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Romance / Re: Who Z More Dangerous??? D Quiet Or D Outspoken? by goshap(m): 8:24pm On Apr 14

So who are the silent killers?
Religion / Re: Any Serious Minded Seeker And/or Practitioner Of 'other Path(s) Here? by goshap(m): 2:03pm On Apr 03
Buddha Palm:

Hello Gosap. I sincerely want to know. Beyond an intellectual understanding of all some of these stuffs, have you had any 'personal experiences'?

You also missed the first part of my last post. Regards.
u'll be surprised.I dnt miss da first part of ur post,da post in general wasn't addressed to me,and I'd say I'm not in position to answer it,u c da answer is based on individual belief,bot dictatorship. Bt on ma own belief #u can't miss ur destiny just as death is inevitable so is destiny,now how u achieve ur destiny,and when r tricky factors.
-if u want to gt to lagos der dif routes and means *how*,as for when regardn tym n event only Gods knowz,even how u gt der u av little to No ctrl over,everytin is a possibility.
-i'v got more dan an intellectual knowledge,I jst have a way of simplifying thing so it appearz plane n void of mystery.
-theirz a law wic sayz , as it is above ,so it is below . *pple say it bt dnt apply it,humans love mystery,I dnt*
Religion / Re: Any Serious Minded Seeker And/or Practitioner Of 'other Path(s) Here? by goshap(m): 9:03pm On Apr 02
Theirz tis sayn I learnt to accept and undastand along tym ago.
It goes like this
-the All is one,one is all.
What the ra material is sayn is no two tis was ever created,all is is n was is ONE,the the various form r jst a manifestation of degrees or vibrations. Theirz no good,their no evil,blah blah blah. In a simple way ,itz like sayn rice,garri,yam,sugar are all carbohydrates.cause that what they all r,what just occured is a change in bondn, molecular arrangement n form ,bt their basic origin or name is carbohydrate. Theirz no male nor female just humans.theirz no lit nor darknes jst space. The law of polarity also cum into play.
Religion / Re: Any Serious Minded Seeker And/or Practitioner Of 'other Path(s) Here? by goshap(m): 10:53pm On Apr 01
Put urself outta your misery.
You can not execute a task if u don't have the power,such power, come not from bookz,bookz r does treadn on da scholartic path.if u want power get to the masterz.
-assumn I aggree with u ,then I urge u to paste the name of bookz here that actually hold substance
Romance / Re: The Handsomeness Of Nairaland Men! *official* by goshap(m): 6:59pm On Apr 01
daniel006: [/color][color=#000000] I try pass som kind guys shaa
u by far pass try na.#bigtym C#.
Religion / Re: Any Serious Minded Seeker And/or Practitioner Of 'other Path(s) Here? by goshap(m): 6:51pm On Apr 01

I beg to differ. Will enlighten you on my reasons why later. In fact great extant practitioners we have now are not members of any 'esoteric' body per se. Far from it. The dedicated solitary practitioner can become a true adept/magus of the highest other. Cheers.
then where do u intend to get ur knowledge and power from?.,plz do not say bookz,cause everyone knowz ntin substancial comes from book,just litral stuff,obquo n smoke screens.
-if u want to be a solitary practitional derz a limit to the amount of power u can generate and it takes a long time to get da handle over compared to been in a society where da meat is given to the adultz.
Religion / Re: Any Serious Minded Seeker And/or Practitioner Of 'other Path(s) Here? by goshap(m): 2:20pm On Apr 01
Eminentsam: Am interested in d esoteric path if you can link me to the right path and not dubious nigerian style secret society just for self enrichment.I'm for the light.
their is no light,secret society is the end game,if u don't get their ur journey is incomplet.u jst b a lone practitional maybe a few trickz up ur sleeves bt not real power,at least it won't xactly be at ur baken call,like it has a mind and control of itz own.
Religion / Re: Any Serious Minded Seeker And/or Practitioner Of 'other Path(s) Here? by goshap(m): 2:13pm On Apr 01
Both LHP n RHP both evoke angels and demons,bt mst LHP hav an affinity to demons more than angels,while verse versal for RHP,bt in both cases of evocation and invocation protection is involved verse the trangle,solomons circle , tetragram and mental blockage\circle is efficient.
Romance / Re: Best Compliments You've Gotten by goshap(m): 12:54pm On Apr 01
Sexy gentleman,and different.
Religion / Re: Need A Psychic School Or Coach by goshap(m): 6:50pm On Mar 30
4C2215131: Like someone opined, why do you want to get involved in the occult. Before I say anything else to you, you must give me a good reason why you want to thread the path of real wisdom. Are you ready? Do you have what it takes-hardwork,courage,determination,persistence,clear mind devoid of prejudice(s).

