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Sports / Nigerians Discuss The NBA Finals And Playoffs: by torphix: 8:36pm On Jul 08
A discussion of the 2021 NBA finals involving the Milwaukee Bucks (Eastern conference champions) and Phoenix Suns (Western conference champions) and the recently concluded NBA playoffs. Can the Milwaukee Bucks win without Giannis. Can Chris Paul win his first title with the Phoenix Suns team that has been impressively built through the draft. How impressive have PJ Tucker and Deandre Ayton been for their respective teams. What went wrong with the LA Clippers and is it over for the Los Angeles Lakers? Will Anthony Davis or Damian Lillard be traded? Which teams will be contenders next year? Brooklyn Nets? Golden State Warriors?

Education / The Need To Restructure JAMB In Nigeria by torphix: 4:29am On Jul 08
Why should Joint Admission Matriculation Board (JAMB) decide the fate of admission?

This is a question directed to all those in charge of formulating and tampering with our educational life in Nigeria. The power vested in them is being used against the favour of the students.

Nigeria has a series of examinations aligned out for students aspiring for higher learning institutions, why do we have to write lots of Examinations to gain admission into our desired institution? Why can’t the mandatory West African Examinations Council (WAEC) and National Examination Council (NECO) be the highest result required to determine an entrance into university?

Politics / Nigerians Discuss Naija: PMB Medical Travel Again, Tinubu For President? by torphix: 8:44am On Jun 28
Why does PMB keep going on all these medical checkups overseas? Why do Nigerian leaders keep using taxpayers money to fly abroad for healthcare when there are many teaching hospitals and medical experts? What are Bola Tinubu's chances of representing APC in 2023? How would he compete against Atiku Abubakar if the latter gets the PDP mandate? Who would serve Nigeria better? Why can't other politicians like Donald Duke get a chance to lead the country? Can Nigeria take another 4-8 years of APC if they win again in 2023? The discussants tackle these questions and more on this episode of Nigerians discuss Naija.

Politics / Ebenezer Ayeni Death Proves The Prevalence Of Ineffective Laws In Nigeria by torphix: 3:58am On Jun 17
The recent death of Nigerian gospel music producer, Ebenezer Ayeni can be seen as a violation of the Compulsory Treatment And Care For Victims Of Gunshot Act, 2017. Ayeni was reported dead from gunshot wounds after he was attacked in his residence by armed robbers in Ibadan, Oyo state on Thursday, June 10.

According to his friends who have taken to social media to mourn him, Ayeni was rushed to the University College Hospital Ibadan and another private hospital but was rejected as the hospital staff allegedly demanded a police report before they could treat his gunshot injury.

The refusal to treat Ayeni, a gunshot victim without first obtaining a police report, has been one of the most worrisome public health issues which is a longstanding practice that is now illegal in the country.

Politics / Nigerians Discuss Naija | The Concerning State Of Insecurity In Nigeria by torphix: 4:18pm On Jun 12
Nigerians discuss Naija is a show where Nigerians at home and in the diaspora meet to discuss and debate the current events in the country. In this episode, the concerning state of insecurity in Nigeria is discussed especially as the herdsmen attacks and reports of banditry are increasing in southern Nigeria, most recently in Oyo State, south-western Nigeria. The guests discuss the possible causes of the recent so-called Fulani herdsmen attacks. Is this banditry in the worst form? Are Fulani herdsmen truly responsible or is it a coordinated effort by people who don't mean well for Nigeria? Is there an ethnoreligious basis to all the chaos, destruction and loss of lives and property? Or is this simply an end product of economic collapse with the rampant state of corruption?

The guests discuss possible solutions for the state of insecurity in Nigeria. Is this problem still salvageable? What are the roles of the federal and state governments in remedying the situation?

Politics / 15 Facts About Nigeria by torphix: 3:58pm On Jun 10
Nigeria is one of the best places to stay on planet earth.  The weather, the people, the food, the natural resource - everything put together is what makes Nigeria be one of the most blessed places in the whole universe. As the eighth oil-producing nation on earth, one would readily expect the country to be the greatest on earth.  But it is quite unfortunate that despite all the above good qualities associated with Nigeria,  the country has more unpleasant or negative facts which we will soon be exploring in this article.  Below are 15 facts about Nigeria that you won't be shocked to know.

