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Politics / Re: David Mark And Pdp Senators Kill Bsc/hnd Dichotomy Bills by barnabasj(f): 2:11pm On Oct 22
Even if the Bill was approve by the house, Hnd Holder still have alots of challenges to face in the Hand of Employer , even Government work.
Politics / 2015 Presidency: Buhari Laments High Cost Of APC Nomination Form by barnabasj(f): 4:57pm On Oct 16
Onyebuchi Ezigbo in Abuja

Former Head of State, General Muhammadu Buhari, has complained about the fees charged by his party, the All Progressives Congress (APC) for its expression of intent and nomination form.

But the National Chairman of the party, Chief John Odigie-Oyegun, while issuing the nomination form to Buhari Thursday, assured that the leadership of the party will do everything to hold a rancour-free primary.

Speaking while at the APC headquarters to pick his nomination form, the former Head State said he tried during the meeting of the party 's National Executive Committee to see if he could influence the scaling down of the fees but could not.

Politics / Morocco Withdraws As 2015 Africa Cup Of Nations Hosts Over Ebola - Reports by barnabasj(f): 3:00pm On Oct 16

The venue for next year’s African Cup of Nations finals is in major doubt after proposed hosts Morocco reportedly withdrew due to fears over the Ebola outbreak on the continent.

The Confederation of African Football (CAF) last week received a letter from the Moroccan government last week asking for the tournament to be called off and had agreed to discuss the plans at the next executive committee meeting on 2 November. The prospective hosts proposed either postponing the tournament until next year or allowing them to switch to the 2017 edition instead.

However, African website quoted a source from the country’s Ministry of Sport on Thursday who claimed the Morocco has now officially withdrawn in order to “preserve the safety of our citizens”.

“Since CAF rejected all our requests and suggestions then we are forced to withdraw from hosting Afcon 2015 with immediate effect to preserve the safety of our citizens and for that we are prepared to take any consequences that comes with our actions,” said the source.

Moroccan sports minister Mohammed Ouzzine was quoted earlier in the week saying they were considering what action to take if CAF continued to refuse their request to postpone the tournament.

“We’ve arranged to meet up and discuss the technical options connected to this demand for a postponement,” he said. “This demand is motivated essentially by the last report from the World Health Organisation, which contained alarming numbers at the extent and spread of the virus.

“All that means we are facing a historic responsibility. We understand CAF’s difficulty, but that said, never in history has there been such an Ebola epidemic.”

2013 hosts South Africa are now tipped to take over after reports that the country’s Football Assoiciation were already in negotiations with Caf, although Sudan and Egypt have also expressed an interest in hosting the tournament.

Morocco’s withdrawal is likely to lead to sanctions from the governing body, with potential punishments including the suspension of their national teams and clubs.

Politics / Re: Current Result Of 2015 Presidential E-poll By Sahara Reporter (PHOTO) by barnabasj(f): 2:46pm On Oct 16

that is a fake poll, because many Christian are scare of a buhari presidency

@Manck2 you are a Lia.r am a Christian i have inquiry from my Husband and 10 of our family friends, we are all voting for APC enough of this corrupt people called PDP.

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Politics / Re: Erosion Damages Rail Tracks In Ilorin, South East Nigeria by barnabasj(f): 12:46am On Oct 15
Seun Front Page Please.
Politics / Re: 5 Characteristics Of Weak Leaders (and How Not To Be One) by barnabasj(f): 7:56am On Oct 11
1) Has a big head
2) Is fat when all his followers are thin
3) Speaks a foreign language and makes no effort to develop the language of it's followers, for formal communication
4) Is full of rhetoric and strives to be like another leader or people.
5) Is so incompetent in little projects, that the thought of big projects; his followers never dear.
(I just described a poser, a devil, a saboteur; which ever one you choose to call him.)

Thank you
Politics / Military Jet In Near Crash At Yola Airport by barnabasj(f): 1:38am On Oct 11
A military jet was on Friday involved in a near crash at the Yola Airport, Adamawa State.

The aircraft suddenly lost two of its rear tyres while trying to take off.

The jet is believed to be one of those being used for aerial bombardments of insurgents in the North East, including in Adamawa, Borno and Yobe states.

Our correspondent, who was at the airport at about 2.30pm when the incident occurred, observed that there was panic among airport users and workers when the engine of the aircraft was suddenly switched off while taxing on the runway.

