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Autos / Re: Toyota Corolla Bank Model For Sale by weyreypey: 9:41am On Apr 16
650k serious buyer
Are you downgrading from range rover and BMW to Coro?

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Romance / Re: The Myth Of White Girls Love Black Boys by weyreypey: 5:36am On Apr 16
This is a very false myth.

White girls prefer not to date pr be around blacks, they despise them and see them as societal misfit and low lives; they usually prefer there own race.

The idea they love black boys has been built by porn and porn related movies!, in reality, this is a very big fallacy. It doesn't exist.

Put this energy into combating COVID-19 in Africa.


Politics / Re: Chinese Doctor Testing Positive For Coronavirus Is Fake News– Lai Mohammed by weyreypey: 5:20am On Apr 16
For Lai to respond. There's a lot of truth in it.

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Car Talk / Re: Toyota Sienna Or Camry, Which One To Go For by weyreypey: 4:53am On Apr 16

I'm not a fan of toyota but I'd say you're not accurate. Toyota does have a few really interesting models. So, unless you've driven ALL their models, do not posit such opinions in the cartalk session to avoid being crucified �
Name them. Meanwhile it's a matter of differing opinions.
Car Talk / Re: Toyota Sienna Or Camry, Which One To Go For by weyreypey: 11:41pm On Apr 15
bro not all Toyotas but sienna. Though sienna is everywhere in Lagos but ask the owners (suffering and smiling) sienna is a heavy guzzler
All Toyotas are bland and uninspiring


Car Talk / Re: Help!help!! On My ES350 by weyreypey: 11:02pm On Apr 15

He is not wailing. He is talking a little bit louder because the car disgraced him on his introduction to his new family. I can send a truck to pick up the car tomorrow to any destination. Moderate sum
No chills.
Car Talk / Re: Toyota Sienna Or Camry, Which One To Go For by weyreypey: 10:54pm On Apr 15
Get ready to buy fuel, though a good car but will get tired of it
You just described all Toyotas.


Car Talk / Re: Advice : Is Lexus The Best Car To Buy? by weyreypey: 10:52pm On Apr 15
Op, buy the Lexus IS450. That is the best Lexus ever. All these little problems does not exist on this car. Only problem is that you need to be traveling all the time with it. I can help you on that by stretching it to Benin and back every weekend. All for free.

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Nairaland / General / Re: My Experience , Atrocity And Nightmares As A Cultist In University by weyreypey: 10:51pm On Apr 15
Sleep has just eluded me going through this thread again. Beyond speechless. They were obviously monitoring this thread. Someone up there even quoted an exact month when he was “dropped”. Whoever you guys are, please don’t die again and ensure you drink from the river of immortality you bastards.
Hey how are you? Stay safe.
Car Talk / Re: Toyota Sienna Or Camry, Which One To Go For by weyreypey: 10:46pm On Apr 15
I can't recommend Sienna to anyone.
I won't say a word. undecided
One of the few Toyota I love.

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Car Talk / Re: Toyota Sienna Or Camry, Which One To Go For by weyreypey: 10:46pm On Apr 15
Sienna fuel guzzler...
U will later use passenger money for fuel...
Blf me

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Car Talk / Re: Toyota Sienna Or Camry, Which One To Go For by weyreypey: 10:45pm On Apr 15
Sienna lo le se like dipopo said
Car Talk / Re: Advice : Is Lexus The Best Car To Buy? by weyreypey: 10:23pm On Apr 15

Let them snap the malfunction screen and I'll believe. Because something new breaks every day on that Merc.

What's nwann.eni's new moniker, is it Logobe.nz or theconglo.merate - this sub is loud.
Tell him you didn't meet me.

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Car Talk / Re: Advice : Is Lexus The Best Car To Buy? by weyreypey: 10:22pm On Apr 15

This is a lie. How much is valve body alone?
Ol'boy I don't lie. Personal purchase. If I choose to use a W211 today I'll not spend a quarter of your expenses on it. If in doubt let me forward seller's details to you for confirmation.
Politics / Re: Ogun To Suspend Lockdown Free Days On Friday by weyreypey: 10:10pm On Apr 15
Hunger is abt to finish afonja urchins one by one, even all those smelly afonja old mens dem go turn to arm robber

Developers are on lockdown... COVID-19 is looking for them in gidi


Car Talk / Re: Help!help!! On My ES350 by weyreypey: 10:09pm On Apr 15
Another Lexus wailing thread.


