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Politics / Re: Female Bishop Touches Pastor’s Pen1s During Church Service In Ghana by eGuerrilla(m): 11:31am On Jul 31
Shocking: Look how the media reported Bishop MARGARET WANJIRU's story in Ghana

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Politics / Re: Female Bishop Touches Pastor’s Pen1s During Church Service In Ghana by eGuerrilla(m): 11:21am On Jul 31
Look What The Ghanians Are Accusing Bishop Margaret Wanjiru of

This is probably the most misleading story you’ve ever seen.

During the launch of CORD manifesto, a young high school boy was reciting a poem, when Bishop Margaret Wanjiru stretched her hand to extend him a tip. However, this camera angle brought out the picture quite differently.

Now, this website in Ghana,, has made up an entirely false story, which is actually not uncommon in the gossip industry. However, it is the nature of the story that is in fact shocking. Here’s what they wrote.

Politics / Re: Jonathan Campaigns For 2015 On London Buses by eGuerrilla(m): 3:52pm On Jul 27
London for Goodluck is the grassroots movement fighting for the agenda Nigerians voted for in 2011. We are millions of people, empowering individuals to make their voices heard.

Politics / Re: Jonathan Campaigns For 2015 On London Buses by eGuerrilla(m): 3:42pm On Jul 27
slimfit1: Complete lie its computer generated advert you send to friends to look like a vip. If its true he has crossed the line.

VIDEO: Nigeria's Goodluck Jonathan hit London With 2015 Election Campaign Hints

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Politics / Yoruba History Lesson For Yoruba Leaders - Diran Apata by eGuerrilla(m): 1:00pm On Jul 27
Yoruba History Lesson For Yoruba Leaders - Diran Apata's Sunday Message

27 July 2014

SINCE about the 10th century AD, we Yoruba have been enjoying a high level of civilization in our towns, cities and kingdoms. By 1750, one of our kingdoms, the Oyo-Ile kingdom, had conquered a large empire comprising most of western Yorubaland and many non-Yoruba neighbours – the largest empire ever in West Africa’s forestlands. In eastern and southern Yorubaland, our other kingdoms were, in the same era, also thriving gorgeously.

But, about 1750, according to available records, we began to have a recurrence of self-serving (and therefore disruptive) leaders in our political history. It started in our great city of Oyo-Ile, specifically with a high chief named Gaha. As soon as Gaha was sworn in as Basorun in 1754, he started a headstrong war against the established order. He seized powers that did not belong to his position, and forced Alafin after Alafin to bow to his will or to commit suicide – until, at last, one intelligent Alafin managed to stop him.

Gaha was probably insane. Nevertheless, he started a plague that we have never managed to remove from our land – a tradition whereby some leaders emerge now and again who are dedicated only to their own purposes and interests. Soon after Gaha came one Alafin named Awole, a man clearly unfit for the Alafin’s throne. Awole’s self-centred crookedness produced an era of instability.

Soon after him came Afonja, the Are Ona Kakanfo of the empire. Afonja had some blood relationship with the Oyo-Ile royal family and wanted the Alafin’s throne. But since the Oyo-Ile Council of Kingmakers did not select him, he embarked on a wholesale rebellion against his kingdom, and ended up turning the town of Ilorin into a center of rebellion. Afonja perished in his rebellion, but his Ilorin continued to be a potent center of rebellion. Attempts by the Alafins to destroy this danger steadily sapped the energies of the kingdom and ultimately ended in one of the worst disasters in Yoruba history – the decision of the citizens of the proud city of Oyo-Ile to abandon their city in 1835. Yoruba people often say today that Fulani jihadists destroyed Oyo-Ile, but that is not true. Ilorin and its powerful leaders after Afonja were over 95% Yoruba.

The disintegration of the Oyo Empire spilled wars into the rest of Yorubaland, wars that continued until the Europeans seized control of Yorubaland in the 1890s. Throughout the century, leading Yoruba men tried for peace again and again. At every crucial juncture, some leaders just would not give up their personal ambitions and interests for the national good.

When Europeans came conquering Africa in the1890s, the Yoruba, if united, could have easily preserved the independence of the Yoruba nation – in a way similar to Ethiopia in northeastern Africa, or Japan in Asia. The most important European attack on Yorubaland was the British invasion of Ijebu in 1892. As at that date, because we Yoruba had been fighting wars for nearly a century, Ibadan had well trained, well-armed, and seasoned forces numbering over 80,000 at Ikirun, about 25,000 at Oru in Remo, and about 30,000 near Abeokuta; the Ekitiparapo had more than 60, 000 at Imesi-Ile, and about 20,000 near Ile-Ife; Ilorin probably 40,000; Abeokuta probably 50,000. Each of the powerful kingdoms of Owo, Ondo and Ketu had armies that numbered 30,000 or more. Small Ife armies of probably 20,000 each camped near Ile-Ife, and at Ifetedo and Okeigbo. An Ijebu army of about 20,000 camped near Ife; another of about 30,000 camped at Oru; and the main Ijebu army itself numbered about 50,000 and was armed with sophisticated breech-loading rifles. In short, if all these forces had been re-orientated to defend their Yoruba homeland, there would have been over 500,000 troops poised to defend Yorubaland – a magnitude of forces never encountered by European invaders anywhere in Africa, and that would have discouraged any European attack on any part of Yorubaland.

