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Family / Good Grief! by fewj(m): 12:40am On Oct 02
People say i live in a big house, I’d always taught they flattered me until this night, I had come home to an empty house and for the first time i felt so lonely at home, my bedroom feeling audaciously enormous, i could feel every wind, hear every sound, it felt like the length, breath and height of this house had increased and the atmosphere had become thicker such that it took so much strength to move my feet within the house.

How did I get here?
I woke up this morning with lots of adrenaline running through my veins, the pump of today being October 1st, the holiday and festivity, the long list of amazingly carefully thought out events for the day. Sadly this feeling didn’t last very long, pretty soon I remembered the long list of responsibilities and heavy duty logistics that i needed to ensure didn’t fail, it didn’t take long before the adrenaline and pump disappeared, before long, i was thinking of the irony of the celebration amidst all the many many problems of Nigeria, what are we even celebrating i asked myself, is it the boko-haram onslaught, or the bad roads and the many problems of this country (oh please, don’t even get me started.), pretty soon i was in a full fledge plunge into depression.

Suddenly i heard the door bell, it was Lugard, one of my many sidekicks for the day, he had come to pick up keys to the bus and other things need for logistics, why is he here so early i thought, switched on my phone it was already past seven, Oh! i had been in bed for about two hours soliloquising!

The rest of the day breezed past as I didn’t really participate in the rest of the festivities, I however did try to ensure every process and requirements for the day were met, done and went as planned. I got back to Warri at about past five in the evening, reviewed items and itinerary to ensure everything was atleast ok, and then i got the call, the bomb shell! I still recall my head spinning, and me screaming at the top of my voice in both hurt and disbelieve!

Aaron had just called me, he’s one of my few guys that I have, i wouldn't really say were best of FRIENDS, but we’re definitely better than acquaintances but its sorta in-between, off and on, on a need/situation/event basis.

He sounded very odd, he sounded like he’d been crying, maybe because I’ve known him for over 10 years, i could tell he was the one, (even truecaller couldn’t identify this number he was calling with), he told me how he’s been trying to reach me all day and couldn't get me (I was out of reception coverage), i didn’t bother explaining, i could tell something was really wrong, he told me how he’d been in my really good friend’s house all day and how that something terrible had happened and he needed to tell me.

I’ve got this friends i got to know sometime in 2004 while in the university, the were instrumentalists like me, we had come to meet in a Christ Embassy church and became very close, we did most things together, we had highs and lows, funny moments and embarrassing ones jointly and serverally, we were so close that everytime i imagined the future, they were a part of it, Isaiah Obi and Joseph Guwo had become a very integral part of my life and we always somehow kept in touch even though isaiah lives in a different city. Joe as we call him went on to marry his college sweet heart chinenye (chinny as we would call her) a fews years after graduation, while in the university she had also become a part of our clique like a few others.

Suddenly i snapped back to reality, all the tiredness of the day had disappeared, what did you just say i retorted, Frank he said, Joe your friend is dead, he died in a motor accident, he was travelling to abuja in a greener line vehicle, they had an accident and there are no survivors!

I hissed and ended the call, Aaron can be a bit naughty, i just thought his level of naughtiness had increased by an extra-ordinary amplitude and i didn’t find it funny. Few minutes after the call i started to worry, i thought about it for a while and decided not to call Joe’s wife as Joe’s number was switched off, i felt if this was Aaron’s prank, it would be super weird to let chinny know about it, i thought about asking her in different ways but finally decided against it, so i decided to call the third “musketeer" as we call ourselves and he confirmed the news, he had also been trying to reach me!

I drove with such urgency, with such numbness to his home, burst through the doors without really knocking, Chinny was sitting in the couch by the door, there were a lot of unfamiliar faces, it was then i began to cry, who would have thought Frank could cry like that? I held on to Chinny’s arm so tightly as if that would take away the pain i felt inside. I starred into her eyes and what i saw was unimaginable, words and space would fail me to describe, for the first time i saw this strange emptiness, this awkward sadness in her eyes, i just couldn’t help but cry more! I know what they’ve been through together, pre-marriage and post marriage, how we celebrated and admired their union and he now has left so suddenly after less than four years of their marriage.

