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Nairaland / General / The Mobile App Development Process – Steps To Ensure App Success by thegabrielries: 6:40am On Aug 31
With so many mobile apps being released in the app store and play store daily, developing a mobile app has gained popularity. However, off the total number of apps created yearly, a small percentage only makes the cut to these giant marketplaces. Therefore, you should aim for an effective process of mobile app development to ensure your app is the best in your niche. Here is a comprehensive blog highlighting the important aspects of the mobile app development process you should know about.

Nairaland / General / Best Ios App Development Tools To Build An Ios App In 2021 by thegabrielries: 6:52am On Aug 25
When creating an iOS application, having the correct collection of iOS Development tools is critical. There was a period when iOS development was challenging due to Apple’s limitations. Identifying critical criteria, selecting the appropriate programming language, and using other iOS app development tools are all necessary steps in developing an iOS app.

Nairaland / General / Things To Consider While Integrating 3rd Party Services In Your Mobile App by thegabrielries: 7:56am On Aug 24
Creating a fully functional and feature-packed mobile app from scratch is not only challenging but also costly and time-consuming as well. To match consumers’ ever-growing demands and expectations across all types of mobile apps, you need to rely on efficient third-party service integrations to create a seamless user experience for your audience. This blog will cover all the important considerations to pick the right third-party services for your mobile app.

Nairaland / General / Top Mobile App Development Trends In 2021 by thegabrielries: 7:10am On Aug 24
The mobile app development industry’s future is brighter. Apps are no longer confined to simple purposes such as ordering food or leaving reviews. Apps may also control your household appliances, check your health, and call for help if you’re in danger. These are the latest trends in mobile app development, which we’ll go over in more detail later.

Nairaland / General / How To Select The Right Database For Your Mobile App? by thegabrielries: 8:24am On Aug 18
Selecting the right mobile app database can be tricky, especially as there are many options available in the market. Before selecting the right database for mobile apps, you need to understand your requirement and then select the right database for that function accordingly. This is a quick guide on selecting the right database for your mobile app for your app requirements.

Nairaland / General / How Much Does It Cost To Develop An Ios App? – A Complete Analysis by thegabrielries: 7:18am On Aug 12
The cost to develop an iOS app is an important topic to cover in mobile app development. iOS is one of the leading mobile app development platforms that is generally the preferred choice for businesses to have their apps on. When we compare iOS to Android from developers’ point of view, developers tend to gravitate more towards iOS development. Almost 42% of developers prefer iOS as their mobile app development platform, whereas only 31% prefer Android. The primary USP for the iOS platform is – simplicity. iOS believes in providing clarity throughout its structure – both for users and developers.

Nairaland / General / How To Upload An App To Google Play Store? by thegabrielries: 7:30am On Aug 11
Developing the ideal mobile app for your business can change the way your brand and business is perceived. It can open up many new possibilities for you to connect with a wider audience with more conversions and buzz around your app. In addition, choosing Android as the right platform for your mobile app can expose your app and business to one of the largest marketplaces in the mobile app development world. If you already have an app and want to publish your app on the play store, we have you covered in this in-depth guide on How to upload an app to the Google Play Store.

Nairaland / General / App Security – Vulnerability, Best Practices, Testing Tools & Checklist by thegabrielries: 7:13am On Aug 09
The App Development Lifecycle is incomplete without application security. In this quickly evolving digital economy, it should be the primary focus. App usage increased as a result of the pandemic.

Nairaland / General / How To Design Mobile App Architecture In 2021? by thegabrielries: 7:34am On Aug 05
Designing Mobile app architecture is a step-by-step process that must be finished before the development process can begin. This article lays out how the application’s various components should be organized and linked to one another. It outlines recommendations that should follow throughout the development process to provide a well-written program that is easier to test, expand, and maintain.

