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Politics / Re: Insolvent Lagos And Accountability Deficit - Rasheed Fashola by eGuerrilla(m): 2:49pm On Apr 10
naijababe: I just wish we would stop the siddon look attitude and stop politicising everything! This APC folks are the biggest scammers in our collective history. They constantly remind me of ' a jeun loju onile' cry

The inconvenient truth, it seems, naijababe.

As someone who has gone out on limb many times to laud the efforts made by LSG, in the area of public administration, I find the contents of this article shocking.

I need a stiff drink!


Politics / Insolvent Lagos And Accountability Deficit - Rasheed Fashola by eGuerrilla(m): 2:34pm On Apr 10
Insolvent Lagos And Accountability Deficit By Rasheed Fashola

April 10, 2014

Transparency and accountability in government are two key indices of good governance in modern day society. Sane members of the public cannot regard a society as being democratic in the absence of these two public virtues, as the implication is that such society labours under the yoke of corruption while its leadership must have developed thick skin to critical observations.

Applying the high ideals of transparency and accountability to the state of affairs in Lagos State today, it is difficult to adjudge, in all sincerity, the government of Governor Babatunde Fashola a successful candidate. This may surprise quite a number of people as the general impression is that the government is doing well. The unfortunate aspect of our polity is the public amnesia we quickly fall into whenever an unfortunate event has garnered the dimming passage of a few days.

It must be noted that the Lagos State Public Procurement Agency Law (hereinafter referred to as “the Law”) was passed and gazetted in January, 2012 and ought to have been operational ever since. It is quite distressing that the law has not been implemented for one day. The essence of a procurement law is to make government expenditure more transparent, eliminate corruption and reduce waste of public funds. Rather than following due process, the government has been awarding contracts without adherence to the provisions of the Law. It is therefore strange when I read in the newspapers some few days ago that Niger State officials were in Lagos in order to understudy the elegant fraud being perpetrated by the government of Lagos.

According to Section 22(1)(a) of the Law, “all procurements carried out by any procuring entity shall be governed by” “public monitoring of the procurement process and the implementation of contracts awarded to ensure that all public contracts are awarded pursuant to the provisions of this Law and its Regulations, and that all public contracts are performed according to specifications.” As a result of default to allow this provision to take effect, members of civil society have written to the government asking pertinent questions as to the amounts for which certain contracts were awarded, the terms under which they were awarded and the stage of implementation of such contracts. Despite the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act, the Governor has refused to be accountable to anybody as his excellency would not deign so low as to accord such busy-body questions with any response.

An astounding revelation that followed was the declaration by the governor that he was not bound by the Freedom of Information Act to make any such disclosure whereas there is no Freedom of Information Law in the State. Coupled with the above is the fact that the governor has never declared the cost of any project whether at the point of commissioning or thereafter. What now happens to the right of public monitoring vested in the people by the provisions of the Public Procurement Law and the right to freedom of information as guaranteed by the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1999?

A disturbing fact is that the State has been awarding contracts at grossly inflated prices without any reverence paid to the provisions of the Law or to the moral injunctions of public probity and accountability. Indicating that corruption is the Chief Law Officer of Lagos State is the fact that there is no official information on the state of indebtedness of Lagos State whereas the State is constantly going cap in hand as if borrowing was likely going out of fashion. While there was a second-guessing of international indebtedness of Lagos to be in the staggering sum of 900 million dollars, no Jupiter can actually say the state of local indebtedness.

While Lekki-Ikoyi was said to cost the State the staggering sum of N38 Billion, the House of Assembly’s verification exercise rated the bridge as being not worth more than 7 billion Naira. Whatever happened to 31 Billion Naira is best left to the imagination of the tax payers. It is on record that government contractors who have executed a number of projects for the State are being owed not less than 80 Billion Naira as at present and the government keeps awarding phantom contracts by which huge amounts of money are being siphoned. While the State government spent 1 Billion Naira on bangers and explosives during the New Year Crossover Night, it cannot afford to adequately fund University education and hence, school fees in the Lagos State University (LASU) have to compete with private schools. While Lagos State makes an average of 29 Billion Naira as its monthly revenue, the government is not justifying the disappearances of this whooping sum and the fact that not less than 800 projects are already abandoned notwithstanding that they have been severally awarded and re-awarded.

Another dangerous characteristic of this government is nepotism. The government and public service of Lagos State have become an extension of the governor’s family as brothers, sisters and friends of the governor are the ones controlling many parastatals without expected performances. The immediate elder sister of the Governor, Ms. Yinka Fashola, is the one superintending over the on-going residents registration exercise on which nothing less 7 Billion Naira has been expended. Unfortunately, the programme has only succeeded in registering 164,000 people more than a year into the project. It seems Lagosians are getting tired of masked failures of this government. The governor has directed all Local Government officials to start mobilizing the people for the purpose of the resident’s registration exercise at the expense of the Local Government. An official of the agency has suggested the possibility of adopting the records obtained by the All Progressives Congress in its recent membership registration exercise to be adapted into the data for Lagos Residents Registration exercise. Interestingly, we have spent 7 Billion Naira to register only 164,000 people! Mathematically, it translates to N42,682, 926.82 to register one person. Incredible! Thanks to the recent efforts of the various Local Governments in shoring up the figure.

Furthermore, one Mrs. Animashahun who heads the Lagos State Building Control Agency is a relative of the governor while one Dr. Mrs. Adesina who calls the shots as the Special Adviser to the Governor is equally a relative of the Governor. One Ms. Azeez, a sister to the closest friend of the Governor, Demola Azeez, heads the EKO Project and directly reports to him. There is hardly any Agency in the State today that the Fashola family or Animashaun Family does not prominently feature. This is aside from the in laws and many relatives of the Governor who have just been imported from the United Kingdom. The question is what is the fate of the civil servants who have been laboring to build a viable Lagos when relatives of the Governor who did not exhibit any sound managerial knowledge or capability are just brought into the country to take over the headship and management of government parastatals and agencies?

It is imperative to note that there is no room for legal plunder as being perpetrated by the government of the day in Lagos State. How can one justify the fact that two companies in which the governor has substantial interests, either held through cronies or where his friends hold controlling shareholding, are the ones doing most of the contracts in Lagos State? Plycon Nigeria Limited and Palmyra Nigeria Limited are the tools by which very many contracts have been awarded and re-awarded but remain unexecuted. Little wonder that the Governor, in order to save his face, is just beginning to remove them from some of the failed contracts. The fact that the Governor has interests in these companies is undeniable. Can some other persons in saner climes do what is currently happening in Lagos State without being thrown behind the bars? But as Frederick Bestiat said:

“Sometimes the law defends plunder and participates in it. Thus the beneficiaries are spared the shame and danger that their acts would otherwise involve… But how is this legal plunder to be identified? Quite simply. See if the law takes from some persons what belongs to them and gives it to the other persons to whom it doesn’t belong. See if the law benefits one citizen at the expense of another by doing what the citizen himself cannot do without committing a crime. Then abolish that law without delay – No legal plunder; this is the principle of justice, peace, order, stability, harmony and logic.”

We must realize that the failure of government to ameliorate the sufferings of the people; the failure to reduce school fees but rather increasing it to the utter denial of education to the poor masses, is the consequence of the total lack of transparency and accountability in government. It has been alleged and found true by many political leaders in the State that the fund at the personal disposal of Governor Babatunde Fashola at the moment is more than what Asiwaju Bola Tinubu can risk to confront hence the tactical strategy of sly avoidance with which an elder escapes from a charging bull.

Can we then continue with this wanton impoverishment of the people by a government that takes so much in taxes but has failed to create jobs to reduce the criminal dependency ratio with its attendant withdrawal of security from our homes and roads?

