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Politics / Tinubu's Disqualification And Judgments Supreme Court Will Overturn To Save Tinu by tewoayo(m): 11:11am On Jul 20, 2023


As the presidential election petition tribunal progresses, Nigerians are already looking forward to how the judges will decide, not just at the tribunal level but also at the Supreme Court. Confidence is very very low, and one can't blame people for feeling this way. Because base on recent rulings of the Supreme Court have turned logic and the law upside down, so it's understandable that people lose confidence. Many people might be saying that all judges are the same, they have collected money, they have taken bribes and believing that nothing will come out of it, that no one can remove a sitting president. These are just some of the many permutations and issues being discussed.

However, when one looks at the gravity of what Tinubu has done and all the baggage that comes with him, along with the massive evidence presented in court, the judges at the Supreme Court will need to go to extreme levels in order to free Tinubu.

There have been many judicial precedents that the Supreme Court Justices have been a part of in the past few years. While the Supreme Court has the right to revisit a case or reverse their decisions if they have new information, the question is, how many times will they do this in order to free Tinubu? If it's just one judgment that they need to reverse, people might think it's just a one-off and public opinion might not be against them. However, when you consider that they would need to reverse multiple judgments, say one, two, three, four, five, six, or even seven, in order to free him, it becomes a matter of morality rather than just taking bribes or favoring someone.

And it doesn't stop there. What about the implications of the judgment if they eventually overturn all past judgments in order to favor him? What would that mean for Nigeria going forward in terms of politics and governance? It would undoubtedly change the political landscape in Nigeria. For example, the Supreme Court judgment that made Lawan, who didn't contest for the senatorial primaries, to become the winner of the election. Before this judgment, it was possible for someone who didn't contest the elections properly but won the primary election at the party level to become the winner of the election. That was how Amaechi became the governor of River State. He won the PDP governorship primaries, but somehow INEC put Celestine Omehe's name on the ballot for the general election, and the Supreme Court restored him. Many people hailed the Supreme Court for delivering justice in that case. However, why didn't many people hail the Supreme Court when they delivered judgments on Lawan's case and that of Akpabio? It shows that something was definitely wrong with those judgments.

Now, let's look at the first judgment that the Supreme Court Justices would need to overturn in order to free Tinubu. In 2003, Buhari lost the presidential election to Obasanjo and went to the presidential election petition tribunal. Eventually, the Supreme Court ruled that despite Obasanjo not winning Abuja, what was needed was for the candidate to score at least 25 percent of the total votes cast in the Federal Capital Territory (Abuja). It was the first judicial interpretation of the 25 percent requirement in Abuja since the Fourth Republic began. The Supreme Court interpreted it as a presidential candidate needing to score 25 percent in two-thirds of the states in Nigeria, must still score 25 percent in Abuja. This was the interpretation.

The next judicial precedent that the Supreme Court Justices would need to overturn was set back in 2008 in the case of Buhari versus Yar'Adua. Buhari sought the cancellation of the presidential election because Yar'Adua didn't win Abuja.

However, the Supreme Court Justices that sat on the panel disagreed with him.

They followed the earlier precedent of 2003 and ruled in the same manner that 25 percent was only required in Abuja, not a win. Therefore, they struck off Buhari's petition.

So based on the 25 percent requirement, the Supreme Court has already made two judgments stating that a presidential candidate must win 25 percent in Abuja before being declared the winner. And Tinubu obviously did not achieve this required percentage in the FCT, and since this section of the Constitution was not amended before the presidential election, it becomes a dead end for Tinubu. He cannot escape it. The Supreme Court has no option but to follow precedent by annulling his victory. Regardless of how people feel about the 25 percent requirement in Abuja, it is still the law, and the law must be upheld. It is practically impossible for someone to have 25 percent in all 36 states of the Federation without having it in Abuja.

Abuja represents all Nigerians, so if you are already popular in some states in Nigeria, it means you're popular in Abuja as well. All past presidents, including MKO Abiola, scored the required 25 percent in Abuja. Therefore, the case of Tinubu won't be different.

The third judgment that they will need to overturn was delivered in 2014, and as faith will have it, the current Chief Justice of Nigeria was part of the panel of judges that delivered the judgment in that groundbreaking case of Abacha versus the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The Supreme Court ruled that if a forfeiture is a result of a crime, there can be no forfeiture if there is no crime. If someone forfeits something that means a crime was committed.Therefore, so this judgment, this judicial precedent, will ensure that Tinubu is disqualified.

