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Dating And Meet-up Zone: A place to hook up with fellow Nairaland members and find love! (16936 topics)
Sexuality: Any topics that are more about sex and sexuality should go here. (31985 topics)

Romance: Discuss dating, courtship, and romance in marriage. Ad Rate: 8,706.09/week (53.9% discount).

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Romance Section "Chat Central and Derailer's Paradise"...Welcome! (1) (2) (3) ... (98) (99) (100)
by DanceVille. 3218 posts & 12768 views. 11:41am (Ipledge)
Top 10 Nigerian Universities With The Hottest Babes (1) *
by mowah. 42 posts & 858 views. 3:16pm (caesaraba)
5 Things I Hate About Guys (1)
by nope. 38 posts & 712 views. 3:16pm (Xiadnat)
Reasons Why Most Guys Don't Want To Marry A Virgin Anymore (1) (2) (3) *
by BoiledPlantain. 98 posts & 16546 views. 3:16pm (ivyT)
Nairaland Special Election Giveaway
by Luedave. 10 posts & 44 views. 3:15pm (elantraceey)
Ladies:what Are The Attribute You Use In Choosing A Partner? (1)
by danbrowndmf. 37 posts & 148 views. 3:15pm (danbrowndmf)
As She Looks At The Menu, I Say A Silent Prayer
by GhostProtocol. 2 posts & 128 views. 3:14pm (GinaKing)
10 Sex Myths That Must Go
by Macuberry. 4 posts & 43 views. 3:13pm (Xiadnat)
Ireneony I Want To Be Your Maga, Let Me Be Your Lover. (1)
by GhostProtocol. 51 posts & 298 views. 3:11pm (rubey)
Top 10 Nigerian Universities With The Most Beautiful Ladies
by pressvibe. 1 post & 13 views. 3:10pm (pressvibe)
In Luv
by ugoezeik. 7 posts & 56 views. 3:09pm (vjsmiles)
Know Why Ladies Do Not Shave Their Private Part (1) (2) (3) (4)
by TK16. 157 posts & 14286 views. 3:07pm (Lentulus)
Married Woman Wants Me To Bear Her First Child (1) (2) (3) (4) *
by yawahappens. 155 posts & 19512 views. 3:07pm (CityNG)
THE BRO CODE (female Do Not Even Think About Opening This Topic) (1) (2)
by boynigeria. 68 posts & 2244 views. 3:06pm (scampy)
Polling Proposal (1)
by ggrin. 37 posts & 112 views. 3:05pm (vjsmiles)
Happy Birthday Marieola Sexiest Chic
by Lala247. 10 posts & 141 views. 3:04pm (kitnah)
PHOTO: Man Proposes To His Girlfriend At Polling Unit #nigeriadecides2015 (1) (2) *
by olokfor. 91 posts & 23707 views. 3:04pm (suptol)
Shy Men Make Better Lovers- Study
by zikclassiq. 3 posts & 58 views. 3:03pm (zikclassiq)
Ladies Are Dirtier Than Guys---know Why
by TK16. 17 posts & 234 views. 3:03pm (lordhugo)
When Guys Dont Give You A Chance To Decide If You Wanna Sleep With Them? (1) (2)
by onila. 86 posts & 1831 views. 2:58pm (Teempakguy)
Guys Dont Get It !! ( See What They Are Doing Smh Pictures ) (1)
by SpaceGoat. 38 posts & 2768 views. 2:57pm (Teempakguy)
People Say I Look Like Nicki Minaj (1) (2) (3) ... (5) (6) (7)
by ireneony. 226 posts & 3049 views. 2:56pm (kitnah)
Why Do Nigerian Men Think All Foreign Women Are Crazy About Them (1) (2) (3) ... (16) (17) (18)
by SemuhleB. 586 posts & 2817 views. 2:56pm (MduZA)
The Biggest Mistake In My Life The Concluding Part.... Must Read
by newmuzik. 3 posts & 41 views. 2:53pm (newmuzik)
Any Thing Wrong With This Pix?
by Demichaels. 12 posts & 196 views. 2:51pm (Blackett)
Pls Be Safe Loved Ones (1)
by Twaci. 58 posts & 166 views. 2:51pm (pbs4real)
The Biggest Mistake In My Life.... Must Read
by newmuzik. 28 posts & 852 views. 2:50pm (newmuzik)
My Boyfriend Is Misbehaving Since He Learnt i cant Live Without Him (1)
by bigyansh. 43 posts & 1199 views. 2:48pm (tameera)
Advice For Romance Nairalanders
by Gluthatione. 26 posts & 130 views. 2:47pm (Blackett)
Young And Pregnant
by Segibambo. 24 posts & 318 views. 2:46pm (Blackett)
Guys Please Answer This Question Honestly. (1)
by rokiatu. 33 posts & 385 views. 2:44pm (bqlekan)
