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Computer Market / Re: Pix!!Frosh!!landing Hot Original Xiaomi Power Banks(laptops And Phones) by noobody(m): 11:35am
Still fresh

Foreign Affairs / Re: African Militaries/ Security Services Strictly Photos Only And Videos Thread by frumentius: 11:35am
this new Egypt vs Ethiopia muscle flexing who would take the day?

for me I giv it to Egypt cause both Russia and China can't back Ethiopia over Egypt cause of what they stand to loss

Except there's nothing new about it, if you've been paying attention. grin grin grin
Religion / Tithes,buildings And Offerings:the Church Is Now 500 Years Backward --- Opinion by hatchy: 11:35am

Here is the story, and why I think the Church is back to where it was before the Martin Luther Reformation exactly 500 years ago.

1. Before 1517, everyone belonged to the Roman Catholic Church which was the official religion, with the Pope as the head. The Pope had the final say on all issues concerning religion.

2. Pope Leo X wanted to build a fanciful Church building called St. Peters Basilica in Rome. The building was going to cost him so much. Hence, he decided to raise money from the sale of purgatory.

3. Purgatory was invented by the Catholic Pope during the Crusades in order to get more men into the army. The pope claimed he could buy souls back from hell. His soldiers believed him and the practice continued.

4.The manipulation of the people through the sale of purgatory(Offering God money in order to get God's favor) infuriated Martin Luther. The same idea of purgatory was why mandatory tithes and offerings got established in the early Church.
'God gets excited at the sound of coins in the offering plate'.

5. On Oct. 31st, 1517, a Roman Catholic Monk named Martin Luther posted 95 Theses on the door of the Church claiming salvation was by faith alone, among others. He claimed the Pope had no power to forgive sins or collect purgatory.
His 5 pillars were, 1) sola fide( faith alone), 2) sola scriptura (by scriptures alone), 3) solus Christus (through Christ alone), 4)sola gratia (by grace alone), 5)soli deo gloria (for God's glory alone).

6. The posting of the theses happened at the early beginnings of the invention of the print media, just like today's internet. Within weeks, Luther's theses was widespread all over Germany, and all over Europe within months.

7. Before that, nobody had challenged the authority of the Church or Pope and lived. The Church had killed all scientists, historians or anyone who had a contrary view to the Pope. Often burning them publicly or beheading them.

8. Hence, the posting of the Theses was like Martin Luther posting his own death notice.
Ever heard the story of David and Goliath? The Pope was Goliath, Martin Luther was not even a David, he was a worm. The Pope could crush him easily. Somehow, the Pope was not able to. He referred to Luther as a wild boar. Luther often referred to the Pope as a 'lustful dog'.

9. Martin Luther was summoned by the council of Church and State to recant his writings. He declared he wouldn't as he was prepared to die for what his conscience believed.

10. Meanwhile, he remained in the Roman Catholic Church as starting another form of Christianity was not his goal. Luther's mission was to reform the Roman Catholic Church.

11. The Pope declared Luther a non-grata, meaning whoever killed him was doing God a favor. His life was put at risk.

12. Martin Luther was then kidnapped by close friends and hidden in a castle. His physical form was disguised for fear that he would be killed. He had already become so popular in Europe through his writings.

13. While hidden away and in Isolation, he translated the entire Bible for the first time into German from Latin, giving everyone access to the Bible for the first time. From German, it was then translated into other languages.

14. Before Luther's Bible, the Bible had only existed in Greek and Latin which only Priests had access to. You could be killed if found with a copy of the Bible. This gave the Priests so much power, similar to today's Priests and Pastors.

15. As more people read the Bible for themselves, revolts broke out all over Europe as people saw how the Church had taken advantage of them over many years. The Pope lost so much power and the Roman Catholic Church became irrelevant. Luther called out the Popes, Bishops, and princes without mincing words, often challenging them to public debates.

16. Because everyone now had the Bible, different sections began to break out of the Catholic Church every man claiming his own revelation. There were the Lutherans, Calvinists, Puritans, Unitarians, Anglicans, and many more. The differences between them are so slight and insignificant.

17. Each of these grew so much in power, became capitalists and began to practice in new forms and with new languages, exactly what the Catholic Church was doing that led to the break out of the reformation in the first place.