Nairaland / General / Cost To Design An App – How To Estimate Your Mobile App Design Cost? by thegabrielries: 10:38am On Aug 04
What has the biggest role in setting the first impression on the user and making them decide if they want to continue using a mobile app or not? While the mobile app’s performance, security, and contents are essential, it is always the mobile app design that catches the users’ attention first. Mastering the art of mobile app design is not a cakewalk, and hence it is important to understand the various factors affecting the cost to design an app. In this blog, we will break down the app design cost considerations for you.

Nairaland / General / REST API Development Best Practices To Follow In 2021 by thegabrielries: 12:20pm On Aug 03
APIs have become a rapidly growing field where every software you use today will involve API to some extent. API-related jobs are also rising to new heights every year. With each passing year, the security concerns around poorly written web APIs are also on the rise, which is why there is a need to know and practice some of the REST API design best practices to prevent such instances.

Nairaland / General / Latest Android 12 Features – What’s New In Android by thegabrielries: 8:01am On Aug 03
Curious about what is new in Android? Is Android 12 going to help Android match Apple in terms of security? What are the major changes in Android 12? There is a lot to unpack with Android 12. That is exactly what we will do in this ultimate breakdown guide about Latest Android 12 Features.

Nairaland / General / Guide On Mobile App Redesign Steps To Make It Market-ready by thegabrielries: 10:19am On Jul 29
There are more than 8 million apps worldwide across all platforms! To compete in such a closely packed market space, your app needs to match its function with its design and appeal to your potential customers to keep their attention and interest. Redesigning an app has many layers and aspects that should be discussed at length before taking the leap of faith. We have summarized the best practices for app redesign in this comprehensive blog for you

Nairaland / General / Ios App Development Best Practices by thegabrielries: 1:30pm On Jul 28
iOS app development platform is the most trending hotspot for businesses and developers to create next-gen future-ready and scalable mobile applications. While there are many iOS app development tutorials and guidelines, they often miss the inside tricks. We will cover the iOS app development best practices that can help you improve your iOS app performance.

Nairaland / General / How To Find App Development Companies Near Me? by thegabrielries: 8:01am On Jul 23
Searching the net for ‘How to Find App Development Companies near me?’ Have an urgent app requirement for your business needs? Finding the best App development companies near you can be challenging and tedious if you do not have a plan of action laid out from the start. App development is a rising sector, which will only grow in terms of relevance and popularity as we proceed in the next technology-driven era.

There are more than 1000s of app development companies all around the globe. Hence, choosing the right partner for your app development requirements can be like finding a needle in a haystack. We will help you break it down to consumable, comprehensible and systematic information bits to provide you with a complete guide on finding app development companies near you.

Before we start finding the ideal app development company for your business, we should focus on some ‘App development considerations you should think about before you hire an app development company.

Nairaland / General / Android App Development Best Practices by thegabrielries: 11:15am On Jul 16
Android app development is taking the mobile industry by a storm as more and more developers and users gravitate towards exploring the endless possibilities with this popular mobile software platform. Hot keywords like ‘How do I learn Android App Development is one of the most trending topics on the internet. However, just learning how to code is not enough to make it a successful Android developer when it comes to Android development. There are many layers and aspects to this broad mobile app development platform, which we will decode layer by layer in this Android App Development Best Practices blog.

Nairaland / General / Android Vs Ios App Development – Ultimate Comparison by thegabrielries: 10:40am On Jul 07
iOS vs Android is the ultimate clash between two tech giants ruling the mobile software development front. Mobile app development is one of the fastest-growing markets in the arena of software production. With the ever-growing number of people accessing the internet using their smartphones and tablets, mobile app development opens up greater opportunities for businesses to reach a large pool of potential customers.

