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Education / Get N5000 Weekly 4 Online Advert On Fastlink Media by netegineer(m): 5:18pm
Ge N5000 weekly for advertising online, this is a life time oppurtunity.

Do you own a website or has the ability to advertise online?
If yes please this is for you.

Are you ready please send your...

lastly your payement details that will be use to send your payement,your balance increasement depend on the traffic you draw to th website. Your balance will be send to you every 24hrs.

Email to apply.

Egineer SALIHU ATTAH (P.R.O) fastlink media nigeria limited

Politics / Re: General Mohammadu Buhari Was The 2nd Target Of The Bomb Blast In Kaduna by TribalEAST: 5:18pm
Terror squad below
Politics / Re: General Mohammadu Buhari Was The 2nd Target Of The Bomb Blast In Kaduna by ganye1: 5:18pm
Senate should do the needful and approve that $1billion loan so that the bombs can stop.
Phone/Internet Market / Re: Uk Used Blackberry Fones Vry Neat Working P 4 Sale @ Vry Gud Prices by CashdownNG: 5:18pm
Need to sell an item and redeem it for cash immediately, just upload ur pics and get an offer immediately...

Cashdown Nigeria, the online pawnshop
Religion / Re: Atheists. Come In Let's Discuss. by mazaje1: 5:18pm

God back to what the definition of who God is, then come back..... Let me point you in the right direction, before you make a fool of yourself again.... God breathed into his nostrils and he became a living soul..... Living God breathed into a lifeless body.....

You have a video evidence for this or are you just regurgitating ancient hebrew mythology and fiction?. . .
Jobs/Vacancies / Sales And Relationship Manager by katchyevans: 5:17pm
Sales and Relationship Manager (Lagos)

Join an exciting, dynamic, high-growth environment where you will play a critical role in strengthening a worldclass brandd – working with a fun team of Internet, media and marketing professionals!

Your responsibilities will include:
- Identify sales prospects and contact these and other accounts as assigned
- Present and sell company products and services to existing and potential clients
- Manage client/customer accounts on a day to day basis to achieve revenue growth.
- Build and maintain the best possible relationship with existing and prospective clients.

- Attractive basic salary and commission
- Performance bonuses throughout the year
- Free health insurance plan
- Laptop + Internet
- Mobile phone + airtime
- Official car + driver

The ideal candidate for this role will have:
- 1 - 3 years sales /marketing experience
- An active, energetic and enthusiastic attitude to work
- Confident in using a PC, particularly competent in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and company systems.
- Ability to develop and deliver presentations.
- Strong interpersonal and communication skills.
- You must be resident in Lagos and have completed NYSC
- Female applicants only
Interested applicants should send their cvs only to with job title as subject.
Business / Re: Do It Yourself Importation Guide Free - Season 2 by abduldope(m): 5:17pm
Ladygeneral: order for me from china, uae, uk and usa through aliexpress, dhgate, cellularcountry, dubizzle, souq etc. Service. I charge 8$ per kg and u will receive ur goods in 6 working days with at custom fee of 300 naira. Just go to d above sites, browse and copy d link of ur desired product and send it to my mail and i wil place ur order immediately. Your goods will get to ur doorstep in 6 working days. Exchange rate is 162/$. Your goods will also be delivered to u anywhere u are in nigeria. Regards.[b][/b]
including EBay ?
Phones / Re: Do You Use MTN SME Data Share Service Purchased From Others? Please Read This!!! by luluosas(m): 5:17pm
Dieumerci: Thanks so much for this information.
You are welcome.
Sports / Don't Waste Your Sperm Anymore. Grab Your Instant Cash by easytueasy: 5:17pm
spermbank,is an initiative organization from the US.doctors to settle the issue of infertility in all regions in Africa, which is currently ongoing in Nigeria. and it's in need of young vibrant men for sperm donor, per donor worth #200,000 in giving cash. please note there must be in need of infections test at the fertility doctor mark for useful details. 08167032937

Education / Re: Oduduwa University Students Thread. by Obrizzy: 5:17pm

School fees 153k + Hostel 26k + Books 5k + Praticals 30k + Library 1k + Medicals 5k = 220k
tnks , I pray ma dad let's me go to dis skool sha
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: NLNG Ship Management Limited (NSML) Calling by Gozychuks: 5:17pm

Was this mail sent as Dear all? Any info on planning and manning officers?
It was sent as Dear all. I don't understand why it was addressed dat wat
Dating And Meet-up Zone / Re: *lanicky Chat Thread* Join My E Family On NL. by lanicky(f): 5:17pm
Liamm: i dont wnt u 2 get fat.

