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Celebrities / Re: Cury Actress, Destiny Etiko Flashes Her Tigh In New Photo by IamHeWrites: 2:06am
Only one picture?no more pictures?

Some dude are not destined to blog but they are in it all because of money grin
Celebrities / Re: Daddy Freeze Calls Out Samklef For Antagonizing- Fans React by KehnnyCares(m): 2:06am
As in eeehn, I think say twitter bashing on the issues bad, until I go through the Comments on Instagram. One of those reasons people dey commit suicide.

Before you know now, Samchef or Na samclef will go and knack snipper for body grin grin grin grin[center][/center]
Properties / Re: Waiting For You To Get Yours And We wil Give You 1,500 Block To Start Next Month by Ayhomes(m): 2:06am
Few days to end the promo of buying 5 and get 1 free in ibeju lekki at 700k per plot
Business / Re: Follow Me To See How You Can Make Over 150k Weekly On This Product in 2018 by maxibrainz: 2:06am
Nairaland / General / Re: Top Nairalanders With Their Funny Memes by Daniel2060(m): 2:06am
IamJ ; a fresh dude that thinks he's loved by Nairaladies whereas they see him like this after what he did to Kashybaby

Health / Re: 6 Groups Of People Most Likely To Contract HIV In Nigeria by lebete3000: 2:06am
Nigerian ladies love military weddings grin

Really? shocked
Properties / Re: C Of O Land In Lagos From 2.5 To 8m Call +2349066815852 by Ayhomes(m): 2:06am
Few days to end the promo of buying 5 and get 1 free in ibeju lekki at 700k per plot
Politics / Re: Update on developments in Anambra state-photos by investnow2013: 2:05am

Celebrities / Re: Laura Ikeji Kanu Becomes PayPorte Brand Ambassador! by Pain: 2:05am

Crime / Re: "Dem Don Destroy Our House And Shops" - Nigerians Wey Dey For South Africa by Chauke: 2:05am
Nigerians wey dey stay for South Africa say the country people don destroy all their shops and house for Krugersdorp, near Johannesburg.

Ward Chairman for Nigerian Union, Cyril James, tell News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) say dem start the attack for 18 January after some South Africans claim say one Nigerian kidnap and rape one girl.

Im talk say plenty Nigerians wound for the attack and many of dem don run comot house because the people dey plan to come back again.

Mr James come beg the Nigerian mission make dem help before dem kill dem for there.
source: http://www.finalgist.com/blog/dem-don-destroy-our-house-and-shops-nigerian-wey-dey-south-africa

The pics used here unrelated to the current story.
Properties / Re: Sunyland Courts Estate Ibeju Lekki Lagos With C Of O At Promo Price Of 5m by Ayhomes(m): 2:05am
Few days to end the promo of buying 5 and get 1 free in ibeju lekki at 700k per plot
Politics / Re: Factional ‘fresh PDP’ Collapses, Fuse Into PDP by seguno2: 2:05am
Make una sha produce better person to unseat this Daura cowboy.

Why are you saying “una”?
Who is stopping you from doing anything for producing a better person
Food / Re: Cook In Your Kitchen, Take Pictures And Post It Here. SIMPLE! by Bollinger(m): 2:04am
will do.

My condolences on your ihop situation cheesy

Funny. cheesy
Properties / Re: Walton Gate Estate 2mins From Lagos Buisness School Sangotedo Ajah @13m Video by Ayhomes(m): 2:04am
Few days to end the promo of buying 5 and get 1 free in ibeju lekki at 700k per plot
Properties / Re: Christal Villa Gold Ibeju Lekki Buy 5 Plots And Get 1 Plot Free(video) by Ayhomes(m): 2:04am
Few days to end the promo of buying 5 and get 1 free in ibeju lekki at 700k per plot
Celebrities / Re: Olamide Should Be Arrested by IamHeWrites: 2:03am
Go and arrest him na ode
Literature / Re: The Other Side Written By Onyeneke Abel by Abelosas222(m): 2:03am
The other side
Chapter 16
Day 15

