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Politics / Re: Former President And Wife Leave For Otuoke( Picture) by LeStylo: 5:31am

Get a Copy Of Punch and Sun Newspapers and see how they are falling over one another on whose Congratulatory messages will be more Dearing to Buhari!

Did you see Chief Arthur Eze answering questions at the inauguration? A man that said it was either Abacha or no Nigeria; then he did same for every other leader including gej. Only to abandon poor GEJ when he needed his best friends most! sad
Celebrities / Re: Photos: Nicki Minaj Sizzles For Cosmopolitan,say.”i Demand An Orgasm Every Time” by chybykee(m): 5:31am
Hmmm Orgasm...

So many Dudes are gonna give that to you Babe cheesy
Politics / Re: Reno Omokri Reacts To Former President Jonathan's Exit (see Tweets) by DomEl(m): 5:31am
Pls som1 should tell President Buhari that it's almost 10hours since he took over yet we don't have light in my area,shebi he promised us light??even the queue is still here in this filling station and d roads are still bad,what has he been doing in there since he was sworn in.. !

Na magic u wan him to do?
Politics / Re: Zahra And Yusuf Buhari Stuns As They Walk Hand In Hand by sassygal(f): 5:31am
Zahra is behind, not the lady with Yusuff
Politics / Re: Eberechi Suzzette Nyesom-wike's Official Portrait by funkybully: 5:30am
she's not Igbo. She's an ekpeye woman from rivers state

Eberechi is not igbo ? Anumpama!
Politics / Re: Biafra Day Celebration And Its Implications To Nigeria's Unity by raumdeuter: 5:30am
I thought they are declaring Biafra today ni
Romance / Re: After Introduction, Whose Responsibility Is It To Pay A Girl's School Fee? by DollyParton1(f): 5:30am
I agree but introduction doesn't mean she is your property yet.. so why treat her like ur property? The former part of ur lost made sense sha.. Just see thr rateof ppeople that didn't marry after introduction and that man will be too silly to still pay her school fees vecause of that. . He can do it willingly if he decides but not his resonsibility

Whether introduction, engagement, court wedding, church wedding or nikkah, a lady is no man's property. She is the wife.

I don't support the idea of doing introduction while the lady is still in school, except if they were gonna get married within a year or so. If not, chances are that the relationship will end up in the bin.

But traditionally I believe introduction is a significant part of the wedding ceremony, whats more important than the blessings of the parents from both sides.
That said, no parent should force the man to take up their responsibilities. The man should do it willingly.
Technology Market / Re: 500gig HDD For 6500 (internal And External) by lecky001: 5:30am
Good morning
Health / Re: How Videos Games Can Make You Smart by chybykee(m): 5:30am
Amma Keep Gaming, even when av got Kids

grin grin grin grin
Family / Re: Is A Separated Spouse Obligated To Care For Their Ill Partner? by greatgod2012(f): 5:29am
Separated over 10 years

If the sick partner is still concious, it's another thing, but no, he's not. So, why bother? Even, if she does it, she won't be appreciated, she might even be accussed of fast-tracking his death. It doesn't worth it. They both have moved on for a long time. Let it remain so, so that she won't be termed hypocrisy!
Sleeping dog should be left to lie please!
Personal opinion, please!
Politics / Re: Brainless Baba Buhari Put The Cart Before The Horse by VoteOutPDPJona: 5:29am
"Boko Haram is a mindless, godless group who are as far away from
Islam as one can think of. At the end of the hostilities when the
group is subdued the Government intends to commission a
sociological study to determine its origins, remote and immediate
causes of the movement, its sponsors,
the international connexions
to ensure that measures are taken to prevent a reccurrence of this
evil." Amir Mujaheedin Buhari, President of Nigeria and Commander in Chief of Boko Haram

I'm sorry to say this.... you're a cvnt!
Romance / Re: After Introduction, Whose Responsibility Is It To Pay A Girl's School Fee? by BlissB(f): 5:29am
Just introduction??...its stil d parents responsibility but u cn still give her money like u use 2
Politics / Re: Buhari First Blunder Why I Oppose Relocation Of Military Command-ifeduba by driand(m): 5:29am
President Muhammadu Buhari on Friday in Abuja directed the central command of the military to relocate to Maiduguri, Borno, to intensify the fight against Boko Haram insurgency.

Buhari, who gave the directive in his address after his inauguration, said it was impossible to achieve victory against the insurgents if the command continued to operate from Abuja.

He said that the command center would relocate and remain in Maiduguri until the insurgents were subdued.

No where in the History of world military History will the military central command be located right in the combat zone it is the height of unprofessional-ism which is about to force me to revisit the issue of Buhari certificate scandal. let us use the United state of America model as a case study .