As i write this, i can only imagine the pain she’s going through, never in my life have i felt so small, so helpless and hapless, so weak and incapacitated, i didn’t know what to tell her, i muttered some words in the few hours i stayed, can’t really remember the disjointed, disoriented and incoherent wordings, In those moments, all my cares and worries, my dreams, aspirations and tiredness from the long day where inconsequential, all gone and replaced by this strange quantum of grief, sadness and depression!

If there was ever anything that shook the very tenants of the things i hold dear and believe, this was it, if there was ever a time i really did question the essence of life, its struggles and challenges, this was it!

Here i am, sitting in this cold tiled stairs, typing so fast and sobbing, if Joe could die just like that? maybe ………………………..

Joe pace, Mr Guwo, Eshin, My drummer boy, so you left us like this? for what now? Palley no be so!

cc lalastica , seun

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Technology Market / Re: **PHONE SWAP CENTRE**SWAP IT NOW!!! pin:265DA560 or 08033923897 by fewj(m): 3:43pm On Sep 29
How much will u sell it to me. i want 2 buy

Sorry dear, I made that post a long time ago, am not sure where that device is at the moment, probably one of my cousins took it, can't remember...
Politics / Re: Nigerian Twitter Users Call Out Ambode Over Report That Fashola Spent N139m On by fewj(m): 12:15pm On Aug 25

I'm not God, but he's not getting my vote or the votes of Nigerians in Lagos and on twitter demanding he return their votes.

Responsible and competent leaders don't lie and when they have facts and proof of wrong going, duty demands that they forward their evidence of wrong doing to law enforcement agencies for prosecution, not releasing lies and half truths on the internet just to play politics and destroy other people's image.

There's a clear difference between accountability and releasing false, misleading and worthless accusations on the internet..

It seems you're privy to information the rest of us don't have, why not help clear the falsehood?
Webmasters / Re: Professional Web Design And Development In Warri, Delta State, Nigeria by fewj(m): 9:41pm On Aug 16

lol...frankwaive, so its you dat i have been trying to beat in SEO for web design companies in warri in google.
Nice to see you here

lol, good to know someone is trying to beat me, I've been trying to beat other people since forever!!!
Politics / Re: N59bn Abuja Airport Expressway Becoming A Death Trap (Pics) by fewj(m): 3:35pm On Aug 14
See the tiny portholes you guys are complaining of, please come to warri and see REAL portholes

Tiny or large, portholes in Nigerian roads are unacceptable!


Politics / Re: Official Press Statement By Former Governor Raji Fashola On Website Allegations by fewj(m): 10:42am On Aug 14
Am sorry your excellency, you are just an unapologetic looter like the rest of your cohorts, I had hoped that you will clarify a typographical error, sadly you have confirmed the figures with unreasonable excuses. As intelligent and exposed as I assumed you to be, you actually believed this your "Defence" would "clear the air"?

So this is how you were spending the billions you were borrowing?

Maybe this anti-corruption war you and your associates postulate is actually a facade!!!

Am pretty sure if I give @Seun N40 Million, he'll happily build me a better nairaland with apps in popular platforms, and fashola is trying to justify a N78 Million Naira blog with apps, haba

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Politics / Re: The Many Incredible Roles Of DSS Under President Muhammadu Buhari by fewj(m): 5:13pm On Aug 04
1. Dasuki's case was one bordering on National security and they went with a warrant. It was during the search they discovered the cars. You might know (I don't think you know anyway) that to own a bulletproof car, you must have been cleared by all National security agencies including the DSS. So they were well within their constraints

2. Still Dasuki. They found on him high powered rifles which no one would have issued licence for. What is that, national security or what?

3. When oil marketers went on strike, the country was all but shut down. I think it is fair if we call our energy sector a national security one. In the USA, the FBI are called in issues of Economics that might threaten internal security or a cartel purposely hiking prices

4. Stop being a clown. When the DSS was used to escort electoral materials, you did not know you were also going to have them involved all through?

5. This is hilarious. The DSS can actually go into any crime scene they want and it is then their choice on whether to intervene or not. No arrests were made and they left them to their issues.

You people make this too easy

What is the mandate of the DSS?
Programming / How To Install Laravel on OS x by fewj(m): 9:23am On Aug 04
How To Install Laravel on OS x
If you’re reading this, chances are you are already in love with laravel, you probably have seen a couple of advantages laravel has over other frameworks, seen a tutorial video or read an article that has sparked your interest in laravel. However, loving laravel is one thing, installing it is another.