I won't correspond with you via your email. Let me know your reason for your decision and I'll suggest whatever advice I have for you with regards to your quest. Hmmm...a Nigerian, seeing the light and being inquisitive, now that's rare.
you too lemma ask you what were ur reasons for treading on the path of the occult?.
Nairaland / General / Re: Back In The Day When I Was Still A Mamaz Boi by goshap(m): 3:25pm On Mar 30

I'm not smaller in size cheesy
thatz why I used da word "picture" itz ma analysis of you from everytin Nlandish abt u,itz all in ma head bt no more.
Romance / Re: The Handsomeness Of Nairaland Men! *official* by goshap(m): 3:14pm On Mar 30
Av'nt seen any picz worth looking at yet o. Well thank God da thread was titled handsumness of Nlander men Nt ........ Of NLander men.
#watin carry me enter here# rebuke da spirit of boredom in ..... Name.
Fashion / Re: RIP Versace. :( by goshap(m): 2:50pm On Mar 30
Abu Mikey:

Who ask You?

.....and How's Versace popular demand? undecided

Maybe You think is one of those 50Cent or Wizkid crested Polo!
everyone quiet,da kid is talkn.
Fashion / Re: RIP Versace. :( by goshap(m): 2:49pm On Mar 30
lynpetra: Lol.Abu never buy clothes with too much and bold designs.Na dem dey get mass production.

If you wanna wear designers,go for the ones with very simple inscriptions like polo shirts,Nike,lacoste.All this Versace designs are just too not classy.IMO.
ur so on point.dash da fool fashion tipz *even though I personally feel his in place to dash,then receive*. RILY men Dnt wear versace ,boiz do. Just too attention seeking a design,any fool who wearz that is so fashion inconsiderate * I'll say poor taste ,bt itz outta trend*.
Nairaland / General / Re: Back In The Day When I Was Still A Mamaz Boi by goshap(m): 2:41pm On Mar 30
ahnie: The Pressure is mine...lolz
is he that cute?,to da extent u made a spelling mistake..

@ op
I picture u smaller in size, very early twenties.
Romance / Re: Qualities Every Husband Must Possess by goshap(m): 2:27pm On Mar 30
In today's society, young, decent men are rare to find.When we think of young men today, we think of metrosexual, hipster, and unmanly guys who can't bait a hook, skin a buck, and dress like rugged men. It seems as though manly men are a symbol of the past and now are officially gone.
Ladies, yes, there are unfortunately fewer young men who qualify as marriage material today. However, decent men still exist.

These qualities must be watched closely when living with Mr. Right;

Strong moral code

A man who abides by a moral code is definitely a keeper. He is the type of man who knows the difference between right and wrong. He always grounds his decisions in life on an understanding of a high moral ground. A man who prides himself in morality and becomes your future husband will definitely instill moral values in your children.

Good relationship with his family

A man who has a close and loving relationship with his family is a man you want to be with. This type of man knows the importance of family and truly cherishes family time. He will most likely place great importance on family after he marries you and begins to raise a family with you. Also, a man who treats his mother with respect will most likely treat you with respect and is obviously worth having as a husband.

Understands the sanctity of marriage

A man who is marriage material truly understands the real purpose and importance of marriage. He will most likely uphold a life-long commitment of fidelity and love to you and the children that will potentially result from your marriage. Since cohabitation and the hookup culture have now become norms in our society, you don't want to miss out on being with a man who wants to pursue a life-long marriage with you
-seems to me like, u like ur men covered in sweats,unkept n ruff.
Romance / Re: Pretty Girl Seeking A Rich Husband Got A Priceless Reply From A Banker by goshap(m): 2:20pm On Mar 30
Religion / Re: Need A Psychic School Or Coach by goshap(m): 11:24am On Mar 30
This shud b fun.#following,definitely#.
Jokes Etc / Re: Lies... Drop Any Lie U Can Think Of... (Game) by goshap(m): 11:15am On Mar 17
Fashion / Re: Four Ideas About Fashion People Get Wrong by goshap(m): 2:37pm On Mar 15
senbonzakura_kageyoshi: Everyone of us has certain ideas about the way we dress and the way people should dress but has it ever occurred to you that some ideas about fashion you currently have don't always apply? Here are four ideas about fashion you might have got wrong.