It was the first time in forever; the impossible was about the happen, the living and the dead, in a duel.
Siera and been tossed to the far end of the apartment, thrown over the dinning table to land with a loud thud.
Jack was going to leap in shock but Julie was by his side to sooth him.
"It's ok Jack, go back to sleep, I'm trying to squash an insect"
He believed her and soon he was off again.
"Julie! You bastard!"
Siera fumed in wrath, she had successfully screwed through her bag to find the whip, there is no way she would miss this time.
"Come out here if you've got the guts!"
Julie hissed and took off to stand before Siera.
Quickly she lashed the whip but Julie was quick to teleport before it got to her.
Siera laughed wickedly now, she felt in charge and called out to Julie
"Come out here you bastard!"
"Siera, I loved you more than myself"
Julie was nowhere visible but her voice reverberated in the apartment.
Siera stood looking around nervously.
"And you threw it at my face, you murdered me Siera, what did I ever do to you?"
The sudden breeze that washed over Siera made her shiver in fear and she trembled even more.
"Come out come out you bitch!"
Her voice seems to progress to an higher volume, she tightened her hands on her whip.
"You are dead bitch, so stay dead!"
There was silence, and for a moment Siera was beginning to think she had spurned Julie for good.
But then a sudden rush of wind picked Siera off the ground and smashed her against the wall with force...
She winced in pain and Julie was there to tame her.
"Oh don't scream now love, I'm not going to kill you yet...I'm only going to break every bone in your body, bit by bit..."
Siera tightened grip on the whip tried to fling it at Julie but her hands were weak now. She coughed from the backache she felt and sprout out blood.
She muttered but Julie wasn't done, she couldn't touch the whip, but she was going to make sure Siera had no hands to touch them either.
She picked Siera up and held her against the Ceilings, twisting the joints that held her hands together... Siera screamed in pain and pleaded but Julie wouldn't listen.
"The reason you had me the first time was because I still had a soft spot for you...but now, now I just wanna see you bleed"
She turned Siera upside down and took hold of the joints holding her legs together.
"You won't be walking for a long time Siera"
She muttered and loosed her joints with a twist.
"Arrrgghhhh! Julie please"
Julie was getting the thrill now, she got a long cane she had in store and laid Siera on her stomach.
"What happens to stupid kids?"
Siera's tears were an hindrance to give an answer.
"Sorry sorry, they get punished"
Julie wasn't satisfied with her answer, she contemplated for a while before she shook her head in disagreement.
"Nah, they get flogged!"
With that she thrashed Siera's butt till she was certain Siera won't be able to sit for a long time...
Now that she Siera could barely talk, Julie helped in the transportation bill.
She took hold of Siera and appeared in her office at Prada designers.
"There Siera, you owe me, and don't think I wouldn't kill you, just that the gatekeeper wouldn't let me"
She watched Siera wince in pain, blood dripping from both her nose and mouth, swollen face and ass. A sudden feeling of little satisfaction beamed her face and before she turned to go, she didn't fail to wish the best.
"Get well soon, dear Siera"
Jack was up now and Julie was nowhere visible. He could see the drops of blood that littered the floor, a sudden rush of fear gripped him but he composed himself.
He got a mop and attempted to clean off the blood when Julie showed up.
She called with a smile.
He stopped to see her smiling at him.
"Julie what happened here?"
He was direct with the question but it didn't stop her from smiling still.
"Let's just say I saved you from..."
Julie paused when she noticed the gun beside the cushion...
"Oh hold on, she left her property"
"You mean Siera?"
Jack asked but Julie was off again. He spotted the whip on the dinning table, the chairs dissipated, the flower vase that stood on his centre table was broken...he didn't need a soothsayer to tell him another battle had transpired.
Julie was back and he felt it.
"You know my apartment has been the wrestling ring for you ghosts"
He said as Julie took charge and restored the apartment to glimmer.
"Where is Siera?"
He didn't know if he should ask, but he had to.
The smirk on Julie's face connoted one thing, Siera was in a bad shape.
"You killed her?"
"Nah, Bernice wouldn't let me...I flogged her, as forewarning, she'll stay away from you now"
Jack was quiet for a while, they both had a lot to say but both didn't know the best way to start up the discussion.
"Thank you, thank you for saving my life"
Julie was quick to Interject.
"Why did you say it?"
"Say what?"
"Why did you say those words..."
Julie was not getting his point.
"What words?"
"Why did you say you love me?"
He was staring at her intently. She stuttered and felt her eyes grow dim from staring at one position.
Favour appeared and Julie was so glad for the interruption.
"Nice Job dealing with Siera, I'm guessing you think she is half dead by now"
Favour was straight to the point, just that Jack wasn't happy with the interruption.
"You again"
He muttered but Favour wasn't paying attention to him.
"What if I told you Siera is fine, she has no scratch on her"
Julie shook her head in disbelief.
"That's impossible, I even have the whip now"
"Really? Where is it?"
A frown appeared on Julie's face, a minute back, she was sure the whip was on the dinning table, but now, it was gone.
"Listen Julie, don't fold your hands like you've won, not when you are dealing with the gatekeeper...you'll need Jack's help"
Favour turned to Jack now who was obviously trying to fit into the scene.
"Oh finally she realise that I'm actually recognizable"
Favour was not interested in his sense of humour. She made a hit on the point.
"Jack it's time you know who your real parents are and take charge of Prada designers"
She paused to leave Jack stunned with questions and then turned to Julie.
"Guard up girl, the battle is far from over"
©onyeneke Abel .January 2018 all rights reserved.
The other side
What happens next?
Drop your comments below!�
Fashion / Re: Where Can I Buy These Leather Jackets In Lagos by Macsjebs: 2:03am
lagos island, u would get it around mandilas
Crime / Re: Lawyer, Onyemobi Ochiagha Chucks Rapes 17-year-old Girl In His House, Arrested by Nowenuse: 2:03am
she is NOT hausa.