I personally got acquainted with laravel just before version 5 was released, but somehow I kept postponing diving into it, sadly, at the time I decided to, laravel 5 had been released and most of the instructions I found online for installation where either for a none XAMPP user or for version 4 for a XAMPP user and this was a pain!

So you don’t go spend so much time looking for a solution like I did, I’ve decided to be your knight in shinny armor, here’s how to install Laravel 5 on XAMMP for Mac OS X.


OSX by default has PHP pre-installed, so when you install XAMPP, you’ll actually be installing a second PHP version on your MAC. Your Computer decides which to use depending on if internet sharing is on (System preferences/sharing) or if xampp server is on and apache is started. To know which version of PHP you system is using by default, open terminal, run “which php” without the quotes.

If what you get IS NOT “/Applications/XAMPP/xamppfiles/bin/php”, here’s how to correct it

Create a file called .bash_profile on your home directory (if you don’t have this file already) from terminal, to do this run the following commands one line at a time

Read the rest here

Webmasters / Re: Professional Web Design And Development In Warri, Delta State, Nigeria by fewj(m): 8:10pm On Aug 03

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Family / Re: Finally Got A Job After So Long, But My In-Laws Won't Let Me Have It! by fewj(m): 12:05am On Jun 27
This is already a sign that you're letting your inlaws run your marriage, on the long run, this could crash the union...

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Politics / Re: Okorocha’s N1billion Mansion Shocks Buhari - Pointblank.com by fewj(m): 11:18pm On May 11
Even though I'm not his fan, Rochas has always been a millionaire. So his theft in govt is like emptying a drum of water in an already acquired geepee tank.

We should focus on people like TA Orji whose theft is like stealing the geepee tank full of water itself undecided

Theft is theft!
Politics / Re: Atiku To Buhari: Reverse PHCN Privatisation by fewj(m): 5:07pm On Apr 28
but not to this extreme

You didn't see the fox documentary that called obama the anti-christ? funny enough he (obama) made a joke of it after winning his first term election.... lol
Politics / Re: Atiku To Buhari: Reverse PHCN Privatisation by fewj(m): 2:09pm On Apr 28
Buhari killed his wife and injected sickle cell into his daughter who later died because he hated her.- AIT

And you want AIT to be following Buhari anywhere he goes?

AIT never see anything

Have you ever heard foxnews report anything good about Barack Obama?
Celebrities / Re: Billionaire Wife, Dabota Lawson Shows Off Her Palatial Living Room by fewj(m): 9:19pm On Mar 28
choked up space, riotous coloring!
Technology Market / Re: Neatly Used Macbook Air 120K by fewj(m): 12:38pm On Feb 20
Technology Market / Re: Neatly Used Macbook Air 120K by fewj(m): 8:41pm On Feb 16
still available
Technology Market / Re: Neatly Used Macbook Air 120K by fewj(m): 2:55pm On Feb 16
100k bro

kindly contact me
Technology Market / Re: Neatly Used Macbook Air 120K by fewj(m): 8:02pm On Feb 15
90k serious buyer
Technology Market / Re: Neatly Used Macbook Air 120K by fewj(m): 10:21pm On Feb 13
Thats pretty low
Technology Market / Neatly Used Macbook Air 120K by fewj(m): 10:08pm On Feb 12
Neatly Used Macbook air, late 2010 version

256gb ssd

4gb ram

4hrs + battery

Call and whatsapp 07030248027

Romance / Re: Afraid Of Marriage? by fewj(m): 12:10am On Feb 02
Wondering whether anyone is afraid of Marriage as I am.The fear of leaving my family,my siblings,especially my immediate elder bro which is my small god,who condones all my excesses:Gets me any good stuffs he sees on the way,who is always d first to caution me when am wrong:Will I get married into a peaceful family like mine where all of us are agemates,share things in common,will they accept my Introvert nature?Will they be complaining that I am too quiet?will they get the fact that my bed is my best friend in the whole wide world? When Everyone says"you are too BORING"will they say such too.will they understand that I am not the type that involve in Family discussions?I gain my Energy when I am alone thinking and researching as a Biochemist that I am,will they accept me that way?My Family,My better half,the only people that understands the life pattern of their last child::hmmmm,My future career is my uttermost concern,will they understand that I need a Doctorate Degree? Can they ever treat me the way my family does? God!! Your Grace is all I need.I pray Theyunderstands::

