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Celebrities / Re: Nigerian Actors Who Combine Acting With Lecturing Jobs (Photos) by tybobo75(m): 9:16am On Aug 28, 2015
Professor Akinwale is the outgoing Dean, faculty of Arts, university of Ilorin.


Politics / Re: God; Let The Time Be Now, Let Him Be The Man! by tybobo75(m): 8:02am On Aug 22, 2015
This is not a religious thread please... lalasticlala, ishilove FP please...
Politics / Re: God; Let The Time Be Now, Let Him Be The Man! by tybobo75(m): 8:39am On Aug 21, 2015
Muslims are the reason why world is not living in peace
U miss road?
Politics / God; Let The Time Be Now, Let Him Be The Man! by tybobo75(m): 4:09pm On Aug 20, 2015
Many would want now to be the prosperous time for our beloved nation but are of the notion that God Almighty shouldn’t be introduced into the political dispensation of Nigeria. Maybe because of its unholy nature or they believe that man and man alone is responsible for his political actions and its consequences, either catastrophic or a megahit. And some would want to avoid been more Christian than the pope or more Islamic than the Sheikhs in Arabia. Of course one is supposed to be, because in the Vatican where the pope stays, he might never have witnessed a power failure. And I am sure he does not know the pain felt when family members are lost due to terrorist attacks. As for the sheikhs in the Arabian coast, they think that sandstorm is the toughest thing in life because they only read about 'fuel scarcity' and 'dieing economy' on paper and they only know the rich Nigerian Muslims on pilgrimage and I’m certain that politicians that can ruin anything for their personal interest are not at the helm of affairs in their countries.

Dear God Almighty, please, make now the time:
the time when Nigeria would be free of ethical chauvinism, when terrorism would only be remember by how it was crushed, the time when corruption would no longer exist in our national lexicon, the time when the power failure would be a thing of the past, the time when there would be no news of depleted foreign reserves, the time when our national security would cease to be a thing of pan but rather, an extolment, the time when justice will prevail in our land, the time when sixteen would never be greater than nineteen, the time when the peaceful co-existence of Nigeria would never be a thing of trepidation, the time when our lost honour and pride would be restored, the time when Nigerians would proudly say ‘I AM A NIGERIAN’. This would be the time when the ‘Nigerian messiah’ will come.

Taking a careful look into the rich political history of the most populous black nation, one would realize they were times when we could say we had our messiahs. In the mid-seventies, he inherited a divided nation that had just survived war, with his positive policies, he united it to an extent. Nigeria’s economy before then was ‘sick’ thanks to the 1973 Arab Oil embargo that gave our oil exportation a boom that salvaged the economy. He was Gen Murtala Ramat Muhammed. In just six months, Murtala’s impact was felt in every part of the nation, his plans to return power to a civilian government which one Gen Ironsi took over from in January 1966, after a coup was plotted by Major Nzeogwu and his Major friends, made people further love him. Muritala’s cancellation of the 1973 population census which was weighted in favour of the North (where he comes from) had made the southerners trust in him increase, and his northern kinsmen realize that their brother was ready for business. Everything was going fine and with ‘immediate effect’ until that Friday afternoon when Gen Murtala R.  Muhammed met his tragic end in the hands of one Colonel Dimka in a senseless and unsuccessful coup.

God did not stop at one, after about twenty years after Gen Murtala’s death, He sent another Moses. With this Moses was an Aaron who gave him a helping hand. At a time when corruption had eaten deep into th fabrics of nation, unemployment rate as ascent high, when Nigeria was losing territory to terrorism; national finances were deteriorating; and when religious and political violence was rampant, a group of soldiers led by Brigadier Sanni Abacha overthrew the failing civilian government. And the army appointed Major General Muhamadu Buhari as the head of state (he inherited a near-empty treasury and huge trade arrears accumulated during years of reckless spending) and he appointed Major General Tunde Idiagbon as chief of staff (de facto second in command). Buhari didn’t wait to bat an eyelid before making his anti corruption and economic revival plans public. Under his administration, there was no room for indiscipline; not when they was W.A.I, (War against Indiscipline)! Foreign debts were paid and excesses in government expenditures were cut.