Lol...what if I get fat? tongue
Education / Re: University Of Ilorin 2014/2015 Admission Thread (undergraduates) by rkarang: 5:17pm
stoicism: Pls is any writing material allowed for rough works or....?

When you get in, just ask for it and will be given.
Politics / Re: Paypal Signs "Ten Of Thousands" Customers In Nigerian Launch by inteli: 5:17pm
Paypal, Please tell your "trusted partner" Jumai to return our nairalander's =N=69k. embarassedPaypal, Please tell your "trusted partner" Jumai to return our nairalander's =N=69k.
Autos / Selling A Clean Opel Vectra At A Very Cheap Price!!! by yemiuk: 5:17pm
A clean used 1995 opel vectra for sale.

Auto transmission
Clean body
Clean interior
Faulty ac need repair.
New tyres.
Casette player.
Asking price 350,000. The owner of d car is a lady.the car is very neat.
If you are interested call me on 08038787730.
Webmasters / Re: 7000+(14+ GB) Master Resell Rights Ebooks, Scripts, Software, Plr Articles by scriptlance: 5:17pm
highly recommended!!!!
Health / Re: Remedies For Excessive Sweating by sweatfree(m): 5:17pm
The human body system is composed of over four million
sweat glands, which produce a clear liquid called sweat. The
production of sweat can regulate the body’s temperature.
There are different factors that can cause you to sweat and
this may include warm temperatures, nervousness,
embarrassment, fear, and exercise.

Hyperhidrosis is a disorder marked by excessive
sweating. It usually begins at puberty or from childhood in many cases and affects the palms, soles,all over the body and armpits.
People who have hyperhidrosis produce greater amount of sweat even if the
temperature of the surroundings is cool.
Hyperhidrosis commonly occurs to individuals with ages of
25 to 64. But, there are also younger people that are
affected by this condition.

Researchers says that HYPERHIDROSIS can result to
interruptions of daily activities and some social disruptions .People with this excessive or hand sweating condition do not search for a treatment from doctors because most of them thought that there are no treatments that exist to minimize the amount of sweat produced by an individual.

Hyperhidrosis Causes
The main cause of this condition is actually the sweat glands that are overactive. There are basically 2
hyperhidrosis types and they are focal and generalized. Focal hyperhidrosis is called primary hyperhidrosis, which
occurs in the specific body part such as face, feet’s, soles, hands’ palms, and some areas. Genetics also played
a big role to some people who have focal hyperhidrosis. But, you must remember that this is not contagious like
others have thought about it.

Generalized hyperhidrosis, on the other hand, is called secondary hyperhidrosis. This is a type of hyperhidrosis, which excessive sweating does not only occurs on one part of the body, but all over the body. It’s often caused
by some medical conditions including infection, disorder, and chronic disease, which disrupts the natural level of
hormones in the body. Complications and Symptoms of Hyperhidrosis Individuals with hyperhidrosis experience excessive sweating. This may affect one’s body or some areas of the body like face and hands. Hyperhidrosis complications are not huge compared to other health issues, but
because it caused increased wetness on one’s face or hands, this may affect the social life of one person, which
can be depressing depending on how a person will deal with it. If you have a condition like this, then you need to read further


The Perspi Guard Maximum Strength Antiperspirant Treatment System (50ml) has been scientifically formulated to stop excessive sweat and problem odour and lasts for up to 5 days with only one application.