Car Talk / Re: Advice : Is Lexus The Best Car To Buy? by weyreypey: 10:06pm On Apr 15

Baba no car wer no get problem. Deep down there's a reason you don't like newer Benz's. E get why!!!
Of course. Note I have updated my last response. W211 is that one a Benz? But some are enjoying it. Good luck to em.

FYI I also passionately detest the W203 series... everyone of them!
Car Talk / Re: Advice : Is Lexus The Best Car To Buy? by weyreypey: 10:03pm On Apr 15
Weyreypey calm down. That car is very reliable, way more reliable than my Benz W211. This particular IS was gotten from calc.ulu.sx on here last year. Only time it visited a workshop was when it had immobilizer issues, would have spent way less if I was in Lagos. You and I know we learnt DIYs or reading of fault codes because of our dalliance with German money pits.The engine for this Is250 is 90-100k, the M112 is 80k or so. Suspension components prices are almost the same bar 4matic rates.

Yes the leather is sh*t, only thing the Merc wins here is interior design. Exterior wise, I'd choose the IS every effing time.

Well said. But those reviews are from owners too!! Just to be clear I'd always pick the W210 E320 over the W211 anyday anytime... I can see you failed to mention that the 722.6 transmission/gear of the mercedes can be gotten at prices ranging from 30k to 50k max. grin
Car Talk / Re: Advice : Is Lexus The Best Car To Buy? by weyreypey: 9:39pm On Apr 15
is it true that 2007 model of Lexus IS 250has the problem of a melting dashboard and door panel? Please someone who has a good knowledge of this car should highlight its other problems.

You might want to avoid that car
Cursory search revealed the following:
1. Takata recall. I bought my car only two years ago after my first Lexus lasted me upwards of 350,000 miles. Keeping this in mind I found my 2007 IS250. I was aware after buying the car (but 2 days outside of my dealership warranty *fishy*) about the passenger air bag recall. The dashboard situation Is harsh. There Is a very chemical smell coming from my dashboard, it feels and peels off like the foam under it. It gets ripped and torn to shreds from very little friction. I have read that some people became very congested and ill from this smell. It Is very pungent. Now for my engine, this Is a big one. As I was driving, my car starts to make a loud but hallow clunking noise. For a long time I thought it was my brakes, so when I got them changed it went away, for a little. Now today as I was driving my car (which Is an automatic) completely stalled in head on traffic. Lucky me, ive driven many manual cars so I knew what to do. When I turned my car back on, it held idle at 4000 RPM. While going 20 mph it holds at 5-6000 RPM. As well as my miles per gallon/tank drop dramatically. While the car Is in idle in my driveway, it shakes like a freezing baby throwing a temper tantrum.

2. Sticking rear brake calipers

This seems to be the best known and most common problem. Lexus America did a recall for it (not sure if Lexus UK did the same).

3. Alloy Wheel Corrosion

4. Engine rattle on start-up

This is caused by a problem with the VVti system. Some owners report having a top-end rebuild to fix it (with varying success), some report just needing to top-up/change the oil to make it go away, some report just ignoring it without issue. I've not been able to find any mention of a breakdown resulting from this issue.

5. Dashboard rattles

The main one seems to be from the area around the centre speaker.

6. Carbon Build-Up on Valves/Injectors (and possible Engine Shudder)

This might be a more common problem in the states as they have lower grade fuel there. This issue is a build-up of carbon deposits in the engine.

7. Passenger side mirror electric movement

On models with auto-dipping and seat memory system. The position sensor on pre 2009 models can break, causing the mirror to go wandering off course when selecting a memory position or putting the car into/out of reverse.

8. Spark Plugs

Not a fault as such, but the service schedule states that these need to be changes at the 60,000 mile service. It's necessary to remove the inlet manifold to do this so the labour cost is high.

