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Politics / Re: Bola Tinubu's Chatham House Speech & Interview (Full Video) by ThothHermes: 10:14pm On Dec 05

After this video, listening to Tinubu himself speak for hours, we know Oloriburuku Nsogbu Nsogbu people trying hard to rubbish a good man focused on his ambition to lead Nigeria to prosperity

You've been bewitched. That's the only explanation.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: SEO Content Writer Needed For A BBQ Niche by ThothHermes: 9:16am On Nov 28
I need a very good SEO content writer for the barbecue niche who has experience using Surferseo.com.

You must have used Surferseo.com and show me links of past works you've done on this platform.
You should be able to create a content of around 2,000 words per day.
You must be ready to begin immediately
Your content must be 100% unique as can be checked with Copyscape
You must be able to write in first person point of view and make your content exciting. The reader base is in the US

Pay rate
2.5 naira per word.

Note: You will write a short test.
If you're good and your works need minimal or no editing, this can be a long term engagement and the rate can turn 3.5 naira within a month.

Send me a mail of your applications and surferseo samples at odutolutimothy@gmail.com if you are really sure you can do this. Thanks.
Na slave you dey find?
Politics / Re: Go And take Your APV, APC And you must vote - Tinubu Tells Lagosians by ThothHermes: 7:06pm On Nov 26

Same way you blab about Buhari inconsistencies, bubu is in his 8th year, continue ranting
Yes. You and your family members dey buy fuel cheaper, abi dem reduce price of garri for una grin


Sports / Re: Messi vs Ronaldo: Mikel Obi Makes His Choice by ThothHermes: 9:51am On Nov 25
Who gives a fúck about this nonentity's opinion? as if ronaldo even knows he exists, Is his liking worth anything? he isn't even worth the piece of tissue ronaldo wipes his ass with. He should focus more on how worthless his career was.
Cry more. grin
Politics / Re: Peter Obi On The Candidates Town Hall Event With Kadaria Ahmed (Live Video) by ThothHermes: 11:21pm On Nov 23

Who cares? Do you care or believe anything he'll say? No. He's scheduled for next tomorrow though, but i doubt you plan or hope to be convinced by him, so to what point?
Next tomorrow done reach. Oga don escape.
Politics / Re: Tunibu Supporters: What Does It Mean To "Recharge Lake Chad"? by ThothHermes: 10:44am On Nov 23

It means "nonsense." And nonsense is different from a well-organized town hall meeting.
Okay. What of Bulaba?
Politics / Re: Tunibu Supporters: What Does It Mean To "Recharge Lake Chad"? by ThothHermes: 7:39am On Nov 23
Recharging lake Chad also means to revive it, stop embarrassing those that sent you to school with there hard ear money
Okay what is Balabu then?
Politics / Re: Peter Obi On The Candidates Town Hall Event With Kadaria Ahmed (Live Video) by ThothHermes: 8:42pm On Nov 21

Who cares? Do you care or believe anything he'll say? No. He's scheduled for next tomorrow though, but i doubt you plan or hope to be convinced by him, so to what point?
Yes or no
I'm following the interview see how the woman is grilling them. Shey she go handle Tinubu like that
Politics / Re: Peter Obi On The Candidates Town Hall Event With Kadaria Ahmed (Live Video) by ThothHermes: 8:39pm On Nov 21
See how Kadaria is grilling Obi. I hope she grills the others like that. That woman has always been partisan.


Politics / Re: Peter Obi On The Candidates Town Hall Event With Kadaria Ahmed (Live Video) by ThothHermes: 8:36pm On Nov 21
The lambarian himself. Obi, how are you going to do things differently? Obi categorically says I will not tell you, just know that we are different. No be juju be this? No manifesto, no solutions, just lament about Nigeria's problems.
And the news is Datti says Nigeria is a very secure country, Kadaria said Nigeria is insecure. Datti maintains his stance and says some mumbo jumbo about Nigerians being very peaceful people. Imagine if Lai or any APC person says Nigeria is a very secure country.
i doubt Obi agrees with Datti on that though. Two unserious people pressing the mumu button of the tired youths without PVC.
Will Tinubu attend

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Romance / Re: I Want To Give $100 Each To 100 Vulnerable Members Here by ThothHermes: 10:47pm On Nov 13
My BTC address
I'm real

Politics / Re: INEC Begins Nationwide Display Of Preliminary Voters Register by ThothHermes: 8:07pm On Nov 12
"During this display period, any person may make a claim that the name of a registered voter has been omitted, make corrections on his/her personal details on the register, raise an objection against the inclusion of any person not qualified to vote or the name of a dead person on the register"

Speak up now if you have any issues. INEC is trying to make this free and fair as possible.
Get your PVC when its ready and vote.