Military Central command are non combatants they are not infantry units but expertise from various field of course


Central Command headquarters staff directorates include personnel, intelligence, operations, logistics, plans & policy, information systems, training & exercises, and resources, and other functions. The intelligence section is known as Joint Intelligence Center, Central Command, or JICCENT, which serves as a Joint Intelligence Center for the co-ordination of intelligence. Under the intelligence directorate, there are several divisions

In the United State the Central Military Command directs four "service component commands" and one subordinate unified command and no fighting units directly subordinate to it:

The United States Army Central (USARCENT), and the United States Air Forces Central Command (USAFCENT), both headquartered at Shaw Air Force Base in South Carolina, the U.S. Marine Forces Central Command (USMARCENT), headquartered at MacDill Air Force Base, Florida and the U.S. Naval Forces Central Command (USNAVCENT), headquartered at Naval Support Activity Bahrain in the Kingdom of Bahrain. MacDill Air Force Base also hosts a Sub-unified command called the Special Operations Command Central (USSOCCENT).

In 1983, U.S. Military Central Command was established to succeed the Rapid Deployment Joint Task Force, formed at MacDill AFB, Florida on 1 March 1980, to handle US national security interests in Southwest Asia, Central Asia and the Persian G

The USA Central Military Command main headquarters is located at MacDill Air Force Base, in Tampa, Florida. A forward headquarters was established in 2002 at Camp As Sayliyah in Doha, Qatar, which in 2009 transitioned to a forward headquarters at Al Udeid Air Base in Qatar to serve American strategic interests interest in the following countries as the Area of Responsibilty.

Area of Responsibility Countries for USA Central Military Command Located in Mac Dill Air force Base in Tampa Florida..

Saudi Arabia

Tactically its a great Blunder for Mr Buhari to relocated the Military Central command right into sambisa forest when he knew quite well that these people are non combatants they are not infantry soldiers and their area of responsibilty covers a wider area than just boko haram. they monitor , deploy and protect both Nigeria air land and water from both internal and external aggression.

Relocating Nigeria military Central Command to frontline war zone is the most senseless decision any president have ever taken and such action is capable of endangering Nigeria external security an outside force may invade the nation of Nigeria in time like these..

This wrong decision calls for us to revisit Buhari certificate scandal and how he come about his title of Major General when he is incapable of simple kindergarten Military Decision

Ifeduba ThankGod T ( political Analyst writes in from Anambra state)

Cc Lalasticlala this guy opened his account on 29 just to post this poo on nairaland and you gave it to him.
Travel / Re: 5 Nigerian Traditional Rulers You Should Meet When You Travel... by Aliyullahi: 5:29am
For me i rather meet my Obi keagborkuzi my young king.
he is a cute king and he's one of the two chancellor of mah school Unilorin
Politics / Re: Zahra And Yusuf Buhari Stuns As They Walk Hand In Hand by jorlons(m): 5:29am
Zahra is indeed a beauty, a cutie to behold. Yusuf is one tall handsome dude any girl will die for. I really need a fulani chic since Zahra is not within reach.
Religion / Re: Must Read!!why And How I Became A Satanist by philfearon(m): 5:29am

The Word of
God said, we are gods, their is God of gods who is The Light, whom all must worship. so man is not God but gods (for the spiritual ones)
This your God must be very foolish and lacks wisdom!
Technology Market / Re: Iphone 5s Gold For Sell 55k Lagos by Opeyemi5(m): 5:29am
Op is dis device still available
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Raging Battle Between Schlumberger And Geoservices by dreamerboy: 5:29am

Asinine ehh.

That move is always annoying.

Dem wan do am now wey job bo really dey so they Wnt have any union falling at dia back.

That's what we are fighting in my company too and I am yet to get my April salary.

Bosses are the messi we watch on tv

My brother, give most black men power and they will trample on their brothers and sisters.

In recent times, slb has retired a lot of workers from Geo services. The same slb is conducting interview and hiring new hands.

I can strongly say that these new guys will be working at Geo base.
Nairaland / General / Re: Photos: Mama Who Donated Her N1m Savings To Buhari Spotted At The Inauguration by Truckpusher(m): 5:29am
Lol!!! Am not fake bro. Am for real.
Na true o.

Are you one of these children of anger ? grin
Education / IMSU 2015/2016 Post UTME PRE-DEGREE Form Is On. School Contact 081-6248-8286 by ogundale15: 5:29am
IMSU 2015/2016 post UTME PRE-DEGREE form is on. School contact 081-6248-8286 to apply and for further information and registration guideline.. and for admission assistance....
Family / Re: Her Brother Slapped Their Mum Twice. Should She Arrest Him? by sassygal(f): 5:28am
@francababy, I sincerely doubt Oscar slapped his mother, she probably said that to get pity from the family. She was probably upset that he is taking sides with the girlfriend. I suggest the family get his side of the story.

