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Phones / Re: Why Do Phone Cameras Deteriorate Over Time by fewj(m): 8:38am On Nov 09
I have been using my s4 close to a year now, there's nothing like camera deterioration. Buy better phone una no go gree

My J8 camera is almost unusable now, so popular branded phones are affected as well
Politics / Re: Lt Col Mohammad Abu-ali's Body Transported To Base, See Wife And Kid Too (pic) by fewj(m): 11:30am On Nov 06
Such a young fellow.

In as much as am a confirmed opposition to the ruling party

I feel pained when innocent, promising and young Men die for this useless country

Being led by a bunch of miscreants that calls themselves APC

Our country is not useless
Politics / Re: A Tale Of Two Bad Options - APC/PDP GMB/GEJ by fewj(m): 1:47pm On Sep 29
Yes both options may be bad, but by choosing APC, u are ensuring that we have a second national party. This creates competition between the two parties, so they would eventually be forced to put up their best candidates out for elections so as to increase their popularity.

PDP is just like NITEL or PHCN. Because they have no competition at the national level, they do whatever they like. But with APC winning this election, Nigerians will finally have a choice between two parties to choose from.

If APC loses this election, it may break up, so it is now or never for nigeria.

Hope things are going the way you want?
Phones / Re: Why Is Everybody Selling Their Tecno Camon C9 by fewj(m): 1:10pm On Sep 07
you have just said the problem. how can you spend so much on a phone and the battery is a problem

It is not a problem if its specifications listed the battery as such, as a matter of fact, it is advertised that techno's HiOS conserves battery life when compared to regular android (HiOS is built on android 6.0). I still get a full days use with a full charge.

It would have been a problem if the battery was advertised to be splendid and in reality wasn't. For the quality the Camon C9 poses, it's price is great especially in comparison to other brands
Phones / Re: Why Is Everybody Selling Their Tecno Camon C9 by fewj(m): 12:06am On Sep 06
I use a Camon C9, there's nothing wrong with the phone, from the comments here, its obvious most of the nay sayers haven't used it. The phone has an amazing front camera which is its best selling point. The biggest challenge with it is it's battery life even though i saw the low Mah in its specs before i bought it. A samsung or sony phone of the same spec would cost more than twice of the Camon C9's price. #ProudOwner #CamonC9


Romance / Re: My Pre-wedding Photos by fewj(m): 8:24am On Aug 12

You did well all the same.
She is beautiful,you are cute.
A beautiful family is about to start.
God's greace and strength be with you.
Congratulation once again.

Thanks for the kind words
Romance / Re: My Pre-wedding Photos by fewj(m): 2:02pm On Aug 11
Congrats bro - May GOD bless your union cool

Can you tell your wifey to turn around, just wanna check something lipsrsealed

#teambackview wink

No o, I won't..... Shuuuu
Romance / Re: My Pre-wedding Photos by fewj(m): 1:59pm On Aug 11
You were waiting for inspiration before you tell us thhat you're getting married abi?

My friend Congratulations.

The thought of possible insults made me think more than twice about doing this, amazingly the responses have been gracious!
Romance / Re: My Pre-wedding Photos by fewj(m): 9:00am On Aug 10
Cute couple!

D man really looks like a rugby player or wrestlergrin

LOL, I probably have missed my wrestler/rugby player calling
Romance / Re: My Pre-wedding Photos by fewj(m): 8:58am On Aug 10
Congratulations are in order.

Sending you the warmest wishes as you build your new lives together. May the light of your love always glow upon your marriage!

May you have the wedding of your dreams and the happiest of marriages!

God bless you abundantly!!!

Romance / Re: My Pre-wedding Photos by fewj(m): 8:29am On Aug 09
Thanks guys for your amazing comments grin
Romance / Re: My Pre-wedding Photos by fewj(m): 12:01pm On Aug 08
the fleshy joystick in that suit..... dayuuuummm!!!! just lusting though.. congratulobia anyways

Cheiiiiii, didn't even notice...... Lol
Romance / Re: My Pre-wedding Photos by fewj(m): 10:33am On Aug 08
congrats !!!

did u meet on nairaland ??

No, we met in church.
Romance / Re: My Pre-wedding Photos by fewj(m): 9:59am On Aug 08

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Romance / Re: My Pre-wedding Photos by fewj(m): 9:54am On Aug 08
Does pre-wedding photshoot guarantees a successful, happy marriage? Absolutely NO!

Anywayz, your babe'a so hawt! And dude you killed it with the first two photos. Lovely photos... but work more on your togetherness even in this time of CHANGE and during stormy situations. Time will tell. I wish you success, send me an I.V ... lol

My 2cents sha...

Thank you, that was more than two cents
Romance / Re: My Pre-wedding Photos by fewj(m): 8:05am On Aug 08
Wow so we got rich folks here. grin
I thought nairaland is only for the poor n average undecided

Haba, that's not very true on so many levels.... Lol
Romance / My Pre-wedding Photos by fewj(m): 4:07am On Aug 08
Inspired by donogaga, I've decided to upload my own Pre-wedding photos.

