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Education / Re: A Scholarship Opportunity You Mustn't Miss Out by riskid: 10:37pm
sure 1 dude
Politics / Re: Kenyan Foreign Minister Mocks Goodluck Jonathan Extravange And Waste by enoqueen: 10:37pm
can u imagine undecided

clueless Jonathan.

a disciplinarian will not do that.

Buhari over to you come February.
Nairaland / General / Re: Night Crawlers' Thread - You Still Awake Now? Then You Are One, Come In! by RicKyRichards: 10:37pm

Errrrrm.....Whats up doc? undecided
What are we supposed to do now to have fun?
Scare ourselves to death I guess. Let's see who will have the worst nightmare.
Education / Re: Polytechnic Ibadan SU Involve In A Ghastly Accident{graphic Photo) by 100Cents: 10:37pm
Undergraduates/youth dieying in their prime. It seems that the bus is a cheap chinese vehicle and the cause of the accident might be overspeeding or reckless driving.
May the dead rest in peace
May the good lord continue to guide and protect his children from sudden death. May he continue to shower us with long live and prosperity.

I hear you.

The same cheap Chinese vehicle that transport companies use for many years without problem, this new one don scatter.

Student driver feeling fly on steering..
Politics / Re: Feb 14th 1985 Buhari Praised Islamic Enonomics (with Pic) by Demmzy15: 10:36pm
poor student of history, where was Constationple located, how can you talk without researching

You are the one talking without researching, there is a difference between Constantinople and the Whole Turkey just like there is difference between Maiduguri and the Whole Nigeria, Poor student of English!
Romance / Re: Guys Pls Stop Such Habit by 2dice(m): 10:36pm

Na chat do am pass. And i dey map out my chat sessions. For a complete week, i might not even chat to any gal on my chat app.
same here
Autos / Re: MINT And Great 2002 Toyota Sienna** Pre-order From Fhemmmy by Fhemmmy: 10:36pm
cool cool cool cool cool
Politics / Re: Tinubu Finally Admits Buhari Has No Certificate? by jamex93(m): 10:36pm
na lie ne?.......him get certificate ne ??
Romance / Re: If A Lady Tells You That She Had A Child For Another Guy After Engagement. by yomi007k(m): 10:36pm
No probs, another lady will have a child for me. E no hard!
Politics / Re: Tinubu Finally Admits Buhari Has No Certificate? by Tonylyte(m): 10:36pm
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Jobs/vacancies Section Chatroom by Scrypt: 10:36pm


Nah, I just pick my battles. This one would turn out pyrric if not a banal charade.
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Bayern Munich ''5 times Champions of Europe'' by Bimffo: 10:36pm
Please DJ, knack me Ijoya remix by weired MC.. grin
Nairaland / General / Re: Night Crawlers' Thread - You Still Awake Now? Then You Are One, Come In! by kallmemrB: 10:36pm
who cortana? is she a using wp8.1
Celebrities / Re: Toyin Lawanis Boo, Lord Trigg Joins “the Show Off Cash” Gang..check On It by stonemind(m): 10:36pm
I like this guy hes be coming like me
Jokes Etc / Re: Photo Of The Day - See What Happens When You Ask A Deeper Life Girl For Bleep CHAT by mytime24(f): 10:36pm
Hahahah, fire grin
Politics / Re: PDP Presidential Campaign In Akwa Ibom (Photos) by nellyelitz(m): 10:36pm
This title is very apt and suitable for what the turn out was today at the Nest of Champions.
Akwa Ibom people really love Mr President. Little wonder even the Akwa Ibom State Chapter of APC has been on the air for three days now welcoming him. An indication that they themselves, will cast their votes for non other than President Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Anonmkpinam Jonathan!
bro I was really surprised reading from fbook page earlier today. They even have to shelve their today's rally as a mark of solidarity to oga Jona. They went as far of warning that anyone found today with broom is not frm APC . iyammi!
Politics / Re: Tinubu Finally Admits Buhari Has No Certificate? by Klasique911(m): 10:36pm
PDP are epitome of failure
We need #change

Hit Like for Buhari share for JonaTAN
Nairaland / General / Top Ten Popular Nairalanders by Therock5555(m): 10:36pm
Top Ten Nairalanders Post We Look Up To!!!

