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Sports / Re: Nigerian Players That Flopped After Being Hyped Into The Super Eagles by barnabasj(f): 5:28pm On Jul 21
Also Sani Kaita


Sports / Re: Nigerian Players That Flopped After Being Hyped Into The Super Eagles by barnabasj(f): 5:26pm On Jul 21
Abiodun Baruwa should also be on the list messup when Nigeria playing against Yugloslavia in a friendly matvh ahead of World Cup qualifier. He was surpose to be Nigeria No 1 goalkeepee to world cup france 98.


Forum Games / Re: Tell Us What You See In The Picture! by barnabasj(f): 11:32pm On Jul 20
Agent8706: Can't believe I did it in less than a minute, men this is a real brain challenge.

The tail of the bird is actually the whole of one of the lady's leg while the head of the bird is actually the lady's head and one of her hand over her head combined

Thanks it took me 5mins with ur clue. Thanks Darling

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TV/Movies / Re: Most Emotional And Inspiring Movie You Ever Watched by barnabasj(f): 6:55pm On Jul 19
Business / Re: Cashcraft - Thieves Or A Broker by barnabasj(f): 10:53pm On Jul 18
Please house what is the Update about Cas Craft, I have some money with them. Thankl you
Politics / Re: Guess Who This Young Boy Turned Out To Be? (photo) by barnabasj(f): 4:13pm On Jul 10
Barack Obama
Sports / Re: Who Will Be Crowned World Cup Champion Come Sunday? Brazil 2014 Finals by barnabasj(f): 11:52am On Jul 10


Politics / Re: Oyo Govt Completes Apete Pedestrian Bridge. by barnabasj(f): 12:34pm On Jul 09
Where is the Pictures, The Governor PRO is not doing thier Job , they are given chances to the Opposition.
Politics / Three British Mechanics Are Guided And Challenged For Ten Days In Lagos by barnabasj(f): 2:15pm On Jul 08
In Lagos, Nigeria, three British mechanics are guided and challenged for ten days by extraordinary slum dwellers who use dedication, passion and guts to succeed.
Politics / Re: Presidential Tussle May Tear APC Apart – T. B. Joshua by barnabasj(f): 6:12pm On Jan 04
MANGAM: Who wil be d presidential of APC wil difinately tear d party apart

Buhari will still want to be the sole Candidate of the Party.
Travel / Re: The Country You Hate Most Out And You Don't Advice Anybody To Go To by barnabasj(f): 7:20am On Oct 12, 2013
Qatar...Modenised day slavery
Politics / Boko Haram Leader Blast Obama In Video by barnabasj(f): 12:03am On Aug 14, 2013

Military seizes arms, ammunition from sect

Despite being declared a global terrorist and a $7million reward placed on him by the United States (US), Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau is still talking tough.

Shekau, in a video yesterday, dared US President Barack Obama, French President Francois Hollande and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to come for him, saying: “They are no match for me.”

He spoke amid reports that 44 people were killed on Sunday in a mosque while praying in Konduga, some 35 kilometres outside Maiduguri, the Borno State capital, which is the epicentre of the sect’s activities.

The bodies, according to Associated Press (AP), were counted yesterday “although the deadly attack by militants took place on Sunday morning.”

In the video obtained by Agence France Presse (AFP), Shekau, while claiming responsibility for the recent killings in some parts of the North, said: “I’m challenging Obama.”

Throwing similar challenges to Hollande and Netanyahu, he said he was in “good health”, pointing out that there is nothing to fear from the military operation in some parts of the Northeast.

The military campaign began after the Federal Government declared a state of emergency in Adamawa, Borno and Yobe states on May 14.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Did Barack Obama Congratulate President Mugabe ? by barnabasj(f): 1:44pm On Aug 06, 2013
silly question.... Why cant you Google it?
Politics / Re: Nigerian Jet For Malawian President by barnabasj(f): 8:51am On Jul 16, 2013
When i saw the photo. I wonder ooo

Forum Games / Re: ~<<The Last Person To Post In This Thread Wins>>~ by barnabasj(f): 4:41pm On Jul 14, 2013
Its me
Forum Games / Re: ~<<The Last Person To Post In This Thread Wins>>~ by barnabasj(f): 10:00pm On Jul 13, 2013
Lexus SLK
Sports / Our Strikers Let Us Down – Keshi by barnabasj(f): 11:13pm On Jun 25, 2013

Super Eagles head coach, Stephen Keshi , has launched a thinly-veiled attack on the strikers he picked for the 2013 FIFA Confederations Cup in Brazil.