18. Denominationalism then became Capitalism. Churches became more about big and beautiful buildings, selling cajoles to people in exchange for money in order to fund the lavish lifestyles.

19. 500 years after, we are back to where it all began. We are practicing that old form of Catholicism. The church now is about money and buildings, tithes and offerings.

20. Who shall write for us another 95 theses?

500 years of the Reformation. We are still bleeding from those who have held the church under its claws - the clergy.

Religion / Re: Benny Hinn 'Faints' As A Nigerian Sows $1 Million Into His Ministry (Video) by geezyk(m): 11:35am
If you watch all these American crime movies, you might think this is a ploy to launder money, the money might definitely not be up to a million $$, it might just be a thousand $$, but due to the fact that it's coming from Nigeria where finances can't be tracked, the donation was inflated to a million $$ and from an anonymous person..

If an American should donate this kinda amount, his finances would be scrutinized apart from the well known wealthy men.
Career / Re: ICAN November 2017 Diet Exam - Let's Meet Here by Dhara12(m): 11:35am
Foundation level WhatsApp group, please add me 08132953891

I don't think there's one...

But If there is kindly add 08132953891
Crime / Re: "Man Can't Be Alone With A Woman Without Sexually Assaulting Her" by MrBrownJay1(m): 11:35am
very true.... if a man cannot behave when alone with a female, then he should definitely stay clear of being alone with ANY females altogether (friend, family etc)....nobody knows what can happen when the tiger in his pants attacks!
Investment / Re: What Is Wrong With Genexpayments? by dejovu: 11:35am

Even if your story above is to be accepted, so you mean expartriates don't work in Nigeria? You see how local and backward you are? Your fraudulent brain and lack of exposure won't allow you to think straight.

Expatraits kwa !!! Just look at yourself .see what you just typed here those is make sense to you .why not wait for Mr Maria guadulape himself to reply ...Expertraties in Ponzi scheme u don’t have sense I swear

Ok Expatraites that would mine African Genex coin that CBN will disturibute abi .the mining equipment is coming from china ?and Genex coin will be accepted all over Nigeria infact GTB will be the ones selling the coin ...chai your mumu her PHD
Technology Market / Re: Iphone 6 For Sale (64GB) by Voy(m): 11:35am
Happy Sunday
Webmasters / Re: I Need The Wordpress Newspaper 8 Theme by websiteguru30: 11:35am
WhatsApp me on 08022804449.
Politics / Re: Anambra Election: INEC Official Results Announcement 2017 (Live Updates) by 02Kebreal(m): 11:35am
Travel / Re: General South Africa Visa Enquiries by OmichaelO: 11:35am

The 2 schools are black schools.....majorly black. Black schools are cheap. Am in tut and they allow instalment payment of school fees but am not sure of UJ.
I have brothers in TUT!
how are you?
Celebrities / Re: Peter Okoye Celebrates His 36th Birthday With Omotola, His Family & Friends by skills50(m): 11:35am
next post pls
Politics / Re: Bini, Not Yoruba, Are Original Owners Of Lagos – Ajayi-bembe by ProWalker: 11:35am

take the matter to the Lagos house of Reps, with the Igbo reps cheesy cheesy

Igbo member that only sit doen like a dunce during house sitting? grin
Politics / Re: Anambra Election: INEC Official Results Announcement 2017 (Live Updates) by TheDokita(m): 11:34am
Politics / Re: Anambra Election: INEC Official Results Announcement 2017 (Live Updates) by Yyeske(m): 11:34am
Real Christian igbos just buried the Jewish Igbos who spread hate all over the internet.

