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Dating And Meet-up Zone: A place to hook up with fellow Nairaland members and find love! (20586 topics)
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Romance: Discuss dating, courtship, and romance in marriage. Ad Rate: 13,000.63/week (45.6% discount).

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I Have Had 3 Stillborn Babies Should We Just Adopt?
by Talk2Bella. 25 posts & 161 views. 6:17pm (bamisepeters)
Several Habits That Make You Totally Undateable
by topzttst. 3 posts & 266 views. 6:17pm (oshikoyaodemi)
20 Good Ways To Keep Your Girlfriend Obsessed With You. (1) (2) (3) (4) *
by royalvalentine19. 159 posts & 23651 views. 6:17pm (Maxi112)
Female Nairalanders That Follows More Than 5 Male Online Are Not Wife Material.
by saintfellow. 15 posts & 29 views. 6:16pm (EmperorLee)
Going On A First Date? Here Are Tips On What To Wear!
by topzttst. 3 posts & 186 views. 6:16pm (oshikoyaodemi)
Several Things That Makes Her Extremely Hot
by topzttst. 13 posts & 898 views. 6:12pm (oshikoyaodemi)
Why You Shouldn't Spend On A Lady Above 30...
by CuteMorriz. 22 posts & 389 views. 6:12pm (Trina0936)
For Ladies; 13 Things A Woman Can Do To Be More Attractive To Men
by topzttst. 9 posts & 664 views. 6:12pm (oshikoyaodemi)
Must Read: 7 Basic Things Every Man Must Know About Women
by topzttst. 10 posts & 907 views. 6:11pm (oshikoyaodemi)
Silly Things Men Do During S*x That Leads To Pregnancy
by topzttst. 5 posts & 681 views. 6:10pm (oshikoyaodemi)
Things You Do During S*x, That Your Girlfriend Hates
by topzttst. 13 posts & 753 views. 6:09pm (oshikoyaodemi)
Latest Haircut In Town, Guys Can You Rock It? (pics)
by Drdreyy. 2 posts & 42 views. 6:08pm (emeijeh)
My Boyfriend Is 6 Years Younger Than Me
by Talk2Bella. 16 posts & 466 views. 6:08pm (Nelgenius4me)
Lessons About Marriage From A Mother To Her Daughter
by topzttst. 3 posts & 109 views. 6:07pm (oshikoyaodemi)
Nigerian Woman get married to Mannequin To Represent Her Husband Based Abroad
by henrydadon. 1 post & 15 views. 6:07pm (henrydadon)
My Fiance Is Leaving Me , Cause I Let Out My Painful And Biggest Secrets To Him (1) (2) (3) ... (15) (16) (17) *
by fullofregrets. 558 posts & 52485 views. 6:06pm (Lizzieo)
Lady Flaunts Her Boobs On Instagram And Got This Funny Reply (1) *
by Olivaturp2. 36 posts & 6982 views. 6:06pm (Unigweson25)
Adorable Pre-wedding Photos Shot In Kitchen (1) (2) (3) (4) *
by morereb10. 159 posts & 34897 views. 6:05pm (DTOBS)
He Wakes Me Every Morning Just For Sex. (1) (2)
by Talk2Bella. 70 posts & 3793 views. 6:05pm (sexy74)
Moments You Shouldn't Approach A Girl To Woo Her (1) (2) *
by krissconnect. 91 posts & 18707 views. 6:04pm (doskie)
What's Your Best Masculine Or Feminine Body Feature(s) (1)
by olendave. 39 posts & 713 views. 6:03pm (Janeyinspires)
Guys, Here Are The 10 Ways To Get Her Thinking About You [must Read]
by topzttst. 7 posts & 778 views. 6:03pm (oshikoyaodemi)
Reason Guys Dump Ladies After Sex
by topzttst. 12 posts & 922 views. 6:01pm (oshikoyaodemi)
Several Signs That Shows Your Girlfriend Is An Energy Vampire!!