The Perspi Guard Maximum Strength Antiperspirant Treatment System (50ml) features a unique formula which has been developed by specialist Doctors and Pharmacologists after 10 years of study and research into clinical Hyperhidrosis, or as it is more commonly known, excessive sweating. An estimated 40% of
the World's population suffer with problematic sweating. The Perspi Guard Maximum Strength Antiperspirant Treatment System (50ml) has been clinically proven to provide on average 5 days complete protection from sweat and odour from a single application and can be safely used on normal skin types in many areas of the body such as the underarms, the feet, hands
and the torso.

The product has undergone extensive laboratory testing and has surpassed all dermatology, allergy, skin reaction and efficacy trials.
Features of the Perspi Guard Maximum Strength Antiperspirant Treatment System (50ml)

1.Unscented Strong and effective
2.Helps sufferers of Hyperhidrosis Provides outstanding value for money 3.Dermatologically tested and approved Suitable for use by male and female users Leaves no white marks on clothing once dry Ensures 100% protection when you need it the most One 50ml bottle will last over 6 months with regular use Ideal for big events such as weddings, parties, interviews and presentations

Instructions for use of the Perspi Guard Maximum Strength Antiperspirant Treatment System (50ml)

1. Simply apply the solution to the affected area last thing at night before retiring to bed, to clean, dry skin.
2. Spray 1-3 times onto area and allow to dry
3. When you wake in the morning, simply wash as normal - Perspi-Guard is not affected by normal washing. Use a scented body spray if you wish.
4. Apply one or twice a week to remain sweat and odour free

Ingredients in the Perspi Guard Maximum Strength Antiperspirant Treatment System (50ml)
Ethyl Alcohol, Aqua, Aluminium Chloride, Aluminium Chlorohydrate, Glycerin Alcloxa, Dimethicone Copolyol, Propylene Glycol and Triethyl Citrate.

This is the product that changed my life for good ,for the first time in my life since i was a child have not completely stopped sweating but the amount of sweat had drastically cut back by about
80% I am not really sure how often or how much a normal person sweats since I have suffered with this almost all my life so my percentage might be off by a little. I just want everyone to have a chance to get something as easy as a spray to help then change there lives. I never thought I would be comfortable hugging someone who didn’t know about my sweating disorder. Now I can raise my arms anytime I want to. I don’t even really need to use
the prescription strength deodorant in between ”spray days,” all I need is a light deodorant for smell because the spray leaves you odorless so you have to use a body spray or cheap deodorant just for a desired smell. Now that my sweating is no longer a persistent problem for me anymore does not mean I will leave the people still suffering in silence so if you are having problems with excessive sweating don’t be afraid to share your story your experiences to help someone else. Contact me if you need this life saver spray & I would be more than glad to msg back.100% money back guaranteed for the first week if it doesn't work.

If the above general measures and antiperspirant treatments do not work, your doctor may suggest that they refer you to see a dermatologist (a skin specialist). The specialist may suggest one of the following treatments.

This is a treatment that uses electrical stimulation. It is used mainly to treat sweating of the palms and/or soles. It can also be used to treat armpit sweating. It works well in most cases. Treatment involves putting the affected areas (usually hands and/or feet) into a small container filled with water. A small electrical current is then passed through the water from a special machine. It is not dangerous, but may cause some discomfort or a pins and needles feeling. The exact way this helps to treat sweating is not known. It may help to block the sweat glands in some way. You will usually need 3-4 treatment sessions per week. Each treatment session lasts 20-40 minutes. Most people see an improvement after 6-10 sessions. A maintenance treatment is then usually required once every 1-4 weeks to keep symptoms away. If the treatment does not work with tap water, a drug called glycopyrronium bromide is sometimes added to the water. This may improve the rate of success. However, iontophoresis does not work in every case. Also, some people develop side-effects from the treatment, such as a dry or sore mouth and throat, and dizziness, for up to 24 hours after each treatment episode. Until recently the downside to iontophoresis was that it required a trip to hospital for each treatment session. This can be time-consuming and impractical for some. However, modern machines are smaller and can now be bought for home use. So, if you find that this treatment works for you, you may wish to consider buying a machine to use at home. However, you should take advice from the specialist who recommended iontophoresis for you before you buy a machine. You should not have iontophoresis if you are pregnant, or have a metal implant (such as a pin to fix a fracture), or if you have a pacemaker.