Airport officials including fire fighters and security operatives were quickly mobilised for emergency services as alarm was raised.

The initial report was that the jet was on fire, but emergency officials debunked the claims after a visit to the scene of the incident.

However, the development led to the temporary closure of the airport’s runway to traffic.

Many passengers waiting to board Arik Air W3 409 to Abuja were left stranded by the incident.

The Arik flight was initially scheduled for 3.10pm.

An airport official who did not want his name in print said, “The military jet lost two of its rear tyres while it was trying to take off. It was a case of burst tyres.

“As expected, the runaway has been temporarily shut down until when we are able to tow away the jet. That can be done in an hour.

“The Arik aircraft coming from Abuja will therefore be delayed until when we are able to clear the runaway.

“In a situation like this, investigation must definitely be carried out to know what went wrong and why the aircraft lost two tyres at the same time.”

“Security officers on ground are also making efforts to get the report across to their bosses.

TV/Movies / Re: Osuofia Vs Saka: Who Is The Better Comedian? by barnabasj(f): 12:58am On Oct 11

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Politics / 5 Characteristics Of Weak Leaders (and How Not To Be One) by barnabasj(f): 12:56am On Oct 11
Sometimes you learn from positive role models. Often you learn from negative ones. This is one of the reasons I love to read history—you inevitably get both.

After watching Steven Spielberg’s movie Lincoln, I decided to review Team of Rivals by Doris Kearns Goodwin. I had read this book a few years ago. It is a page-turning account of Abraham Lincoln’s presidency and his political genius.

At the beginning of Lincoln’s first term, he appointed each of his former Republican rivals—those who had run against him for his party’s nomination—to cabinet posts. The narrative demonstrates his amazing ability to tap into a broad array of perspectives and create alignment among those who often disagreed violently with one another.

Unfortunately, Lincoln’s leadership was not perfect. He occasionally selected men for public service who were unworthy of his trust. One such individual was General George B. McClellan, commander of the “Army of the Potomac” and, eventually, first general-in-chief of the Union Army.

General McClellan had significant character flaws that I believe serve as warning signs to anyone in leadership. Ultimately, these cost him dearly: He lost Lincoln’s confidence, his job, and a run for the White House (against Lincoln). Worse, they prolonged the Civil War and cost the lives of tens of thousands of soldiers on both sides of the conflict.

Here are the five flaws I jotted down as I read the book:


1. Hesitating to take definitive action. McClellan was constantly preparing. According to him, the Army was never quite ready. The troops just needed a little more training. In his procrastination, he refused to engage the enemy, even when he clearly had the advantage. He could just not bring himself to launch an attack. When Lincoln finally relieved him of his duties, he famously said, “If General McClellan does not want to use the army, I would like to borrow it for a time.”

2. Complaining about a lack of resources. He constantly complained about the lack of available resources. He didn’t have enough men. His men weren’t paid enough. They didn’t have enough heavy artillery. And on and on he went. The truth is that, as a leader, you never have enough resources. You could always use more of one thing or another. But the successful leaders figure out how to get the job done with the resources they have.

3. Refusing to take responsibility. McClellan blamed everyone else for his mistakes and for his refusal to act. He even blamed the President. Every time he suffered a defeat or a setback, someone or something was to blame. He was a master finger-pointer. Great leaders don’t do this. They are accountable for the results and accept full responsibility for the outcomes.

4. Abusing the privileges of leadership. While his troops were struggling in almost unbearable conditions, McClellan lived in near-royal splendor. He spent almost every evening entertaining guests with elaborate dinners and parties. He insisted on the best clothes and accommodations. His lifestyle stood in distinct contrast to General Ulysses S. Grant, his eventual successor, who often traveled with only a toothbrush.

5. Engaging in acts of insubordination. McClellan openly and continually criticized the President, his boss. He was passive-aggressive. Even when Lincoln gave him a direct order, he found a way to avoid obeying it. In his arrogance, he always knew better than the President and had a ready excuse to rationalize his lack of follow-through.

President Lincoln had the patience of Job. He gave General McClellan numerous opportunities to correct his behavior and redeem himself. But in the end, McClellan either could not or would not do so. He left the President no choice but to relieve him of his duties.

These same character flaws afflict many leaders today. The best safeguard is self-awareness.