Nairaland / General / How Much Does It Cost To Develop An Android App? by thegabrielries: 1:43pm On Jun 30
Before we dive into deciphering Android app development cost and doing a cost-analysis of Android app development platform, let us first understand why businesses prefer to develop their apps on this platform. The Android app development industry has been experiencing unprecedented rise in popularity and demand in the business world. Almost 8 out of 10 smart devices are powered by Android in today’s technological era. The Android app development platform is open-source and royalty-free, which means it isn’t restricted to just the Android Market. This gives Android developers a lot of freedom and liberty to truly be experimental and innovative. Android apps can be installed from third-party sources too, which further extends the potential of Android application development. There are many reasons and benefits for which enterprises and growing businesses stick with Android App development.

Nairaland / General / Latest Ios 15 Features – WWDC 2021 by thegabrielries: 1:27pm On Jun 22
Apple recently released their iOS 15 software update alongside latest iOS Features & many new Apple updates that took the users and developers by storm. They made overall improvements and added several functionalities across all Apple devices and platforms. WWDC 2021 was a three-day event from June 7, 2021, to June 11, 2021. The core principles of iOS15 discussed during the WWDC 2021 were – staying connected, finding focus, using intelligence, exploring the world. In the world of iOS app development, all iOS developers were eagerly looking forward to all the new changes and features this update was going to bring their way. If you are one and haven’t gotten the time to go through the Developer Keynote, don’t sweat it, we have got you covered.

We will break down all the cluttered information about new iOS app development possibilities, capabilities and promises by Apple in this detailed overview of the top iOS app development trends for Apple developers and iOS15 features and capabilities.

Nairaland / General / Pre & Post App Launch Mistakes To Avoid At All Cost by thegabrielries: 9:57am On Jun 14
It is becoming increasingly necessary to worry about things before launching an app and things to do after launching an app. Earlier, there were limited apps available on the App store. Hence the competition was relatively low, and you could easily come off as one of the top-grossing apps on the Apple Store. The App Store was launched back in 2009, and in the initial years, this was exactly the situation. There were not more than 500 or so apps in the entire App Store. Hence, chances of there being very few or no apps that belong to your niche were even higher. Back in October 2013, Apple expanded the apps on their App Store to an outstanding figure of 1 million apps. This created ground-breaking $10 billion in revenue.

It is natural and only logical that with increasing competition in the Apple App Store, the effort required to be one of the best apps in your niche will increase and so will the challenges. The same is the situation for any other major app store like Google Play Store. For this, you need a proper marketing plan for ensuring the success of any new app you launch on these popular app stores.

There are many pre-launch app mistakes and post-launch app mistakes that marketers make which affect the performance and popularity of apps on these marketplaces significantly. The success of any app isn’t limited to developing an app from the best app idea only, there are many other factors that affect how your app will perform. Two apps of similar potential and offerings can do very differently on the app stores depending on how well their pre-launch and post-launch app development checklists have been covered thoroughly. Here we will discuss some of the most common pre and post app launch mistakes so that you don’t fall victim to these blunders.

There are many pre-launch & post-launch app mistakes that affects the performance & popularity of apps. check out this to avoid that

Nairaland / General / Top Java Development Tools For Faster Project Execution by thegabrielries: 11:14am On May 25
Are you a Java Developer/Beginner/Learner, looking to enhance your development speed with top Java development tools?

Then we can say, you are at right place. Here we are going to discuss in detail about the top Java development tools in 2021 for faster project execution. Further we will discuss about the features, advantages and limitations of each and every Java tools so that you can choose the best suitable one for your project.

Nairaland / General / How To Make Angular SEO Friendly Website With Angular Universal? by thegabrielries: 10:31am On May 18
it is pretty understandable that Angular is very user-friendly. It helps create impressive, fully functional, scalable web app solutions. This means it should be one of the best choices for your app development requirements, right? Well almost! For any app to be efficient in getting maximum results, it needs to be user-friendly and SEO-friendly.

Angular is generally looked down upon for its SEO limitations. Before we understand the challenges with Angular and SEO, it will help us to revise what SEO is and why we should care in the first place.

Utilizing Angular is smart decision but sooner or later SEO daunts you. Here is a guide to make Angular SEO Friendly Website with Universal.