Politics / Nigerians Discuss Naija - Twitter Ban | Implications For The 2023 Elections by torphix: 8:23pm On Jun 09

Will the federal government of Nigeria back down and remove the ban or will they continue to enforce it? If so, for how long? Is there a chance that other social media outlets such as Facebook, Instagram, and even video platforms may also be banned in the future? With 2023 around the corner, what will the future of social media and its regulation look like in Nigeria?
Politics / Nigeria On Road To Sudan by torphix: 4:43pm On May 27
With its peoples deeply divided along ethno-geographic and religious fault lines under a tensed socio-political atmosphere arising from heightened insecurity, the situation in Nigeria today reads like a tragic plot from the Sudanese playbook. Like Nigeria, Sudan was a British colonial creation, which lumped racially, ethnic and religiously diverse peoples together in a self-serving scheme of nation-building experimentation.

Nigeria, like Sudan, is almost evenly split into a predominantly Muslim north and a Christian south. Whilst, both countries are rich in oil mineral resources, most of it is deposited in their Christian south but the power to decide who gets what, when and how from the accruing oil mineral revenues have been domiciled in the Muslim north for the most part of the several decades of independence from the British in 1956.

Politics / No, Mr President, You Got It All Wrong by torphix: 8:07am On May 26
What national duty was so pressing or urgent that President Buhari and or his vice, Yemi Osinbajo, could not be physically present at the funeral of General Ibrahim Attahiru, the Chief of Army Staff and ten other military officers killed in a plane crash in the line of duty? The funeral was at the military cemetery in Abuja, close to Aso Rock, the seat of power.

This was the commander of the Nigerian army, duly appointed by Mr President, who died carrying out his mandate to win victory for Nigeria in her war against terrorism and insecurity. What message was the absence of the Commander-in-chief at the burial of his army commander sending to the troops in the field? Can you imagine Joe Biden or even the unorthodox Donald Trump being absent at the funeral of the US chief of army staff of their government dying in the line at Arlington National Cemetery?

Sports / Who Should Win The CAF Player Of The Year For 2021? by torphix: 5:43pm On May 16
One significant feature about sports generally and football, in particular, is an award which varies across continents of the world and football leagues. One of such awards is the CAF footballer of the year award which dates back to 1970 when Salif Keita of Mali became the first winner. The last recipient of this award is Senegalese Sadio Mane.

We take a look at those who are in a favourite position to win this prestigious award in Africa.

Politics / Osun: Figures Don’t Lie! by torphix: 5:20am On May 13
All in the name of playing politics, people churn out information that is not only bogus and vague but also injurious to the body politic because they lack credibility. On the pages of newspapers and broadcast media, opinions of Nigerians have swayed to and fro, back and forth, concerning the political economy of the State of Osun.

While some say that the state is in huge and crippling debt, others have argued that, despite the financial challenges of the ‘State of the Virtuous’, the prudence and zero waste tolerance approach of the current managers of its economy will see Osun out of the woods. That said, what’s important is that Nigerians learn from advanced democracies where, irrespective of political lineage or ideological bent, truth is always accorded its pride of place.

Education / Nigeria’s Outdated Curriculum Against The 21st Century by torphix: 5:36am On May 12
Flipping through the education system in Nigeria, particularly even as a student teacher, under some disgusting and uncomfortable situation, I feel more depressed, as every day from time immemorial there seems to be little or no review to the school curriculum we have, prior to the 2014 curriculum, I mean the Introduction of the B.E.C, By 2008, the federal government through the National Education Research Development Council, NERDC, introduced the Universal Basic Education Curriculum.

Politics / Qwenu Democracyday Essay Competition Predicting Nigeria’s Future What Lies Ahead by torphix: 5:43pm On May 10

Do you write or know someone that loves to write? Here’s an opportunity to win by participating in the Qwenu! Democracy Day Essay Competition.

How to win:
1. Follow @qwenu_media on Twitter and Facebook
2. In at least 800 words, write an essay on the issue – Predicting Nigeria’s future, what lies ahead?
3. Pick a creative and unique title for your essay
4. Send your essay by email to editor@qwenu.com
5. The best essay gets a ₦15,000 cash prize, second prize winner gets ₦5,000
6. All the top essays will be published on www.qwenu.com
7. The two winners will be announced on May 29, 2021
8. Retweet, share this post on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram etc
9. Join our community of writers and send in original essays on any topic to be published on our platform for a chance to win every day. Check out our home page on Qwenu!