There's only one way to find out.... embarassed

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Politics / Re: Apc Campaigns With Cow In One Of Their Rallies by fewj(m): 10:34pm On Jan 31
As long as the cow doesn't vote, no wahala!
Webmasters / Re: How Can We Make Nairaland More Beautiful? by fewj(m): 11:14pm On Jan 29
Still waiting for a better looking Nl
Technology Market / Re: Need A Fairly Use Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Tablet by fewj(m): 9:58pm On Jan 29
Still available?
Technology Market / Re: Samsung Galaxy Note by fewj(m): 9:57pm On Jan 29
still available?
Politics / A Tale Of Two Bad Options - APC/PDP GMB/GEJ by fewj(m): 1:20pm On Dec 18, 2014
I get offended everytime i see these APC/PDP GMB/GEJ arguments, sadly, you're all missing the koko here! This shouldn't be about any party or any individual, it should be a united clarion call for the total change of our political culture.

If APC wins the presidential elections, the same PDP crooks will all decamp to APC like they did in EDO state, and it will end up being a merigle round affair, an exercise in futility.

A 72yr old retired general that participated in the illegal killing of Igbos and others during the civil war now wants to be their president, even my hat wearing otueke president isn't helping, haba. Nigerians should stand up and reject these wrong practices, say no to two bad options.

We live in a country were touts and motor park boys become senators and governors, where ex-cons and known crooks become presidents, ministers and special advisers. How can a motor park boy successfully lead a state? No wonder our country is as disorganized as a motor park, we have the wrong people at the wrong places, doing the wrong things at the wrong times for the wrong reasons!


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Politics / Re: Check Out A Lawmaker Resting After Jump The Fence Yesterday +pics Lol by fewj(m): 12:02pm On Nov 21, 2014
Before you take sides, remember none of these folks have our best interest at heart...


Computers / Re: 5 Gadgets That Are All Hype And Overpriced by fewj(m): 1:02pm On Aug 30, 2014
You obviously have never owned a Mac. Am surprised your list does not contain iPhones... lol
Romance / Re: Naija Ladies Whats The Largest Amount Of Money U Don Give Ur Boyfriend? by fewj(m): 1:06pm On Aug 07, 2014
ammyluv2002: 7k grin

Webmasters / Re: Funny Conversations With Clients by fewj(m): 12:37am On Jul 19, 2014
cbrass: Op what's the url of the website , I visited it but its giving 404 error . Is it www.clientsfromhell.com ?

Webmasters / Re: Funny Conversations With Clients by fewj(m): 8:11pm On Jul 17, 2014
19. “Please email me back the file. I sent you the only copy I have.”

Thats my favourite
Webmasters / How To Choose A Web Designer by fewj(m): 7:27pm On Jul 17, 2014

How to Choose a Web Designer
Over the years, I’ve been asked this same question over and over again, how do I decide which web designer to hire/employ? I’ve given several answers to this question both to prospective clients, organizations looking to hire a full-time web designer staff and other web workers.

The web design Nigeria market is quite crowded, with about 80% of the available options lacking the required skill and character set.
“I believe that any decision to do business with a service provider should be guided by the capacity and character of such a service provider.”

Your prospective web designer should possess the following skills and characteristics

The ability to write code – Too many upcoming web designers these days are lazy, they never learnt to write code, even if they did, they’re not good at it and as such they can’t produce uniquely genuine designs, the copy works from other designers and sometimes even use templates designed by other designers, this category of designers mostly produce poor jobs and they charge pretty cheap too!

Experience- While I believe fresh designers should be given a chance to show what they’re capable of doing, I would not want a web designer learning on the Job on my project, a web designer performing experiments with my project. I believe designs with experience, with a portfolio of past jobs should be top choice in your choice process. You could easily evaluate a web designer’s design capacity from his past projects.

Business Oriented- Find a web designer that is interested in making his work achieve your business objectives, provide lead generation, increase sales and return of investment (ROI).
Here’s how I can help you

You could hire me! – Over the years, I’ve acquired the skill and character set required as stated above for web design projects, I would offer reliable business partnership

Free Consultation- I can also provide you with free consultation if you want.


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