Rasheed Ayinde Fashola


Zero Corruption Campaign (ZCC),

Ikeja, Lagos.



Ethnic/Racial Politics / Re: 6 Reasons Why Yorubas Rule Nigeria by eGuerrilla(m): 1:18pm On Apr 10


The above crap was never trendy on the ground in Yoruba land. I remembered the pride employed by the Yoruba peeps when introducing themselves to friends during my stay in Yoruba land. They usual start with their first, middle and surname names and then unchained the names of their father, grandfather and great-grandfather including inrrelevant tittles beginning with “Omo”.

You exemplify the very reason why it is often said that a little bit of knowledge can be dangerous grin
So you resided in Yorubaland in the 1800s, Derided Gull?

I can assure you the Yoruba followed a fine convention when it came to naming ceremonies.
What they and so many other groups did not have, at the time, were surnames - the central plank of your pedestrian logic cheesy


Ethnic/Racial Politics / Re: 6 Reasons Why Yorubas Rule Nigeria by eGuerrilla(m): 1:06pm On Apr 10


Wow!!! This is a new shot in the arm on the group that claimed foothold in human civilization. Good to know that peeps never performed naming ceremony in the days.

I can assure you the Yoruba followed a fine convention when it came to naming ceremonies.
What they and so many other groups did not have, at the time, were surnames - the central plank of your pedestrian logic cheesy

You need to elevate your game a bit, Mr Derided. Or else even your intellectually-challenged groupie is going to start asking hard questions about your current state of mind.


Ethnic/Racial Politics / Re: 6 Reasons Why Yorubas Rule Nigeria by eGuerrilla(m): 12:50pm On Apr 10


I am still in NL watching the moronic dolts such as you that constantly chest-beat. Any alleged 10 or 12 year old boy who does not remember his name as Ademola Ajaladipo Ologbosere should be sold into slavery. What is there not to remember?

Derided 'elder' gull, surnames (sir-names really) were uncustomary in Yorubaland during that period.
You were simply the son of a named individual - get it?

Listen, I am going to start charging for these tutorial sessions - as it is clear you are rather slow on the uptake cool


Ethnic/Racial Politics / Re: 6 Reasons Why Yorubas Rule Nigeria by eGuerrilla(m): 10:03am On Apr 10

Sapara Williams = was Sierra Leonean (Real name Christopher Alexander Williams)
- Oyinkan Abayomi = Daughter of a Sierra Leonean
- Kitoyi Ajasa = Sierra Leonean (Real name Edmund Macualey)
- J.H. Doherty = Sierra Leonean
- Ladipo Solanke = Son of a Sierra Leonean (Felix Paley)
- Julius Ojo-Cole = Son of a Sierra Leonean
- Sir Adetokunbo Ademola
- Mojola Agbebi = Sierra Leonean (Real Name David Brown Vincent)
- Sir Adeyemo Alakija = Brazilian ( Real name Placido Assumpçao)
- Crispin Adeniyi Jones = Sierra Leonean (Real name Dr. Curtis Crispin Jones)
- Richard Beale Olamilege Blaize = Sierra Leonean (Richard Beale Blaize)
- Dr. Oguntola Odunbaku Sapara Williams = Sierra Leonean (Real Name Dr. Johnson Alexander Williams)
- Bishop Ajayi Crowther = Sierra Leonean (Real Name Samuel Crowther)
- Herbert Macaulay = Son of a Sierra Leonean
- Samuel Johnson = Sierra Leonean
- Obadiah Johnson = Sierra Leonean
- Oyinkan Abayomi = Daughter of a Sierra Leonean
- Orisadipe Obasa = Sierra Leonean (Real Name Dr. George Stone Smith)
- Prince Falolu Docemo
- Eric Olawolu Moore = Sierra Leonean (Real Name Eric Moore)
- Richard Akinwande Savage = Sierra Leonean (Real Name Richard Savage)
- Dr. John Randle = Sierra Leonean
- Mobolaji Adeyemi Akinsemoyin
- Jacob Kehinde Coker = Son of Sierra Leonean (Jacob Osodu Coker)
- Prof latunde odeku
- Kofo Abayomi = Sierra Leonean
- Isaac Ladipo Oluwole, his father was Sierra Leonean named Isaac Johnson
- Anthony Agbaje
- Oloye Hezekiah Oladipo Davies = Sierra Leonean (Real Name Hezekiah Davis)
- James Churchill Vaughan = Sierra Leonean
- Oguntola Sapara = Sierra Leonean (Dr Johnson Alexander Williams)
- John Oni Akerele = Son of Sierra Leonean
- Samuel Manuwa = Son of a Sierra Leonean
- Oladele Ajose
- Funmilayo Ransome-Kuti
- Babajimi Ademakun.
- Nnamidi Azikwe
- Eyo Ita.
- Obafemi Awolowo.
- Ered Ebito = Sierra Leonean
- Olusola Alakija = Brazilian connection

So far for Yoruba Hall of Shame!!!! I left out few for sake of magnanimity.

So says the arrowhead of revisionists here on Nairaland.

After the brow-beating you received on the 'Ajayi Crowther' thread, you still have the temerity to show up here with the same slowpoke#ed account? Evidently, there is nothing that can redeem your atrophied mind cheesy


Politics / Re: President GEJ Daughter Is Not Pregnant! !! by eGuerrilla(m): 2:19pm On Apr 07
Okija_juju: Just in, the Presidents Daughter is 6 months pregnant..

Don't ask me how I know..

The gods are wise

Having studied a number of other photographs taken at that event, I am in no doubt whatsoever that the president's daughter is indeed pregnant. Do I consider this matter any of my business? Hell no!

“People that saw me today didn’t recognise me. I am preparing to be a grandfather,” - Jonathan said humorously.

Footnote: I see Seun is determined to take NL to an ignominious end. cool


Culture / Re: Where Did The Yoruba People Really Originated From by eGuerrilla(m): 10:15am On Apr 04

How much work on our history has been done since Rev. Samuel Johnson's?
Why are we not using the new, improved modern tools of:

- Archaeology
- DNA testing
- Lingusitics

to understand with GREATER certainty this interesting subject
Must we wait for the white men to fund such research & initiatives when we have moneyed (wo)men among us who can do so and get the associated glory angry

I don't know how familiar you are with the scholarship on this subject, but a lot of work has been done in all the three areas you highlighted.

Unfortunately this is not the thread for such exploration.

"When seagulls follow the trawler it is because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea" ~ Eric Cantona


Politics / Re: Photo Of Gumsu Sani Abacha And France President Francois Hollande by eGuerrilla(m): 5:57pm On Apr 03
MalcoImX: When I said I am happier and freer during Abacha, I said it with all sincerity. Whether he'll entertain what you 'call freedom of expression' I don't know! But life first! The inability not to function fully in a Boko Haram, Militants, kidnappers, ritualists, assassins, kleptomaniacs, etc. infested cauldron is a denial of freedom and life.
There are and always will be restrictions in every government. It's a matter of degree. Will Sanusi, El-Rufai, Melaye, Omojuwa, etc. tell you they're not experiencing their NADECO now? But one thing with Nigerians is that they've never been shut down; especially their press. So, it's a credit to the Nigerian spirit rather than to something else.

As yours is a case of "Uhuru in the eyes of the beholder", which affords little or no respect to the universality of certain precepts, there is little point in advancing any further argument on this topic.

Thanks for the indulgence.
Politics / Re: Photo Of Gumsu Sani Abacha And France President Francois Hollande by eGuerrilla(m): 2:06pm On Apr 03
MalcoImX: Different strokes for different folks... I was freer and happier under the real soldier.↓

And you think Abacha would have entertained the freedom of expression your proclaim below? angry

MalcoImX: A Nigerian who has EVERY right to question ill-informed policies in his country.
Politics / Re: Court Restrains Police & DSS From Arresting Sanusi & Awards Him N50m by eGuerrilla(m): 1:23pm On Apr 03
Egg on the face!