This list was supposed to be presented last year but due to my tight schedule and procrastinating behavior I left it for so long but I just wanna get this list outta my mind before I clog away. This list is from my observations round nairaland, and trust me this nairalanders have taken Nairaland as their second home and made it vibrant for we all to enjoy and trust me, not all of them might be your favourite but without them I don't think nairaland would be much fun as it is now, shout out to all those who did not make the cut, una fit make una own list.... grin grin


OK, he is the boss but that has not stopped him from giving us great topics, my most favorite post of his was when he wrote "Pictures or I don't believe it" on a thread, mehn nairalanders were really perplexed, his post has one of the most highest numbers of likes when ever he post on a thread or when he opens one especially when he offered to pay for the services of a super mod. Like him or hate him, he remains the most popular nairalander presently.


If you wanna make front page, just comment on this guy's thread and you would get a sure bet on gaining some twiny likes and shares, some people have told him to open his own blog and rival LIB, others have asked Seun to start paying him, others have asked if he is a mod or he bribes mods to put his thread on front page but the dude remains unperturbed, he makes nairaland fun for everyone and has made me know in and out of Nigeria celebrities. His gossip are always top notch and many atimes 100% original.


This lady eh is something else, she can be said to be the twin of Lalasticlala because she supplies celebrity gossip news when it's hot. She always back up her thread with reasonable pictures. She is also a sure Bet on making front page, she has been undercover for awhile now, Ma'am we miss you o...


Na only God know how many PMs this handsome young man has gotten from Nairaland babes. He is handsome, brilliant and mouthed, he has more lovers and followers than haters, he is the originator of top ten things on Nairaland and he is my inspiration for this thread. This dude knows almost everything about relationships and never gets tired of exposing his fellow dudes and girls. His favorite ending to each of his thread is "let the bashing begin", out of ten threads he creates, nine must make front page. He has been benched this year by his many disciples like Emusmith etc who had caught the top ten fever like me grin


This lady put a pix of herself, head bent, hands searching for something inside her big bag, on her profile pic, only God know what she has been searching for for so long, maybe her fingers got stucked in there. Lolz jokes apart, this lady emits high sense of intelligence. She happens to be the best relationship advicer you can find on Nairaland currently, if you missed your period, she is the person to call for advice, if your girl friend caught you with another girl, oboy call on KACHIBARBIE, if you gave your landlord daughter belly run KACHIBARBIE for advice, her post is always with tiny fonts which contains lots of big grammars like she is Obiaghan cousin grin, she rarely creates thread but be sure of front page when she does and don't forget your dictionary sha.


I would be flogged if this moniker misses this list. He is the last person you would like to pick up a fight with, go to politics section and tag him, the guy would pour fire and brim stone on you. He is a staunch supporter of APC, I once asked him on BBM if Buhari was his Uncle, this dude breathes, eats and shits politics, he should even be made the APC candidate of Nairaland because he is fearless, outspoken and has guts. I just pray he won't commit suicide if Buhari loses next month grin grin na joke o, I was just observing the day he challenged Seun, chai the bros is mouthed, lemme flee from his name before his many followers would turn my thread to campaign zone.

7. D9TY7

Go to the literature section and asked about the most frequent writer there currently and all hands would point to this young genius who behaves like he lives on Nairaland, when am struggling to update once every two days, this gentleman drops like four updates each day, his consistency is awesome and he has gotten himself so many fans and crushes, he also takes time out to encourage others up coming writers and support them. All his stories had made front page. I watched this dude grew from a wack writer to one of the most glittering writer in the literature section, don't be surprised if you see him chilling with Soyinka some day.


Trust me, I don't know why she choosed this moniker, maybe she is a carpenter or a laundry woman but damn the facts this woman is one of the most brilliant woman on Nairaland, she has won the praise and respect of her fellow Nairalanders, I heard she is marry sha if not I for book spacegrin she knows the in and out of every marriage problems, so next time when your marriage is on the brink, call on Chaircover to advice you, at least her grammar is not impeccably difficult to understand like that of KACHIBARBIE grin


This babe made my father to lock me up in Yabaleft for two days because I was laughing like a mad man by 2am, over laughter after I read one of her thread to my fellow mad colleagues made the doctor diagnose me with laughingitis. In short if you wan laugh abeg read her threads, they are over hilarious, my best among her threads was when her dad collected locozade boost from her and poured in a male fowl's mouth, I laugh that day sowtey I mess inside church. Her thread always makes front page also. I just hope she remains single till am about to marry, she would use laugh and reset my kids brain grin