44 Likes 2 Shares

Romance / Re: My Pre-wedding Photos. by fewj(m): 4:37pm On Aug 07
Proverbs 18:22
22: He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the LORD.

Best Western Hotel by Emu bakery Delta State, hope 2k wasn't your photographer as well? I used the same venue for mine. Happy Married life in advance
Family / Re: Is The Groom Responsible For All Bride's Family Attire? by fewj(m): 1:06am On Jun 28
It's issues like this that makes me very proud of my Yoruba roots and heritage !!!

There's absolutely no Yoruba Tribe where the groom is made to foot the cost of the attire of the bride's family !!! Wth!!

What happened to some dignity from the wife's family? Will the groom also bear the cost of the shoes, bags, cap, etc?


very few people have dignity these days
Autos / Re: Welcome To Cotonou Buying And Clearing by fewj(m): 3:29am On Jun 06
Volkswagen Passat 2008 model

How much?
Autos / Re: I Need A Volkswagen Jetta/bora by fewj(m): 3:13am On Jun 06
i have a passat volkwagen fsi 2008 model

How much is this going for?
Politics / Re: FG Deploys 5 Warships, 100 Gunboats, Fighter Jets To Delta Creeks by fewj(m): 7:13pm On May 31
I'm sorry about your grandma and all the innocent citizens that have been caught up in this avoidable madness. The reality is, we as a people can't continue going in circles. Actions have to be taken, and I mean serious actions. If you dialogue with these avengers today, then another group of criminals will emerge tomorrow.

The government has been really fair in dealing with militants in the Niger/delta, but unfortunately the militants mistook the government's "fair deal" as cowardice. Is simple, if you are aggrieved about anything, violence is never the answer. And if you pick up arms against the state then you are probably inviting some anarchial situation in your home.

Anyway don't get stressed up, everything will be back to normal in some couple of days in the Niger/delta. We all want peace, but don't forget, some peace are gotten through brutal violence.

At this trying times in the niger/delta, May God continue to protect all the innocent fellows over there.

If you want to fight Niger Delta militants, boko haram, the devil and anything else, leave innocent citizens alone! This was the same thing the military was doing under GEJ until the amnesty international report, our security operatives must learn how to fight and not terrorize. Their actions have become a recruitment propaganda for negative elements in society.

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Politics / Re: FG Deploys 5 Warships, 100 Gunboats, Fighter Jets To Delta Creeks by fewj(m): 2:49pm On May 31
That JUNK you called confabulation will not be implemented because it is unconstitutional, illegal and a waste of resources. Besides buhari isn't the appropriate "body" to implement it, your NA is the body to implement it. Buhari won't give in to any cheap blackmail from any part of this country. Militants say they will make his government ungovernable, we are keenly waiting for them. I promised you, the avengers or whatever they are called will regret the very first day they blew up a pipeline just to spite the president. And tompolo should pray very hard because when he is finally apprehended like the common criminal that he is, believe you me he will never be the same again.

Already the militants/economic terrorists asked for it because they thought they are somehow "invincible and untouchable", but the creeks will be comb and the rag tag militias will eventually be smoked out. It was done in sambisa forest which is by far bigger than the tiny creeks the avengers are hiding in, same thing will be repeated in the creeks.

BUHARI WILL NEVER DIALOGUE with any criminal group. Militancy in the Niger/delta will be stamped out once and for all

Militants don't live in villages, since the days of MEND, they setup their own camp out of the villages for secrecy, sadly our military acts like Nigerian police, when they arrive, it is innocent people trying to survive in very inhumane conditions (in comparison to how much the area accrues for Nigeria) that bare the brunt, my grandma slept in the bush last night because the army drove her from her thatch house and you're here jabbering from the comfort of your home. Nigerian army have invaded that region twice in two weeks, what results have they achieved? They just target and taunt innocent civilians.

What is wrong is wrong irrespective of who's doing it and why they're doing it.

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Politics / Re: FG To Introduce Toll On Some Reconstructed Roads – Fashola by fewj(m): 11:18pm On Apr 30
We still don't have light and uncle fashola is now playing minister of transportation. Please mind your business and provide UNINTERRUPTED power supply!

The federal government is set to reintroduce toll on some roads that will be built or reconstructed.

The Minister of Power, Works and Housing, Mr Babatunde Fashola SAN, made the declaration while fielding questions as guest on the popular Channels Sunrise Daily programme.

The minister said it would be pretentious to assume that the roads would get better if we continued to make our roads absolutely toll free. He added that, there would however be alternative roads to the ones that would be tolled.

Fashola declared, “We should stop being pretentious that roads can be had for absolutely free everywhere. There will be toll roads if we want to get out of this situation. There will be alternative roads as well so that people can choose.”

Fashola also talked about severance package for ex-workers in the three ministries. He explained that the record he met showed that about 50,000 such workers were due severance pay and that about 47,000 have been paid representing about 97 per cent compliance.

