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Foreign Affairs / Re: Charles Antwi Tries To Kill Mahama, Ghanaian President (Photo) by damiloladuke1: 8:47pm
the picture is a joke

MY DIARY ON www.wenogetjob.com
Forum Games / Re: Tag And Ask by RedBenson(m): 8:47pm
Redbenson,I want to ask you a simple question and I want you to give me a straight forward answer
Are you gonna pull down that Ashawo thread
Yes or No..
I want to know if you are really serious about it or just bragging as usual....
Never brag about what you can't do ok?..that's gonna make you more foolish than we all thought..
Pls answer mγ question...I have something to do since you have been acting like a kid because a girl dump your sorry ass...you are even serving a ban too..
Everybody hates redbenson.... Hahahahaha

What less should've been expected from a mundane iddiot? Your stupidity is generational. It runs uninterruptedly in your linage. Your foolish self needs urgent intervention and rehabilitation, else you go worse than it's. Iddiotically foolish iddiotically.
Politics / Re: PHOTO: Pres. Buhari Appoints Head of Amnesty Programme For Ex militants by ugoezeik(m): 8:47pm
and mr lochas erect billboard for owerri as him shake obama hand ehhhh? issoryt
Pets / Re: How Can Dogs Be Dewormed Without Using Drugs by winetapper: 8:47pm

I dislike people like U that will come out and authouritatively say don't do this and that. Ok what are ur reasons? Have u tried it before? Before the advent of deworming tablets, how where thet surviving, lastly, what are the tablets even made of?
Open ur mind to learning new things, pick the ones u feel comfy with and ignore the rest
are you trying to say Tablets aint good or?.

Don't go through any manual or coconut oil or anything use proper deworming tablet cos we have different type of worms so if you want your dog to feel good and grow properly visit a vet and let them give your dog a proper deworming injection or if you wanna do self medication get a proper deworming tablet. I can't be giving names of different worms here.
Have you any good tablet that worked for you please doo share....
Autos / Re: Lexus Rx 330 by vikkyndu: 8:47pm
Pls diregard it so that you don't become a victim of fraudsters
Politics / Re: Gowon: Nigeria Is Better Off With Igbos - Vanguard by 9jii(m): 8:47pm
With or without?
Politics / Re: Only Buhari Is Clean In APC- PDP by efilefun(m): 8:47pm
Romance / Re: 4 Things Ladies Do That Will Be Creepy If Guys Do by XavierBlue(m): 8:47pm
Funny though... But still the Truth grin
Remember the Day a Friend of mine was sick and Couldn't See Properly so he Tried holding my hands for me To Lead him. I Felt Awkward throughout the Walk undecided and People just dey Look us one Kind eye.

Jobs/Vacancies / Re: FG: SURE-P Graduate Internship Scheme by NobleAky(m): 8:46pm
Men there are different things that one can be Alerted for! This time UBE alerted me that my ATM card is ready!

@NobleAky, when did your alert enter??....I am yet to get alert or has any other person in the house been paid too...?

Matured man be serious
Aleeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrtttt Finally
. Tell your employer to check your
timesheet history on his portal for the
months affected to see if your working
days and other information is
displayed,if not, that is the reason,it
did not also appear in surep PIU,and you will not be on pay roll for the month/s affected. I have earlier posted the reasons why interns stipends are delayed and solutions but only few interns followed up,only what is heard here complain,complain and complain.
Aleeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrtttt Finally
NYSC / Re: Prospective NYSC 2015 Batch B by Sinbad2(m): 8:46pm

Na waa, sey na all ladies on here u wan dey woe shocked shocked shocked. Guy u no dey see anytin on skirt shocked shocked shocked. If goat wear skirt u go woe d goat undecided undecided undecided

Na guy like u dey find fresher go 1200 lecture theater and fresh pdites go 1500 lecture theater grin grin grin

Abeg no ruin my reputation here na
Education / Re: Madonna University Builds Nigeria’s Longest/largest Exams Hall by NobleG1(m): 8:46pm
It won't stop them from chunking out illiterate graduates.
Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 8 by hayqinsbFX: 8:46pm
not contradicting we just have to understand as it is a rare case.