Elections are not won by insulting and abusing others on social media. Get your PVC and vote so you dont cry rigging next year.

Because if you do anyhow after election. Which i know some miscreants will try to. Walahi you will see anyhow.
When will the PVCs be ready?
Education / Re: Adamu: I Failed As A Minister For Not Solving Challenges In Educational Sector by ThothHermes: 12:20pm On Nov 03
We know you want to say Buhari has failed but we understand.

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Family / Re: ‘I Want To Kill You Dad’: Kid Says After Catching Him Cheating On Her Mum(video) by ThothHermes: 11:32am On Nov 03
Na wa!
Religion / Re: I Am Slowly Turning An Atheist by ThothHermes: 5:58am On Nov 01

stop defending him let Him do that himself
God is a King. He does not give account of His matters. Striving against Him is a waste of time (Job 33:13)
Your job is to learn His modus operandi and fall in line. You and your father respectfully have been playing religion.
What you should do is to learn the ways of God and the laws that govern the cosmos and begin to apply them.

Throwing tantrums about the existence of God will not change anything. You are not the first and won't be the last. Many people have threatened God that they will commit suicide if He did not act on their matter. He didn't. They committed suicide and God still remained God.

If traditionalists are dealing with you and your father, it points to a lack of understanding of spiritual warfare and priesthood.

Activate your priesthood and watch those people scamper like rats. It's knowledge.

Through knowledge will the just be delivered (Proverbs 11:9)

You and your dad can gain spiritual intelligence and begin your journey to the victory that Christ already won on the cross by listening to the following messages by Apostle Joshua Selman.

The mystery of divine intervention
Complete deliverance (1-3)
Spiritual Intelligence (1-3)
Mysteries of the kingdom
TV/Movies / Re: Games Of Thrones: House Of The Dragon Official Discussion Thread by ThothHermes: 6:11pm On Oct 26
I will have to re-watch game of thrones again, to reconnect to the realities of this dance of the dragon. I can't wait for season two to begin. Probably by December. I am a strong and unappologetic supporter and fan of the red council.
Food / Re: How Much Is A Bag Of Rice Now In Your Area? Oseni Rufai Asks by ThothHermes: 4:29pm On Oct 24
Inflation is everywhere.
Even in your supposedly Second-heaven and slave Master's country, United state.

Support the government instead of criticising them with every little opportunity you have. The government has failed in the area of security but not economy. The whole world is going through its own too.

Can you compare the price of bag of rice in 2015 in the USA to 2022? Just like you ignorant one are comparing the prices of things from 2015-2022 in Nigeria.

Most of you just sit here in Nigeria, criticise the government and politicised everything, oblivious of the present situation around the world. Just last two weeks their was protest across France and it continued this week over this same inflation issues.

Zombie no be work o.. grin
Sports / Re: Cristiano Ronaldo To Train With Manchester United Under 21s (photo) by ThothHermes: 1:40pm On Oct 21

You are actually not funny.
It's actually funny. Don't cry.


Business / Re: I Buy Used Or Fualty Laptop Here @good Price by ThothHermes: 1:29pm On Oct 21
You have a laptop for sale?
Outside Lagos?
Religion / Re: Depressed And Sucidal by ThothHermes: 2:09am On Oct 21
1. They showed you but not the others 10's of 1000s out there out of the very same? Are you kidding? undecided

2. The difference between the rich and the poor is their mindset? Do you realize that is hogwash thinking since there are many rich folks out there whose mindsets are just as terrible as those poor, only they happen to be born rich? undecided

3. By whose hand? God's or Selman's? Has Selman finished healing the many 1000s he has already amassed in the way of followers of his teachings,1000s that continue to drown themselves regularly in his so-called messages, year after year, without result? Why not wait until Selman is done healing those he has on hand before recruiting more for him to heal?

