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Boko Haram Funded By CBN
by bestads. 3 posts & 71 views. 6:31pm (joyceok)
Breaking News : Reinforced Boko Haram Seized Bama Town In Bornu
by rafhell. 5 posts & 182 views. 6:30pm (Qelvin)
We’ll Do Justice To Confab Report – Tambuwal
by fkaz. 4 posts & 104 views. 6:28pm (Keneking)
SCANDALOUS: Outrage In Nigeria As Government Brands National ID Card With Master (1) (2) (3) ... (14) (15) (16) *
by oskaaay. 533 posts & 17482 views. 6:27pm (CriticalThought)
Forgive Me, Gov Chime’s Wife Begs Him
by basty. 2 posts & 57 views. 6:26pm (Mskrisx)
Enugu Set To Export Pineapple To Europe. (1)
by PhockPhockMan. 40 posts & 533 views. 6:25pm (IGBOSON1)
Some Beautiful Roads In Aba State
by ruggedboy01. 15 posts & 281 views. 6:23pm (gebest)
Sule Lamido And OBJ Planning Jonathan's Downfall
by OlusolaWarrior. 1 post & 73 views. 6:19pm (OlusolaWarrior)
BOKO HARAM: Mr Power Brokers
by RebelLeader15. 5 posts & 66 views. 6:18pm (ratiken)
The Place Of Nigerian Women In President Jonathan's Administration
by Delydex. 2 posts & 23 views. 6:16pm (smartchoice)
The Kidnappers Av Been Paid But Yet To Release My Dad - Caroline Adeneye
by Stanjr. 1 post & 70 views. 6:16pm (Stanjr)
The Place Of Nigerian Women In President Jonathan's Administration
by Gorzy1. 3 posts & 25 views. 6:16pm (olrotimi)
Is Siriusblack Still Alive
by SUBMARINE. 8 posts & 213 views. 6:13pm (theassassin)
Boko Haram To Target The ‘political Class’ - Prophet T.B. Joshua
by solaugo. 4 posts & 183 views. 6:12pm (asadike)
What Do You Consider To Be The Greatest Achievement Of GEJ?
by OlusolaWarrior. 2 posts & 21 views. 6:10pm (Keneking)
President Jonathan Commissions Goodluck Boulevard In Uyo (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) *
by ujoinme. 209 posts & 19556 views. 5:59pm (Emphasis)
Boko Haram Successfully Takes Over The 2nd Largest City In Borno (1) (2) (3)
by Aktor365. 104 posts & 2073 views. 5:55pm (enomakos)
PHOTOS: Nigerian Army's Campaign In The North Eastern Theatre. (1) (2) (3) ... (55) (56) (57)
by SiriusBlack. 1851 posts & 49430 views. 5:54pm (overhypedsteve)
Degema Local Government Chairman Of Rivers State Complete Sports Stadia
by kel4soft. 5 posts & 78 views. 5:53pm (oduastates)
Tropicana Project ! Obong Attah Vindicated!!! By Ita Awak
by blog4all. 3 posts & 91 views. 5:52pm (nigerianvenom)
An Analysis Of Likely APC Presidential Contenders
by SenseiX. 12 posts & 379 views. 5:51pm (careytommy)
Jonathan’s Support Groups Now 8,000 – Presidency (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) *
by solaugo. 185 posts & 10303 views. 5:47pm (Blueboy0402)
Can Someone Give Me One Honest Reason Why APC Is Better Than PDP?
by theoctopus. 11 posts & 129 views. 5:43pm (nigerianvenom)
Nigerian Army In Control Of Bama. Ignore D Propaganda From Sahara Reporters, BBC
by tokunboh. 6 posts & 131 views. 5:36pm (tokunboh)
Tiki Taka: Bola Tinubu Pass Is Back To Tom Ikimi
by jcflex. 3 posts & 92 views. 5:35pm (hushmail)
TB Joshua Is At It Again- Say's Barack Obama Will Fall Sick Soon
by sammondonpoint. 11 posts & 549 views. 5:35pm (spanzed)
"Abia Stinks"....billionaire Shocks Guests At Abia State 23rd Year Anniversary.
by yuncka. 18 posts & 497 views. 5:25pm (amakufrancis)
Army Begins Airstrikes In Bama
by drsolob2. 2 posts & 112 views. 5:22pm (drsolob2)
Nigeria's Boko Haram 'seize' Bama Town In Borno.