Qwenu! publishes opinions, stories, reflections, and experiences on contemporary issues. Click here to read articles from many Africans at home and in the diaspora. Embedded tweets and guest articles do not represent the opinions of Qwenu! as we only provide a platform for writers to express themselves. Email your articles to editor@qwenu.com Follow us @qwenu_media
Politics / Secession: A Mirage Not A Reality by torphix: 5:22am On Apr 15
The six geopolitical zones now seem to be having non-state actors flagging the frustration of a larger group, into what I dim an unknown end, which 80% is pointing into anarchy. We know quite well the country is fast becoming a failed state under these cabals, and since there is no respect for the rule of law, gradually it is now becoming the survival of the fittest, more like the survival of the larger and stronger group. Evidently, clear on a daily basis how disastrous tomorrow looks as things continue to unfold the way it is going.

Health / This Will Convince You About The Covid Vaccine by torphix: 10:16pm On Feb 15


If you have doubts about the vaccine. Watch this video.
Health / Surprising Health Benefits Of Coffee That You Dont Know About by torphix: 9:15pm On Feb 13
Nigerians dont drink coffee as much as the rest of the world. It does have some health benefits.

Celebrities / Joeboy, Rise To Stardom And Album (SBBM) Review by torphix: 10:50pm On Feb 09
Joseph Akinwale Akinfenwa popularly known as ‘Joeboy’ is a Lagos born artist who was discovered by Mr Eazi’s Record Label ‘Empawa Africa’ in 2017. Joeboy’s songs have had many in the clutches of their rhythm and he is one of those with hit songs in the country. He rose to prominence in the music industry in 2018 when he won the Empawa grant by Mr Eazi to shoot a music video for the single, Faaji which made him a household name.

Following the success of the single which was assisted by Mr Eazi. He released a single that was titled ‘Gbese’ which was assisted by Oxlade and Dj Voyst. In 2019, Joeboy released a track titled ‘Baby’, the two and half minute record changed Joeboy’s life forever and his career has catapulted into a huge success, the music video topped a lot of charts in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

Politics / Change Of Service Chiefs, Can Nigerians Be Optimistic For Once? by torphix: 6:21am On Jan 28
Ordinarily, this should have been great news to the ears of all Nigerians who have been clamouring for the removal of these service chiefs right from the commencement of the second tenure of the Buhari administration. In a normal situation, Nigerians should have been thrown in a wild ambience of unending jubilation for this great step in the right direction against the war with insecurities in the country. But far from it, Nigerians are not ordinary people. Nigerians are not normal people. Nigerians are never satisfied even when given what they have been fighting for.

Politics / Kano State Civil Servants Ordered To Stay Home by torphix: 6:52am On Jan 21
On the 19th of January 2021, barely two days after the local government election in Kano state, the state government made a rather not too palatable pronouncement, ordering all civil servants in the state to sit at home: in their own presumably proactive measure to curb the spread of covid-19 in the state. The state government made this know to the general public via all media houses in the state.

This step taken by the state government did not go down well with the state as those in the judiciary, the media houses, medical practitioners, law enforcement agencies in the state and few others were allowed to keep going to the office. To many civil servants, this move by the Kano State government sound suspicious as it came at a time when the state government allegedly made it known to the public that it could no longer pay the already agreed thirty thousand naira minimum wage to the civil servants.

Health / Pfizer Versus China Vaccine, The Endless Class Struggle In Nigeria by torphix: 5:33am On Jan 17

There is no point emphasising the fact that the ravaging coronavirus pandemic has done more harm than good, the blind, the dumb and the deaf even making attestation to this fact. In a bid to prevent its further surge, different organisations have made efforts to secure a vaccine that could prevent or reduce their efforts. We cannot forget the controversial Madagascar cure which gained grounds in the early days of the second half of the just concluded year.

The Pfizer vaccine thus far had been clinically accepted and affirmed to be fit in suppressing the pangs of the virus. As a further attestation, bodies such as the United Nations Organization and the World Health Organisation inter alia have conducted relevant studies and come to the conclusion that it is effective in reducing the spate of the virus.

The China vaccine on the other hand allegedly hasn’t been clinically tested this making it unsafe form human consumption. Its usage thus far has been restricted to some parts of the China Republic.