The news of the incorruptible generals in town was spreading like a wild fire in the savanna, with total War against Indiscipline, stubborn Nigerians became law abiding and with their strict financial policies and long term jail punishment, corruption was minimally reduced. Although cases of human right violations were recorded under this regime, it still garnered a lot of positive appraisals both home and abroad. On the 27th of August 1985, Maj. Lawan Gwandabe led a team of three Majors who were detailed under the orders of ‘Maradona’ to arrest Gen. Buhari and that marked the end of the Buhari/Idiagbon administration.

Nigeria had to wait twenty two years before anyone of Gen. Murtala’s ideology or any administration close to the Buhari-Idiagbon regime emerged at the helm of our national affairs. Nigerians went to the polls to elect a new president on the 27th of April 2007 after the outgoing president lost his third term bid.  Alh. Umaru Musa Yar’adua was announced the winner of the presidential election. Yar’adua, (May his soul rest in peace) a distinguished gentleman, Umaru was the only Nigeria president to publicly declare his total asset of value #856,452,892 (eight hundred and fifty six million, four hundred and fifty two thousand, and eight hundred and ninety two naira). He also reversed the petrol price (75 naira per litre to 65) which was a ‘gift’ to Nigeria from the former president. He shocked Nigerians especially his political associates when he publicly acknowledge that the election that brought him to power was fraudulent and he made moves to reform the 'sick' electoral system. Umaru proposed a government of national unity and opposition parties decided to join his government. All this happened in his first hundred days in office, and if good governance is judged by the first hundred days in office, Umaru could have arguably be referred to as the best president we ever had! But Umaru, after his first 100 days didn`t meet the expectations of many Nigerians, maybe because he had to settle his political 'godfathers' or his ill health didn`t allow him supervise many of the works and he had to leave them in the hands of his almost incapable deputy. Umaru was slow and steady but he never won the race, he gave it up to pericarditis!

As I write the names of these three men on a platter of gold when it comes to national issues, Some traits amaze me about this three great heroes, not their modest lifestyles at a time when leaders live extravagantly nor their sincere mode of government when people just aim for the top just to loot. But rather how these men didn’t stay long in office to execute all their good plans for Nigeria. Their tenure was cut short, although the military generals didn’t have a fixed tenure in office but their reigns were brief. Murtala had just six months, Buhari’s regime was 18 months. Yar’adua who had a stipulated time of four years didn’t complete it. Then I realised that God has always been involved in Nigeria’s politics. He could have made any of these men stayed longer, but He never wanted then to be the time. Perhaps, their 'rough' roads to power was their 'sin'. Both Buhari and Murtala came to office through the ‘gun’ and the election that brought Yar’adua to office was fraudulent. Or it could be because we Nigerians haven’t decided to change our dirty ways? Maybe their brief stay was the reward for our unnecessary ethnical discrepancies. 

Of all these Messiahs, there’s one who many Nigerians wanted out of office during his reign because of their ignorance, although many regretted their actions after he was long out of office. This same man was the only one that didn’t die in office among these heroes. Gen Murtala couldn’t survive the bullet that pierced through the glass of his Mercedes Benz along Ikoyi road, and the holiness of Saudi Arabia and her good medical facilities couldn’t buy Umaru Yar’dua a day beyond May 5, 2010. Another interesting fact is that only one of these great past leaders did his deputy not rise to power after him. Gen Olusegun Obasanjo later became the number one citizen of Nigeria twice after the death of his boss; Gen Murtala. Goodluck Jonathan (Yar’adua’s deputy) immediately assumed office after Alh Yar’adua was confirmed dead. These are not just coincidences, it’s a message that Muhammadu Buhari has some uncompleted missions to fulfil. Dear God, we got the Buhari message (although it was late) and we treated it carefully. We put away our ethical discrepancies, we decided to change our dirty ways, and above all we brought your Muhammadu Buhari to power through the best way we could on the 28th of March 2015. If these are the ways to make-up for our 'sins', forgive us because we have turned a new life. If they are still other 'sins' we are yet to know, pardon us because only You is perfect. Oluwa, please protect Buhari with something stronger than the walls of Jericho. Chineke, guide the affairs of our president and give him the wisdom of Solomon. Allah, give him the strength of David and Moses. Save Nigeria through him, like you liberated the Israelite through Jesus, protect him from enemies like you protected Muhammad from the evil people of Mecca. And above all, Dear God, for Nigeria, make him the man (messiah) and make now the time. We have waited too long enough! 
Fellow Nigerians you will agree with me that, as much as President Muhammadu Buhari need our support, he also needs our PRAYERS. 