1) The colors must always be similar;

Most times when picking out outfits, we try to male sure the colors all match up. Red pants have to go with red footwear. Or a black top with black shoes. Or your purse has to match the color of your skirt. Newsflash, people! You totally don't have to match up the colors all the time. While I'm certainly not asking you to wear more colours than Joseph's coat of many colors, it is a myth that colors that are not similar can't go together.

Ever heard of contrasts? That's when you have opposites, in this case, opposite colors. Like white and black. A lot of contrasting colors go pretty awesome together if you combine them well. Most contrasts complement each other. Think a light shade of a warm color with a dark shade of a cool color. Like warm red with navy blue. In the mind that looks ridiculous, but if you know how to properly pair colors, you could totally make it work.

Then there's what I like to call "the off color". This is a personal principle of mine. Most times when I dress, I make sure that I wear one item with a color that is completely off all the other colors I am putting. Now, I don't wear it in a ridiculous way, of course,  but one huge advantage of an off color is that it usually calls attention to itself. So if there is a detail you want to call attention to in your outfit or something specific you want to show off, you might want to use an "off" color.

2) If it is not a name brand, it's not worth wearing;

Prada bags. Louboutins. Nike sneakers. Polo golfers. Audigier and Audemars Piguet wristwatches. Everyone is proud to wear name brands. To the point that to some, if you are not wearing a name brand, you are not fashionable.
*pours water on faces* Wake up if you've been believing that bucket of hogwash! Here's the thing; fashion is about appearances; how you look, not the brand name on the tag of what you are wearing. I could wear an original Nike tee and look like a tout from Oshodi but someone rocking an Addibbas ™ (lol) shirt could turn out looking like a million bucks. It's all about making what you have work for you. I know friends that have a lot of their clothes sewn by tailors and look absolutely fab in it  while some sheeple rocking original name brands look at them enviously. There is absolutely nothing wrong in wearing name brands; heck they make you feel even more confident and cool and if you have it, feel completely free to flaunt it but, abeg, if you can't afford those, you don't have to go rob a bank. Just make sure you look awesome in what you have. After all, even on the red carpet, nobody will ask you for the receipt for what you are wearing.

3) You can't wear certain colors;

I was once out clothes shopping with a friend and I spotted an absolutely gorgeous T-shirt. He asked "do you want to buy that?" I answered "of course!". He looked at me funny and asked; "can't you see how pink it is? It looks so gay!"

Do you believe you can't wear certain colors? That's a lie from the pit of fashion hell! As I have pointed out before, fashion is about appearances. Wearing pink doesn't automatically make you look gay. In fact, there are ways you could rock black that would make you look gayer than someone in pink.
Don't let yourself be limited to certain colors because you feel they are "manly" or "lady-like" (depending on your sex). Either sex can rock any colour, from peach to violet and everything between and outside. It's not about the color you wear. It's about how you make it work.

4) If it worked for someone else, it will work for you;
Usually, when motivational speakers want to move you to do something, they tell you if something has worked for someone before, then it can work for you. That might very well hold true in broad life, but in fashion, not so much.

Doesn't it make you wonder how the "wizkid look" looks so good on Wizkid but makes half of those UNILAG guys (my apologies!) copying the outfit look like Frankenstein? Thing is, each of us have a different body structure and certain styles flatter our body while others make us look positively hideous. Now you might find someone with a similar body structure to Wizkid who the same style would totally not work for but find someone, say, bigger or smaller than Wizkid that would look absolutely stunning in the same outfit. Each person has a unique style of wearing outfits that could make them look awesome. It's all about finding a style that suits you, instead of just plagiarising celeb styles.

