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Business / Re: MERRYBET Football(+ Other Sports) Betting Season 9 by siegfried99(m): 12:06am
Happy New Month grin
Phones / Re: Best Games To Download For Your Android Device by febbymi(f): 12:06am
guy download Es file Explorer and use it to extract. Very straightforward. I couldn't play so many games before because I was using others like zarchiever. But now every game works with my Es file Explorer. Download from playstore.
OK thx will try it out
Car Talk / Re: Help Me Choose One by chucky234(m): 12:06am
thanks I really appreciate I wil go for highlander then
Highlander is just another bland Camry disguising as SUV, I'll suggest you. Get yourself a Lexus RX330.
Car Talk / Kia Sportage (suv) by AUSTAAI(m): 12:06am
Hello Guys, I've being searching for an SUV to buy given our Nigerian roads and its going to be my first car, I stumbled over the Kia Sportage during my research. I know about Toyota products but just needed something different from the rest.

I need your help with some information regarding Kia Sportage in term of availability and cost of spare parts and competent mechanics. I live in PH.

Thank you
NYSC / Re: Prospective Nysc 2015 Batch A by Gracyel(f): 12:06am

thou art the babe Gracyel
Na every babe dey break your heart....No vex me dis night o. And to think I was even pitying the naughty fella sef angry
Romance / Re: Girls Why??? by mirexxx(f): 12:06am

cheesy Now that I have gotten her attention, I can sleep well, goodnight peeps. grin
I hope u don't have nytmares smiley
Sports / Re: What is your Most Boring Sport Ever? by EagleScribes: 12:06am
Handball is easy to understand likewise hockey and polo.What about Cricket?

I understand the game so well so I think it is about perspectives. Imagine the money and spectators that go to watch this game. It definitely can't be so if it is as boring as we all see it here
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Official Manchester United Fan Thread:''20 Times EPL Champion by Dadehmola: 12:06am
[quote author =] Manchester United got back to winning ways with a 2-0 victory over Gus Poyet’s Sunderland on Saturday afternoon and manager Louis van Gaal was quick to praise the performance of Ashley Young after the game, report Sky Sports.
A brace from Wayne Rooney was enough to move the Red Devils up to third place in the Premier League table but Van Gaal wanted to point out how important another Englishman was for his team.
Ashley Young has played a good match,” Van Gaal declared.
He gives power and security on that side, so I was pleased with him. But I was pleased with more players today. I was also happy [Radamel] Falcao did that wonderful action because he prepared the penalty,” the Dutchman insisted.
Young has often been required to play as a wing back this season, but thrived during a rare opportunity to play further forward against the Wearsiders.
The 29-year-old had a passing accuracy of 91% against the Black Cats, and also created four chances for his team mates, highlighting his importance to the team in both defence and attack.
Meanwhile, the Old Trafford outfit will be delighted after they bounced back from their defeat to Garry Monk’s Swansea last weekend in perfect fashion courtesy of their captain’s two goals and face Newcastle United next week.It has not been a smooth debut season for Van Gaal at the Theatre of Dreams but the team remain on course to secure a return to Europe’s most prestigious club competition, although Arsenal could leapfrog them if the north Londoners pick up three points versus Everton tomorrow.
Qualification for the Champions League is of the utmost importance to the Red Devils and Young could prove to be a key player come the end of the season.
Read more at[/quote]

Pawa and security??

Chei, elampiro must be having an Ërection as e dey read this piece !! cheesy
Politics / Re: Tell Nigerians Where You Got Money To Acquire Private Jets - PDP Dares APC by soe(m): 12:06am

NEVER AGAIN will we vote for a SHOELESS man
.NEVER AGAIN will we vote for an ALCOHOLIC


.NEVER AGAIN will we vote for PDP



we have decided

We want CHANGE

General March 4 Buhari #GMB
Music/Radio / Re: A thread for acoustic guitarist: beginners,amateurs and professionals by Nastydroid(m): 12:06am
you can contact kilokeys he reside in Abuja
Politics / Re: The International Media On Buhari’s Certificate Saga, Lessons To The Our Media by wisdomguy4u: 12:06am

What Nigerian law is being bent b/c of Buhahari?