Nigeria crashed out of the competition after a 0-3 defeat to world and European champions, Spain in Fortaleza on Sunday, reports.

The African champions scored seven goals in the tournament but six of those came against minnows, Tahiti, a side that shipped in 10 goals against Spain and eight against Uruguay.

Four of the strikers selected by Keshi, Brown Ideye, Anthony Ujah, Joseph Akpala and Gambo Mohammed all failed to score in Brazil despite getting decent game time under their belt.

After managing just one goal in their final two games against Uruguay and Spain, Keshi declared in a thinly-veiled remark that the strikers he selected for the “tournament of champions” are not good enough.

“I can’t imagine that my top striker Emmanuel Emenike would miss some of the goals that we missed (at the tournament),” Keshi revealed in an astonishing post-match tirade in Fortaleza on Sunday.

Nigeria suffered a spate of late withdrawals with several top stars sitting out the tournament due to injuries.

Keshi believes his side would have performed better in Brazil if the absent players had not pulled out of the squad.

“Ogenyi Onazi was sorely missed. Victor Moses would have ruined any team here and of course several other players that should have been here could not make it due to injuries. Among them United States-based Bright Dike,” Keshi said.

Nigeria finished as the fifth best side at the tournament.

Politics / Re: Who Is The Most Popular Governor In Nigeria? by barnabasj(f): 11:30pm On Jun 21, 2013
Babatunde Raji Fashola.


Celebrities / A Chat With Don Jazzy's Father by barnabasj(f): 1:16pm On Jun 21, 2013
A chat with Don Jazzy's father, He Explain how he Breed Don Jazzy
Religion / Re: Prophet TB Joshua's 50th Birthday by barnabasj(f): 5:48pm On Jun 12, 2013
Happy Birthday Prophet T.B Joshua.
Travel / Re: Uk Student Visa/tier 4 Pbs - Your Questions Answered Part2 by barnabasj(f): 10:45am On Jun 11, 2013
Thank you so much
Travel / Re: General UK Visa Enquiries - Part 2 by barnabasj(f): 11:32pm On Jun 10, 2013
Please I have already gain admission to the University in the UK for Master Degree Program and I planning to pay £4,500 from the £10,500 of the Tuition fee with the directive/speculative deposit by the University. Please I want to use one of my father friends accounts as my sponsor, Please kindly enlighten me if this will meet the requirements for the funds/sponsor accounts and what do i need along with the statement of accounts.

Thank you.
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part4 by barnabasj(f): 11:31pm On Jun 10, 2013
Please I have already gain admission to the University in the UK for Master Degree Program and I planning to pay £4,500 from the £10,500 of the Tuition fee with the directive/speculative deposit by the University. Please I want to use one of my father friends accounts as my sponsor, Please kindly enlighten me if this will meet the requirements for the funds/sponsor accounts and what do i need along with the statement of accounts.

Thank you.
Travel / Re: Uk Student Visa/tier 4 Pbs - Your Questions Answered Part2 by barnabasj(f): 6:17pm On Jun 10, 2013
Please I have already gain admission to the University in the UK for Master Degree Program and I planning to pay £4,500 from the £10,500 of the Tuition fee with the directive/speculative deposit by the University. Please I want to use one of my father friends accounts as my sponsor, Please kindly enlighten me if this will meet the requirements for the funds/sponsor accounts and what do i need along with the statement of accounts.