Moreover, the large class of Yoruba merchants based in Lagos, consisting of some of the most informed and richest merchants in tropical Africa, easily commanded the expertise and commercial connections to keep Yoruba forces well supplied with latest weapons. And the already strong Lagos literate elite of lawyers, doctors, engineers, pastors, accountants, journalists – and newspapers – could have whipped up propaganda campaigns in support of their nation’s military men, thereby discouraging European invasions of Yorubaland.

Unhappily, such Yoruba unity did not happen. The leaders of each Yoruba group, while expressing great sentiments about their Yoruba ancestry, were too focused on their own goals. The main Ijebu army single-handedly fought a gallant battle against the British invaders, but lost. Ultimately, most of Yorubaland became British possession. France and Germany seized the rest.

However, in 1952, most of the Yoruba again had some control over their own affairs – in the Western Region of Nigeria. Demonstrating great unity and ability, Yoruba leaders immediately gave their people the most progressive and most productive government in Africa. But then, the old disease showed up again in 1962, allowing a hostile Federal Government of Nigeria to launch a war of destruction against the Western Region. The Yoruba people have not come out of that cloud till now.

Today, Nigeria is manifestly spluttering towards a final collapse. Confusion, corruption, poverty, hopelessness, conflicts, and terrorism are wrecking Nigeria. Every Nigerian people fears imminent danger. Admittedly, in socio-economic development, the governments of the Yoruba states still manage to perform above the Nigerian average. But that is not sufficient at all today. We Yoruba nation need to be prepared for the huge danger that is coming. And to prepare, we desperately need a major surge of unity among the Yoruba elite, among leading Yoruba of all professions and political persuasions – resulting in a leadership structure able to speak confidently for the Yoruba nation in the increasingly perilous Nigerian situation. We should not be deceived: the way Nigeria is moving now, only the nations that are strong will be able to avoid horribly painful devastations. A strongly united and well-led Yoruba nation would be a significant power that would easily earn respect, and that respect by itself could prevent a lot of dangers from coming our way.

Today’s inability of the Yoruba elite to unite for their nation’s well-being is horribly dangerous. There is really no conflict between participating in Nigerian politics and taking care of one’s own nation. Many leaders of other Nigerian nations combine the two, but most Yoruba leaders refuse to do so. Even though Nigeria appears to be dying, most significant Yoruba leaders still prefer to cling solely to their Nigerian partisan politics and ignore the obviously pressing needs of their own nation – and, by so doing, they jeopardize their possible access to leadership opportunities in their Yoruba nation’s near future. That is, they are betraying our nation and, unfortunately, committing political suicide thereby. It is today’s version of the old family disease – the disease of traitorous self-serving that has shown up from time to time since the era of Gaha, Awole and Afonja.

Happily, however, there is hope. Dedicated patriots, at home and abroad, responding to the growing danger in Nigeria, have already started the war for Yoruba national unity and strength – and they cannot possibly lose.Good Yoruba men, women and children will stand up and be counted.


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Politics / Re: Nigeria's Non Oil Export Increases Tenfold In 2yrs From $276m To $3.72billion by eGuerrilla(m): 10:02pm On Jul 26
In other news, forget #BringBackOurGirls and get with #LondonForGoodluck wink
Politics / Re: Nigeria's Non Oil Export Increases Tenfold In 2yrs From $276m To $3.72billion by eGuerrilla(m): 9:59pm On Jul 26
He said, "Consequent upon the faithful implementation of the transformation agenda, by the end of 2013, Nigeria's non-oil exports had increased tenfold over two years, reaching almost $3bn from $276m in 2011

Lies, lies, and more lies. Tenfold in 2 years? Pull the next one, Liar Okupe.

‘Nigeria earned N428bn from non-oil exports last year’
Nigeria made N428bn from non-oil exports in the last one year, the Minister of Trade and Investment, Mr. Olusegun Aganga, said on Thursday.


Aganga said, “In 2011, Nigeria exported non-oil products to 103 countries and territories out of 220. This shows significant improvement over the previous years. There has been an increase in non-oil exports to $2.765bn (N428bn), representing an increase of 19 per cent.
May 2012 Source

Nigeria earns N305bn from non-oil export – NBS

Nigeria earned about N305.1billion within the first three months of 2013, figures obtained from the National Bureau of Statistics indicate.

A breakdown of the figures highlighted under “2013 Export First Quarter” in the NBS’ report on ‘Merchandise Trade’, showed that export from natural rubber was N158.38 billion; raw cocoa beans attracted N62.198 billion; Sesame seeds, N20,76 billion; cotton yarn, N16.44 billion; and Leather products, N8.56 billion.