This is an option that usually works well for armpit sweating. Treatment consists of many small injections just under the skin in the affected areas. The botulinum toxin stops the nerves in the skin that control the sweat glands from working. Botulinum toxin is not licensed to treat sweating of the palms and face. This is because there is a risk that the injections may stop some of the nearby small muscles of the hands or face from working. The downside of botulinum toxin is that the effect usually wears off after 4-12 months. Therefore, to keep working, the treatment needs repeating when the effect wears off. Some people get mild flu-like symptoms for a day or so after treatment. Also, the sites of the injections can be sore for a few days after treatment. Rarely, a severe allergic reaction can occur after an injection. It is also very expensive and not usually available on the NHS.

They block the effect of the nerves that stimulate the sweat glands For example, propantheline bromide. These medicines are not used very often. This is because the success of these medicines is variable. Also, side-effects commonly occur - for example, a dry mouth and blurred vision. However, for some people they work well and side-effects are minor.

SURGERY: An operation is an option for people who have not been helped much by other treatments, or if other treatments cause unacceptable side-effects or problems. For armpit sweating - an option is to remove the sweat glands in the armpit. There are various techniques. For example, one operation is to cut out the area of skin in the armpit that contains the sweat glands. This usually works to reduce sweating, but a number of people have had problems after this operation due to scarring and a loss of the full range of movement of the arm. A newer technique is to scrape the sweat glands from the underside of the skin through a small hole cut in the skin. This appears to give good results with less risk of complications. A recent innovation has been to use a laser to destroy the sweat glands in the armpit - laser sweat ablation (LSA). This may result in less scarring than other surgical techniques. For palm sweating - an option is to have an operation to cut some of the nerves that run down the side of the spinal cord. These nerves control the sweat glands in the hands. The operation is called a thoracoscopic sympathectomy. It is done by keyhole surgery, using a special telescope to locate the nerve, and then to cut the nerve. Most people are pleased with the result of the operation. However, a complication that often occurs following this operation is a compensatory increase in sweating in other parts of the body (such as in the chest or groin). This can be worse than the original problem in the hands. Because of this effect, a number of people who have this operation say that they regret having it done. Before you undergo surgery, you should have a full discussion with the surgeon. He or she will explain the pros and cons of the different surgical techniques, chance of success (usually high), and possible risks and complications. For example, as with any other type of surgery, there is a small risk from the anaesthetic. Also, wound infection and damage to other nearby structures, although uncommon, are other possible complications. Surgery is not usually done for sweating of the soles. Although cutting the nerves next to the spinal cord in the lower back region may cure the problem of sweating, there is a high risk of this also affecting intimate function.I wouldn't advice you go for this as the risk involve is higher & you know in Nigeria finding a specialist to do this is very rare.Message me today lets chat a way forward to your staying dry.
Best Regards
Sweatfree Team UK
Politics / Re: Attempt On Buhari's Life by oduastates: 5:17pm
The 200 snipers/assassins obj mentioned have finish their theory and are now doing their practicals.
Time to desert the sinking ship.
Technology Market / Re: Mini Rechargeable Multipurpose Fan by tador(m): 5:17pm
limited quantity available
Religion / Re: FLIGHT MH 17: Another Pointer To The Non-existence Of God . by Kay17: 5:17pm
But the Christians should try to understand the atheists here. Apart from the afterlife promises which aren't really guaranteed, what are the benefits of being a Christian on earth? Essentially God is a father figure that affords Christians a protection from the pains and sufferings of life. He ought to give joy to the Christian world.

But this airline disaster along with other disasters in the world isn't the best sign of protection. Christians were killed in the crash, leaving grieving Christian families. So Christians have to draw the line between the Christians and the unbelievers, because one must ask; is there any difference?!
Education / Re: Nairaland Genius Come In And Answer This Simple Questions. Photos by imarrpopson: 5:17pm
5 and 6
Politics / Re: Pictures Of The Pilot Who Died In The Bama Helicopter Crash by monsuru560: 5:17pm
Wolison: D tin Wey d pain b say this country no worth dying for....reasons:....the guy is not a Nigerian but a biafran
Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 5 by Amefrica(m): 5:17pm

Seems like u slept there oo or you waited for them to stamp and u like "do quick nd gimme back my passport"

Yes am on it, I hve paid thru wakanow. Am trying to reach their customer care to confirm that my payment has been received, cos I Transfered I did Not pay with teller.