Thank you.
Nairaland / General / Re: When Was The Last Time You Bought A Generator? by barnabasj(f): 4:34pm On Jun 10, 2013
I want to says something. But i dey fear my oga at D Top.
Politics / Why We Annuled June 12 Presidential Election — General Ibrahim Babangida by barnabasj(f): 10:22pm On Jun 08, 2013

There are many ‘ifs’ 20 years after the annulment of the June 12, 1993 presidential election – that is still considered Nigeria’s freest and fairest. If then military president, General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida, had known that the decision to annul the election would lead to the plethora of crises that Nigeria is yet to come over, he may not have acted in that manner. Indeed if he had known that the electoral process today would be much worse and replete with serial instances of the reasons he gave for the annulment, he may not have done so. If Bashorun Moshood Kashimawo Olawale Abiola (aka, MKO) had known that events would spiral to a fatal end for him, he may not have sought the presidency of Nigeria. If some of the elected public officers who supported the annulment knew that Sani Abacha would restore full military rule for another five years, they may have stood firmly on June 12 and continued in office. Using the behavior of some members of the Nigeria Governors’ Forum, NGF, regarding their election where they voted but lost but are refusing to accept defeat, the question should be asked: When would Nigerians learn from mistakes of the past?
In this package, we present the reasons Babangida gave for annulling the election, the response of MKO Abiola immediately after the annulment was announced as well as the concluding part of Tonnie Iredia’s interview – he served as the spokesman for the electoral commission at the time of the annulment.

Why we annuled June 12 Presidential election — General Ibrahim Babangida

Fellow Nigerians, I address you today with a deep sense of world history and particularly of the history of our great country. In the aftermath of the recently annulled presidential election, I feel, as I believe you yourself feel, a profound sense of disappointment at the outcome of our last efforts at laying the foundation of a viable democratic system of government in Nigeria .

I therefore wish, on behalf of myself and members of the National Defence and Security Council and indeed of my entire administration, to feel with my fellow countrymen and women for the cancellation of the election. It was a rather disappointing experience in the course of carrying through the last election of the transition to civil rule programme.

Nigeria has come a long way since this administration assumed power and leadership about eight years ago. In the attempt to grapple with the critical and monumental problems and challenges of national existence and social progress, this administration inaugurated and pursued sound and justifiable policies and programmes of reform.

These policies and programmes have touched virtually all aspects of our national life – the economy, political process, social structures, external relations, bureaucracy and even the family system. I believe strongly that in understanding, conception, formulation and articulation, these policies and programmes are not only sound but also comparatively unassailable. I believe too that history, with the passage of time, would certainly score the administration high in its governance of our country.

Let me also express my deep conviction that the core strategy and structures of our reform policies and programmes, as enunciated in 1986/87, would, for a very long time, remain relevant and durable in the course of changing our country positively. I believe that at the exit of the administration from power, we would leave behind for prosperity a country with an economy, the structures of which have been turned around for good. The average Nigerian person has come to reconcile himself with the fact that his or her social progress remains essentially in his or her hands in collaboration with other fellow Nigerians and not merely relying on what government alone could provide for him or her. The days are gone for good, when men and women trooped to government establishments for employment and for benevolence. This administration has built the foundation that would take Nigerians away from their previous colonially-induced motivations and the encumbrances of colonialism. We have laid the foundation for self-reliant economic development and social justice. We have established a new basis in our country in which economic liberalization would continue to flourish alongside democratic forces and deregulated power structure. In all these, the average Nigerian person has more than ever before this administration imbibed and assimilated the values of hard work, resilience and self-confidence.

It is true that in the course of implementing our reform policies and programmes and especially because of the visionary zeal with which we approached the assignment and responded to incidental pressures of governance, we engendered a number of social forces in the country.

This is so because we sought to challenge and transform extant social forces which had in the past impeded growth and development of our country. We also sought to deal with the new forces to which our programmes of action gave rise. Thus in dealing with the dynamics of both the old and new social forces, we ran into certain difficulties.

In particular, during the course of handling the interlocking relationships between the old and new political forces and institutions, some problems had arisen leading us into a number of difficulties and thereby necessitating our having to tamper with the rules and regulations laid down in the political programme. As a result, the administration unwittingly attracted enormous public suspicions of its intentions and objectives. Accordingly, we have experienced certain shortfalls and conflicting responses to the pulls and pushes of governance in the course of policy implementation.

I believe that areas of difficulties with the transition programme, especially from the last quarter of 1992 to the recent cancelled presidential election, derived primarily from the shortfalls in implementing the programmes of actions which, though objectively taken, may have caused a deviation from the original framework and structure of the programme.