by Muscomide. 1 post & 22 views. 5:22pm (Muscomide)
Atiku May Declare Presidential Ambition Sept 24
by yarnings. 16 posts & 123 views. 5:20pm (Alutasenator)
Police Arrests Rivers LG Boss For Destroying Jonathans Billboard (1)
by hazekctravels. 38 posts & 888 views. 5:20pm (PhockPhockMan)
Boko Haram Takes Over Bama As Military Withdraws To Maiduguri
by kingDRIS. 2 posts & 60 views. 5:20pm (drsteroid)
Please Let Maiduguri Not Fall To BH Firepower
by brosiye99. 1 post & 28 views. 5:19pm (brosiye99)
See Why Some Nigerians Are Angry Over President Jonathan's New National E-ID
by Breeze5000. 6 posts & 209 views. 5:18pm (CriticalThought)
What Manner Of A Ruling Party Is PDP? (1) (2) (3)
by barcanista. 122 posts & 490 views. 5:18pm (Obiagelli)
General Ihejirika: A Loony Biafra Fanatic Or Just Deadly Corrupt? – Dr. Peregrin (1) (2) (3) ... (5) (6) (7)
by lakpalakpa. 243 posts & 2493 views. 5:17pm (vedaxcool)
Non Performing Nigeria Ministers To Trench Off Come 2015
by Gorzy1. 4 posts & 123 views. 5:11pm (Delydex)
"We Will Ensure That Nigeria Will Not Survive If Jonathan Wins In 2015"--Oyegun
by Olaedo1. 23 posts & 1905 views. 5:09pm (meforyou1)
Worsening Security Crisis In The Country When Is Gej Addresing The Nation ?
by Rikidony. 9 posts & 53 views. 5:02pm (Rawani)
How Do You Refer To Someone From Enugu State?? (1)
by makazona. 47 posts & 562 views. 5:02pm (thwarrior72)
Stop Using Your Newspaper To Rubbish My Administration, T.A Orji Warns Kalu
by GoodieGreat. 3 posts & 83 views. 4:59pm (abacrested)
Residents Panic After Chicken Begins Talking Before Being Slaughtered
by FNNEWS. 3 posts & 136 views. 4:58pm (brownlord)
Pictures Of A Short-cut Into Ikeja Police Barracks By Mobolaji Bank-anthony Way (1) (2) *
by MAYOWAAK. 93 posts & 15375 views. 4:57pm (Youngsage)
TERROR!! Boko Haram Takes Over Bama, Hoists Flag
by GodswillAJudins. 3 posts & 133 views. 4:52pm (Richiez)
Nigeria's Boko Haram 'seize' Bama Town In Borno
by pDude. 6 posts & 68 views. 4:51pm (Katier00)
Boko Haram: FG Acquires 12 Fighter Jets (1) (2) (3) ... (6) (7) (8) *
by Solutioncrib. 257 posts & 31224 views. 4:46pm (nke001)
Would You Attend/send Your Wards To Any Of These Illegal Universities?
by OlusolaWarrior. 1 post & 43 views. 4:45pm (OlusolaWarrior)
Army Imposes Dusk-to-dawn Curfew On Maiduguri (1) *
by modhream. 54 posts & 6825 views. 4:44pm (size38)
Why Is Nobody Talking About This?
by torhuke. 2 posts & 65 views. 4:43pm (torhuke)
Nigerian Press And Lies - Ihejirika Azubuike and Boko Haram!
by kaboninc. 1 post & 47 views. 4:41pm (kaboninc)
61% Of Nigerians Approve Jonathan’s Performance – Survey -
by atlwireles. 1 post & 39 views. 4:41pm (atlwireles)
If Bama Falls, We Are Doomed!!! (1)
by dekronik. 64 posts & 2240 views. 4:40pm (smartchoice)
National eID Card To Be Unveiled And Launched Tomorrow (Picture) (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) *
by shikshark. 181 posts & 38645 views. 4:36pm (CriticalThought)
Is Coming, To Take Over The Whole World Government!! (1) (2)
by Raotito. 73 posts & 4086 views. 4:36pm (Raotito)
Chime Swears In New Dep Gov In Enugu,says We Have Just Replaced A Bad Spark Plug (1) (2) *
by eaglechild. 69 posts & 6057 views. 4:34pm (alexlee50)
'voters Without Permanent Cards Won’t Vote'
by eunisam. 2 posts & 29 views. 4:33pm (Danhumprey)
News Flash: Please Read And Share Facts About The New National eID Card
by activatenigeria. 5 posts & 95 views. 4:28pm (CriticalThought)
VAT, Oil, Companies Account For 94% Of Fg’s N2.5trn H1 Revenue
by atlwireles. 1 post & 21 views. 4:27pm (atlwireles)
Okonjo-iweala, Nass Team Engage Diaspora On Economic Development
by NOIConnect. 4 posts & 62 views. 4:26pm (mlane)
Nigeria's Boko Haram 'seize' Bama Town In Borno
by SunandRay. 14 posts & 243 views. 4:19pm (lekkie073)
Wukari Crisis Again... (1)
by Karmatyra. 40 posts & 451 views. 4:17pm (Ogbonaikenna)
BREAKING NEWS! TVC Correspondent Kidnapped In Osun State
by chinology. 31 posts & 1057 views. 4:17pm (gravinto)
Why Is President Jonathan Hated By Some People?
by Rexnegro. 32 posts & 215 views. 4:13pm (Rexnegro)
Time To Ask For Help In Fighting Boko Haram?
by Wallie. 1 post & 23 views. 4:07pm (Wallie)

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