Ibraheem lanre is studying enough engineering jargons to be perilous at the 'better by far' university of Ilorin. He can be reached on ibmjlanre1@gmail.com

Source: http://jimohomotayo.com/2015/08/god-let-time-be-now-let-him-be-man.html

Cc lalasticlala

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Politics / #FixTheNass: Before They Start Asking For Taebo Allowance... by tybobo75(m): 10:54am On Jun 27, 2015
What do we do when our Honourables stop behaving Honourably? What is the way out when our law-makers abandon their constitutional call to take on the calling of the likes of Floyd Mayweather?

We simply RECALL them!

Actually it's not that simple but it is said that those who refuse to go far can not ascertain how far they can go.

The wise men who drafted the constitution probably didn't have it in mind that the hallowed chambers could be transformed into a boxing ring someday. However, they had it in contemplation that an elected official might betray the trust of the electorates or jettison the confidence reposed in him/her. Therefore, certain provisions have been put in place to curtail excesses. Some of this provisions are exercised by other officials or in this case by the electorates themselves.

So how do we Recall?

Under the 1999 Constitution of Nigeria, sections 69 and 110 provide for the manner by which recall may be effected in both federal and state legislative houses respectively. For the purpose of exactitude, it is important to reproduce verbatim this constitutional provision on recall. Section 69 states:

“A member of the Senate or of the House of representatives may be recalled as such a member if:
(a) there is presented to the Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission a petition in that behalf signed by more than one-half of the persons registered to vote in that member’s constituency alleging their loss of confidence in that member; and which signatures are duly verified by the Independent National Electoral Commission;
(b) the petition is thereafter, in a referendum conducted by the Independent National Electoral Commission within ninety days of the date of receipt of the petition, approved by a simple majority of the votes of the persons registered to vote that in member’s constituency.”

To further simplify the proviso, it is broken down thus:

I. The electorates must present a petition alleging loss of confidence in a law-maker. The phrase “loss of confidence” is not defined in the Constitution and this means that the electorates are at the liberty to determine what constitutes this phrase. Any event, actions or inactions may warrant the electorate to lose confidence in a law-maker. When we go a little farther, it implies that a law-maker need not necessarily be accused of any wrong-doing or be culpable of any misconduct before the electorate can say they have lost confidence in him;

II. This petition must be signed by more than one-half of the registered voters in that member’s constituency. For instance, if a member’s constituency has 4000 registered voters, not less than 2001 registered voters must sign the petition;

III. The petition is to be submitted to the Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission;

IV. Upon receipt, the Independent National Electoral Commission must:
(a) verify the authenticity of the signatures;
(b) conduct a referendum within ninety days of the receipt of the petition in order to get it approved by a simple majority of the votes of registered persons in that constituency. For instance, if only 1000 out of the 2001 registered voters turn out for the referendum, a simple majority of which may be anything from 501 votes upward will be enough to approve the petition.

And that's it. Senator-Tout comes home! Honourable-Thuggery leaves the house!

I think its high time we explored this constitutional remedy before things fall apart. Because as we all know, when things fall apart, the center cannot hold.



Cc lalasticlala
Education / Re: Unilorin Utme 2015/2016 Aspirants by tybobo75(m): 10:43am On Jun 21, 2015
Hello everyone... Please disregard any 23rd june fallacy!!!! No post utme till after ramadhan. This page was wonderful last year... Repping faculty of law!
Education / Re: University Of Ilorin 2014/2015 Admission Thread (undergraduates) by tybobo75(m): 11:52am On Oct 10, 2014
yah man
So wen are you planning to visit him? And BTW I need ur contact man for further discussion
Education / Re: University Of Ilorin 2014/2015 Admission Thread (undergraduates) by tybobo75(m): 6:53pm On Oct 09, 2014
Finally Bro! It's There now,I Logged in this morning to find it there...Lucky those people, believe me..I Was Planning to storm ComSIT AND INFECT ALL THEIR PCs lol
Do u also av MR Yusuf Ismael ... As your level adviser
Celebrities / Re: Nadia Buari Keeps Intimidating Us With Her Beauty by tybobo75(m): 2:14pm On Oct 09, 2014
Mammy water package
Education / Re: University Of Ilorin 2014/2015 Admission Thread (undergraduates) by tybobo75(m): 9:22am On Oct 09, 2014

One of the best reasons for calling him is when you arrive at your department but not able to reach him. Let it be between 8am-3pm.