Politics / Re: Why We Protested, Got Arrested And Will Of Course Protest Again OMOJUWA by eGuerrilla(m): 11:03am On Apr 03
Pangea: May I add,
Everything GEJ is enjoying today,
Is the work of fearless few
That dared the cabal
To protest in Abuja.

Its a pity
Thesame man that was fought for,
Has turned against those who helped him there!

As the saying goes:
He who reward good for evil,
Evil shall not depart from his house!

He was never an agent of change to begin with. Expecting him to move against vested interests, when his antecedents as a lack luster and corrupt governor suggest otherwise, is akin to squeezing blood from a stone.

Personally, I expected nothing more and nothing less.
Politics / Re: Why We Protested, Got Arrested And Will Of Course Protest Again OMOJUWA by eGuerrilla(m): 10:43am On Apr 03
Well done Japeth & team. Moro and everyone else found culpable have to go.

Coffin for head of state

Coffin for immigration chief
Culture / Re: Where Did The Yoruba People Really Originated From by eGuerrilla(m): 8:04am On Apr 03
According to the acclaimed historian Rev. Samuel Johnson, here are the most probable sources...


Properties / Re: FG Stops Fashola’s Housing Project With Soldiers by eGuerrilla(m): 5:39pm On Apr 02

That The World May Know

The Full List of Osborne Land Deal Beneficiaries

September 20, 1999



1. Vanguard News Item
2. NDM Commentary


Vanguard: 2nd Lead
Osborne: Abacha, Aikhomu, Diya are beneficiaries

By Okelo Madukaife, Property Editor & Kingsley Adegboye

LATE Head of State, General Sani Abacha; former Vice-President, Augustus Aikhomu; ex-Chief of General Staff (CGS), Lt.-Gen. Oladipo Diya; an incumbent governor and former military governor of Kaduna State, Col. Abubakar Umar are among 137 prominent Nigerians who benefited from the 1993 allocation of the controversial Osborne,Ilubirin foreshore in Ikoyi.

The full list of the allotees has already been admitted as `Exhibit G' in an on-going legal suit No. M/776/93 between His Royal Highness, Oba
Yekini Adeniyi Elegushi and five others, on the one hand, and the Attorney General of the Federation, Minister of Works and Housing and
C&C Construction on the other.

The suit was filed on behalf of the plaintiff by Alhaji Femi Okunnu (SAN) in 1993, seeking to compel the Federal Government to repeal Decree 52 promulgated in June of that year.

The decree appropriated all areas within 100 metres of the coast of Nigeria to the Federal Government while backdating the effective period of the decree to January 1975.

The full list is inclusive of the 25 top military officers and 25 others whose certificates of occupancy on the disputed stretch of land were revoked last week because the plots were acquired with public funds

Also on the list of beneficiaries are Minister of Industries,
Dr. Iyorcha Ayu; Senator David Mark; National Security Adviser, Lt.-Gen. Aliyu Mohammed (rtd); former Minister of Works and Housing, Engr.
Barnabas Gemade; Minister of Defence, Lt-Gen. Yakubu Danjuma (rtd) and former Speaker of the House of Representatives, Agunwa Anekwe.

Others were, ex-civilian governor of Lagos State, Sir Michael Otedola;former Deputy Senate President, Mr. Albert Legogie; former Minister of
Information, Comrade Uche Chukwumerije; another ex-military governor of Kaduna State, Col. Yohanna Madaki (rtd) and Justice Akpata.

Below are the names of beneficiaries:

Block 1

Plot Name

1. Prince O. Olasore
2. Ikoyi Nursing Home/MF
3. Mrs. S. Tawana
4. Alhaji S. Yangon Daura
5. Mrs. M. Agbalaka
6. Alhaji Muhammed -Menjo
7. Dr. R. Ihyembe
8. Brig. J. A. Kpere
9. Dr. (Mrs) Rose Wushishi
10. Alhaji Uba Abubakar
11. Dr. C. Wachukwu
12. Mr. A.A. Adebayo
13. Mr. Terry Waya
14. Mr. John Edozien
15. Prince G.O. Nnannah
16. Mrs. O. Lakan
17. Dr. Paul Aifuwa
18. Dr. Chu Okongwu
19. Dr. C.I. Etomi
20. AVM Usman Muazu
21. Alhaji Umaru Yar'Adua
22. Chief Francis Oji
23. Chief M.T. Mbu
24. Mr. Peter Nwaoduah

Block 2


1. Prof Mabogunje
2. Mrs. Ladi Mustapha
3. Mallam Mohammed Sani
4. Alhaji Abba Mohammed
4A. Mexicon Nigeria Limited
5. Engr. B. I.A. Gemade
6. Brig. Gen. D. Mark
7. Mr. Ulu Kalu
8. Dr. Simeon O. Ihemadu
9. Mr. J.E.T. Ikedianya
10. Mr. J.O. Ajibola
11. Dr. O. Olagunju
12. Alhaji Ayodele T. lawal
13. Dr. Emeka Chukwudi
14. Alhaji K. Lawal

Block 3

Plot 3

1. -

2. Mrs. Rakiya Sattah
3. Engr. Steve Chia
4. Engr. Joseph Makoju.
5. Chief M.A. Buraimoh
6. Mr. Samuel Meagbe
7. -
8. Mr.B.A. Adewale
9. Mr. B.A. Mbah
10. Dr. C. Odumah

Block 4

1. Col. D. Abubakar Umar
2. Alhaji Umoru Baba
3. AVM Yusuf Allam
4. V-Admiral M. Nyako
5. Vice Admiral Elegbede
6. Lt. Gen. J. Dogonyaro
7. Lt. Gen. A. Mohammed
10. Alhaji (Dr)Abdulkadir
11. Mr. O. Joseph
12. Mrs. V. Heckser

Block 5

`1. Admiral A. Aikhomu
2. Lt. Gen. Oladipo Diya
3. Alhaji Aliyu Mohammed
4. Lt. Gen. Jerry Useni
5. Lt. Gen. Yakubu Danjuma (rtd)
6. Mr. A. B. Onalaja

Block 6.

1. Lt. Gen. Salihu Ibrahim
2. Lt. Gen. Garba Duba
3. ---
4. Gen. Sani Abacha
5 ---
6 ---
7. Air Marshal Akin Dada
8. Chief E. O. Shonekan

Block 7

1. Maj. Gen. M.T. Kontgora
2. Mr. S.O. Brune
3. Justice Anyaegbunam
4. ---
5 Mr. David Amoh
6. Chief A.A. Aluko
7. Sen. (Dr) I. Iyorchia Ayu
8. ---
9. Mr. O.A. Dosumu
10.Mr. Guy E. Otobo
11.Admiral P. Omatsola
12 Dr. C.E. Joseph

P.O.W. R.C.M. Catholic Arch. Dio. of Lagos

Block 8.