by topzttst. 9 posts & 324 views. 5:58pm (oshikoyaodemi)
Just Found This On My Girlfriend's Facebook Page (1)
by FuckTheM0ds. 41 posts & 1151 views. 5:57pm (FuckTheM0ds)
5 Easy Ways To OVER Satisfy Your Lady In Bed & In Relationship
by topzttst. 8 posts & 1076 views. 5:56pm (oshikoyaodemi)
I Mistakenly Swallow Sperm Last Night
by Nobody. 19 posts & 1656 views. 5:56pm (Aztezee)
Learn To Appreciate Those You Care For, And Those Who Care For You. (1)
by AZOGtheDEFILER. 41 posts & 317 views. 5:56pm (Rapzino)
Twenty Things You Should Be Doing For Your Wife Every Day
by topzttst. 14 posts & 861 views. 5:55pm (oshikoyaodemi)
The Top 7 Greatest Phraseologists In Romanceland Are..... (1)
by lezznjr. 42 posts & 352 views. 5:54pm (Knightngale)
Ways To Get Maximum Pleasure During Sex
by topzttst. 8 posts & 1165 views. 5:54pm (oshikoyaodemi)
Girl Makes Erect Manhood Image Of All The Guys She’s Slept With (1)
by Jamesmatic. 38 posts & 5914 views. 5:52pm (KingCheezyPuff)
Reasons Why Money Is A Big Deal To Women
by topzttst. 13 posts & 467 views. 5:52pm (oshikoyaodemi)
12 Struggles Every Curvy Girl Can Relate To
by topzttst. 8 posts & 786 views. 5:51pm (oshikoyaodemi)
When Your Girlfriend Stops Complaining (1) (2)
by NairalandEFCC1. 66 posts & 1296 views. 5:50pm (Mediapace)
Simple Ways To Stop A Girl You Like, Talk To Her And Get Her Number In Minutes
by topzttst. 12 posts & 1219 views. 5:50pm (oshikoyaodemi)
9 Types Of Break-up Every Nigerian Will Experience In Their Life
by saphhire. 4 posts & 46 views. 5:50pm (Jessidaisy4)
Help! How Do L Help A Spouse With Low Self Esteem.
by Today007. 4 posts & 76 views. 5:48pm (BlackTrumpet)
My Sister's Pre Wedding Pix (1)
by lammylam. 47 posts & 1720 views. 5:47pm (Originalsly)
Why Is Abortion So Prevalent In Our Society?
by Taiw. 5 posts & 73 views. 5:43pm (JUSTbuchi)
Man Drinks Poison After His Wife Dumped Him For Her Ex-boyfriend
by Perolski. 12 posts & 199 views. 5:39pm (Ray360)
The Daily Meme Thread
by Julian08. 23 posts & 496 views. 5:38pm (Julian08)
7 Types Of Breasts (photos)
by Samhyme. 14 posts & 324 views. 5:34pm (Maxi112)
How Advisable Is Marrying From The Other Side
by BetterHalf. 15 posts & 185 views. 5:33pm (BetterHalf)
Outside A Home - A Story (1)
by OluwabuqqyYOLO. 33 posts & 1040 views. 5:28pm (cherrybrown)
7 Reasons Why Shy Guys Find It Difficult To Approach A Lady (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) *
by DanceVille. 176 posts & 36594 views. 5:22pm (SuperSuave)
The New Girl....jerry's Avenge (1)
by jerrywill. 40 posts & 1587 views. 5:14pm (jerrywill)
Guys Watch Out For These Signs... Don't Lose HER
by Ereholuwa. 1 post & 96 views. 5:08pm (Ereholuwa)
How to satisfy your spouse with a mind blowing sex. (1) (2)
by Toks2008. 66 posts & 2422 views. 5:08pm (nokiaba3)
Matured Ladies Only: When Will Konji Stop Killing The Men?. (1) (2)
by PussySandie. 75 posts & 2342 views. 5:05pm (specialaccount)
Must Read: 7 Wicked Things Women Do To Men (1)
by Oshikoyafrank. 42 posts & 1989 views. 4:58pm (oshikoyaodemi)
Several Signs To Know If She Had S3x With Different Men
by Oshikoyafrank. 7 posts & 1327 views. 4:55pm (oshikoyaodemi)
See The Reply A Lady Got After Tweeting These (screenshot)
by maviduchez77. 24 posts & 1198 views. 4:55pm (mhizAnnie)
5 Things You Should Never Feel Like You Have To Sacrifice In A Relationship
by Oshikoyafrank. 9 posts & 450 views. 4:55pm (oshikoyaodemi)
Five Types Of Women That Men Find Irresistible
by Oshikoyafrank. 20 posts & 1654 views. 4:53pm (oshikoyaodemi)
9 Things That Makes The Use Of Condom Pointless
by Oshikoyafrank. 9 posts & 934 views. 4:52pm (oshikoyaodemi)
Things That Makes Ladies Happy In A Relationship
by Oshikoyafrank. 30 posts & 926 views. 4:51pm (oshikoyaodemi)
I Will Give It To U So Hot
by BrightSmart. 1 post & 81 views. 4:42pm (BrightSmart)
Five Shocking Reasons Men Hire Prostitutes
by Oshikoyafrank. 18 posts & 1228 views. 4:42pm (Idyee)
Defining The 21st Century Virgins
by mhizesther. 8 posts & 272 views. 4:41pm (hos4x)
[story] Adebimpe The Facebook Girl Season 7 Full Episode
by Naijacard. 24 posts & 2552 views. 4:38pm (Naijacardcom)
African S€x Story LOVE IN NAIJ@ Episodde 1 (1)
by Naijacard. 38 posts & 12622 views. 4:37pm (Naijacardcom)
Must Read: Why Most Men Always End Up Sleeping With Their House Help
by Oshikoyafrank. 11 posts & 1078 views. 4:37pm (oshikoyaodemi)

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