Some of them are annoying but don't be scared of doing what you feel is right.

I used to mail UNILORIN registrar even before PUTME (not only UNILORIN & I often get reply except from FUNAAB).
That was quite enlightening, thanks boss
Education / Re: University Of Ilorin 2014/2015 Admission Thread (undergraduates) by tybobo75(m): 9:07pm On Oct 08, 2014
I've bn cleared for law this evening, please when can I call my level adviser

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Education / Re: University Of Ilorin 2014/2015 Admission Thread (undergraduates) by tybobo75(m): 4:23pm On Oct 08, 2014

There is no link as the info is unofficial but the time table is out. Lectures have not started and is not going to start anytime soon but keep yourself in the loop for any information pertaining to your course. Wishing u all the best.
Yessir, thanksboss!
Education / Re: University Of Ilorin 2014/2015 Admission Thread (undergraduates) by tybobo75(m): 7:30am On Oct 08, 2014
To whom it may concern: This is to inform all freshmen of the departments of accounting and finance that lectures are to commence tomorrow being the 8th of October as the provisional time table has been released. All freshmen, whether or not they have been cleared are advised to go to school tomorrow to know the latest happenings in the dept.
Lectures may or may not resume tomorrow but it is advisable to go to the dept to make enquiries and to know the latest happenings.

From a concerned student.
Long live Probitas Doctrina
Can u help by posting d link or d file so that other students can see for other courses too
Education / Re: University Of Ilorin 2014/2015 Admission Thread (undergraduates) by tybobo75(m): 4:55pm On Oct 07, 2014

Yes it is allowed, just any plain white shirt nd a black or navy blue pant trouser.
Thanks boss, hw about recommending some books for us
Education / Re: University Of Ilorin 2014/2015 Admission Thread (undergraduates) by tybobo75(m): 10:24am On Oct 07, 2014

Depending on what u'll like to know bro. Am ready to share
bro is short sleeve white shirt allowed for guys?
Education / Re: University Of Ilorin 2014/2015 Admission Thread (undergraduates) by tybobo75(m): 7:49pm On Oct 06, 2014
Common law
DE or UTME, I'm a utme student but not cleared yet, drop ur digits bro, this is mine 08102991295
Education / Re: University Of Ilorin 2014/2015 Admission Thread (undergraduates) by tybobo75(m): 7:15am On Oct 06, 2014
Has any Law student bn cleared here??
Celebrities / Re: MTV Africa Releases List Of 20 Greatest Nigerian Songs Of All Time by tybobo75(m): 1:13pm On Oct 03, 2014
About 4 donjazzy produced songs

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Education / Re: University Of Ilorin 2014/2015 Admission Thread (undergraduates) by tybobo75(m): 8:43pm On Sep 26, 2014
Repping Law #Penguin... Law freshers or stallite can add up 23C06AFF or whatsapp 08102991295

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Education / Re: University Of Ilorin 2014/2015 Admission Thread (undergraduates) by tybobo75(m): 3:02pm On Sep 26, 2014
Pls is there anybody with 40%+ putme score who has bn offered admission?
Education / Re: University Of Ilorin 2014/2015 Admission Thread (undergraduates) by tybobo75(m): 12:04pm On Sep 19, 2014
Please if we resume on monday, what will we go and do?
Education / Re: University Of Ilorin 2014/2015 Admission Thread (undergraduates) by tybobo75(m): 9:05am On Sep 19, 2014
Lollyad: Lol... Everything seems funny.

some admitted but not cleared.

some are still waiting to be admitted.

Nothing on the sch website point out the Official resumption date. except Last year A-Calendar..