1. Mr. Clement Akpamgbo
2. Alhaji I.A.S. Mohammed
3. ---
4. Engr. Adetayo Ajilogba
5. Gen. Gado Nasko
6. Alhaji A. I. Attah (I.G.P.)
7. Brig. Gen. John Shagaya
8. Maj Gen. Ishaya Bakut
9. Brig,. Gen. H. Akilu
10. Brig. Gen. L. Onoja
11. Brig. Gen. T. Shelpidi

Block 9

1. Prof. O. Aboyade
2. Lt. Col. Thomas Alo (rtd)
3. Hon. Agunwa Anaekwe
4. Senator Legogie
5. Prof. B. Fafunwa
6. Brig. Gen. S. U. Ikya
7. Maj. Gen. Abisoye
8. Mr. Hector Annoba
9. Alhaji A. Ojikutu
10. Prof. Dotun Phillips
11. Chief Micheal Otedola

Block 10


1. Lt. Col. I. Dasuki
2. Mr. Femi Sijuade
3. Col. Lawan Gwadabe
4. Mr. Emmanuel Ocholi
5. Com. Uche Chukwumerije
6. Alhaji A. Ayandipo
7. Capt. Moses Gowon
8. Col. Y. J. Madaki
9 Senator Francis Ellah
10. Buka Usman
11. Chief A.O. Shonubi
12. Prof A. Baba
13. Col. Abdul Aminu
14. Lt. Col. N. Bamali

Block 11

1. Chief Philip Asiodu
2. Chief Oluwole Adeosun
3. Mrs. Yetunde Fasade
4. Chief V, N,. Abianodo
5 Mr. Bernard Idemudia
6 Col. Fidelis Makka
7. Mr. J.O. Okunfulure
8. Mr. Ike Odoe
9 Chief Augustine Obiora
10 Mr. D. A. Shoyombo
11 Dr. Akinluyi
12 AVM Larry Koniyan
13 Maj.Gen. Opaleye
14. Justice Ephraim Akpata
15. Mr,. Horsefall

Block 12

1. Mr. E. O. Lufadeji
2 Engr. Abubakar Yabo
3 Dr. Pat Bello
4. AVM Bayo Lawal
5. Comrade Pascal Bafyau
6. Mrs. Stella Ogbonna
7 Hadiza Haruna
8. Mrs. Z. Warazi

Meanwhile, Okunu has welcome last week's decision of the Federal Government to revoke the certificates of occupancy (C of O),
describing it as "a step in the right direction."

He, however, told Vanguard on telephone weekend that "the battle is not over because the decree has not been repealed."

Hearing in the suit is expected to resume on Wednesday, September 29 in Lagos.

Vanguard Transmitted Monday, 20 September, 1999


NDM Commentary

The full list of beneficiaries from this odious Osborne land deal provides a sad commentary on the apparent willingness of so many of the Nigerian
elite (and not-so-elite) to take advantage of public funds and stamp on the rights of ordinary Nigerian citizens, in this Lagosians. While the
behavior of many of the named military individuals (who are by far in the majority here) is not particularly surprising - a nation "conquered" by
its own military is after all "lootable property" - that of otherwise sterling civilians such as Chief MT Mbu, Prof. Akin Mabogunje, Chief
Sonekan, Justice Anyaegbunam, (late) Prof. Aboyade, Prof. Babs Fafunwa,ex-Lagos Governor Chief Michael Otedola, Chief Philip Asiodu and currentINEC Chief Justice Ephraim Akpata and several others was an unwholesome development.

One can only hope that since the allotments to these individuals were not revoked in the recent exercise, the processing of their applications was kosher. The current court case will evntually decide. In the absence of propriety, all faulty allocations MUST be revoked after due administrative consideration, and reverted to the good and humble people of Lagos State.

Those in the list who are presently officials in the present democratic dispensation at any level certainly have the extra duty and responsibility
of unloading themselves of ill-gotten land without delay, if that is indeed the case.

Finally, the Nigerian Democratic Movement urges the National Assembly, acting in concert with the Federal Executive government of President
Obasanjo to scrap without delay the odious Decree 52 of 1993 which enabled the thieving conversion of Lagos State land to Federal land by Babangida, which now appears to be execuse to divvy up land among cronies. Furthermore, the Land Tenure Decree which confers ALL land in Nigeria on the government must also be SUBSTANTIALLY revised if not scrapped, to enable the majority of Nigeria's citizen greater control over the land that they live on.



Properties / Re: FG Stops Fashola’s Housing Project With Soldiers by eGuerrilla(m): 5:33pm On Apr 02

According the following Guardian Newspaper report, the FGN (Babangida and associates) simply stole the land under Decree 52 to begin with.

I will post the alleged list of beneficiaries shortly angry

Lekan Sanni, Staff Reporter

LAGOS State government has said it will reclaim the Ilubirin legislative quarters forcibly acquired by the Federal Government through Decree 52 of 1993. Governor Bola Tinubu, on inspection of drainage projects in the state on Monday, said the government was already making preparations to take back all its land appropriated by the Babangida administration under the decree. Decree 52 conferred ownership of land 100 metres from the shoreline on the Federal Government. The legislative quarters was meant to house Lagos legislators, but with the sandfilling of Osborne Road extendede to...more

Footnote: The link to the article itself is broken, but this should suffice --
Properties / Re: FG Stops Fashola’s Housing Project With Soldiers by eGuerrilla(m): 4:09pm On Apr 02
emmydeep: It means that Fashola is really clueless. Why didnt he know that the land belongs to the FG?
This is a clear indication Babatunde Fashola is a clueless governor.

Is it the LSG that is clueless or the FGN that is vindictive?


By ‘Fikayo Olaniyan

Eminent Lagos State indigenes yesterday urged the Federal Government to honour its promise of reverting ownership of some property to the state.

They expressed concern that over a year after President Umaru Yar’Adua gave a commitment to return the property nothing had been done on it.

The eminent indigenes, led by former Federal Commissioner for Works, Alhaji Lateef Okunnu (SAN), at a news conference in Lagos appealed to the Minister of Works and Housing, Dr. Hassan Lawal, to facilitate the return of the property.

Besides Okunnu, other dignitaries at the news conference were: Senator Ganiyu Solomon, Dr. Ahmed Onipede, Chief. Molade Okoya-Thomas, Dr. Niyi Coker, Mr. Adisa Bashua, Mrs. Francesca Emmanuel, Mrs. Tawa Williams, Dr. Ishola Salami and Dr. Rasheed Ojikutu.

Okunnu said: "Over 13 months ago, a delegation of obas and eminent citizens of Lagos State, led by the Oba of Lagos, Oba Rilwanu Akiolu 1, presented the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria a memorandum on residential houses occupied by federal civil servants in Lagos State, but which belong to the Lagos State Government.

"Aside of residential quarters, there are also certain buildings and landed property occupied by the Federal Government for over 25 to 30 years but which, in fact, belong to the Lagos State Government. This category of landed property include Snake Island, Banana Island, Osborne Road/Ilubirin Foreshore, Tafawa Balewa Square and the International Trade Fair Complex.

"At the end of our presentation, President Umaru Yar’Adua made two points: property in respect of which there was an agreement by both parties, that is the Federal Government and the Lagos State Government, would be returned to their previous owners; in the case of other disputed landed property, if settlement failed, the issue might be resolved by the law court."

Okunnu said the Federal Government had conceded 95 property as belonging to the state, with 71 of them located in Ikoyi.

He, however, said since Yar’Adua made the promise on February 11, last year, federal civil servants were yet to give up the property.

"We, representing the obas, and on our own behalf and on behalf of all the good people of Lagos State, call on the new minister of housing to respect the authority of President Yar’Adua and return forthwith to Lagos State the 95 government quarters which the Federal Government has conceded," he added.

Okunnu said the Federal Government had no land except the one it acquired, adding that land is a state property, not the Federal Government’s.



Politics / Senate Appoints Prominent Thief, Sen. Bagudu, To Head NIS Recruitment Probe by eGuerrilla(m): 6:04am On Apr 01
Nigerian senate appoints prominent thief, Sen. Bagudu, to head probe of NIS recruitment scandal

March 31, 2014

Nigeria’s president Goodluck Jonathan has so far chosen not to move against Abba Moro, the minister of interior, despite the overwhelming outcry by Nigerians over this month’s failed Nigeria Immigration Service recruitment exercise.