Similarly, within the period under review, the export value of flowers and buds stood at N8.19 billion; footwear, N7.07 billion; tanned or crust hides, N5.41 billion; frozen shrimps and prawns, N4.96 billion; ginger, N4.09 billion; sacks and bags, N3.84 billion; cigarettes, N2.75 billion; and aluminum alloys, N2.54 billion.
July 2013 Source

52.9% Decline In Non-oil Export Weighs On Balance Of Trade

Nigeria’s dream of diversifying its revenue base to by increasing non-oil exports has suffered a major setback as value of non-oil exports declined sharply by 52.9 per cent in the third quarter of 2013, weighing down on the balance of trade during the period.

Data released by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) yesterday indicated that balance of trade declined by 30.6 per cent to N1.48 trillion compared to N2.14 trillion in the second quarter of 2013 or N4.63 trillion in the corresponding quarter of 2012.

According to the NBS, total external merchandise trade amounted to N5.65 trillion during the third quarter of 2013. This represents an increase of 5.9 per cent from N5.34 trillion recorded in the second quarter of 2013. The increase was driven by a 30.4 per cent rise in the value of imports from N1.59 trillion in the second quarter of 2013, to N2.08 trillion in the third quarter of 2013. Rising imports coupled with a 4.5 per cent decline in exports from N3.74 trillion in the second quarter 2013, to N3.57 trillion in the third quarter.

In contrast, the non-crude oil component of exports exhibited a sharp decline of 52.9 per cent, from N1.03 trillion recorded in the second quarter to N486.4 billion in the third quarter. Year-on-year, crude oil and non-crude oil exports were down by 25.9 per cent and 72.1 per cent respectively

The crude oil component of exports in the third quarter of 2013 stood at N3.08 trillion, an increase of N377.5 billion, or 13.9 per cent when compared to the second quarter of 2013.

In comparison to the corresponding quarter of 2012, total merchandise trade in the third quarter of 2013 declined by 21.2 per cent from N7.17 trillion recorded in the previous year. This is largely attributable to a 39.5 per cent lower value of exports year-on-year. Imports on the other hand, were 64.0 per cent higher compared to the corresponding period.
April 2014 Source


Politics / Re: Resource Control May Split Nigeria — Northern Delegates by eGuerrilla(m): 7:30pm On Jul 13
Source: Regional Autonomy or Nothing

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Politics / Re: Resource Control May Split Nigeria — Northern Delegates by eGuerrilla(m): 7:28pm On Jul 13

People like you tempt us to call you dummies, empty heads, or flatheads, but I will respectfully decline the temptation. I'd simply state that you and many others on this thread are products of a failed educational system which did not adequately expose you to your history.

I don't have time to educate you people but ponder the following:

(1)It is in the record that, it was the farmers in the North that produced the groundnuts and resources that supplemented the various budgets of the West and East up till 1970.

(2)Groundnuts, cotton, cocoa, hides and skins, were the principal export crops in the 1960s and early 1970s.

(3)Nigeria was the world's largest exporter of groundnuts in the early 1970s

Though I understand that research could not possibly be your forté , I'd recommend that you use google for preliminary research and educate yourself before coming here to embarass yourself.

In case that is too difficult for you, at lease read this report from U.S. Library of Congress

Comrade nduchucks,

You make sense a lot of the time but on the odd occasion you peddle vaunting assertions which have no basis in reality.
If you want to taken seriously on this issue, please provide something more substantive than a U.S. Library of Congress article - which gives no figures to back up your claims here...

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Culture / Re: Ile-ife, Final Rest Place Of Oba Of Benin? (picture). by eGuerrilla(m): 5:58pm On Jul 03
9jacrip: Fact: heads of Benin Kings have been buried in Ile-Ife since Eweka till the colonialist took a strong hold and it was stopped - the last 2 Benin Kings were buried in Benin with their complete parts.

Fact: Yoruba was the palace language in Benin until recently, I believe it was stopped by the present Oba because during the predecessor's time, Yoruba was still the palace language.

Benin Monarchy is different from Benin people who had been long in existence before Oranmiyan and Eweka. The Oranmiya/Eweka phenomenal effect was making Benin throne an offshoot and a 'junior' to Ife throne like other Yoruba thrones where Ife gives blessings and confirmation of every ascending king - in the case of Benin, it was furthered by making Yoruba the palace language and burial of Benin king parts in Ife.

The confusion we have today is as a result of egotistic kings who seek to slash history into bits just to be highly placed - above or equal to Ooni. Same is Ijebu with Sudan story. The effect of this egotistic agendas is why we are here arguing place of Oba Ado's death - in a few more decades starting from now, we will begin to argue Yoruba language was never Benin Palace language.

Soon, successful Benin kings will stop going to Ife for blessings and confirmation of kingship and we will start debating if previous Benin kings ever did.

Succinctly put 9jacrip
Politics / Re: St Paul's College President Denies Speaking To SaharaReporters by eGuerrilla(m): 12:40am On Jan 11

Have you ever been truthful to yourself? Or stood up against the interest of the APC? I see you all over the place supporting APC whether good or bad.

My friend keep your self righteous speech to yourself. I don't need your hypocritical sermon this morning.

If supporting the emergence of counter weight party within a weak polity that was tending towards one-party statehood is my sin, I stand to be counted.