“Now, for me, it is a clear evidence of an intention and good faith to pay. Pensioners are about 5,000 and 3,000 have been paid; that is more than 50 per cent compliant. When I queried the reasons for the delay, they told me there was a verification process going on and the approvals they had to spend money on that process had expired. I gave them a new approval”, the Minister further explained.

He said the seeming delay in payment was as a result of the verification exercise going on adding that the verification was due to the allegation that when the payment started “people were altering records, issuing employment letters at severance point and backdating them to people who were not members of staff”.

“That is what has delayed this process. The money to pay is there but they said they are not going to pay until they are sure of the people they are paying. So that process is going on. It has to be properly done and when it is completed we will pay. These are the issues. So when people get angry or agitated, it is to do so in a context”, he said, adding that it is not an unwillingness to pay as some people have already been paid.

On the call for review of the privatization policy especially with regards to the Power Sector, Fashola, who recalled that the nation’s refineries were concessioned in 2006, noted that there was agitation then “by the voices that we are now hearing”, that they shouldn’t have been concessioned adding that as a result, the YarÁdua administration responded to that and stopped the process.

He declared, “I think our choice as a nation must be experiential. The YarÁdua administration responded to the agitation and stopped the process. But that was in 2007; where are we today, nine years after? We still don’t have the quality of refineries we want”.

“The Ministry of Petroleum just shared with us the hard work they are doing getting the refineries back on after about seven years. Perhaps, as you are aware, Dangote is now building a refinery. Perhaps if we had allowed that process, and I think Dangote was one of the concessionaires at the time”, he said.

Noting that government could start reviewing and nothing would happen, Fashola said in lieu of reviewing, focus should be “on getting what is on the ground to work”, adding, “And that is what I am doing, that is what I’ve told you about getting all the various power plants to work”.


Webmasters / Re: Blogger, Jide Ogunsanya Weds (photos) by fewj(m): 9:44pm On Apr 17
Top Tech blogger and one of fav bloggers,Jide Ogunsanya of Obongeblog.com got married to his beautiful sweetheart yesterday..
Big congrats to him..


Wedding was probably powered by adsense! cool
Jokes Etc / Re: Hillarious Chat Between An Mtn Customer Care And An Angry Mtn User (pic Included by fewj(m): 3:12pm On Apr 12
So MTN is now on whatsappp? I didn't know that

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Politics / Re: Tam David West "I Never Said Fuel Will Sell For N40 Under PMB by fewj(m): 3:08pm On Apr 12
You did, here's the link

I never said petrol will sell for N40 per litre under Buhari – David-West
By Sylvester Ugwuanyi on April 11, 2016

A former Minister of Petroleum Resources, Prof Tam David-West who served when Muhammadu Buhari was the Head of State, has denied saying that President Buhari will crash the price of petrol to N40 per litre, regretting that he must have been misquoted.

This was as he stressed that it was shameful that Nigeria is still involved in importation of petroleum products despite having four refineries capable of meeting the energy needs of the country. He insisted that there is nothing wrong with the nation’s refineries.

The Professor of Virology who spoke to Daily Sun in a telephone interview at the weekend, clarified that he only canvassed the removal of some 14 items currently listed in the petrol pricing template as that which would help crash petrol price to N40.

Phones / Re: Why Do People Still Spend Alot Of Money On so called High End Phones by fewj(m): 1:01pm On Apr 03

30k too is on the high side, there are good phone of 10k.

Chisos !!! shocked
Politics / Re: Caption This Photo Of Uduaghan, Ibori And Okowa All Of Delta State. by fewj(m): 9:39pm On Apr 02
Chances are the next governor is also in that photo .... cheesy
Politics / Re: See What This Oyinbo Tweeted About Nigeria While The President Was In USA (foto) by fewj(m): 3:23pm On Apr 01
Our President went to US to bring Nuclear energy that will generate 2500mw by 2050. He is our best President grin

The talk of nuclear energy started since the time of OBJ..... By the way, the nuclear convention was more of an anti-proliferation of nuclear usage
Politics / Re: Murray-Bruce: List Of Countries Visited By Buhari (Photo) by fewj(m): 3:20pm On Apr 01
All this noise that's almost be coming like that of Fayose, how is it adding value to the lives of the electoates in his Constituency?
The President's visits have continued to yield positive fruits whether he likes it or not. The latest is the over half a billion dollars that would have left UAE for Domnican Republic if not for the agreement signed between both Countries during one of these Visits.
That money alone is enough compensation. Besides, don't forget that America that hitherto refused selling arms to us are now even helping with the BH fight.

Why did america stop selling weapons to Nigeria?
Politics / Re: Murray-Bruce: List Of Countries Visited By Buhari (Photo) by fewj(m): 3:18pm On Apr 01

Talking nonsense is easy.
How many bill has he?

Ben Bruce is quick to list all the countries PMB visited but failed to enumerate the correponding benefits

Since he didn't list the benefits, you can help IGNORANT people like me see the benefits...

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