I am not done:

9. Camshaft gear issues very notorious.. which makes your lexus Lexus IS250 crank loud noise sounds like the car is going to explode. Lexus is aware of a camshaft gear problem and has recalled same or similar parts in other Lexus model vehicles due to safety issues. However they also have an updated part available to remedy this problem but refuse a recall in this model... How would you know you're not inheriting this problem?

Wishing I was done? Nah! Not yet!! Read some personal reviews... cheesy
10. At 77,800 miles
This IS250 vehicle went into the Lexus dealership for a recall on the fuel system. After receiving it back from the dealership, the vehicle shuts off completely without notice. The vehicle has been back to the dealership for repairs and each time it is returns, within a week the vehicle shuts down. As of October, the dealership has received almost $8000 for repairs. This vehicle is becoming a death trap. It would shut down after stopping at a stop light or stop sign, but the last two times, it has shut off while driving. Once on the interstate. We are asking that something be done immediately, this car is unsafe to drive and the dealership continues to find other issues to make money, but has failed to repair the issue caused by the recall repair. Lexus headquarters has been notified. .... ARE YOU READY FOR THESE?

11. Engine failure of Lexus IS 250 at
50,000 miles
The contact owns a 2007 Lexus Is 250. While driving 55 mph, the engine stalled and failed to restart. The failure recurred once and the vehicle was towed to an independent mechanic. The technician diagnosed that the engine failed. The vehicle was not repaired. The manufacturer was not notified. The failure mileage was 50,000.... Still reading? I really don't like talking about lexus em...

12. IS 250 6-cyl
51,190 miles
I had issues when the car starts-up. It make a loud noise every morning going to work and also the A/C makes noises when its on. Took it to Lexus and they told me that they can not duplicate the noise and also say that they found some type of garage in the air filter. The noise Is still there, its a loud thump as if metal to metal impact. Like a steel hammer hitting another steel hammer...


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Car Talk / Re: Advice : Is Lexus The Best Car To Buy? by weyreypey: 9:36pm On Apr 15

Next time, give your own opinion or waka pass. No one appointed you to be the Cartalk bell prefect.
Someone is very angry...

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Car Talk / Re: Mercedes Benz Thread by weyreypey: 6:27pm On Apr 15

Picture? Can get "professional advise" from a guy at Bedwell
Ok tomorrow
Car Talk / Re: Mercedes Benz Thread by weyreypey: 3:54pm On Apr 15

I've seen those guys do wonders with cracked alloy wheels. I can't guarantee the alloy's structural integrity afterwards, but it will serve you pending your replacement timetable.

Not cracked but rashes on the interior
Car Talk / Re: Reliability Of C180 and W202's IN GENERAL by weyreypey: 3:28pm On Apr 15
can it work for a w203 as well??
quote author=weyreypey post=88461719]
MB Star C3
Car Talk / Re: Mercedes Benz Thread by weyreypey: 3:27pm On Apr 15

Those are 16's right? They won't be hard to find even if they are 15's. Now to the cheaper option, find someone who welds/fixes AC condensers, they will reheat and reshape your alloys eliminating the bumps as much as possible. Won't cost more than 2-3k per wheel.
Can this fix rashes that causes interior corrosion and hence leaks around the edges?
Autos / Re: N1,200,000 or Less Tokunbo Cars by weyreypey: 12:01pm On Apr 15

I only asked a question.
Post the wagon beside your car
Politics / Re: Keniebi Okoko Is Alive, Not Dead by weyreypey: 11:58am On Apr 15
Fake news travels faster than light.. His enemies go frown face like goat on seeing this one.. quick recovery man
Pictures of a goat frowning face... thank you
Car Talk / Re: I Need Advice On Changing My Benz190 Carburator by weyreypey: 11:37am On Apr 15

I hope he has a new Benz now
What's wrong with his classic?

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Politics / Re: Gov. Seyi Makinde Flagged Off The COVID-19 Large Scale Testing Centre by weyreypey: 9:43am On Apr 15
We should be doing 2000 per day

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