Yeah....confused! (1)
by MzzTega. 53 posts & 351 views. 2:44pm (poik)
9 Obvious Signs You're In Love With A MAN, Not A Boy
by Chimarto. 4 posts & 102 views. 2:39pm (prettyjo)
Man Attempts To Commit Suicide Because He Was Forced To Marry An Ugly Bride
by olempe. 29 posts & 274 views. 2:38pm (olempe)
Nairaland Guys,how Sexy Do You Think Your Body Is? Share Your Pictures For Fun
by Nobody. 29 posts & 221 views. 2:38pm (firstEVA)
Her Fiance Is Seriously Complaining About Her Boobs (1) (2) (3) ... (6) (7) (8) *
by ojjp. 281 posts & 32409 views. 2:33pm (Teempakguy)
A Typical Guy's Rules For His Woman (1)
by Twaci. 38 posts & 508 views. 2:25pm (Minet16)
Plasea Adice A Cumfuse Brother (+18 Viewer Destitonal Pix Inside)
by cokacoola. 8 posts & 321 views. 2:24pm (Paulpaulpaul)
I Need Help
by Peniel20. 9 posts & 80 views. 2:18pm (dasanchez1)
12 Reasons Why Guys Like Shy Girls: Do You Agree? (1) (2)
by msmon. 72 posts & 6156 views. 2:17pm (Lentulus)
Disgusting Acts People Do To Gain Popularity On Nairaland (romance Section) (1) (2) (3) (4)
by wristwatch. 155 posts & 894 views. 2:17pm (Orijin101)
Over Controlling Parents
by sanchos. 2 posts & 39 views. 2:16pm (Blizzyblinkzy)
Your First Crush In Life (1) (2) (3)
by starlingleanets. 112 posts & 858 views. 2:13pm (elantraceey)
Here's The Real Reason Men Like Big Butts (1) (2) (3) ... (6) (7) (8) *
by Adesiji77. 275 posts & 53545 views. 2:13pm (prettythicksme)
Improve Your Dating Game Here.! See Inside. (1) (2) (3) ... (41) (42) (43) *
by xxxtedyxxx. 1379 posts & 57820 views. 2:12pm (iwatch)
3 Things You Should Do After Sex (1)
by lolaxavier. 60 posts & 2064 views. 2:11pm (crotonite)
Ladies What Qualities Do You Look Out For In A Man? (1) (2) (3) ... (6) (7) (8) *
by Martins301. 284 posts & 20677 views. 2:07pm (Rexhenrex)
My Parents Are On My Neck.
by williamspaul22. 9 posts & 131 views. 2:03pm (Blizzyblinkzy)
Upload Your Boo Pics Lets See Who Got It Natural (1) (2) (3) ... (6) (7) (8)
by starlingleanets. 263 posts & 3786 views. 1:56pm (Setaje)
My Girlfriend Gat The Best Figure (1)
by Emmafe. 38 posts & 1259 views. 1:55pm (wizard007)
Curvy Ladies Are Hotter And Lasts Longer In Bed...know Why
by TK16. 32 posts & 952 views. 1:55pm (sinaj)
The Rest Of The Image Will Make You Laugh Hard
by jaldesa. 7 posts & 457 views. 1:54pm (tare22)
Reason Why I Can't Date A Yahoo Guy (1)
by damseyl. 37 posts & 397 views. 1:50pm (alobam1)
A Short Sad Story Of Two Secret Admirers In Pics (1)
by Samwell247. 46 posts & 1460 views. 1:48pm (rsleeky)
I Really Like This Girl.
by kelvin100. 28 posts & 485 views. 1:39pm (Phikom)
Why Are Nigerian Men So Fugly*
by nope. 20 posts & 201 views. 1:37pm (damilareoye)
Pls Why Are Women Like This
by ashatoda. 5 posts & 129 views. 1:31pm (ashatoda)
With A Click, Help A Nairalander Win Prodigie IMAGE Recognition Awards - PIRA
by jonescyras. 4 posts & 45 views. 1:30pm (jonescyras)
Are You Faithful In Your Current Relationship? (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) *
by skydeep. 178 posts & 8946 views. 1:29pm (rsleeky)
How To Develop The Confidence To Woo Very Pretty Girls
by CharlesNneji1. 19 posts & 196 views. 1:28pm (Bola4boy)
Why Is That Only Few Nigerians Use Skype?
by MockinJay. 14 posts & 118 views. 1:21pm (Lala247)
Best Cleaning Services Provider In Lagos
by Eddygrate. 1 post & 16 views. 1:21pm (Eddygrate)
What Can You Say About This Picture (1) (2) (3) (4) *
by Islie. 138 posts & 24183 views. 1:20pm (Teempakguy)
How To Know When She Needs You On Her
by Entertainmentwd. 7 posts & 566 views. 1:19pm (williamspaul22)
I Can Catch Grenade For Her (1)
by ipleddge. 51 posts & 257 views. 1:14pm (apholaryn)

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