Freshers to resume on 20?
And today's date is? 19?,

All I can do is to jxt siddon dey look like one 'Lblessing' .lol

if dem like, make em decide to resunne today, for mae own, moi own resumption date na kuku after salah...

Happy friday
No one has been cleared! DVC confirmed d dates(22 n 27) in a newspaper! No allocation of hostels! Evrything is just in discord!
Education / Re: University Of Ilorin 2014/2015 Admission Thread (undergraduates) by tybobo75(m): 9:45am On Sep 11, 2014
luckiano6: Pls u guys should ans me. I. Av paid my acceptance fee.but dere is no space 2 upload my indigen cert in my portal. Hope no problem. Pls ans me ASAP. am begging
If u are not an indigene of Kwara or any other catchment area(I guess), therez ntn to worry aboout
Education / Re: Unilorin Post UTME Past Questions. by tybobo75(m): 3:33pm On Jul 19, 2014
Education / Re: 2014/2015 Utme And Admission Process by tybobo75(m): 9:46pm On Jan 10, 2014
@aieha2 Yes it can be changed... contact me on 08102991295 and Ill do it for u FREE OF CHARGE. Karleb&Markemodi can also holla if they want
Education / Re: Unilag 2014/2015 Admission. by tybobo75(m): 11:59am On Jan 04, 2014
Calm down guys naa... Actually my problem is selecting the right school and i was told knowing the post-utme pattern of the school u wanna choose is very important so that u can know if u can cope with it especially now that we have only one choice in JAMB. I was told the pume of Unilag contains maths, dats why im looking for it to see if i can cope.
Education / Re: 2014/2015 Utme And Admission Process by tybobo75(m): 11:54am On Jan 04, 2014
promisechild: filling in of another jamb form is impossible unless he has four thumbs just wait for the change of course form after d jamb exam
It is possible sir, its just that d reg will be cancelled and he will have to pay another money for a fresh registration.
Education / Re: Unilag 2014/2015 Admission. by tybobo75(m): 6:29pm On Jan 03, 2014
Please can i get any sample of the post-utme past question from anyone here?
Education / Re: 2014/2015 Utme And Admission Process by tybobo75(m): 5:38pm On Jan 03, 2014
I’m sorry am repeating this:
1. Femi Osofisan: Women of Owu
Non African:
1. William Shakespeare: The Tempest
i. Asare Konadu: A woman in Her Prime
ii. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: Purple Hibiscus
Non African:
i.Ernest Hemingway: The Old Man and The Sea Poetry:
i. Gbemisola Adeoti; Hard lines
ii. P.O.C. Umeh: Ambassadors of Poverty
iii. Shola Owonibi: Homeless not Hopeless
iv. Syl Cheney-Coker: Myopia
v. Jared Angira: Expelled
vi. Traditional: Serenade.
Non African:
i. John Donne: The Sun Rising
ii. Sir Walter Raleigh: The Soul’s Errand
iii. Langston Hughes: Negro Speaks of Rivers
iv. John Fletcher: Upon an Honest Man’s Fortune
For those asking where u can get the poems from, rrom the above, we can see that these are d texts used by both WAEC&NECO save two new poems: serenade & hard lines, Just pick up any recent textbook an ull see it there. I hope the info helps
Education / Re: UNIVERSITY OF ILORIN 2014/2015 THREAD. BETTER BY FAR. by tybobo75(m): 6:01pm On Jan 02, 2014
Driver Drop me here... Guys abeg shift for me.... Better by far!
Education / Re: 2014/2015 Utme And Admission Process by tybobo75(m): 11:05am On Jan 02, 2014
1stUnique: pls when I tried submitting my form online. I discover that there are only for exam town in lagos state.. will jamb open d other exam town or dats all d center they wanna use dis year for ppt.
1stUnique: pls when I tried submitting my form online. I discover that there are only for exam town in lagos state.. will jamb open d other exam town or dats all d center they wanna use dis year for ppt.
Itz either d towns ar filled up or av deliberately been removed by JAMB. Chances ar that d towns might be re-uploaded bt i want u 2 know that at this point this year, no1 can predict JAMB's next line of action, all we can al do now is 2 just WATCH OUT

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