So there they are; four things you probably held wrong about fashion. You have been taught. Go and think wrong no more. Class dismissed!
as for the cloth colour#pink#is so wise mayb nt so much,bt as much as ethics and preference is concerned itz gay.
Religion / Re: Time Of Destruction; A Woman Marries A Dog by goshap(m): 8:39pm On Mar 14
Guy ,she yet to commit beastility na. U know da white marry themselves,that get married legally to urself.she mit av jst found comfort with her pet,n decided to go all da way,bsides she seems straight since she was legally married,I'm guessn da diviorce is takn its troy on her.
Religion / Re: Upper Room Beakfast Meeting(Occultism In The Church) by goshap(m): 6:12pm On Mar 10
Bidam: Ok, there are other sections where you can get excited as it is.The Holy Spirit is not your play thing,OK?
guy lock up and shut up.whose ur boi here for you to tread commands with.
Religion / Re: Upper Room Beakfast Meeting(Occultism In The Church) by goshap(m): 9:10am On Mar 10
Bidam: Humour me... grin grin
naa ,I'm bored as it is.
Religion / Re: Upper Room Beakfast Meeting(Occultism In The Church) by goshap(m): 6:16am On Mar 10
Bidam: And what do you know about the Holy Spirit If you don't have any good thing to say why not go read a newspaper or watch a football match to tintillate your senses rather than belittling the Person of the Holy Spirit on this thread.
u'd be surprised.
Romance / Re: Kissing 'straight' Men. Is It A Big Deal? by goshap(m): 9:08pm On Mar 09
Blackeard: Lmao do I see somebody defending "kissing" a guy? If my friend is drowning and the last option is a mouth to mouth, hell no brah, u gotta die. Lmao. But seriously its gross...
I'll take it ur gay in hidn#closet#.find somewhere else to consolidate ur masculine ego.
Religion / Re: Upper Room Beakfast Meeting(Occultism In The Church) by goshap(m): 8:58pm On Mar 09
The role of psychology in christainity has been taken over by the holy spirit. Psychology n christainity r two things that should nt be combined,itz like sayn christain yoga,n we all know the origin n effect of yoga.
Romance / Re: Kissing 'straight' Men. Is It A Big Deal? by goshap(m): 8:39pm On Mar 09
mrvocalprowess: oooo... learning new stuff daily... so u can kiss a guy ?
a kiss means different things.gud bye,welcum,passion blah blah blah. Now lemma ask the kiss those men shared in the pics dos tat that look like a gud bye,welcum or can't wait to get u alone kiss.

-n yea I can kiss a guy ,gud bye,welcum,greetn typa kiss ,no hands.NO PASSION!.
Nairaland / General / Re: My Response To The List Of Gay Nairalanders by goshap(m): 8:32pm On Mar 09
No biggi,just some list ,who cares.
Romance / Re: Kissing 'straight' Men. Is It A Big Deal? by goshap(m): 8:08pm On Mar 09
mrvocalprowess: ummmm... isnt it same way u kiss a girl dat ud kiss a guy if ur willing to ?
the hands,watch the goddamn hands,who kisses a man tat passionate xcept his gay.
Romance / Re: Kissing 'straight' Men. Is It A Big Deal? by goshap(m): 2:13pm On Mar 09
mrvocalprowess: Is there anything wrong with two
seemingly straight men kissing on
the lips? Photo on the left shows
Diddy and Rick Ross in an
embrace, like they were getting
ready to kiss each other. Rapper
50 cent posted the pic on his
instagram page suggesting the rap
heavyweights are gay. When fans
blasted him for posting it and
suggesting something like that, he
quickly deleted the pic.
Photo on the right shows '12
Years a Slave' director Steve
McQueen and star of the movie
Michael Fassbender kissing on the
lips after winning Best Film at
Sunday's Oscars award. The men
are known to be straight men with
women in their lives (Steve has
two kids with long-time girlfriend,
Bianca Stigter. Michael has a
girlfriend) but it didn't stop people
from insinuating they are gay
because 'no straight man kisses
another man on the lips'. so what do y'all think ?i personally think if the person is comfortable Wit it then no qualms

culled from Linda ikeji
kissn a guy is one thing,knowing how to kiss a guy is another.n trust moi things guyz r putn everytin into that kiss.they bisexuals.
Religion / Re: Top Ten Questions Every Christian Will Be Afraid To Answer. by goshap(m): 10:36pm On Mar 07

Yes. Can you prove me wrong? grin
if u exist then GOd exist,if u as human play games,then he does.

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