Trust me, I know why this mad fellow made this list, this dude is as controversial like Balotelli, people insults his thread but would always come back to view them again, he is a troll, a former disciple of Mr Olodo and a mentor to fellow mad people like boiledcorn, spacegoat, liability etc, anytime you see a thread with title like "I want to die, but gala and lacasera won't kill me(with pictures 18+) or I pregnanted my girlfriend and her mother what should I do? (18+ with pictures) or this calabar babe wan kill me, see her pix (18+)" just know that ANDYBLAZE hand is involved, just go and crack your ribs from the comments. He loves creating numerous foolish threads but has also surprisingly made front page atimes. He loves getting ban, sometimes till 2090 sef grin grin so he creates new monikers like a robot. Seems like he kicked the bucket before reaching this year because he has been AWOL since this year began but at least he left a legacy, his single, a nice rap song titled Adam always thrills me, I miss him sha.

He always ends his thread with BITG, I don't know what the meaning is but I usually put it as Big Idiat Taking Garri grin grin grin

Worthy mentions, safarigirl, Ishilove, therealmrstan, elantracey, Audreytymms, Naijaboiy.......

That's all from me homies, feel free to add yours, my shout out goes to my paddy for making me assignment free this night and my ex-babe wey I dash red card for not stalking me with calls through out today. Also to mtn for making me finish my remaining sub by force because it expires tomorrow and my able Android phone that had delivered me from the spirit of black berry and it's hanging.

Mods front page please, nairalanders come and comment oooo

CC: seun, Lalasticlala, Ishilove.....
Politics / We Don’t Need A Koboko President Who Will Only Build New Prisons Instead Of News by ediko5: 10:36pm
The Governor of Akwa Ibom State, Chief Godswill Akpabio at the PDP Presidential rally campaign in the state on Friday said that “Nigerians don’t need a koboko President who will come and build new prisons instead of building new schools”.

Akpabio also said that the Jonathan administrations have build new schools like the Almajiri’s school and brand new university which have closed the doors of prisons, while the opposition presidential candidate will only be interested in building new prisons in the country.

Governor Akpabio also mentioned that it is only in PDP state that there’s a state owned university.

Politics / Re: Tinubu Finally Admits Buhari Has No Certificate? by aboy247: 10:36pm
Celebrities / Re: Ara, The Drummer Has Changed Her Look As She Clocks 40 by nextstreetfilms(m): 10:36pm
See wetin GEJ cause ba! Ara don dey change looks
Jobs/Vacancies / Pdp-sponsored Overseas Internship Program by LastProphet: 10:36pm
All of a sudden the federal govt is now ready to send 72,000 young nigerians abroad on training and the start date for registration is a few days to the election, PDP is really a clever party, so they get you registered, then get your vote since you will naturally prefer them to remain in office, then they leave you on a long thing as usual after they win. Hmm

Politics / Re: Tinubu Finally Admits Buhari Has No Certificate? by DAMAYYOR(m): 10:36pm
At the Lagos rally today .. Tinubu said "CERTIFICATE or NO CERTIFICATE, Buhari is a GENERAL"..

Now they admit he has no certificate..?
Politics / Re: Tinubu Finally Admits Buhari Has No Certificate? by rehpotsirh00(m): 10:36pm
Politics / Re: Does This Mean GEJ Will Loose The 2015 Election? by SHOPPERS(m): 10:36pm
The rest of Nigeria.... Who told you that Gej does not have a stronghold in other parts of Nigeria?
Politics / Re: Tinubu Finally Admits Buhari Has No Certificate? by tejpot(m): 10:36pm
Dating And Meet-up Zone / Re: *lanicky Chat Thread* Join My E Family On NL. by Nickymezor(f): 10:36pm

Hey Nicky welcome to d family.... sorry my is coming late.... so how was ur day?
Twas kool, urs?
Autos / Re: @-DEBOM Is Back And Stronger**2008 HONDA ACCORD - Super Loaded *CLEARED* Fhemmmy by Fhemmmy: 10:36pm
cool cool cool grin grin grin
Politics / Re: Tinubu Finally Admits Buhari Has No Certificate? by ifeelgood: 10:36pm
Politics / Re: Tinubu Finally Admits Buhari Has No Certificate? by comibak: 10:36pm
Politics / Re: Rotimi Amaechi In His APC-Customised Reflective Sunglasses (Photo) by berrystunn(m): 10:36pm
Politics / Re: Tinubu Finally Admits Buhari Has No Certificate? by ichidodo(m): 10:36pm

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