LMAO! I was lurking around VFS since 10am refreshing my tracking page, I just entered when I saw "Your processed passport is ready for collection".. No time! grin

Good stuff! Which airline?
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Official Manchester United Fan Thread:''20 Times EPL Champion by afrodoc(m): 5:17pm
chrisley024: Vidal now, Strootman January

Makes sense.
Romance / Re: Ladies: How Many Men Do Approach You On A Daily Basis? by abolade62: 5:17pm
MissSlimbody: cheesy. Abeg Ooº°˚ ˚°ºoo
hehe madam dey fear?
Politics / Re: The Truth About Amaechi Monorail Project With Pictures by Nmeri17(m): 5:17pm
Wat dey showed u was dis (1st pics)
And didn't show you dis (2nd pics)

hahaha Dude u got them busted
Politics / Re: General Mohammadu Buhari Was The 2nd Target Of The Bomb Blast In Kaduna by suwailad(f): 5:17pm
this is damn serious!
Religion / Re: Atheists. Come In Let's Discuss. by TheBigUrban2: 5:17pm
BraveGuy: "When atheism is stripped of pompous proclamations and arrogant allegations, its Unclad soul is seen for what it really is: weak, illogical, unscientific, and worthless. Atheists blindly believe that, for example, life came from non-life. Rather than accept what scientific experimentation has repeatedly concluded over the past 200 years (that in nature life comes only from life and that of its own kind), atheists remain committed to a disproven theory. Man has never witnessed mindlessness bring forth intelligence. He’s never seen something come from nothing." - Eric Lyons

Eric Lyons is a cow
Phones / Re: Do You Use MTN SME Data Share Service Purchased From Others? Please Read This!!! by Dieumerci: 5:16pm
Thanks so much for this information.

1 Like

Phones / Re: Tecno M5 discussion thread by handelex(m): 5:16pm
Just got this phone and I want to join the whatsapp group.
Career / Re: Pbplus Oil And Gas by JOHNads: 5:16pm
Project Management Training:

Port-Harcourt Weekend Class: August 2nd, 3rd 9th and 10th

Venue: Eugene Plaza, Suite 216 Woji Road, Rumuogba, Port Harcourt.

Register Now!

At Sijison Training, Our Project Management training is delivered by certified and highly experienced trainers. Our PMP training covers all the areas you need to start running your own successful projects and provides an invaluable base upon which to build.

Modules Covered:
1.Project Management Overview
2.Key Concept.
3.Initiation Phase
4.Planning Phase
5.Monitoring and Control
6.Closing Out

What you will learn:
• Learn how to define project time lines and project task
• Learn the importance of project management
• You will be able to identify the five process group
• Learn about the nine knowledge areas as well as perform a project needs assessment
• How to write goals, requirement and deliverables of a project

The Training package includes:
• PMI Accredited Training Manual
• Exam prep books in soft copy format
• PMI Handbook
• Practice Question
• Certificate of Training
• Networking Opportunities.

Refreshment, Lunch, Tea and Snacks provided

Port-Harcourt Weekend Class: August 2nd, 3rd, 9th and 10th , 2014
Start/End Time: 12.00pm – 5.00pm

Training Venue: Eugene Plaza, Suite 216 Woji Road, Rumuogba, Port Harcourt.
Call +234– 8180-224477 or BBM Pin: 2224023F
Email: for more details....

Travel / Re: Taiwan Plane Crash Kills 47 People And Injures 11 by tuffgongjo(m): 5:16pm
With the way planes are crashing this year,I think in future I A̶̲̥̅♏ going to adopt Joseph stalin style(he flew just once in his life)$that of Dennis Bergkamp.

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