Tinubu forfeited $460,000 to the United States government, funds that were traced to narcotics trafficking. So the hands of the Supreme Court judges, including the Chief Justice, are tied. They cannot do otherwise but to disqualify Tinubu.

The fourth judgment that they will need to overturn in order to save Tinubu is the one they delivered in 2017. Two Supreme Court justices who delivered that judgment are still serving at the Supreme Court. In the unanimous judgment, they disqualified the PDP candidate because he forged his certificate. Looking at the evidence that Atiku's witnesses submitted at the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal, you will see that the Supreme Court justices have no option but to take a clue from the earlier judicial precedent they themselves set in 2017. Or will they treat Tinubu differently?

The next case that ties the hands of the Supreme Court justices is the one they delivered in 2020. That judgment disqualified diri/ David Lyon because his deputy forged a certificate. The significant takeaway from that judgment is that the Supreme Court understood that time was of the essence. They disqualified him 24 hours before he was supposed to take the oath of office. They understood that politicians who didn't win elections or violated some laws in the process shouldn't be allowed to enjoy the office even for a day. So it can be done even without amending relevant sections of the law. Election disputes can be resolved before swearing in, so only people who truly got the mandate of the people will be sworn into office.

The next one is the one they delivered this year, Oyetola versus Adeleke. In that judgment, the Supreme Court upheld and reinforced all the guidelines and processes involved in the conduct of elections. All these processes and guidelines were not obeyed by INEC during the election. They conducted the election without recourse to the guidelines.

So Will the Supreme Court justices then turn around and say that collation can happen without reference to the IREV? Will they say that IREV is no longer required despite it being in the Electoral Act that a collation officer must consult the copies of IREV before starting collation at the ward level? If they say that IREV is not required, because IREV is the main thing because without IREV it means any rigged result can be collated without verification.

The last one is not actually a judgment, but the impact of how they will decide. If they say YES (Tinubu not sacked) that someone with all these baggage and violations, and even with INEC's non-compliance, actually won and can continue in office, it means going forward, anybody with even more baggage can find their way and become the president or governor or contest in any elective position. So going forward, it will change the political landscape in Nigeria. If, at the end of the day, with all the judicial precedents that they themselves have set, they turn around and say, "No, put this aside, this man won, let him continue," well, the world and Nigerians are watching.

Will Tinubu ever Escape this?

Nairaland / General / Root Cause Of Nigeria Problem by tewoayo(m): 4:00pm On Jan 10, 2023
*£1 = ₦980*
*$1 = ₦890*
*€1 = ₦810*


*In case you don't know the root cause of our problems today, please take time out and read below:*

*As of 25/07/2022, the exchange rates were:*

*£1 = ₦800*
*$1 = ₦670*
*€1 = ₦662*

*42 years ago, precisely on 25/07/1980 the exchange rate was:*
*$1 = 0.80k*

*Are you surprised?*

*Well, we were far more productive in 1980 than we are today.*

*In 1980 the key reasons for economic growth were as follows:*

*1. We were a net exporter of refined petroleum products. Today we import all our refined petroleum products.*

*2. We rode in locally assembled cars, buses and trucks. Peugeot cars in Kaduna and Volkswagen cars in Lagos.*

*3. Leyland produced trucks/buses in Ibadan and ANAMCO in Enugu also produced buses and trucks.*

*4. Steyr in Bauchi produced our Agricultural tractors. And it was not just Assembly, we were producing many of the components:*

*5. Vono products in Lagos produced the vehicle seats.*

*6. Exide in Ibadan produced the batteries, not just for Nigeria but for the entire West Africa.*

*7. IsoGlass and TSG in Ibadan produced the windshields.*

*8. Ferrodo in Ibadan produced the brake pads and discs*

*9. Dunlop produced Tyres in Lagos and Michelin Tyres were produced in Port Harcourt. And I mean tyres produced from rubber plantations located in Ogun, Bendel and Rivers State.*

*10. We were listening to Radio and watching television sets assembled in Ibadan by Sanyo.*

*11. We were using refrigerators, freezers and Airconditioners produced by Thermocool and Debo.*

*12. We were putting on clothes produced from the UNTL Textile Mills in Kaduna and Chellarams in Lagos. They were Not from imported cotton but from cotton grown in Nigeria.*

*13. Our water was running through pipes produced by Kwalipipe in Kano and Duraplast in Lagos .*

*14. Our toilets were fitted with WC produced in Kano and Abeokuta.*

*15 We were cooking with LPG gas stored inside gas cylinders produced at the NGC factory in Ibadan.*

*16. Our electricity was flowing through cables produced by the Nigerian Wire and Cable, Ibadan; NOCACO in Kaduna and Kablemetal in Lagos and Port Harcourt.*

*17. We had Bata and Lennards Stores producing the shoes we were putting on. The shoes were not from imported leather but from locally tanned leather in Kaduna*.