But please, go one step further by proving that I have never stood up against the APC. Prove your ill-conceived assertions right here, right now.
Politics / David Mark Moves To Save His Job, Disowns Ita Enang Over Threat To Senators by eGuerrilla(m): 12:32am On Jan 11
David Mark Moves To Save His Job, Disowns Ita Enang Over Threat Against Defecting Senators

January 10, 2014

Less than 24 hours after Chairman of the Senate Committee on Rules and Business, Senator Ita Enang threatened that the leadership of the red chamber will declare the seats of defecting Senators vacant, the hallowed chamber today disowned the claim, tagging it as the personal view of the legislator. The threat by Enang which has begun to generate tension that may eventually sweep away the David Mark headed leadership of the senate.

The Senate position was made known in a statement by its Spokesman Enyinnaya Abaribe who also debunked insinuations linking the Senate President David Mark to the statement credited to Enang.

According to the statement disowning Enang who is of PDP from Akwa Ibom state, the senate said ”in the first place, there is no acrimony in the Senate irrespective of political party affiliation. The Senate is still on vacation. to resume on the 14th of January and only after its deliberations would any statement on urgent matters of state be issued.

“It is, therefore, preposterous to attribute the personal opinion of a Senator to represent the resolution of the Senate and its highly respected leadership as exemplified by Senate President David Mark. Senate position, as statutory, is always relayed by its spokesman in which case it becomes safe to say that the Senate has spoken.

“The Senate is at peace and no sign that Senators are working at cross-purposes with each other. It is one whole family of patriotic Nigerians who first and foremost defers to issues that are of national interest.

“The Senate, as presently constituted, is peopled by very distinguished Nigerians who see the institution for what it is; a hallowed chamber whose decisions and resolutions are shaped by honour and love for country”.

Before the effort by the senate leadership to douse the tension, the Vice chairman of the Committee on Education, Senator Olusola Adeyeye had reacted to Enang’s claim saying that no amount of threats, intimidation or blackmail can stop the gale of defections of members from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to the All Progressives Congress (APC). Chairman of the Drugs, Narcotics and Financial Crimes Committee, Senator Victor Lar also spoke in the same vein warning that no Senator should arrogate powers that he does not have to himself by issuing threats against defecting lawmakers.

Adeyeye who is of the APC from Osun state said in a statement today that: “We have watched and read with keen interest, some pronouncements on the proposed defection of some members from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to the All Progressives Congress (APC) emanating from the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Rules and Business, Senator Ita Enang. Senator Ita Enang would do well not to arrogate powers, which he does not have, to himself.

“On this matter, Senator Ita Enang is speaking for himself. He does not even have the mandate to speak for the entire Senate on defection of members. We want to make it clear that Senators would make their opinions known when they resume from the Yuletide break next week.

“We also want to make it abundantly clear that nobody can detract or subtract from the constitutional rights of Nigerians to freedom of association and the National Assembly is the institution designed by the Constitution, not only to encourage but also to enforce the rights of Nigerians.

“The National Assembly should be the foundation of freedom in this country. It is supposed to guarantee the freedom of Nigerians…subject, of course, to the rights of the constituents of lawmaker if he’s not following the dictates of his people.

“We warn those attempting to blackmail lawmakers that that tactic will backfire. Legislators should be free to stand by their conscience without any threat of blackmail. The laws of the land are clear on movement from one party to another and nobody should assume a position of authority he does not hold.

“Senator Ita Enang has been in the National Assembly since 1999 and he didn’t voice any opinion then when members defected from other parties the PDP; isn’t it curious that he has now found his voice when the reverse is the case?

“At a time like this when Nigeria needs statesmen, Senator Ita Enang should know by now that blackmail and threats of declaring seats vacant will not work in an atmosphere where members want to assert their rights by moving from the PDP to another party.

In his own reaction, Senator Victor Lar of the PDP, representing Plateau South senatorial district also said: “Less than a few days to the resumption of Senate, there have been reports credited to the Chairman of the Committee on Rules and Business that any Senator who defects from the political party on which he was elected to the Senate to another party would automatically lose his seat. Reports also quoted him as saying that any such move would mean that the seat is vacant.

“I want to state categorically that the issue of declaring any senators’ seat vacant should be left to the courts and not a matter that should be at the discretion of any Senator. This is a time when caution and healing of those aggrieved within the PDP is required.”

On Thursday, Senate President David Mark had given assurances that he is prepared to “do the needful,” to stem the crisis in the party, adding that PDP leaders will unite to save the party from its current crisis.

“We will arrest the current situation and save our party from further disintegration. some Nigerians are talking about Tsunami in the PDP because of the defection by some members of our party, holding elective and non-elective positions.

“But as leaders, we will not sit by and continue to allow this drift. We shall do the needful and ensure that we save our great party. Admitting that the development is a challenge, Senator Mark said “genuine efforts would be made to reconcile our party men and women and bring peace and unity in the party”, he had promised.

