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Family / Re: This Elderly Man, Columbus Ihemekwele Is Missing (PHOTO) by harrysjones(m): 2:06pm
amen dear angry angry
I pray nuffing happen to him n let him be found safe n sound. Amen sad
Celebrities / Re: Tiwa Savage Denies Joining Illuminati, Explain ROC Nation Sign by onward4life(m): 2:06pm
Don jazzy subconsciously drawing attention to the goat head on the wall which stands for "Baphomet" a demon the new world order pledges allegiance to(simple symbology).
Then Don jazzy's prayer seems strange in "God" name very strange contradicts every biblical way of praying, lets just be mindfull of what we listen to and watch.

Bro u too know about baphomet... guy d story is scary it will show Christians and Muslims are just Pawns in a game that we dnt know is been played by d elite rich and famous..
Autos / Re: (UBer SPEC) Clean Direct Tokunbo 2011 Honda Civic Sport... Asking Price: ₦2.250m by MotorConnectz(m): 2:06pm
Happy weekend

Still available
Phones / Re: New MTN Wow Weekend Data Bonus! by davthom(m): 2:06pm
[quote author=dynamo007 post=48016922] it make sense since dey wil deduct the weekend data promo first before the monthly sub....... [/quotle] I know it doesifinfished 9gb yesterday but I wish it lasted longer
Religion / Re: Pastor Fails To Resurrect After Telling People To Bury Him Alive by KingEbukaNaija: 2:06pm

He told them to do greater works, so I guess the pastor acted in faith.

The pretext was showboating .
Romance / Re: Kinginvahala Is Back In The Competition For Mr Nairaland (photos) by KINGinVAHALA: 2:06pm
Wish him luck. grin

What has MUVA got to do with this now?

Cc Dygeasy , this bloke is not yet remourseful of his deeds. He's still threading thesame rout that lead to his earlier disqualification.

That's how you go about looking for rifts where there's none.
Is this your aim for setting up this thread? To make jest of some individuals who doesn't even give a fork about your existence.

I dont wanna believe its thesame kinginvalhala behind this thread else, he's just on his way to another e-panel beatings which this time, will lead to his enternal shamings.

Again, i hope you're not whom we're thinking you are.

Sorry to burst your bubble boss, I'm not the one behind the op's moniker, I don't even know who the person is.

Hope you re cool?

Family / Re: Why Do Babies Cry When They Are Just Born? by phykiesexy: 2:06pm
Well to me, the reason babies cry when they are given birth to, is becaus the blood in their mother's womb enters into their eyes, so the EYE COM DEY PEPE them. dats why they cry.

Lolz. What of baby through Caesarian Section (CS) nko? Dey still cry too. I guess u were trying to be funny!
Celebrities / Re: Victoria Kimani Finally Introduces Her Boyfriend To The Public by EmperorLee(m): 2:06pm

Lolgringrin, That's nice o....

shey u see d guy wey talk say me dey stalk am...so guys are so damn jobless and stup.id shagringringrin

I see everything smiley..
Celebrities / Re: Story Of 19year Old Boy In Ekiti And His 198million Naira Wrist Watch by Swissheart(f): 2:06pm
So if this is true,must you reveal his twitter handle?...... You , the wrist watch and your story are fake
Politics / Re: Buhari Has No Economic Policy – Mohammed by kristisking(m): 2:06pm
This mugu was one of those that deceived gullible Nigerians that bubu is the best option. Now he realised how deceptive he can be
Romance / Re: Six Cars Or Six Packs?: UNILAG Girls Choose (Video) by delerx(m): 2:06pm
This issue of six pack and six cars is geting me angry all the time.

Abeg who bi mugu for naija.? Even a 3yr old girl can confidently choose six cars over 2pac abi 6pac.

Please Seun warn your moderator to stop this cbildish issue of 6pack and 10 packs.abegii i take dead fowl de beg u
my bro na so. Which one b Woolworth again. Copycats too many for naija
Romance / Re: Mr. NAIRALAND Contest 2016 - CAMPAIGN THREAD by Chicent(m): 2:06pm
I guess this is a step in the right direction.

For the sake of being human and not punishing you for crimes you committed in the past, months ago which you are apologetic for right now. You will be allowed to proceed in the contest.