Stop peddling lies. There is nothing in the Constitution that says he should present his school certificate!

He is qualified to run for president under the Constitution, which is the Supreme Law of the Land.

The OP should be more concerned about what Nigerian law says on the matter rather than what the international media says. But then again, we are a lawless country in which the only thing that matters is how oyibos see us.

Ignorance is really a problem in this Nigeria. According to Section 131(d) of the 1999 constitution of Nigeria,
Section 131: "A person shall be qualified for election
to the office of president if .. (d) he has been
educated up to at least Senior School Certificate level or it's equivalent.

Now , tell me how do will know he has a Senior school certificate? Buhari should just present his certificate and clear
the wave instead of all this ranting.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Who Has The Strongest Military In Africa? by lezz: 12:06am

Are you stup1d? we only spend 1% of our GDP on our military budget,while the rest of Africa spend an average of close to 4% of their GDP on Defence, if we had military ambitions and spend 4% of GDP on defence, that will mean we have a budget of $20 BILLION dollers.
Politics / Re: Suspected Boko Haram Terrorists Among Soldiers That Welcome President Jonathan I by QuickConnection: 12:06am
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Dating And Meet-up Zone / Re: Ib Connect (for Those Based In The Ancient City Of Ibadan) by Laveda001(f): 12:06am
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Real Madrid Fans thread - World 'Galactico' Champions (10 times UCL Conquerors) by usbcable(m): 12:05am
there are countless more 'boring' threads e.g

most have even disappeared. Lol
Politics / Re: President Jonathan Arriving Lagos Today For A Two-day Visit (Photos) by southniyikaye(m): 12:05am
The rate at which he visits lagos nowaday. Is he through wIth the touring of the northern part he is doing?
If you like bring the entire aso rock to lagos, we will not still vote for you.

If gej likes he should also bring the entire FCT to lagos, we no go vote am.

If gej likes he should use all the nation's treasury and bribe some corrupt elements in odua-land, we will still not vote for him.

If gej likes he should shade crocodile tears in the present of our pastors, we will still not vote for him

Buhari we know
Gej we don't know
Religion / Re: Friday Message: Did Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) Marry A Child? by chuna1985: 12:05am

In ur own words Aisha at 9 was mature enuf for sex...? pardon me, but r u ok?
He married a woman 15 yrs older than him (maybe as a gold digger) and followed it up with pedophilia (as if the former justifies d latter).
Did he stop there? Nooo! He had several wives and concubines plus slaves dt he slept with. Kindly justify that recklessness.
The article tried to justify the man on vogueness of his time and I am free to extrapolate based on that.
Thank u

Solomon had many wives and many concubines n slept with them and it was no sin.
Satellite TV Technology / Re: Free To Air Satellite Tv General Thread by graphicicon(m): 12:05am
pls House, have anybody track MBC on 26e with 60 cm dish that has 2 lnb setup, Amos and multi tv on one 60 cm dish, i reduce mlti tv signal inorder for me to get mbc,signal on mbc is 51% on my sat finder, while signal on multi tv after the reduction is 71%, when i connect the cable to my decoder, mbc signal will be flashing green and red, remember i attached lnb for multi tv, and the primary is amos 5, or is it better for me to use complete one 60 cm dish to track multi tv, then adjust the dish to the right while standing at the back of the dish for me to get full signal.
@odilibe, blexxonmak,george D, and other gurus pls contribute here.
Politics / Re: INEC: 1.8 Million Pvcs Not Collected & 430,000 yet to be delivered In Lagos by nduchucks: 12:05am
Yorba peeps, Yooba peeps, Onye Ofemmana!!!! How many times I call una names.