Politics / Re: Ogun Governor, Amosun In Certificates Forgery, Age Falsification. by eGuerrilla(m): 12:19am On Jan 11
I'd say there is no love lost between @OP and Governor Amosun grin

Politics / Ogun Governor, Amosun In Certificates Forgery, Age Falsification. (1) (2) (3)
Politics / Hoodlums On The Rampage In Ogun, Attack Residents, Journalists
Politics / How Governor Amosun Forged Signature To Amend Ogun Pension Bill
Politics / Ogun State: Abysmal Failure In The Health Sector
Politics / Former Ogun Deputy Governor Dumps APC For PDP
Politics / Ogun APC: It’s Fight To Finish
Politics / Olorunnimbe Mamora For Governor Ogun State.
Politics / Daniel Can't Weaken Ogun PDP Through LP - Kashamu
Politics / Criticism Trails Ogun Employment Policy
Health / Cholera Outbreak Kills 5 In Ogun (1) *

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Politics / Re: St Paul's College President Denies Speaking To SaharaReporters by eGuerrilla(m): 12:10am On Jan 11

I say the truth when i see one and i don't hesitate to point out a lie or propaganda when i see one. I am not a supporter of any political figure or party. Just a normal guy standing up for the truth.

Strive for a little more consistency in that case. It will do you a world of good.
Politics / Re: Ogun Governor, Amosun In Certificates Forgery, Age Falsification. by eGuerrilla(m): 12:04am On Jan 11
agbameta: @ eGuerrilla
Well done.

Indeed comrade. It makes you wonder why the trail went cold in the first place.
Evidently, the clowns involved appear to have been running with a prosecutorial agenda not grounded in facts.

For for its worth, I hope the wider NL commentariat recognise that SaharaReporters and 234next (recent additions to the so-called "Lagos-Ibadan Press" ) gave adequate coverage to the original allegations, without prejudice.
Politics / Re: St Paul's College President Denies Speaking To SaharaReporters by eGuerrilla(m): 11:52pm On Jan 10

I don't believe that news.. It sounds like a damage control scheme to me.

You are quite a contradiction in terms, aren't you?
One minute you going out on limb while batting hard for Madam Oduah, and in the next you are lobbing curve balls of your own.

Still, it is good to know that you are not all one way traffic grin

Politics / Re: Ogun Governor, Amosun In Certificates Forgery, Age Falsification. by eGuerrilla(m): 11:18pm On Jan 10
There isn't a great of information on this story online, but copied in below is a rejoinder I found.
Pretty much water tight as far as any defence goes.

Were incorrect answers given in the FOI report after all?


Our attention has been drawn to a news report on 234NEXT, and about Senator Ibikunle Amosun, the governor-elect of Ogun State and his academic credentials.

We are not surprised that such hatchet job is coming from an unknown group at this critical period that the mission to re-build Ogun State from the unfortunate misrule of last eight years is about to start.

The amorphous group in the name of Center for Justice and Democracy (CEJUDE) was definitely an overnight formation without any credible existence, which points to a pattern usually employed by those infected by the "PULL HIM DOWN" syndrome.
While we do not wish to confer credibility on this hatchet group, I am constrained to set the record straight for the sake of the unwary who may out of lack of better knowledge of the facts assume there is any substance to this fairy-tale.

We will rebut the main tissues in their lies below:


In the course of perusing the news item on 234NEXT.COM, an independent commentator actually shed light on this blatant lie. His explanation presented below throws light on Senator Amosun’s internship at Ogun-Osun River Basin Authority in 1982 and at Nigerian Television Authority-NTA in 1981.

"In 1979, the initial admission was for NND (a four year programme leading to the award of Nigerian National Diploma) and internship of six months each embedded into year 2 and 3 respectively. But after much advocacy due to the fear that the certificate may just be acceptable here in Nigeria only - a change or reverse of this policy was effected by the Shehu Shagari administration with a proviso that those who were admitted in 1979 should be allowed to pursue HND direct while others should have theirs spread as the case is now. This was done to avoid legal tussle by the beneficiaries of the 1979 admission against the government. I think that should be the fate of Senator Ibikunle Amosun"
I don't think I have to add anything to this.

I personally was a living witness to how a lot of people were expelled from the then Ogun State Polytechnic, including those I know their whereabout presently for certificate forgery, but will avoid mentioning names so as not to embarass anybody. We thank God Senator Amosun’s certificate was not found wanting throughout his stay at the Ogun State Polytechnic. In any case, the West African Examination Council (WAEC) is available to answer any inquiry on his certificate.


We will rather prefer to meet the real masquerades behind these detractors and jobless hatchet group whenever they have the guts and gumption to attach their names to this obnoxious propaganda.

We have done the needful, and will be ready to re-submit the same certificates belonging to Senator Ibikunle Amosun to INEC over and over again. The Onus is on the detractors to prove the authenticity or otherwise. At least, it is trite law that he who alleges must prove. The University of Westminster gave students the options to offer either MSc or MA, and Senator Ibikunle Amosun opted to bag a Master’s in the "ARTS" of International Finance being a chartered accountant.

Again common sense should tell anyone that the MA in international finance was obtained after Senator Ibikunle Amosun was already a chartered accountant, and the advanced degree does not offer him any financial gains beyond his current professional status. Also, he could not have gone ahead to jeopardise his status as a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (FCA) with a forged degree.