*18. We were mainly flying our Airways, (the Nigeria Airways), to most places in the world. The Nigeria Airways was about the biggest in Africa at the time*.

*19. Most of the foods we ate were grown or produced in Nigeria*.

*We were producing all of the above and many more in 1980*

*Today, we import almost everything. Isn't that alarming?*

*There lies the source of the terrible exchange rate we are experiencing today and everyone reading this has a critical role to play in reversing this very UGLY trend.*

*We have been talking about these problems and more for ages.*

*It is not enough for us to complain about the exchange rate or point out what others are not doing or are failing to do. The key questions are:*

*1. What are we producing now?*
*2. What role are our so- called Leaders/ Politicians of today playing?*

*We are forever shying away from responsibility whereas it is a stack reality and if we don't deal with it, it won't go away. In fact it will get worse*.

*To our dear Politicians, if you don't have the capacity to RESET Nigeria to what it was at least back in 1980 then please stay in your house and don't waste our time.*


*Please share widely on all platforms for Nigerians especially youths to know the critical role to play with.. #Fixing_Nigeria*.

Politics / Re: PDP G-5: Stop Crying Over Wike, Afegbua Tells Dino Melaye by tewoayo(m): 6:06pm On Dec 31, 2022
hisexcellency34 That's Nigeria's next Minister of Information if Atiku wins

You're wrong. Dino is the next Kogi State Governor if Atiku wins.
Education / Re: Obinna, 1-Year-Old Arise And Shine Delta Pupil Dies After 31 Strokes Of Cane by tewoayo(m): 11:41am On Feb 13, 2022
And may the boy Spirit torment the Proprietress and her Son for ever. Amen
Sports / Re: Football Rules When We Were Kids by tewoayo(m): 11:39am On Oct 25, 2019
Good old memories lane. How I wished to be like a child again.

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Business / Re: Bankers For Baba-Ijebu (Premier-Lotto). by tewoayo(m): 3:53pm On Jul 12, 2019
WIN BABA IJEBU WITH EASE. lotteryspy make it easy . learn lotto by yourelf with lotteryspy tools

How can I go about it?
Education / Re: George Iwilade: The July 10th OAU Massacre, 20 Years After by tewoayo(m): 6:09pm On Jul 10, 2019
Sleep on Legends.
Science/Technology / Re: Human Wash Machine Will Bathe You Faster And Better (PHOTOS) by tewoayo(m): 6:41pm On May 17, 2019
Sweet nonsense
Crime / Re: Spiffbeat Killed By One Chance Men In Abuja by tewoayo(m): 8:40pm On May 12, 2019
May God avenge your death from those that killed you, and may your spirit hunt them through out their life time.


Investment / Re: Free forex earning opportunity by tewoayo(m): 10:49pm On Feb 21, 2018
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Investment / Re: Learn About Claiming Ethereum ( KMC ) Hourly That Will Help U Make Money In 2018 by tewoayo(m): 5:11pm On Jan 08, 2018
Investment / Re: Am Seeing Wonders Its Keeps Coming To My Btc Wallet Hourly by tewoayo(m): 8:27pm On Nov 07, 2017
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Investment / Re: TBC Exchange For BTC by tewoayo(m): 10:25pm On Jul 29, 2017
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Business To Business / Re: Apply For Soft Loans And Get Paid Within Two Working Days by tewoayo(m): 10:43pm On May 17, 2017
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Business / Re: Partner With An NGO by tewoayo(m): 8:37pm On Apr 28, 2017
Business / Re: Get Non Interest Agro Funding And Training And Earn Million From A New NGO by tewoayo(m): 9:51pm On Apr 23, 2017
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Investment / Re: Confirm Website For Free Satoshi/bitcoin by tewoayo(m): 9:33pm On Dec 27, 2016

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