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Food / Re: There Is Something Called Agbari Ojukwu By Yorubas. Is It Related To The Ikemba by clemz85(m): 4:14pm
ok , now we know its 'big' something

big head... forehead
big fish...
big pot...

biggies huh?
Business / Re: Football Betting Season 8...AGE!!! by rexbuton(m): 4:14pm
Health / Re: Nigerian Hunchbacks: "People See Us As Money-making Machines" by bushdoc9919(m): 4:14pm
Docs in the house, what are 'teratogenous' medications?

Cc: bushdoc9919

Medications that cause birth defects in babies if taken by their mums during pregnancy.
Politics / Re: Stick With The Incumbent President And Re-elect Him In 2015 Prof Wole Soyinka’s by AdeSolution(m): 4:14pm
Why is Soyinka disappointing me? I guess his life has been threatened cos i knw he is a great enemy of PDP, how come all of a sudden he is now their campaign president? Or the news is fake?

Jonathan since 2010 has offered nothing.! Nothing.. I repeat! Nigeria doesnt need to be ruled by a party of no accurate ideology..rather they rule by try and see! PDP has failed all states...has failed Nigeria! I can never forget number of times schools go on strike under PDP's tenure but APC? Or ACN? No recorded strike period! Why won't you hate ApC when you don't hve time to embezzle money!
Remember Jonathan said he won't stay in office after 2015, and angels have said Amen and if he should re-contest and win... He will not stay in office beyond 2015. Remember Buhari said he won't contest after 2011, and now he is... If he wins, he won't stay in that office.... Then rigging comes to place... Or pdp wins... Then SAMBO WILL BE THE NEXT NIGERIAN PRESIDENT...!
Family / Re: The Average Nigerian Man Is A Hypocrite by KanwuliaJara: 4:14pm
Kanwuliaaaaaaaaa you no go kill me o. see as i dey laugh like craze person for quiet lecture theatre.

Sorry o! cheesy

Holiday nefa reassh ya side?
Na wetin you dey do for dia? cheesy
Politics / Re: What I Know About Boko Haram – Modu Sheriff by Kei144(m): 4:14pm
There was evidence that Chad was sponsoring Boko Haram. Suddenly, an aeroplane loaded with helicopter gunship and other war gadgets, headed to Chad, landed in Kano. The reason for the Kano landing was that Ndjamena airport became so busy the plane had to land at Kano for refueling. Ndjamena airport is usually as busy as Paris airport. Well, French Embassy declared that the cargo in the plane that landed in Kano belongs to French Mission in Chad. Once French mission in Chad got mentioned, Nigerian Government quickly forgot about Chad sponsoring Boko Haram. Before the Kano plane landing incident happened, I was afraid that Nigeria might invade Chad; now the chances of Chad invading Nigeria is higher than that of Nigeria invading Chad.
Career / Re: Okorocha Grants Imo Workers 2 Weeks Holiday by viper07: 4:14pm
Computers / Re: Data Solution For Ur PC With Modern (Win 250mb EVERy Friday) by wolexy2(m): 4:14pm
For the benefit of those that are still Doubting If this process is a Scam or not. let me give simple explanation of how this process works.
We buy data from service provider in large quantity (e.g 50Gigabytes) of course at a cheaper rate and we share it to those that want to buy. The process is as simple as that. So let me encourage you to stop wasting your resource when you can get Data at cheaper rate through this process.

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All valid for 30days
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GTBank account Number: 0016023139
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Sterling bank account Number: 0027108982
Sterling Account name: OGUNNIYI Kehinde.

Wema bank account Number: 0221371264
Wema Account name: OGUNNIYI Kehinde.