However, apart from posting copies of Senator Ibikunle Amosun's MA certificate from Westminster University with this rejoinder, we will also like to point out the references below.

As quoted below, some commentators on the have been calling the Registrar of Westminster University, and have confirmed Senator Ibikunle Amosun's attendance at the University.

"Authoritatively from the Registrar at the University of Westminster, she confirmed to me that Amosun was an ex student and that they used to offer Masters of Art (MA) International Finance before and that the said Amosun was awarded a degree in Masters of Art (MA) International Finance. I am not sure why people would think that UK institutions are like Nigeria where you can not get information. Should anybody wants (sic) to verify this, please call this number 02079115000 and ask to speak to the Registrar, she is more than happy to tell you"

It may be of interest that University of Westminster offers MSc in International Finance as shown on their website at the moment, but used to offer MA as well in the past and at the same time as claimed by some of the present and former students, as indicated in the profile of a graduate of University of Westminster in highlighted below:

I guess the person of interest in the Linkedn is not Senator Ibikunle Amosun, but someone else.

A letter apparently written on a forged letterhead of Federal Ministry of Education is the major plank on which these political adversaries try to hang their baseless allegation. To start with, the letterhead has no address or telephone/email-address of the ministry. Neither is there a stamp to authenticate the so-called correspondence. It is also ridiculous that a whole Federal Ministry of Education would investigate the certificate of a former Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and a governor-elect without requesting requisite information from him. It is curious that the Federal Ministry of Education will be asking a third-party to make available the student transcripts, entry-point and hard copy of admission papers of Senator Amosun from CEJUDE! These are forgers accusing an innocent man of forgery.

The forged birth certificate on actually speaks volume of these perpetrators. The admission form was supposedly prepared in 1980 by the then Ibikunle Oyelaja Amosun, and he was 22 year old as shown in form . Definitely, the posted birth certificate is fake. Can any sane mind count the number of years from 1960 to 1980. It happens to be 20 years. For clarity, a 22 year old in 1980 will definitely have a year of birth of 1958. The birth certificate can definitely tell a discerning mind who actually forged documents. The purported fake birth certificate is attached as well.

In conclusion, the general public is advised to disregard this falsehood being peddled by these charlatans.

Attached below are scanned copies of Senator Ibikunle Amosun's credentials.

Bunmi Adebayo (Mr)
Abeokuta, Nigeria

Politics / Re: Ogun Governor, Amosun In Certificates Forgery, Age Falsification. by eGuerrilla(m): 10:34pm On Jan 10

Where are the responses?

Zero in both cases.
Politics / Re: Ogun Governor, Amosun In Certificates Forgery, Age Falsification. by eGuerrilla(m): 10:34pm On Jan 10

Do you have some screws loose in your head? Read eGuerrilla's last post and attachment. I've been vindicated.

I can also cite the University with the biggest campus in the UK and one of the tougher universities to get into, in the UK, Keele University. University rankings haven't been fair to Keele, probably because it's not as old as most red brick unis, but it's definitely one of the best Universities in the UK, with a lot of American students.

As far as I know, Keele never used to have a faculty for science and computing, until recently. And most of the science and computing courses were under the Faculty of Engineering. So anyone who graduated from Keele doing sciences or anything relating to computing, before the faculty for their courses was created, would have graduated with a B.Eng.


At the moment, my findings do not augur well for the governor.

While the claim made in @OP's post in relation to what Westminster offered is factually wrong (see excerpt below), this also appears to be the case for the governor if we accept that he graduated in the year 2000.

Also, an enquiry at the Evaluation and Accreditation Department of the Federal Ministry of Education, Abuja through a letter on May 3,
2011, informing the Ministry of suspicion on the authenticity of the certificate presented to INEC by Senator Amosun on his M.A. in
International Finance from the University of Westminster in 2000 revealed that the University of Westminster does not offer
Masters of Art in International Finance.

For the record, this program might have aimed solely at the international community - as the recipients I have located thus far are all based outside the UK.
Politics / Re: Ogun Governor, Amosun In Certificates Forgery, Age Falsification. by eGuerrilla(m): 10:26pm On Jan 10
jay bee:
Why do you think it's of little comfort Sir?

The university does award MA degree
They also awarded it to between 1 and 5 internationals students during the period in question

All indicators points to the fact that he was awarded the degree

Not if you look at responses provided for questions 4 & 5

Politics / Re: Ogun Governor, Amosun In Certificates Forgery, Age Falsification. by eGuerrilla(m): 10:23pm On Jan 10
me_for_you: what nonsense is this? Sending us university policy. Is that what we are interested in?
Is Mr Amosun not alive? Let him publish his MA naa. And tinubu should publish his Chicago certificate too

Get lost!
Politics / Re: Ogun Governor, Amosun In Certificates Forgery, Age Falsification. by eGuerrilla(m): 10:01pm On Jan 10
Dis Guy: @eguerilla

You didn't attach the reply from Westminster

I like the way this govt deflects issues sha

I have been getting banned recently because of badly formatted links, so won't post the full URL.
The response provided by University of Westminster would be of little comfort to the Governor methinks.