she has a valid TRV but its not meant for study, maybe some other reason.....conference, visit or business......Now she applied to study...

i think im right with her situation

Your statements are contradictory. How exactly did you obtain your valid TRV that will expire in 2018?
Romance / Re: Differences between Marriage Sex and Fornication/Adultery Sex by MrOlai: 8:46pm
A load of bullshxt! Someone pls tell me y d world must revolve round d bible. And to think that he got over 200 likes for this shxt! Smfh!!!! angry

You sound guilty!
Car Talk / Re: Car Gurus Pls Help!!! by GAZZUZZ(m): 8:46pm
[i]pls guys, there is this kia spotage[b](cant remember the model) my friend's company is about to auction. This car was in a very good shape the last tym I saw it(2013). Asking price is 800k. Pls advise me coz it's comin at a time wen I so much need a car/i][/b]

P.s: they r doing away with it coz they r bringing in new ones. And am leveraging on my friend's influence as a staff. Although he promised 2 help with a better bargain

Pls guys I need ur advice. Tnx

No pic. Price is high.
Politics / Re: Only Buhari Is Clean In APC- PDP by allanphash7(m): 8:46pm
Wailing wailers

Oro ode
Religion / Re: Why Criticism Of Religion Is Important In Contemporary Africa by johnydon22(m): 8:46pm
@ Johnydon22, you said I was naive, ignorant etc...

You said the ancient Greeks used the ingredients of the modern scientific method...and they knew that the earth was round.

I asked you to show me where the ancient Greeks ever proved scientifically that the earth was round.

You suddenly went silent.

Can we then agree that you're the one who speaks in ignorance and naivete?

Or you're still looking for the evidence?

I think you have a problem by not seeing where i replied you or maybe you pretended not to see it
Religion / Re: Please, Who Is God ? by menesheh(m): 8:46pm
God is an imagery mythical medium invented by ancient specie of primate called human in their search to unravel the puzzle of the universe.
Politics / Re: Only Buhari Is Clean In APC- PDP by dridowu: 8:46pm
Health / Re: Papilloma Deadly Virus Is A Virus Gotten From Kissing, Please Kiss Less Humans by IYANGBALI: 8:46pm

shocked angry angry angry
see as your eyes dey shake just because you see "ROD"na wa for you o
Politics / Re: Controversy As Alaafin Of Oyo Prays With Queens In Front Row At Prayer Ground by bashsani: 8:46pm
Thank God there's no discrimination in Christianity, the God of women is the God of men. Women should be allowed to pray where they want.
no wonder sex abuse is common in church
Travel / Re: QATAR And UAE GENERAL VISA ENQUIRIES PART 2 by DrDre1(m): 8:46pm
@drdre1 how have you been

longest time bro

how qatar now?
I've been fine sir. You? Things are fine here in Qatar except for the heat and humidity levels
Politics / Re: Only Buhari Is Clean In APC- PDP by GJames(m): 8:46pm
Business / Free Tutorial On How To Make Steady Income Weekly From Football Betting by nwalaocha50(m): 8:46pm
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Mean while, we are still waiting for more people to show up so that we can start together.
Politics / Re: Only Buhari Is Clean In APC- PDP by Mogidi: 8:46pm
Has Buhari returned the $2.8bil of 1984?
Sports / Imo Deputy Governor And The Daughter Of A Palm Wine Tapper by ogbonnayauche: 8:46pm

2015 maiden edition of Prince Eze Madumere Athletics Championship may have ended but leaving on its trail a story of a brave amazon who by all ramifications is a prospective world champion. That great heart is an Ikeduru born Athlete, Miss Chidinma Agu.
It was a standing ovation for the 15 year old senior secondary school form one student who against all odds became overall best in every heat of female category she participated. The old and young, students and non-students, traders and artisans, Civil Servants, government appointees and the Rescue Mission family in their large numbers among others were on their toes in appreciation of the Imo talents on the tracks. In that memorable event, even the sports indifferent spectators were voluntarily and involuntarily moved to stand in honour of Imo future track and field champions.
Prince Madumere, the man behind that commendable event was not left out as he stood at every ‘heat’ to catch a glimpse of power, maneuver speed and determination with which Miss Chidinma Aguand others took their flights to victory on tracks.