AnanseK made the mistake. She is not Hausa but still a northerner though (from southern kaduna). If it was vice versa, watch how Igbo folks here would have insulted and ridiculed all northerners here today, (hausa or not).

Well, I thank God that the person standing and fighting for the poor girl is also an Igbo man. This tells us that evil knows no tribe, likewise good too. God bless the good samaritan and I hope the innocent underaged girl gets justice.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: The Best Way To Get Pay When You Post Things Online by Wilson5183: 2:03am
Webmasters / 11 Tested Marketing Strategies For Outstanding Business Growth by martfrank(m): 2:03am
Starting and growing a business is not for the faint-hearted. You need to get a good idea, an idea that has been tested and verified, discover a profitable niche and research your target audience. Whether you are selling your products or offering a service, Getting the word out about your products/services is becoming more difficult and time-consuming. Without carefully planned marketing strategies staying in business and making profit becomes unattainable.

So are you looking for ways to rapidly grow your business this year? Want to know the marketing techniques that can help you generate new customers, retain old customers?

Here are 11 Types of Marketing Strategies that will boost your business growth.

1. Blogging

If you don’t own a blog, you need to start one immediately. You don’t have to own a website or a blogging platform to write your blog, Use platforms like Quora to answer questions, Medium to post contents or better still take advantage of Linkedin publishing platform to write insightful and fresh contents. Leverage on the power of these high authority websites to increase your reach and build your brand.

2. Social Media

You obviously cannot ignore social media in this digital age, Adding social media connections in your marketing strategy arsenal will only benefit your business. It allows you to target your audience more effectively, expand your target audience and brings in new leads, allows instantaneous feedback from customers, Increases website traffic, search ranking, develops customer service relations and loyalty.