It is believed that one of the reasons Pres. Jonathan is shy to move against Moro is because the interior minister has a strong backer in the person of senate president David Mark whose 2011 senatorial campaign was run by Moro.

David Mark’s senate meanwhile ordered an investigation into the failed recruitment exercise that resulted in the death of 16 applicants and the man who will head that investigation is the chairman of the senate committee on interior whose profile does not give much hope of a favourable outcome.

Senator Atiku Abubakar Bagudu is the chairman of the senate committee on interior. But how Bagudu himself managed to become a senator in Nigeria is troubling as the man has one of the shadiest records in the upper chamber dating back to the Abacha days when Bagudu was a prominent front for the looting done by the Abacha family.

Read this excerpt from Sen. Bagudu’s Wikipedia page:

Bagudu became a close friend of Ibrahim and Mohammed Abacha, sons of military ruler Sani Abacha. He and Ibrahim Abacha were involved in a scheme to buy vaccines and resell them to the government at a steep mark-up, earning $66.6 million profit. Later, he helped divert much larger sums of money that had been earmarked for security spending into foreign accounts.

After Abacha died in 1998, the interim military government that followed started an investigation into misuse of state funds. Mohammed Abacha and Abubakar Atiku Bagudu, his business manager, returned $750 million. There was no criminal prosecution. Bagudu moved to the USA in 2000, and in 2003 was detained there for six months on charges of financial misdeeds during the Abacha era. He was released in November 2003 on condition that he repaid about $300 million to the Federal Government of Nigeria. The administration of President Olusegun Obasanjo apparently made a deal to recover part of the money in return for dropping prosecution and leaving the remainder with the family.[5] Bagudu was Chairman of Phil Nugent Nigeria Ltd. from 2004 until December 2005.

The 53 year old senator was elected to the national assembly in a 2010 by-election after Adamu Aliero, the former senator representing Kebbi Central was made a minister by Pres. Goodluck Jonathan.

At the time, not much was made of Bagudu’s entry into the senate apart from the reservations of a few activists.

Bagudu was Abacha’s bagman in the days when the dictator pillaged the nation’s treasury. He was Abacha’s conduit through whom passed most of the $4-5 billion Abacha was reputed to have stolen.

Considering how much money Bagudu made from that administration, he had lots of cash to spend and win the senatorial election. He won overwhelmingly, polling 285,578 votes out of the 310,800 total votes cast. The Democratic Peoples Party, DPP, candidate, Alhaji Sambo Aliyu, who scored 8,377, emerged a very distant second, while 16 other candidates got inconsequential votes. The ANPP boycotted that election.

Let’s share some more details of Bagudu’s role in the Abacha government.

According to a report by a newsmagazine, The News:

He had set up Morgan Procurement Corporation and Mecosta Securities which, as Africa Confidential put it, “were involved in the illegal transfer of hundreds of millions of dollars from the Nigerian state to the Abacha family.” According to other reports, Mohammed Abacha and Bagudu siphoned $66m from the $111m purchase of vaccines from the French firm Pasteur Merieux. The loot was kept in foreign financial institutions through the assistance of David Jones, a director of Borough High Street, South London-based Smith & Tyers, where Mohammed is a principal shareholder. For his complicity in this and other illegalities, Bagudu and Mohammed faced court charges on many fronts.

Problem started for Bagudu when the federal government asked for the assistance of the Isle of Jersey government in recovering money fraudulently transferred into the banks in that territory. Thereafter, the Isle of Jersey began its own probe which resulted in the arrest of Bagudu on 22 May 2003 in Houston, Texas, where he had been living for three years. According to reports, Bagudu’s arrest was based on an extradition warrant requested by Britain from the Isle of Jersey. It accused Bagudu of “fraudulent transfer of money from Nigeria to the Deutsche Bank, making false declarations to open the bank accounts, and using federal government fund to purchase notes that federal government had defaulted on, then selling them back to it for twice the purchase price.”

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo visited Jersey in June 2004, to thank the island’s authorities for their efforts at investigating laundering of hundreds of millions of dollars by the Abachas and Bagudu through that country’s financial institutions and the return of some $150m (£73.25m) to Nigeria.

According to The Lawyer, an on-line medium, “the Bagudu matter has been the most high profile in a series of criminal investigations by the island’s attorney-general into the misuse of the services of local financial institutions for the purpose of laundering the proceeds of corruption.” At the request of the Nigerian authorities, Bagudu coughed out $150m.

Nigeria also had its own charges against Bagudu and Abacha’s son, Mohammed: assisting in concealing stolen property, the sum of £10 million each on 6th, 9th January, 1998; £9 million on 12 January 1998; $25 million on 27 January of the same year and others which were “punishable under Section 97(1) of the Penal Code”.

To facilitate the repatriation of the stolen funds, the Federal Government had an agreement with Switzerland, Luxembourg and Liechtenstein. In all, according to reports, Switzerland returned about $615 million.

Very unrepentant, Bagudu hired big lawyers––Gordon Pollock, Lawrence Cohen, SJ Berwin and other Queen’s Counsel––to defend himself and the Abachas. According to a report, “more than $12m is estimated to have already been spent, of which $8m has gone to lawyers in Britain.” They fought feverishly so that the former home secretary, Jack Straw, could soft-pedal in assisting Swiss and Nigerian criminal investigations with banking evidence held in London.

When all his strategems failed, Bagudu, detained in the US for this financial crime, agreed to transfer about $300 million (N40.566 billion) to the federal government. It was paid into Deutsche Morgan Grenfell Limited Bank on the Isle of Jersey. After paying $500,000 bond, he was released from a six-month detention at an American prison by Magistrate Calvin Botley “on the condition that he would transfer the said sum and return to Nigeria to face charges of assisting Mohammed to transfer looted funds abroad”. Bagudu’s counsel in the US was Bob Sussman. The movement of Bagudu, the newly elected senator, was restricted and monitored through an electronic ankle bracelet!

However, Bagudu defended himself when he was questioned at a Swiss court in September 1999. He said that the late Ibrahim Abacha was his childhood friend whom he knew before Mohammed Sani Abacha. He claimed that he became close to the latter after Ibrahim’s death, in a plane crash. Ibrahim and Mohammed, according to Bagudu, had an international sugar company and, “therefore as early as 1985, we had business links without being business partners”.

Bagudu told the court that in February 1994, he and Ibrahim established Morgan Procurement Corporation. “I agreed to work with Mr. Ibrahim Sani Abacha in 1994 because the latter had a huge fortune and I had a lot of ideas about how to invest or manage the fortune. At that time, my fortune was much smaller than now,” he added. But he argued that there was no direct link between the rise to power of General Sani Abacha in November 1993 and the fact that he accepted in February 1994 to become the business partner of his eldest son, Mr. Ibrahim Sani Abacha. “It was only coincidental. However, it is probable that the fact that my new trading partner is the son of the head of state contributed to a large extent to the expansion of our business,” Bagudu admitted.

One of those who have opposed Sen. Bagudu’s rise is former president Olusegun Obasanjo. In 2010, Obasanjo notably protested against Sen. Bagudu making a speech during the launching of a book on late Abubakar Garba Koko at the Shehu Yaradua Centre in Abuja. This event occurred after Bagudu had won the senatorial election but by then he had not been sworn in.

When Bagudu was called on to speak at the event, Obasanjo, who was the Chairman of the book launch ceremony, vehemently objected.

With such a character placed in charge of the NIS recruitment investigation, does anyone have any hope that a thorough job will be done? Does Bagudu have any moral right to stand among decent members of the society to perform such a function?

Politics / Re: Snowden: Cameroon And France Plan Invasion Of Nigeria by eGuerrilla(m): 6:41pm On Mar 31
depressionkills: FAKE

Shame on the moderator troll who brought this to the front page
Next time remember that Google is your friend smiley

This is why I would be calling time on NL soon.