Politics / Re: Ogun Governor, Amosun In Certificates Forgery, Age Falsification. by eGuerrilla(m): 7:58pm On Jan 10
The University of Westminster definitely offered an MA in International finance, at one point, according to information I have been able to glean elsewhere. As I mentioned on the Oduah thread, it is also conceivable that the discrepancy regarding his date of birth has something to do with a non-kosher NYSC discharge certificate...
Politics / Re: Ogun Governor, Amosun In Certificates Forgery, Age Falsification. by eGuerrilla(m): 4:53pm On Jan 10
First things first, Governor Amosun got his MA in 2000 according to a SR.

Another high-level certificate scandal, which could send Governor-Elect Ibikunle Amosun to jail, is brewing in Ogun State.

Several petitioners from Ogun state have questioned various claims made by the Governor-Elect in his profile filed with the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), and called for a full and urgent investigation and possible criminal prosecution.

The Senator had claimed in his election documents presented to INEC the possession of a Master of Arts (M.A.) degree in International Finance from the University of Westminster, United Kingdom, but investigations at the university have shown that the institution offers only a Master of Science (MSC) International Finance, not an M.A.

Also enquiries at the Evaluation and Accreditation Department of the Federal Ministry of Education, Abuja through a letter on May 3, informing them of its suspicion of the authenticity of the certificate presented to INEC by Senator Amosun on his M.A. in International Finance from the University of Westminster in 2000.

Replying, on May 13, 2011, in a letter signed by A.O Adigwe on behalf of the Permanent Secretary, Federal Ministry of Education, CEJUDE said the Ministry confirmed that the University of Westminster offers only the “M.Sc (Master of Science) in International Finance, but had added, “There must have been a gross error in the issue of M.A (Master of Arts) International Finance to Mr. Ibikunle Oyelaja Amosun”.

“Accordingly, it is either the Federal Ministry of Education is pumping out a tissue of lies or that Senator Ibikunle Amosun, Governor-Elect, Ogun State has put forth to the electorate what he does not have and deserves to be diligently investigated and prosecuted for forgery and perjury, before May 29th, 2011, when he would have put forth the toga of immunity has provided by the Constitution of our land,” a source told SaharaReporters


This appears to tally with the FOI request attached here.

It is perhaps also worth noting that SaharaReporters, which some would have us believe is an opposition mouthpiece, ran with this story in 2011 - 'Forgery And Perjury: Petitioners Call For Investigation And Prosecution Of Ogun State Governor-Elect, Senator Amosun'

Still checking...

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Politics / Re: Ogun Governor, Amosun In Certificates Forgery, Age Falsification. by eGuerrilla(m): 4:43pm On Jan 10
Lol. Season of Anomy.

I will post my observations later.


Politics / Re: Sanusi Erases Scheduled Leave, Dares Jonathan by eGuerrilla(m): 1:48pm On Jan 10

And we are suppose to believe your source Per Second News. grin grin Joke of the year.

I knew that low hanging fruit would have you salivating. grin

What is clear is that, not only did you fail to connect with Shymexx's point, you also missed mine by a mile.
Politics / Re: Sanusi Erases Scheduled Leave, Dares Jonathan by eGuerrilla(m): 1:42pm On Jan 10

Bro i did not see anything threatening on that post. I read people refuting a rumor about the CBN Governor's early retirement. No sign of threat or pressure. @shymexx you can do better than this. Read the text again.

”He is not proceeding on retirement leave by March as being speculated; rather, he will be retiring on June 2 this year when he will be completing his five-year single tenure"

Where did he confront GEJ or when did GEJ threaten to sack him? Even the Senate said it was a rumor. Please point me to the line as i cannot see any handwriting on the wall.

One account of what went down.

Sanusi also expressed his surprise to the president that he was the one being asked to resign instead of the president to ask those responsible for the non-remittance of the funds to resign.His response, which threw the president aback, degenerated into a heated exchange during which Sanusi told the president that as the federal government’s Chief Economic Adviser, mandatorily required to bring issues of critical economic importance to the attention of the president, he had done a patriotic duty to his country.“He informed the president that it is necessary to deal with the issues and not the letter that had been leaked since it has since been established that it was not $49.8 billion that had not been remitted to the Federation Account, but $10.8 billion, which was still in dispute and by any stretch of imagination was still a large sum.“Sanusi felt he was being forced out for doing his patriotic duty to his country by drawing attention to the unaccounted funds. He only has two months to go, so this was a ploy to force him out and destroy his career and reputation.“He knew this and for this reason, refused to throw in the towel as requested by the president,” a source familiar with the conversation said.But the president was said to have remained adamant and insisted on the CBN governor’s resignation.

Following the exchange, Sanusi, another source said, briefed his close aides at the CBN and family of what had transpired between himself and the president. The source said he did it to shield himself from harm, as he felt his life might be in danger for defying the direct order of the president.
Politics / Re: Sanusi Erases Scheduled Leave, Dares Jonathan by eGuerrilla(m): 1:31pm On Jan 10

Bruv, not everything has to be in black and white for you to be able to discern what's going on. There's no smoke without fire. If you go back and read the article carefully - you would see that there was a "family meeting" at the CBN. And the CBN's media director, one Mr. Okoroafor, addressed the press afterwards, about the latest development.