By the way, you might want to read this post with your team and then discuss it. Even better,


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Politics / What Is The Fate Of Embattle Adamawa Governor by barnabasj(f): 4:24pm On Oct 08
Please what is the fate of the former speaker acting governor, is he going back to House as Speaker or as floor member? This one million question.
Travel / Re: My Journey From Nigeria To Dubai With Pictures by barnabasj(f): 9:26am On Oct 08
15.Train station in front of dubai int'l airport
16. Posting arabaian man porsche-no be me get am o
18. Ascending frm underground train tunnel

Why did you Travel to Dubai?
Health / Re: Meet Woman Who Cures Eye Problem By Licking Eyes by barnabasj(f): 6:08am On Oct 06
Where is the evidence link or P or IDBI

You are very Lazy...... Google her name. I have done that
Politics / Re: 8 Successful Nigerians Who Didn’t Go To A University by barnabasj(f): 12:13am On Oct 05
But Uzor Kalu Graduated as a Medical Doctor from University of Maiduguri, Please confirm this if i may be right.
Politics / Re: What Can A Returnee Accomplish With 400,000 Naira? by barnabasj(f): 7:11am On Sep 26
Where is he coming from?

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Celebrities / Re: Last Known Pictures Of Famous Dead People by barnabasj(f): 3:52am On Sep 21
brighter1: Please, can someone help me out how can I post my topic in the front page?

From front page. Go to the section like Politcs. Entertainment. Education click on the section scroll down a bit, you will see create a new on that . Then you can add subject and the content. Hope that info will be helpfull.

Thank you
Celebrities / Re: Last Known Pictures Of Famous Dead People by barnabasj(f): 10:21pm On Sep 20

Politics / Re: Canada Deports Family Back To Nigeria. by barnabasj(f): 5:17pm On Sep 17
While watching the Video , i was so embarrassed about what she is saying about our beloved country called Nigeria, infact i have to stop the video and does she have to got that length potraying the image of Nigeria in a Bad manner saying thier is alots of bad people in Nigeria street, that can harm her and her children just to have her stay in Canada.

God will help our beloved Nation Nigeria so that we can be proud of Her.
Politics / Canada Deports Family Back To Nigeria. by barnabasj(f): 12:59pm On Sep 17
PLease watch the video and leave your comments

Published Friday, September 12, 2014 7:27PM EDT
Last Updated Monday, September 15, 2014 10:20AM EDT
In spite of a loud outcry, Winifred Agimelen and her three children have been sent back to Nigeria after living in Montreal for six years.
The Canadian government deportation of Winifred Agimelen and her three children to Nigeria Sunday night hit a temporary snag, as it turned out that the mother did not have a necessary Nigerian visa for her third child, who is Canadian.
In spite of the visa issue, the family of four boarded a plane out of Montreal. Agimelen's current husband is a landed immigrant who lives here, but he does not have official custody rights for the Canadian child.

Protesters are decrying the forced deportation, as the order to leave stems from a complicated maze of immigration procedures that will divide the family and possibly subject them to danger in West Africa.
The three children were fathered by her ex-husband. The third was conceived in Nigeria but born in Canada.
Agimelen fled Nigeria after her first husband disappeared, possibly killed by people his father owed money to. She was kidnapped with her children and her daughter was threatened with genital mutilation as part of that affair. She arrived in Montreal six years ago.
The traumatic experience is believed to have the caused psychological damage to her eldest child and led her to flee to Canada.
The woman's lawyer worries that the child will not develop well in Africa.

Read more:

He’s not going to receive services in Nigeria. There’s no kind of therapy in Nigeria,” said Agimelen’s lawyer Angela Potvin. “We don’t understand how Nigerian society works. It’s a much more dangerous place than we know.”
A distraught Agimelen told CTV Montreal that the expulsion and separation from her husband will be very challenging.
“Mostly I’m worried about the safety of my children because there is so much violence in Nigeria. There’s news about kidnapping children in Nigeria. There’s Boko Haram and Ebola in Nigera, it gives me so much fear for me and my children,” she said.
She says she has no place to stay in Nigeria and fears she will be targeted. She can’t return to her hometown because she was subject to violence there, she explained.
Agimelen initially filed to stay in Canada as a refugee but has since married a man with landed resident status. He was deemed to be four months short of being permitted to sponsor Agimelen as his wife.
Last Friday Potvin applied for a five month extension to allow Agimelen’s immigration application to be administered without her being forced to go to Nigeria, but it was denied.
Potvin says that the change of a single word in the rules has prevented the Canadian Border Services Agency from allowing the family to stay together, based on the difficulties it will pose to the eldest child.
“One child has PTSD from this kidnapping in Nigeria and there’s jurisprudence that says this constitutes a ‘special circumstance’ but there was a subtle change made in the act. It used to say that someone could be removed as soon as 'practicable' but now it says 'as soon as possible,’” she said.