Standards have fallen to the point where it is either that original news titles are being edited by mods, to provide a completely different slant to what its author intended; or that unreferenced/unsubstantiated articles are being peddled for sensationalism.

A well-meaning but evidently deluded Prof Olaghere makes highfalutin claims which even he cannot back up and lo, conspiracy theorists roll out the cavalry for the battle of el alamein cheesy

My earlier post:

Prof Olaghere is an interesting character alright.

My research shows this one-time Nkrumaist, occasional GEJIte, self-styled President of the "United African Diaspora States", and Edo-cum-Yoruba curator is suffering from a condition known as "analysis paralysis" (also known as "paralysis of analysis" ) grin

Someone needs to help this Prof realign his ducks in a row before its too late, as even the strongest mind can only take so many flights of fantasy at once.







MAY 4, 2013

My fellow African citizens, here at home and there in the diaspora, my names are Brimmy Abraham Asekharuagbon Uizimeghan Olaghere, I am a native of Nigeria and a citizen of United African States [U.A.S.]. I am the current Executive President of the Federated United African Diasporan States [U.A.D.S], mandated by the Constitutive African Heads of State/Governments in the African Union; to construct the framework and structural organogram; to format the building, the construction and the development of the United African States for the New Africa’s World.

The United African Diasporan States [UADS] Government is a self-empowered government of the people, by the people, for the people and with the peoples within all governments in the world; for unity, peace, well-beings, welfare; to protect the best interests and defense of all African descendants and the African race throughout the world.

We, the indigenes of the Federated UADS are dual citizens of Africa with equal privileges to carry and equal rights to claim in the affairs of Africa. It was the indigenes of UADS who built EUROPE and the AMERICAS without compensations. We are coming back home to build Africa; to promote, protect and defend our-home-land Africa, by all means necessary. We resolved that any harm done to, or civil or military attack against any AFRICAN-NATION-STATE by any non-African nation(s)-state(s)/UAS; or against any African descendant or AFRICAN RACE, is an attack against the UADS government its indigenes and all the Africans in the NEW AFRICA’S WORLD.

Because we are the world; we are the peoples in all nations. We must rise up now to claim the global Ethnic Africans world that belongs to us that we own and divided into Nine (9) Regions: (1) Africa, (2) African-Caribbeans, (3) African-Asians, (4) African-Indians, (5) African-Europeans, (6) North, African-Americans; (7) South, African-Americans (cool African-Papua New-Guineans; (9) African-Russians.

I am honored and privileged to present to you, this chronological overview of how the [Seed for Harvest™] was planted by our late patriotic African leaders in March 12, 1962 in Casablanca; had germinated, nursed and cared for; how it has grown fruits that are now being harvested. We seek and find the United African States [UAS] in our hands. I am here to share with you where we are going from here and how we intend to get there. And, when we get there, how we intend to remain there permanently as one people in the New Africa’s World; under the aegis of the Federated United African States [UAS].

We must be ready and be prepared to know where we are going from now so that we will be armed with all the necessary tools, equipments, methods, ways and means at our disposal with knowledge and the know-how to achieve the purposes we are born to serve together by:

Using this unique opportune time for all Africans to come together to consolidate and build the United African States UAS;

Using this presentation and formula of United African States [UAS] for building ONE NATION FOR THE NEW AFRICA’S WORLD;

Using all our human and material resources to reclaim Africa for the African Race; to build the New Africa’s World Economic Order.

I am pleased to bring greetings home to you, from all the indigenes of the United African Diasporan States as dual citizens of Africa; and to inform you that we are coming home to promote, protect, defend, support and to build the United African States [U.A.S.].

The African descendants are coming back home in Africa; to invest, build, operate and manage the socioeconomics development of the Africans with all our acquired educational skills and intellectual audacity and the know-how with our capacities to perform and professional abilities to produce the desired results; to use our acquired modern technologies; the experiences we have gotten in education, trainings, industries, sciences, energies to promote, protect, preserve, develop and defend Africa by all means necessary.

I am glad to come back home after being away for more than 43 years in USA and visited 167 countries and 10,000 cities, some of which I had revisited for more than five times. I am here to inform you that the African diasporans are coming home with pride to build and develop their father and mother homeland in Africa.

The global African race in Europe, Americas, Arab, Asia and in the federation of Russia, are returning home in Africa; with full privileges to carry and rights to claim. The African diasporans are in possession of all kinds of education and scientific knowledge needed by the native Africans for multi-applications and utilization in engineering systems and technical know-how; experience, intellectual capacities to perform and abilities to produce the desired results; knowing full well how to convert the Africa’s [raw materials, and minerals resources of which 78% of world known deposit are deposited in Africa]; that are being used by the whole world’s industries to convert to finished products which they shipped back to Africa as their best known and predictable consumers]; to buttress their own socioeconomics development and advancement at the expense of the Africans. We are coming home with our hands on deck to buttress, harness and use our methods of production to enhance the Africans’ equality, parity and collective human status on world stage. It is now self-evident that the Africans’ physical and brain capacity to perform and abilities to produce are equal in all human endeavors. Yes, the Africans in the diaspora are coming back home in Africa; to effect a change, not just a change, but a change for the betterment and work to achieve the best for all the Africans.

We are the citizens of United African States. Anyone who hates one of us hates all of us; anyone who harms any of us harms all of us. Any discrimination or dehumanization against any of us discriminates or dehumanize against all of us. The African race is one human race, both here or there; our color is our natural identification. Any nation which hates or practice racism against any African citizen shall from that moment, be declared the arch-fiend enemy of the United African States. And, the UAS government and all her citizens will cut off all economic and geopolitical relationship tiles or support of that nation(s) for good.

From now on, any and/or all uninvited military attack against the United African States [U.A.S.] or against any African-nations-states, is an attack against all African citizens here or there in the New Africa’s World. The UAS will respond by all means necessary. Any violation of the UAS citizens’ human rights or against anyone of her citizens is a violation against all her citizens. The Africans both here and there, will use all available [both natural and manmade] power, authority and means at hand to protect and defend Africa and themselves. To protect and defend the Africans’ [here and there] safety, security and the New Africa’s World by ourselves with all our methods is the duty and functional responsibility of our existence as equal human beings. Loving ourselves for peaceful-coexistence and prosperity is the purpose that we are serving.


In accordance with the Human Rights Convention in Geneva, everyone one of us has right to education. “All early education is a birth right which must be acquired, accessible to and shall be provided by the authority of the land for all the children.”

As a birth right, I hereby declare, FREE COMPULSORY PRIMARY AND SECONDARY SCHOOL EDUCATION AS BIRTH RIGHT FOR ALL NIGERIAN/AFRICAN CHILDREN. THAT STARTING FROM SEPTEMBER 1, 2014 in Abuja, Nigeria, we will start free tuition, uniform, books, supplies, breakfast and lunch; transportation to and fro; sports activities programs and all supplies 100% free from September 1, 2015 in Nigeria; and throughout U.A.S. [African nations-states], from September 2018.

From September 1, 2020, all UAS’ Colleges, Technical Institutions and Universities shall be subsidized at all levels under the UNITED AFRICAN STATES’ CONSTITUTION irreversible and irrevocable literacy rights and policy doctrine will be proclaimed.

My Administration is committed to work with and to support President Goodluck Jonathan’s Administration and all current African-nations leaders’ Administrations to practice and maintain love, promote peaceful co-existence; safety, security and prosperity; to build a better Africa now and to achieve the best luck for all Africans during this and the next succeeding generations. We will use all what we have to get all what we need and want for all Africans both here and there in the diaspora.

