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Sports / Re: Sport Betting::::Free Daily 2+ Odds by colly22boy: 12:05am
Pls add me in your WhatsApp group
Phones / Re: Breath-taking Images From TECNOGRAM Awards by Marinza(m): 12:05am
there are gonna be alot of beautiful pictures in this event. as a picture lover i would def try out
Politics / Re: Make Una Biafra Ppl Come See O by mikolo80: 12:05am

Are you OK? You sound ill?
my point exactly.
foaming at the lips and yet wonder why you're kept at arm's length
Celebrities / Kanye's Office Was Broken Into And Robbed. by frankyrocks1(m): 12:05am
TMZ reports that Kanye’s creative studio located in Calabasas, California was broken into while he was away in London and his people fear it is an insider job. The burglary was discovered the next day and police arrived to discover a door had been forced open and $20000 worth of......... Continue reading at http://www.teenhubgh.com/breaking-newskanyes-office-is-broken-into-and-robbed/
Romance / Re: Hilarious Pics: Annoying Behavior Peculiar To Girls by VanBommel(m): 12:05am
take her out she'll come with her friends so you wont touch the forbidden fruit, but will be mad if you share her allocation between her friends
grin grin this is the part I like the most grin grin
Romance / Re: I'm Gradually Getting To The Presumed Date by dharay99: 12:05am
marriage ain't a Ludo qame mahn,
Take ur tym & move around, der is
sum1 meant f0r yoh if u do ds carefully...
Romance / Re: Dedicate A Quote To Your Ex(s) by mzhorlah(f): 12:05am
We meet to part and we part to meet
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Updated-New Job Vacancies by MoltenMagma(m): 12:05am

i did not attend but i refereed som one wo went, he actually said n i quote, that it seem it lagos state job for d position of environmental sanitation supervisor, dat d exercise is still on until tuesday after d public holiday.

Note dont let d position discourage tho !
Thanks for the info.

You mean successful candidates will follow the LAWMA trucks upandan? Or is there more to it?
Religion / Re: Christian Girl Burned Alive By Muslims Told Mother To Forgive Them As She Died by TruthHurts1(m): 12:05am
TruthHurts1 I made mention of many valuable points, please address them. There's nowhere in the bible that gives us the right shape of the earth, you made an attempt by quoting the "circle verse". My question to you is, did your geography teacher ever teach you that the earth is circle?

Don't derail the argument please, for your question above, read the full hadith and you'll get the picture. Prophet Muhammad(saw) was a human being and things happened to him like every other person, the wisdom behind it is that Allaah allows anything just to test his believers. Now answer my question!

#modified, I checked up after sending this post that you went to browse a list from antislamic sites. Why can't you deal with your bible first, the bible consists of blunders. Please deal with that first, wallahi I have answers for you and I won't give them to you until you admit the bible is a blunder grin

It's a little too late to be talking of derailing posts since you started it yourself. This post was to inform the world of the atrocities of Mudslims against others and I intend to keep things that way. But to humour you, and to further magnify your ignorance, the earth is not shaped like an egg. So read on as I lay your daftness bare for the whole world to behold:


The shape of the earth is an Oblate Spheroid. Look it up you poor i.d.i.o.t.

An ostrich egg is a prolate shape with conflicting dimensions, ratio and appearance to an oblate.
When viewed from one dimension, an oblate is circular in appearance. It is only upon closer examination that slight variations and measurements may be observed using the appropriate geological tools.

A prolate on the other hand tends to have a small end and a big end which is what an egg looks like. If the earth was truly an oblate as the Crookran states then the North Pole would be much smaller than the South Pole, but they are roughly the same size!

I searched everywhere to find out where “Science” confirmed that the Crookran was right about the shape of the earth but the only sources making this dubious claim are mudslims. NASA, The International Space Station (ISS), The Royal Geographical Society, The American Geographical Society…..zip, nothing to back up the Crookran.

So my advise is that you stop believing the fables of MUMUhaMAD who must have been under a spell when he wrote the gibberish you’re relying upon. At least MUMU had the excuse that someone was jazzing him. What excuse does Demmzy15 have for being a mudslim? Is he also under jazz like MUMU ha MAD?
Politics / Re: DSTV Issue Proves That Splitting Nigeria Is Foolish by freeze001(f): 12:05am


So what is all the foreign aid recorded as being received by this country? Grants for anti-retroviral medication, funding for malaria, records of the largest concentration of Africa's poorest, anti polio funding et al? What are they? Window dressing?
Phones / Re: Imose Mobile - Phones And Tablets Made In Nigeria by donpata: 12:05am
Another major win for us all!