It was a breathtaking contest among the students. Each was seen pumping so much adrenaline with youthful energy as the muscles were stretched to the fullest with a focus. But the stunts of this Queen made the difference. In all these nature gifts, she refused to lose her innocence. She maintained her disarming appeal of unassuming, calculated, respectful and charismatic personality. Her gait could pass for an adorable Princess of the walk ways with an admirable carriage and right nuances.

The physique of Ikeduru born polished dark skinned budding athletes, Agu Chidinma, a student of Holy Rosary Model Secondary School, Amaimo in Ikeduru local government, could easily give her away for one of the Kenyan Queens of the track. Though she is only 15 but has the power of an established athlete with long years of training.
Asked what she would like to become in the future, she disappointed those who hastily concluded by her performance in the tracks. Chidinma emphatically said she would like to be a Medical Doctor. Another question was what becomes of this talent in the future? For Chidinma, talent on the track is only a gift from God, which is better managed as a hobby. She also believes that everyone is multi-talented. She said her first love has always been medical practice to enable her take care of her father who has suffered so much from sicknesses.
Now that the maiden edition of Prince Eze Madumere Athletics Championship (PEMAC) has come and gone, Ms. Chidinma remains one of the greatest revelations of that noble and patriotic effort. The probing media hounds also discovered that Chidinma Agu had participated in some National track and field events. She was discovered in 2013 and ever since she has remained on top of her game. She was at Kwara youth games where she came 4th. She participated in Abuja during the first National Youth games in December 2013 where she came 3rd. In the last open games for youth in Enugu state on 22nd of March, 2015, she came 1st 100 mters heat and 2nd in 200 meters.
Speaking to the writer, the last child and daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Agu of Ugiri clan in Amaimo, Ikeduru local government of Imo State revealed that she has not been training for obvious reason. I must commend Prince Eze Madumere, the Deputy Governor of Imo State for liaising with the Imo State Sports Council to raise the game and help expose these budding Queens and others who have shown so much hope for the State and the country at large.
Beyond Chidinma Agu, Chinemerem and other budding track and field stars, this singular effort of the Deputy Governor has reminded our games masters and physical and health education teachers of the need to buckle up. If one wants fame and the name of your schools the list of popular schools, this is an opportunity. Most of the institutions anywhere in the world consider sporting activities as a dependable tool to selling the pedigree of the schools. Little wonder most prestigious institutions give scholarships to high performing athletes.
Plato, Aristotle and others while proposing ideal education system towards building a virile and progressive State, sporting activities ought to be intricately married into school curriculum. In his Republic, sporting activities are woven into educational system where at the age of six, children would have begun to learn what he called the three Rs (Reading Writing and Counting). They are also to engage music and sporting activities. At eighteen, they begin to undergo physical and military training.
Deductively, it is imperative that the teachers and parents or guardians take this stage seriously for its future importance in the life of any individual and body conditioning. Sports play a major role as it concerns virtues like patience, perseverance and general discipline.
The gains of sporting activities are numerous. It is a strong tool for peace and to build cohesion and unity at both the community and National levels. With sporting activities, we build strong bodies with good defenses against deadly sicknesses like obesity, diabetes; reduces or burns dangerous cholesterols in our body. It helps us to build stamina to accomplish even greater task while engaging in productive work. Sporting activities reduces the rate of cardiac arrest and other heart related diseases.
Getting young people and children to grow of with the tradition of sports, it would only prevent any regrets over our lifestyle because they would have become their own teachers when managing their weight and body conditioning.
Sports are cultural universal. Sports are universal but differ in forms and kinds. While England could boast of the originator of football, Japan could boast of Judo, Karate, China could boast of their Kungfu, Nigeria can boast of Dambe, traditional wrestling in Igboland, the “Ichu Miri” meaning the fastest in water fetching and much more. This recently re-introduced by the First Lady of Imo State, Nneoma Nkechi Okorocha and many others she invented based on Igbo culture.
From the foregoing it could be deduced that sporting activities were meant to train the body for various purposes.
It was largely meant for military and economic purposes. It follows that sports as it were is an art, which is intricately interwoven with laid down plans for Nation building.
Today, people take up sporting activities as a career path. In truth, Sports have made more multi-millionaires in our world than any other vocation. The roll calls of those lavishly empowered by sports are in-exhaustive. In Nigeria, we have J-J Okocha, Kanu Nwankwo, Victor Ikpeba, Mikel Obi, Chioma Ajunwa, Chidi Imo Mary Onyali to mention but a few.
Football has dominated the sporting environment as track and field events have got so much less to be desired when a Country of over 180 million has so much talents wasting untapped.
It is therefore cheering that Prince Eze Madumere in appreciation of the unfortunate trend, resolved to fight the course through his Prince Eze Madumere Athletics Championship. He deserves all the encouragement and a pat on the back. With Prince Madumere’s wake-up call, the glory of our schools producing the best athletes in all events shall be returned.
Mr. Uche Lebechi and his company, Monarch and Co must be commended for their decision to follow the patriotic path by sponsoring the championship. They did not only spend their resources for logistics but also doled out cash prizes to the deserving athletes. Interestingly, they were also present to appreciate the fact that ‘Imo has got talents’.
In his submission, the Secretary General of Imo State Government, Sir Jude Ejiogu extolled Madumere’s bold step towards resuscitating a worthy productive tradition.
Speaking to newsmen, the number two citizens of Imo State, Prince Eze Madumere said it has always been his dream to contribute in this all important area of sports. In his speech, he also said that engaging youth in sporting activities will productively keep them away from juvenile delinquency, cultism and other social vices. It could be recalled that Prince Eze Madumere instituted his Prince Eze Madumere Unity Cup, which he used a tool to rally round the youth of Mbieri for the purposes of achieving peace. After twenty-years of that effort, he has remained consistent with that vision.