My fellow Africans, the United African States has arrived here with me in Nigeria. And, you are taking the U.A.S. home with you from today on. My prayer for Africa’s emancipation, liberation and integration has been answered. My 52 years of hard work for Pan African Freedom Movement and the building of United African States in true perspectives are achieved. The value of my work without financial or physical compensation is the God’s purpose that I am serving. IN LORD GOD I TRUST, HE shall reward me. I am selling my product to all his children. Please buy it. With it, there is value added to progress and prosperity.

Oh yes! I am aware that the time allotted to me by God to live is limited, but, the good that I am doing and the purpose I am serving shall be the perpetual legacy of my achievements and the antinomian of God’s purposes that I am serving which will remain to benefit this and all the succeeding generations.

My fellow Africans, arise, let us wait no more for tomorrow which may not come in our life time. We must not wait for our enemies to build the United African States for us. No, we cannot wait anymore. Together, we can overcome the agony of our defeat. Let us not wait anymore for what our oppressors can do to stop us from building the UNITED AFRICAN STATES because therein lies the power, strength and authority for present and futures generations of all of us.

Let us not ask ourselves, what we can do together to build the United African States; but, let us decide what we must do by ourselves to build the strongest, richest the most powerful UNITED AFRICAN STATES in the world. God has given us the tools, equipments, means, material and human resources. Let us use them. Can we use them all? YES, WE CAN, BECAUSE GOD GAVE THEM TO US.





I evoke the calling of my Teacher and Leader, Julius Nyerere who said in Addis Ethiopia in 1963: “Africa is United, FORWARD EVER; BACK-WARD NEVER.” That I am still here and you are there. I still remember what you told me in London in your last breath: “That I Must Not Let the United African States Dream Die.” I have kept my promise to you; and with me here, are present and future African Leaders. We have reaffirmed the ‘UNION OF AFRICAN STATES’, January 31, 2010; we have declared the UNITED AFRICAN STATES [U.A.S.] in the African Union Summit of African Heads of State and Government, Chaired by Col. Muammar Al’Qaddafi in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and he signed the declaration.

We will forever, remain grateful to the African-Americans, the African-Caribbeans in particular and the whole Americas in general, for the roles they have continued to play and for not relenting in their prudent efforts with “Belief, Faith and Trust in God” whose promise and antinomian they are serving with us. Regardless where they were taken and the burden they carried, they did not forget whom they are before, during and after all they have suffered for all of us.

Despite the inhumane ordeals and the atrophies they endured for more than 600 years; they are returning home with their dreams come true. Free at last, thank almighty, we are free forever. The truth is present for the entire world to see, touch and feel. Most of all, the wrongs are slowly and surely being corrected without shooting a single gun. For your roles, contributions, material and physical support for; and your dedication to the Pan Africanism Movement by all of you: [African-Americans], both in the past, present and next generations, will continue to benefit from your commitment to rescue the native Africans from the yoke of colonialism; that you have patiently and persistently put to an end. The America’s peculiar racism death shows that nothing is impossible for the willing minds blessed with belief, faith and trust in GOD. The UAS will continue to work with the USA Governments; to support, promote, protect and defend the UAS and all Americans’ interests in Africa. Any attack or act of terrorism against the Canada, African-Caribbeans and USA is also attack against the U.A.S.

Politics / Court asks 37 decampee PDP-to-APC lawmakers to vacate House of Reps by eGuerrilla(m): 4:19pm On Mar 31
Court asks 37 decampee PDP-to-APC lawmakers to vacate House of Reps

March 31,2014

“The defendants are, therefore, not competent to vote or contribute to any proceedings in the House of Representatives.”

A Federal High Court in Abuja on Monday gave an order of perpetual injunction restraining the lawmakers who defected from the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, to the All Progressives Congress, APC, from effecting any leadership change in the House of Representatives.

Delivering judgment, Justice Adeniyi Ademola lambasted the decampee lawmakers. He said they no longer had any business, morally and legally, to stay in the House of Representatives.

He said they should honourably resign from their seats as members, having moved to another political party while their tenure had yet to expire.

“Having perused the arguments of counsel and the constitutional provisions, it is clear and unambiguous that the defendants were sponsored by the PDP and won the election on its platform. It is also the court’s opinion that their tenure has not expired and there is no division in the PDP.

“The defendants are, therefore, not competent to vote or contribute to any proceedings in the House of Representatives. An order of perpetual injunction is, hereby, ordered, restraining them from altering or attempting to change the leadership of the House of Reps,” Mr. Ademola said.

The PDP had on January 7 instituted a suit seeking to restrain the House of Representatives from altering the composition of its leadership.

The party had commenced the action following the defection of 37 lawmakers, who won election on its platform, to the opposition APC. The defection had initially given the APC a slim majority in the House. The majority was later reversed when some APC lawmakers decamped to the PDP.

The PDP’s counsel, Yunus Usman, had, while arguing his originating summons, faulted the cross-carpeting of the lawmakers, saying that the legislators did so during the dependency of a judgment.

He argued that by virtue of the October 2013 judgment of Justice Evoh Chukwu, which he claimed said there was no division in PDP, the matter had been laid to rest.

Mr. Usman had further submitted that by virtue of the provision of Section 68(1)(g) of the 1999 Nigerian constitution, as amended, the lawmakers ought to have vacated their seats immediately.

The counsel to the defendants, Mamoud Magaji, had in his submission, argued that it was wrong for the PDP to have sought to restrain its former members from House activities for defecting.

Other defence counsel, Niyi Akintola, Sebastian Hon, James Ocholi, Abiodun Owonikoko, and Jibril Okutepa had prayed the court to dismiss the suit.

Politics / Re: How Buhari Chose His Ministers, David West Example. by eGuerrilla(m): 12:27pm On Mar 31

If you won't answer simply instead of all this rubbish then its "Adios" to you. You can go on selling your lies to anyone gullible enough to buy it.

As I consider you one of the commentators who strives to elevate the quality of debate around these parts, I dare say I find your use of indecorous language rather unsettling.

eGuerrilla never makes assertions he cannot stand over, so you'd do well not to continue goading me grin
I have been more than charitable to Buhari despite my obvious misgivings, something I expected you and others to have discerned.

By the way, since you appear to have a preference for foreign newspapers, here is one...


Deri, you've left Sahara reporters to now come cause confusion on Nairaland while posing as "Joe Obinna".

Anyway, SHOW ME PROOF OF THESE ACCUSATION OF YOURS--- FROM A CREDIBLE BRITISH SOURCE because something of that magnitude would've been in the British tabloids, it would be public record. I don't want to hear tales of "Grandfather told me under the Mango Tree during the new yam festival 17 moons ago".

"Credible source" is the keyword, do not feed me something from Sunnews.

Politics / Re: How Buhari Chose His Ministers, David West Example. by eGuerrilla(m): 8:41am On Mar 31

Dude, give me a simple answer I don't care for the whatever rubbish "failings" you intend to itemize.

You don't get to set the parameters of this debate by issuing demands in a manner characteristic of simpletons. Sorry.

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Ethnic/Racial Politics / Re: The Lighthouse - Come On In... by eGuerrilla(m): 5:01am On Mar 31

In addition, I think we ought to have a ARTICLE OF YORUBA CONSENSUS.

In this article, similar to the American Declaration of Independence, we should address the Yoruba Spirit. Omoluabi and its principles and ethos should be highlighted as a divine call for our Congregating Commonwealth.

There are too many reasons why the suggestion I have highlighted above has to be adopted by ALL as a rallying cry.

I will be back to expand on some of these later.

Thanks Ogagun Mayor.
Politics / Re: Video Of Boko Haram Attack At Giwa Barracks by eGuerrilla(m): 4:54am On Mar 31
Duru1: Since after Nigeria\Biafra war, southern Nigeria has been caged and surrounded by armed northerners aided by the idiotic southerners because of the fear of Biafra. In today’s Nigeria, the seaports in southern Nigeria are fenced with gadgets cable of detecting pins in shipping containers while the southern borders are manned by armed agents.