Now, connect the dots and read the handwriting on the wall.

Brethren from the south-side, you are right on the money with this one.
The fact is, not only was there a clear agenda to get rid of Sanusi before this volte-face, there were also a number of articles written to set the tone.

It is all about reading those tea leaves, I suppose.

Why Lamido failed to get presidential nod for a second term

05 January 2014

ABUJA (PSN)---Fresh facts have emerged as regards why the outgoing governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Mallam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, could not get a second term in office.

Contrary to the impression being created by the CBN governor that he was not interested in a second term in office, Per Second News authoritatively gathered that he actually approached the Presidency for an extension of his term which expires in about three months' time.
He was said to have recently persuaded the Emir of Kano, His Highness Saa'd Abubakar III, to help him prevail on President Goodluck Jonathan to extend his term in office.

A reliable source told Per Second News that Jonathan turned down the monarch's request, saying that the CBN governor could not be trusted, given his several policy somersaults, inconsistent and embarassing public utterances in recent times.

The president, according to the source, insistedly told the respected traditional ruler in the presence of Sanusi that the CBN governor would not stay beyond his first term in office.

Jonathan was said to have informed the Emir, in the presence of a governor from one of the South-South states who was there on a different mission, that a person with such a repute like Sanusi could not be entrusted with such a high office as the CBN governor

Among his many sins, Mallam Sanusi wrote a fallacious letter to the president, complaining of a missing £49.8 billion funds from the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) meant to be remitted to the Federation accounts.

The allegation made senators elected on the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC) to address a press conference, calling on President Jonathan to constitute a thorough probe into the missing fund.

However, after a two-day reconciliation exercise with NNPC, FIRS, DPR and CBN, and an appearance before the Senate Committee on Finance and Appropriation, last December, the CBN governor recanted, saying he got his figures wrong and blamed his staffs for providing him with wrong data.

He concluded then that, rather than $49.8 billion, what is yet to be accounted for is actually $12 billion.

Even at that, the Minister of Finance and Coordinating Minister of the Economy, Dr (Mrs)Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, faulted Sanusi as she told the Senate committee that the yet-to-be remitted amount is $10 billion.

It was later found out, after about three more days of reconciliation, that the $10 billion was actually remitted to CBN months before Sansui's false alarm, under a separate heading by FIRS and DPR (Department of Petroleum Resources).

Curiously, APC senators, who had insinuated that the Jonathan administration was characterised by massive and unprecedented corruption, are yet to react to Sanusi's recant.

Sanusi's tenure as the governor of the apex bank was also marred with controversies, especially his inability to reconcile the accounts of CBN or making accounts of CBN available to Nigerians or the National Assembly on request.

He was also accused of using the bank's funds as personal donations to unapproved causes.

Another source revealed that Mallam Sanusi refused to forgive President Jonathan after the president stopped his plan to print new N5,000 Naira note, which the CBN governor have already finalised discussions with overseas contractors.

Following the negative reactions and criticisms that greeted the proposed introduction of the N5,000 denomination, Sanusi had told Nigerians that there was no plan to do such.

The denial notwithstanding, he was however said to be seething anger over the step taken by the president and was looking for ways to deal with him for stopping his pet project.

According to the source, the outgoing CBN governor felt the best way to get back at Jonathan was to soil his administration integrity with such frivolous corruption allegations.

He was however shocked when financial experts from the FIRS, DPR and NNPC busted his lies.
This forced Sanusi to make an open apology to the respective departments and Nigerians on television.

Consequently, the retiring CBN governor was ordered, late last year, by the Presidency to proceed on compulsory retirement on or before March 2014 as his tenure as CBN governor will not be renewed.

This order to proceed on a compulsory leave will come months before his term expires in 2014.

Politics / Re: Oduah's "CV Released by the Senate" Thread Is a Lie! by eGuerrilla(m): 1:04pm On Jan 10

Hope for Nigeria is another ibo facebook page and most of their topics are from nl or vice versa. You see the same tribal no sense posted on nl on that page even all the tinubu SinParties.

I think nl is desperate for traffic and attention so they let anything fly including fake and deceptive trash.

The clowns on nl own that fb. They make up their trash over there and post the same trash on nl with that hope for Nigeria tribal fb page as the source. Its all 419 and deception

I concur fully with this observation.
Politics / Re: Open Letter To Seun by eGuerrilla(m): 12:59pm On Jan 10
Seun: We are very sorry about these mistakes that we have made. I am personally responsible for a few of them. We will tighten our process.

Seun, whatever you do from hereon, please pay close attention to cramjones/'Hope for Nigeria' threads.
That's all wink
Politics / Re: North Has More Resources Than Niger Delta - Goodluck Jonathan by eGuerrilla(m): 12:38pm On Jan 10
goldplated: @eguerilla
in your article jonathan stated "by May this year we will be 3 years old,and by May 2014, we will be four years old"

isnt this article from early 2013? Care to explain the disparity?

Lol. That was the President speaking and not my humble self.

For disclosure: the message conveyed is absolutely spot on. It is the messenger's candour that is in doubt.

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