Thank you.

this is the way to go..... Welldone dygeasy, u far too kind. I respect you for this lovely kind gesture.
Now to kinginvahala this came late but still worth it. But next time do it(this) earlier.
Its all good.....Hope u have repented and learnt a very good lesson?? All the best in the contest. And i will vote for u till finals. Trust me...............Peace
Romance / Re: Six Cars Or Six Packs?: UNILAG Girls Choose (Video) by habsydiamond(m): 2:06pm
I prefer six packs of diamond to six cars what if the cars are datsun, pickup, ijapa and so on.
Fashion / Fashion Sale For Men From Ebay Through Micostar Mall by Biancatessy(f): 2:06pm
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Fashion / Re: Guys Please Don't Fall For This by HARDDON: 2:06pm
my what?

Ur statueses of liberty
Your fountain of softness
Your headlamps in the middle of d jungle
Like a rudder on a buffeted ship
Sailing asunder
The waves n its wonder

Oops, now I drift
Yea, they always make me drift
What did I just say?
Celebrities / Re: Cristiano Ronaldo Pushes Selfie-Seeking Fan Away (Video) by joeslimwize: 2:06pm
Politics / Re: July 1966 Counter-coup: Fajuyi’s Aides Knew About The Coup But Betrayed Him –sis by Paretomaster(m): 2:05pm
Agu-Iyi Ironsi could have returned to Lagos with the same Helicopter he came with but Fajuyi assured him of his safety and he stayed. No doubt that Fajuyi deserves commendation for standing by his Boss till the end. But the tragedy of Fajuyi's death is that it exposed the Yoruba nation as a people who suffer from a perennial fear of the North. A Yoruba man and Governor of the Western Region is kidnapped and slaughtered but Yorubas did nothing. To this day, not one Yoruba man has ever called out the Northerners for killing Fajuyi. General Danjuma who killed Fajuyi is still highly regarded by Yorubas. 20 years later, again the Northerners kidnapp and slaughter MKO in a repeat performance. What did the Yorubas do? Nothing just as in the case of Fajuyi. Yoruba subservience to the North is so bad that the Yorubas will actually attack anyone who stands up the North such as Ojukwu, FFK and even Fayose. A fine Yoruba Solidier like Fajuyi was killed but his death was drowned out because it was Notherners that did the killing. If it had been Igbos who killed Fajuyi, that's when the Yorubas would have known how to talk.

I guess the Yorubas used their sense, Fajuyi sacrificed himself to protect his host...d soldiers never came for him...what transpired at the point the killed him is not known to u and I. so face your ppls betrayal....
Phones / Re: Best Apps + Sites For Downloading Movies & Musics + Streaming Cable & Football!! by ladykilllar: 2:05pm
*Mega Box HD
Am going to go ahead and say this is my favourite of all the Apps out there for downloading and watching movies, tv shows, cartoons and anime. Thereach is no show airing today that can't be found on it, and its updated daily with the most recent of movies. it even has those cartoons we used to watch back in the days, cartoons like kids next door, courage the cowardly dog, ed edd and eddy, power puff girl's etc, and the amazing thing about this app is it let's you use other applications such as ADM to download from the app, you just have to click on custom download and it will pop up a menu asking which app you want to use for your download.

I downloaded this megabox Hd yesterday mehn it wasn't really as cool as u previewed not too many 2016 movies and i can't seem to see the download meter going, i think it uses the phones Downloader
Phones / Re: Solutions To Andriod Problems Only# by Emmaway(m): 2:05pm
Hey guyz, itz your android manager her reppin vinyldroid... I've had experience with over 30 phone and over 100 problems solved by me alone! So if any of ya'lls got a problem.. Just post it here and I'll give you steps and solutions to solve it right here.. Anything at all.. About phone lagging, error code, phones permanent switch off, slow charging, unfortunately messages, space problems, launcher issues, battery issues, OS issues, upgrade issues, auto switch off issues..etc and the likes of them