Fellow Nigerians, it is true that by the cancelled presidential election, we all found the nation at a peculiar bar of history which was neither bargained for, nor was it envisaged in the reform programmes of transition as enunciated in 1986/87. In the circumstance, the administration had no option than to respond appropriately to the unfortunate experience of terminating the presidential election. Our actions are in full conformity with the original objectives of the transition to civil programme. It was also in conformity with the avowed commitment of the administration to advance the cause of national unity, stability, and democracy. In annulling the presidential election, this administration was keenly aware of its promise in November 1992 that it would disengage and institute a return to democracy on August 27, 1993. We are determined to keep the promise. Since this transition, and indeed any transition, must have an end, I believe that our transition programme should and must come to an end, honestly and honourably.

History will bear witness that as an administration we have always striven, in all our policy decisions, to build the foundation of lasting democracy. Lasting democracy is not a temporary show of excitement and manipulation by an over-articulate section of the elite and its captive audience; lasting democracy is a permanent diet to nurture the soul of the whole nation and the political process.

Therefore, it is logical, as we have always insisted upon, that lasting democracy must be equated with political stability.
Informed by our sad experience of history, we require nothing short of a foundation for lasting democracy. As an administration, we cannot afford to leave Nigerian into a Third Republic with epileptic convulsions in its democratic health. Nigeria must therefore confront her own reality; she must solve her problems notwithstanding other existing models of democracy in other parts of the world.

In my address to the nation in October 1992, when the first presidential primaries were cancelled, I had cause to remind our country men and women that there is nowhere in the world in which the practice of democracy is the same, even if the principles are similar and even for countries sharing the same intellectual tradition and cultural foundation. The history of our country is not the history of any other country in the world which is either practising advanced democracy or struggling to lay the foundation for democracy. Yet, in spite of the uniqueness and peculiarities of Nigeria, there are certain prerequisites which constitute an irreducible minimum for democracy. Such essential factors include: A. Free and fair elections; B. Uncoerced expression of voters preference in election; C. Respect for electorate as unfettered final arbiter on elections; D. Decorum and fairness on the part of the electoral umpires; E. Absolute respect for the rule of law. Fellow Nigerians, you would recall that it was precisely because the presidential primaries of last year did not meet the basic requirements of free and fair election that the Armed Forces Ruling Council had good reason to cancel those primaries. The recently annulled presidential election was similarly afflicted by these problems.

Even before the presidential election, and indeed at the party conventions, we had full knowledge of the bad signals pertaining to the enormous breach of the rules and regulations of democratic elections. But because we were determined to keep faith with the deadline of 27th August, 1993 for the return to civil rule, we overlooked the reported breaches. Unfortunately, these breaches continued into the presidential election of June 12, 1993, on an even greater proportion. There were allegations of irregularities and other acts of bad conduct leveled against the presidential candidates but NEC went ahead and cleared them. There were proofs as well as documented evidence of widespread use of money during the party primaries as well as the presidential election. These were the same bad conduct for which the party presidential primaries of 1992 were cancelled.

Evidence available to gov ernment put the total amount of money spent by the presidential candidates at over two billion , one hundred million naira (N2.1 billion). The use of money was again the major source of undermining the electoral process.

Both these allegations and evidence were known to the National Defence and Security Council before the holding of the June 12, 1993 election, the National Defence and Security Council overlooked these areas of problems in its determination to fulfill the promise to hand over to an elected president on due date.

Apart from the tremendous negative use of money during the party primaries and presidential election, there were moral issues which were also overlooked by the Defence and National Security Council. There were cases of documented and confirmed conflict of interest between the government and both presidential candidates which would compromise their positions and responsibilities were they to become president. We believe that politics and government are not ends in themselves. Rather, service and effective amelioration of the condition of our people must remain the true purpose of politics.

It is true that the presidential election was generally seen to be free, fair and peaceful. However, there was in fact a huge array of electoral malpractices virtually in all the states of the federation before the actual voting began. There were authenticated reports of the electoral malpractices against party agents, officials of the National Electoral Commission and also some members of the electorate.