After payment, Please send ur order in this format: #Payment Details #ETISALAT number#DATA Size#
to 08186433781 via SMS or 08060736505 via whatsapp.


whatsapp 08060736505 or call or flash: 08186433781, 08136107069, ,for more info. Thanks

WlN 250mb on this thread every Friday of the week. Just make sure you are the 20th person to comment next Friday and 250mb etisalat data is urs. NB: DOUBLE COMMENT FROM THE SAME USERNAME WON'T BE COUNTED
Car Talk / Re: Lousy Performance Of 1999 Benz C Class And Below by 9japride(m): 4:14pm
@ Gazzuzz u r funny @Absoj, Zimdrill and Lomomike I hv seen a lot of benz c class of that year on kaduna-abuja road which is one of d smoothest highway in Nigeria falling my hand. They r dam too slow for my likening. Ever since I hv been traveling up north its just a handful of them that hv overtaken me.
Celebrities / Peter Okoye In His Olympic Blue Father Christmas Constume by klem93: 4:14pm
The moment you see the man with red gown in torch of red and a cap with beard you know he is Santa, but here comes Peter Okoye the Blue Santa from Olympic Milk to give you your Christmas take away.... #Olympicbluesanta Blue Christmas

Romance / Re: Pls Help! My House Girl Is Tempting Me.. by queenbesha: 4:14pm
Leave the ! He is enjoying the so called 'temptation'. If he were to be a serious human being, he would have sent that MAGA out of his house without even giving a second thought. A reasonable wife should study and understand her husband and know when he is serious!

Wait...and this made FP? *SMH* real hard
Business / Re: How To Make Money Online In Nigeria - Tutorial by joeshed: 4:13pm
pls, u didn't tell us your site... I've really learnt alot reading your posts... I'd love to get the complete lectures. Am chinonso shedrack j on facebook.
Education / Re: Federal University Of Technology Akure(futa) 2014/2015 Admission Session by iskalamong(m): 4:13pm
abeg israelboy1 nd co.,na compulsory to come with testimonial nd original waec result?

Yes sir!

In the case of gce go to waec office for result certificate.
For school candidate, go to the school you wrote the waec and get your statement of result.
Hope this answers your question?

Politics / Re: Soyinka Never Said To Stick With Jonathan; Nairaland Losing Its Credibility by Adminisher: 4:13pm
Soyinka would never endorse Jonathan. I this is independent of the fact that he has serious agro with Buhari when he was a dictator and his views on military men in politics is clear. He criticizes even OBJ his friend for sport.
Soyinka' s children are serving freely under APC governments but that will not stop criticizing Buhari the candidate and Buhari the President if that happens
Politics / Re: Why Buhari Will Fail Nigerians More Than GEJ If He Wins In 2015! by addempsea(m): 4:13pm
Nobody knows, if we could see the future we would know.
Religion / Re: Pastors That Are Poor Were Not Called By God- Uma Ukpai by Lex11(m): 4:13pm
"Feed the flock of God which is among you, taking the oversight thereof, not by constraint, but willingly; not for filthy lucre, but of a ready mind" - 1 Peter 5:2
Foreign Affairs / Re: Who Has The Strongest Military On Africa? by iterator24: 4:13pm

which is the point we are making
that's why you should put your nose where it belongs ... check your compatriots claims before I replied him
Rap Battles / Re: Flow For Rank by Limerick: 4:13pm

hun,,,,LiME....wetn apen ?
nice verse, which day u improve like this?
Romance / Re: Top 10 Ladies On NAIRALAND That Are "Potential" Wife Materials. by duduhemit36(m): 4:13pm
Ayam dead embarassed
Phones / Re: Download Large Files With 15 Naira On Etisalat Unlimited Plan by Sunkyphil: 4:13pm
maybe its the network
do u no how i can tetter from my phone to pc i tried it it connected but couldnt browse;i tried it with phone to phone still same
Celebrities / Re: Kcee Shows Off His Expensive Cars, Thanks God For Wonderful 2014 by tmanis(m): 4:13pm
who noticed that prado just sitting in the corner?
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 6 by Classicalmusic: 4:13pm
@Ejinne, do not panic. Just fast and pray. There's nothing God cannot do. The embassy only wants to verify your information.
Religion / Re: Ten Types Of Prayer Warriors!!! by seankay(m): 4:13pm
The Sleeping crew- they go down on their knees only to sleep off and later wake up when the Usher taps them or by the sound emanating from the speaker. Note (they wake up few minutes after d prayer session)
Romance / Re: Top 10 Ladies On NAIRALAND That Are "Potential" Wife Materials. by Sophyrocks: 4:13pm

We don't see you as wife material.

