want to know if he's a scammer or not bicos i paid for a product which he promised to deliver but he failed to do so.
it's almost 2months now and whenever i called his phone, he would not pick it. So, if u can help let me know or may is ur friend?

Adverts / Re: Help On Importing Phones And Laptops From Us Or Uk by tewoayo(m): 10:52am On Sep 30, 2011
Hello sexxy,

As regards the above post, I have a comprehensive e-book on how U can get all those items mentioned.
U don't need to contact any body. U can be importing these from US by yourself at a cheaper rate and sell it here in Nigeria at any price of your. The guide is real and not a scam.

U will even ship all these from US at a reduced price also.

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Adverts / Re: Sports Betting School: free betting tutorial | free sports predictions by tewoayo(m): 9:55am On Sep 30, 2011
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I intentionally use the word INVESTMENT and not BETTING bicos in betting u are not sure of any profit but in this INVESTMENT (method), U are GUARANTEED of a return of 5%-60% of your Capital. And u can make a life time income from it. This doesn't apply to football alone but to all SPORTS.

In this Guide, I will give you 2 websites that provide daily arbitrage on any sport

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Adverts / 101 Ways To Build Happy, Long-lasting And Fulfliing Relationship. by tewoayo(m): 1:28pm On Sep 26, 2011
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Family / Re: What's The Secret To Long-lasting And Fulfilling Relationships? by tewoayo(m): 1:13pm On Sep 26, 2011
Hello house,

I just want to thank everybody that contributed to this very interesting and serious in the family.

Also, I want to bring it to your notice that all your suggestion as been compiled into an Ebook plus from a great resources.


If you are interested, pls send mail to tewoayo2@gmail.com

Thanks again.
Business / Re: Can GTB Naira Mastercard Make Online Payment by tewoayo(m): 10:57am On Sep 26, 2011
Hi SAMCHUKKY, i have an ebook on how to buy a brand new Laptop and phone that cost less than N20000. The website is different from amazon plus how to ship it to any where in Nigeria at a cheaper rate. Guaranteed.

To get it kindly send mail to tewoayo2@gmail.com.
Business / Re: Can GTB Naira Mastercard Make Online Payment by tewoayo(m): 5:46pm On Sep 23, 2011
Yes, u can use it online on any website that accept Master Card but if u need comprehensive information on how to get it done. Send mail to tewoayo2@gmail.com.

Sports / Re: Do You Have The Courage To Earn From Sports Investment? by tewoayo(m): 5:16pm On Sep 23, 2011
This wonderful loophole can neva be regulated or closed down and d beauty of it is dat as d internet grows, the

number of opportunites dat dis loophole will make available will multiply. KNOWLEDGE is KING in anything and i everything we do,and dis particular knowledge will help u 2 achieve a very good income everyday 4 as long as d

internet is around. A list of trades is very valuable and will saves U a lot of time once u understand d mechanics of it.
Sports / Do You Have The Courage To Earn From Sports Investment? by tewoayo(m): 4:59pm On Sep 23, 2011
This is a private advertisement. it's meant for the tremendously ambitious man only. Sport arbitrage INVESTMENT. I

capitalized the word investment because it is vital that you understand this is NOT gambling in any way. This is 2 show

U everything U need 2 know 2 produce a regular income from a very profitable loophole dat has been brot about

by d internet.
Adverts / Can Someone Make Money By Investing In Sports? by tewoayo(m): 10:26am On Sep 22, 2011
Hello House,
I want to know if someone can make a living through sports, I mean by investing in Sport.

Thanks for your contributions
Business / How To Register Your Biz Name With Cac by tewoayo(m): 11:14pm On Sep 03, 2011
Free Report Reveals,
          With The Corporate Affairs Commission                 
          In 21 DAYS or LESS, Without A LAWYER
          And With LESS Than #10,000,
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Business / Who Knows This Guy, Ilonze Nnamdi? by tewoayo(m): 8:58pm On Sep 03, 2011
Hello house, please i would like to hear from anybody in the house who have come across the above mentioned name or bought any INFO PRODUCT from HIM. I want to know the kind of person he is.

Family / What's The Secret To Long-lasting And Fulfilling Relationships? by tewoayo(m): 7:02pm On Sep 03, 2011
Hi House, please I want to know the secret to successful relationships.

Family / Whose Infidelity Can Cause A Divorce - A Man Or A Woman? by tewoayo(m): 10:14pm On Sep 01, 2011
Hello house, i just want to know who can cause a divorce in marriage because most of the marriages nowadays don't last for a long time.
Family / Whose Infidelity Can Cause A Divorce - A Man Or A Woman? by tewoayo(m): 10:12pm On Sep 01, 2011
Hello house, i just want to know who can cause a divorce in  marriage because most of the marriages nowadays don't last for a long time.
Romance / Re: Is It Possible To Fall In Love With Someone You've Never Met? by tewoayo(m): 8:05pm On Aug 30, 2011
Well, its very possible to fall in LOVE with somebody U've never met.Let me use myself as a living example. I got my wife over phone through GLO AFRICHAT,though it took some months before will finally met and to the GLORY of GOD, we got married this year FEBRUARY at AKURE in Ondo State,we lives in Ibadan and we are living happily.

And by the grace of GOD, we are expecting our first born in two months time.
Adverts / Re: Where Can I Buy Online Virtual Credit Card by tewoayo(m): 2:04pm On May 25, 2011
AS some of my colleagues has rightly said.Just walk into any GTbank and ask for the person in charge of card services

and tell him/her that u want to activate ur account for internet banking. A form will be given to u to fill and u will be asked if u need a token that will generate code for u whenever u are doing online banking. The bank usually charge #3000 for this token.

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