If all of these were clear violations of the electoral law, there were proofs of manipulations through offer and acceptance of money and other forms of inducement against officials of the National Electoral Commission and members of the electorate. There were also evidence of conflict in the process of authentication and clearance of credentials of the presidential candidates. Indeed, up to the last few hours of the election, we continued, in our earnest steadfastness with our transition deadline, to overlook vital facts.

For example, following the Council’s deliberation which followed the court injunction suspending the election, majority of members of the National Defence and Security Council supported postponement of the election by one week. This was to allow NEC enough time to reach all the voters, especially in the rural areas, about the postponement. But persuaded by NEC that it was capable of relaying the information to the entire electorate within the few hours left before the election, the Council, unfortunately, dropped the idea of shifting the voting day. Now, we know better. The conduct of the election, the behaviour of the candidates and post-election responses continued to elicit signals which the nation can only ignore at its peril. It is against the foregoing background that the administration became highly concerned when these political conflicts and breaches were carried to the court. It must be acknowledged that the performance of the judiciary on this occasion was less than satisfactory. The judiciary has been the bastion of the hopes and liberties of our citizens.

Therefore, when it became clear that the courts had become intimidated and subjected to the manipulation of the political process, and vested interests, then the entire political system was in clear dangers. This administration could not continue to watch the various high courts carry on their long drawn out processes and contradictory decisions while the nation slides into chaos.

It was under this circumstance that the National Defence and Security Council decided that it is in the supreme interest of law and order, political stability and peace that the presidential election be annulled. As an administration, we have had special interest and concern not only for the immediate needs of our society, but also in laying the foundation for generations to come.

To continue action on the basis of the June 12, 1993 election, and to proclaim and swear in a president who encouraged a campaign of divide and rule among our ethnic groups would have been detrimental to the survival of the Third Republic. Our need is for peace, stability and continuity of politics in the interest of all our people.

Fellow countrymen and women, although the National Electoral Commission and the Centre for Democratic Studies officially invited foreign observers for the presidential election, the administration also considered it, as important as a democratic society, that our activities and electoral conduct must be open not only to the citizenry of our country but also to the rest of the world. In spite of this commitment, the administration did not and cannot accept that foreign countries should interfere in our internal affairs and undermine our sovereignty.

The presidential election was not an exercise imposed on Nigerians by the United Nations or by the wishes of some global policemen of democracy. It was a decision embarked upon independently by the government of our country and for the interest of our country. This is because we believe, just like other countries, that democracy and democratization are primary values which Nigerians should cultivate, sustain and consolidate so as to enhance freedom, liberties and social development of the citizenry.

The actions of these foreign countries are most unfortunate and highly regrettable. There is nowhere in the history of our country or indeed of the third world where these countries can be said to love Nigeria or Nigerians any more than the love we have for ourselves and for our country. Neither can they claim to love Nigeria any more than this administration loves our country.

Accordingly, I wish to state that this administration will take necessary action against any interest groups that seek to interfere in our internal affairs. In this vein, I wish to place on record the appreciation of this administration for the patience and understanding of Nigerians, the French, the Germans, the Russians and Irish governments in the current situation. I appeal to our fellow countrymen and women and indeed our foreign detractors that they should cultivate proper understanding and appreciation of the peculiar historic circumstances in the development of our country and the determination not only of this administration but indeed of all Nigerians to resolve the current crises.

Fellow Nigerians, the National Security and Defence Council has met several times since the June 12, 1993 election. The council has fully deliberated not only on our avowed commitment but also to bequeathing to posterity a sound economic and political base in our country and we shall do so with honour. In our deliberations, we have also taken note of several extensive consultations with other members of this administration, with officers and men of the Armed Forces and with well-meaning Nigerian leaders of thought. We are committed to handing over power on 27th August, 1993. Accordingly, the National Defence and Security Council has decided that, by the end of July 1993, the two political parties, under the supervision of a recomposed National Electoral Commission, will put in place the necessary process for the emergence of two presidential candidates.

This shall be conducted according to the rules and regulations governing the election of the president of the country. In this connection, government will, in consultation with the two political parties and National Electoral Commission, agree as to the best and quickest process of conducting the election.