Oya drop ya problems below and get answer between 2 minutes

Hi, I use a wiko sunset 2 device my device is rooted and USB DEBUGGING enabled but each time I try to transfer files from the computer to my device I can't, the computer shows new hardware found... Install driver, please what is the solution
Computers / Re: Ms Word And Excel 2007 by Greatzeus(m): 2:05pm
What you need is Ms office 2007,Ms word,Excel,Power Point,paint etc are all Ms Office Application.The total size is 600mb plus to download, and you will need to get working serial.
Why can't you just look for someone to give you or buy the CD?
I have it with valid serial numbers.I can give you for free or help you install for free,but I will not go through any inconvenience.
Family / Re: This Elderly Man, Columbus Ihemekwele Is Missing (PHOTO) by harrysjones(m): 2:05pm
Food / Re: Have You Seen This Lucifer Biscuit? (pictures) by pembisco(m): 2:05pm
some fools here deceiving themsleves , claiming what I don't even know.
Politics / Re: Nigerian Military Kills 114 Niger Delta Militants In Ogun, Lagos Creeks by Nebuchadnezar: 2:05pm

You call them Afonja and no rules breaking then they call you Osu. You call them South West and they call you Sad Beast. So whats your problem? Stop disturbing my mentions little man.
lalasticlala mynd44 seun please ban any rule breaker including this guy
Business / Convert Your Airtime Into Cash. by bennydc(m): 2:05pm
good day all, we buy airtime of any amount, MTN, AIRTEL, AND ETISALAT. contact us on 08035254928. trust will not be a problem.
Technology Market / Re: Scratchfree USA Ordered Hp Envy M6 For Sale by Omari88: 2:05pm
Still available?
Family / Re: This Elderly Man, Columbus Ihemekwele Is Missing (PHOTO) by eleko1: 2:05pm
They should immediately rush to Ogun state before our Afonja folks dismember him for rituals undecided
They should immediately rush to Ogun state before our Afonja folks dismember him for rituals undecided
Religion / Re: What's the Contributions Of Christianity To The Modern Science And Technology? by TomHagen: 2:05pm

Isaac Newton was an ardent student of the Bible, he also had faith in the infallible Word of God unlike the modern atheist evolutionists. He was able to think God's thought after Him and as a result discovered together with his peer, calculus, he also formulated the laws of motion and gravity, he successfully computed the nature of planetary orbits, he made many discoveries in optics and invented the reflecting telescope. When we get to heaven we may have the privilege of asking him whether he actually believed in Jesus' death and if he's not in heaven then who will ask him, you? undecided
You can't prove this now can you?
Celebrities / Re: Cristiano Ronaldo Pushes Selfie-Seeking Fan Away (Video) by Akims(m): 2:05pm

Obviously You re Not learned...Messi that's in dublin About to play celtic in icc? Abi na Your sis mercy wey dey jail You dey talk About?
Lol..Abeg help me ask d mumu
Religion / Re: Does It Make Sense For Husband And Wife To Have Sex During Fasting And Praying by KingEbukaNaija: 2:05pm
does it make sense for husband and wife to have sex during fasting and praying,
What do you guyz think,

No . Sex is for pleasure of the flesh . The point of fasting is to attain a high level of spirituality by avoiding food. And food pleases the flesh , same with sex . So abnegate all these while totally seeking God's face during fasting and praying
Foreign Affairs / Re: African Militaries/ Security Services Strictly Photos Only And Videos Thread by africaken254: 2:05pm

What are you even saying?

The CH-3As are based at the Tactical Air Command in Markurdi (Central Nigeria), from where they conduct ISTAR operations all over the North-East hundreds of Kilometers away.

The CH-3A, Gulma and Yahbon Flash 20 are all BVLOS operated.

Where does the Reaper land and take off from...... The sea?

The Nigerian Air Force has released over 30 combat videos from operations in the N.E, have you even watched any at all?
there is a difference between a UAV/UCAV operated within line of sight and those beyond line of sight ,CH-3A can only operate within line of sight or it will loose its signal with ground station antenna due to the curvature of the earth. but a drone like predator which can operate beyond line of sight ,due to it capability to bounce signal from orbiting satellites .thus maintaining a connection between the drone and ground control station and increasing its range
Dating And Meet-up Zone / Re: Sexchat Whatsapp Group for matured ladies nd men 18+someladies wud surely bewet by emmy23: 2:05pm

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