Welcome back obaino, let the looting begin.
IPOB was buried last night in Nkpor, they are of no relevance within the borders of Anambra state as we speak.
Politics / Re: Anambra Election: INEC Official Results Announcement 2017 (Live Updates) by JONNYSPUTE(m): 11:34am
Even Peter obi couldn't secure votes for his candidate grin
Apga even won in his local government grin

It must be really hard to rig this election, cause of the margin grin

Nobody voted chidoka undecided, I actually thought he would be voted massively

I'm surprised people voted Tony Nwonye lipsrsealed, hope it's not what I'm thinking undecided
. . So what re you thinking?
Politics / Re: Anambra Election: INEC Official Results Announcement 2017 (Live Updates) by obailala(m): 11:34am
The only thing I find interesting/surprising about these results is that the APC guy seems to be getting votes, actually more votes than even PDP's Obaze shocked
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Official Chelsea Fan Thread: Champions Of England by atheist5(m): 11:34am

No mind them..the summer we were busy chasing after Morata ,them shekpe fans be chanting lukaku name up and down till Eddie stroke their heart with sword cheesy ..they r now bashing the same lukaku now. Even when it's Crystal clear lukaku has performed well for us,they won't see it ..Morata is a good player which I wanted to see don our no.9 shirt bit it didn't materialize, we got a better player much suited to the league in Lukaku so why hate him?
lukaku is good,am a chelsea fan and i admit but he is NOT better than morata,okay name a better attribute to his game he has better than morata?
Autos / Re: ***### DOPE CARS FOR SALE,{CLICK}###*** by owobloww: 11:34am
Dope rides
Computers / Re: Pix!Frosh!!landing Hot Original Xiaomi Power Banks(laptops And Phones) by noobody(m): 11:34am

Business / Re: Modified - Make Money Online Publishing Ebooks On Kindle And Other Places by hamlak(m): 11:34am
can you teach me how to write and rewrite, I'm ready to learn because I can't pay continuously, I'm a fast learner.

To rewrite, take it paragraph by paragraph starting from the first page. You read a paragraph and
then rewrite it in your own words. Do that till thew end. It is hard word but pays in the end.
Celebrities / Re: He Is Too Humble-hushpuppi Says As He Meets With 2face Annie And Tiwa Savage by Mariinee(f): 11:34am
Shey you expect him to be like you before? undecided undecided
Celebrities / Re: Peter Okoye Celebrates His 36th Birthday With Omotola, His Family & Friends by pweetiedee(f): 11:34am
angry i want to report this sister in church. someone should pls tell her to stop seducing me with her plump yansh cheesy ...

pls help me!! is this yansh

Nawa oo
Business / Re: Football (+Other Sports) Betting Season 11 by tojahh(m): 11:34am
alright, whatsapp +19137017441

Shey na primo you dey use?
Pets / Re: Dog Dies Of A Broken Heart After Being Dumped At Airport By Her Owner-telegraph by LifestyleTonite: 11:34am
Lol, we are all becoming animals, human beings are no longer useful.

Many humans are dying daily all you got to tell us is about a dog dead of heartbroken.
The way a country treats its animals is a representation of how it does to its people.
Celebrities / Re: Peter Okoye Celebrates His 36th Birthday With Omotola, His Family & Friends by myners007: 11:34am
congrats mr P
Celebrities / Re: Yomi Fabiyi Petitions Lagos Police To Arrest Eniola Omoshalewa Eunice by hollandis(f): 11:34am

And what's wrong with it madam fellow woman??

You need to understand that women are being bullied and marginalised in Nigeria.It is a patrachial society.
Celebrities / Re: More Photos Of Miss World 2017 by doyinisaac: 11:34am
She fine but white girls just don't do it for me.
How is she white??
Romance / Re: 11 Things You Can’t Change, So Quit Wasting Your Time Trying by RETIREDMUMU(m): 11:34am
Romance / Re: Your Top Five(5) Songs Of All Time by censeakay(m): 11:34am
suck my balls bro

nice one
Politics / Re: Fayose Reacts To Fulani Herdsmen Arrested By Ekiti Anti-grazing Marshall - Pics by desire44: 11:34am
I don't like the man, but any move to curtail the actions of these terrorists masquerading themselves as herdsmen is a welcome development. Because your brother, Buhari, is in power doesn't by no means give you the impetus to disregard the law of a state. The full wrath of the law should be metted on all of them.
I don't like you either but at least you confessed Fayose is a working governor
Literature / Re: A Story Of Rape, Love And Depression by hidhrhis(m): 11:34am
I was moved to tears wen I read ur story....pls don't try to think abt suicide or anything DAT bring back d memories...in fact I will be following u around on nl....words can't describe what I felt wen I read it pls live fine

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