Nairaland / General / Kotlin Vs Java Comparision In 2021: Why Google Preffer Kotlin Over Java? by thegabrielries: 1:54pm On May 13
It is the ultimate battle of top mobile app development languages – Kotlin Vs Java. All the trouble began back in 2011 when Kotlin was introduced in the Android development world. Before the introduction of Kotlin, Java was eliminating all possible competitors with ease. Kotlin took an interesting approach to this challenge. With the support of Google and Jetbrains, Kotlin set out to replace the Java programming language by wrinkling out any of Java’s limitations and providing some additional features to the developers.

Nairaland / General / How To Make Your Angular Responsive Web App Design? by thegabrielries: 7:29am On Apr 26
As a front-end developer when you get a website project these days, the client requirements differ from what they used to be when people were fairly new to the concept of making their websites. There has been significant development in websites and tools for creating a better online presence for companies, individuals and everyone else. Earlier making a website was lesser of a hassle as your clients’ expectation would only be to have a functional website that works well on their desktops and laptops. However, with the latest Javascript technologies like Angular, React Vue etc, the demand for front-end becomes more precise in terms of performance as well as userfriendliness. In today’s time we have more devices that are capable of showing web pages. Smartphones and tablets are the most accessible piece of technology that people use on the go almost throughout the day.

Here in this article, we will talk about How to get all device compatible Responsive Angular website that didn’t lag in performance.

Since there are so many different screens and devices capable of showing web pages now, there are better chances of you getting the exposure for your business that helps you grow substantially. However, the hassle of ensuring that your Angular website loads perfectly and fits different screen sizes with aesthetic and functional layouts can be a bit daunting. The perfect solution for this issue is a
Angular Responsive Design that all Angular developers have adapted for making smarter and more efficient websites and web apps while providing far more functionality and consistency across various devices.

Nairaland / General / Hire Java Developers by thegabrielries: 6:55am On Apr 23
Looking to Hire Java Developers who can help you develop custom featured rich secured web or software based solutions?

Aglowid holds a strong portfolio in providing the Best Java Developers, Programmers, Architects, Coders, Engineers and Consultants in India who are ready to work remotely in dedicated developers model. Hiring our Trusted Java Experts to scale up your team assure you that each and every vetted developer is certified Java practitioner ready to uplift your development process.

Expertise in Top ORM Frameworks like Spring, Sturts, Hibernate
Strong hold on Core Java, Advance Java, J2EE, J2ME
Well Versed with Jboss, Tomcat, GlassFish & other Server applications
Skilled in Web, Mobile & Desktop software applications
Familiar with testing tools such as JMeter, Junit
Crush 70% of in-house Java Developers Cost

Nairaland / General / Vue.js Vs. Angular: Which Javascript Framework To Choose In 2021? by thegabrielries: 2:56pm On Apr 21
this blog is to help you determine which of the two top mobile app frameworks is best suited for your requirements. Vue.js Vs. Angular is one of the most heated debates among developers, with Vue.js gaining increasing popularity and curiosity around it every day. Vue.js is considered to sit somewhere in between Angular and React when it comes to usability and popularity. However, we don’t intend to declare a winner at the end of this blog; rather, we want to understand both these platforms’ potential and compare them against each other for you to know which one matches your requirements the best. This is your best guide to navigate Vue.js vs Angular with no bias and in-depth analysis of both platforms.

Programming / Flutter Vs Swift – Comparison Of IOS App Development Tool In 2021 by thegabrielries: 2:42pm On Apr 14
Flutter Vs Swift, It is the battle of cross-platform mobile app development SDK (Flutter) and native app development language (Swift) for creating iOS apps. Many mobile app developers often debate for one side over the other regarding native app development and cross mobile app development approach. There are pros and cons to both. However, most times, it comes down to your project requirement and demand by the clients.