We recently provided the mobile phones (as pictured) that were part of a grants' package by the Dangote Foundation.

If the Richest Man in Africa can trust us to deliver quality mobile phones, you should be thinking in that direction too.

‪#‎ImoseMobile‬ ~ quality that is affordable.
keep giving them scrap. told u abt the line on my screen but u answer not. Ive accepted fate though cos I can't spend 14k to and fro Lagos just to fix a tab. I've been jobbed. I know
Business / Re: Online Biz In Nigeria: Does It Really Exist? by wealth123: 12:05am
Thank God for those who responded. The train is still waiting for you. Your action today, will determine your financial prosperity tomorrow.

Send text/watssap to 08082083126. You will thank me later.
Romance / Re: When A Man Truly Loves A Woman. by Toks2008(m): 12:04am

You can also love a slave who does your bidding?

And if i try to decipher your notion here then i will say you need to work on yourself cos in this present world YOU DON'T USE SUCH WORDS[b]"SLAVE"[/b] to describe a fellow human being and YES i will love a slave that does my bidding over a recalcitrant arrogant wife who allows sophistication get into her head.
Education / Re: The medical students and aspirants thread by spotlessduke(m): 12:04am
pls I need an honest person to answer
is MBBS as hard as people paint it?
Celebrities / Re: Ella Mensah And Her Cleavage At City People Awards Happening Now by Awaja: 12:04am
You go hear am for that Maniple hand tonight olosho
Celebrities / Omg!!! Watch This Crazy Funny Video Captain America Vs Spider Man by prewty(f): 12:04am
Celebrities / Re: John Boyega Of Star Wars Visits Ibadan And Abeokuta by brayan(m): 12:04am
Make them no give am otumokpo oh...young lad making the nation proud abroad
Religion / Re: Joseph "Had Relations" With Mary, My Response by Sarassin: 12:04am
actually mathew doesnt indicate anything of the sort.
Then after three years I went up to Jerusalem to visit Cephas, and remained with him fifteen days.
But I saw none of the other apostles except James the Lord’s brother (Gal. 1:18-19).
Do you know a pius jew is forbidden from having relations from his wife who has a child that isnt his?? Actually it is more credible to believe marys perpetual virginity than the offspring story. It beccomes more interesting when no bible passage clearly support the offspring idea and the early church absolutely rejected it as an innovation d moment it was first propounded.

Quite simply I don’t agree with any of this. Matthew 13:55 amongst others, demonstrates clearly that Mary was not a perpetual virgin because Jesus had brothers. What is more, there is not a shred of evidence to prove that these were merely Joseph's children from a prior or later marriage.

I do not accept your claim that the Greek word for “brother” is not specific enough and could mean “cousin.” or other relatives, in these instances the Greek word adelphos can only mean brother. Your claim is predicated on the fact that in Aramaic, there is no word for “cousin,” so the word for “brother” was used instead.

But Greek does indeed have a word for "cousin," anepsios, which is used in Colossians 4:10 to describe the relationship between Barnabas and Mark. Paul, who wrote Colossians, and evidently knew the word for "cousin", did not apply it to James, the Lord's "brother", in Galatians 1:19. Matthew and Luke also wrote their gospels in Greek, and they definitely had a word for "cousin" at their disposal. They didn't use it because it would have been inaccurate, these were Jesus' real brothers.

But let’s assume that the word “cousin” had not been available to them, would they have used the word “brother” instead? not likely. OT writers did not fail to differentiate between brothers and relatives who were not brothers. For instance, Ezekiel 11:15 starts off with, "Son of man, your brothers, your relatives, your fellow exiles and the whole house of Israel..." In this verse a "relative" is distinguished from a "brother.”

The fact that Mary indulged in sex with her husband after Jesus was born does not in any way diminish from who she was, similarly the rush to deny Jesus any form of earthly comfort i.e familial sibling relationships is simply not right, he was afterall a first century Palestinian Jew!
Romance / Re: What Are The Disadvantages Of Dating/marrying A Man U Earn More Than? by mikolo80: 12:04am
Ladies earn more these days in Nigeria Because the older Men are always ready to render a hand to them. So if you know whats good for you better hurry and get married to that your Man cos.

agreed but not many couples don't seem to be able to handle it. all of a sudden women want to dominate while men start to resent this wives. even for Yankee higher earning women usually increases probability of divorce
Politics / Re: Soldier At Lagos-Ore Breaks Side Mirror Those Violating Vehicles To Clear Holdup by toprealman: 12:04am
Destroying people's side view mirror is not necessary or does he want dem have accidents because of no side view mirror?
when herdsmen earn a call up to the military..... my brother I can't fit shout.
Romance / Re: Should I Go Ahead With The Marriage After Seeing This? by Nazzyauri: 12:04am
Politics / Re: Pictures Of The Ten Niger Delta Avengers Members Arrested By The Army by miraclewonder(f): 12:04am
Hmmm........ watching in 3D. This story seems to be getting more interesting.
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Phones / Re: Camon C9 Leaked With Innovative Dual Front Camera With Dual Flash by SirLewis(m): 12:04am
May trailer JAM you if this account holder is different from the one you responded to....