If you don't want the clueless one to win this election as you've claimed and acted in the past, the least you people can do is to tell you relatives to go and collect their PVCs. Don't give PDP a good excuse to justify rigging this election. Yoruba Ronu o! embarassed
Politics / Re: INEC: 1.8 Million Pvcs Not Collected & 430,000 yet to be delivered In Lagos by Aseneshii: 12:05am
In 2011, Jega supervise an election that was adjudged to be free and fair in Nigeria history, now he is a devil because he refuse to compromise, you people are just afraid of this election.if Jonathan like he should give the INEC chairmanship position to his wife, Nigerians will vote him out

Many People have left their businesses and spent over 10 days, some 20 days going to their PVC collection center but have been told their PVCs cannot be given to them because they're non indegens. Have you heard of 2 INEC staffs in Lagos that were caught red-handed doing that?. The order from above at INEC is to hoard the PVCs in Jonathan strongholds.
Religion / Re: Is Smoking A Sin? by Nneka123(f): 12:05am
It's a sin if you are taking it at the wrong time and at the wrong place tongue
Politics / Re: The International Media On Buhari’s Certificate Saga, Lessons To The Our Media by erico2k2(m): 12:05am

The school confirmed that:

1, He sat for the exam
2, He obtained result.

And they went further to release his grades, and even a mastersheet in Cambridge's heading.

Would Cambridge have kept quiet if that mastersheet showing Buhari's result was a forgery? If you lie against me (Cambridge), do I need any approval to issue a disclaimer? Why has Cambridge not issued a disclaimer?

Guess what? The only disclaimer they have issued was to bust PDP's lies that Hausa was not offered in 1961.
with due respect plz point me to the link where Cambridge released his result and to whom and also the grades.Im waiting cos I know as a matter of fact no institution will release statement of result of anyone above 16 to a third party without the consent of the candidate unless to law enforcement agency ,this is how the UK act, not even under freedom of information act covers this.
Celebrities / Re: Can You Identify The Famous Person In This Photo? by Best758: 12:05am
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na must?
NYSC / Re: Prospective Nysc 2015 Batch A by Owliver(m): 12:05am

Who's d boo?
pre*ty3, help me beg ur boo, so he can forgive anoda man's boo.
# you feel the rhymes#
why must you mention her naaa. Smh* well, am happy you finally free from the ghost mode ish. Happy new month
Politics / Re: I Got This From A Very Reliable Source. by ani33(m): 12:05am
I also got this from a reliable source


Forum Games / Re: ~<<The Last Person To Post In This Thread Wins>>~ by NoLoveLost(m): 12:05am
Now u knw wink
Actually I don't think texanomally was aware that I deactivated at first, or later aware that I came back on this moniker sad
Politics / On Oduduwa Republic, Regional Autonomy. by KazeemDiary: 12:05am
On Oduduwa Republic, regional autonomy.

It is shameful to realise that vibrant Yoruba youths and aged who were the frontiers in advocating for regional autonomy, where the circumference will be made stronger while the center will be made less strong, have eventually lost their position on the lane of honour by routing for the continuity of an incumbent failed President Jonathan led administration.

In my opinion, what I expected aggrieved Yoruba youths and aged to advocate for is the 'boycott of the 2015 polls, on their pursuits to actualise the Oduduwa republic dream' which was already gaining great momentum as other geopolitical zones were already sparing up to join the pace setting and most intelligent sets of Nigerian Youths (Yorubas) to push from their zones.

This would have generated more attention, converge logical and ideological discussions on reasons why we should either embrace regional autonomy or go our separate ways as a people and most likely earn us more recognitions from the international community.

Then, we can set the pace for other geopolitical zones in the country but instead they are busy routing for the continuity of a failed administration, believing that it will help them to realise their dream of Oduduwa republic that the ruling party has not given an ear for 16years not to talk more of discussing, don't be deceived by these set of deceitful leaders who will do anything within their reach to protect their personal interests.

Politics / Re: Explain Your Links With Jega- PDP Challenges APC. by Shiifi(m): 12:05am
Aside the fact that @ProfOsinbajo is a Yoruba man,my people in South West
will massively vote for APC bec of him.
They love quality products

sai GMB
Programming / Re: Suggestions On How To Improve This Section by Fulaman198(m): 12:05am
Programming section just needs to be called the "IT" section.

A vast array of topics need to be introduced from Systems Engineering, Database Engineering, Network Engineering, to just straight up programming. Remember I.T. is a really huge and interesting field. So we can't just limit ourselves to

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