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Politics / Re: B B C Africa Ignores B H Defeat At Konduga, Focuses More On Pistorius Case by barnabasj(f): 11:37pm On Sep 13
Charity begins at Home ... Oga Seun front page please let them know
Politics / Quote From Bishop Kukah... About Nigeria by barnabasj(f): 6:33pm On Sep 10
QUOTE FROM BISHOP KUKAH ......................"Nigeria educational systems have surprising outcomes. The smartest students pass with First Class and get admissions to Medical and Engineering schools. The 2nd Class students get MBAs and LLBs to manage the First Class students. The 3rd Class students enter Politics and rule both the 1st and 2nd Class students. The Failures enter the Underworld of crime and control the politicians and the businesses .And, best of all, those who did not attend school become Prophets and Imams and everyone follows them...."What a paradox and an irony of life! It can only happen in Nigeria where corruption is the order of the day....!!
Politics / Re: BOKO HARAM: Nairalander Reports From Kaduna Airport (pictures) by barnabasj(f): 1:12am On Sep 08

what is this? Teens on Nairaland. Nairaland have gone soo Bad to this level,we are discussion national security here something very important

Thank you Admin for the responds. I appreciate you, Here we are discussion national issue something that is affecting the economy and security of our Dear Nation, some Teenagers are posting their family pictures which is exhausting the bandwidth of nairalander and also issue not relates to what we are discussing.

Before going to cnn or Bbc or opening any Nigeria news i always check Nairaland for the latest news and it has never disappoint me.

I love Nairaland.
Thank you moderator.
Politics / Re: BOKO HARAM: Nairalander Reports From Kaduna Airport (pictures) by barnabasj(f): 10:36pm On Sep 07
BeatriceOsisi: chidoze..............................

what is this? Teens on Nairaland. Nairaland have gone soo Bad to this level,we are discussion national security here something very important

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Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs Congo : AFCON 2015 Qualifiers (2 - 3) On Saturday September 6, 2014 by barnabasj(f): 3:47pm On Sep 06
Please where can someone mwatch it online.

Thank you.
Culture / Re: 10 Strange Birth Customs From Around The World by barnabasj(f): 6:44am On Aug 22
Where is d remaining?
Foreign Affairs / Re: Gaza ‘corpses’ Caught Moving When They Don’t Know The Cameras Are On Them by barnabasj(f): 11:04pm On Aug 20
Seun Front Page.. Please. Thank yoi
Politics / Re: Indian Doctors Forced To Treat Ebola Victims By FG by barnabasj(f): 9:15pm On Aug 12
Politics / Re: Bush Meat (monkey) Eating Continues In Lagos Despite Ebola Scare by barnabasj(f): 9:50pm On Aug 11
Please Why would a sane person eat a monkey? That is the question that came to my mind because after roasting it it looks like a Baby or Human being
Politics / Re: Bush Meat (monkey) Eating Continues In Lagos Despite Ebola Scare by barnabasj(f): 3:25pm On Aug 11
We need to enlighten the public about eating Bush meat and meat from Pepper soup joints
Politics / Bush Meat (monkey) Eating Continues In Lagos Despite Ebola Scare by barnabasj(f): 11:56am On Aug 11
Meat-eating continues despite Ebola scare

Please kindly watch this Video and drop your comments. Thank you.
Politics / Re: Who Won The Osun Elections? The Party Or The Candidate? by barnabasj(f): 9:01am On Aug 11
Bag of Rice and Fufuu
Health / Re: Liberian Ignores Warnings Continue Eating Monkeys by barnabasj(f): 10:59pm On Aug 04
Majority of Liberian eat Bush meat and also Monkey, from the Video the Head of Virology labs of Liberia also admits eating Bush meat this show our level of sensitixation to what we learnt from our world
Health / Liberian Ignores Warnings Continue Eating Monkeys by barnabasj(f): 10:20pm On Aug 04

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