In contrast with the northern region, the border is wide open that could accommodate columns of wild animals armed with assorted assault rifles and machine guns on trucks and pickups covering miles and miles of roads without a challenge as shown in the video.
In southern Nigeria, a person hardly covers a pole without being stopped by soldiers and police officials. Those southerners who thought they are having a walk in the park should rethink.

Shitz iz real! In agreement with your post here, Sir Dede. cheesy

To understand the ease with which these insurgents can not only acquire high calibre weapons but also stroll into a fortified enclave battalion-deep, we must consider the porousness of our national borders.

There is a state in Cameroon called Adamawa and if I run to that place, I can easily assimilate - Muhammadu Barkindo Aliyu Musdaphar, the Lamido Adamawa
Politics / Re: BREAKING: Heavy Gunfire Around Presidential Villa, SSS Headquarters!! by eGuerrilla(m): 1:05pm On Mar 30
Vanguard's Report pooh-poohs any talk of a serious security breach. Funny - this one.

Boko Haram suspect battles DSS in Abuja

March 30, 2014

By Ben Agande, Abuja.
An attempt by a Boko Haram suspect in detention at the headquarters of the Department of State Services (DSS), in Abuja to disarm a security operative on Sunday morning led to heavy shooting from within the heavily fortified premises that sent panic waves within the federal Capital territory.

Several security sources in Abuja told Vanguard the incidence did not pose any challenge to the security of the federal Capital but it was a reaction by the security operatives to send a message that they were ready to confront any threat.

The Department of State Services (DSS), headquarters is less than one hundred metres from the Presidential Villa.

According to a high ranking security official, a Boko Haram suspect in detention at the SSS headquarters attempted to disarm a security operative sunday Morning when they were being served breakfast.

“Of course our men are trained to expect such scenario and the attempt was effectively neutralized.
As a precaution and to send a strong message, our boys released some shots to indicate that they were ready to confront any eventuality. There is no cause for alarm and there is no threat to the peace of Abuja” the source who declined to be named told Vanguard.

Details later.

Politics / Re: BREAKING: Heavy Gunfire Around Presidential Villa, SSS Headquarters!! by eGuerrilla(m): 12:55pm On Mar 30

Gun battle between the operatives and the detainees with only one gun seized from the operative?

Something is definitely not adding up ....

I know exactly what you mean.

At this time, we have to consider 'the truth' an aggregate of all the reports coming on.

Here is the one filed by SR at 0430hrs.

Nigeria's Secret Police Headquarters In Abuja Held To Ransom By Boko Haram Detainees

Mar, 30 2014, 4:03AM

Boko Haram militants detained at the State Security Services facility in Abuja took over the complex for over six hours after disarming SSS agents guarding the facility.

The audacious action of the detainees led to prolonged negotiations that later resulted to shootings at the complex for over 4 hours, an SSS sources told Saharareporters.

The gunfight at the complex known as “Yellow House” caused panic in Abuja as the complex sits close to the Presidential Villa and one of the most fortified area in the national capital.

Soldiers and the air force counterparts were drafted in some few hours later to bring the insurrection under control. Our source did not reveal how many SSS agents or detainees were killed or injured in the process what the SSS later described as an "attempted jailbreak.". However, helicopter gunships hovers over the affected area as at the time of publishing this report.



Politics / Re: BREAKING: Heavy Gunfire Around Presidential Villa, SSS Headquarters!! by eGuerrilla(m): 12:43pm On Mar 30
More on what went down...

Heavy security in Aso Rock as gunmen storm SSS office

MARCH 30, 2014

Security was quickly beefed up around the Presidential Villa, Abuja on Sunday morning as heavy shootings were recorded at the neighbouring headquarters of the State Security Service known as Yellow House.

The SSS headquarters is located behind the Villa.

The access gate to the seat of power through the Fire Service office in Asokoro was quickly shut while more heavily armed soldiers were seen at the gate leading to the Villa through the Federal Secretariat.

Military helicopters were also seen hovering the sky at the time of filing this report.

Our correspondent who attempted to access the SSS headquarters area through the Aso Drive was turned back alongside other motorists in front of the Millennium Park by armed SSS operatives.

An operative who pleaded anonymity told our correspondent that trouble started earlier in the day when one of the suspects in the service’s custody overpowered an operative who was in his cell to feed him.

The suspect was said to have shot the operative with his own rifle and went ahead to release his co-suspects.

The source said, “An operative went to feed a suspect this morning. The suspect was not properly chained, so he pushed down the operative and quickly dispossessed him of his rifle and shot him.

“He quickly released his co-inmates who started escaping with some scaling the fence.”

The incident led to a gun battle between the suspects and the SSS operatives.

Our correspondent learnt that in the process, no fewer than 18 suspects were killed while about 20 were re-arrested with two rifle recovered from them.

Two SSS operatives were also said to have been critically injured.

At the time of filing this report, security operatives were still combing the thick bush that surrounds the headquarters in search of remaining fleeing suspects who were said to have scaled the fence.

As the news of the incident spread, security was also quickly beefed up at the Nigeria Police Force headquarters called the Louis Edet House located in Area 11, not too far from the Presidential Villa.

An Armoured Personnel Carrier was used to completely block a lane on the road leading to Federal Secretariat with motorists driving one way.

Politics / Re: BREAKING: Heavy Gunfire Around Presidential Villa, SSS Headquarters!! by eGuerrilla(m): 12:15pm On Mar 30
All well meaning Nigerians need to condemn this security breach.


Politics / Re: Lagos N8bn Sunborn Yacht Deal, Bad Business — APC by eGuerrilla(m): 3:48am On Mar 30

Any links to the budget breakdown? Although i would also like someone to answer the other questions...

The damage will be 2 cans of larger if I can locate the relevant URLs.

But here is a sample.

Politics / Re: Lagos N8bn Sunborn Yacht Deal, Bad Business — APC by eGuerrilla(m): 6:09pm On Mar 29
LASG we are waiting for your response. But I am not holding my breath. Fashola's recent interview with The News magazine shows his mindset - on being asked why the LASG publishes bulk figures of its budget instead of providing a detailed budget breakdown like the FG, his answer was: "It works for us. So who has an issue with that?" angry

Really, mr governor? angry

You've posed some fair questions which should not be dismissed whimsically, in my opinion.

Fashola confused the woods for the tree with respect to the question highlighted. Lagos state does provide a detailed budget breakdown just like the FG - fact!
Politics / Re: What Has Fashola Done To Improve Public Power Supply In Lagos State? by eGuerrilla(m): 2:43pm On Mar 29

He is that more than anything else but also highly ignorant. There have been times here when discussions have involved topics unrelated to GEJ and I have been taken aback by his incredible lack of knowledge. All the more worrying is the haste with which such an ill-informed individual rushes to contribute what amounts to hogwash.

It is easy to develop so many blind spots when you are beholden to the cult of personality and clannish interests. Scratch beneath the surface and you will find that therein lies the locus to his 'ignorance'.


Politics / Re: What Has Fashola Done To Improve Public Power Supply In Lagos State? by eGuerrilla(m): 2:29pm On Mar 29
Gbawe: Unfortunately, and as A-ZeD has already mentioned, the guy is not very intelligent. Beside a penchant for ignorant lies, he has nothing else- not even a few functional brain cells. The olodo is clearly out of his dept over the efforts of Lagos State in regard to power supply so I personally will not engaged in what would effectively amount to trying to teach a toddler Rocket Science.

Gbawe, I disagree. Ignorant - no. Rabid liar who delights in twisting facts to suit a particular narrative - yes.


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