In the light of our recent experience and, given the mood of the nation, the National Defence and Security Council has imposed additional conditions as a way of widening and deepening the base of electing the president and sanitizing the electoral process. Accordingly, the candidates for the coming election must: (1) Not be less than 50 years old; (2) Have not been convicted of any crime;
(3) Believe, by act of faith and practice, in the corporate existence of Nigeria; (4) Possess records of personal, corporate and business interests which do not conflict with national interests; (5) Have been registered members of either of the two political parties for at least one year to this election. All those previously banned from participating in the transition process, other than those with criminal records, are hereby unbanned. They can all henceforth participate in the electoral process. This is with a view to enriching the quality of candidature for the election and at the same time tap the leadership resources of our country to the fullest. The decree to this effect will be promulgated.

Fellow Nigerians, I wish to finally acknowledge the tremendous value of your patience and understanding, especially in the face of national provocation.

I urge you to keep faith with the commitment of this administration. I enjoin you to keep faith with the unity, peace and stability of our country for this is the only country that you and I can call our own. Nowhere in the world, no matter the prompting and inducements of foreign countries, can Nigerians ever be regarded as first class citizens. Nigeria is the only country that we have. We must therefore renew our hope in Nigeria, and faith and confidence in ourselves for continued growth, development and progress.

Thank you all, and God bless you.

Jokes Etc / Re: What a Year 2020 Church Will Be by barnabasj(f): 5:37pm On May 23, 2013
This Happens in Saudi Arabia where we have Christians in Remote area. lots of family join Church service online and also pay offering with use of cards. Its here already i'm tslking from experience

Afam4eva: PASTOR: Praise the Lord.


PASTOR: Can we please turn our tablet PC, iPad, cellphone, kindle bibles to 1 Cor.13:13. ...! And please switch on your Bluetooth to download the sermon.. .. !

PASTOR: Let us pray committing this week into God's hands. Open your WhatsApp, BBM , Twitter and Facebook and chat
with your God.Come on...

PASTOR: Please have your credit and debit cards ready as we shall now take tithes and offerings. You can log on to the church Wi-Fi using the password Lord909887. [Ushers circulate mobile card swipe machines among the worshipers.
Those who prefer to make electronic funds transfers are directed to computers and laptops at the rear
of the church and those who prefer to use iPads allowed to flip them open. Those who prefer telephone banking
are allowed to take out their cellphones to transfer their contributions to the church bank account!]
The holy atmosphere is truly electric as the cellphones , iPads, PCs and laptops beep and flicker!

This week's cell meetings shall be held on the various Facebook group pages where the usual group chatting takes place and mix-it for Sunday school pupil. Please. don't miss out.
Thursday's bible teachings will be held live on Skype at 1900hrs GMT. Please don 't miss out.You can follow Pastor on Twitter this weekend for counselling and prayers, dont forget our weekly sermon uploads on YouTube
Foreign Affairs / Re: Pictures Of Egyptian Military by barnabasj(f): 12:01pm On May 14, 2013
This are Scraps and outdated equipments given to them by the US forget Isreal is far far ahead of them
Politics / Re: Lagos To Emerge 13th Largest Economy In Africa By 2014 by barnabasj(f): 6:05pm On May 09, 2013
souldust: lagos is not just s state competing against other countries. It is a 3500square km, 20percent or more of it is covered with water, competing with several countries. It is also a state with almost no mineral resources except aquatic life, competing with mineral rich countries.

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Politics / Re: President Yar'adua - 3 Years Remembrance by barnabasj(f): 11:25am On May 05, 2013
Rest in Peace
Foreign Affairs / Re: Dubai Police Unveil Ferrari And Lamborghini Patrol Cars. by barnabasj(f): 11:42pm On Apr 30, 2013
@GEj....we need to setup a Commitee to look into that.
Phones / I Need A Nokia Phone by barnabasj(f): 1:35am On Feb 09, 2013
Please House i need a Nokia Phone that i can use to Browse and also take pictures, Please my Budget is N20,000. Kindly help me out the series of Nokia phone i can Buy that can serve this purpose. Thank you all.

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