Tis hard to accept being exposed as a fraud and a simpleton I know. But take your L like a champ. LOSER! Waiting for your reply, you can use your other accounts if you wish, maybe ibibiofirstlady? You're not even ashamed, posing as a female online. Chai!
Romance / Why Does My Boyfriend Always Ask Me If I Love Him? by mamagee3(f): 12:04am
Why does my boyfriend always doubt I love him and always asks me if I love him?
Sports / Re: Join The Winning Train__get Sure 102% Max Betting Odds dAily For Free by colly22boy: 12:03am
Pls brother add me 08063118452. Thank u
Celebrities / Re: Man Solicits For Endorsement For Comedienne Emmanuella by ilovetheline: 12:03am
Romance / Re: Hilarious Pics: Annoying Behavior Peculiar To Girls by AirSultan: 12:03am
honey u knw I don't play no mind games.. Am urs and urs alone *pecksHim
I roff u
love you too scatter..

which mail of yours is working?

could you pm me??
hmm, cutie pitudy??
Romance / Re: Do Old People Have Sex? When does Sexual Crave Seize? by ojibole1(m): 12:03am
I only know that for men it's till death b4 we stop craving sex
Art, Graphics & Video / Re: My Pencils Works by Sammycute(m): 12:03am
guys, what do you think?
Politics / Re: In One Year, Buhari Succeeded In Running Nigeria Aground – Fayose Blasts by 7lives: 12:03am
Kayode fayemi I paid #2.6b for workers salary,Mr Fayose
also said he paid #2.6b, how? see fact.
• Fayemi hired 708 board members. Fayose reduced them to
50. Fayemi had 429 SAs/SSAs, Fayose reduced them to 11.
Fayemi appointed 735 Ekiti people into the 16 LGS and LCDAs,
but Fayose reduced them to 80. Fayemi's cabinet had 43 members, but Fayose reduced them to 21.
Fayemi engaged 800 peace corps members with each earning
N20,000.00 per month while Fayose has none.
Fayemi hired 535 Ekiti people into EKSTMA, each taking
N25,000.00 per month, but Fayose reduced them to 35, while
in Paramedics, Fayemi engaged160 Ekiti people but Fayose has none.
Fayemi paid Senior Citizens (Owo Arugbo) totalling 19,627,
In Youth Volunteers Scheme, Fayemi hired 5,000 youths each
taking N10,000.00 monthly while Fayose has none. This is besides Fayose himself disclosing that he discovered
500 ghost workers during staff audit exercise and save 500
million from it.
All workers can confirm these figures in the office of the
Accountant General, Ministry of Finance and SSG's office.
The question is: how can you have this statistics and Ekiti workers believed for a long time that Fayose is paying the
same salary as Fayemi until they now realise that Fayose has
been duping them?
The truth is that what we have in Ekiti State is a rogue regime
that appears to hypnotIse Ekiti workers for a long time,
shutting their sense of reasoning before hunger forced them to
rediscover themselves again.
Does Fayose have money to pay workers with these facts?

If the rice wey Fayose gave these people don finish make Fayose give them another, EKITI KETE E PELE O, INU NI KOMBODU, IFUN LORAN, AGBE OLELE MA GBE IYAWO.
One lady who traveled to Ekiti state of recent told me this but i did not believe it so its true, when people too like awoof na so e dey be.
When hero of democracy like Femi Falana cannot win governorship election in Ekiti i knew something is wrong with these people, anyway Lagos don full space no dey, make una no even think of crossing over to Lagos for any odd job, if Fayose no get money or rice make una go farm abi land self no dey?, awon oni ijekuje.
Celebrities / Re: What Is Really The Catch About Dubai Wedding? by opeyemiieblog(m): 12:03am
seriously d guy above me nail it
Family / Re: How A Man Embarrassed His Wife In My Presence Today by jamex93: 12:03am

i thought so too. He should have chasticed the man after he got down. Sometimes we heed advices from strangers quicker than people we know.

Yes na

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