3. Video Tutorials

Creating video tutorials is one of the most effective marketing strategies and means of getting your business the needed exposure. It is one of the most marketing strategies for new products, you can offer Step-by-step tutorials, walk through and How-Tos. Solving customer problems with video tutorials will helps demonstrate expertise in your niche, creates a community for your products/services and increase brand loyalty.

4. Search Engine Optimization

SEO can be overwhelming at the onset, there’s no shortcut to success in SEO. But with constant research, analysis and optimizations you will succeed. A careful planned search engine optimization will increase your website trust hence, help your business grow and meet your business objectives.

5. Build A Powerful Lead Magnet

If you want to generate leads online, then your business needs a lead magnet. Lead magnets are one of the best ways to get more email subscribers. Lead magnets can come in form of a piece of digital, downloadable content, such as a free PDF checklist, report, eBook, whitepaper, video, etc. Build a Powerful lead magnet that solves a real problem, promises a free bonus, that is very valuable, super-specific and easily digestible.

6. Linkedin

LinkedIn is important to your business growth because it’s a dedicated business network. According to Statista.com, towards the end of 2016, there were more than 467 million users on LinkedIn, all with the common goal: to connect on a deep, professional level. As a Nigerian business owner you can leverage the growing audience and increase your sales lead by;

- Setting up a LinkedIn Company Page.
- Enhance Your Profile For Search by integrating keywords related to your industry in your profile.
- Grow your network by finding highly targeted customers and connections.
- Promote your business with LinkedIn Groups.

7. Influencer Marketing

The idea of influencer in marketing is to have people who are influential online spread the message about your business for you. It can be in the form of Social Media posts, endorsements, blogger reviews and various other forms of content. Do you know that 62% of consumers are likely to make a purchase if someone they follow on Social Media recommends a product, and Did you know that 92% of consumers have made a purchase after reading about a product on their favourite blog? Influencer marketing is powerful in that it gives you a wider reach, boosts your SEO, Enhances social media presence, Builds customer loyalty and many more. It is a Fundamental Marketing Strategy for your Nigerian Brand. Add this to your Marketing Strategies arsenal and watch your business soar.

8. Facebook Ads with Re-Targeting

Facebook Ads is one of the most effective ways of selling your products or services. You can reach a specific audience with accurate audience targeting, you target by age, interests, location, relationship status etc. But the catch of getting conversion is by re-targeting with Facebook pixel. Pixel tracks every user that comes into your site and you can take advantage of that to build a custom audience. Use Pixels effectively and your conversion will shoot up.

9. Affiliate Program

Most Nigerians don’t understand the power of affiliate marketing as a marketing strategy. Affiliates can provide a good stimulus for growth and expansion. But approaching the right partners is not always easy. You need to have good conversion if you want the bigger affiliate to take you seriously. Anyways you can start building an affiliate program and start reaching out to potential affiliate who can help your business grow. There are many ways to build a successful Affiliate Marketing Program so you don’t get burnt.

10. Email Marketing

Email outreach is one big business growth tool that delivers maximum ROI, you can’t beat the potential of email marketing. While social media marketing might seem more exciting and trendy, email outreach continues to drive results consistently. Statistics offered by eMarketer highlighted that 86% of marketers surveyed listed email marketing as their most effective tool for customer retention.

11. Finally, Don’t forget about existing customers.

We all know that it is important to source for and get new customers for your products/services to make the business sustainable. But, don’t neglect the customers you already have, they play a very important role to the success of your business. As Belle Beth Cooper notes on the Buffer Blog, you could use the “upside-down funnel” approach. This could include making customers feel like they’re part of the business, part of an exclusive club, giving them something extra, and making them feel like VIPs.

What other marketing strategies are you employing in your business for growth?

Source: https://acecubez.com/marketing-strategies-business-growth/
Crime / Re: "Dem Don Destroy Our House And Shops" - Nigerians Wey Dey For South Africa by Chauke: 2:03am
Just come back home pls....i know it aint easy to start afresh but your life is more important than anything in this wicked world
Bia bikonu.. a word is enuf for a wise

The pics used here are unrelated to the current story.
Politics / Re: Factional ‘fresh PDP’ Collapses, Fuse Into PDP by seguno2: 2:03am
i Am earnestly waiting for the time that my dear country men will surprise PDP and APC by not voting either of them but a New Candidate entirely.

i guess we have been charmed by the cabals of this parties.