Nigerian police won't arrest him because he supposedly slapped his mother, in as much as it is morally wrong, it is not a criminal offence. Even if you pay them to arrest him, he will simply bail himself out.

please advice your friend not to think of getting him arrested cos that will be a good reason to alienate him from the family. Also, I like the fact that you told the story of the girlfriend being the main instrument in his success, please recount that story to your friend, if she is reasonable, she would realise that lady is an ally not a foe.

Honestly though, why do some parents feel they have a say in a grown ass persons life? Such thinking is so archaic and annoying
Autos / Re: Beware Of This Guy....fake Clearing Agent by chybykee(m): 5:28am

Hmmmm, His eyes tho

like He's down on TM
Autos / How To Manage The Fleet By The Mobilephone Anytime Anywhere? by ONERGPS: 5:28am
How to manage the fleet by the mobilephone anytime anywhere?

Convinient fleet manage.
It is good for small fleet. All vehicles can be controled by APPS, no server, no GPRS cost. Everything of fleet can be shown to the owner.

You can visit our facebook site about this: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=679961522108941&l=523f91b3e8

Oner Electronics Technology Limited
Email: info@oneralarm.com info.oneralarm01@gmail.com
Web: www.oneralarm.com
-----Main product: GPS vehicle tracker |Fleet management solution| RFID/Bluetooth solution| | Alarms-----

Sports / Re: Flying Eagles of Nigeria Thread: U-20 World Cup (New Zealand 2015) by drpialabi: 5:28am
USA 1 vs Myanmar 1 @25 min

Tall (17th min for US) and Y N 00 (9th min for Myanmar)
Religion / Re: How To Conquer Barrenness/ Poverty Spiritually & Physically by blessedbeads(f): 5:28am
“Then Jael Heber's wife took a nail of the tent, and took an hammer in her hand, and went softly unto him, and smote the nail into his temples, and fastened it into the ground: for he was fast asleep and weary. So he died.”
(Judges 4: 21)

That is the Focal Scripture of Streams of Joy Devotional today.

When Jael got set to kill Sisera, she used a tent peg. A tent peg is used in holding a tent strong; it is dug into the ground; it is part of the foundation of a tent. Jael used something from the foundation of the tent as a weapon to kill Sisera. Something that made the tent strong was a weapon against the enemy.

Friend, whatever makes you strong is a potential weapon against the enemy. When you become stronger in faith, prayers and spiritual warfare, you are getting set to defeat the enemy. When God’s word strengthens you, it arms you to defeat the enemy; when being in the company of God’s people strengthens your faith and confidence, your next victory is loading.

Jael took from the foundation, and defeated the enemy. Anything that strengthens your foundation in God will make you too strong for the enemy. As you deepen your devotion and commitment to God, you will be a battle axe in the hands of the Lord, and you will thresh down the devices of the enemy. As your relationship with God gets stronger, you will become the nemesis of the enemy.

When Jael took that tent peg, it didn’t matter that Sisera was a warrior. The tent peg was enough to nail him. Some battles against you and some enemies of your destiny may seem stronger than you, but when you unleash the strength of God in you, they will have no answer.

Arise in strength, lay aside anything that depletes your strength, strengthen the areas of your life that are weak, and you will be an effective weapon against the enemy.

Prayer : Lord, make me strong, and strengthen my foundation, in Jesus’ name: Amen
Enjoy A Restful Saturday.
Sports / Re: Flying Eagles of Nigeria Thread: U-20 World Cup (New Zealand 2015) by blazetitov: 5:28am
Argentina 1 vs Panama 1 @ 23 mins

Correa (14th min for Arg) and Rodriguez (19th foe Pan)
Pls what channel is showing this match. E be lik say Dstv dey vex.
Politics / Re: Borno Governor Attacks Jonathan, Seeks Amnesty For Boko Haram by Chukwugekwu(m): 5:28am
Less i forget today is BIAFRAN day. ........
Nairaland / General / Re: Photos: Mama Who Donated Her N1m Savings To Buhari Spotted At The Inauguration by SeverusSnape(m): 5:27am
Accept change. Join the progressives and pray for a better Nigeria.
And how did you know I've not accepted it from my post?... Was it because I wanted to see more pictures?... Is it wrong to demand for more pictures
Business / Re: Buy And Sell Paypal And Perfect Money At 180/$ by nicewoody6: 5:27am
Presently the floor price for buying Perfect Money from Nigerian exchangers is N231 and the ceiling is N245. How is it possible that you are offering it for N180 per dollar?

Is this a mistake or something else?

Though I have enough and even for sale, I will not be tempted to buy from you. BB - 7C1B023F
Religion / Re: Photos: Pastor Wale Adefarasin’s Son Weds Former Minister Of Transport Daughter by chybykee(m): 5:27am
Good For Them?

In other news MB grin is now president

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