Politics / Re: Buhari Should Retire All Generals by dhevid(m): 8:46pm
So this post is a movie shey?
just trying to tell u,wen u wanna make a post u should make it brief and less cumbersome so its not boring to the reader
Any normal person would get tired of reading this post half way
Pets / Re: Who Has An Idea Of How Much A Month Old Alsatian Can Go For? by djdoxxx(m): 8:46pm

Let's see pics.
I Will Do That By Weekend, Any Idea Of What Puppies Love To Eat Most? And What Kinda Meal Makes Them Really Big And Healthy?
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Official Chelsea Fan Thread: CHAMPIONS OF ENGLAND ~ Pride Of London by mathys: 8:46pm

If na to dey dribble like headless chicken them Take dey become excellent player, bolasie sef na excellent player grin

Its funny how u guys rush in here to crucify hazard. The funny part is ,we were told here when angel maria arrived that hazard will be outshined and outperformed by same scummies like u.

As of today, ur angel is on is way to french league because he was a massive failure while hazard was heads and shoulders above him in the past season.

I know you hate to admit but fcvk it ,hazard is the next best thing since sliced bread.
Politics / Re: Only Buhari Is Clean In APC- PDP by Olucheye(m): 8:46pm
I don't believe...
But you know, he without sin should cast the first stone.

Celebrities / Re: Obama's Visit: Tight Skirt Loving Police Woman Releases New Pictures by Ucheosefoh(m): 8:46pm
Hungry blogger this pictures was taken last year why claiming that she release a new picture?
Celebrities / Re: Yemi Alade Steps Out Braless In Club After Winning MAMA (Photos) by cdaboss: 8:46pm
vanity sells
Politics / Re: Only Buhari Is Clean In APC- PDP by grin88(m): 8:46pm

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