Halleluyah!!! Praise God almighty!! God has been so good to me. grin grin
Politics / Re: List Of 54 Nigerian Soldiers Sentenced To Death by Seenyo: 4:13pm
Foul air till 2015!
Politics / $ Will Go High Against Naira Before The End Of December 2014 by jaso1(m): 4:13pm
I don't need an expatriate advise on this, the huge amount of money donated for the presidency campaign will increase dollar value against naira.
I wonder who Okonjo is working for! Nigeria or IMF?
Career / Re: Okorocha Grants Imo Workers 2 Weeks Holiday by rebranded(m): 4:13pm

why dont they just stay at home all year long.
do they do any work at all?
Okorocha should go the whole hog and let them stay at home.
Okorocha only needs mail carriers to deliver their pay checks at their houses.

Why does this guy seem like a clown to me..a week maybe...but a whole two weeks

Oga stop making decisions based on emotions o..
Romance / Re: Ladies: What Will You Do If Your MR RIGHT Has This? (pic) by Mondisweets: 4:13pm
There is no pinshure na
Politics / Re: How Stable Was The Naira Under Gen. Buhari? by ellechrystal(f): 4:13pm
PDP goons lying with statistics without context since 1804.

I'm afraid, its too late for you and your oga at the top to deceive Nigerians. You should have presented a different presidential candidate. Nigeria is too complex and sophisticated for GEJ, he is simply not fit to rule us.

N buhari isn't deceiving Nigerians? Smh..
Religion / Re: Some Wrong Prayers Often Prayed In Church. by OpraMenu(m): 4:12pm
For your information, you have a sword and can use it in warfare.
Also, the bible says death and life are in d power of the tongut ...
so you can kill or bring to life.
Jesus killed a fig tree by speaking to it.
He will kill His enemies @ armeggon by speaking to them.
While it may un Christlike to wish death on ur enemies, the issue is is it possible? I think in some cases it is.
Then some enemies are relentlessly plottng ur destruction. Theyre not sleeping, usually using non physcal means , in such case its better you just clear them outta d way.

one, a man was servg God but was so wretched and poor,His condition was lamentable.
He decided to pray and fast against it, into the fast he saw an old woman standg on a high place urinating on him!
What dyu think he shud do ? His pastor asked him to command the woman to fall down and die.

A woman was always miscarrying her pregnancy. She'd have a dream in which a charging bull will ram her stomach with its horns . Wen she awoke,she'd bleed and tht wud b it no baby.
Her friend took her to see a pastor about it, and the pastor prayed and read some scriptures with them. Then cautioned the friend.
The woman was pregnant.
This time she kept meditating on d scrupture, wen d bull came charging, a rock fell in place between the woman and the bull.
The bull smashed into the rock and was disabled.
Next day, she woke up as usual,but without the attendant bleeding. Shortly after, she got news tht her friend was found dead in her apartmnt, and it looked like her head was smashed as if with a stone.
Point: eliminating your unrepentant and relentless enemies is justified and God has equipped His children to do so.

Paul decreed that an enemy of the gospel should b blind for a season and God honoured his prayer. In this case paul prevented a human obstacle.

The blood of the passover lamb protected the isrealites in the OT, how much more that of the real Lamb of God.
and they overcame him(satan) by the blood of the lamb and the word of their testimony

the blood is a weapon for overcoming.

I want to as u a question, was Jesus Christ aware that the scribes and Pharisees were planning to kill him?
Business / Re: Football Betting Season 8...AGE!!! by LordEmperoris1(m): 4:12pm
1. 21.12.14 17:00
ENGLAND: Liverpool FC - Arsenal FC
Tip: Over 2.5
2. 21.12.14 17:00
FRANCE: AS Saint Etienne - Evian TG FC
tip: 1.. NETHERLAND: FC Twente Enschede - Willem II
Tilburg tip 1.. recover your money

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