Cross-platform mobile app development tools are gaining popularity since they use programming languages that are able to create native-like apps using a single codebase for developing apps for both – Android and iOS. This means clients are looking to market their app on both mobile app marketplaces quicker and at economical rates and can leverage such tools to get their apps to market quickly and at cost-effective prices. However, there are certain advantages of developing apps on native platforms that cross-platform development tools cannot match and vice versa.

Before we dive into Flutter Vs Swift, we should understand what we are comparing. It is the battle of cross-platform mobile app development SDK (Flutter) and native app development language (Swift) for creating iOS apps. Many mobile app developers often debate for one side over the other regarding native app development and cross mobile app development approach. There are pros and cons to both. However, most times, it comes down to your project requirement and demand by the clients.

Cross-platform mobile app development tools are gaining popularity since they use programming languages that are able to create native-like apps using a single codebase for developing apps for both – Android and iOS. This means clients are looking to market their app on both mobile app marketplaces quicker and at economical rates and can leverage such tools to get their apps to market quickly and at cost-effective prices. However, there are certain advantages of developing apps on native platforms that cross-platform development tools cannot match and vice versa.

Pros of Native Mobile App Development Tools

High Performance
Seamless User Experience
Robust Functionality
More Secure and Reliable
Pros of Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Tools

Wider reach
Shorter time to market
A single-code base helps developers create apps for multiple platforms using minimum coding.
Also Check our Article : React Native VS Native App Development – Tips to Select Right App Development Platform

Flutter Vs Swift – Introduction
Flutter is an open-source UI software development kit (SDK) created by Google. It is used for developing cross-platform apps for Android, iOS, Linux, Windows, Mac(macOS), Google Fuchsia and more. It uses the Dart programming language for developing iOS and Android applications. Flutter was initially launched with four pillars in mind – Beautiful, Fast, Productive and Open. Most cross-platform app development frameworks are looked down for bad performance and stability issues. Flutter has emerged as one of the top cross-platform development tools that bridge the performance gap between native and cross-platform developments by an impressive margin.

Swift is an open-source general-purpose, multi-paradigm, compiled programming language for iOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS, Linux, and z/OS. It is a type-safe, fast and modern language that constantly keeps updating itself with new trends and developments and adds new features for developers every day. Apple introduced Swift 1.0 in 2014, and it works with Apple’s Cocoa and Cocoa Touch frameworks. Swift also supports the existing Objective-C code developed for Apple Development.

Programming / Kotlin Vs Flutter – Comparision Of Popularity, Performance In 2021 by thegabrielries: 1:55pm On Apr 12
In the battle of cross-platform mobile app frameworks, two players were battling it out for the throne – React Native -for the longest time Vs. Flutter. Over the last decade, a new java-based programming language has gained enough popularity that developers are starting to notice. This new language is Kotlin. There is a new debate that is catching the attention of many developers – Kotlin Vs. Flutter.

Before we start a comparison between Kotlin and Flutter, we need to understand that Kotlin is a programming language and Flutter is a full-stack cross-platform UI toolkit.

Because there are such stark differences in both these mobile app development platforms, we should first understand them individually and then discuss their differences on the following factors:

Learning Curve
User Experience – UX
Third-party libraries and Tools Integration
Scope in Backend Development
Support for Testing
Documentation & Community

Programming / Top Mobile App Design Trends In 2021 by thegabrielries: 12:49pm On Apr 12
It is essential to stay updated with the latest app design trends at all times. These trends tend to change within weeks and months, and catching up with them constantly can be challenging. However, if we break them down to yearly reviews, some of the best app design trends prevail longer than weeks or months. They maintain their popularity for a long time, as they bring a sense of freshness and relevance to mobile UI/UX design. At the same time, some app design inspirations are entirely new and come to live after constant research and development. The same is true for app design trends 2021. This year we will see some of the most popular app design trends make a comeback whereas some brand new design trends would unlock new possibilities for developers, designers and users.

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