Why did you allow your fellow human beings to charm you?
Is that a sign of your weakness or what
Investment / Re: Scam Alert! (Whatsapp) by CanineInvestor(m): 2:03am

victim already contacted me, so no worries either way

okay. "working on it" should be better off giving away the next move on the platform
Properties / Re: Investors Needed To Acquire This Cheap Land(urgent) by COFOLAND(m): 2:02am
2 acres gone today, what are you waiting for
Literature / Re: The Other Side Written By Onyeneke Abel by Abelosas222(m): 2:02am
u skipped chapter 14
Properties / Re: BUY 1PLOT AND GET 1,500 blocks ,Its buy and build no story, {video) by COFOLAND(m): 2:01am
Few days to end the promo of buying 5 and get 1 free in ibeju lekki at 700k per plot
Politics / Re: World Cattle Inventory- USDA (Pics) by chukxie(m): 2:01am
Ranching is the best solution to this Fulani herdsmen brouhaha. Since cow herding is a private business, why can't the owners of such business purchase land for ranching? Is that such a difficult thing to do? China has lots and lots of cow but I've NEVER EVER seeing them being grazed openly. Dairy and meat processing companies all have ranches. Just recently in Ghana, a commissioner of police there told the officers under him to shot and kill any cow they found grazing openly. The Fulanis were seeing on video pleading for time to enable them move their herds of cattle elsewhere. Why must everything in Nigeria be different?
Romance / Photos: Tboss Stylishly Begs For Fashion Items On The Internet by WNRealm: 2:01am

Former Big Brother Naija housemate, Tokunbo Idowu popularly known and referred to as Tboss has shown her fans how to beg on the internet and still maintain your classy and dignity!

Tboss who became popular during the BBN show when she showed her full boobs to the world on screen, made her intention known about ho she would love to have some of the classiest fashion items owned by some of the most fashionable and best dressed ladies in Africa.


In her Instagram story, TBoss stylishly declares her desire to teleport herself into the closets of OAP Toke Makinwa, Actress Rita Dominic and South African Media person Bonang! And also go from there to her normal business of travelling round the world, which is obvious she has been doing ever since she left the Big Brother Naija house.

She also desires to teleport herself to see her mum and then give her a huge hug.

Tboss stylishly begs for fashion items on the Internet lailasnewsNote that the three ladies are not just classy but they are considered to be among the most fashionable with closets to die for!
It could have easily been considered a joke, but we all can conclude Tboss actually meant business as she not only mentioned their name, she also went as far as tagging them in the post by mentioning their handle. This will surely sent a notification to them, and if she is lucky he might get an invite.

Tboss also mentioned that whatever she takes would be hers as she has no plans of returning them.

Now this is how to beg and retain your dignity… she says:


“If I could teleport myself anywhere this afternoon, it would be straight into Bonang-M, Toke Makinwa and Rita Dominic’c closets help myself to all them goodies and then go about my business and travel around the world… I might oright not bring back your stuff, so sorry in advance! “
Hopefully, one or all of the three celebs will invite her for the closet raid

Investment / Re: Scam Alert! (Whatsapp) by williams969(m): 2:01am

Good, what's the victim's contact that you provided?
& can u please modify the post to, "working on it....... "

victim already contacted me, so no worries either way
Properties / Re: Few Plots Remaning,BUY 1PLOT AND GET 1,500 blocks With C Of O (video) by COFOLAND(m): 2:01am
Few days to end the promo of buying 5 and get 1 free in ibeju lekki at 700k per plot
Romance / Re: A Fling In A Bus With A Voluptuous Lady by nuggarito: 2:00am
This kind of fantasy ehh.

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