What then the brouhaha all about?
Politics / How To Cure The Corruption Virus In Nigeria by torphix: 8:04am On Jan 08
Corruption in Nigeria is pandemic. It is a cankerworm that was created by the colonial master to destroy their newly independent colonies so that they would forever remain under them. Corruption in this country is worst than coronavirus – the corruption virus in Nigeria is currently more life-threatening than the coronavirus

Politics / The Making Of A National Identity Crisis by torphix: 7:09am On Jan 04
Meet Engr. Aliyu Aziz from Taraba State. He is the Director-General of the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC). Aziz was first appointed to the position in 2015 and reappointed in 2019 by President Muhammadu Buhari.

For all his 5 years in office, however, there is no known achievement or significant progress recorded in the National Identity Card program. The vast majority of Nigerians still don’t have National Identity cards or numbers. Some who once had were recently told theirs had expired.

Sports / Ebere Eze And The Super Eagles Of Nigeria by torphix: 5:58am On Jan 04
In recent times, Nigerians have watched how the Chelsea duo of Tammy Abraham and Fikayo Tomori, and Bukayo Saka of Arsenal decided to pledge allegiance to their countries of birth, England, rather than origin Nigeria. The decision left many football fans in surprise who felt it was a massive loss to Nigeria and Super Eagles.

Another picture is brewing with Crystal Palace star, Ebere Eze, who though not yet a full international for any country has decided to pledge his allegiance to England with whom he has played series of matches in their under 21 sets up.

Travel Ads / 4 Important Things You Must Know Before Your US Visa Interview by torphix: 5:57am On Dec 23, 2020


Many US visa applicants are denied within a few minutes, just after a few questions, or even before documents are reviewed. While US visa approval rates are very low in Nigeria, many people focus on the documents, and not their presentation and communication skills. The verbal and nonverbal parts of the interview are just as important.

Hope this helps.
Travel / If You Are Applying For School Overseas- Watch This by torphix: 7:32am On Dec 22, 2020


A great personal statement is essential to get admission to schools overseas- both undergraduate and postgraduate. Many Nigerians do not know how to write them, and it affects their admission chances.

Hope this helps.

Education / Here Is How To Write A Personal Statement For School Applications (esp Overseas) by torphix: 7:11am On Dec 22, 2020


If you will be applying for college or graduate school. This video informs you of the most important things to include in your personal statement.

Hope it helps

Politics / Nigerians In Diaspora Discuss Endsars, Lekki Massacre And Single Youth Party by torphix: 4:43pm On Oct 27, 2020
Lagosian in New York City podcast show notes –

Lagosian is joined by 3 Nigerians in the diaspora to discuss the recent endSARS protests and the Lekki massacre that occurred on October 20, 2020. They discuss and debate the Nigerian political climate and the problems with the landscape. Will a single youth party change the situation in 2023? Who would lead it – Sowore or Durotoye or someone else with the highest polling power? Will new campaign finance laws prevent godfatherism or is this strategy not feasible.

Sports / Listen To The Lagosian Football Round Table: Can Arsenal Win The EPL This Season by torphix: 5:32am On Sep 15, 2020
Lagosian’s Football Round Table show notes – Lagosian is joined by pundits, Aji and Totti, to discuss week 1 of the 2020/2021 English Premier League season.  They discuss Arsenal’s overall performance and their chances of winning the Premier League this season. Can Everton’s new midfield take them into the top 6 and even Europe? What is the problem with Tottenham? The pundits don’t think its Jose Mourinho this time.

Sports / Listen To The Popular Football Round Table Show-nigerians Discussing Football by torphix: 4:55pm On Sep 10, 2020

Lagosian’s Football Round Table show notes - Lagosian is joined by pundits, Kitibi and Totti, to discuss the anticipated start of the 2020/21 English Premier League season.  They discuss the Barcelona and Lionel Messi potential exit saga. They also discuss the top transfers to the Premier League and how they will perform. They debate Chelsea's likely starting lineup with all their star transfers including Timo Werner, Hakim Ziyech and Kai Havertz. Will Chelsea be contenders for the EPL trophy? The pundits predict how will the top 6 will finish.
Sports / Are Left Footed, Right Handed People The Best Football Players In The World? by torphix: 9:38pm On May 23, 2020
Let me start by rattling off a few names that you might have heard before. Lionel Messi, Diego Maradona, Johan Cryuff, Gareth Bale, Arjen Robben, Ryan Giggs, Robin Van Persie, Mo Salah, Antoine Griezmann, Paolo Dybala, David Silva, Riyad Mahrez, James Rodriguez, Kai Havertz. What do these players have in common?


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