When Jesus Christ went out healing, he healed all those who came to Him - none went back home sick after meeting Him - and that is God's Truth for you there. Your Selman god on the other hand seems to be collecting sick and broken people since he has not been able to heal 1000s of them for many years now. undecided
Religion / Re: Depressed And Sucidal by ThothHermes: 9:50pm On Oct 20
Don't lie to him abeg! How many of those currently waiting on your Apostle Joshua Selman to save them have in fact been saved from poverty? undecided
Joshua Selman messages showed me the way out of poverty. The difference between the rich and poor is their mindsets.

God can also heal your psychiatric problem by his hand. tongue
Contrarian psycho tongue
Religion / Re: Depressed And Sucidal by ThothHermes: 9:39pm On Oct 20
Yeah,I know am the author of my fate, and I take full responsibility,I just want another chance to get it right, am so idle at the moment..i need a job at least to keep my mind sane sir and a lot of prayers
You need knowledge and direction.
Download and start listening to Apostle Joshua Selman messages. You life will change I assure you.

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Religion / Re: Understanding The Marine World by ThothHermes: 11:24am On Oct 20
Four pages of Kobojunkie
That guy is a psycho. Abi na girl self I no know. lipsrsealed
Family / Re: PLS Help, I Don't Know What I'm Doing With My Life. by ThothHermes: 9:28am On Oct 20
Good afternoon everybody. This is a very serious matter of concern to me and I felt like bringing it here. I'm 24 years old, currently on youth service. I'm currently very confused. Almost nothing I try to do works. I don't even know what I will do with my life after service (which will end in few months). I don't have any skill to fall back on and I don't have the money to learn skills. I'm frustrated and angry with myself because in the last two years I've made stupid mistakes. Mistakes that are sinking me deeper and deeper in regret. I am VERY BROKE and confused. I feel lost. . PLEASE, what can a young man do to get His life on track? This isn't something I can keep to myself any longer. I feel hopeless and directionless.
Download Joshua Selman messages. You will find direction.
Computers / Re: Bring Your Scraps For Cash by ThothHermes: 6:08pm On Oct 19
Ruaizee Recycling Company buys scrap DStv and Gotv decoders, dead laptop boards, dead laptop batteries,HDD, RAM,Desktop,Printer,Power Pack and UPS

Whatsapp No 08064355926
Politics / Re: Buhari: We Have Met Yearnings, Aspirations Of Nigerians by ThothHermes: 4:41pm On Oct 17
Buhari is deliberately trying to provoke Nigerians. Dem wan know wetin we fit do.

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Technology Market / Re: VALTECH 12v/24v pure sine wave inverters, lithium battery, BMS & chargers by ThothHermes: 3:36pm On Oct 17
buy house hold items that owner is ready to path with for a token, or faulty house hold items like tv, generator, ac , sound system inverter or inverter battery 100 arm or 200 arm, laptop , phone , i buy at scrap value and valid means of identification i also buy faulty car or truck or bus with bad engine or bad gear old or new model working or not working one abandon or burnt one car,bus truck, van
call me on

Do you buy in Port Harcourt?
Business / Re: Fintech Company, PASSYXCHANGE Signs Ammma, Thefeyiii, Softjo & Chisom E by ThothHermes: 8:48am On Oct 16
Of all the names to pick shocked


Family / Re: I Fainted In Public Due To Dizziness, Most Embarrassing Moment Of My Life. by ThothHermes: 1:20pm On Oct 12
Dizziness and hunger because? undecided
Where do you live and with whom? undecided

If food is what you are short on, consider bag farming some of what you need in your backyard. Nairaland ought to start a challenge of this sort for these unemployed youths to spend their time on abeg


And you can pretty much plant anything from Yam, Potatoes, Water Yam, Cocoyam, Tomatoes, Onions, Peppers, Vegetables, spices, etc. Right there in your backyard, and harvest food every month if you plan it all right.

If you plant these crops today October 11th, you can begin harvesting some of them by February 11th, so what are you waiting for?
You be real psycho.
Politics / Re: This Picture Shows The Humility Of President Muhammadu Buhari by ThothHermes: 1:17pm On Oct 12

El Rufai sabi the game.
Politics / Re: This Picture Shows The Humility Of President Muhammadu Buhari by ThothHermes: 1:12pm On Oct 12
This picture show the humility of president Muhammadu Buhari .
You can be humble and still be extremely incompetent.

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